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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New interview with Roko Ului Mara: Judge me by my actions over the coming days

A New Zealand-based story today has suggested Roko Ului Mara may be allowed into the country, despite the fact he's on the ban list because he was a key figure in Frank Bainmarama's military government.

The possibility of that happening has led to more questions about Mara's ultimate plans. 

Below, he gives us some answers to some of the questions many of us are still asking. 

1) Are you seeking political refuge or asylum in New Zealand?
No I have not made contact with New Zealand for over 5 years. I have definitely not spoken to anyone from the New Zealand Government in the last 14 days. I have not even met with the New Zealand High Commissioner in Tonga. The story in the New Zealand Herald was news to me. I am obviously pleased to hear that I can go to New Zealand but I have no plans to do so at this time. I don’t even have a passport, despite Bainimarama’s lies; my lawyer surrendered my passport after the bail hearing in Suva.

2) How did the suggestion come about in the first place? Or was this always the plan? Many will say they believe it was.

3) We are still getting questions about how you came to be in Tonga.
There was no plan for me to leave Fiji. I was fishing. I was in difficulties. I was rescued by the Tongan Navy.

4) Why did you refer to the 'tough bunch of Kiwis' in your second statement? We take that as a hint of possible contact between you and New Zealand that was not acknowledged at the beginning.

It is no way a hint. It is to remind everybody and especially the commodore who seems to have forgotten that the first rule of the sea is to help other mariners in distress. You don’t ask questions first and then decide to put them back if they give the wrong answer.

5) People reckon you had help to get out of Fiji.
I can assure you no one helped me escape to Tonga. I have had no help from Fiji with writing my speeches or making the videos. You should no better than anyone that Fiji is filled with rumour.

6) What is happening to the revelations about the regime you promised to deliver? People in Fiji have been waiting and have been asking again when you will reveal the information that will bring down the regime, including details of the 2006 coup. When are you going to do that?
You will definitely see revelations in my next statement.

7) People have already been saying you're out to save yourself; with news of you being allowed into New Zealand there will be even more criticism. What have you got to say to them?
I have nothing to say to them. But let them judge me by my actions over the coming day and weeks.

8) What has happened to the plan to save Fiji? Has that now become the plan to save Roko Ului Mara?
Again, let people judge me by what happens in the future.


Anonymous said...

Again, thanks C4.5 - great questions and interview. Thanks Roko Ului for all that you're doing. We look forward in the coming days and weeks to those REVELATIONS that will bring down this illegal BainiArse regime.

Anonymous said...

Ratu, these allegations better come fast, and i strongly suggest you make this friday the D-Day for the illegal regime...

ex Fiji tourist said...


Anonymous said...


Kaicolo said...

Congrats C4.5, you have directly asked Ului some of the questions i have, and thanks Ului for your responses. We await for the spilled beans.

No matter how we differ on the path we follow and we may sound as if we are badgering each other along the way, our objective is common/same, and that is to elliminate Bainimarama regime as quickly as possible

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Ratu. At least someone is trying to do something to bring down Baini. I know many people are pensive because of your past involvement in the coup but if you're prepared to face consequences than I say we all band together to get rid of this Bainikhaiyum regime. We don't have many options and I don't see anyone else putting their hand up to directly attempt to remove this corrupt regime. I thank the Kingdome of Tonga and its people for sticking by their principles and not get bullied by this idiot Bainimarama. Please know that we are not behind him and that his rule is only by force of arms.

Tui Viti said...

Let's all be patient. I would prefer the facts come flooding in rather in drips and drabs. Hopefully this will be the case in the coming days.

To the team at C 4.5. Bravo!!! Please keep it coming. Maybe you could ask RU the following while you were at it.

1. When was the December 2006 take over hatched? The officers involved?

2. Who were the civilian advisors and members of the judiciary involved if any?

3.Why was Teleni shipped off to China?

4. Who are the current members of the Military Council who advise FB? Do they still exist or has AG made their role redundant?

I would be glad to get some answers from RU.

Thanks again C 4.5

Anonymous said...

Ratu..screw them asap...plizzzzzzzzzz enough is enough

Maumau said...

excellent c.4 for asking all the questions that we want answers to. Seems to be alot of grandstanding from mara....all about me , not enough about the corrupt regime and the people behind the coup. We want answers now...not next week or next year. I strongly suggest that if he he doesnt deliever by Friday, than dont print his shit!!

Anonymous said...

Question 3 you you were fishing. question 5 no one helped you escape
hmmmm Intresting!

Anonymous said...

RE: Tui Viti's question. Three of the member's of the MC WERE Mara, Aziz and Driti.

Anonymous said...

Fishing eh? it definitely does sound fishy to me. It is important that the people must be told the truth, the whole truth or else peoples support will not be there. What happened to persons fishing with him were they not picked by the Tongans also or was he "fishing alone" in the open sea and where was he picked from -Lau/Kadavu? A lot of things have not been revealed which makes it a lot more fishy.

Sa Rauta said...

In his own words : "I can assure you no one helped me escape to Tonga."

He said he escaped to Tonga, so he was fishing enroute to Tonga escaping bu tnobody helped him.

A pack of lies is quite obvious.

Anonymous said...

So far Mara has said nothing at all - perhaps less than nothing since he wants us to actually believe that he was out fishing alone and had no help.

Perhaps he must remove himself further from Fiji shores to feel safe to talk?

Anyone seen the AG? In the country or not?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if he is already lying at this early onset(and taking the 5th would have been smarter Mara!) then I don't think we will ever hear the truth from him. If he didn't want to implicate anyone, why not just be truthful from the get go and say he hatched his plan alone?

Along with scorpions, we appear to have snakes!

Your credability is diminishing rapidly!

Anonymous said...

My guess is that NZ will allow Ului into NZ in time for the Rugby World Cup. THAT will definitely NOT go down well with this regime who have been denied entry into NZ. 'Twill be a good way for NZ to pay FB and Co back for the unprofessional and indignified manner with which they treated their representatives here. It will be akin to standing in front of Frank and Khaiyum and poking them in the eye and saying, Take that!"

Anonymous said...

Take it easy folks! Roko Ului is very vulnerable at the this tiring time for everyone and that includes Aust & NZ.

OK it sounds like it is all about Roko Ului himself, but think what choice do we have? Zero, not unless we wait until someone takes in the two wanted. There has to be a plan, on the take over, a caretaker govt to be put into place until democratic elections are held. As I said before, Fiji is a cesspool at the moment, without a justice system and the last thing we want is to get those that were involved in the coup, people like Roko Ului having any part of returning Fiji to some kind of democratic rule.

If Roko Ului and his relatives think this is going to be a way of handing over the power to them from Frank and Khaiyum he can forget it because they do not deserve support or should seek it from us.

Please give him a fair go! Like he said his actions will prove that he is fair dinkum.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 12:32 - I wouldn't be surprised if the AG has his head buried inside his wife's skirts and taking cover from the fallout he knows is not far away. (Like his tata levu Bin Laden) He must be running scared now. Hopefully his BG's will plug him and put this country out if its misery...

Anonymous said...

To Col Roko Ului:

Most of us are comfortable with the committment that you're ready to face the verdict when this regime is overthrown. We also UNDERSTAND why you had to go fishing alone, why that distress call had to be made and these are just some of the questions we prefer not to ask, because we UNDERSTAND! We also know that you CANNOT IMMEDIATELY divulge instantly to any public statements etc,about this REGIME. That you need time do DELIVER LIBERATION WHEN YOU FINALLY DO!! HOWEVER! all we plead with you is that you PRESENT QUICKLY & FAST about EVERYONE of THEM that brought OUR FIJI to this state.

I must thank you for being the ONE to realize that it wont be anyone else but you! that needed to do whats gotta be done, eventhough circumstances might have seen to dictate plans for you. THAT circumstance, was part of the BIGGER PLAN, that I guess you and I didn't even realize, but it had created some shimmer of light, at least, at present, to Fiji. For that I salute you!! And thank you(YOU KNOW YOURSELVES!!) to all that agreed with him directly/ indirectly that it is TIME to change this government of dictatorship!!!

Anonymous said...

Kerekere Ratu Tevita Mara, seek advice from the Roko Tui Bau, who we know will never let you down, like you and your siblings let him down when you backed Bainimaramara and Khaiyum. Like in Tonga, blood is thicker than water.

Anonymous said...

We have been informed by latest Fiji news website that Kaiyum has escaped to Hongkong

Anonymous said...

Ratu Mara please reveal why was leweni sent by dictator to china and where has he opened the bank accounts for the dictator and who and how much deposited in these so far for the crook???????????

Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu Roko Ului! You now carry renewed hopes of the ountry!!!


Honour yr words... bring on that change to the regime and put an end to this madness we have had to live with over these years.

Best Wishes and God Bless!

Kudos C4.5 as you grow from strength to strength!

I love Fiji said...

With you there Anonymous 12.42p.m. Please all - try to give Roko Ului some breathing space.

Roko Ului has laid down the most important card that I needed to hear and that is he will come back to face the music when this illegal thieving regime is gone.

I am happy to hold him at his word, and public announcement to the whole world.

That's all I needed to hear at this stage...

I will now allow him the space to say what else he wants and needs to in his own time.

The man has just given provided 3 public statements on youtube for the people of Fiji n the world and had also given numerous interviews to the intl media.

He is facing extradition request that had already been sent by Fiji's ILLEGAL REGIME to the Tongan Govt. PLEASE GIVE HIM SOME SPACE PLEASE to deal with that.

Put yourself in his shoes, right now, he needs sound legal advice and strong support from pro-democracy and freedom fighters if our collective opposition to this illegal regime is to be effective. We need to be fluid and flexible enough and the wisdom to grab good opportunity when it arises - for our ultimate objective - returning Fiji's governance to its people.

So Roko Ului vented against the illegal regime in his first public statements - so what? Bainimarama and Aiass have been doing that ALL THIS TIME since they took over, even when they perceive the slightest rejection from other countries.

Let's not be impatient (after all we've been cowards since Dec06)... and let this saga unfold on its own.

I love Fiji! said...

Btw peeps, keep up with the Qs BUT let Roko Ului answer in his own time.

To Roko Ului - please do not ever be ashamed of escaping to Tonga. I would NOT HESITATE to do the same if I were in your shoes and tell Fiji's illegal regime - "YES, SO BLOODY WHAT IF I ESCAPED ... NOW CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!" hihihi...!


Anonymous said...

As of this afternoon, Busby said they had not received any request from Cmdr Bainimarama for the rescued man to be extradited back to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff Anonymous 12:49. Come on folks this is what we want and need during these tiring times for the sake of returning our beloved Fiji to how it was before coups reared its ugly heads.

We need a bipartisan approach and if people like Roko Ului can give us some hope, let us stand by him until otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Ratu Ului for making the commitment to get Baini out. We who have been here on the blogs over a number of years have been pleading with the members of the military to see the light and turn against Frank. Now that he's done that and said he'll submit himself to the justice of the people I think we should support that decision and not waste time/effort running him and his family down but concentrate our combined efforts to get more of the boys in the military to follow suit. There's no use letting these opportunities go to waste and we continue to sit here blogging away.

Anonymous said...

The Tonga Govt Chief Secretary and the Secretary to Cabinet Busby Kautoke said that Ratu Tevita Mara's status in Tonga remains to be "a man rescued at sea."

Anonymous said...

Well said, Annonymous @12:49pm

ex Fiji tourist said...

from TVNZ

The former senior Fijian military commander who fled to Tonga has told reporters Commodore Frank Bainimarama is losing the support of the military.

Lieutenant Colonel Tevita Mara fled Fiji after being charged with mutiny and sedition.

ONE News Pacific correspondent Barbara Dreaver said Mara held his first face-to-face interview this morning and it is obvious why Bainimarama wants him back in Fiji.

"He (Mara) knows too much", Dreaver said by phone from Tonga.

In what Dreaver describes as an "explosive interview", Mara told reporters the Fijian military are "sick of the politics" and Bainimarama was never meant to be the Prime Minister.

Mara said he has the support of the police and the military who "want out of this situation".

Bro said...

Dear Fijian Brothers,
As Rt Tevita has said in his 1st broadcast that he had been advised by his friends in the Military and Police officers (probably those who are against the regime). So he took it so seriously. Whether he was fishing alone or with someone else, by somehow he has made up his plan and the technique to follow in order to get away from the regime so he could voice out what the poeple should know.

Wuold he be in Fiji then no one would know what's in him. It's not a matter of us to know in detail his escape route. In my opinion he is just trying to evade the injustice of the fair trials in Aiyaz judicial system. He has admitted that he is going to come back to Fiji and face the consequences of his act and to let the people know, in a fair trial.

Au kerekere vakabibi vei keda kece sara, ka me da kua toka mada ga ni veidusi se veivakacacani. Me da vakaraitaka ga na noda nanuma me vukea na vakavinakataki ni kena cicvaki na noda vanua lomani o Viti.
Me da nunumi ira na noda kawa mai muri ka me kua ni qai yaco vei ira na veika e sotavi keda tiko nikua.

Vinaka vakalevu

Anonymous said...

C'mon useless lawyers of Fiji! About time you take it out to the street and march to show your disgust at the illegal state our country is in.

GROW SOME BALLS like the Pakistani lawyers!!!


Anonymous said...

Mara was a military council member and knows all that is there to be told, he also knows about the dictator hitman gangs/thugs, corrupt dealings and plots of secrecy like the new constitution already drawn up aimed at keeping him in power, enemy of state plots against garase and chaudhry and their supporters to criminalize them so they cant contest election so he wins by default, destruction plans of opponents using FICAKE/Police/IRD etc, FMF officers corruption investigations and cases he has closed to show all clean and saints since 2006, framed/setup cases and witnesses and bribery to judges to gail people, plans for another coup if he looses next election, dictator corrupt deals abuse of office and conspiracy in fiji getting rich and dictator ill health-stroke-arthrities-diabeties-bipolar etc.
A interview with international media is must.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the majority of bloggers are wanting to hear more and more gossip or news that will give some kick. Guys...you need to realise that all this is politics and has to be played diplomatically.

Everybody wants to know how he escaped, who helped him. Why does it matter? Of course some people helped him. But why you need to poke to get answers to these stupid questions to satisfy your feelings. He is there and he must be planning something. Have some faith and let his actions speak as he is saying...........

I sincerely hope that he is with some good advisers around him and he has everything he needs with him.

We all want is an end to this regime. Let that happen. Not to get some kicks in the tummy by hearing what you want to hear.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news........

All the judges and magistrates are called in for a closed door meeting by AG.

The rumor is that they are discussing how to remove the president and give the authority to CJ to appoint a new president.

Mara....You need to take some quick actions. otherwise your president too will be gone soon......

Anonymous said...

Ratu Mara is it true that leweni had 200,000 in wbc account for the dictator when he came back from china, and this account was quickly closed and monies taken out and allegation shut down???

Mao said...

Give the man some breathing space!

It will all eventually come out.

Roxy: I know you'll read this. Take your time and do it right! You know who I am.

Anonymous said...

Roko Ului the silent majority are with you. Go get 'em!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you to all bloggers, always a great delight to read the diverse opinions, which educates, entertains,disagree, etc. I fully agree with those who:
1) commend C4.5 for their time and role in updating hot from the press news at a dark time in media history in Fiji when it is gagged and censored;
2) agree with all those who say that we should allow Roko Ului some breathing space- and I would urge him not to stress himself out trying to do too much all at one time, go slowly, in your time and space;
3) advise Roko Ului that he should also respect the need for His Majesty and government of Tonga not to be burdened with the excess he has carried from Fiji- little by little he can share with them, but not to the extent that the outside beam of spotlight on Tonga right now (NZ media etc) is I think unwarranted right now in Tonga;
4) So maybe stop making comments for the time being, cool down, and allow the government of Tonga to devise a way in consultation with you, at the moment I think its all about blood and kinship; but also there is a diplomatic row brewing and how Tonga govt deals with it also depends on how RU helps in the process- maybe stop issuing press release to invite undue attention. Frankly,I am not too kean on RU addressing the soldiers left behind- this bunch of soldiers will stand behind VB as long as he continues to put bread and butter on the table for them. It is not easy for them to just up and rise against VB just because they are fed up. So take your time, but in consultation with the Tonga govt so that you do not cause undue pressure on them also. All the best RU and we stand ready to assist when the time comes! God bless you all and God bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank the Tongan's for facilitating this rescue.
Thank you for helping us in our fight for Freedom.
Vinaka Vakalevu.

- Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

God bless Fiji!

Anonymous said...

franks sona must be qaralevu by now!!!

Anonymous said...

Fijian fishermen saw Tonga naval ship in Kadavu
Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Local fishermen have told FBC News they saw the Tongan naval ship ‘Savea’ in waters just off Kadavu on the day the Tongan navy says it rescued former 3FIR Commander Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara in waters south off Ono-i-Lau.

Local villagers working in nearby Nagigia Island Resort in Kadavu also say Mara was at the resort on Sunday the 8th of May.

New Zealand maritime authorities and the Fiji navy also confirm they did not receive any distress signal although the distress frequency is internationally monitored by regional countries 24 hours.

Fisherman Sevuloni Busa told FBC News he was out at sea with nine other villagers when they saw the Tongan navy patrol boat at Cape Washington in Kadavu.

The fishermen say the captain of the Tongan ship spoke to them by radio claiming they were from the Vanuatu navy and were on their way to Vanuatu when they received a distress signal.

The local fishermen say they could see the ship number 203 on the side of the ship and Busa says he could make out the name.

“I can recall, Havea or Savea was written on the side.”

The fishermen told the captain they had not sent a distress signal and the ship moved on.

Busa told FBC News that an hour earlier they had seen the launch supposedly carrying Mara speed past them – and the fishermen identified it as the boat that was at Nagigia Resort.

This was later verified by staff at the resort. Busa’s story contradicts accounts by the Tongan navy of how they rescued Mara off Ono-i-Lau.

Local fishermen says it is virtually unheard of to go fishing in Ono-i-Lau from Kadavu given the distance.

Questions are also being raised as to how only the Tongan navy ship heard the distress call, and no other maritime authority in the region.

Source: FBCL

Anonymous said...

Ului is in Tonga , fact. How he got there is imaterial, no important. Its important for us to listen to what he has to offer in leading us Fiji Freedom loving people back to a Democracy. Lets stop the mud flinging, SURE , he has been a BAD BOY, he now has jumped ship- so give him a CHANCE. All we the people HAVE NOW IS HOPE.
Lets support him and help put and end to Bai & arses games.

Anonymous said...

If for good reasons he cannot reveal now what he was doing out in sea;then say so and we'll understand and we are prepared to wait till he thinks the time is right BUT to say he was fishing - nobody will believe that cra... Telling the truth from the beginning is important.

Anonymous said...

annony @2.24pm..
this broadcasted by the khaiyum brothers controlled FBC... who even believes anything coming out of fiji media these days???

Anonymous said...

Where is Khaiyum...the Rat!

Anonymous said...

Ratu Ului,
Just tell it like it is.
Don't say you are fishing, that just doesn't make sense. Seriously your future testimony will should remain clean and true. If I were in your "boat" I'd say I was leaving Fiji b/c the government is corrupt. Be honest and you will be respected. This fishing bit isn't sitting well with me. Screw the Kiwis and Aussies if they don't want to support our cause. You must shoulder the burden and tell us how corrupt these F'rankin' government is. WE ARE ALL ON YOUR SIDE - The BAINIKHAIYUM REGIME IS CORRUPT!!

Anonymous said...

This is encouraging, the tune of the bloggers is changing for the better, we have one aim in mind and that is to get rid of Frank and Khaiyum.

We need to start putting pressure on Fiji lawyers that they are working under a corrupt justice system, the bullshit kind because it favours the two most despicable wanted criminals in Fiji's political history.

Tread slowly and carefully on Fiji's Military, we also need to change their mindset for the betterment of the Fiji that we all love so passionately. Roko Ului is a the best start we have had since 2006.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum se misika tiko na kena!!!! rekirekitaki waqa vou!!!

Fiji Mojo said...

Tui Viti@12.08 I'd like the answers to those questions, too, bro. And I agree, we should be patient but I think we should keep asking questions Ului. We don't want to be the last to know...the whole region is interested because it's headlines news: military soldier breaks ranks and promises to tell all. We're the people who live in Fiji so we should keep ourselves informed and be ready to speak up and ask questions and giveour opinions. Viti Forever

Anonymous said...

Who cares how Roko Ului was rescued? I think its just so cute how the Tongans came to the aid of their kinsman rather than leave him to rot and waste time in jail for one year, if that's really what Kaiyum was on about.

The issue here is the failure of the Fiji navy to detect a foreign vessel on its EEZ- vara is so busy going after small time fisherfolk with no licenses in the north that he left the south open to "invasion", did he also attend a naval academy like his bro in law(not?).

Kaicolo said...

E na vukuni vei ka sa tu i matada ie na noda gagadre me vakarusai o Voreqe, we should be be happy that Ului has escaped to Tonga and we thank Tonga sincerely for accepting Ului and providing him protection.

Ului we all supoort you and thank God that you made it to Tonga and you hold our hopes that you will be most helpful and effective in undermining the illegal regime in Fiji and those running it.

There are thousands of Fijians overseas, NZ, Aussie, USA, Canada, UK etc who will want to work together bring quick collapse of Bainimarama.

They can be our lobbyists and voices overseas to contact respective governments and politicians to support us.

The Democracy movement in Aussie and other anti-coup organisations around the world might like to co-ordinate overseas Fijian effort to work with you Ului and bring down Bainimarama quickly.

Might bring this up in your future messages. We all want the same thing the collapse of Bainimarama regime.

God bless you Ului. Perhaps we should take the not too positive comments here as indicating frustration and desire to move forward to achieve our objectives.

Ului's escape and presence in Tonga should be taken by us all as presenting great oppotunities to advance our course. This is a God send, we should use it effectively We should work with Ului.

Anonymous said...

Mate, Mara!! the future of Fiji and the course it will take is in your hands. You have a huge responsibility to share this with all those who care about Fiji.

What will Fiji be like in 50 or 100yrs from now..Same or different.. same corruption or clean. What will our grandchildren be aspiring for or dreaming about..

You can change the future of Fiji by sharing it all (including your own mistakes/mis-judegements - we are all humans).

Lets focus on what Fiji will be like in the future and put the rumors and in-fighting aside.

Mara, you can counter his Guns/thugs with your biggest weapon "All the truth". Be carefull, it may cut both ways..Is this stopping you?

Wish you well, time is too short, not even a drop in a ocean..please help put this chapter behind us..


Anonymous said...

Ului, lets not waste time. Tell all you know as soon as instead of keeping us bloggers and readers in suspense.

We all know the brains behind all this is Khaiyum. Give us some new information.

Anonymous said...

Can you start with the members of the Mara family who were complicit in the 1987 coup? And which of your family was complicit in the 2006 coup? We hope you won't hold back!

Anonymous said...

Now, people, if you have any papers or proof which will help bring the illegal regime down, my recommendation is you submit these to the c4.5

Let's all work together and get this aiyaz/bainimarama empire down.

Anonymous said...

My question to Roko Ului:

- How did he and the other senior officers try to persuade Frank?

- Did he and the other senior officers prepare a report on Khaiyum for Frank?

- Did they find proof of Khaiyum's corruption?

- Does he have any of that proof on him?

- Can he share the report they wrote on Khaiyum for Frank with the world?

- Can he share that evidence with the world?

- Has he tried to take it to Naivalurua as Police Commissioner to investigate Khaiyum since Khaiyum controls all FICAC investigations like its his own personal star chamber?

- What do the Police/Naivalurua think of his allegations.

- Can he backup his claims of trying to soften the regime approach to opposition or criticism with any documents/memos or minutes to Frank?

- Does he have the legal advice Khaiyum provided to Frank with the help of Nazhaat Shameem and Anthony Gates? If not, were any other lawyers involved in advising Frank to go ahead with the coup in December 2006?

- Besides Nailatikau and Ganilau, who are the other cheerleaders for the coup? Shameem, Gates, Chaudhry, Barr, Ah Koy? who else??

- What is Frank and Aiyaz's salaries?

Tawake said...

Please everyone click on to the link and post your comments on Punch for all Australians to see how desperate we are to remove from power in our beloved Fiji Frank Bainimara and Khaiyum.


The name is Tawake

TheMax said...

The small minds amongst you guys saying how Roko Ului got to Tonga is immaterial shows how desperate and shallow you people are. Roko Ului and the Tongan government broke international law with their breach of sovereignty. If the Tongan court is impartial, Roko Ului will be extradited to Fiji. The simple reason is that it has been proven beyond doubt that there was no distress signal sent otherwise all monitoring nations would have got it. And so Roko Ului is lying and the Tongan government clearly being exposed as complicit to his escape. We will see who is the kangaroo court here.

In the coming days, this saga will develop into a full blown diplomatic confrontation between Fiji and Tonga and may go down the path of sanctions etc. The traditional goodwill between the people of Fiji and Tonga may remain but at the top where it concerns the Royal family of Tonga and Fiji maybe broken forever.

The path Fiji is taking to achieve real democracy will not be reversed. That is a guaranteed and the RFMF will not reverse course because the two bad apples that remain on the top hierarchy of leadership within RFMF has been completely removed.

The people of Fiji will ride this setback and come out on top in the end. Roko Ului will either remain a fugitive forever or end up in jail in Fiji. Roko Ului is finished.

Anonymous said...

The Chiefs, the trade union leaders, prominent members of the business and social institution rise to the call of the innocent people of Fiji. Show us some moral value - i will be there!! Just a peaceful gathering without any violence to show our support for democracy and a united Fiji. Men and Women of Fiji rise to this call and send a signal to our children the future leaders of our Society that we cannot be opressed. Mr. Qarase lead with Indian leaders to show the rest of the world that Fiji is a small nation but with a big heart. It is not about politics but about our basic right to freedom of speech. We are being stripped and raped and yet we remain silent. To our brothers and sisters in the Military please defend Fiji; your people are crying. You are not able to listen to us because our voices are not allowed to be said or broadcast. Go and ask your friend, your relatives, your people in secret that what they want. The answer will be to please give us our right to speak and live - give us our right to choose, give us our right to smile, to laugh, to play, to travel, to vote......GIVE US BACK OUR RIGHT TO LIVE IN OUR OWN COUNTRY SIR!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who gives a f%ck whether Ului was fishing or having sex on the bloody boat. Honestly!
The all important thing is he escaped and now wants to bring down this evil regime. So lets help him.
Honestly all you people talking about whether he was picked up from Lau or Kadavu. I don't give a toss.
I would be very happy if he was picked up in Walu Bay, for goodness sake.
The important thing is he wants to help us and we should help him.


Anonymous said...

great patience leads to great rewards.

Sexy Tiger Balm said...

Hey Roko Ului or Roxy :) Just want to say you ga the Uro and what you doing for Fiji right now makes you more uroicious :)

Yes fellow bloggers, lets be united and support Roko Ului ...after 5 years since the coup ...now is not the time to point fingers or toes eh.

Roko Ului ..Fiji is behind you so please don't let us down.

Vinaka C4.5 for the amazing work you've been doing in keeping us in Fiji informed. Sadly our reporters here can't be as open as you but I'm sure they're happy that you're helping do their work for them by showing the regime they can't stop the truth coming out.

Kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

The dictator with no school was stupid to do media release and brand mara as fugitive and do removal order, this gave mara the international media attention and now when mara makes the statements or truth the dictator has no choice but to remain silent to these as if he speaks then the people of fiji and most important the FMF officers will know the issues and truth about all and will bring him down fast by coup. Now silence to each of the allegations that mara makes will mean these are true and of course they will be true as people already know many corrupt activities and evil plots of the junta so either way the dictator and the junta days are numbered and they will now not go too far.Time to have faith and support mara for what he is doing-help him.

Anonymous said...

1.May be they was no distress call but a phone call to the SAVEA because the fiji navy never hear anything and also the NZ navy?.
2. ? need to be anw from Ratu, please come out clean so that we can belive you Ratu

Jake said...

NZ will not be seen to be aiding and abetting a criminal.

John key would be a right idiot if he considers that notion of allowing this thug into NZ.


Anonymous said...


Ratu Mao said...

I know..........! As usual, the Naval Surveillance Center was sleeping on the job again! Thats why they didn't hear the Mayday Call! That's the only explanation......

Io.....Cavu.....Cavu mai keri!

Wailei. Esa qai dua na ka vakamadua! E datou moce boko toka, cabe mai o Masi, cakacaka, ka siro galugalu tale ki waitui. O wekadatou madaga o Moro e rai toka ga mai Beqa!

Jieke said...

One thing is certain, from here on out the top brass in this regime will be covring their own ass, in case the Vuaka will kick them out. At the same time the Vuaka will now be suspicious of one and all, in particular, senior military officers and the President.

So lets sit back for a change and watch, but be ready to jump in if needed.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It appears no matter what Roko Ului now says there those who will accept it, those that won't & those that don't give a damn, then there are those who want more! The truth is you can't get anymore than what you should be given? Because by given out some finer details could cause problems for those who are left behind in Fiji, by given more information you endanger the lives of those that may attempt to get out the same way. This is not a game my fellow writers- for Roko Ului-his immediate Family and clan members even those who might have associated with him are now under closer scrutiner from this despicable leader in Fiji. The core aim of everyone is to give support for Roko Ului to help get the demons out of Leadership role in Fiji-number 1 priority. Roko Ului has said he will face the music back home when the time comes, now how many former Military people around the world have you ever heard to say that when they were part of a coup process. He is not looking to get an amnesty like you First coup maker Marjor General Sitiven Rabuka nor any of the others that took off from Fiji, like Jone Baledrokadroka! Taukei Ni Mate.

Tui Viti said...

@ The Max....before you start calling the Tongan judiciary a Kangaroo Court, why don't you start with putting Keane behind bars along with Naulia and his murderous crew. Then you can round up Rabuka nad the arse prodders. How about that for starters? Till then, your comments about legality, justice and legal BS is just that BS. Hypocrite!!! If you want your words to carry weight then back it up with actions. Crimes against humanity have been committed by this ILLEGAL REGIME that makes RU fishing trip look like a bedtime story. Vosa tu vakasama. Sonalevu.

Tui Viti said...

70 + comments and no Semi Meo.......I'm assuming his also gone fishing..LOL!!

Damsel in Distress! said...

Oilei! I need a uro Tongan hero!!

A submarine, a naval boat, whatever, my kingdom for a boat! Hurry please!

Tevita Temo said...

`Roko Ului..na cava ko tuba kina...vakacava mo tu vakatagane i Viji mo valataka na dina
Ko kaya ni ko laki siwa, ia na i ka dina e sega ni tabonaki rawa...o vakayagataki ira tale na dau qoli iko a solia na nodra laiseni ni qoliqoli.. vakasisila..boica...vakamaduataka na yasana..daidailevu

N a nomu cakava na i tovo vakasisila oya kina vuvale nei Serevi ena yacovi iko tu kina oqori na ca ca keina tagi ni yalona edua e lomana tu na nona vanua keina wekana - [Small]

KAKUA TALE NI WILIKI IKO MO KAI LAU...bokola nomui vakarau..

Anonymous said...

I wish to thank Ului for his courage to stand up for his beloved nation. but, pliz do let your beloved nation know the truth right away so that they are given ample time to prepare and seek grounds for your ultimate return back home. revealing the truth will also set u free and I think it is time that we should WAKE Bai that he is being misled by a taliban.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Roko Ului for what you doing.
Rt Epeli will be removed and nobody will do anything. Ului will join JB in just making noise like all of you.
There will be no rebellion as the soldiers stomachs are full and their families happy.
It would be better if Ului stops opening his mouth as nothing new is coming and he has started to sound fishy ie drifting, then fishing,,,was helped now he said wasnt helped. Is this guy mentally ok or what?
Sa da lose hope tale na ka va qo,,,,kuria tale na leqa na veicai wavoki nei Rt Apenisa kei Tui Cakau,,,,wailei!!!.

Anonymous said...

Damsel in Distress
Osobo sagai tiko mada qo me buturaki o Voreqre o vaqara tagane ni Toga tale o iko.
Biti Levu Kaba Waqa!

Anonymous said...

@ The Max

What law are you talking about that Roko Ului & the Tongan government breached??? For fuck sake, everything under FIJI is very much illegal,with the constitution being abbrogated, self appointed motherfuckers in strategic positions and we running on freegan decrees. Hell yeah, its immaterial how Roko Ului got to Tonga.

What do you mean if Tonga is impartial??? e boci! all the laws of the state that were suppose to be in existence have been abbrogated, plus Tonga does not have charges like sedition under its Extradition Act, cos we not under the Kremlin!

what? things going to be smooth now cos the two bad apples have been removed?? tadra boy...tadra,,if anything, soldiers up in camp are just waiting for any major move to topple this dictatorship. They do know all that is happening and they are just like an everyday worker to put food on the table for their families, but DO NOT underestimate their way of thinking!!!

I Max, you sound like a military junior boci who is itching to get a share of power overnight!!!

May 18, 2011 3:24 PM

Anonymous said...

Ratu Lui fishing? and alone? or how did the other person and boat return to Lakeba? Or did the Tongan Navy tow the boat to Tonga also! So Mr innocent is indeed a lier. He should say for security reasons, he will not discuss this matter. That way he will get more sympathy.

As for being charged for sedition for making comments in Korea or somewhere, Aiaz must be real idiot. The State of Emergency decree is limited to within Fiji waters. Therefore no case to answer or no crime committed by Ratu Mara Junior.

Bainimarama, this man i.e. your advisor Aiasshole is making too many illegal decisions ever since he took office, only so that he can make things so illegal for you that you do not return to barracks.

And why would that be? because Australia will not take him back so he has to find himself a long term employment. Everything that started off purportedly legally, Aiass has fucked it up for you.

There is still time. You make me the new AG and I will take you out of woods with a graceful return to barracks with another 5 year contract so you can feel completly safe!

I have the magic formular to keep everyone happy! and legally!

Anonymous said...

Word has it that the AG is at the Warwick Resort on the Coral Coast tonight (may 18, 7 pm). Would anyone like to go and discuss events that have unfolded with him?

Anonymous said...

AG is taking advantage of 10% shopping discount at Tappoo's at Warwick resort. PS: Australian PM earns AUD$320K pa and population of the country is 22M..what does VB and AK earn in Fiji (pop 900K)?

hi said...

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Ratu said...

Please Roko Ului disregard all the filthy comments your former comrades are putting on this blog. They are the losers as they know that their days are numbered but you are a real man. They do not support your move but rather attacking your personal character.
So keep going and clean them up. You wouldn't have that freedum of speech would you have been in Fiji so now take your time and spill it out. Era na qai galu ga mai ni sa tobo na i vunivuni kei na cakacaka vakabutobuto e yaco tiko.

Anonymous said...

Look I have no doubt, all of this is being pushed by two countries.. i.e travel sanctions. We the pacific people will always fall for it and never stand up and say... 'lets us do things our way'. We always compromise our personal goals with our own people. This happens in my country all the time, though we don't have a good leader, at least, he tells them to deal with there issuses than stick there noses in ours.