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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Forget the guilt: terrorist leaders and dictators like Bainimarama know what they're doing

FEELING HEMMED IN? Bainimarama forced to look over his shoulder but no-one to blame but himself. picture FiiLive

Question: Is it right to celebrate the death of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden and will we feel the same, when Voreqe Bainimarama is brought down?
Answer: No one wants to be ghoulish and inhumane but bin Laden was a mass killer. He knew what he was doing and he was determined to kill people. Bainimarama, too, knows what he's doing and while his crimes are on a much lesser scale, his actions have hurt people and caused deaths. He, too, should man up to the crimes.

Question: How long will Bainimarama keep having to look over his shoulder (bin Laden had a double and was on the run for ten years), as he's having to more and more?
Answer: For as long as he continues to refuse to give the people of Fiji what is rightfully theirs - democratic elections. The security is proof he's leading without the support of the people. A leader that's endorsed by the people doesn't need 24/7 protection.

Question: Would Bainimarama ever have the guts to call it quits (unlike bin Laden he can still do it) and save the nation from having to get rid of him?
Answer: No, he doesn't have the balls to do what's right. And neither does anyone else in his midst, including rebel soldiers who've supposedly broken away or who've told Coupfourpointfive they want out. They and Bainimarama intend to make the nation suffer to the very end.

Question: Should we indulge in some of the current whoopee over bin Laden? In the US, memorabilia like tee-shirts and cups are selling like cheap kava as marketers cash in on the chance to make a buck.
Answer: Why not? Bainimarama is not a God. He is but a poorly-educated soldier who used guns to wrest power from an elected government, and who has since gone on to enjoy the good life thanks to a huge salary and the privileges of  being a dictator, while the people suffer. Give yourself permission to take a break from fighting the good fight and be amused:)

Bin Laden trinkets that are selling hot in the US:

T-shirts: Hundreds of designs already. One of the best selling ones shows a stick figure version of a victorious, flag-carrying American standing over the dead stick figure (complete with scraggly beard) of bin Laden. Another tee shirt says: "Obama killed Osama."
Buttons: In making a marketable joke of bin Laden's burial at sea, a $5 button shows a photo of bin Laden under the line "Fish Food."
Coffee mugs: A coffee mug shows bin Laden in a gun sight under these words: "Death by U.S. Navy Seals, May 1, 2011."
Caps:A $15 cap treats the event like the collegiate basketball tournament that Barack Obama likes to follow by listing the final two brackets as "Obama" and "Osama;" then showing the final bracket winner as "Obama."
Bumper stickers: A $3.95 bumper sticker shows pictures of bin Laden and Saddam Hussein with the question: "Who's Next?"
Neckties: It shows bin Laden in a gun sight under the line, "Justice: May 1, 2011".
Phone case: An iPhone case shows a photo of bin Laden with the words "Mission Accomplished" stamped across his face.
T-Shirts for the Dog: The tee shirt says "Osama's Dead," and is Facebook friendly with the familiar thumbs-up "Like" logo.  (Bruce Horovitz of USA Today)


mark manning said...

There is absolutely no question in my mind, that these Dictators and their supporters, know and understand what they are doing and the ramifications, if caught and punished.

But let's not us become like them, by throwing out the very Laws, when they are captured, we are demanding them to abide by, or we become them too.

Stealth. said...

Also fully aware of the price they'll pay when the gigs finally up - hense their reluctance too relinquish power - as is the case with Bainimarama & Nailatikau.

Tea Putty said...

Forget the guilt or the niceties?

Grow Up said...

Stealth@4.41pm So they hang on to power hoping the end will never come and they'll never have to pay for their crimes? What children.

Real Time said...

Mr Manning: Admirable sentiments if you're living in Neverneverland but total shite in Coupcoupland.

Anonymous said...

We know where they live..him and Aiyaz will be on top of the list..

Anonymous said...

The world is an egg and people like them will have no place to hide..we will get them sooner or later..Mo na Dro ivei..O dro tiko ga e na loma ni yaloka..

Sa rauta said...

I am not a Osama sympathiser but to put thing in perspective - 9/11 was equal to one US B52 bomber attack in Vietnam. The innocent killed by the US this year alone is unfathomable (if ther is such a word)

Anonymous said...

we waiting for bainiboci to give his comment regarding death of osama bin laden...
come on ministry of information....bzoc any world events..bainiboci thru ministry oof information, always comment

come on terrorist baininboci..comment on your brother osama....bcoz youwill die like him

Anonymous said...

It's amazing what a couple of bullets can do!

mark manning said...

@ real time
there you go, that's my point !
@ anon 637
Easter Egg ?
@ sa rauta
unfathomable is correct !

Coup 4.5 said...


A reader's contribution

(part one)

While it does indeed appear that Osama is dead, this will now have Obama the new target by the 'Osamas’.

This victory may be seen by America’s enemies as victory to Osama given that unlike Saddam Hussein who was dobbed in by own family to be rewarded, no one in 10 years came forward to claim the $25m reward put on Osama dead or alive. Only repeat torture for years has opened the mouth of Bin Laden loyalists so it means no victory to America.

It is victory to Osama because he gave enough warning to the American’s to empty the Twin Towers as he told them he will destroy those American icons. This bombing it seems was in reply to the American’s for bombing Osama’s mountains in Afghanistan and not saying sorry for the Oklahoma bombing (I think) done by their own Americans who were in no way linked to Al Qaeda.

But American’s decided to not take the warning seriously and never reported to those inside the building there was a warning and security risk, so people could choose to be or not to be in the two buildings. Basically, America used the 3000 American’s as human shield to sway away Osama from bombing the two buildings. He apparently could not view from Afghanistan mountains if America had or had not put the safety of their people first.

So while bombing twin towers was Osama’s agenda, Obama’s White House had chosen to write the blood on their hands on their own. And this is why they wanted to make sure Osama was dead as they hated his intelligence for being smarter than the White House and their advisors put together.

The American’s did not want Osama to put on record his past terrorist role funded and trained by US to get inside Afghanistan and destabilize the Russian invasion. But not knowing the US wanted Afghan oil and not that they were really genuine, but this was too late for Osama to turn now against the US, realizing finally that they were in fact the real enemy.

Pakistan was always known to sponsor Al Qaeda after the American’s stopped and got caught pants down that they always knew where Bin Laden was. When India spoke this language, American’s did not want to hear. They wanted to learn from their own experience. Come on, American’s give India some credit as they are the only military might who has not entered any country as they know it belongs to “them” and every wealth that it has is for its people.

Not only that but also he lived like a millionaire or in a “friendly prison” within the Pakistani military zone, while letting American’s think of him being already dead.

Part Two to follow:

Coup 4.5 said...


A reader's contribution

(part two)

By America thinking by burying Bin Laden in the sea will not give an opportunity of making his shrine. Maybe a good idea from American perspective as opposed to hero who fought the American’s for decades for their greed and dishonesty.

But it appears that by not allowing a shrine for Bin Laden followers, Bin Laden will be remembered in the Muslim world as a martyr who died while fighting America in the course of war that he declared on America for more than 10 years, hence dying like a hero. Dying in battlefield is automatic entry to Haven according to some.

America taking 11 years to call killing Bin Laden in a gun battle a victory for America is a big joke. 11 years is like taking 11 generations with an entire multibillion dollar military might to kill the friend who was regarded as enemy to stop the American’s to put their hands on Afghan’s oil would be regarded as victory to Bin Laden and his supporters. Even Mahabharata was not fought for this long before victory was declared. So how can America claim victory when dying in the battlefield is regarded as going to heaven?

Let us hope that the supporters of Bin Laden lay down their weapons and take Osama’s death as victory to Al Qaeda and stop unnecessary retaliations, which is of no use to anyone. When your leader is gone, do not replace him, but accept victory, just as the entire army chooses to support the government of the day. Take some tips from Indian democracy. Learn to be happy rather than angry no matter how bad the situation.

The world will always have 10% that believe strongly against each other and knows their writes are violated or their entitlements snatched. Let us agree to disagree and provide the beggars of cheap oil with some donation to keep peace as they will do all sorts of things to take it anyway. At least we should try to live for peace given that the Muslim world has chosen to move forward as we see the change in guard happening everywhere now. There is enough here for everyone.

This is what is the new beginning of polar change prediction after 2012 and it appears that after these self promoted corrections, the world will become a better place after 2014. This is the polar change and not that East will start face the West. In this polar change, America will become poorer until they return the Blue Diamond back to India which was sitting in Britain for so long! They have curse and have energy and will continue to flow until it is returned.

It seems Bainimarama will head the polar shift in Fiji when he calls for elections in2014! But Pakistan has a lot to answer while India will have the last laugh. (End)

Anonymous said...

What a boring load of crap - The world is a better and safer place without terrorists like Bin Laden and Voreqe should be also taken by the US Navy Seals.

The Mataivalu ni Solisona would not know what hit them.

Anonymous said...

@ Pacific media..enough of yhe hoopla..he is dead..full stop..

Anonymous said...

people of fiji should march on the street and demad the current ag/bani govt to resign.
peoples power.
come on wake up fiji people.
we want justice.bani/cronies in jail.

Geronimo said...

You know what the "us gang" say the higher you climb the more we can see you ass!!

Anonymous said...

Bainivuaka is waiting for a bullet on his head and one for his son.
Just as they killed Sadam Hussein and his son; Osama and his son and most likely Qadafi and his son. The next will be Vuaka and his son.
"Beware your sins shall find you out..." (Numbers 32:23). I didn't say that, God said it.
So watch out Vuaka, your sins will catch up to you very very soon!

Anonymous said...

At anon 8.22
why do you want the govt to resign? I think the citizens of fiji are in better hands now then before.

Anonymous said...

Its about high time people accept this govt. We have benefitted so much even though its illegal but look at the advantages. This govt has done so much for the country unlike others that were full of corruption

Anonymous said...

why on earth is Osama being compared with Bainimarama???

Anonymous said...

at anony 6.35
you dont even make sense!!!

Ria said...

Whoever is the author of the blog is trying to provoke people against the government. Seems like you have some personal serious issues with the PM. How about you own up and identify yourself ie if you have the balls to do so.

SEMI MEO said...

That is exactly what we were saying all along!! ..extreme religious nuts in the Muslim faith, and some faceless and nameless so called Christians..koran in one hand AK47 in the other..Holy Christian bible in one hand and "moto ni cocoka and sele loki" in the other..they even have the cheek to curse and quote..eh..misquote glorifie bible verse..oh..we remember an unemployed cherubim quoting the bible left right and center when trying to seduce our Lord Jesus Christ…those who do likewise are of course Lucifer’s sons..sadly, faceless and nameless son of the devil…what else can we say..what else can we say..

Fiji will sought our problem..we do NOT need and invasion from USA and Allies to remove the Bainimarama/Aiyuz Government. Let’s prove to the world that political reform and power of the pen and vote can and will herald in Fiji revolution..NOT blooming blood bath as perpetrated by the sons and daughters of Satanic Lucifer, Dakuwaqa or daquwawa, Moro, Sucucaroba, Degei, Daucina, Tawacili or some faceless and nameless thug!!

Jieke said...


Slow down my man or you will choke in your own words.

Fiji cannot solve its own problems end of story. In the global economy of today, small insignificant countries like Viti depend on aids or the goodwill of developed nations. These aids however come with strings attached and therein lies your dielemma.

As for the evil in the world today, there should be no suprises. The whole world and its governments are under the rule of your idol Lucifer to be freed when God decides.

Anonymous said...

at Semi
what do you mean "extreme" religious nuts in the Muslim faith, and "some" faceless and nameless so called Christians

you are being racist right there!!

paula raqeukai said...

sa gadrevi ga na bula veivosovosoti kei na veilomani ka vakabibi na vakararavi taki na bula vua na turaga ko Jisu Karisito....

The Lord Jesus had said in Luke 6:37:
"Do not Judge others, and God will not judge you; do not condemn others and God will not condemn you; forgive others, and God will forgive you"...

Fiji needs God Fearing leaders to lead the country out of its current mess...Fiji needs you and me as God fearing people to lead the way of good accountability and transparent to our beloved country...GOD BLESS FIJI...

Semi Pussy said...

When is Bocimarama's number comin up?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

at anon 6.01 /may4.

i certainly dont agree...Fiji has improved in numerous ways!!!