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Monday, May 23, 2011

First deportation over Mara fishing escapade: New Zealander Anthony Fullman

The former head of Fiji's Water Authority, New Zealander Anthony Fullman is being deported tonight.

Fullman who is a very close friend of Ratu Tevita Mara's has been questioned several times since Mara left for Tonga.

Sources say Fullman is being deported because his number was on Mara's phone the day he went fishing.

We were told earlier that TV3 journalist Michael Morrah could be deported today. Morrah has just told us he was questioned by police but is leaving on his own accord tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

In hindsight maybe Mara should have given a couple of calls to Khaiyum the day he went fishing to talk about the weather and see whether he would be under investigation and deported as well. This is just the type of nut mentality that Vore is famous for that's dribbling down to his masipolo yesman below.

SEMI MEO said...

Phew!!..thankfully, my Fiji Mob phone is not registered yet in the big book where all with a TIN or ID are mandatorily rego…Fullman still had his mob phone in his pocket ,yet the national call rego incriminated him. Lucky for us we did NOT call the young Chief to grill him after we heard he stole the seven maestros’ rose.well..even with the hyper scoopers of Ratu Ului’s fishing trip went wrong..the seven guru’s global fame and benevolent reputation in and out of the field supersedes any in the present Aiyuz/Bainimarama Gov…including, of course, those you’ve gone fishing..

Anonymous said...

Before deportation fullman must be investigated for corruption at WAF wiht john prasad conman as chairman

Anonymous said...

A bizarre rerun of the political intrigues of the 19th century South Seas aristocracy is being played out at a stately royal residence on the waterfront of the sleepy Tongan capital, Nuku’alofa.


Anonymous said...

Interesting materials being revealed on FijiCoup2006:


Anonymous said...

Talian AG denies all and everything is going well in Fiji. Taliab AG slams NZ media as ‘abhorrent’


“Like I said all decisions are made by cabinet and it’s a collective decision,” says al-Qaeda Arse-Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

can john key, the pm of nz expel christopher pryde of his nz citizenship.. the big looser pryde is a key advisor to the bigger looser aiyaz.. maybe freeze all his assets in nz n expose his bank ac details.. lets see how much he has stolen..

also can the pm of nz order investigations into dealings of radio tarana,robert khan n john prasad with the illegal regime

Anonymous said...

Fulman big crook. Set up fictious company with john prasad to made major bucks from water authority. Why does mara surround himself with crooks...one just wonders.

Anonymous said...

Latest update from TVNZ (Not Tarana or taralala)

NZ Govt expresses concerns about Kiwi detained at QEB. NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade monitoring the unfolding situation.

Watch the Video.


Anonymous said...

It is all about friendships & loyalty that started back at Stella Marist Primary School in the 70's for those who do not know these noble gentleman.

I am an ex student and ever so thankful for the sisters for moulding me in my early years of life.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see Fiji village has stopped reporting on RU. Seems like condom baini has managed to gag the media even thou the story is of interest for general public.

Anonymous said...

One wonders when Fullman was CEO at WAF was on merit or was Baini influenced by RUM for his job.
Deported ..Fullman can start his blog from NZ.
Spill the beans on WAF and we can
get AG and his bulldog Baini

Anonymous said...

Was there a need for water authority in the first place given that Fiji's water projects are small enough to be managed by own ministry.

Or was it to give millions in contract through conmen John Prasad who is Aias's buddy.

Maybe by just having in the budget a proper leak detector equipment for the ministry and equipment for underground insertion of new pipes would have saved millions and cost of seperating this into setting up WAF whose CEO has become close associate with Ratu Tevita when WAF's role was already tainted with corruption.

Was Ratu a party to that which made him good buddies with Fullman?

Anonymous said...

You want to be sure that anybody you call these days is not up to mischief or you will be classed as co-conspiritor and hung.

Anonymous said...

It seems everyone is there to fill there own pockets no geniune leadership in Fiji.
Only greedy deepshit people
I think we shud round them all up .
Now they pointing at each other and getting international attention

Anonymous said...

sounds like bunch of school kids dobbing each other in.