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Friday, May 27, 2011

Informers: Bainimarama definitely getting $700,000

Inner sanctum sources have reiterated the illegal prime minister's salary is definitely $FJD700,000 a year - in fact it's just a bit more than that - despite his blustery denial yesterday.

Intel military sources say Frank Bainimarama gets a salary for the six portfolios he oversees (he recently acquired lands which was missing from our story yesterday when we said five portfolios).

They say he also gets his Commander's salary at $97,000, plus expenses, and he gets $144,000 for being the Prime Minister.

At those figures, Bainimarama gets $42,000 a month for the six portfolios which adds up to $504,000 a year. Add this to the PM and Commander salaries and we have a final figure of $FD745,000.

Sources from within Bainimarama's own ranks say the illegal PM, the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, and the other ministers are all being paid the figures they released to us.

And they rightly remind us, that is the reason why no documents are being held with the Ministry of Finance and why the salaries are instead being handled by an accounting firm, which is effectively breaking the Financial Act of Fiji.

Most governments, legitimate governments that is, are paid by their own Treasury, not a private firm, and certainly  not one that is run by the Aunt of the illegal Attorney General, who is being paid $FJD800,000 a year.

Again, that is the reason the salaries of this self-appointed government are being handled by a private firm, so it can avoid audits and continue with the highway robbery.


Anonymous said...

C4.5 i suggest u guys/girls get to someone in Nur Bano's Office to acquire credible evidence. Offer money/Bribe that person just so you can get it - am sure some businessman in Fiji is going to be willing to fund the Operation.

Operation Vaqara na Dina!

Sell the concept to a local businessman and we have a funder to get everything out!

Toso Tiko Viti! Their days are numbered and Naboro is calling!

Anonymous said...

This is thuggery by crooks and massive corruption-abuse of office- defrauding governemnt-extortion-stealing-conspiracy-rape of poor people funds and all men and women with help of FMF officers must fight this. Even Eygpt Mubarak, Libya Gadafi dont get this massive salary which is day light robbery and corruption and thuggery by a dozen junta men. Fiji peopl are 900,000-who is the junta dictator thug?????? the fight must begin now and this truth about 745,000 must reach all people of fiji by email, phone, mobile, text , letter,scype,talanoa and sprad this to all villagers and homes and ask for help from all the right minded FMF officers to replace this junta and dictator now to save FIJI.

Anonymous said...

Where is the office of auditor general and why they not auditing this corruption of 745000 salary?

SEMI MEO said...

Enough is Enough!....when exactly do we really mean and say enough IS indeed enough!!..enough routing of the system..bending the rules; worst still breaking and changing the rules and the goal post of the game and conveniently “legalise” and justify via whims of decrees.

When will enough be enough…for many of us…ENOUGH . Of course many said enough in January 2007, many said enough when thugs ravage the nation through loss of innocent lives.

Enough of these false humility of our Church leaders and Chiefs, enough of these fake distorted view of patriotism and allegiance of our men and women in FMF.

Enough of this false charter and road map to no where.

We say to PM Rear Admiral Bainimarama..ENOUGH!!

Can we do anything about these day light robbery??...mmmmm...we reserve our comments..watch this column!!

Anonymous said...

This is it. Get your comrades to sneek in a photocopy of bank statement in which Frank receives his salary.

By doing a photocopy of this bank document, no one will be suspected given that you do not need to get into his account number to be caught spying by master security.

Afterall ANZ was a party to the $500m bond recently so will try to secure this to favour Frank.

You can sneak in and go into computer printout on a/c numbers by name sequence..and be able to get to a printout even on a banking transfer in the print out on theday wages get transferred. This is another printout.

So it is time someone gets in there and faxes the copy to Coup4.5after clearing the fax machine of where the fax is sent from. Or even post it is safer.

Do not let any trace left for the branch from where the copy was done.

I love this soap opera... now that Oprah Winfrey is gone...new ones always props up!!

Anonymous said...

Frank is charging ONE DOLLAR PER PERSON to be our PM ,so population is 750,000 and thats his pay.. makes sense ?????Should be Dollar less as Ratu has gone...

Anonymous said...

ANON 9:46, If you order an investigation you get arrested, Go ask Ex Assistant Police Com.

Jieke said...

It is impossible for the regime to justify the decision of processing ministerial salaries through a private firm. That being suspect supports the allegation of overpaid, useless and corupt ministers. The onus is on them to provide evidence that the allegation is not true otherwise they should be hanged.

Bring back the death penality for these as oles.

Anonymous said...

keep talking.. this will end no where..

unless we do something, its all useless

Anonymous said...

Once again I ask you bloggers,can you please relaese a list of salary for the ministers of the last Qarase government and members of the public who benefitted from the 16m Agriculture scam plus the 20 million that was given to Fijian Holdings Limited in 1987.Your deafening silence on these issues clearly mean that you guys have personal extremist hidden Agendas hence the raeson my last comments were not published.

Anonymous said...

Coup 4.5, I noticed in the copy of the Commander's salary contract you posted yesterday (from the AG to the President)that the FNPF contribution by the Commander is 8% and his employer(RFMF-Government)is 15%. This is robbery, as it is suppose to be 8% by the employer and 8% contribution by the employee.

Anonymous said...

Nur Banu Ali aka Sunils better half few days ago sent a bill for two million dollars $2,000,000 to govt for payment for work done for REWA DAIRY, Its right now sitting on Pio Tikos table for apporoval.
How did i get this info tik tok insider

Lidin D'vicco said...

We may need to appreciate the real cause of these problems. There is a group out there that needs these 'tit for tat' politicking continue to isolate attention from the group at the end of the string. Rabuka, speight, AG and FB are just instruments of the group's deception. Everything engineered in fiji is a deception by the hidden corporate giants who have more than 10 yrs of strategies in place. It was successfully done to the chiefs, the fijians, and it continue to work.....wake up Fijians, church leaders and GCC....

Anonymous said...

RFMF decommissions officers

writer : ILIESA TORA

Two former senior military officers, facing sedition charges in court, have been de-commissioned.

The two, former Brigadier-General Pita Driti and former Lieutenant Colonel Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara, were decommissioned by the President and Commander in Chief of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau.

The decommissioning was gazetted recently and it was effective from March 31, 2011.

That means that both officers are now no longer members of the RFMF.

The two face sedition charges and are to appear in court again on May 30 and June 1 respectively.

Ratu Tevita, who escaped to Tonga two weeks ago, is currently facing an extradition bid for breaking his bail conditions.

Anonymous said...

This is complete and utterly daylight robbery and massive corruption. They are doing the "so-called" clean up campaign which is a facade to hide behind as they do not want to show that they (Baini and Asshole ASK) are the ones doing the corruption and abusing people. Where is the fairness in this? Why are the people of Fiji just sitting waiting and watching. Stand up for your rights and DO NOT LET these thugs rule you anymore.
Don't you guys see what is happening!!!!! People of Fiji are barely surviving, trying to educate their kids, put food on the table on minimum wages and here is the asshole Khaiyum and Baini getting $745,000. This is ridiculous.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not an issue. If he gave the portfolio to other additional ministers, they would get paid as well so Baini can take more since he is doing the job and as his responsibility has increased.

Kiwi said...

No wonder 60% of Fijians live in proverty. Have you not all had enough. Don't you want a better Fiji for your children and their children ? Don't you want job security ? Don't you want a say in how your country is run ??? It is up to all Fijians as individuals to make a stand. No more Fiji Time, Now is the time, now or never. Stand up and unite, fight for democracy. Don't leave it to the international community to intervene. This is your country, your people, your lifes. Act !!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Phew BLOOD MONEY... rapin the nations coffer while PHLIGER with his 16 odd so consultants rapin AIR PACIFIC and wanting 250 staff to go home..

FHLIGER is third in command of the nation after the AG.

Hes there to make as much money to up the regimes fund a/c at the expenses of our local people.

What he thinks we locals are nuts . mmmmmmm his days are numbered too..

Anonymous said...

Now we know why 60% of Fijians live in poverty. Have you not all had enough ? Do you not want a better life for yourselves and for your children ? Do you not want to have some sort of job security ? Do you not want to have a say in how your country is run and who runs it ? Enough of Fiji time, now is the time to make a stand as individuals and unite. This is your Fiji, your country. Don't wait for the international community to intervene. Make yourselves proud to be Fijians, stop being walked all over. It is now or never !!!

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama has had a stroke and that is why his memory ( brain) is not so good.
Even Mara mentioned that in his radio interview.
So its no mystery that Bai now no longer knows what he's talking about.
And now what he did to Iloilo is being done to him by Khaiyum.ie being used.
"What you do to others will be done to you".

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

If this is true then Bainimarama is a fucken MAD MAN!!

Anonymous said...

I agree that you C4.5 should ask your sources to provide documentary evidence, and then post them on site.

Right now people in Fiji are beginning to realise how they have been deceived.

The documentary evidence will be the spark that will get this revolution going, and that will lead to the ousting of Nailatikau, Baninimara, Khaiyum, Naivalurua and all others associated with the regime.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:49
Sounds like you and our friend Mark Manning were right all along.ie Fiji is being run by the Muslim Taliban / Brotherhood.
This Nur Bano Ali is a very evil person , especially if she is demanding $2,000,000 for consulting with Rewa Dairy.
I bet Khaiyum will make the govt pay it too.
Is this what Bainimarama means by "relying on local produce". Hahahaha!
Sorry, its not a laughing matter.
But guys we have to do something.
The President is useless. He has even sacked his brother in law Mara).
Mara said there is only 50 corrupt thugs in the army.
So we plead with you soldiers who haven't turned. Please DESERT now and take as much ammunition with you.

@.com said...

No wonder the PER gets extended everymonth......whatever justification for it is bullshit...this is actually the main reason for the PER to suppress the media and people who know this serious breach of Fiji's Financial Act, Regulation from being disseminated to members of the Public.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem of seeing rich people. They just have to be honest and hard-earned! Bai, Kai and Nur Bano are all THIEVES!! That pent-house in Sydney belongs to all hard-working tax payers of Fiji. We actually paid for that Frank to take his family to the Hong Kong 7s and that Kai to have a so-called lavish wedding, I wonder where the honeymoon was spent. Friggin leeches!

Anonymous said...

Nur Bano Ali and Sunil were investigated by the Fiji Institute of Accountants and then fined for professional misconduct.

Anonymous said...

Blog on guys ,,,nothin happen in Fiji.
They all doped on yaqona.

Anonymous said...

Watch out, look at Fiji Sun advertisment for independant Accountant for FEA Restructutre tender by illegal AG- this is another scam , previous reports there and NUR ALI BANO aunty already approved for the tender at $5million fees -tender waste time-this corruption ans scam and cut going to the junta

Anonymous said...

Ok, it's enough. Let's get Frankie out. If we keep waiting we are doubling the troubling/struggling years ahead of us. Let's think of our children & generations to follow please.

Can we start a protest. Who is gonna have enough balls to lead us - it needs to be someone from within the military - am sure their is SOMEONE!

Anonymous said...

Close the finance ministry down and junta can wipe their arses and throw away the few last copies of Finince Act left and loot all the monies -not much left- bankrupt

Tui Viti said...

@ Anon 10:06 AM. Qarase and his coalition ministers were elected. They were paid through the ministry of finance as stipulated in the finance regulations. Furthermore, we could question their salaraies in parliament & through the media unlike this gestapo government. Sorovakatini & Kunatuba were imprisoned for the Agriculture scam as well as Bhika. Investigations continuing with Apisai Tora and Rigamoto. When will FB be investigated for the deaths of CRW in 2000 and the torture since December 2006?
@ Semi Meo........finally made up your mind??

aunty crude talibano ali-qaeda said...

@Anon 10:46 AM. "What you do to others will be done to you". Which also means that BainiArse will also be overthrown. And SOON!

Anonymous said...

Regime's illegal: Lawyers
www.fijitimes.com - Thursday, January 18, 2007

THE interim administration is illegal and interference with the judiciary is wrong, the Fiji Law Society maintained yesterday.

The society, reiterating its position, follows speculation it had changed its stand because of reports it was part of the Judicial Services Commission, which recommended that High Court judge Justice Anthony Gates be appointed Acting Chief Justice.

Yesterday society vice president Tupou Draunidalo said the society's earlier statements on the legality of developments that had unfolded since the December 5 military takeover were unchanged.

She refused to elaborate or respond to further queries.

Ms Draunidalo made the comments in response to questions regarding issues raised by Suva lawyer Richard Naidu in a column in this newspaper on Tuesday.

Mr Naidu had said, among other things, that the return of power by military commander Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama to the President, Ratu Josefa Iloilo, was futile because it did not legitimise the events that unfolded on December 5.

Society president Devanesh Sharma said while they accepted the society would deal with the administration without prejudice to any legal action on the validity of its appointment, it should not be assumed that it meant they accepted the interim Cabinet to be legitimate in the eyes of the law.

The society met last weekend to discuss its stand on the issue.

Mr Sharma said Ratu Josefa had the power to make constitutional appointments only in compliance with the provisions of the Constitution.

"He (the President, Ratu Josefa) can not act unconstitutionally himself," Mr Sharma had said.

He has asked Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum to impress on the military the importance of the independence of the judiciary and the need to allow Chief Justice Daniel Fatiaki and Chief Magistrate Naomi Matanitobua to resume duties.

He said the society was reviewing its options to shortly institute legal action against the ban on land sales and the forced leave of Justice Fatiaki and Ms Matanitobua.

"The society deplores the attempts made by the RFMF to interfere with the judiciary.

"The Chief Justice and the chief magistrate must be allowed to immediately resume their official duties," Mr Sharma said.

Interim Attorney-General and Minister of Justice Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said the appointment of all individuals under the regime, including interim Cabinet ministers, were mandated by the President.

He had earlier said the military regime upheld and respected the Constitution.

Mr Naidu had said in an earlier interview that the system of things as they were was illegal.

He said if the Constitution was indeed being upheld, where was the Vice President, Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi, who was appointed by the Great Council of Chiefs during the reign of a democratically elected government.

Anonymous said...

Private firm handling the salaries .Sounds very fishy dont even need evidence .
CEO finance stand up man ...
corruption from within

Red Scorpion said...

I used to work in the Ministry of Finance and can confirm that all those figure are accurate. They payment of this illegal cabinet circumventing Treasury dept and rerouting Govt monies through an external party is a clear, unambiguous and undeniable breach of the Finance Act. This was facilitated by a hush-hush Cabinet Paper which was rushed by the Cabinet Sub-Committee on the Budget and unanimously supported by the current beneficiaries. On this matter alone, breach of the Finance Act there are heavy penalties associated. Nur Bano and others being complicit with this clear illegality will face have their day in court when this regime is toppled.

Anonymous said...

Freejee said
Aunty da just had her boys go and pick up 10 shredders from bondwell

Anonymous said...

Ni sa Yadra Viti - People of Fiji are waking up, but too late... Fiji Time.
Where's the money going? To tax haven Vanuatu. The thieves are being assisted by the spear throwers.
Don't you see? there will be no money left to pay pensions. If you've worked hard all your life, paid taxes and fnpf then you should be worried how you are going to support yourself when you are old. Because Frank and Aiyarse won't be around to care for you. Their "clean-out" campaign is nearly complete. That's the reason for the PER and bullshit road map and peoples charter for piss!!!

Anonymous said...

Nur Ali Bano got without public tender process:

1. $2million for bullshit Rewa Dairy Ltd Review. How was the price worked out for fees -no tender-how much was bribe to dictator and how much cut for nephew AG???????????

2. $800,000 year for fees-to press few buttons on computer and make the 700,000 year pay. No tender for job- how much bribe goes to dictator and how much cut for nephew AG????????????

3. Nur Ali Bano appointed FEA reviewr when tender not closed- how much bribe here?//

This the biggest scam junta to hit fiji-

Bendover Bai said...

$700 000 to destroy our economy and increase porverty!

Anonymous said...

Jake says,

VB & Aiyaz, levu ga na lasu kei na vesu mona.
You both have hugely benefited from this coup - evil people indeed.
Where is justice cause you both don't understand a bit of it.

Get off your bloody high place before we shoot you down with people power,

Anonymous said...

All tenders in FEA are rubbish and waste of time. The CEO with the CIO from India giving them to their India and other overseas companies. And getting their cut paid to their account in India. India consultants were paid 100's of thousands. All equipment coming from India and china........all crooks........milking Fiji..........

In the name of the god...I pray ....and pray........amen.......

SEMI MEO said...

@viavia TuiViti..oh.. still brave enough to post under real name, are we??....

..my resolve has never changed..ever..I stand for what is best for our people...the principle of the thingi..as kids say!

Should Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama be taken out for the good of all...then so be it

We, the constituents are always generous to give all Fiji leaders, elected or Dictators, the benefit of the doubt, and taken out via the ballet box or other means.. Ratu Mara, Dr Bavadra, Major General Rabuka, Mr. Chaudry, Mr. Qarase and now Rear Admiral Bainimarama.

The writing is on the wall!!

Of Course, Brigadier Aziz, Brigadier Driti and Lt Col Mara failed to take him out.

The question is; who is brave enough within the ranks to take him out..or who else has the balls to even talk rebuke him.

I followed him to Sigatoka this morning..well..tried to personally ask him to share a bit of the 700K to orphanages in nausori, nadi or Tamavua..too bad he is NOT picking up him mob phone

Again we say..enough!!..The Aiyuz/Bainimara Governemtn must be taken out NOW!!

Tauvanua said...

so many comments....yet no actuion can be seen..."sigh" here's something to think about...with all these anonymous comments don't you think that people will KNOW that ya'll are scared...i can see this...heck everyone i talk to can see this, so please, if there will be action then talk, if not, stop wasting our f!@#$%^ time and shut UP

Jieke said...

Meo for PM I say

Anonymous said...

that accountant company is a thief company coz i can remember how they rip off minson hire with the managing director and thats why it is closed today and they open up national hire and run by the same managing director,and now its fijis time now,closed the finance dept and give it to khayums aunt to run it.coz the more they get its still less to them.watch out fiji the govt pocket has a hole now coz its going to bainimarama and khaiyum pocket,,,,,

Anonymous said...

Not only AG Asshoooolllleeees Aunty is part of this BUT also his best friend ANWAR KHAN & FAMILY - the lawyer

Somebody should check on ANWAR KHAN and the wife running the Ozzyyy Pricefighter Shop downtown

Hand full of Muslims running the show now....Wake up Fiji


Anonymous said...

So this is what "clean up" means:- clean up the government treasury; clean up FNPF; clean up the whole of Fiji of money, minerals, water, intellectual capital, honest people, etc,etc,etc. The only thing that they cannot take away is the God that I serve - Jesus Christ.

People of Fiji I call on all of you to turn to Jesus now as He is the only one who can save Fiji.

"Vengeance is Mine", He said.

Anonymous said...

Nur Banu Ali is Jezzabell, the witch who will do whatever it takes to build up her empire. She was a BA Actg graduate at USP in 1982 with C rating- Not surprise at all for all this dealings and to get rich, Zezabel will be thrown out to the dogs and fire of hell is waiting for her,Kyaihum the nephew, Voreqe Bainivuaka, and all who are supporting them.

Hell is waiting for you and only option to give up now for the grace of the Father, other wise too bad you will enjoy the fir of hell with your $740,000.

Repent repent repent because your days are numbered.

Anonymous said...

Please people, honesty is not a normal trait of humans! Even when acquired it still requires constant vigil & suppression of our other human trait called"lawaki ca"! What we see now should not surprise anyone. There will be very few Leaders in this present Government who will not fall to the temptations which it offers"money"! Why? It happens to almost everyone one, including Politicians, Ministers of Religion and we could go on and on.
They come in various guise, money for morning tea, free lunch, free travel and gradually make their way up to free car, house and you name it brother.
When Voreqe had very few Ministers in his Government it look great & we thought well he is saving money-we now know he is indeed saving money but the saved money is really going into his pocket with all the Ministerial roles he holds! But the amazing thing is those army officers holding-Commissioner position, we were told,should only collecting 1 salary, that is what Voreqe said. Should thiss not include him also, or doe this not apply to him as he is form the Navy! One needs to find out if this is really true??
The Rabuka Govt did the same thing, we lost a Bank, the Qarase Govt did the same, formed a company that was raising funds for the SDL under the guise of also"helping the poor"-where did this funds come from? If you always thought of yourself first, that mentality will always be with you even if you are a Crook or Prime Minister.If you were a crook and become PM you now just a Bigger Crook! Remember the principle"ME first" and i don't mean mi like in the "mimi"! But guess what Voreqe has got the Taukeis by the balls, Why? Remember the famous Fijian call! This is our land! We can do whatever we want-aaaree, Sa yaco mai o WANT, Qoka o mother of all want has come to roost! We sowed the seeds of destruction, we now enjoy its benefits! Voreqe is a product of the Fijian psychi he now has the Fijians by the balls (sorry ladies) and there are very few who can see any error in his ways or find any wrong doing in him! Facts, hurts but its the facts-sorry! We are screwed! Maybe we just have to pay for our past deeds to the innocent we harmed & hurt in the past in our Fiji?? Deu cala beqa! Or maybe its Gods clean up time for Fiji for us to awake from what we will encounter again and again when we stray from the path.

Truth said...

Frank did probably not lie when he said he would not get 700,000 p.a. He in fact gets a lot more. So he was right. Once black payment processes outside government control and scrutiny have been established as in the case with Aiyaz aunty 'accounting' firm, there is no limit of how much a dictator can steal. We have seen this happening in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Libya and at a very epic scale under Mobutu's Zaire. While our Dear Leader seems to be a poorly educated cranky dimwit, one thing that Aiyaz suggested he understood immediately: Lets get filthy rich while we can.

SEMI MEO said...

@Jieke..la o Ji e ke!!gonei, via PM ga?, PM yani......in fact, Fiji presently have a few reigning PM..as in the vatican..a Pope and a “black Pope” in the shadows running the Vatican affairs and determining the disbursement of the Billion in the Vatican bank. (read -Smoke Screen)

Our “PM in the shadow” is as many obviously guessed right in none other than Mr. Aiyuz. How do I know..first had info from incumbent and former Ministers, PSs, Ambassadors and senior Military officers . PM no 2 and his days as “black” PM are numbered.

PM no 3. Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama, cannot seat still in his seat and travelling the Nation, this morning in Sigatoka….

PM no 4. Self Appointed PM (in exile) Lt Col Mara..long rough road to prove himself to the constitute.

OH..PM no 1. Still the last democratically elected PM. Laisenia Qarase..his indecisiveness is the result of all these circus.

Fiji…make a choice..and make it fast before Fiji is ceded to China or Australia brings in RAMFI …..what’s your choice?????

Anonymous said...

AG and his illegal legal team should be disbarred from practising LAW. Fiji Law Society please act now.
Nur Bano, Zarin and Sunil should also be disbarred from practising ACCOUNTING. Fiji Institute for Accountants should shut their practice down and take away their licence to operate.

Tui Viti said...

@ Semi Meo........benefit of the doubt. I guess that applies for those who came in through the ballot box process. FB is not the case, he came in through the barrell of the gun process which he then uses to prod the rear end of dissidents. Heard from The Max lately? Must have gone fishing. Oh by the way folks, noticed the charging of Max Risto, I believe, the Estonian fisherman alleged to have assisted RU, taking up a tiny little corner of the FijiSun. Why not the front page I might ask??

Anonymous said...

Rabuka,Chaudhry and Qarase should retire from politics forever, than there will be hope for Fiji.

Anonymous said...

The Truth will prevail and reveal itself shortly, with the dictator's silence, just watch he will go quiet and start saying I have no comment soon when asked about 700,000 salary and mara allegations, his silence will mean what has been said by mara is true and fact and believ will believe more- frank is hiding a lot and will go very quiet soon cos he cant defend hinself

Anonymous said...

cleaning up corruption does not mean filling your pockets......WE need to isolate the two married at the top so that DEmocracy can be born again....i hope that those who are responsible for the start of the MOLE to be brought to justice......and to those who think that they are doing this for the people need to know that .......KARMA is coming .....

Anonymous said...

when are we going to revolt and take back what is rightly ours, our freedoom. common guys lets start now. We shall overcome someday.....

Anonymous said...

Some folks requested info on what other Prime Ministers were receiving prior to the 2006 coup. PMs and all other Ministers were paid according to salaries set by the Independent Parliamentary Emoluments & Benefits Commission. According to this, Qarase received the following basic pay and allowances:

Basic Pay - $73,851
Parliamentary salary 30,000
Constituency Allowance 8 000
PM’s Expense Allowance 12 500

Total $124, 351

The PM was entitled to a Housing allowance of $12,600 if he did not live in an official residence. Qarase like PM Chaudhry before him handled several additional portfolios, but they did not receive additional pay for these portfolios. eg Qarase handled Fijian Affairs, Information and Sugar.

Bainimarama is not entitled to the Housing allowance of $12,600, Constituency allowance $8000 and Parliamentary Salary of $30,000.
His PM’s pay therefore should only be $86,351 and not $144,00 as reported. Nor should he be paid for the additional Cabinet portfolios he has given himself, taking his total salary to a scandalous $700,000. It is daylight robbery.

AG’s salary: Qoriniasi Bale received a basic salary of $52,173 plus expense allowance $6500 and constituency allowance of $3000; His total salary was $61,673. Compare this with Khaiyum’s $640,000.

Please note: On 6 January 2007, in his acceptance speech as Prime Minister Commodore Bainimarama had pronounced:

“I shall continue to be the Commander of the RFMF while being the Interim Prime Minister. I shall however not receive the salary of the Prime Minister. I shall continue to only receive my salary as Commander of the RFMF. In this respect no personnel of the RFMF shall personally benefit from the necessary intervention undertaken on 5 December 2006 nor will they benefit from my appointment as Prime Minister. “

Alas, we all believed in his sincerity at the time!

Turukawa said...

The Fiji army 3 FIR and Land Force officers have been circulated the salary figures of the dictator and illegal AG who got his aunty Nur Ali Bano without tender at 900,000 fees from which he gets a cut too to do the payments in secret and have stopped OAG to audit the junta salary.
People now know the junta filling its pockets corruptly from poor people tax monies and dictator and illegal AG paying themselves 700,000 and on top of the 8% FNPF & leave cashed& allowances each year and are millionaires now paying 800,000 to AG aunty to do the dirty/corrupt/fraud work who does nothing just press computer buttons and deposit in con bank accounts and why they hold 5-7 ministry.
The dictator and illegal AG getting the payments deposit in their family bank accounts to stop leak and IRD Tax Returns secret at IRD.
So where is the Ministry of Finance? Don’t they or are supposed to look after govt finance & govt salaries?
Why it is being paid out from a private accountant firm that is owned by Kaiyums aunty? It does really smell and sus, so no transparency or records can be recovered if his govt fails?

Bank records, IRD Tax Return Records, FNPF records all coming for display to the people of Fiji to see the truth & transparency & accountability of these two thugs by coup and put on trial for gaol.

The 2006 coup was done by the thug to hide his corruption and to loot the nation with corruption-remember the $7million FMF revolving fund account.
Bainimarama is fucked.... it is a coup and all that emanates from a coup is fucked up..period. he was a real hero for fiji..his intentions were very clear.. and pure, though method was wrong.. But everything went wrong when Aiyaz duped mp chaudhry n became franks fav boy..

I rather felt very sorry for Bai...his got himself only to blame..he allowed himself to be conned and used, and kaiyum and others..we know not what hold they have over him, but the deeds done and his screwed, because the first thing they will do is blackmail you so you cannot leave. The only salvation for bai is to come clean, admit his ##@# up and take it like a man and step down and face the consequence. I think people in Fiji will be willing to forgive him if he does that

Roko Ului Mara, who is trying to redeem himself by revealing what he did, heard and saw as an insider to Frank Bainimarama’s devious leadership methodologies, is standing by his statement.

His friend Pita Driti and “others” are expected to support his statement, giving meaning to the reason why Arse Khaiyum and his legal eagles are not able to pin down Qarase in his many prolonged court cases since 2007.

How many votes or who approves that FB gets to get any orders he makes gazzetted as per recent decommissioned officers from the army? Wow i wish i can have a country calling it my own and just do what i wanna do like FB & AG!!

Milosevic just caught caught in Serbia after all this years so FB take a hint.


Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:45 - Thanks for the info! Just further brings to light the daylight robbery thats currently going on by the regime. Obviously the thieving going on is beyond compare....judging by the opulent lifestyle these individuals are living compared to past leaders. I remember K.Zinc going to HK on his own dime and the media/opposition wanted investigations into whether any taxpayer money was used and here we have Bainibanana cruising around HK in a stretch limo with his family and not a peep from the censored media. What a sad place Fiji has become.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:17pm - I think the only one who hasn't retired is Chaudhary who should have been the first one to retire! I think in a competition for making the most money from being PM he would be miles ahead with the pig Vore.

Anonymous said...


Happy feet said...

Isa noqu Viti!

What will i get, if anything, when i retire 25 years from now?

Will my children have the opportunity to study at University with a scholarship since my superannuation will not be given to cater for this?

Will there be funds left to cover those "lovo pit" sized potholes up the street?

Only time will tell.

FB & Co.. just remember KARMA is a BITCH!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well...they are definitely doing a FANTASTIC job CLEANING UP!! No other government has done it any better then this one!! How can the PM justify receiving an annual income of $700,000 or so..has Fiji moved forward yet?????

As for them FIGHTING CORRUPTION? I reckon CORRUPTION HAS BEEN DECLARED THE WINNER ages ago!! Only the culprits arent those OUT there!!

What can we do?

Anonymous said...

Reply to blogger 10.06am..Qaraswe and his ministers were elected and they do not determine their salaries. It is determined by an independent emoluments committee. So you canno0t compare that to the detrmination of the salaries of these crooks.

Anonymous said...

Cost of paying two crooks Approx $1.5 million Fijian Dollars.

cost of two bullets - approx
$1.5 Fijian Dollars.

Shoot the bastards including Tappoos.

Anonymous said...

too much pakpak but no action

Lidin D'vicco said...

Don't elected or self elected people fall into the same trap - of greed, empire building, accumulation of wealth and corruption,?? And the harsh penalties befall the innocent lay people of the land. AG's thesis does really predicts more to come. Lets see how his argument of globalization takes its toll on his 'empire'...they must now brace them selves as the masses summon power through 'the flattening effects of the internet' to expose these crimes. The wielding power of the masses is nigh...(judging from the incitements in this blog). We must not forget that - as you revolt, you create a market and a door for more introduced influences. remember industries in the developed world are just waiting for opportunities to market their arms, ammunition, philosophies, machineries, services etc etc etc. Fiji and the protesting Fijians and itaukeis pls solve your problems smartly, you don't want other forces dictating your lives. As people want to trigger a revolt, civil war I urge you to consider the huge psychological, physiological and economical risks and implication, collateral damages, displacements and sudden venting of factional dissidents. Fijians are known to have very raging devastating temper based on their 'warrior ethos', very resilient and very long memories when it comes to history - pls itaukei's no haste in a bloody revolt. The pen is mightier than the sword - let the culprits perish with their own, i pray.

Anonymous said...

We are now paying for Coups-a BIG, BIG thankyou & Vinaka Vaka Levu to all of you who supported the first coups by Rabuka, Rabuka , Rabuka, Speight! If you now posting on C4.5& complaining, its kinda tooo late aaaaahhh sa veka na ose! Keda sa butu da tiko qoka because of you support from the beginning for Coup makers!Those that come to these table need to come with clean hands!Now the foot is on the other shoe, or should i say the shoe on the other foot-ain't making any diffenece! It was wrong then it's still wrong now-that was my position then and will always be! Now where did you stand when the first Coup happen????? Just find it in you heart to be honest and you will soon find the solution to solving this problem called Voreqe!! Keep lying to yourself and you will never ever be able to find that solution nor the peace you sought! Taukei Ni Mate.

Anonymous said...

BEWARE. Society President, Davanesh Sharma WORKS FOR THEM! This has happened before where a supposed Soc. Pres. was actually in the pocket of the corruption. He DOES NOT speak for the truth but is merely protecting his employer; the evil seed.

Anonymous said...

RFMF - Just a bunch of pooftas.

Kemudou taucoko.

Anonymous said...

Mara, Bainimarama, and Aiyaz

The Good , The Bad and The Ugly

Showing at civic Cinema, Ba Town.

Anonymous said...

@Anon May 27, 1.45pm. His utterances in this instance is another piece of our mounting documentary evidence. By his own sword he shall die!!! E lauti koya ga na sui ni kena... tick...tock...tick...tock...tick...tock...

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2.34pm. Is civil disobedience an option? What about 'go slow' or 'tools down'?

How many of them are there?
How many are we?

'If we get caught...' With one or five or even a dozen, they can cope. What if there are 100 of us,or 200 or 300, or more can they cope? If we force their hand to act,and push comes to shove, are our brothers, tavales, momos, tatas going to be brave enough to draw their arms against us?

FOOD FOR THOUGHT while we contemplate our strategy for 'OPERATION VAKALESUYA TALE'

Anonymous said...

COUP 4.5........BLOOD...COULD YOU KINDLY POST THE CONTACT DETAILS OF ALL THOSE IN THE ILLEGAL GOVERNMENT......INCLUDING THE ILLEGAL CEO's.......kerekere.....so we can personally mail them and call them and raise our concern to them about what is going on...........EMAIL ADDRESS, MOBILE NUMBERS, LAND LINE NUMBERS, OFFICE NUMBERS......I know you can do this, bro..........you seem to be the flame that is still burning brightly in these tough...tough times Fiji is going through.....for the children of Fiji's sake , please...post their contact information.....vinaka...

Anonymous said...

RE: Anon @ 4:40 PM. Good reference! How about this one - "The Three Stooges." Hey, here's another: "Three Blind Mice." How about "The Killing Fields?"

And when I am thinking "3" I'm not thinking about Mara. I am thinking about the three who have seized absolute, dominant and suffocating control over this country.

What about a title of our own, like "Day of Armageddon?"

And for the Prez, I gotta song. "One is the loniest number that you'll ever do ---" Or, hey, maybe an appropriate movie like "Looking for Mr.Goodbar."

Scorpions, all.

Anonymous said...

Like to dedicate the song "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts" to condom baini and his gang of thieves.

Anonymous said...

@Anon. 4:40 PM. Mara, Bainimarama, and Aiyaz. The Good , The Bad and The Ugly. Showing at civic Cinema, Ba Town.

DUMB AND DUMBER, Starring Condom Baini and TalibanArse. Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You.

Anonymous said...

@Anon. 9:33 AM.

DUMB = Taliban Arse Khaiyum-Qaeda. DUMBER = Condom Baini Bananaramamarama.

Anonymous said...

Keda na kaiviti,da taura ga na tatau nei Ratu Mara,vasoso vinaka ga na qanibulu da qai yani lai kutaki i tuba na tamata viavia levu qori kei na kai dia bokola ya..kena dina tu vei keda na taukei..dave mada na dra me cegu na trouble qo..Lord is with us..GB Fiji.

Kaiviti Dina said...

Coup 4.5, where are you getting all your figures from?This site is visited by so many people locally and also abroad.I can see that you are just so biased and untruthful and this does no go very well to what we want right now - nation building with fairness to all.It does not help anyone in the long run if you are one sided in your reporting as you are doing.If you do not like anything with what the PM is doing or the President,just give them a call on their mobile 24/7.Or are you just another arsehole hiding from the comfort of your keyboard and screen. Remember,Ului is just HISTORY now.He's Tongan now,period.

Anonymous said...

I hope they prosecute all the corrupt facilitators as well, including Nur Bano Ali and her corrupt team at ZBDO including ALison Southey another corrupt person desperate for tax breaks and freebies fromo Govt