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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fiji's first dark day .... 24 years ago

 TREASONOUS LEADERS: 1987 Sitiveni Rabuka, 2000 George Speight, 2006 Voreqe Bainimarama

" ... Ladies and gentlemen, this is a military takeover. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. ... Stay cool, stay down and listen to what we are going to tell you."

It was ten o'clock on the morning of Thursday 14 May 1987, after only just month in power, the democratically-elected government of Fiji was overthrown in a coup d'├ętat conducted by the third-in-command of the Royal Fiji Military Forces, Lieutenant-Colonel Sitiveni Rabuka.

The morning session of Fiji's House of Representatives was on when 10 masked soldiers entered and one of them yelled: "Sit down everybody. ... Ladies and gentlemen, this is a military takeover. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. ... Stay cool, stay down and listen to what we are going to tell you."

Rabuka, dressed in a suit, had been watching from the public gallery. 

He stood up, walked over to the Coalition's Fijian leader, Timoci Bavadra, and said, "Mr. Prime Minister, please lead your team down the right ."

Bavadra looked around at his stunned colleagues, and at the 'immobile faces of the Alliance Opposition seated across the chamber.

"Very well", he replied, "Under protest. Come along, gentlemen. Let us comply in a dignified and correct manner." 

As they moved off, Bavadra turned to Education Minister Tupeni Baba, another Fijian member of the Labour Party, and asked: "Is this really happening? A coup d'├ętat in Fiji?" 

And so it began.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha could have atleast cut the pompoms of their beanies.

Anonymous said...

Legacy of Coup Coup Land

Reply to Graham Davis

Yes Graham, Fijians are indeed wondering what on earth the last four years have been about, but when it comes to Bainimarama’s policies on Fiji, not Australia’s.

The likes of Graham Davis and the Lowy Institute of Australia have long since lost the plot vis a vis Bainimarama’s Fiji. This is the danger when people who do not live here make pronouncements on Fiji with no knowledge of the ground realities in this country.

Bainimarama may have started off with noble intentions but since 2009 there has been a complete volte face in his thinking. He is no longer seen as a saviour but a dictator who clings to power by brutally crushing all opposition, suppressing the media and open debate, and showing utter disdain for all universally held human rights and democratic principles. His rhetorics about reforms and racial equality are meant for the gullible like Graham Davis and the Lowy Institute. We the Fijians see the real Fiji where two people make god-like decisions for the rest of the nation – decisions that promote their own vested interests at the cost of the rest of us.

The real Fiji today: basic food prices escalating every day, rising taxes, galloping inflation, soaring cost of utilities such as electricity, badly pot holed roads and daily waters cuts and a fast dwindling dollar, bankrupt economy, to mention a few. We see rapid militarization of the civil service, not racial parity. If Fiji pre-2006 saw a bastardised form of democracy – we are worse off today with not even a semblance of democracy – just the repressive and draconian PER.

Fiji under Bainimarama is depressing, disgusting,regressive and repressive.

Bainimarama’s posturing on the stage of the MSG and his flaunting of China’s support are just that. Both the impact of the MSG and the China phobia have been overplayed. There is mounting fear and resentment among the local people over our growing indebtedness to China and Muslim countries in the region.

As for Fiji forging relations with non-aligned nations -what of it? They will welcome any Banana Republic!

manumanu vuka said...

kamisese mara and penaia ganilau ordered the coup of 87,rabuka just carried it out.bunch of evil dogs

Anonymous said...

"What you do to others shall be done to you" is a biblical verse..Mara's involvement in 87 is proven here. His removal from presidency on board naval vessel in 2000 was a coup. T'was like salt rubbed in the wound when done by the very man he used in 87. A taste of his own medicine, so to speak. Bible never lies.

Anonymous said...

Komaiwai says..

You guys who have been holding back against Rabuka..now is the time to let go of the guy, please. He was merely used in 87.

mark manning said...

It's the act of Treason that needs to be challenged, if there is to be any deterrent for others to do the same.
clearly fijians seems generally to have accepted that which is unacceptable, hence coup 2 and coup 3, but how many more will come if nothing is done to bring the perpetrators to justice.
At least george is doing his time.

mark manning said...

I still recall the events of 1987 and wish that I had the opportunity to speak with Rabuka when he was visiting family in Dee Why recently !

Tiger Balm said...

@ Komaiwai - how can anyone forget that Rabuka started the coups! Before May 14 1987 the people of Fiji didn't even know the word 'coup' existed. Rabuka has asked for forgiveness but unfort what he did will never be forgotten. If he was used it's about time he revealed who he was used by becoz I bet the same people supported George Speight and are supporting Frank Bainimarama too.

Plus Rabuka didn't receive any kind of punishment for his actions ...instead he was honoured and given an honorary degree or doctorate! What a sham.

Today is also the anniversary of the first Girmits to Fiji ...the first Indians came to Fiji to work on the sugarcane farms 24 years ago today.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News- Roko Ului has done a runner to Tonga


Anonymous said...

Coup & legal mathematics.
Exact same crime - one's in jail - two are walking free - how does this work?

Anonymous said...

Rabuka was not used. He enjoyed the thrill of carrying out the coup and thereafter.

Rabuka is the cause of all our problems. Before '87, the word(s) "coup d'tat" was a "foreign" word/concept to us.

Rabuka the bastard started all this and we are now known as citizens of "koo-koo land"

Rusila said...

Rabuka, Speight and Vore will go down in history as the evil men Fiji produced to rain terror on our people. Hope we have learnt through the recent conflicts, days of terror and dark days that our future, if it is to be prosperous and peaceful lies in all of us embrasing each other as belonging to Fiji as brothers and sisters irrespective of race and religion.

We had already shown, pre-coup that Fiji is the best, most-progressive and talented country in the South Pacific amongst the island nations. Yes we can, its up to us Fijians to trust the Indians and Indians to trust Fijians....all must give before we can reconcile.

But first we should eradicate the military totally and not allow any chance for anybody again to hold guns on our heads. Rabuka, Speight and Vore are blights on the pages of our history, we must not forget as Fijians that the coup perpetrators are Fijians. However Indians must also share the blame as they contributed to the environment that gave birth to the coups.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

roko ului manage to flee to tonga..
escape tale na boci

Anonymous said...

To eradicate coup, its simple as this: Fiji is for the Fijians. No attach.
May God bless all people living in Fiji.

Anonymous said...


mark manning said...

God said everyone is redeemable if he will only humble himself and sincerely seek forgiveness.
Let's pray that there is no more mindless bloodshed !
It is not for us to Judge !

Anonymous said...

Start praying Mark Manning !!

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a citizen takeover. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. ... Stay cool, stay down and listen to what we are going to tell you.

Anonymous said...

Bainikayum is a rebel without a cause.
Rabuka was a rebel with a cause - thats why his immunity was in the Constitution.
Thats why Bainikayum will either die or go to prison.

Anonymous said...

This is the last of all coups in Fiji as political crooks of the past are cleaned up ever since 'partially' failed coup of 2000.

The message to RFMF soldiers who supported a 3rd ranking officer in 1987, CRW elite soldiers failed attempt, Chiefs failed attempt, Provincial Councils failed attempt, SDL's failed attempt, President (Iloilo's) failed attempt, Aussie-NZ-Britain-USA'S failed attempt to remove commander of army has confirmed the journey Frank took after 2000 to bring back discipline in RFMF that there is ONLY one commander of RFMF which discipline was lost ever since 1987

This confirms that ALL future coups are permanently gone for Fiji after Frank has corrected his own house bringing it back into order after his embarrassing achievements after his own soldiers turned against him ever since he took office.

Off course new thieves will always be born and corruption will remain but players will change. But when the ground work against corruption is done with when you lose out of favours, then this in the long term will show the door to future corruption as fear of your own turning against you, hence long term achievement appears to be great.

off-course in the cross fire good loyal people will also get the wrong end of stick and get kicked because Fiji's coconut wireless communication is always against those who are disliked for their achievements and get dobbed falsely to rid those by linking them as enemies.

Register your claims after 2014 elections for those who managed to escape charges for their purported corruption either because they covered up nicely or FICAC lacks colloborating evidence, or they are totally innocent.

Maybe a new govt loan needs to be taken out to pay the losses to victims of 2006 and 2000 coups, and allow the curse to be cleaned against the nation for failed attempts to compensate the victims that the President and Churches apologised to in Sukuna Park in 2001.

When the apology does not get acknowledged with compensation, the curse on the State continues and more people become victims of arrogance during this time of judgement of goodwill.

With so much happening in this 5 years any new govt will now be able to run the affairs of the State without fear of implementing policies that they could not do before. i.e. no longer having to bow down to 2% of radicals with any fear of threat where policies are of nation building and not breeding new set of radicals that do not condamn the 1987 coup which has made them rich, but 2006 has made them loose some of those richness.