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Monday, May 30, 2011

Naivalurua dances his way out of thuggery investigation

MR TARALALA: Police commissioner, Ioane Naivalurua on the job. picture Fiji Times 

Word has it Fiji Police's Commissioner, Ioane Naivalurua, has been given a crash course in why he can't investigate the illegal leader Frank Bainimarama for thuggery, let alone charge him or  anyone else in the army. 

Insiders say Naivalurua's 'refresher course' comes as interest widens in Fiji and the revelation Bainimarama led the vicious assault on three women at the barracks on Christmas Eve, just after he carried out the coup in 2006.

The COMPOL has been reminded that under the Public Emergency Decree he has wide power to act to 'maintin public safety.'

Readers will note, too, that under the State Services Decree No. 6 (which clearly gives absolute powers to all heads of security to dismiss any officer (s ) without him being able to appeal his case), civil servants who voice their concern against the regime will be sacked.

It's also been revealed that from last week Naivalurua has moved his office from Vinod Patel buildings at Centre Point to Government buildings Level one, to stay close to Bainimarama.

This is to allow him to carry out his orders to detain and investigate anyone troublesome in the current climate, for example the Lau elders.

Insiders say Naivalurua is not trusting any police officers these days and is shadowing Bainimarama's military goons.

Solid information has also surfaced that Naivalurua is eyeing a higher post - Chief of Staff and deputy Commander RFMF - and that he'll do anything to please the dictator. 

In fact, rank and file officers say he is so much in pursuit of his own goals, he's so blind to the needs of officers that he may have even forgotten to tell his boss that FPF is so ill-equipped the men don’t even the standard equipments to foil a robbery.


Anonymous said...

FIJI TImes is back online. Notice no mention of why it was offline for so many days.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Naivalurua,
Please do the right thing!
Do a thorough investigation on the abuses against Fiji citizens.
You must investigate Bainimarama and Aiyaz. This is your chance to step up and be the Hero, which Fiji is waiting for!

Anonymous said...

compol we had you were a born leader .but it seems you sold your souls for money.
bai/ag/compol/others will face treason charge.
god is not blind.
god is great.

Anonymous said...

Thats good...investigate the ulukau from Lakeba who wants to overthrow the government...

Lidin D'vicco said...

Iowani demonstrates allegiance as one who has been well crafted in Sandhurst to serve "without questioning why but to do and die"...unlike Steven's (another Sandhurst product) who wanted people to die in Queen Elizaberth Barracks but did not do a good job about it when he led a 'gunfight at the OK Corral type" siege on QEB and (and on FB's life) in Nov 2000.

Anonymous said...

I thought this dancer is a bible basher cum preacher. Oh boy how some ppl can sell their testimony away to keep their job by pleasing ppl and not the great God they profess to serve. Money thicker than faith..

Anonymous said...

His face..looks like he's had one too many..Must be from the birds of a feather stick together gang of drunk priests like Kevin Barr and Akuila Yabaki.

Anonymous said...


The most sophisticated puppets are called marionettes. The best of them are carved of wood so skilfully that they can look almost lifelike. The puppeteer who brings them to life is stationed above the stage, out of sight of his audience, skilfully pulling strings so delicate they are all but invisible.

A much less sophisticated form of puppetry is the glove puppet. Usually fashioned crudely from paper mache they are neither realistic nor pretty. They often resemble crude cartoon caricatures more than real people. Operated from below by the hand of the puppeteer who is out of sight beneath the stage, they are more limited in their repertoire, usually confining themselves to hitting one another over the head with big sticks.

Then there is the lowest form of puppetry of them all: the Bainikhaiyum hand puppet. Like the marionette, the Bainikhaiyum puppet has a wooden head, but it is crude and has an ugly face which resembles the rougher forms of glove puppets. The Bainikhaiyum puppet doesn’t have strings. Instead, the hand of the puppeteer reaches up through the backside of the doll to a small ring that makes the mouth flap in sync with the puppeteers words.

The Bainikhaiyum puppeteer doesn’t bother to conceal himself at all, either above the stage or below it. He is centre stage, all the time, completely visible to the audience and in fact he tends to hog the stage, turning the spotlight on his himself rather than his own creation.

Not surprisingly, Bainikhaiyum puppetry has limited appeal. Many experts wonder how it survives at all as an art form. It mostly plays to audiences rounded up at the point of a gun, though it has managed to get some applause without using guns in a retirement home in Horowhenua.

With the political life of our homeland now dominated by the crude clowns of Bainikhaiyum, audiences long for the days of a Fijian version of marionettes called Maranettes. Highly sophisticated, delicately carved in a wide variety of forms, their movements were subtle, their lines sophisticated and, above all, their strings never visible. The audiences loved them, although they had critics in Suva’s wannabe intellectual circles.

But alas the great Mara puppeteer has left us. One his creations, the Bole doll, now cavorts to the tune of the puppeteer, Aiyaz Sayed Kickback. It’s a sad sight for those who remember the skillful performances when his strings were pulled by the great puppeteer.

The past in Fiji was not perfect, but it seems the further we look back, the better things were. Economic growth, hope for the future and a commitment to discussing our differences. It’s a pity all the young men whose guns keep Frank in power are too young to remember a time when things were different, not perfect, but a whole lot better.


Anonymous said...

Frank Bainimarama the women basher wants to be Fiji’s President with absolute powers

A Tongan media outlet has quoted exiled Lt Col Ului Mara saying that Fiji’s tyrant, Frank Bainimarama’s ultimate vision is to install himself as the President of Fiji.

In his interview, Ului said that Frank’s ambition is to impose a new Presidential System in Fiji similar to that adopted in Indonesia.

Our research reveal that “the President of Indonesia is both head of state and head of government and of a multi-party system. He is also the commander-in-chief of the Indonesian armed forces, and responsible for domestic governance, policy-making and foreign affairs. The president and vice president are both selected by the vote of the citizens for a term of five years. Its also the president who heads the United Indonesia Cabinet and elects the council of ministers.”

Many things spring to mind with Ului’s revelation.

1. The goal post for that 2014 election promised by Frank has not only shifted but has been uprooted and replaced by a new goal post all together . Instead of voting for a party with a pre-determined Prime Minister, it will be replaced by a Presidential election. This will mean a complete overhaul of Fiji’s Constitution which Frank is earmarking to happen in 2012. Another round of coerced public consultation will have to take place to try and legitimize their ready-made reviewed Constitution like that ill-conceived “Peoples Charter” that got decapitated by the Appeals Court ruling of its illegality.

2. To effect this Constitutional change, Frank and Aiyaz will again look to their current President Epeli to sign off their new “Political System of Fiji” decree and others.

3. Will Epeli Nailatikau be accepting to sign off on his own removal decree to pave the way for a new and fresh Presidential Election system in Fiji?

4. If Epeli refuses to sign the decree, it means that he wants to remain President until he kicks the bucket or when he’s forcefully removed by other factors he can not control.

5. If Epeli signs the decree, then he is obviously happy with Aiyaz/Frank’s vision to open up Fiji’s President’s role to all Fijians and to lend a hand in further weakening the Great Council of Chiefs indigenous Fijian structure outlined in Aiyaz’s “Sunset Clause for the Indigenous Fijian Race” Masters Degree thesis. We doubt he stands a chance in winning the Presidential race if he’s stupid enough to make a run for it. Which means that he will be quite happy to make a sweet-heart pay-out deal with Aiyaz and Frank for his services to them before he retires.

6. Frank is already campaigning for his President candidacy and is also digging deep into the public coffers he controls as Minister Finance to fund his campaign. Quite ironic that he is now doing exactly what he alleged previous governments to have done in a lead up to a general election. How soon will he allow others to start campaigning?

7. Will Frank win the Presidential election? In his dreams cause we think not! We can confidently say that Frank lack the popular support to get him democratically elected – never was, not now and not in the future.

But with the truth-telling from Ului Mara with other senior military officers expected to also spill the bean soon, we don’t believe Frank will be able to make it to 2014.

He will crumble soon and it’s just a matter of time.

Moon Boy said...

He must be sh*&%$$@ his pants. They losing support and he knows it. Show the picture again of him going into the media conference behind Bainimarama, looking scared sh%$ scared!!!

Anonymous said...

The problem is we have people (like the 2 ladies) entertaining this clowns.
To make them feel rejected just don't show up to any these activities there they are chief guests or whatever.
Let them wonder and feel uneasy/worried of what the people around them are say/doing. That will really creep them out.

Anonymous said...

What a fake Naivalurua is, do the two stupid women dancing with him know exactly how much he and his wife rake in from the govt's coffers??!!

Naivalurua could at least have provided a more decent venue out of his ill-gotten gains for that community to have a 'taralala' in, instead of dancing in the middle of a bloody road.

And he wonders why there's a high traffic incident in Fiji with kids learning at a very early age that it's OK to sit, have a lie down, talanoa and dance in the middle of the road.


Anonymous said...

this police comm cant dance properly bring the police comm in china who is the real disco dancer police chief, now who has discovered the buffet table in china and doesnt leave it for nearly whole day bring the dancing police back-FRANKS REFORM FOR FIJI

Go Fiji Go said...

Oh so this what President was saying how can he do anything when people are still dancing on the streets! wailei tamaqu

Anonymous said...

Dont you people get it No one that works under BR will do any thing to topple this man . They are all his mates and getting paid good money .So why bit the hand that feed you , So they all need to be bought before an International court and stand trial
fot they part in this coup . So what needs to be done from many counties is that we put sanction on them so they have no money comming in and then .it might be hard on the Fijian people but in the end you will win and have a democracy once more. We Love Fiji and its people

Anonymous said...

Io io danisi tiko sonalevu !!!! He doesnt give a "sheet" about investigations, rising crime rates etc.

All he is concerned about is bloody dancing in streets (whats there to celebrate about anyway?), making his side-line money along with his wife, talking smart to our fellow police offices but no action and most of all stroking his master's testicles !!!!

Anonymous said...

Why do u all believe RUM?

First he lied "fishing"

He lied about his support about at FMF?

He lied about the beating. Ask the ladies and u will know it was him and Drit.

He lied about the loan. In fact, what qualification does he have to talk about the economy and finance.

People of fiji are tired of coup and just want to on with life.

The poor $2 per hour workers don't want their livelihood ruined by another coup and sanctions.

People who talk against the Govt should put their name and come to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Danisi Ni Waci, Job Me Vala....

Anonymous said...

Why do you think that I said that there were three (3) (III) people controling this country? Have you connected the dots yet? Do I honestly HAVE to name them?

Has anyone seen the police doing ANYTHING lately but mimicking the military and harassing the populace. Come on now people. Wakey up. This is NOT news. This has been current events for one long miserable year after the last "poofta" (I've decided I really like that word!) left the same office to do what - go and represent us in China!? My, my and I just have to wonder what business he has conducted there!
John Galt

Tim said...

Clearly then, if the man has any ethics - he would resign. Otherwise he can take his chances along with the rest. Opportunism is not an excuse.
Amazing really to see how the coup mongers are all lining up.
Anyone noticed how Shaista Shameen has gone all quiet lately? And what of Gates too!

Bhaini Marama said...

He is one of Wank Bainivuaka's puppets. By the way, it appears the two women are supporting the pisshead after a few too many.

Another, where is Semi Meow?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7.51

Oh puhleeze! It's not a matter of believing in RUM as it is in helping him destroy this illegal regime that's been stealing from the people the last 5 years.

Sounds to me you're one of those snorting suckers who's afraid their gravy train ride is slowly grinding to a halt.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Maintain public safety? That's a good one for a laugh!

Maintain stranglehold and power for the regime and nothing else.

Oops! Mary, it looks like you're going to have to slide over a bit in bed. Ioane wants to cozy up to Frank a little closer.

Oh, and another thing Mary - there's no fourth wheel in a three ring circus. You might want to think about packing your bags. John Galt

Anonymous said...


Reveal the corruption of the police chief and dictator for corruption with padam lala -boots and uniform millions

Anonymous said...

Is it amazing that when you look at the quality of people who trained overseas, Sandhurst etc-they al seem to hate Voreqe but none could take him out. Voreqe has got all of them by the balls. Naivalurua was moved promptly form the army as Voreqe knew he couldn't trust him.Voreqe then hand picked the senior army offices who would be around him. Now what you have a duds who are scared of him or those that realise that Voreqe has given them a second chance. Any wonder why there is no rebellion-pay is great, perks are just delicious & all i have to do is say sir, sir sir, 50 times when Voreqe is around! Many under estimated Voreqe and have paid the price. He is indeed ruthless, which puts our soldiers in what category-deadly??? I leave it to you guys to surmise!

Frank the No School Crank said...

@Go Fiji Go 6:42 PM Just three people, not the whole of Fiji, but that's enough reason for that illegal Prez not to do anything!

Nailati Holy Cow said...

Nailatikau has NOT done a saolid day's work in his entire life.

Anonymous said...

What is this guy in charge of? And kids sitting on the road. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

shame on you Naivalurua, can't do ur job and arrest the 2 biggest thieves and criminals in the country - Bhaini and Khaiyum kaisi and also his aunty Nur Bano

Anonymous said...

Arrest the junta 15 and send to libya to join the rebels to fight GAdafi-they will piss in their panties-only fiji they show power cos men have no guns or they will be running to the sea by now

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm wondering too. Where is Semi Meo or Stealth for that matter?

RE: Sutradhara - eloquently put. Didn't respond at first cause I didn't like or concur with your final paragragh but I get where you're coming from.

The truth is that there has always been unmitigated corruption since Fiji assumed control of its own government. In the beginning the rats were only chewing off small pieces ( a little keri keri here - a little keri keri there). More recently, they have decided to swallow the hunks of cheese whole. Why? Because they observed the previous admins doing it on the sneak and and now realize they don't have to hide anything from the public because they believe they are not accountable to the public. Hence all of the restructuring that allows "payments" to be handed out on an in-house basis. In fact, the AG went one step further and has single-handedly been rewriting all of our laws so that he can steal "legally."

This is not a government in any sense of the word. It is a grand scale takeover by thugs. John Galt

Anonymous said...

compol naivalurua, we the people of fiji still waiting

will you investigate voreqe bocinimarama regarding roko uluis allegation

if not, o sa sotia lamusona dina o iko

maumau nomu kai cakaudrove...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Seeing this picture, "oilei ... na tama ni vakaloloma..." you lose hope more seeing this picture, "sa sega ga ni dua na ka ena rawa!"

Anonymous said...

me ratou veitauri soresore ga o voreqe,naivalurua kei khaiyum qai valiligi e na matani barrack fro people to see how unskilled and stupid they are towards the fiji regime..........
these three puppets are monsters........of hell