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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fiji's president and illegal PM reported to be moving into final face off

A political tug of war is taking place today in Fiji between the illegal president, Epeli Nailatikau, and the self-appointed prime minister, Frank Bainimarama.

Nailatikau was appointed by Bainimarama but has been out of favour for some time. The regime now believes it could have only been him who last week helped Roko Ului Mara, his wife Adi Koila's brother, get away to Tonga.

The Mara family has been under investigation since Roko Ului arrived in Nukualofa with Bainimarama trying to freeze all of the former army officer's assets, with instructions being given by the IRD. 

Mara's wife was briefly detained at the Queen Elizabeth barracks last night but was released after what was apparently routine questioning.
Bainimarama has been trying to shore up his support in recent weeks. Sources say 700 TF have been undergoing full training and are supposed to keep doing it for the next three months. Most of them are believed to have been  recruited from Naitasiri and Tailevu, not from Lau, Roko Ului Mara's home territory. 

He is also said to have authorised a $200 a day payment to each of the recruit from the next three months in an effort to buy their loyalty and to build his army.

The man many believe is the real power behind the scenes, the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, has kept low.

MR MEGA FUN: Khaiyum at a family party.
There's talk he's preparing to make his exit to Hong Kong but Coupfourpointfive understands Khaiyum is drawing up the paper's to remove Nailatikau.

Coupfourpointfive found this rare picture of Khaiyum (dubbed a 'meglomaniac' by Roko Ului Mara), whom many believe has lined his own pockets, thanks to the illegal decrees he's drawn up, which have allowed him to take backhanders and make direct profits from business activities.

Readers will remember that his Aunty, Nur Bano Ali, the chartered accountant, has also pocketed huge amounts of money thanks to handling many of the regimes major business dealings.

On a social networking page seen by Coupfourpointfive, his sister in law, Naina, boasted of getting diamonds from husband, Riyaz Khaiyum, for Valentines and a weekend at Denarau for Mothers Day. Riyaz Khaiyum runs the state-owned Fiji Broadcasting Corporation.


  1. That's FJD$13M over next 3 months. cost of one bullet ?


    writer : LOSALINI RASOQOSOQO in Kadavu


    Thirty-six-year-old Apisai Bolatuku, who works for the Nagigia Island Resort in Kadavu, cannot believe that he was involved in the escape plan for former Republic of Fiji Military Forces 3FIR Commander, Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara.
    The fact that he was one of the last locals to be in contact with Ratu Tevita has made the shy worker a talking point in the community.

    Yesterday he said, he was surprised to find out that the man he had transported in the resort’s punt from the waterfront to a fishing launch out at sea, was the same Ratu Tevita, better known as Roko Ului.

    Roko Ului escaped to Tonga on a Tongan navy vessel that same day.

    “It was close to 9am when I was asked to take Ratu Tevita and a European man to the boat that was berthed out at sea,” Mr Bolatuku said.

    “It was my normal job to be transporting passengers from the hotel to their boats. The two said that they were going out fishing. Most who come here come to dive or go out fishing and they come to sleep at the hotel.

    “I took them to the boat and once they had boarded the launch, I turned back to shore. We watched as the boat moved out to sea and we could see it for about three hours out at sea before it disappeared.”

    Mr Bolatuku said they were surprised to hear in the news that Ratu Tevita had escaped to Tonga in a Tongan naval boat that had picked him from the Kadavu waters.

    “We were surprised to find out that he had boarded a Tongan naval boat,” he said.

    “Some of the fishermen around here were out at sea and they saw the naval boat around there.”

    Meanwhile, the Tongan government is yet to make an announcement on what step they would take in regards to the extradition papers being served on Prime Minister Lord Tu’ivakano for Ratu Tevita’s extradition back to Fiji to face charges of sedition.

    A bench warrant had been issued earlier on Tuesday for Ratu Tevita’s arrest because he had breached his bail conditions.

  3. boring,,,,tell us when it really happens!

  4. Mr Khaiyum wants to escape to HK...YOUR TIME WILL COME u bu$#tard..Is That His fijian wife..peowwwww looks like a mongoose anyway...poor her..!!

  5. Seriously! Come on! That's just aiyaz being the fool that he is....
    Tell us something good.....

  6. C4.5 please obtain the supposed thesis AG did whilst studying in AUS?

  7. Roko Ului was charged for sedition that why Baini informed IRD to hold his assets........wara me so'a.
    Ya gona na vuli.....
    Promises in Kadavu that they'll get what they want next week.
    Millions from the capital projects...no wonder the roads are good(not)
    God Bless FIJI

  8. Aiyarse to his mother: bitch I know but I can't get the old fella up, so I'm guna try viagra.
    Mother to Aiyarse: son you better not use viagra in Naboro.
    Meanwhile Aiyarse's wife is smiling to herself.."yea go to jail you boci and hope you stay there for a very long time, I'll use the money that you stole from the Fiji people, arsehole"

  9. We have the right to now say to all those foolish unscrupulous people;"we told you so." Coups are never the solution to counteract the problem of corruption.

    This is a lesson to Nailatikau, the Maras and Gaunilau that to break the rule of law is never ever going to work. The reason why the rule of law is enforced by the Police and a justice system for a fair hearing if you break the rule of law.

    You have it today, Roko Ului in Tonga fighting to be recognized and exposing what really is happening in the Military with Frank's leadership and Nailatikau trying to show some authority for the position he holds as President of Fiji. In a country with a corrupt justice system that favours the Dictator,the President will need the backing of the military to have any authority to carry out.

    What we want to know, "has the President have the backing of the Military????"

  10. http://www.ad2000.org/celebrate/cekov.htm

  11. Katakata qai warumisa....thanks a lot coup 4.5.

  12. http://kingjbible.com/matthew/26.htm

  13. kai-um needs drill in his AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  14. totolo mai ki hong kong ai-yasi, ko sa boki tamamu ni kua!! Tamani vujiraki bulabula rau..

  15. I'm not surprised there's a huge crooking scheme in operation within this family. Nur Bano's hubby Zarin Ali seemed to be the unseen one here behind the curtain operator....you never see him in all these..This guy's a big con-man..smooth talker hell of a crook..Birds of a feather flock together..Look at deals that are done overseas..Malaysia, China etc he makes the deal and cabinet is later asked to ratify..ppl rise and protect our homeland..this place has really gone to the dogs.

  16. I hope frank buymeabanana and his lap dog khaiyum both get a bullet to the head

  17. CCF positive about planned new constitution
    Publish date/time: 19/05/2011 [12:11]

    Print this page
    Email this page

    Share The Citizens Constitutional Forum believes there are some good things planned for Fiji's new constitution.

    Proposals for voting to take place on one day, rather than being spread out over a number of days, have already been presented.

    CCF Chief Executive Officer, Reverend Akuila Yabaki has told Radio NZ that he would celebrate the time when Fiji gets rid of race based voting so that Fiji is equal with most other countries of the world and also reducing the voting age to 18 years.

    Reverend Yabaki said he is certain there will be elections in 2014.

  18. why is this man still alive, and there hasnt been a revolution from the people of fiji, i wil never understand! RISE UP FIJI....rokoului has paved the way for a new beginning..!

  19. And Judas sold out Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. When a man has to "buy" loyalty (paid for by US fellow Fijians) there is only one word to describe it: pathetic!!

  20. Boring!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Ni lomani ira nira sa sega ni kila na ka era sa kitaka.

  22. I guess the tin pot dictator di not even think about this when deciding to sack Roko Ului. He is too thick in the head to be able to see it coming as he is too preocupied by his seflf importantce and listening to Aiyarse.

    Now he has got a good fight in his hands and he knows that one wrong move and the game is up.

    The falling out of thieves has begun in earnest and no one is safe as the backstabbing intensifies.

  23. The indians going to town with their dirty dealings whilst the Fijians sleep...

  24. oh how sad...Bai is now gathering his soldiers and is gonna be paying them $200 a day. Haahahahahahahahaha!
    oh my goodness.....Bai is in a desperate situation. He now has to buy their loyalty.

  25. same old shyte,different day!!!!!

  26. Whatever happened to the judicial policy of a man being innocent until proven guilty? And what do the charges (and they ARE only charges) have to do with taking all of his money out of his bank accounts? (Yeah, yeah. I know you say you are only "freezing it.")

    Sounds like the PM/AG STILL want more mula!

    To inspire trust in the people, I think the AG and PM should do the same. Allow a third party, univolved high-tech group to sniff out where all of THEIR money is.

    Because the fact, folks, is that some or all of these people have been stealing all along!

  27. It's pathetic that the Fijian Soldiers are prostituting themselves to bring about the destruction of their own community !

  28. Accusing Indians and calling Fijians are sleeping lot wouldn't going to give anyone anything. This has been an issue in this country and drilling in to this will not do any good. Indians should realise and respect the traditional values and ownership of this land by Fijians. Fijians also should realise that Indians are part and parcel of their lives and part of the society whether they like it or not. Indians are also may be cursing the people who brought them here. But tough luck. We are all one bunch now under one flag and has to be united like brothers and sisters.

    Everyone should unite and come on the streets behind the revolutionary and youth groups. March towards President's house and give support to the president OR pressurise him to take actions.

    Something has to be done.......some one or a group should stand up and be the first to be on the street. The rest will join in. Soldiers wont open fire for sure. They all have hearts and know what is right and wrong.

    It has to be now........right now........If not lets all go to sleep while taliban and the rest will have sex with all of us while we are a sleep.

  29. I doubt that the soldiers of Naitasiri and Tailevu origin can go against the President, who is a high ranking chief of Kubuna. Bainimarama is banking on the $200.00 per day bribe. What are sad day for Fiji if his strategy is to divide and rule the likes of which is now unfolding right in front of our eyes.

  30. Fiji is all about buying loyality. Money has always been the evil in the centre of all 3 coups.

    So Frank is using what he knows is best. Soldiers are not suppose to think, but get well fed, lots of money, and shut up and put up.

    If not you are out on your own planting cassava.

    For this reason Frank will come out the winner...only a few million tax dollars lost for purported security reason!

    And now due to the current situation, this gives more excuse to defer the elections further sighting Fiji is not out of the woods yet and country is not ready for another election.

    Very good excuse now to continue the state of emergency. Looks like only dictator who wins the war on terror aganist the people in which Ratu Lui and Driti were the front line commanders interrogators who are now getting interrogated.

  31. It is 1PM on 19th May. Refreshing C4.5 every minute to see whether something is happening. If yes, I will march right from my work place and join them........ C'mon guys. cant do it alone. If there is 10 of you, I will lead the gang. Come out with what ever you have......pen, paper, fire extingusher, chair, wheel bracer, umbrella......anything........

  32. it took one chinese man to stand in the middle of the Tiananmen in front of the tank. This started the process. we need the same in Fiji. I would but leave in NZ and little hard to get to Fiji on my pension.

  33. Sad, but true: Fijians deserve what they got: A daily kick in the teeth from Aiyaz.

  34. What is so wrong to feed the loyal soldiers from avoiding blood shed which adds up to $12m?

    Afterall Chiefs received $20m interest free grant when they got sold out to Rabuka.

    NBF was drained out in excess of $300m, by those now calling themselves elite.

    $30m agri scam was handed out to buy votes.

    So what is $12m bonus to soldiers to remain loyal to the institution or to return to cassava patch?

    At the end NOTHING will happen only because the two commanders failed in moving forward when the two idiots were out of the country.

    And now calling for democracy and calling Frank dictator?

    Sa Sucu Sa Lutu.. we will keep on dreaming..

  35. how true - one honest business man spedig time in prison (Motibhai Patel) and one ( tappoos ) sitting at home free as a bird enjoying life courtesy of Khaiyum and Bananarama.

  36. Dear fellow Fijans(all race included), what is happening is not about race or Kaiyum or mara or bai. Its about the core problem that is surfacing yet again. A power struggle between the provinces - and we have not been brave enough to sit and talk about it at all levels of the society. If we do, we can get charged for secition. We have our heads in the sand and will continue to, till the balance of power in the Pacific changes ie AUS/NZ/US vs China.

    Its not the indians going to town or fijians sleeping - its we both do not have the brass balls to figure out how the provinces will share power.

    Unfortunately, like world over, this episode has something to do with either Power, Money or the Sex. In Fiji's case, its Pure Power (money and S follows).

  37. Vere vaka Bau man.Just imagine,recruiting the people of the Qaranivalu and Tailevu to support him,isn't that crazy?That is what the Qaranivalu has been planning for,a chance for his boys to have access to the guns again,just like the old days,when George Speight and the Qaranivalu had their shot coup.It is funny that Bainijidamunivore did not realize that his plan,is in Qaranivalu's plan,and the next coup,George Speight as PM and Qaranivalu as president.It would be a Nationalist government and every other race will have to start leaving,as they are the roots of all coups in Fiji.If people wants to be known as a Fijian,they have to join us,not us joining them,otherwise they can move elsewhere.We Fijians have to change and to be very tough,to protect what is ours and to use our resources for our people.We have been allowing ourselves to be be used and and abused for a very long time,I think our Great Council of Chiefs have had enough home brew,under the mango tree in the last four years and have learned the hard way.

  38. Where is Tank Man of Tiananmen Square. Again we may need chinese to do the job. Fijian/Indian's no good.

  39. We are talking online but the 99.9% of the pop do not have access to internet. No use talking here. send text message to friends to start the march. Forget talking here. March to the presidents house NOW. Tank Man of Tiananmen Square where are you bro?


  41. NEWS FLASH... Facial recognition done on Aiyaz and 100% match done with Ursus from "Planet of the Apes". Know we know where he came from.

  42. The is no respect left for the office of prime minister and the title of Prime Minister now left in fiji as a bunch of thugs or junta has raped democracy and to save themselves from corruption have their dictator occupy this position illegaly and after committing treason and a coward who ran the cassava patch and say things like fijian chiefs go and drink home brew under mango dree- its enough and time has come to chase the coward and crook who is filling his pocket with corrupt monies and bribes to face justice of the people of fiji. mara only went to tonga cos the tongans came and took him to their king but this bastard has histroy of running lamusona in cassava patch- the bullets missed last time.

  43. ( by FijiRev)
    Fiji Revolution - March. This Sat 21st May @ 11am, Flea Market.

    I am organizing a PEACEFUL march this Saturday from Flea markets to end at Sukuna Park (it will not be easy, but this will be the impetus for change). March starts at 11am Sharp. I am expecting a 1000 people, we need all of Suva/Fiji.

    We want to show the world and the current regime that we stand for Truth, Fairness and Equality for all (what we have today is far from it).

    Hope you are brave and care enough about Fiji to join me and others. Spread the News to others.

    Will you join me?? Please let me know if you are coming via C4.5

    The Fiji Revolution begings today 19th may @2:22pm Fiji time.

  44. News Flash-
    Aiyass is an alien from the planet YOURANUS

    Q- why did Aiyaiass from YOURANUS marry the nadroga girl ??

    A- he wanted to "FU@# the fijian people"

  45. YES! FijiRev...


  46. put a stop order on at airport ag/bai/nur/nazarath /ashlam/others.
    get these bastards to nabaoro.
    radio fiji ceo riaz too.made million with robert khan/john prasad- radio tarana.
    2 million upgrade gone to 17 million.go check with fdb loan.

  47. o dont worry people its not that AIYAIASS wanted to FU@# our fijian people...he is FU@$D himself. the pix tells.he just needs a shoulder from our Fijian People and he is proving by leaning on the so called wifey. dint this women think twice b4 jumping into this Kattu.may be not aye..dear wifey. cos she knew wat she wod get once he is behind bar. "a free TOOL" and all his money..oopppsssyyyy not his money but our money

  48. REV IT UP, FRANK!!!

    Eratou na sasaga taka ena nodratou i gu taucoko; eratou na sega ni rawata. A sega mai liu, ena sega tale 'qo.

    They have no balls... no brains!


  49. @ FijiRev....me caka,tekivutaki na tayabe...au na tiko kina,kevaka o nanuma nomu vanua,mai vakarauwai qo...sa rauta na vola2 tiko ena blog...me caka...koya kila ni tamata tagane,sota ena vakarauwai...kere2 raraba kina noda VITI LOMANI...SA RAUTA NA DABE KEI NA SARASARA...QO NA KAI COLO...MAIIII...

  50. Sorry if it wasn't for Judas Christian could not have been saved!!! Ae de cala noqu interpretation? WE really need to have a day celebrate what Judas did for the rest of the sinners!Parataisi mai sereki!Bilo rua o tui keti-as the old people use to say! Taukei Ni Mate

  51. Nayacakalou, The roorts of the problems in Fiji is the Fijians. They were eating one another before any other race steped foot on our shores , which school did you attend for history classes-koronivuli ni dumb!

  52. all these farkin kaidias who made money in this regime should publicly executed, no bullets on the head, just old fashion vaculaki till they nara on the road!

  53. @Anon. 3:35 PM. Beginning with the Tappoos.

  54. Hmmm.... I wonder how much did the mother of all PIGS - Bhainivuaka pay Apisai Bolatuku, of Kadavu for that fabricated yeast-sprinkled tukutuku..?

  55. Hey hey ...a friend of mine who used to be on Ela Gavoka's Facebook page (Aiyaz's wife) says she has shut down her Facebook ...ahhahahaah lamu lamu ...must have got a telling off from hubby eh...

  56. NEWS FLASH !!!!!

    (come on guys, you know you love it!)

    U.S. drone doing routine surveillance over Suva. Horse seen riderless at Albert Park.

    Over Naboro prison - no sign of previous "moler" but beanie left behind.

    Drone approaching shores of Kadavu where recent real estate boom collapsed with the next incoming tide. Villager answering questions in animated answer to militarily dressed men. Must descend and hear conversation. "The white guy?! Well I don't know. You tell me how you tell one from another? He was WHITE, okay.? Did I say white? Well, I mean he was dressed in this sequin suit, nice ya know with the fringe at the edge, with a fu fu haircut. You know, pufted out and he kept strumming his guitar, singing, "Love me tender, love me sweet, all my dreams fulfilled." Then his dam*ed hair fell off and his big silver buckle fell off. It was horrible! He was bald and fat - and - well - I think I fainted after that! (hey that rhymes!)

    U.S. drone running out of fuel and already directed towards Suva. Coming up on shoreline at Queen Elizabeth's Drive. Nine men out in surf in sulus. Dipping down now and turning on audio as lips are moving while group is in circle, and yes, holding hands. Audio library has previously recorded this message. Pulling up archives. Recording. "Kumbya, my Lord, Kumbya, oh, Lord kumbya!"

    Returning to base to get more kava, oops! I mean fuel! Will make another high altitude, under the radar and on the Q T run tomorrow.

  57. Jale says;
    Can we publicise these people's addresses. these are the big sharks hiding and advising in the backgroung milking tax payers money while people loose their jobs etc.

    1, Aslum & Nazhat Shameem
    2. Shaista Shameem
    3. Aiyaz Khaiyum
    4. Nur Bhano Ali ( opposite Vodafone
    4. Gates

    5. Expat judges & migistrates
    6. meo
    7. Tappoo's boss
    8. Khaiyums parents

    Hit squad ie ready.

  58. When the LORD your God delivers them before you and you defeat them, then you shall utterly destroy them.

  59. Aiyaaz's wife looks like one of those kalavos wanting to live the limelight and Aiyaaz looks like some shithole scumbeg thats too pissed and forgot his name..what a shame..if I get to run into him or one of his family members in town or anywhere I will certainly walk up to his sorry face and spit on him..eeeew!!..Kaidia Muslim mai rawataki..

  60. @ Anon...how can we be wrong living and running our land and country.Are you telling us we should listen to you drifters?It is time for the natives now,and you have to run.

  61. @Anon...They were eating one another before any other race steped foot on our shores.You don't even know where you belong and you are one confused person.That is why we stop eating,we will be poisoned if we do,and living next to us is bad enough.

  62. Flee market it is comrad!!!......See you all there.

  63. My whole family is going to be there on Saturday; including my kids; Strollers and all!!......Its our country, and my kids futures. I'm making a stand for them.

  64. I'll do my marketing earlier, just so I can join this march.

  65. Are we allowed to bring placards!!??......Stupid Fucking question........The bigger the better.

  66. Anyone know where we can get FB and Ayarse cartoon masks to wear on Saturday?.....Can somebody make these and hand them out on Saturday?

  67. Lets stop this fucking around talking!!!....Come on Fiji, come march on saturday.

  68. Rawa ni curu talega kina the maji na noda tou carrier mai na koro i tailevu!!??......Me vodo kina o kayum me kau mai ke i nausori. Sotovi deka mada na "i-taukei".

  69. Fuck, Kayum looks like a faggot!!!...Nothing personal!!...You just do mate!!

  70. Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum has a chinese girl friend in HK. Wonder if his nadroga wife knows this! He is now worried for his family if he has to leave the country. Less baggage to take.

  71. $200 a day is big money mate. I believe this money would come from our FNPF savings. This is why they are seeking to do a hasty review of the funds . No more lump sum withdrawal. Pension rate would be drastically reduced to ensure that there is a build up of surplus to fund the security of one man. The army is no longer for the people of Fiji. It is Bainimarama's army which will focused entirely in protecting him and his family. Moce Jo..

  72. Aiyazz..luveni kawa ca..you can run but you wont hide..you will spend the rest of your life paying for bodyguards because when you're without them you wont survive..you bloody terrorrist muslim kaidia..F***k U..

  73. Let's all not worry for God's justice will be done to those that have sought it. It will all be in God's time...which seems very soon..I hope!

  74. Rapture day is tomorrow bro.

  75. O rau o Khaiyasswhole vata kei Bainimagana me rau sa lai sogo vata madaga ena dua na rumu mai naboro, qai ra laini mai na totogi bibi, ka ra sa sega tu ni kila na i rairai ni yalewa, me rau qai sogo vata kei ira,se cava na nomuni rai?


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