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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mara and Bainimarama ... claims and counter claims

The illegal prime minister and his former commander of the third infantary have both appeared on Auckland's Radio Tarana in the last two days. 

In both interviews, Mara and Bainimarama maintain their stance over key issues including racism and Bainimarama's $FJD700,000. Coupfourpointfive will have more on that salary denial tomorrow.


  1. Its quite simple for Voreqe to dispel rumours regarding his salary by producing his pay slip.

    But I guess he is not man enough to do that, unless of course he can produce a counterfeit slip.

  2. Aunt Nur TaliBano TaliAliArseMay 26, 2011 at 6:53 PM

    Roko Ului lists why we should not believe what Frank says……………and asks why Frank hides his salary package at the AGs aunties firm if its not a secret…….

  3. The dictator is lying, it is fact that he gets salary at rate increased to previous governments in fiji for a minister, he gets salary for 6 ministries and office and PM, amounting to a figure around $700,000 plus allowances and FNPF 8% and annual leave for all these posts for one month each paid off to him in thousands of dollars.

    The dictator is lying cos he cant state what he has been paid by illegal AG Aunty, whether and what his annual IRD Tax Return state as income, what has gone in his and his wifes bank account as his salary since 2006 and illegal AG pay.

    How was Nur Ali Bano, illegal AG appointed and why is around $1million each year paid as fees by the junta- has the Finance ministry closed down?

    Why has OAG stopped from audit of this scam?

    This is tax payers money and not of the thugs running the junta.

    Bank records of their pay has been obtained and will come in the media soon.

    Time for clean up by the people of Fiji and transparency

  4. Aunt Nur TaliBano TaliAliArseMay 26, 2011 at 7:20 PM

    BainiArse - Busted big time!

  5. So where does all this leave Driti?

  6. This was the first ever democratic style interview conducted with the military boys ever since the 2006 coup.

    I give 100% to Radio Tarana as they deserve to be given the credit.

    2nd issue for Frank and AG it is simple, get at external auditor nominated by Solicitor General which has to be from New Zealand to audit Noor Bano's practice on these specific matter on salaries.

    If I had to vote on this I think I would like to believe Roko Ului 100% and expect audit to confirm Frank is telling the truth.

    However on issue of 2000 coup and 2006 coup, there were enough shit stirring going on between the govt and military and parties within the govt itself.

    And Ratu Ului himself has said that he agreed with the objectives of the 2006 coup so that agruament is a non issue.

  7. Frank aint lying. I believe him. Ului just a spoilt brat living of his fathers legacy. Not a nice person at all.

  8. Aunt Nur TaliBano TaliAliArseMay 26, 2011 at 7:31 PM

    The Bainikhaiyum regime has been badly shaken by the release on Coup 4.5 freedom blog website of the details of all salary payments to the illegal ministers. He knows that the story has spread like wild-fire and anger is growing.

  9. frank,aiyaz,clear signs your friends are turning against you.. com on robert, the ship jumper..

  10. Aunt Nur TaliBano TaliAliArseMay 26, 2011 at 7:34 PM

    Taliban Arse PUPPET MASTER: 'Hey Bhai, why does everybody hate me when I give them so many laws and so much reform, not to forget I'm so smart?'

    Condom Baini HAND PUPPET: 'Hey Bro, they just so racist and jealous because you so smart. Nazhat told me so it must be true.'

  11. Two taliban to be blamed. One ASK and the other taliban Ballu Khan. Both of same mentality. Both love thrmselves. No who takr vdo of one having sex with prostitute. Wai le Ballu!

  12. What evidence does RUM have. He made the allegation and must prove it.

  13. Having just listen to he two gentleman it is obvious one is educated and telling the truth, while the other is an idiot, dump ass and chronic liar.

    I leave it to you to make a guess.

  14. lucky radio tarana for having close ties with the illegal regime,they able 2get dis interview.. cmmdr doesnt want to speak to other media outlets in nz.. but clear sign robert khan is acting smart.. but all you wil get dis time robert is jail wid ur buddies in fiji for the fbcl 17mill scam...

  15. The 3 FIR and Land Force officers have been circulated the salary figures of the dictator and illegal AG who got his aunty Nur Ali Bano without tender at 900,000 fees from which he gets a cut too to do the payments in secret and have stopped OAG to audit the junta salary. People now know the junta filling its pockets corruptly from poor people tax monies and dictator and illegal AG paying themselves 700,000 and on top of the 8% FNPF & leave cashed& allowances each year and are millionares now paying 800,000 to AG aunty to do the dirty/corrupt/fraud work who does nothing just press computer buttons and deposit in con bank accounts and why they hold 5-7 ministry. The dictator and illegal AG getting the payments deposit in their family bank accounts to stop leak and IRD Tax Returns secret at IRD.
    Bank records, IRD Tax Return Records, FNPF records all coming for display to the people of fiji to see the truth & transparency & accountablity of these two thugs by coup and put on trial for gail.

    The 2006 coup was done by the thug to hide his corruption and to loot the nation with corruption-remeber the $7million FMF revolving fund account.

  16. Nur Ali Bano must be charged for Aiding and Abetting the Illegal Regime.

  17. Have just listened to both RUM and FB on Radio Tarana and what struck me most was the tone of each man's interview. Unlike RUM's controlled expose, FB's tirade was full of contradictions and seething anger. It was more verbal diarrhoea than anything else REALLY.

    He lashes out at the NZ PM and accuses Mr JK for making things difficult for Fiji - can he not see that it is not Mr JK who is doing that but it is Mr Wannabe PM FB himself who is making things difficult for the people of Fiji! Step the hell aside so qualified professionals can take over!

    He admits that government should be run by professionals - the only sane thing he manages in the whole interview. But as usual, what he says and what he does are never the same and CAN NEVER BE TRUSTED EVER - the hallmark of his misrule! The gall of the man is unbelievable. He had the temerity to question Mr JK's sincerity accusing the NZ PM of reneging on his publicly stated intention to improving relations. Yet his own to the Pacific Forum, Commonwealth, EU to name a few is well know and documented. Talk about the kettle calling the pork oops pot black! True to form, FB expects everyone to cater to his whims instead of meeting others (in good faith and with honest intensions) halfway. It is the classic "If it is not FB's way, then get the hell off FRANK's highway" buldozing again and again! Lordy...Lordy...

    The rest of his interview sounds just like a drunkard's harranguing of a wife who (poor thing) couldnt get him dinner because he FB has used all of the family's meagre income to buy homebrew for the boys under the maqo tree!!! It is hilarious actually listening to him and the absolute downer for FB is the inevitable picture one gets as one suffers through his vexatious verbal onslaught - clear as daylight, one sees a finger pointing at others BUT... wait a minute, THERE ARE THREE OTHER HUMOGOUS ONES shooting straight back at him.

    WAILEI, give it up FB, everyone can see through your pathetic BS!

  18. Bainimarama is fucked.... it is a coup and all that eminates from a coup is fucked up..period.

  19. Judgement day was on the 21st of May 2011 and it all went terribly wrong.....2014 election who knows...I never trust anyone these days

  20. RUM is a sore ass. These Chief's children expect free ride. If they are to earn their position on merit no one will be there from the Maras. it is only by virtue of them being from a Chiefly family that they think they must be served all the time. Serve you right RUM. Fiji is probably having the most clean Govt record now than any time in history. Just that a handful of racists are distorting the truth for their personal jealousy and inferior complex issues.

  21. Jake says;

    Oilei...someone look for Nur bano Ali for me. I will give her a Taukei medicine esp with her side looks sign of not having enough every night.
    This lady is deceitful even to her loyal ? husband. Look into her eyes, she cant see you eye-eye.

    She should watch her back...tik...tok; same to Naz Shameem...tiko tok.......legs up. Heads down.

  22. bai/ag you busted .time for you to go to prison with all your cronies.
    dont worry all max prisoners waiting to vutu you .ag.
    aunty bano/az will be sad when they see the real bitu.

  23. Aunty Nur Taliban Bano Ali-QaedaMay 26, 2011 at 9:26 PM

    Fiji Dictator & Military Council Framed Ousted PM, Fijian Jew Qarase

    In a recent interview with Koori Radio in Sydney, defecting member of Frank Bainimarama’s military council, Roko Ului Mara, disclosed that Frank and other council members, him included, planned the trumped up charges against Fiji’s ousted Jewish Prime Minister, Lauan Jew Laisenia Qarase.

    Their objective? To discredit the Jew and disqualify him from the next elections.

    Fiji Law states that anyone with a past criminal record will be automatically disqualified from contesting any Fijian general election.

    Roko Ului Mara, who is trying to redeem himself by revealing what he did, heard and saw as an insider to Frank Bainimarama’s devious leadership methodologies, is standing by his statement.

    His friend Pita Driti and “others” are expected to support his statement, giving meaning to the reason why Taliban Arse Khaiyum Al-Qaeda and his legal eagles are not able to pin down Fijian Jew Qarase in his many prolonged court cases since 2007.

    So how can Roko Ului redeem himself further?

    We think he owes a You Tube apology to Fijian Jew Laisenia Qarase and to all Fiji citizens who have suffered much from the consequences of his actions.

    If he can’t do that, then his You Tube pronouncements so far will only be viewed as a self-serving exercise that will not garner the support he is hoping for.

  24. FB will face continuous onslaught of his most sacred & innermost secrets regarding 12/2006. His attempt to discredit RU has only given RU more credibility, which means the more secrets/revelations about to be released by RU will have FB peeing in his pants. More so that the revelations are being made through the international media. E POTE O FB & HIS PER. In your face nigger!!!

  25. Hey Franky and Aiyaz...Your drink buddies Robert Khan (Radio Tarana NZ) and John Prasad have jumped the boat. Frank be careful these guys are against you..Robert Khan of tarana is the guys who siphoned the $17 million dollars out of FBCL and brought it to NZ. Riyaz was previously with Tarana part time. John is Roberts wifes bro. So yea you guys get the idea.

    Robert is trying to play good boy now as he knows Frank no longer has chance of surviving.

    Watch your back Frank and Aiyaz.....

  26. How does he know about the blog....oh he must read this blog... Frank your one fucked up dude. How do you know if frank is lying? his hair goes white and curly!

  27. @Anon 8.21. Yes I felt the same as well when listening to both interviews. I rather felt very sorry for Bai...his got himself only to blaime..he allowed himself to be conned and used, and kaiyum and others..we know not what hold they have over him, but the deeds done and his screwed, becos the first thing a terrorist will do will blackmail you so you cannot leave. The only salvation for bai is to come clean, admit his ##@# up and take it like a man and step down and face the consequence. I think people in Fiji will be willing to forgive him if he does that

  28. frank is not the real..he was a real hero for fiji..his intentions were vry clear.. and pure,though method was wrong.. but everything went wrong when aiyaz duped mp chaudhry n became franks fav boy..

    boy o boy.. what mess is fiji in now..

    pliz god,send us a saviour

  29. "Bainimarama Khaiyum Puppet show" - that's funny.

  30. Auntie Nur Taliban Bano AliQaedaMay 26, 2011 at 10:09 PM

    I can picture dumbass Taliban Arse Al-Qaeda Khaiyum congratulating dumbass bumchum Bai on giving an excellent interview.

  31. Wailei...........big difference in terms of IQ. FB, ulukau, bau use some of that loot (700k) and get some education!! Kua so na smart talk, na mata ni veni e ramusu gonei!!!Oilei, taki mada, full glass!!

  32. Aunt Nur TaliBano TaliAliArse AlQaeda KhaiyumMay 26, 2011 at 10:23 PM

    Bai just cannot stop spewing diarrhea.

  33. Khaiyum has really pulled the wool ove Vuaka's eyes.
    How did he manage to convince Bai to take Ministerial Salary management out of Ministry of Finance.
    This is daylight corruption and Bai can't even see it.
    And it wasn't given to any other reputable Accounting firm but to Aiyaz muslim relative Nur Bano Ali.
    This is shocking!
    And Mr Ali did not even have the INTEGRITY to refuse it.
    Fijian people in the Village should be made aware of what these two are doing to their money.

  34. $700,000 salary per year and FNPF& Allowance and one month leave cashed for 6 minister post adds to $1 million per year for Frank and Aiyarse and what has the fiji chiefs whom frank told to go and drink home brew under mangoe dree- frank said they getting too much NLTB monies and divided equally all mataqali members so the chiefs get peanuts- he himself pays himself one million a year and chiefs of fiji are farked.

    The vanua must wake up and take the dictator out- he is one thug with two balls and will run the cassava patch again- he no god or play tough guy

  35. Nur Bano Ali is now complicit in the daylight bank robbery of the people's money.
    They must pay for robbing the bank.
    People worked hard for this money and now these thieves are going to town with it.
    MR Ali you should be ashamed of yourself.
    Poor Indian people, poor Fijian people etc and others . Threy worked hard for this money and now you are helping Bai and Aiyaz steal it.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.
    Is this what your god Allah teaching you to do?
    So Allah is encouraging thieving and stealing from the poor.
    I used to have muslim friends. Now I'm having second thoughts.

  36. These guys are an insult to the Taliban Association. At the very least the Taliban were not afraid to admit they blew something up! Voreqe & company deny everything. The two should be questioned, if they did join the Taliban association and if they also paid their fees. If not we should call them by some other name as they are harming the good name and deeds the Taliban are know for! Memu sici!


  38. robert khan has done a very good job in tarnishing the image of cmdr bainimarama. robert is this another of aiyaz's idea, or was it your way of saying, goodbye fb.. and welcome roko lui on robert khan train to massive corruption..

    whatever the motive was,the interview was excellent and achieved its full purpoose of tarnishing fb.. wailei robert..

  39. If the average Fijian is so dumb why shouldn't Baini take advantage of them. They couldn't standup to Baini.

  40. Is not the relevant point here which we are all beginning to miss, that Mara and Driti both went to Frank and expressed their concern that Aiyaz was trying to undermine the land ownership and Indigenous Fijian Culture to a point of almost total destruction.

  41. And how much of his father's $ is RU protecting?? Of course he wants asylum in NZ - so he can get access to it. If he stayed in Toga he'd have to share it.

    Moce Lau, Moce Viti - it's your money and my birthright. You people keep bludging on the dole and welfare in far away lands while your fellows survive hand to mouth - I'm outa here and living it up! I've got Keys fooled just like you. I'm outa here and living it up!

    Wake up people - you're the laughing stock of the Pacific because of him! Samoa's laughing, Tonga's laughing, Vanuatu's laughing, Keys is laughing, Rudd is laughing and anyone else doesn't give a ....

  42. Wailei - Ului was most definitely known as "Ulukau"!

    What qualifications does he have to lead or govern surely not his title? His name is all that's got him anywhere.

    Wake up people he stands for what democracy is supposed to equalise - that's why he ran! He could see the old ways crumbling and the commoners gaining control - can't have what happened in France happen to me I'm outa here!

    Off with his head!


  44. High profile fugitive finally arrested...Mladic and ready for the Hague...just some of the examples for those who are evading the long arms of the law....exception of Roko Ului.
    Mr BAINIPUA"A...vakarau tiko tukai,na qai macala o cei e tagane dina......because no,one is above the law,only justice will prevail...!!!!
    You time is up....run as fast as you can tukai.....ask your sotia,boidada at Delainabua,to clear the cassava patch behind the Officers mess for a clear get away....no para grass and co gadrogadro.

  45. $700,000 a year loot by the dictator is biggest scam in fiji histroy, even libya Gadafi did not pay himself that much, this what dictators do and abuse the poor peoples monies and recieve corrupt monies from bribes - this the real frank- 700,000 salary year has become the talanoa grog talk and on the street and all people of fiji must know this truth-scam

  46. @ anonymous 7:28pm

    Is this person Disillusioned, i believe this is Bainivuaka Sad Little Piglet Son defending his Evil Dad.... From that interview anyone listening to Bainivuaka and Ratu Ului's interview can tell straight away whose telling the truth and whose lying.

    One's educated, likeable and well mannered, while the other is a thug, wicked and an ignorant idiot whose got minimum english in him. EVEN A RETARD SPEAKS BETTER ENGLISH THAN HIM... My nephew whose in 3rd Form, speaks by far better english than this Uneducated Illegal PM(Pre Madonna)Bainivuaka.

    Everyone knows that you are a COMPULSIVE LIAR Bainivuaka.... Just do me a favour, go and hang yourself, you USELESS, CORRUPT, EVIL, PATHETIC LOSER... For the sake of the long suffering fiji people.... God Bless Fiji.

  47. @ Tui Viti...10:15PM

    Hahaha!!! Ka dina Tui Viti. Da rogoca ga na vei interview-taki caka tu ya, da sa kila saraga na ta sukulu nei Bainivuaka. Vinaka cake sara na english nodra na tu mai vale ni lialia i Saint Giles...

    The Mentally Retarded in Saint Giles could speak better english and do a brilliant interview than Bainivuaka... I agree with Tui Viti he needs to spend his $700,000 getting some Education because he really needs it.

    Dua na ka nona viavia saga tu o Bainivuaka, nona i gu taucoko me tala drodro nona vosa vakavalagi qai calacala tu.... "No School, Repeat vakalima na Kalasi Dua"...Ramusu vakaudolu na matani veni, Kaisi Bokola.

  48. Aunty Nur Talibano Bano AliQaedaMay 27, 2011 at 6:43 AM

    Anon 10:31 PM "So Allah is encouraging...I used to have muslim friends. Now I'm having second thoughts."

    Arse, Aunty, et al, are not considered Muslims by the Muslim community. The "sect" which they belong to is persecuted in many Musalim countries, including recently Pakistan and Indonesia.

  49. TWO other good question to ask is this;

    1. Why is Nur Bano paid huge money to do the salary?
    2. Why is the Ministry of Finance not doing the salary-isn't that the arm of the Government that should handle Govenment Ministers salary?
    3. So the PS Financ eis just another puppet then?

    God help recover the resources of this country from these dishonest men?

  50. aunty crude talibano taliban ali qaedaMay 27, 2011 at 7:32 AM

    @GONE NI RA 7:18 AM.


    1. Because Aunty Nur Talibano Taliban Ali-Qaeda is a close relative of Arse Qaeda.
    2. Because of Arse Taliban and Condom Baini
    3. Yes Yes Yes. THEY ALL ARE.


  52. Hey guy at 4.5? How about doing some stories on that conman Ballu Khan. Got a lady to go thru 4 abortions. Chee, this is criminal. Ballu, your time is coming.

  53. Remember 2006 coup by the dictator, he said' that no FMF officer will benefit from the coup', he said' he will only get his army commander salary and one salary'. this is what the dictator said, and now we find a day light robbery and thuggery of 700,000 salary per year and more in FNPF/Allowance and so on, this is day light robbery of the nation by armed thugs and a lier who has recieved not one but 6 salaries.

  54. RU said only a few thugs are doing VB's dirty job. What are the majority doing and why are they not doing the right thing by revolting and supporting RU and Driti to take down this illegal govt made up of thieves?

  55. Robert is this one of yours, Aiyaz's or Franks idea to do this..something fishy seems here...Sanjesh watch out your back on this...you might have to pack and go...hahahaha

  56. Frank your time is up....Robert good work on bringing the truth about your mate Frank...The world has to see the truth and act on this...Robert, what have you done with the money you stole from FBCL...Used in Tarana ae?..C4.5 could you get into this and bring the perpetrator out those who stole FBCL's money and brought into NZ Radio Tarana.

  57. Aiyaz, your friend Robert Khan seem to have changed sides. Your puppet in NZ has changed his stance. He doesnt seem to be on your side anymore.

  58. Min of Finance is not doing the salary is because Chaudhry did not want his name tarnished for paying more illegal money to the boys.

    Remember he defended the back pay saying it is their right to back pay!

    Or did it happen after he got dumped by Aias because he DID NOT support to move the pay saga to Bano!!!

    More questions than answers...

  59. Here we go again with all the kakases....who gives a shit....lets make something happen...

  60. so..where will all this ping pong game lead us to??

    Are we gonna be blogging for another 5 years??

    Whose has got an definitive answer???...speak up, please!!

  61. Just an info to the readers, whenever Aiyaz and Frank used to come to NZ, they stayed with John Prasad and Robert Khan. These all are drinking buddies. Aiyaz is a disgrace to the Muslim community. He should be kicked out. Just a clarification, Robert Khan is not a muslim. He is married to John Prasads sister. This is how they took money to NZ and used it in Radio Tarana.

  62. Mara MAY speak more intelligently but DO NOT FORGET that he was part of the whole 2006 coup from the beginning and benefited financially as well. Bird of a dirty feather flock together.

    Perhaps what we should be honing in on is what drove these partners in crime apart. It certainly was NOT the money. Indigenous rights perhaps?

    In fact, since it would appear that Mara is more intelligent - he is guiltier for their crimes in common because he SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER than to do it in the first place.

    Very cosy, taking control of all goverment posts, military and judiciary. Three people now in control. Give the jobs to their family members/cronies, split the loot and keep it for themselves and keep the public in the dark. All criminals benefit from this arrangment. It is called, having the fox watch the hen house.

    Public not allowed to ask questions or demand accountability. Could end up in QEB for even attempting to do so.

    As for salary arrangements - anywhere else in the world this would have to be done as an arm's-length transaction with complete transparency so that there is not even a WHIFF of governmental corruption. John Galt

  63. tonga has just blamed us damaging the navigation beacon on disputed reef

  64. well, everyone send an email to nz/austrlia PM asking for their help and support in restoring democratic rule in Fiji...



    unless there is foreign intervention, these clowns will run to run the country with corruption and this time more openly.. believe, if the people of fiji fail to restore democracy in fiji, then no1 will be able to help us, and aiyaz will just get more and more powerful...

  65. Aunty Nur Taliban Bano BananaMarama Ali-Qaeda KhaiyumMay 27, 2011 at 9:46 AM

    @Semi Meo 9:02 AM. very true. We have sufficient evidence. HARDCORE ACTION NEEDED NOW.

  66. @8.52 am
    there is nothing that Chaudhry or his supporters can say to try and make Chaudhry look good after the fact....if he did not like the situation he should have resigned and made plain his reason.
    Chaudhry has a huge deficit in integerity, first exampled by his hit and run case.

    God forbid the re-emergence of the same old faces, Chaudhry, Qarase etc.

    better Frank keep going to 2020..

    going back would be like being trapped in a time warp with no chance of escape.

  67. In his interview, the PM insists that our government is being running by private professionals. It is all to easy to prove this as a bold-faced lie. Almost every single aspect of government is headed by a military officer that the PM, himself, has assigned to that post. This includes FICAC (run by George Langeman - 2006 coup compatriot) and Commissioner of Police (Ione Naivalarua - hand-picked by PM).

    Any compliants lodged with either office get redirected to the PM. So, if someone wants to complain about the PM, then they may as well say it to his face because they are all on the same side.

    As with the salary revelations, the PM and AG have tied things up so that they are the only ones in the know and in control.

    There is NO independant outside source. Get it? John Galt

  68. To the contributors of this blog,can you please re-visit 1987 and see how much the likes of Rabuka,Chaudary,The Speights,Qarase,Bale and many others who were the perperators of these past horrific events in Fiji benfitted?VB and Khaiyum are just the tip if the ice-burg.If you are so infatuated with Democracy than lets start from 1987 and bring them all to justice.Get Tarakinini back from the UN because he was actually a lion in the sheeps skin during the 2000 upheavel.To all those bloggers who are hiding behind the cushions of the comfort in overseas namely Baledrokadroka and Ului Mara.Come and join us in a march in the streets of Suva.Dont be cowards and incite violence from your safe hideouts.That is if you believe in true democracy where there is equal rights for everyone irrespective of their race,clour or creed.No qoliqoli bills,no land seizures,no special schoolarship for a particular race and no favouritism in government jobs.If you have the guts to abide by these than lets take the steets of Suva.No violence just a peaceful gathering.No looting and burning of Indian business or torture and rape of Indians.

  69. Hey C4.5 why don't you do some real digging on Air Pacific CEO David Pfilger and his band of CON-sultants. Also what's the connection of someone very new in Air Pacific now holding a GM post in Pacific Sun. Staff are confused and worried because 2+2=10

  70. @Anon 9:47 AM. Chodo was behind the 2006 coup, and must spend time in Naboro like Speight. But more time.

  71. c4.5
    get frank personal tax return from IRD which will show source of income and how much and tax evasion too, get his and family bank account details and son in england army who is hiding lot of loot, get his FNPF records and divide by .08 and get the 745,000 figure, get the contract- hackers needed

  72. @SMeo 9.02am. It is not often that one is in agreement with you but you are absolutely right.


    Unless we have some contructive discussion on the options that we have, we will be blogging aimlessly for the next 50 years!!!

    So here goes...

    1) Legal option - is it viable? Local? International?

    From a layman's standpoint, there are several things that are immediately apparent which the legal eagles in our family of bloggers can enlighten us on.

    a) Given that the MoF is the only legal/lawful/Constitutionally mandated authority to dispense govt/public remuneration, can a case be built around the change?

    When was the change effected? Who authorised the change? Did he/she have the authority (legal/constitutional NOT jungle/decreed) to effect the change? What was/were the reasons given to justify the change? Can these reasons be objectively verified? What is the cost to government of this change? Was due process taken to appoint the new remuneration authority? Are there any conflict of interest in the new payment agency?
    These are just some of the questions a layman like me would want answered.

    b)In the event it is proven that the payment of these salaries were illegal (be it due to process or authority or whatever that was used to effect the payments) can the monies be recovered and will the receivers be considered complicit in an illegal act? They are receiving their salaries and have been doing so for sometime now so they would be aware, they should know, would they not?

    WE KNOW AND MUST BE MINDFUL AT ALL TIMES OF THE F A C T THAT FB OPERATES VERBALLY obviously to avoid the paper trail and ANY INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE. Can the case also be built around this? Former officers; Rt G. Cakobau, Tarakinikini, Saubulinayau, Buadromo x2, Powell, Seruvakula, Hennings, Rabukawaqa, Tuatoka and others can be asked or subpoenaed to give evidence. RUM said in one of his interviews that FB's SPECIAL modus operandi is to issue verbal orders! He has been at the RFMF helm since way before the 2000 coup so his officers then would have experienced what RUM was talking about here one would have to think.

    We also need to realise by now that FB IS NOT THE FOOL HE HAS LED US TO BELIEVE THUS FAR. As long as we believe that illusion, he has power over us and will continue to control us because he will always be one step ahead of us. IT SUITS HIM TO PLAY THE FOOL and it says alot about the twisted heart and mind of the man (one should not be astounded by the fact that he was laughing behind our backs after we fell -hook, line and sinker- for his false promises of a 2009 election). So, if you really think about, he is really clever; not of the brilliant type but of the cunningly devious kind!!! We have one thing on our side though, WE NOW KNOW THAT IT IS ALL AN ACT to throw us off track BUT then we also know his cassava patch track and if we keep chasing him, he is bound to tire, hopefully sooner rather than later.

    2) Can the job be given back to the MoF? How can this be done? How soon?

    3) Other than legal action, what other option do we have? Peaceful but effective taking into account all the constraints we have! Anything? At all?

    It will be good to have some constructive discussions. Swearing, cursing etc only spike ones blood pressure but does not much else!

  73. Everyone can and should contribute in this fight for freedom. Everyone has a talent and use.

    And whiney girl, we don't NEED to hear from you at all. I don't see you contributing ANYTHING at all except to critisize those of us are are in adamant opposal to being muzzled by the current dictatorship. We, at least are collecting facts, documentation and intel. Our time will come. You, whiney girl, go to sleep!

    For everyone else - what is the best way to get ill-gotten gains out of the country - how to send millions abroad to personal bank accounts that have been cleverly concealed and channeled?

    The rest of the world knows it as money laundering. Hmmmm. Now I just have to wonder who might have some money to launder and doesn't mind getting their hands VERY DIRTY (the associates they are collaborating with)to do it? John Galt

  74. @ Anon May 27, 8.23am.

    What he said is documented and that my friend is documentary evidence to be used to bring him down.

    Again he was using his favourite modus operandi. Only this time, with the whole world as his audience!!!

    "Your Lordship, may I submit into evidence..."


  75. Bainiarse's talks like we are gullible idiots who buried our heads in the sand and not know anything he has done or said. He talks about John Key reneging on his word not to become involved in the Mara/Tonga saqa, we all know VB never reneges on anything he says!! (NOT!) He also said that NZ is making life difficult for the people in Fiji! Does this clown even know the impact of his ulukau speeches and actions has made for the Fiji people???
    He says that RokoUlui should report whatever he has to the police or ficac. Easy for him to say when he has the police commissioner, army officers, judiciary staff including that x*&# pryde by the balls. He has militarised everything in government. A dictator to the bloody core! *%$#@ Does he think we are stupid??

  76. Hey, Semi, I watched the Army helicopter take PM back to Suva from his picnic lunch in Sigatoka. Wonder that social event he will plan for tomorrow. Anything would be better than going to the office and actually going to work! And while the cat is away, the mice will play. Wonder who is running the dog and pony show in Suva while the PM is busy smiling for all of the cameras?


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