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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Latest interview with Roko Ului Mara: I'm ready to testify against Bainimarama

1) What sort of military evidence do you have?
I can’t tell you the details now but it will be released over the coming weeks. I have documentary evidence of the corruption, the Human Rights abuses and even some relevant documents that go back to the 2000 Coup.

With regards to military evidence, orders given by Bainimarama were all verbal prior to, during and after 2006 till now. These orders included the detention of people, it was normally relayed through his Personal Staff Officers, it was a closely tight knit group involving only 5 senior officers and excluded the majority of the Military Council. As I've mentioned I’m ready to testify against Bainimarama. I know that I also will need to answer to the Fijian people when I return.

2) How will you use this to have Frank Bainimarama removed?
Again, I can’t go into details. There is a plan we are working towards the removal of this regime. It will not happen overnight but it will happen.

3) How is your wife and would this be the third time she was taken to the barracks? What did they ask her?
She has been to the military camp twice this week and today, Saturday; she has to pay a third or fourth visit to CID. They are asking her to admit to helping me leave the country and knowing in advance that I was leaving. They have been putting pressure on her and Adi Koila Ganilau to change their original statements.

4) What's your thoughts on the investigation to find the person who was with you when you went out to Kadavu?
My statements and my presence here in Tonga is a big slap in the face of the regime. Bainimarama needs to save face and the only way they can do that is by framing someone as an accomplice to my escape. As I said I went fishing by myself and I got into difficulties and I was rescued by a Tongan Navy vessel. I am a military officer and I am perfectly capable of organizing a Fishing trip.

5) Tim McBride has been named as the surfer accompanying you ... is this why his wife, Adi Koila Ganilau, is being questioned?
You will have to ask CID. I cannot answer for their actions. All I can say is that they are looking in the wrong direction. No one else was involved in organizing my fishing trip.
The question to be asked is “where was the military surveillance that day?” Those surveillance teams are 3FIR men who used to be under my command. Their loyalty is still with me, each and every move they make is reported to me here in Tonga. I was fishing from Sunday to Tuesday before I got into difficulties. In that whole time no one knew I was missing. This indicates the lack of support for Frank in the Army. Police officer's I know have also voiced their dissatisfaction with the Regime and lack of support for Naivalurua whom they believe is another puppet of Khaiyum. These were both Fijian & Indian officers!!

6) Have any soldiers been in contact to pledge their allegiance and support to you?
I have been in contact with a lot of people in Fiji since my arrival from Tonga. I am getting calls and emails all the time. Soldiers in particular 3FIR officers and men have been pledging their support to me ever since I was sent on leave. I'm also getting a lot of support from the Police who are helping my efforts to make regime change happen. For obvious reasons I can’t divulge any more information.

7) Was a civilian supposed to be PM when Bainimarama took over the country in 2006? 
I will cover this in the coming weeks, how unresolved investigations and matters from the 2000 crisis led to the 2006 coup, including the original plan.


Anonymous said...

can i suggest to Roko Ului to stop putting out statements-it will endanger the lives of people in Fiji & their families. There are those here who want you to go public-for the sake of their own contentment. Please keep things close to your chest-too many lives are at risk plus the fact that Voroqe and his henchmen are also reading articles on this site!

Anonymous said...

Ratu editor sa e vei nai vola ni RFMF? Was it taken down deliberatly?

Anonymous said...

All we are hearing is that there will be more details to be revealed later..we need to hear the details now not later. What is his plan? I am so confused by his approach... Why not just reveal it all now?

Anonymous said...

Bula to all...let Mara and bainimarama fight it out ...however both should know that they will have to one day answer to the pain, loss, poverty, humiliation and discrimination to most people who were victimised in this 2006 coup. Till than Im not forgiving anyone but Im watching them all...till all soldiers, coup apologist and the other shadowy figures are rid of from fiji..till then let us watch the prophetic words said by PM Qarase..sa qai matata mai na matanimeke..come to light

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

kua ni levu ga na volavola da lamu tiko. Ului me talaucaka kece mai na veika kece. da vosa tiko nanumi ira tiko na wekada mai noda. sivia na viavia vuku!

Anonymous said...

At last we have some sort of democracy where Ratu will tell the world "leaked information" for which unresolved reasons from 2000 crisis led to 2006 coup and original plan.

You will definately hear it is not the INDIANS but it is the Fijians
that have to answer to the coups.

No wonder Frank did not take the UN post as he said he had unfinished business to attend to.

And now everyone is blaming Aias when it is the unresolved 2000 matters that brought about the 2006coup.

So some of the 2000 coup planners and supporters who keep making racial comments blaming Indians - watch out - the arrow is actually pointing in your direction.

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu...

Anjelina Jolie of Tavua said...


Anonymous said...

Rajesh, leaders are in NZ & Aust with you. What are you doing here? Lead the march in Fiji while Ratu Tevita exposes all the deals for which he has papers!

Are we calling for all coup apologists from 1987, 2000 and 2006to be all out of future elections?

That will be a good start....

Anonymous said...

Roko Ului........................

TF got taken into custoday this evening

Anonymous said...

Mercenary Call - RFMF, due to the Tonga-Fiji situation, is calling on all ex-RFMF officers under 50, local and abroad, to report to QEB ASAP.


Anonymous said...

It is good that Ratu Tevita has all his soldiers mobile numbers and contacts.

He can still command as a sacked soldier/commander.

Just as Frank left standing instructions to come and get him if he got locked up in 2006.

Now Ratu Mara can use same line with his soldiers. No wonder Frank increased the daily allowance by $200 for next 3 months. I am sure this will be extended for another 6months until all revelations are made and all dies down and nothing happens.

Why, because Fijians will betray when they see "money"...as always and who is giving money...Frank the finance minister!!!

So Indians will not interfere and come under cross fire, because if Fijians do not have polos, the groggy Indians with skinny legs are of no help in front of dalo legs.

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu..

Anonymous said...

Ratu R Mara you have not been paid since January, 2011 when shoved aside on bull leave, the dictator used his position to pay himself $184,000 leave cheque from taxpayers funds which a serious crime, abuse of office, corruption and fraud under Fiji Crime Decree and laws.

Write a statement to the Fiji Police Commissioner and send it to him by email, fax, registered mail as an offical police complaint under Fiji Law and Police Act.

If the Comm Police does not act within 24 hours since AOG report already done and widely covered in the media, on this serious crime and start investigation and charge and put the dictator on trial in Suva Court then release your Police Statement to the international media and call a press conference to state the serious crime, abuse of office, corruption and fraud committed by the dictator and the juntarism of the Police and judicary in Fiji, when anyone else would have been charged for 20 counts (since payments was for past 20 years of leave) of abuse of office offence, extortion offence, offical corruption offence, defrauding government of fiji offence and be in naboro for more than 10 years gail.

The amensty decree is no execuse for the Police com not to charge the dictator as it only covers 2006 takeover and not post corruption of the dicatator.

Anonymous said...

TVNZ 6Pm News Update from a very seasoned Pacific Affairs Correspondent who has been in touch with RU most off today regularly.

You can see the full report here.


Also note 7 of RU's friends are also taken into custody for 'questioning'. These are not family, rather friends.

"The former senior official in the government also said other family members, including seven friends, have also been taken in by military personal in Fiji for questioning."

How he got to Tonga is minor details and yesterdays fish & chips story which will not make or break the regime. So what he got 'rescued'. So what if that was due to climate warming or otherwise.

The bigger cause here = whats your big move or cause - aiarse & vorege.

The arrest warrants for ICC must also incude aiarse and his cohorts, aliases and the rest of the talibans incl the big business houses (more on these shody fiji business corporate bank rollers later - no money - no funny - no naughty @!!)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i am in nz been booted out by ag/bai. was take in the camp 3 times.
we will form fiji group in nz.and will help fiji people to kick bai/ag out.
i was protected by col mara.

Anonymous said...

Will the mara's and Ganilau's become hero's again for the Fijians who betrayed them for $20m handout by Rabuka?

Wasn't it 95% Fijians voted for SDL and 5% voted for Ganilau/Maras in 2006.

So are they coming back to take over from SDL who have been sitting quitely, while the Mara's & Ganilau's are withstanding the sunami force coming out of Tonga!!

Taukei movement and SDL is gone...The Mara/Ganilau team is coming back big time ONLY if they are still alive by the time the storm passes.

Let us ALL Fijians and Indians pray for the two families while the show down by their youngest family member begins.

Let us forgive them of their past in the Pacific Way if they have shown some balls while the emergency decree remains in force.

Maybe in the absence of failed organised march by the SDL and extremist, only hope left is from the Mara's and Ganilau's now.

At the end of this Fiji can donate $2million to joint family. Small amout when comparing with $12m to the soldiers for 3 months. I will put this in my manifesto for next elections as "States donation"!

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu..

Godspeed RUM! said...

To Roko Ului Mara :

Please do not listen to those silly, scared anonymouses using anti-regime blogs to goad you on into revealing ALL your cards.

Do not fall for their desperate, pathetic attempts please. Fijians have waited this long, we're prepared to wait a little longer and be patient if it means getting it done and done properly, i.e. the destruction of this illegal regime!

So no need to rush and waste this wonderful opportunity placed in your hands to put things right ONCE AND FOR ALL.

The idiots jumping up and down in here screaming at you to reveal all your cards at once, are the ones who've also had their grubby fat fingers in the honeypot and are now mightily WORRIED of BEING EXPOSED!!

Hence, their sleepless nights, trolling cyberspace, awaiting their fates as bombshells are about to drop around them. hehehheheheh...

Oh don't they just LACK THE BALLS to come out in public OR at least make their ESCAPE out of the country in order to TELL ALL.

No, they're too comfy, sucking it up to the PIG and Aiarse. SUCKERS!!

Anonymous said...

@Godspeed RUM! 7:44 PM, AMEN!!!!!! 100% agreed.

"getting it done and done properly, i.e. the destruction of this illegal regime!"

Haste Makes Waste!

Anonymous said...

Roko ului all hot air and no substance. Frank would not loose a minutes sleep over your mindless bluster. As for your claim that 3fir are with you, stop dreaming, you must be dreaming... You are the 4th leader they have had yet frank is still the leader. Go your hardest mate and do your best this is the las stand of a desperate deserter.amazing how in trying to save your own skin you did not even think of wha will happen to your wife and kids that you . Vermin like you have no place in Fiji. I say good bye and good riddance

Anonymous said...

The WHAT???? Mara/Ganilau team? Sa rauta na butako.

Anonymous said...

@Anon. 7:34 PM "The Mara/Ganilau team is coming back big time....Let us ALL Fijians and Indians pray for the two families....only hope left is from the Mara's and Ganilau's now."


Anonymous said...

@Anon. 7:59 PM. Is that you Condom Baini or Arse?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7:59pm.
He is sleepless already mate. He is restless. His trip to Kadavu and Beqa was just a show to gain support and running away from the limelight of what was going on in Suva.
He is not going to run anymore. He knows that his time is running out.
You better go to Frank and bid him farewell.

Anonymous said...

FB going to Lau next month! Going for "rural developments" aka seek support

Anonymous said...

Wow, the Maras, Nailatikaus,Gaunilaus are to be commended for having finally seen the light and have joined the smart people in dethroning these infamous, despicable monsters out into oblivion when we are finished with them.

I hope the famous chiefly families of Fiji, with great regret will now fight as hard as their can with honesty and integrity to restore the legacy left behind for the people of Fiji by their fathers, the late Ratu Mara, Ratu P. Gaunilau and Ratu E. Cakaubau. The very legacy they destroyed, when they foolishly became coup perpetrators in the 2006 coup.

Remember, you are fighting to give us back what you took away from us before trying to restore some trust and self respect for yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Good on you Roko Ului...keep them coming. Frank and his croonies my be cringing every time you issue a statement.

Ok Frank its obviously evident that you, your army and all your croonies are a bunch of idiots...

Move on Frank!! all this investigation will not bring Roko Ului back to Fiji....no use crying over spilt milk...

Anonymous said...

frank /ag taliban .
they have blocked my vodafone nz through the help of ashlam vodafone fiji.
they are scared now.
frank /ag we will bring you to justice,
you have used and con fiji people for self interest.
i hate you guys.
god will help us to fight and restore law and order in fiji.
christ is our savior.
christian holy war on ag taliban/bai the anti christ.
god bless fiji.

Anonymous said...

Its about time that he goes its only gonna get worse, his pocket gets fatter while the low income earners struggle to put food on the table for thea children and families...Wake up Fiji its time to put your hands together and work with Ului......

Anonymous said...

Please RU stop speaking to the foreign press, you owe them NOTHING! I would rather you plan quietly with your "sources" so you don't put their lives and that of your family members at risk, just because you want to payback vore immediately. Please I urge you, take your time, don't get pressured by all these calls. Keep your plans under wrap and then bombshell-when it happens. That's the best way- just like your fishing trip. Kua tale ni qai refer tiko vei ira na tiko mai Viti- fiji is too small and investigations can easily pinpoint your sources. Your are a military man- be secretive, deal with this issue with wisdom and maturity, and not "tit for tat." We are ready to support you when the time comes, but please, dont put the lives of your "friends" at risk- be a good friend indeed!

Anonymous said...

I'm like the many many thousands thats all for a Regime change and perhaps this can only come about through Ului Mara,if his claim of support of the 3FIR and seniors RFMF and FPF is anything to go by.

My only concern is that after the Regime Change is the new interim cabinet make-up.

Please please no more military personnel in public service and government commercial companies. Go back to the barracks and give those positions to educated civilians.

These positions should be given to young educated civilians. No more "oldies" who will wanna make a quick buck on the side knowing they will be out when we do have elections.

Repeal all draconian decrees authored by Aiiarse and Vore and no more SDL or Labour or any other past political parties in the new interim cabinet. No military personnel no past politicians. No more chiefs or Ratus to be in the cabinet. Let the chiefs rule their respective koro and vanua, not the nation.


President: Rt E. Nailatikau, despite his punting at Grants and boozing at Union and Defence clubs he is no doubt a chief who has time for the people. He is a "peoples" man.

Name your ministers:


Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7:59 pm..Very well said....Agree wid you 100%....

Tukia na yavai Baini said...

I heard Neumi Leweni for PM n Poseci Kamisese Khan Bune for President of Fiji soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Roko Ului, keep it coming. The silent majority of Fiji are with you. Let's bring an end to this lying, murdering regime. Keimami sa vakanuinui kece tu yani na lewei Viti ni o na sereki keimami mai na vei vakalolomataki e caka tiko qo na matanitu nei Aiyaz.

Me vaka au sa kaya oti tiko na military council e tu wale tu ga ikea me i uku uku. O Aiyaz e cicivaka tiko na matanitu through Frank, ka ya era sega ni kidava tu na mataivalu. Io sa na turn a blind eye me rawa na sau ni madrai eh. O Frank nonai tavi ga me vesu mona taki ira na no school military kei ira na tu mai naks.

Anonymous said...

@Condom Bai & Arse - Drau pin!

@Nailati-ulu-kaus, Gani-ulu-kaus,and Maras are all to blame for all that has happended to Fiji. Starting with their actions from 1987, 2000, and 2006. Power Hungry Upstarts.

@RUMara, u can now call yourself a man for extricating urself from this mess. U have our full support only if you also come clean on the orders and actions you gave and made to torture those of us who were brought before your team led by that LT (na kai Namosi)at QEB.

Anonymous said...

Here's my line-up again

President Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi

PM- Kaliopate Tavola

Finance and Eco Planning- Pro Wadan Narsey

AG and Minister for Justice- Graham Leung

Foreign Affairs - Amraiya Naidu

Home Affairs and Immigration - Col Alfred Tuatoko

Agriculture - Viliame Savou

Commerce and Industries - Josaia Mar

Fisheris and Forests - Saimone Tuilaucala

Education Youth and Sport - Tevita Koroi

Urban Development and Housing Environment - Premila Kumar

Social Welfare, Women and Culture -Adi Ama Billings

Fijian Affairs - Ratu Eliki Tikoidraubuta

Public Enterprise - Chantanya Lakshman

Tourism and Civil Aviation - Bill Gavoka

Labour and Industrial Relations - Bal Ram (Former Ambassador to NZ)

Health - Dr Ratu Joji Malani

Lands and Mineral Resources - Isireli Koyamaibole

Information and Broadcasting - Apisalome Tudreu

Telecommunications and Transport - Sakeasi Seru

Public Works, Infrastructure and Energy - Vula Vakacegu

Multi-Ethnic Affairs - Dr Bijendra Ram

RFMF Commander - Col Ratu Meli Saubulinayau

Police Commisioner - Moses Driver

Anonymous said...

Never in my life have i seen such a huge number collection of people who call themselves the Fiji Military - WHO ARE SO BLERRY STUPID!

How can you not see the light and ACT?? Are you afraid you will lose your bread & butter??

What kind of God do you serve? If you do the right thing he will provide.

Be a Man - Act out your faith and do the right thing. God will provide for you like he has done for those that have already left.

The more you stay in thea and support this lunatic dictator the worse it's going to be for you and and 4 generations to come - that's a promise.

Magai said...

I would Suggest Ratu Joni as Pres. & Ro Teimumu as Vice.

@ Anon 10:20 sa rui sivia tale na cabinet qori, so qori rawa ni merge taki vata.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line Mara must lodge the Police Report to Fiji Police Commisioner now for Dictator $184,000 leave paymnet which the police com must charge and put him on trial and failure of which Mara to give copy of statement to media and show how crook the junta regime is where who u are -you protected and anyone against is set up and framed into crimnal charges- anyone else paying themselves $184,000 leave would be in gail till 2030 now- abuse of offce, corruption, fruad, defrauding fiji government, extortion-all these Crime Decree and FICAKE decree charges will stick as offences to put dictator in naboro for few decades and also freeze his assets now and get the $184,000 back to gov coffers-police com-u liumuri idiot

Anonymous said...

I'd love to " cast a stone" but unfortunately for me I have sin although I have only been here ( on earth) for a short 40 yrs I know I will answer to the lord for my actions FOR ETERNITY Jesus could have wiped out his oppressors EASILY did he? I would hate to be the one to write something here in support of either side that eventuates in one more person dying, if not many. I really do not care who is " right or wrong" except I know GOD is right, and if you trust in Your God ( Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist,Tao, Rasta or whatever) you will know that he/she knows the TRUTH and will act accordingly. Pls keep a cool head and be mindful that your comments may actually determine your own ETERNITY God bless you all

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:20pm this line up of ministers, did you pull it out from your seleeves?

Anonymous said...

Condom Bai!! mataka daru kana ika, vesa qai vakalolo! nomu i tavi mai na rokete kei na moli.....moce noqu boy.......

mark manning said...


Gone Fishing Ice Cream said...

May I recommend to you my fellow bloggers a taste of Fiji's TipTop Gone Fishing ice-cream ... it consists of (see top of blue lid) "Choc fish swimming in a pool of marshmallow flavoured and chocolate ice-cream with a sticky caramel flavoured sauce" ... yummy yum!

I hve never enjoyed this particular flavour of ice cream before like I do these days ... hmmmm..... just love crunching through every little choc fish that I'm too impatient to melt in my mouth.

"Gone Fishing" TipTop ice cream - Fiji's flavoured ice cream of the month! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

LQ illigal PM as well.

Anonymous said...

@Anon. 10:07 PM. They weren't involved in the 2000 coup idiot.

Curious Alice said...

Awful lot of campaigning going on here for Prince Mara what's thjis all leading to?

Go Fiji Go said...

OK back to reality, no overthrow of gov yet. RU's plans to do that from Tonga is as wishful thinking as Osama Bin Laden coming back from the dead. He has no following not at least with the sane people he hopes to win over. He has nothing to say other then the so called evidence that the people of fiji already knows, we are not that naive!

So I suggest RU just keep those files in case we need evidence in a court of porper law, and support the real push for Democaracy that will come out of Fiji itself not by those that have escaped to flee...its not a respected Fijian way no matter who.

The only way Fiji can return to pre 1987 is we pay the price of this long coup coup culture which I think its coming round the corner then the eyes will see and minds will take the one action that is lacking today...give a damn. So get ready for getting through the most traumatic times of our history in fiji and through that we will be reborn not by those who carry guns, but by our own redemption that this is our land... therefore we fight to get back to the sunlight and begin our road to recovery. A new group of leaders will emerge..not weary nor afraid but have wings like eagles. Go tell your kids!

Anonymous said...

Mara got no support. Got nothing important to contribute just a selfish effort to save himself. Fiji military will get u sooner or later. U nothing more than a cry baby.u slipped surveillance team coz they thought u on fishing trip, and u were too weak to be a serious threat.frank will not be worried as he has been prepared to die for his beliefs since day 1. Mara is a womanising self centered immoral man. Anti regime people only praising him for their narrow ends, deep down they hate and loathe him.

Anonymous said...

@ANON 7.02: Where do you get of bringing racism onto the laps of Fijians!!?? Let me remind you that your "Race" has had it good in Fiji compared to countries like Uganda, so tread carefully here with your accusations.

No one hates Indians as you put it, and you are correct that there are unresolved issues that we Fijians need to resolve from the 2000 coup.

Our hate for Aiyaz, is valid for reasons of opportunities to fill his pockets. Something typical of prominent businessman, lawyers, and con artists in such an environment; and history proves that when Fijians struggle to find themselves, these sort (most of whom are Indian; merely fact) fill up their pockets behind the shield of fighting for whats right!!!

We just Hate Aiyaz for his hand in raping our economy, by dictating the directions of our primary industries through petty and unnecessary Decree's.

Even the local Law fraternity had acknowledged that he isn't even close to being one of our countries finest, in fact far from it!!!....

Its comforting for Aiyaz to display a frontage of smarts with an accent and confidence when you have bodyguards (who wouldn't care less if Aiyaz is shot at shot at point blank)and hand full of gun wielding psycho's for friends.

We're far from being Racists my friend. That shit came and left with the British. If you still encounter it on a daily basis, then you can blame that on your inability to blend with Fijians in an acceptable manner.

This is why Fijians prefer that the term "Fijian" remain for Fijians, and you remain "Indo-Fijian". You cant call a Cow a "Horse-Cow", can you.

Aiyaz and Bainimarama, Its time to go!!

Game's Over! said...

@ curious alice and anonymous 8.50a.m.

We're very happy that the inner circle of the governing MC is in a disarray and that 2 key officers are out of it, let's give them our support esp. Rt Te Mara to bring the ILLEGAL REGIME down.

That's what this support is leading to.


As many have said earlier - please list all the LASA I TUBAs by the suguraki regime personnel! Why only single out Rt Te Mara? Doesn't it take 2 to tango or were the "loose, cheap women" underage or minors?

So get out of your comfort zones and throw your support behind Rt Te Mara, help him restore our beloved land back to democracy.

He's putting everything he's got on the line, esp. he's reputation at being called a coward since he escaped. He needed to do that since he couldn't possibly do that here and I'm sure he'll tell you why.

So what are the rest of you afraid of?

Of now losing your ill-gotten gains perhaps? That u've enjoyed ILLEGALLY since Dec06?


Come, come now towards the LIGHT..

TheMax said...

To all of you the wishful thinking people, are you people all out of your senses? If Roko Ului had support in the camp at RFMF, why would he escape Fiji? I will say this again, he doesn't have support there.

You may have all heard what CO 3FIR said Col Tikoitoga, Roko Ului can say all he can but he will eventually be another voice in the wilderness just like Jone Baledrokadroka. By now all of you should have established that he is lying but if you are still falling for his bullshit, then it just goes to show how narrowminded you people are.

What amazes me was how much a lot of people in Fiji felt ashamed by Roko Ului's escape to Tonga. Even some who are against Bainimarama are saying that he should not have escaped to Tonga. Most people are embarrassed by his action. They are all saying that what he did only makes him unfit to lead the vanua of Lau.

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum did his law degree at the University of Wollongong in Australia and his masters at the University of Hong Kong, writing a thesis which ADVOCATED THE REMOVAL OF THE RIGHT OF INDIGENOUS FIJIANS TO OWN LAND EXCLUSIVELY.

FIJI @ HEART said...




Go Fiji Go said...

Some comments on the cabinet line up
President - Jone Madraiwiwi - no way he's corrupt and a key advisor to the LQ govt that raped NLTB
Let the Chief decide , my vote Rokotui Dreketi
PM Tavola - not bad but doesn't have the political clout.

Min of Finance - never get an economists to look after your wealth, cant make a decision and after you lose everything the fact will give you a thesis why he failed.
AG - GLeung -no way has no moral courage, just a big show off. Get J R Reddy
Foreign Affairs - Tavola

Sa rere tiko o Naboro MAX said...

Oi @ the (Naboro) MAX!

I've always wondered why exactly have you been ASHAMED of putting your real name on these anti-regime blogs the last 5 years..??

You have all the PIGS rusty guns and horses guarding your disgusting sorry a@$e, don't you?

Anonymous said...

@Sa rere tiko o Naboro MAX. Coz he's an Internet tough Guy (or thinks he is anyway) but in reality a real pussy just like Condom Bain & Arse

Anonymous said...

@ Fiji at heart...

Now, now, take it easy and count tO 10. If the Fijian military and navy was headed by a genuine, trained, military leader and honourable man, we would not be in this sorry state of affairs, aye?

If the Tongans invade Fiji to rescue our people, we'll be the first up on the hill jumping up and down, waving little white flags at them!

That's regrettably the end game we foresee in this tragic state of affairs that the Bainimarama/Aiass regime has placed us in.

There's no need for staying vigilant or for war, we simply need to be saved.


Anonymous said...

Ok you want democracy lets start planning for democracy not just go all out blindly how are we going to make any government ACCOUNTABLE.
Whoever the government ends up being, I believe, because it's actually the peoples money they are spending, every department should make public, where every DOLLAR goes.
This record must be available for PUBLIC scrutiny. It is viable in the age of the Internet.
Let's make our future government accountable, the way the world should be.....

Anonymous said...

@annon 12:58 KAILA!!!! when the majority of a nation HAVE to make EVERY DOLLAR count and the government of the day get to play with MILLIONS I totally agree every CITIZEN should be able to have accountability of their hard earned DOLLARS every company that is contracted by the government should have a publicly available structure record. WE ARE IN THE AGE OF INFORMATION LET'S ENSURE THE GOVERNMENT OF THE DAY IS TRANSPARENT with our ( the peoples) money as government has made us transparent with the introduction of the TIN THEY ARE SPENDING/ALLOCATING. OUR. MONEY

Anonymous said...

RE:Anon @ 10:20PM. Is that Minnnie Driver for Commisioner of Police??? Is hope so. She is so much prettier! (Even if she does nothing at all!)!

Jieke said...


No one is ashamed of what Roko Ului did but most are just curious about what happened as well as what is happening now, and many see this as a win over this regime.

On one hand the regime says that Roko Ului is not important and is just a voice in the wilderness. On the other hand they want to extradite him from Tonga and are going after his family with a vengeance albeit illegal with disregard to law and natural justice. Since when does a Prime Minister of a country issue orders and directives concerning investigation and retaliatory measures for a mere breach of bail condition.

This is a psychological struggle between Ului and Voreqe with wide ranging consequences. The military and the public watch with bated breath waiting to see who they will align with. A lot of things the public knew or suspected regarding the coup and the military is now being confirmed by someone who was part of it and Voreqe is feeling the heat.

While the regime dismisses Ului as insignificant they are nonetheless pulling out all stops to discredit him; employing unlawful tactics to harass his family and force him to keep quite for the safety of his family.

Roko Ului on the other hand is keeping the regime guessing and worried about his next move. He has spread doubts and suspicion within the high echleons of the regime and the military. He is using the international media to keep the momentum rolling and ensure the safety of his family as the world is watching every move the regime takes against his family.

So Max wait and watch, things may indeed turn out the way least expected by the likes of you.

Anonymous said...

very well put Jieke.

Anonymous said...

Has RU been decommissioned ?

Anonymous said...

@ 9.23 anon;
From 7.02, I have not said to love Aiass...please do hate the asshole. For his part of changing direction and dragging regime past 2 years.

I too hate him as much as you do. What I said was what some extremists get excited and blame Indians for their own shortfalls.

I am not saying all are doing or hating Indians. I support your view totally. I am happy that you Fijians are not racists, but somehow whenever Indian dominated party gets above in parliament, some 5% are ready to destabilise.

Authorities then forget to return back to lawful position.

And yes I am happy to remain Indo-Fijian as ethnic grouping. That does not make me understand less of Fijians.

I do fully support overthrow of the regime...as they have overstayed their welcome!!

Anil Tuitavua said...

Mara's comments are laughable. He just "happened" to be fishing, and the Tongan Navy just "happened" to be able to pick him up from Fijian waters. This was well planned, and has the fingerprints of Ma'afu's current descendant in Nuku'alofa all over it. If a kiwi gets lost near Auckland, does the Aussie navy rescue him off of NZ and take him to Sydney ? Mr Mara, why the lies ? Secondly, why are u saying Fijians and Indians ? I am both, and I can tell u I am more Fijian than you. My allegience is to Fiji, not to Polynesia. Fiji has always faced threats from Tonga, throughout history and it's no different this time around. The difference between a Tongan/Lauan Fijian is that for a Lauan, Tonga comes first. But for a Indo Fijians, the heart lies with Fiji always, never India. Frank understands this very well. Thanks for your service to Fiji, Mr Mara. However, minorities and Melanesian Fijians have already suffered through 17 years of your father's rule. We are tired of Ma'afu's dangerous shadow over Fiji.

FijiGirl said...

Lt Col Mara - Please can you name all of the members ofthe Military Council so that those of us pro-freedom bloggers who are personally related to them (ie pretty much all of us) can make personal appeals to them to overthrow BainiVore & iArse. Vinaka sir.
God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

Who said J R Reddy..for PM? Is he really clean...Ask Rajesh!!

Anonymous said...

Ului, just shut up for weeks until you get your entire family out and your friends including Driti.Maybe another fishing trip in a bigger boat!

Or Blue Lagoon Cruise with hijacking the skipper to the Tongan waters!!

While having smaller speed boats race to have the passengers taken in. Pirates are here!!!

This way your handful of soldiers will be able to help with guns.

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu!

Anonymous said...

Sa rauta mada...e cava tiko mada???????

Anil Tuitavua said...

Oilei Anonymous you're dreaming. In Fiji, DEMOCRACY = RACISM (the only place on earth). But on a serious note, if there ever was foreign intervention in Fiji, or rebellion, and Frank decided to supply the public with weapons, I know indo fijians would be thrilled to fight till the last drop of blood for Fiji and for freedom. Maybe u should go back and read Fiji's military history and learn how a fijian (alifereti) and indo (Sagar) went on a 2 man mission in Sinai and gave their lives. Indo Fijians love peace, but if they had to, they won't hassitate to put their lives on the line. Don't let the soft ways misguide you. To get rid of Frank at this point, you'll need much more than the military and police. You still have to deal with the majority of Fijians who support Frank.

Anonymous said...

As an Fijian, I believe our common problem is one that effects both Indo-Fijians and Fijians, and we need to work together to get rid of Bainamarama and Aiyaz, so we can genuinely re-build our economy and Children's futures.

Anonymous said...

Rokolui points out that he did not give specific orders for the arrest and detention of civilians, very funny, because he's business competitors will tell you different. They will tell you how Rokolui uses RFMF assets, without the CRFMF's knowledge to intentionally intimidate them out of tenders and side deals, in which he collects, he always does.
Also, Rokolui, as favour to his family and "wekas", RFMF assets are also used without the CRFMF's knowledge to deal with their troubles. Rokolui speaks as if he is the Prince Charming, ready to give evidence for the wrongs committed by Bainimarama, be warned there are those who are ready to give evidence against you for your part in some very dark taskings...hahahaha..including your hanky panky business in Nadi without your wife's knowledge.

Sotia said...

Ului left his family and his people to save himself. He lose support in the Military and the vanua...he wants to save his skin and gets away with millions of dollars from the Yatu Lau funds

Jake said...

Sotia tonoka ga omu i voco, cebo karokaro luveni bakola.

Anonymous said...

Rokolui...Tell the world about your undercover operations....Did you take the birth certificate with you???? will the Tongan Navy also come and pick them up????