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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Key evidence could ensure the end of Bainimarama and regime

DEATH AT THE HANDS OF POLICE: The funeral of Nimilote Verebasaga.

One of Frank Bainimarama's former land force commanders says it's possible the illegal leader could be prosecuted in an international court of law if there's enough evidence to prove human rights violations.
Jone Baledrokadroka says some discussions were held about gathering evidence against Bainimarama after he abrogated the 1997 Constitution in 2009, but nothing ever came of it.

Roko Ului Mara, Bainimarama's former third infantry commander, is now said to be preparing to reveal more damaging information about the regime.

Television New Zealand has reported that he has shown them evidence of secret military intelligence he has with him and is due to reveal soon, in a bid to undermine the military government of Bainimarama.

Baledrokadroka says the Australian-based Fiji democracy movement has talked of taking Bainimarama to the International Criminal Court and serving summons on him in South Korea or Hong Kong (at the time Fiji's ties weren't so strong with China), where he normally transits on his world trips.

The PhD student in politics at ANU who was expelled in 2006 for alleged insubordination, says there would have to be evidence of human rights violations, draconian decrees if not genocide or mass political imprisonment for Fiji's case to be taken up by the ICC.

If successful, participating member states would keep a lookout for when Bainimarama transited through; he would then be arrested to answer to the charges.

The Ivory Coast President, Alassane Ouattara, just yesterday asked the ICC to investigate allegations of serious human rights crimes committed during the recent fighting over the results of the November elections.

An estimated 3,000 people were killed during the four-month election dispute between his forces and those loyal to incumbent president Laurent Gbagbo, who was finally captured last month after French forces intervened.

In Fiji, deaths have certainly occured since Bainimarama was army commander and since he became the illegal prime minister after he staged the 2006 Coup.

In 2000, four rebel soldiers were beaten to death by soldiers loyal to him during a mutiny (and the famous cassava patch run) at QEB barracks. Forty-two soldiers were later convicted of the deaths but it has always been believed Bainimarama gave the orders 'shoot to kill'.

In January 2007, Fiji citizen Sakiusa Rabaka died after he was taken to camp with a group of men on suspicion of buying marijuana. The group were allegedly forced to rape one another for the amusement of soldiers and Rabaka was so badly beaten, he later died.

Tevita Malasebe and Nimilote Verebasaga also died at the hands of Fiji police, during Bainimarama's time in power.

There has certainly been no shortage of examples of human rights abuses at the Queen Elizabeth barracks, with a number of citizens being able to identify the military officers who've assaulted or terrorised them. A number of these violations, including the recent one of Sam Speight, have been documented.

Human rights activists and blogs like Coupfourpointfive have been gathering and publicising information of abuse, such as those committed by Bainimarama's QEB Goons, whenever possible.

But it's hoped Roko Ului Mara, who has been part of Bainimarama's inner sanctum thanks to being commander of the third infantry and a member of the Military Council, has the 'killer' evidence that will ensure the dictator is held accountable for the crimes.
And if he can extricate himself from the many fishhooks that abound over how he got from Fiji to Tonga last week to reveal some dynamite previously untold information, it will be truly a case of the one that got away.


TheMax said...

Let me cut the anti-Frank bloggers wishful thinking short. Bainimarama is not going to be tried in an international court. That is a sure bet. You guys have a lot to learn. I will not elaborate any further how I know this.

Anonymous said...

This is enough to take the dictator to the ICC for charges and arrest and trial and take to human rights body at UN, its one death that matters and he is guilty of many, every man and his dog knows that the dictator gave orders to murder the CRW solders at QEB- they were killed after surrender and dictator must stand trial-there are many witnesses

Anonymous said...

Condom Bai look what we have here. Email address for ICC Hague


We all need to start sending emails.

Anonymous said...

No matter the number of developments you claim to do for the country and that the people are quite happy with it..it won't be able to help clean your bloodied hands..E na tagi tikoga na dra..nanumi Verebasaga, Malasebe, Rabaka. All those humiliations, low-down degrading acts done on unarmed citizens women in particular by QEB torture squad. It will come back to haunt you someday and you have to pay the price.

Anonymous said...

Mara must not be taken lightly, he has Military Council minutes/tapes/papers, evil plots for frame up of opponents classed as enemy of the state for destruction plans, plot for dictator forming secret political party yet to be launched for him to become election PM, names of many of the 50 dictator guards paid by poor taxpayers, dictator and illegal AG multiple salaries and benefits with their illegal multiple jobs and minister for all and huge fees paid to BDO Zarin Ali who uses taxpayer monies to pay them secret,option plans for no election by dictator, sources of dictator corruption-bribes-kickbacks-connections-abuse-crimes, FMF officers/ ministers/relatives crimnal files the dictator directive to shut down, plot by dictator to frame and convict garase, chaudhry and opponents to win election by default, secret new consitution made by illegal AG approved by dictator for rubber stamp, john prasad con revelation, dictator directives causing murder of FMF officers and CRW murder, dictator crimes and corruption at FMF including the $7million FMF revolving fund account abuse and many many more. Time to support Mara for the common cause to overthrow the junta and its dictator by force.

Anonymous said...

All political parties including flp sdl nfp ugp panu svt must support the application to icc to issue arrest warrant for arrest of frank and khaiyum and bring then to justice for killing 4 solders and 3 civilians

Anonymous said...

"who was finally captured last month after French forces intervened."

If French forces can intervene in Ivory Coast, then foreign forces can intervene in Fiji to remove the taliban regime. Or do they have something which we don't?

Anonymous said...

And yet the international press always referring to Condom Bai's coup as a bloodless coup.... Regarding RU's case, did he really went out fishing with all those intelligence & documents?....

Anonymous said...


I wonder what you are doing on C4.5. You very well know that it has stories you dont want to hear. Then why are you even wasting your time on it? Just trying to say something negative to show there is support for Condom bai?

Unless of course you are too paid $200 a day to do this....

Just piss off and do some soul searching.......

I spy said...

somebody please whisper to Mara that he's got bloodless coup on his bio info...saw it on C4.5 in those first stories...

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama should be prosecuted along with all his goons. The prosecution should also include all those who deceivingly gave legal opinions to supposedly validate the illegal Regime.

No one is above the Law...No ONE!!

iTaukei said...

Do not compare the situation in 2000 to other war torn countries..its different [chow noodle]

We are into a new generation where an Army fires their nuclear warhead and landed in another country. Nations are enforcing their Military. Nowdays, a country with a weak Military will be manupilated by others..the situation now in the Pacific in the contries like..PNG / Solomon / Vanuatu / Tonga and Samoa.. this is why Aussie and the Kiwi teamed up to destabilised the Fiji Army. May I asked you all Regimental Number holders let us stand our ground to the very last breath ..


Anonymous said...

Can C4.5 get any feedback from Hughs (Ex police commissioner)on his thoughts about what is currently happening in Fiji.

Crime fighter said...

Well, the judicial system is where the changes were initiated and made law so there would be a swag of culpable judges, justices, legal eagles etc. But let's start at the top, sayed khaiyum, christopher pryde, the shameem sisters etccccc etcccccc. Even those who've left Fiji

Anonymous said...

I agree with The Max, in international law the two system enough for a trial is customary and the other is monasim....Customary thats Fiji we are used to having "Bloodless Coups" or whatever we call it, that no one ones to take our plights seriously. And thats a FACT

Anonymous said...

The Fall of BainiArse will come like a thief in the night.

As a thief in the night - Suddenly and unexpectedly, as a robber breaks into a dwelling.

A thief comes without giving any warning, or any indications of his approach. He not only gives none, but he is careful that none shall be given. It is a point with him that, if possible, the man whose house he is about to rob shall have no means of ascertaining his approach until he comes suddenly upon him.

Their destruction will overtake them while they dream and please themselves.

Anti-regime said...

People there is a lot of work in tiself that needs to be done for democracy to be restored to Fiji. Hope we can do it, most important thing is to remove Frank and regime.

Anonymous said...


Rusila said...

If Baledrokadroka and Ului joinly with possibily other disgruntled army officers and suitable lawyers formulate strategies , to strengthen case againstthe Fijian tinpot dictator will be good.

Nobody bilieves TheMax who has clearly revealed he is a military paid lapdog

Kikau Kula said...

That demolition of the GCC was one of the good things that Baini did. But, where Baini falls down is not following thru. Perhaps because he is not what would be considered an educated man, and relies instead on others for directions. He does not actually have a vision of his own, as his role is as the puppet. At some point, the greedy elites took advantage in the breakdown of security and helped themselves to contracts and funds. The Great Council of Chiefs in Fiji is a mythological construct to suit the colonial administrators. Families that were assigned perpetual priviledge this way, have a vested interest in trying to resusitate this irelevant entity. Fiji would be a better place if feudalism was rooted out and replaced with a modern system of order based on civic values. The tawa vanua must break out of the mindset of entrapment to these mythological and backward looking structures. The likes of JB and Ului represent the vanguard of those elements who favour the re establishment of the GCC and all the nonsense that goes with it.

Anonymous said...


Kaicolo said...

NZ Herald Editorial Saturday 21 May : Dictatorship's hold on Fiji is crumbling:

Read it : http://www.nzherald.co.nz/opinion/news/article.cfm?c_id=466&objectid=10727019

Anonymous said...

RE: Graham Davies's latest article on Pacificscoop [http://pacific.scoop.co.nz/2011/05/monocles-and-intrigue-ratu-maras-modern-south-seas-tale/]

Does Graham Davies speak Fijian?

I watched all of Roko Ului's videos on YouTube, both in English and Fijian, and nowhere does he mention anything about an overly ambitious "Muslim" seeking to exercise control over the country through his puppet, Bainimarama.

Yes, he implies that Khaiyum is overly ambitious and he does say Bainimarama is Khaiyum's puppet but there is no mention of Khaiyum's racial or religious heritage.

Roko Ului did not use the word "Muslim".

By untruthfully paraphrasing Roko Ului's statements, Davies paints Ului as some kind of anti-Islamic racial bigot.

Davies is the one who has turned this saga into a racial and religious issue.

Yes, there are thousands of racist and degrading comments on various anti-Bainimarama blogs, but not one from Roko Ului.

I also can't understand the inference, not only in Davies's article but also on Crosbie Walsh's blog, that anyone who is anti-Bainimarama is also against multiracialism.

This is one of the feeblest arguments I have ever heard.

I am anti-Bainimarama because I am anti-coup, not because I am a nationalist who benefited from the Qarase government.

In fact, I am like Graham Davies - a Fiji-born kaivalagi. But unlike Davies, I speak fluent Fijian.

SEMI MEO said...

Tomorrow could very well be Fiji’s day of redemption from the tyranny of the AIYUZ/Bainimarama regime. How?..easy; immediately after arriving at all place of worship around the 8.00am-10.00am time window..all , that is around 200,000 church goers march to the nearest Police, Military point …means close the door of all churches tomorrow and “relocate” worship/service to these stations.

Who dares stand??

Just that we are fed up with all these strategize “macawa” to remove the twin partner AIYUZ/Bainimarama.

Immediately after the event 12/2006 we suggested a citizen arrest, yet many of YOU enjoyed or were aware of the twins many Hong Kong 7’s visit, drank Coffee on transit and globetrotting and frolicking of the twins outside Fiji.
Why the decree of urgency suddenly heightened??.

The brutal demise of Tevita Malasebe, Nimilote Verebasaga and Sakiusa Rabaka by the few thugs in the Fiji Police and Military occurred ages ago.

Do we wait for more deaths on our streets?, another frightened Colonel to seek refuge offshore ?..thicker bank balance in off shore account by the chosen few before we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH??

Goodness!!....we could fry eggs in all these hot air emanating from all our academic reviews, blogs of nothigness and no action..who’se guilty??..ALL OF US..I think!!

So let's talk..not at each other..but to one another.in spite of our differences..

Anonymous said...

Hey! Is that eggs I smell cooking?!!

Anonymous said...

I would say a huge prorportion of bloggers on this site screaming for Democracy also want the right of Chiefs to be adulterous, child exploiters and pedophiles.
Chiefly rights also extend to larceny.
Chiefly rights is what we have now, which extends to human rights abuses and murder.

We are lost.

Kaicolo said...

I certainly concurr with Kikau Kula that the colonial construct GCC was set up to aid UK's interests in Fiji. Its a means of exploiting local power structures by giving it recognition, legal legitimacy but under control of the Governor.

GCC certainly had an important place in our history so as our hereditary leadership system and we pay tribute to them. But we should be prepared to always review all these to ensure that our leadership and governance constructs are suited to the demands of modern and continuosly changing society. Change is an innate global truth whether we like it or not and our society must go along with it. I agree that GCC as it is has outlived its suitability to the 2011 era Fijians.

The problem we face now is the result of Bainimarama's lack of vision and intellect to put up a durable plan and its execution to steer Fiji towards some of the basic ideas he originally had on corruption and good governance.

Anonymous said...

Bloggers here believe they would bring this regime down. You were part of the problem which Ratu Tevita Mara said he still believes what they set to do was the right thing to do.

So he is not there to bail you rather bail the country out of the "changed direction" that changed the objectives of the military council once Aiaz took over advisory role as AG to prolong his stay.

DO NOT take credit for the work that Ratu Mara Junior is doing now.

Together you failed for the last 5 years. Firstly from the count down to the coup and 4 1/2 years on.

You failed to have one single Fijian to come forward to the organised march recently.

Ratu Mara is part of the solution who has chosen to fighting from front after he got the kick himself. He is not desserter of the army, rather got thrown out for disliking the current direction of the military council appointed govt.

He is the one risking his family back home.

He is the smart ass and HERO who managed to keep a copy of the record of military council discussion papers in secrecy in which he was a party to.

Did Tariq Aziz get spared for working on Sadaam's orders? No.

BUT Ratu Ului afterall is a great politician's son. He has chosen to divert attention from his crime to expose the crimes committed with a "political solution" to his exposing of the regime from 'inside' only after he is in the 'outside'.

NO other dumped RFMF officers have exposed their internal discussions to weaken the army as what Ratu Mara is about to do. i.e. Ratu Mara has chosen to break the military protocol and descipline which could mean he is either choosing to fight the regime or secure himself political assalum in Tonga or New Zealand or Australia.

Because either he goes to jail in Fiji for his purported mischief making, or run and secure his freedom by going fishing.

Who takes military records on a fishing trip, or did he DHL them before going fishing!

So whatever comes out of Ratu Tevita Mara is a VICTORY to all of us who has made failed attempts to send military back to barracks over the last 5 years.

YOU ALL WILL BE BENEFICIARY to Ratu Tevita's revelation and his well documented evidence.

Give Ratu Tevita Mara the credit rather than pretending that you all have brought Frank to his knees when you have not.

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu

Jieke said...

For once I back Semi Meo 100%. Thats the best way to start the protest, via church congregation. In all our Sunday dress, lets travel to a point in Suva and start the church service...the rest can join in.

Come on church leaders if the chiefs are gutless you may as well stand and take the lead.

Anonymous said...

So Te went fishing with files from office ??

Demote him to a private and give him a dishonourable discharge.

mai noda said...

if all fail's eigth coup in fiji will Gods alone
wacth it

Magai said...

Semi Meo I remember when this coup happened you were one strong anti Frank like the rest of us. Now I hear you've change camp. How many pieces of silver did you sold your soul for.
Unlike you keimami se dei tu ga qo..... i valu balavu da qai tiko kina qo, ena taura e vica nai taba tamata na veivakadodonutaki qo.

Anonymous said...

Ni bula kece na noda!

Who are the real causes of Fiji's misery over the years? The ones who have started the fire, by striking the matchstick, and disappearing into the dark, whilst the Kaiviti are now beginning to hurle abuse at each other. It so fierce now that the Kaiviti are not mindful of customs and traditional obligations!! Just read this blog!
Who are the real spiders that begun spinning their web from the day they arrived in Fiji?
Some of those spiders are even part of this and other blogs, assuming aka's and other forms of disguises!!beware!!!
These spiders will support any government (democratic or not) as long as their interests are safeguarded...they are always sitting on the fence watching!!
Sometimes I reminisce what Butadroka used to say...I thought then that he was a fool, however, my perceptions is slowly changing.

Gauna ga sa na kilai kina o koya/ira na vakawaqa masese..me na qai tasova vei ira na vo ni i koba..


Anonymous said...

Hamid, a muslim man in london-is the man who is assisting frank with is corruption agent for bribes-kickbacks from overseas companies-frank son in british army got accounts and gets cash from hamid-overseas accounts for hamid-travel to fiji often-big party with frank-mara knows the truth-dictator plays clean in fiji and overseas secret accounts-name of him and children-must be revealed

Anonymous said...

Condom Bai! varau tobo....hahahahahahah! international criminal, sa na wawa tu mai kea o Gadaffi me vutuka nomu sona......qai kauta tiko ga yani na nomu condom!....hahahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

@anon 10:27 AM. Let's issue Citizen Arrest papers for all listed.

Anonymous said...

The Max,

Re: your first post.
You cannot elaborate any further because you have nothing to elaborate on. Yours are just speculation and imagination, pure and shallow.

Sa dri yani...

Anonymous said...

We just need to plan a concerted attack on the www.fiji.gov.fj web site. Lets show the Condom Baini that we have the power to bring his regime down from cyberspace. This will also show the people that by attacking the site together and making it meltdown that there is large number of people not happy with him.

Can C4.5 publish a date and I am sure we have enough experts here to help guide the best way to plan this attck.

Lets start to hurt him. Its just collective all of us to start visting his website and making request simultaneously. or is there another method? there is no crime in visiting the site so no one will be in trouble. But we all need to visit it same time and start clicking on menu same time.

Condom Baini get ready for our attack.

Anonymous said...

wow. this could be good. We can show our strenght without getting caught. C4.5 over to you to start planning this attack.

Jasmine Moment said...

Anon@4.51pm This would be our Jasmine or is it Hibsiscus Revolution? Youre; right there are many things we could do. We blog very well as a people but can we get beyond that?

Anonymous said...

Blog well we dobut we need to show our numebrs by bring down his sites. This will show him and people of fiji that its not couple of bloggers here but thousands or hundreds of thousands of bloggers. That is the number we need. Can be world wide attack and he will have no way of stopping. Not even his chinese friends will help.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 1.55 Kaiviti,

You are right - real spiders are those who first arrived in Fiji and ate the then settlers.

Ever since then they are fighting and when they look for escape root, they blame other races and say they got misled.

And they get given lots of food and money to make them feel happy.

Some even get $100k loan with office furniture as security and while they still employed still have their loans written off for non payment.

Still they blame the other race.

Go and stand behind Frank and say you thought he was marama ni bai and go for it.

The list of coup plotters revealed were not other race, but real spiders called "Fijians".

Anonymous said...

Forget the ICC.....Lets hang them ourselves in Albert Park for everyone to see, together with his crone goons, and make a real statement to oueselves that this is what will happen to people who get greedy and inconsiderate.

Forget lawyers opinions; they're all lier's anyway!!!!.....Lets just hang the bastards.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about if he was fishing or not or where he was picked up. The real issue is the Human Rights and Freedom of speech of the Fijian People. The right to Vote is fundamental to a Free and Just society. There is NO Freedom of Speech in Fiji and there is NO opportunity to Vote for Government and Leaders the Fijian People want.

Fiji Son said...

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu@11.21 we havent' see anything yet from your ratu mara he's still doing the meet and greet. he and his other soldiers hid behind frank's sulu for years waiting for the people to act, same thing you saying now. you soldiers had the inside information and the guns but only now you want to save fiji, why because you had an epiphany or death catching up with you?

End is nigh! said...

Yes, let's not waste taxpayers $$ taking them to the ICC - we'll try then and hang them out to dry right here in Fiji!

Anonymous said...

@End is nigh! Amen!

Anonymous said...

The Max seems to think that he is some smarty pants legal pro..oh..haahaa..You might be the one that is thinking wishfully as I have a friend who works for ICC and is now based at the Hague after doing work in Rwanda for 5 years..and he says that they are following fijis case very closely..

Anonymous said...

Isnt Nimilote from Vunivaivai was the Taxi driver that picked up John Whippy from the Yacht Club during Ms. Bainimarama's wedding reception, and he was the key witness to what happened to John Whippy that night that leads to his death.....Just rumors.....

Anonymous said...

At least Mara had the nerve to stand up & speak out....I just feel for the families of Nimilote, Malasebe, Sakiusa along with those that have been taken to the camp & tortured, no one deserved or deserves to have that happen to them. Especially being "taukei" and christians, that is not how we treat each other. I cried when that happened to Nimilote realising that his children were going to wake up every morning and not see their Dad. The families of those who have suffered or died as a result of this regime will have their day in court and that is coming soon!....Even though it won't bring the dead back, it would @ least give them some sort of peace & relief that those responsible are taken to task. Thank you Coup 4.5 for breaking down the barrier(s) and for shedding some light on what's happening behind the scenes. To the memory of Malasebe, Rabaka & Verebasaga, may you keep spreading the truth so they could be set free.
God bless Fiji!

mala raitukutuku said...

R.I.P Tai Nimilote Verebasaga,Rabaka,Malasebe and other CRW's.But Bainimarama and his regime W.I.P(wait in peace).one day justice will prevail.not today might tommorrow or another day.

Anonymous said...

To all Bloggers, ICC is the permanent tribunal to prosecute individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity, crimes of aggression, etc and it took over the functions of the UN tribunal. The last of the UN tribunal was at Arusha, Tanzania, it had winded up last month May, 2011 before that in Arusha alone, it had prosecuted the mass majority of genocide crimes committed in Rwanda in 1994 including the conviction of the ex Rwanda Military Chief, General Bizimungu on May 17, 2011 for 30yrs jail imprisonment. The ICC facilities are in the Hague, Netherlands but proceedings can take place elsewhere. ICC is real, if you have concrete evidences then ICC is the solid place to go. As we discuss, the international communities, UN, NATO and USA are all in one accord condemning suppression of the people, mass arrest of protestors, disallowing peaceful protests, torture, killing on innocent people. In the last two months, ICC issued the arrest warrant of Gaddaffi, trialing GBagbo of Ivory Coast, President Bashar al-Assad of Syria could be the next to follow, etc. AGAIN, ICC IS REAL. One who survived the arrest warrant of the ICC was President Bashir of Sudan after the African Union lobbied for him but things are no longer in his favour after the death of Osama Bin Laden, the big financial funder of Bashir, the successful Yes-Vote Referendum to have a separate State down South in Dafur and the weakening of Al-Qaeda by the African Union (AU) in Somalia. Notwithstanding that, Bashir support in AU was spearheaded by Gaddaffi, now that Gaddaffi is a goner then Bashir’s end is close. These are some of the example cases to demonstrate that ICC is real and very active.