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Thursday, May 19, 2011

'The New Fiji is in Your Hands'

Sources have sent this statement to Coupfourpointfive, saying it comes from the Strategic HQ Desk.
They have asked it be printed in its entirety, saying it is a message for the people of Fiji. 
We have done that but please note we have also sent questions to these strategists asking them to detail more fully what the following statement is aimed at and how realistic it is

Sa dodonu meda na  marautaka na veisau vou sa na kida mai ni sana sucu vou na noda vanua ena dua na veiliutaki vou kei ira era na cakacaka kina.Meda vakarau uvu davui ni qaqa ni sana bale ena vakaloloma kana tau bitalaki ki ra ka na vakasequruquru bati o koya na kawa ni tevoro vei Lucifer Bainimarama kei na luve ni anti Christ na Taliban Aiyaz Kyaihum.Sa tuvani oti tu vakamatata na nodraui matemate o Khaiyum kei Bainimarama ka dodonu meda vakavinavinaka ni ra yalo dei ka ra yalo dina eso na noda mera biubiuta vata na plan oqo, o ira na turaga valu kei ira na satini era tiko ena keba kei ira na Turaga ni Ovisa era tiko ena vei police stations kei ira na tiko ena operations kei na NIB.Kevaka o kai Viti ka sosoko tu vei iko kei ira na nomu kawa na dra ni veivakaturaga taki oqo na gauna: mo na tucake bolebole,ka qaqa, ka mo vakarau yavala ena vukudra na luveda era muri tiko mai kei na kena  maroroi na noda vanua kei na kenai yau bula sa mai butakoca o Bainimarama kei Aiyaz Khaiyum ena nodrau vaqumi ena milioni na dola ka rau volitaka vei ira na kawa ni kominisi mai Jaina.

Ena loma ni dua na gauna lekaleka  ga mai oqo sana kacivaka kina na Turaga na Peresitedi ka Commander in Chief ni  mataivalu ni sa na vakasakea   NA MATANITU NEI BAINIMARAMA, KEI NA NONAI TUTU VAKA COMMANDER KA SA NA DIGITAKI EDUA NA COMMANDER VOU, NA COMMISSIONER NI OVISA VOU, LAND FORCE COMMANDER VOU, LIULIU NI NAVY VOU, LIULIU NI PRISON VOUKEI NA CABINET VOU LEWE 10 MAI VEI IRA NA LEWE NI VANUA mera na kauti viti kina veidigidigi ni 2012.
Lalawa 1.1
Sa mai vakadeitaki koya na Peresitedi ni Commander in Chief ka tu vua na executive authority ni vanua ka sa nona lewa mera kakua sara ni dua vei ira na lewenimativalu se ovisa kei na kena veiliutaki mera yavalata e dua na ka ena voroka kina na tiko sautu kei na tiko veilomani ni lewe ni vanua.Mera rokova ka doka na lewa ni veiliutaki ena vanua ni nodra cakacaka.ka sa tu vei ira na dodonu mera maroroya na tiko sautu,na tiko veilomani kei na kena dokai na veiliutaki .Na nodrai vola sa volai oti ka sa vakau wavoki vei ira na mtaivalu kei na ovisa.
Lalawa 1.2
Na lalawa oqo era biuta vata na PS kei ira na so era digitaki mai na bisinisi,talatala ni lotu,loya ni vunilawa kei ira eso na turaga ni vanua kei ira na mata ni matanitu era tiko oqo.
Lalawa 1.3
Sa volai oti na decree nona na Peresitedi ka sa vakayagataka kina okoya na nona kaukauwa me vakagalagala taka kina na Cabinet nei Bainimarama ena nona vunitaka tu na matanitu me kila na Peresitedi na levu ni veivoli lawaki ca rau cakava kei Khaiyum kei na levu ni corruption rau cakava ena loma ni matanitu.
Lalawa 1.4
Vakayacori na wili lewe ni vanua August karua ni wasewawse ni vuli 2011 kina Janueri 2012
Digitaki na Constitutuency Boundary’s Commission ka me oti na wili lewe ni vanua.
Digitaki na Constitution Commission  Dikevi na 1997 constitution ka curu na vei tiki ni peoples charter ena tubu kina tiko sautu.Time June 2011-May 2012.

Digitaki na election commission me curu kina  na “one man vote” me curu ena lawa ni matanitu vou 2012. June 2011-May 2012.

Lalawa 1.5
Dolavi na PER decree me sa soli na galala ni lewenivanua
Soli na galagala ni media
Dolavi na katuba vei Niusiladi kei Australia kei na matanitu vaka UN mera soli vakasala kei na veivuke vakailavo ni veidigidigi.
Sureti na international community mera vukei viti ena sara vanua kei veivoli.

Oqo nai tuvatuva dua ni lalawa ka san a kena gauna mo kila ni o iko o rawa ni kauta mai vakatotolo na veisau.

The peoples strike and government civil servants national sabotage action plan has been endorsed by senior military officials  from Saturday 21st to Friday May 27th.
Be absent from work and go on sick leave
Freeze all computers with volumes of smart viruses
Go slow on documents of policy in nature
Drive your minister to a hidden place where he can be put on house arrest.
Stop all payments of all ministers that is going to Nur Bano Ali and Zarin Khan
Put sedative in his tea to make him senile
Invite him to open a meeting and mix his water with a sweet ingredient that will put him to sleep.
Freeze faxes and phones by blocking its main power supply.

From the Strategic HQ Desk

English translation:
The new Fiji is in your hands, stand up and be counted in this chapter

We should be glad that a new chapter is beginning, and that a new leadership has been established and its personnel with it. Be prepared to blow the davui (conch shell) of victory because we will toss out the descendant of Lucifer Bainimarama and the Son of the Antichrist the Taliban Aiyaz Khaiyum. The demise of Bainimarama and Khaiyum has already been plotted and is ready to be executed and we should be appreciative that there are some brave men who are prepared to put this plan together. These are Army Officers, Police officers and sergeants from various Police posts and operations with the inclusion of NIB. If you are a Fijian and the blood and ways of Fijian protocol is strong in your veins, this is the time to stand up, be bold, be strong and be ready to act for the sake of our children, the safekeeping of our land and its resources, which Bainimarama and Khaiyum have gained millions for from descendants of communists and China.


In a not too distant future, His Excellency the President and Commander in Chief of the Military Forces will be announcing the removal of the Bainimarama Government and remove him from his position as Commander and one named in his place, a new Commissioner of Police, new Land Force Commander, new Navy Commander, new Commissioner of Prisons and a new cabinet chosen from the people to take us to elections in 2012.

Plan 1.

The president has been cemented in his position and he has executive authority over the land and he has advised that no one is to try and cause instability amongst the populace. They must respect the leadership in their place of work and they have the right to maintain harmony. His Excellency’s letter has already been circulated within the Police and Military Forces

Plan 1.2

These plans have been put together by PSs, chosen business heads, church ministers, lawyers of the judiciary and Chiefs and representatives of the government who are here.

Plan 1.3

The decree has been drawn up and he (President) is using his power to remove Bainimarama’s cabinet for the reason that he hid all his cunning transaction he conducted with Khaiyum and the corrupt practices they undertook within the government.

Plan 1.4

National censorship to be conducted August during second school term to January 2012.
Choosing the Constituency Boundary’s Commission at the completion of the censorship.
Choosing the Constitution Commission, review the 1997 Constitution and points that will promote progress and harmony from the People’s Charter to be entered.

Time June 2011-May 2012

Choosing of Election committee to enter “one man vote” in the new Constitution. June 2011-May 2012

Plan 1.5

Removal of PER and restoration of basic human rights.
Restore Media freedom.
Invitation to Australia, New Zealand, UN to advise and help finance the election
Open Fiji to the International Community for Trade and Tourism
This is part one and YOU are invited to take part in bringing this new change.


Anonymous said...

who's going to watch the ports of entry...they might try to escape

Yalewa Dina said...

Good everyone gather at all the parks around the country including taveuni, savusavu, labasa n demand the end of the regime. This will be called Kua Ni Rere Protest everyone do it starting tomorrow.


OOOrahhhh..........yes we should have gate keepers at every ports of entry, sea, and air..they might escape in yachts, or chinese fishing boats.............and if we do have a massive protest demonstration, we should get leak in reporters from NZ and Aust......and stream the march live.......on air.........can we get in mercenaries???? all this high profile people should be put to jail, freeze thier assets sell them to recover the money..........all of them from Damodar, Tappoos, Patel, Khaiyum...........etc
The time is now to fight for Fiji, stay vigilent, keep watch, stay alert, and pray.......that all plans will be executed successfully..........God bless everyone who take heed of this call FROM THE STRATEGIC HQ DESK, may his protection be upon you and god bless FIJI

Anonymous said...

is this for real or a joke?now that it is out the military will surely be aware of it now.

Anonymous said...

ground all aeroplanes and close all airports. that will surely get someone's attention, if not in fiji, then from abroad particularly the visitors. that should indicate that something is certainly not right.

Anonymous said...

please C4.5 translate into hindi, chinese,rotuman.tongan and lastly into the vanua of BA dialect.

These are warriors of FIJI sa tuva oti nai mau

Jieke said...

Sa yawa me vala sara ra gone...me rawa na tu galala.

mark manning said...

Strategy Two:
Tie a yellow ribbon around Aiyaz and Frank's polos!

Anonymous said...

Here we go again..

Sa oca mai with this propaganda announcement. It never eventuates. year after year.. You scream of a walkout, protest marches etc.,. Have you ever heard of the Boy that cried Wolf and Doubting Thomas? When I see it than I believe it. In the meantime.. I will pray that you all succeed. :)

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Shit another bullshit story.
Dina - sa da oca mai.
Ului n Driti shud hav revolted while at QEB,,,,ie they had the guns. But they were lumshan cos majority were not with them. Why? Because of their adulterous ways ,,,,support was only superficial,,,,rau vuki ga rau kakase taki.
Fijians will only support a leader from their hearts if he is a righteous leader - and morally sound.
Otherwise, they bow down to you and curse you behind you. The soldiers are not gonna die for unrighteous leaders like these 2.
Same goes for President Eveli.
Nothings gonna happen.
My prediction is that Frank will survive and start negotiations with other leaders in 2012 when he realises he will need a political agreement in order not to be prosecuted n end up at the Hague or Naboro. Ului is finished and will never assume any leadership position.
So bloggers just focus on yo families and forget Ului. Note he is repeating what we already know and positioning himself away from a guilty position. He will remain in exile in Tonga or join JB and Daunituttut in Canbbera,,,,ie living safely away and trying to cause a revolt in Fiji. If you away overseas please just relax or come to Fiji and act here.

i Taukei said...

sa rauta mada na veivakalolomataki..sa keimami sega soti sara ni lialia na i taukei. Sa keimami vuli mai na ka sa yaco oti...o keimami lomana na neimami vanua keina neimami dui vuvale ka keimami sega ni vinakata me ra vakalolomataki na luvei keimami mai vei kemuni na vaqara POWER.


Ni vakatovolea mada me macala se ko cei e tauvi da ...i keri se ike

Ului has loose support in the Army and from the vanua that's why he ran for cover in Tonga

Tiloko Damu said...

...Kevaka o kai Viti ka sosoko tu vei iko kei ira na nomu kawa na dra ni veivakaturaga taki oqo na gauna: mo na tucake bolebole,ka qaqa, ka mo vakarau yavala...

Sounds like text straight out of the Taukei Movement manual.

Anonymous said...

Some of the hotel workers have agreed to put shit in any food that is served to AK or FB when they visit. This should help the 2 work out what the arse is used for once the food goes thru their system.

Anonymous said...

(MY) Mate, re the comment "..anti Christ na Taliban Aiyaz" - we have now got our heads deep into the sand. Just on this simple comment I can tell you, that Bai and his co-horts have no competition ..they will win this fight.. I am sorry to say, just based on the intellect we are employing.

If Aiyaz is anti-christ, then every political leader in Fiji till this day is pro-christ...I wish this was true..cause the root cause of all the problems today is corruption at all levels in Fiji.

lets leave christ out of this, because every leader to date in Fiji has been an absolute hyporcrite..thus..making them bigger anti-christ then Aayaz.

I think deep inside us, we know who the real talibans and anti-christs are in this game..

I want a change in Fiji, but with such comments made in Fijian by Mara and co..no chance..

Anonymous said...

I Taukei.

I think you out of your mind.

What protection will the people of Fiji get from military persons.
they are the biggest threat to innocent lives. they have killed people in cold blood just by following blindly Franks ill advise. Fiji military should learn from Aust, US, NZ, Uk, etc etc NOT to interfere in politics. Your role is way different. We the tax payers of Fiji paying your to rest, clean & polish your boots, train & get fit, etc to be able to protect us from our enemies which we will not find in many years. No pacific country wants to go to war with Fiji. There is no reason for doing so. Except for Frank & his stoogers who have punished the people of Fiji dearly, killed, lost jobs, hurt in many forms while VB , Aiyaz, His family, his aunties Naz & shaista Shameem, Aslam, Nur Bhano Ali & Co have made heaps of wealth by decieveing us.

There is nothing to be proud about our Fiji army, in fact they stink. They have ruined a reputable institutions founded by our forefathers. VB leadership was questionable from the beginning, the mutuny is an example & many more. So why all the lies and grandstanding about VB & Aiyaz. In fact Fiji is now their government & not the people's.

Only time will tell.......Fijians have still not learn their lessons.

God bless Viti.

So claim your freedom before someone will decide for you.

TUI said...

Idiots, too much talk, just go mada and plant some tavioka - yavu kana loto!

I said...

Kevaka sa vakasakea na PM na Peresitedi cava tale me caka ni Maji. Ke vaka e lomana dina na Presitedi ka tu na veitokani mai vei ira na Mataivalu kei na Ovisa cava tale me caka kina na vakabebe.

Na virus? - oilei na otioti ni gauna era sega ni cakacaka kina na tamata ena nona veivakarerei nai talatala ni na yaco edua na tsunami.

HQ mai vei qo - mai Merika - ra dabe toka mai ena nodra comnputer ka ra vakamakama tiko mai Viti. Sa oti na SDL sa qima. Sa o Viti vou oqo. Na Viti e tautauvata na lewe ni vanua. Sa sega na veivakaduiduitaki.

Anonymous said...

I grew up hearing this song on the radio,
"We want to build this land we call Fiji, to let our people live in peace and harmony, to build a future for our children a future for us all"
C'mon Fiji, this is our time to stand together and win our freedom and our future...YES WE CAN!!!

SEMI MEO said...

Gonei, sa yawa o agend vinod mai na Strategic HQ Desk.

I was pleading non violence in my previous post..may we reiterate our humble plea and again ask for dialogue be the first and only option, please.

With due respect, it is pretty difficult to concur with Ratu Mara’s assurance that the Fijian Military will not shoot at deviant elements within and without the Military.

May his assumtions were credible while he was in the Military. We should accept however that the political and social atmosphere has been unbelievably turbo charged to fragile heights since his fishing trip.

Let the cooler heads massage this situation with diplomacy and heavy dose of goodwill…we think it is not too late.

Anonymous said...

Leqa gona vei -i Taukei- ni sa curuma tu nona mona na rerevaka jiko na Mataivalu. Dou ia mada kei iratou qori.

The Fiji Military has no relevance and applicability to Fiji and its people today.

Their role is a hangover from the glory World War II days of serving King & Country. Look around Fiji and you will notice that we have a total land area of 20,000 sq km with a population of less than 1million people. Our borders are the sea. We dont need a Military. We need a proffessional Police Force and a well equiped and trained Navy. NO MORE ARMY.

Ni sa na duri na matanitu vou (Wishful Thinking), the first step of any democratically Elected Government is the abolishment of the Fiji Military Force. It is them who have ingrained the "Coup Culture" Crosby & Clan keep yapping about.


What the #&*! said...

This is like the Keystone Cops = has to be a joke.( re your minister ) "put sedative in his tea and make him senile".

I can't believe Coup 4.5 would be stupid enough to take this kind of thing seriously. You guys are being manipulated by idiots. Ergo. You're idiots too.

Anonymous said...

@I Taukei

Dou veitarikau ga kei na mataivalu. Vaqakoro tiko ni tiko na dakai, biu mada na dakai me da veituki vakadodonu qai macala mada o cei e tawa na nona taurisese....ni veicai....

Dream on said...

Can't u idiots see what is behind this diversion? Ului's escape is a blessing in disguise for some people whose time is near for Naboro. Hence all this hype. But, NOTHING will happen. We will continue as usual till election in 2014.

Anonymous said...

no one has seen tomorrow my friend so forget about lasting till 2014 as the end is near and even blood will be shed and u can join the cassava patch run, fiji must be freed of dictatorship, creed and corruption and junta evil-a fight worth dieing for against a bunch of 10 or so thugs pretending to be saints but big wolves and crooks filling their pockets.

Anonymous said...

@Semi Meo . If I remember correctly, recently an old man from Kadavu, who was a friend of Bainimarama wanted to do "DIALOGUE" with him.
He went up to Delainabua and asked to see Bai at the Main Gate.
The rest is history.
He was tortured.
So Semi. Please stop talking about Dialogue.
Rairai leqa tiko beka nomu koro turaga.
You are beginning to sound irritating like an old broken record.

Anonymous said...

Agree with anon@8.28pm.

Dialogue with half-schooled thick headed people is like trying to catch the wind.
We gotta understand that this guy (Baini) has sadly fallen very ill with the power hungry sickness dictators throughout history also experienced eg. Hitler, Mussolini, present-day Gadaffi and others.

When all they could think of is the prestige, $$$ that power brings, NOTHING but force can be done to remove such people.

SEMI MEO.. just a reminder..POWER CORRUPTS. If you think dialogue with your turaga tau, Bainimarama will bring about some sense and provide a way forward, then mate, you gotta be in DISNEYLAND!!!

The cries of the vanua will not go unheard.
Poofies and goons @ Delainabua, your days are numbered and you know that for a fact.
Better expand Naboro and Korovou cause there won't be enough room for supporters of Baini-Aiyarse regime.


Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:24pm

No need to expand Naboro & Korovou...we'll just convert the Nabua barracks into a prison....problemo solved!

Anonymous said...

anon 9.24pm, without the 'poofies' from Nabua Fiji would be a real banana republic by now, rife with racial discrimination, ruled by the corrupt, arrogant and lazy politicians of the SDL and, the i taukei continuously manipulated by both politicians and the methodist church. It has been a vicious cycle for the commoner of this great land. When will Fiji be 'the way the world should be?'Do not ever lose hope.

Anonymous said...

When the AG was referred to as 'Anti Christ Taliban'the author of this piece in my view lost all credibility. What utter nonsense, gaining our country back is serious stuff, we dont need this type of twaddle? Get yourself onto the street and speak with conviction? Your physical action will facilitate the change not gargabe like this.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:11pm

Couldn't agree more...

Anonymous said...

I am not putting my name down to support any move to include the Charter farter in any consitutional reform. Let that be the work of a consitutional Parliament. Seems like NGOs are part of this scheme- we defeat Baini and then include his charter what nonsense is this? No to one-man-one-vote- the next Parliament will all be Fijian in that case. mark my words! Fijians are majority right now, so if you want to backfire, go for it! But not in my name! Ra bai via veivakayagataki ga mai- everyone to himself that's the best coup!

Anonymous said...

All righty then....! This is a joke right?! Put a sedative in someone's tea to make them sterile??? Has someone taken over coup 4.5 headquarters??? Have you guys gone round the bend???

Please, restate your statement (or maybe English translation was just lacking) becaue this sounds ridiculous.

And how are we, as persecuted and muffled citizens supposed to do all of this?

Who are the "senior military officials" that are mandating this?

Good on President to act but let's see HIM act first. Then we will know how to follow.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Forgot to ask. Just WHAT is "In a not too distant future?" Like what, (just asking here) five hours? Five days? Five years?????

Anonymous said...

Again, I am reading this thing and thinking aliens must have invaded coup 4.5. DRIVE OUR MINISTERS TO SOME PLACE WHERE THEY CAN BE PUT UNDER HOUSE ARREST??? These suggestions are ridiculous especially when you consider that we, the populace HAVE NOT HEARD ANYTHING substansive from the President to say he is truly in charge. Are we, the unarmed and inpowered to do his job for him?? What gives coup 4.5????

Anonymous said...

Fiji Village reports Ratu Epeli Nailatikau has returned from a weeklong tour of Rotuma. C4.5 hasn't mentioned this once.

Anonymous said...

Come on Fiji Coup 4.5. You and I know that this strategic plan is way too public for it to happen. Its neither tactical nor operational in terms of its execution. I thought you sus all comments!!! Stop raising high hopes on we the liberation desperates!! who allowed this to be publicised??????

Anonymous said...

Thank you Strategic HQ for the plan. So precise and well worked out.

Now I am beginning to believe that the majority of our people in the two major forces have withdrawn suipport for Bai's regime, And I very much believe that out there in the 2000-strong military, a soldier with the heart of a lion is on the way of carving a name for himself in the annals of our history by bringing to an end the suffering that our people have been going through for the past four years or so. You will be a super hero. Rise to the occasion and fire that long-awaited shot.

Anonymous said...

seeing is beliving guyz......lets just pray for our beautifull Fiji.

Anonymous said...

There is so much talk of overthrowing the current illegal regime, but nothing is done about it.
Do not let this fizzle away. Time is NOW for ACTION!!!

Anonymous said...

@ I Taukei, TILOKO DAMU & I and all Vore's army, sympathisers...., rauta mada na vesu mona, Dou yavu ULU KAU!! we know the role of any army as you said but is vore's army up for that or only themselves. Dua ga na ka, sake qo, sake ya, you ask yourself are you protecting the people. Your Clean-up campaign is a complete mess, fxxx your clean up. Just return to the barrack and clean your ass. You are not protecting anyone but only collaborating and support the corrupt, treacherous, nepotism, insecurity of your leader.

Those Decrees issued from 2006 to todate, only to suppress, torture, murder innocent people, my question - have you committed anything illegal/wrong or just following orders. If you are for the later then shutup, you do not know what you are talking about. During the Nuremberg Trials in 1946, he argued that he did what was best for Germany, but the court ruled that people were suppressed, tortured, killed, so they were crimes committed. What happened to Nuremberg is history (go look it up – vuli vakavo). Look at NATO & UN’s mandate, support the people, let them voice themselves without suppression from the Regime (in particular illegal and draconian regimes like you). You better open your eyes more and close your mouth and ass.

We are telling you bunch of idiots in vore’s army and vore what you need to hear, on the contrary you are telling vore what he wants to hear. The symbiotic relationship of Vore’s insecurity and your blood thirsty for money and wealth makes two to tango. We will not buy that because we went to school, passed UE, F7, Degrees and so forth and deserve what we deserve. Look at your bunch of Fiji Junior Passes only, went to engineering classes/schools are now Commissioners, PS here and there. Roko Ului had summed it all for Frank. Check Mate!!!

Anonymous said...

Can the author of this piece please stand forward now and take center stage? Or is it just all talk and no walk? If so, sit down, shut up & watch a filipino movie.

Anonymous said...

If this piece really did emanate from the strategic office desk, then one should really question the wisdom (or the lack of it) of those strategic thinkers. Simply because publishing this article is not really a good strategy.

Anonymous said...

Sa qai dredre ga o Baini ena balolo ni vakanananu eda mai kaburaka tiko kei na plan calacala sa na qai kaya mai ME VALA SARA hahahaha......kaikaila.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.32. You are what i refer to as a classic idiot and the reason why Fiji is what it is today. Despite all that is bad with Frank the charter if looked at without emotion is not such a bad document. It allows Fiji to move into the future with a place for everyone in its decision making process. All right thinking people want this. The more we alienate the other communities the more they will work against the country. In Fiji the harsh reality is that the i-taukei own all the land and the other races own everything else. If the other races feel unwanted as they have been doing for so long they simply find a way to leave and they take their wealth with them. The land is useless without investment money.
This is not good for Fiji particularly at this time in its history. We need everyone to contribute with their own god given talents to make Fiji a better place.

Anonymous said...


Coup 4.5 said...

Yes some of the strategiesdo appear ridiculous ... we have asked for more information. Meanwhile we have been told that the aim of the message encourage Fiji citizens to underact an act of civil disobedience. We've also been reminded that people need to read between the lines - hint - what appears to be is not what it appears to be-C4.5

Qativi said...

Can you stop with this kind of iresponsible ranting and stupid effort in trying to get an uprising!! Yes Tunisia and the other Arab countires did it succesfully via the internet but they were smart about it. This, is just downright STUPID!!!!

And the victims of these are the NGOs, Youth Group and Community Groups who try to go about doing good things and having their permits withheld because idiots like you post up this shit on the blogs about a uprising that nver eventuates.

If you're a greenie intentionally doing this for the purposes stated above ROT IN HELL you embicile, sorry excuse of a man, no dignity o honor, thug, goon.

Anonymous said...

Ratu Epeli needs to grow some balls for once and stop disappearign off to China or whereever when the going gets tough for this counttry.

Be a man and call some tough shots, your oppurtunist ways are past annoying now reaching embresing.

babylone kido... said...

sa rauta mada scotishrewan....i know u well..nd wea u 4rom....ok...so watch out mada...i'll cum 2 ur home 2nite...

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11.25am - I couldn't agree more..

Anonymous said...

United we stand, divided we fall .... this has been the reason for all this ... if we as all races have been united than this wouldn't come today. Indian's could have joined to one party and so cud have the Fijians but they are all divided. And now that we have the great services of AG will be making things much more better and creating more division. He things by marrying a Fijian will fill the gap ... he has to think again. I've married a national being Indian but it is still hard for some people to accept. UNITY....UNITY.....UNITY .....

People of Fiji wakeup ... even world peace depends on Unity and these integration of races and people.

Anonymous said...

Watch Out!!.....The Angel of Death is at Hand!!........

All Lies has a Beginning and an Ending.........Watch Out Vore and gang!!!!!

Everyone who supported the Regime will be incarcerated.... Hide while you can.

Anonymous said...

Bula folks!

Who are the real causes of Fiji's misery over the years? The ones who have started the fire, by striking the matchstick, and disappearing into the dark, whilst the Kaiviti are now beginning to hurle abuse at each other. It so fierce now that the Kaiviti are not mindful of customs and traditional obligations!! Just read this blog!
Who are the real spiders that begun spinning their web from the day they arrived in Fiji?
Some of those spiders are even part of this and other blogs, assuming aka's and other forms of disguises!!beware!!!
These spiders will support any government (democratic or not) as long as their interests are safeguarded...they are always sitting on the fence watching!!
Sometimes I reminisce what Butadroka used to say...I thought then that he was a fool, however, my perceptions is slowly changing.


Anonymous said...

KaiViti-the real misery to the Kai Viti was caused by the KaiViti's!Did you forget their inter an intra tribal slaughters sometimes just for the sake of having a human meal. The Kai Viti's have been hurling abuse at one another since time immemorial-if it wasn't for the vulagi's we still be chowing each other up, their became the temporary distraction. Who started the First coup, the 2nd coup, the 3rd coup and the one we have had recently. When they was no one to blame amongst us we had the Indo-Fijians! Now you just can't get over the fact that Bainimarama-started the fire-not with match sticks either and whome did he kick out another Corrupt Fijian Govt Qarase, ain't that just the right name for the previous PM QARA SE!THis is like the crap about others stealing Fijian land and the Fijians losing,if the Fijians were losing , then who the shit was winning & which land got stolen. If i recall the land the farmers are on are mostly lease land, others own land that is freehold. Now whose idea was it to have freehold land-British! Cut the crap & face the facts we just a bunch of small time crooks-until Rabuka came and bankrupted a BANK!Then Qarase decided he could better that record-given him a few more years and he would beaten Rabukas record.Wake the vulagis have done their share for Fiji-look around the Pacific-notice how those countries that only had Frech & British settlers have never ever developed the Indigenous race! Wll thank the Indo-Fijians it is thru their blood , abuse, murder etc that has made Fiji what it is today!

Anonymous said...

Enough enough enough.
We want a new FIJI and the only way we will get there is together and united as one.
Enough of this racial bullshit.
Enough of telling me that elections can only happen in 2012 or 2014.
If I was given a chance, I could organise and hold elections in FIJI in three (3) months time.
So stop fooling us each and every day.
We are not stupid, we are FIJI.

Anonymous said...

i write in response to all the comments and blog articles ive read so far...with reference to my knowledge into fijian policies and politics!
lets us look at the real scenario ie simply ...FIJI IS SUFFERING...a lot has been promised and very little delivered....it is true...we are not having any elections in 2014. AG n PM will not let it hapen...
International aid will be islotaed, Business will continue to suffer, fijians will continue to barely survive!..the Smiles have gone n wont cme back unless we fijians can speak out minds and hearts..but guess that will never happen till we have dictators...the ordinary does not have a say!
lets us not be racist n call any one anti christ or taliban,,..this is not a race issue and it never has been...people its all about the money...yes true it is that the current policy makers are enjoyin every bit of the cream but fear god for he is watching and to answer ur turn will come. but my beloved brothers and sisters, my neighbours, my kin and my friends, it is we, it is Fiji who has to now UNITE be strong, courageous, peaceful and definate and deploy the Ghandi approach and violent ways to drive out the evil angels..yes we will be heard..for ever and always-United we stand Devided we fall!

Anonymous said...

correction on the above comment...''Gandhi approach and non-violent ways to drive aot the evil angels''

Anonymous said...

Watch out for the Tongan Navy!!! They might take more of them to the Royal Palace!!

Anonymous said...

has anyone thought to recruit the youths??...we who are going to run the Vanua of tomorrow should at least be given some part in this. kevaka o ni vinakata mo ni successful then i suggest you also get the youths in because we are the ones who have much to lose or gain in this gamble...our future is at stake. Please, PLEASE include us or else the future will be bleak

Anonymous said...

va gonegoneya dina eso na tamata... kakua ni da mai rawai e na so na vakasama sega ni vaka i balebale va qo... this will only worsen the situation... ena mai vavuna wale na nodra vuli na gone.. sa bau free rawa toka na vuli kei nai vodovodo.... e da na sega ni cakacaka....i guess we beetr wait and see as we have experience with our own eyes the development in Fiji especially in rural areas.. come 2014 after election and we see if this government is a corrupted one or they doing good job.... be wise in your decision and remain calm at all times... dont associate yourself into something that will harm you and your family....GOD BLESS MY FIJI.....

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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