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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Roko Ului Mara: The only threat to Fiji now is the military threat

Revealing answers from Roko Ului Mara in this interview with Radio New Zealand's 9 to Noon.

In it he says he can see now the 2006 coup was wrong but he, like others, felt it was right at the time.

"I believed in what we set out to do. I believed the cause was noble, although the way we conducted it was wrong. I believed that we needed a clean-up campaign to remove corruption that was in politics and business.

"I believed that racist laws that were about to be introduced by the SDL government would be a disaster for Fiji. I still believe those things."

Mara also talks about the loss of faith senior officers came to have in Frank Bainimarama and his leadership and how he allowed Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum to shape and influence the direction the illegal government was going.

Mara's information confirms what Coupfourpointifve has been reporting for some time. As recent as March this year, we were contacted by a senior officer who wanted out and who revealed then that Bainimarama had lost the plot  - and support.

Mara says it started to happen in 2008. Bainimarama changed about then and became more interested in his own position and took to ignoring the Military Council, preferring to listen to Khaiyum instead, who he says was out to dislodge the Council.

Asked why it took him so long to break away, Mara says he was hoping things would change but was forced to realise last year that Bainimarama was no longer interested in what his senior officers had to say.

Quote: "We were of no use to him."

As reported previously by Coupfourpointfive, Mara says Bainimarama has lost the loyalty of the troops and he keeps himself surrounded by 50 guards and a select few who do his dirty work.

Quote: "The only threat to Fiji now is the military threat. There's no outside threat."

Mara doesn't discount troops turning on Bainimarama but stopped short of saying it would definitely happen, saying going on previous trends it has been known to.

He denied participating in any of the abuse of citizens at QEB, saying he ran the third infantry but Bainimarama bypassed him, going straight to the men himself to get them to do things.



Anonymous said...

ohh very scary....truth prevails...waiting for more...!!

Anonymous said...


Please tell us something we don't already know!!!

Sa macawa vaka ca!

We want action - positive action - that will oust Bainimarama. What y're uttering is just F*** ALL!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Regional Assistance Mission to the Fiji Islands (RAMFI) needed now.

Anonymous said...

( by FijiRev)
Fiji Revolution - March. This Sat 21st May @ 11am - *venue being decided*.

I am organizing a PEACEFUL march this Saturday (it will not be easy, but this will be the impetus for change). March will start at 11am Sharp. I am expecting a 1000 people, we need all of Suva/Fiji.

We want to show the world and the current regime that we stand for Truth, Fairness and Equality for all (what we have today is far from it). Please txt your friends, family etc.

Hope you are brave and care enough about Fiji to join me and others. Spread the News to others.

Will you join me?? Please let me know if you are coming via C4.5

The Fiji Revolution begings today 19th may @2:22pm Fiji time.

Anonymous said...


Not to be naughty!!!!!!

I so like this guy

mark manning said...

The key to all this is the GCC reconvening and appointing a Legitimate President and Vice President and Neutral Prime Minister and Cabinet.
The 1st. thing they must do is remove Frank as Commander and have the Cabinet approve a new Commander of the Military.
It could all be done electronically and in secret from various locations around Viti, no need to congregate in one place and put yourselves in the firing line of Frank's thugs.

Are there any Chiefs from the GCC who are courageous enough to take this line of action ?
At least it would all be Legitimate and then the Soldiers can follow Legal Orders and will know exactly where they stand.

Who could lead the RFMF back to its former glory days ?

Anonymous said...

Strike while the iron is hot...iron is hot, hit a hammer....

Organize, Organize, Organize,
Protect, Protest, Protest,
March, March, March

Anonymous said...

OK! So there's no sacking/takeover as reported earlier and all the excitement/expectations have now fizzled out completely. What next? Lets get back to the fisherman and kerekere him that we are still waiting for the big tuna news he promised and not the qitawa weve been served so far

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with that post for a regional assistance mission... bring on RAMFI!

Anonymous said...

People who organizing match for this Saturday, why cant they give us names and contacts. Is it because we be fooled and actual go there and get kicked around.

By the way C4.5, why are you putting the article that says that PM has rejected all claims about sacking President. You are usually very fast in putting all the negative comments against the government but when it comes to putting the facts why does it take up so much time.

Truth said...

Ratu, you have to do a little more! We have to deal with a deranged dictator who is manipulated by a hateful and devious Khaiyum. We have to convince the soldiers that there is no future in kissing Khaiyum's arse. But we need to know the truth about regimental funds, the killing of CRW soldiers on Bainimarama's orders, the epic stealing of government funds, the human rights abuses and the standing orders on how the RFMF will deal with a popular uprising. We need to know how the money is syphoned off by Khaiyum's aunty and we need to know what secret deals have been made to sell Fiji to the Chinese.

Come on tell us something we do not know yet or shut the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

one important point we all are missing , Mara could not do anything when he was heading the most powerfull group in military -what now -nothing .
Secondly , baini must have threaten Mara's wife if Mara spills anything , she and rest will be taken to task. Mara should not be scared by this and reveal all for ones , I believe many people will forgive him for his part but with lesser punishment.

Anonymous said...

What's happening men.

Anonymous said...

Wailei, can you guys just have some patience please?

RU's first and foremost priority is to have this idiotic regime dislodged so we can return to democratic & legitimate rule asap!

Therefore his priority right now is to convince the soldiers at the army camp to arrest the imposter Frank and his current ministers.

Some of you are just idiots. As for the March, can you identify yourself please - otherwise no one is going to turn up.

Tiger Balm said...

For those of you swearing and criticising Roko Ului ...all you can do is talk. Yes Roko Ului has done wrong and has admitted it but least he is doing something to bring down the regime. All you other soldiers at QEB wake up and smell the roses and support him please. Otherwise you will end up in Naboro together with Bainimarama and Aiyaz.

Come on have the balls to stand up for the truth ...it's been 5 years....change your vukivuki please

Anonymous said...

Ratu Ului Mara,

With utter sadness, I must say that you are slowly losing the plot. You came out as THE SAVIOR to finally fulfill the dreams of thousands of Fijian people to remove the bloody regime and set the flowers of peace and democracy bloom.

People are aware of all the wrong doings and they are scared to come out. More than that there is no active leadership out there locally to believe in and follow. The leadership around and visible is the current government. There is no one seem to doing things. How can people rally behind and with who.

You need to do get going. You need to prove to NZ/AUS that people are behind you. If nothing is going to happen locally, then the only option is to get Aus or NZ to do something. It has to be done. There is no doubt about it. Someone has to get rid of this regime before it is too late and before people of Fiji realises it.

If things continue this way, mark my words......it will never happen again.

This is big test to both sides. Whoever wins this will be around for the next 10-20 years, unless PM or AG dies in an accident or naturally.

what do you want to do? If nothing is likely to happen, people certainly will forget about you and all your wrong doings will surface again. You will never be a hero and you will never get a chance.

President also seems like has done lot of damage to his brains with alcohol. It doesnt seem like he can think. Has to be after effects of alcohol.

As I said mark my word, another week goes by....Tevita Uluilakeba Mara will be another history. And it will not be a good one.

What are you waiting for? Still tired and trying to come to senses after a long journey in the sea??

Keep moving and get something done. Take this seriously. There will not be a chance. This is it. This has to be it.

Just do it.....as you yourself can see, even the comments on C4.5 slowly reducing...................C'mon get it going...............

God bless you and your family

Mao said...


Dams do not burst in one go. cracks and leaks appear one by one because of the build up of pressure.

Once it has reached a critical point, the whole dam then goes!

RU might just be another crack.....he may be the one that finally takes the dam to that oh so critical point.....I don't know.

But I do know that things are finally looking up for us, the suppressed and oppressed people of Fiji. Things are starting to move in the right direction for us. For once, the junta is being forced to operate in a zone where they are not comfortable....where they have no control....no influence....no ability to decisively determine outcomes! For once they are on the back-foot!

When the time comes - we will know!


Anonymous said...

Learn that...

Patience is a virtue....

Haste Makes Waste....

Great Patience leads to Great Rewards!

Anonymous said...

Of Course what Rt Ului has done is a BIG thing.
Already NZ and Australia have changed their policies.
They were just about to stop their sanctions as adviced by the Lowe Institute. Now they suddenly have to rethink because their sanctions is actually working.
Their Intelligence was feeding them wrong information.
So all you guys criticising Roko Ului, just back off a little bit please because he is actually doing damage to the Regime.

-Valataka na Dina.

Mata Lasa said...

Sa rui levu ga na talanoa no action!!!So much talanoa that even my 1st key board gave up from all the pressure applied during all the unnecessary, non eventuating hype!

Ratu Ulukau has just joined our long line of bloggers.

Arewa! I agree with Ratu Ulukau that our best hope is an uprising from the ranks.My question to Ratu Ulukau, if he couldnt do, who can? This was only possible when real men ran the show..No chance now!!.

But glad the C4.5 has made progress this far...awesome avenue to release the frustrations ...but to make real progress, real work has to done on the ground...While Frank does his rounds meeting real people...what are we doing?

Frankly speaking, I think Bai and Aiyaz are making real progress with whatever endeavours they have in mind.More than enough to with stand all the ideas floated in c4.5

Awesome C4.5 but if we could only channel all of these hype to some concrete plans!!! Anything shot is "wishful thinking"

Anonymous said...

@Mao. 4:50 PM
@Anon. 5:09 PM
@Anon. 5:09 PM


Anonymous said...

vinaka vakalevu

Yalewa Dina said...

Qarase government were not rascist. They were setting up a law to protect Fijian lands from future foreign owners. Now you put the blame on that. You broke thenlaw where you could have taken it to court to challenge the qoliqoli legislation. See wot happens? A a Kadia now runs the country behind a Fijian man as his puppet n now you regret. But you have lost respects for the ppl already. Get ready to face justice n vakadaberi for the years to come in prison or at home.

Anonymous said...

What Roko Ului is doing could not have been done by many of us! AS someone has mentioned-the Lowe institute was party correct in its summing of the effects of santions against Fiji-what it failed to mention is the support or non-support of the people of Fiji to the Bainimarama cause? Now that we have Roko Ului many are rubbishing his statements-do you have a better source of the goings on in the Miliatry in Fiji or for that matter Bai and Khaiyums dealings? Some want to have their cake and eat it at the same time, warai beka ni raiwai, ra tai!
Tagi tagi
Noqu Vanua
Drodro lagi
Na kula vula
Mai wai
Sa tu ko Kura
Delai ni ua
Meu sa sua
Ki Vanua

Laveti au
Ko Gone Rua
Nona sere
Na manumanu vuka
Ki dratabu
Meu sa mua
Vaka taqai valu
Na nei tou Matua
Taukei Ni Mate

Anonymous said...

wake up Chodori! where are you? Join the fight now and mitigate your crimes.

Anonymous said...

Yalewa dina- Qarase was trying his best to get the indo-Fijian out of Fiji-that was the agenda. The advice was coming form the Lotu Waisele & Qaranivalu. Ask those who wre delivering the message to the Fijian land owners-Don't renew the leases. Just cut the crap & face up to what he did if anyone had a chance to make a change for Fiji & unit an already damadged country he could have but he was more influnced by the power hungry racist that would keep him in power!When you play the race cards like Pauline Hanson does it kinda works because it brings out the FEARS in us all not the TRUTH! Levu ga a dai lailai a jina-as our Lau mates say!

Anonymous said...

March Organizer.
Good idea! However 1000 people will be difficult for you to control on your own. There are security issues, crowd control etc etc. My officers and I at QEB will be only too willing to help out however we need your name and contact to discuss this over coffee at the barracks. Please let us know thru this site

Anonymous said...

March organiser-how do we know this is not con to get people into trouble??

Anonymous said...

You mean Coffee in my RFMF CELL!!!!.......Why dont you give me your name first!!??

Yalewa Dina said...

@ Anon 5:45pm u must b mad we have the courts to go to if we have grieverance over a new law not bloody short cut with the gun on the neck of goverment of the day. The race card was your sneaky way of getting in. See the mess now u created n your thugs. Too much dokadoka that's why sa muri yani na madua. Kania sara na nomu da do u sa Mai binia tu!!!!

Anonymous said...

There is and always was a void in quality leadership here in Fiji.

Get a Kaivalagi to lead us. Kaivitis will fall to his feet and kiss it as if it is the Son of God himself.

Kaivitis have proven over and over they just cannot lead this country. They have not evolved as much as the others.

And for everyone's sake, enough talk about the Great Council of Thieves (GCC). They have no place in modern Fiji.

GCC is fat lazy fucks, blood-sucking their subjects based on a perceived birth-right.

As for Ului, time will tell, let a few weeks pass, status quo will remain. Only the desparate like the majority of this board pin their hopes on a lamusona. Left his family behind to face the music. He knew he cannot survive even ONE round around QEB. Bloody pufta.

Some idiot is organising a march, but doesnt want to name himself. Proving my point, he also thinks Kaivitis are idiot enough to blindly congregate at a venue. Bhaini fires a shot, everyone runs like scared chicken.

Over and out.

Anonymous said...

March organiser - Lamu Sona. Me Too!
@ anon 5.42, Not to renew lease to Indians from Qaranivalu to Qarase?

Were they both founders of SDL?

Daulotu said...

Ului dont make fool of yourself plizzz. You were the CO 3FIR and yet you denying what you do in 2006. E levu ga e volavola jiko ike e taukei..au via taroga sa evei na noda VAKABAUTA...E LAURAI SARA TU GA NI WILIWILI NI TAMATA [TABU SAKA YANI] E VOLAVOLA JIKO IKE ERA SEGA NI VAKABAUTA NA KALOU.

Au sa loloma yani...na noqu masu


Daulotu said...

Meda masu;;


Anonymous said...

Might have been better to resign before charges were laid...then, go to Tonga and " tell the truth" not wait until the payroll was cut.. What the people need is transparency (was the word of the month in 2006) The Comm and his cabinet should make public their fiscal histories from 2006 till now audited by an independent. Can you imagine hahahahahahaha . Fiji has never, even under a democratically elected government, come near to realizing her potential, and with much regret I fear she never will Noqu Vanua

Anonymous said...


ULUI for PM!!

Anonymous said...

Props to Ratu Ganilau for resigning on principal. That was a bigger statement more akin to the heritage and stature of a truly great man. Vinaka Ratu

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:02pm

I agree

Anonymous said...

here is a simple and safe idea. Everyone to wear flower behind your ear this weekend starting tomorrow afternoon 4.50pm. This will show without need to talk that you are for peace and change of the current regime.Let's GO FIJI. Make this change happen.

Anonymous said...

Ratu ena gauna ni a CO 3FIR tu kina ni se tu vei kemuni e levu nai wiliwili ni Sotia kei na Dakai ni sega ni bau vakasaga se vakatukuna mai eso na ka vaka oqo. Qo ni sa laki tu tani sara mai Tonga ni sa qai laki vakaya tiko mai e levu na ka, me qai rawa vakacava nio ni liutaka tu na 3FIR ni qai vakamumuri tu ga. Kena i karua ni vakadeitaka mada mai na dina ni nomuni lako, ni kaya nio ni a laki siwa qai leqa na waqa, ia eso qo mai Kadavu era sa laki vakatarogi ka tukuni mai nio ni a lai siga vica tu i kea. Ni bau lomani ira mada na lewenivanua ka ra sa na vakarau moku beka se vakaqalovi mai Kadavu ena vuku ni nomuni a lako yani ki kea. Sa rauta mada na lasu ni tukuni mada mai na Dina. Vinaka Ratu

Anonymous said...

Ni se wawa mada na Turaga kei na Marama. O Ului se lai bena mada na uluna. Sa drokadroka tale na i rairai ena qai dua tale yani na video.

Ni wawa toka!

taukeniqele dina said...

ului mara e sega ni mai racist na naka eratou cakava na sdl,eratou via taqomaka na kawa i taukei,na ka gona ya e sega ni rawata na tamamu kkt mara,ena nona gauna ni veiliutaki era vutuniyau ga na kai tani,na vei tauni lelevu lalai e sega ni dua na vale se sitoa me nona e dua nai taukei,ya ena nona gauna ni veiliutaki o tamamu,na bisinisi taucoko e nodra na vulagi,e sega ni dua na taukei ni qele e bau millioner,era millioner ga na mai lisi oqo gona o ira taukeni otela,ului oqo gona na gauna e veiliutakaki tu kina o tamamu,na tamamu e sega ni vinakata me raica me dua nai taukei me vaka bisinisi levu se me dua na taukeni qele me millioner.oqo e vakaraitaka tu na nona tamata lomaca,e vinaka cake vua me raica e dua na kai tani me rawa ka,meda tu ga meda vaka loloma tu nai taukei,na nona vaka vuna gona na vua viri nei rabuka koya sa da mai vatu kina oqo,sorry to say your dad was avery very evil man,au kerei kemuni nai taukei ni oti na matanitu ni mataivalu oqo mo ni raica mera caka bisinisi vaka levu na luvemuni,me da taura lesu tale mai naka kece e noda, ka a se solia mai vei keda na kalou bula.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@Anon 3.24pm - Get a grip!


To the People of Fiji,

please do not jump at praising Roko Ului too quick. Yes, thank him for coming out with the truth but we, as usual, are always so quick to change our minds about a person without reserve., and yet we do not see the larger picture and then next we know we're in the pitts again 5years later.

Roko Ului, many thinks you should be commended for your honesty, but it just seems all too fishy this business about you going to Tonga, i strongly believe you and your family had already planned this and that you would've anticipated both outcomes- this one and a more favourable one.

In saying that, i find it hard to believe that youre doing this for the people, as you mentioned you started doubting Frank in 2008, its 3years later now and you're just deciding to jump ship.(any right-minded soldier could see that Frank is not a leader, obviously not even a military leader)and to have your brother-in-law put frank as commander in the first place is a big question mark on its own. (only your family can answer that)

Your family's been in politics for too long that im sure you all would've anticipated how things have turned out today, from the time Frank started hitting out at the Qarase Govt.

I do not praise you for jumping ship, and i do not commend you for telling us the truth, but you do owe it to the people of fiji.

I do not trust your motive, however, with your supposed honesty that's on a roll now, hopefully it will help the people get the country back.

Anonymous said...

Taukeiniqele, taqomaki na i kau Taukei mai vei cei? Sa laurai levu tu na butako era cakava tiko na lewe ni SDL, tekivu saraga vei Qarase-na nona voli shares ena Fijian Holdings, dua mada na wasewase vua qai dua na wasewase tale vei iratou na nona mata vuvale, qai dua tale ena yaca ni kabani(nona tiko ga). Sa rauta mada na lasu-ke a dua tale na kawa tamata e cakava na ka oqoka ke a sega sara ni bera na noda dusia na yadrena. O rau a dui sagai rau ga kei Bakani(another Chora Fallow)! O Waleilakeba, o nodra tou mata mai Naitasiri(tikikiti Jaina)!E so na butako e sebera ga ni basiki tiko-baleta ni sa mai yali tiko na files!The Fijian is his own worst enemy-ka rawarawa me da bei taka e dua tale na kawa tamata, me rawa ni vaka vuna na noda mai dua vata, ia ni ra butako tiko no noda-eda galu vaka-se kenai sau " qori na nodai lavo", qo noda vanau. Ke a sega beka o ira na vulagi ke a se caka ga na butako ke o vaka titiqa-racia na vei liu taki ni Taukei nei Rabuka-e bankrupt e dua na Baqe!!!E soli tu ga na loan me security tu ga na basikeli-de baqe ne Ta!

Anonymous said...

sa kua mada ni dou lasutaki keimami tiko mai na tu e viti, keimami sa vakacegu tu qo, sa rui levu nomudou plan qai sega ni caka, sa sega ga ni da rawata dua na ka da galu, kua na mai via vakasoqoni tamata tiko ni sega ni dua e kilai iko, stratergy macawa dou plan tiko kina qori, o viti sa toso tiko i liu, kua na veidre tale tiko i muri, qori na vinakata ga me mai rawa ka ena loma ni matanitu

Anonymous said...

RE: Taukei Youth @ 11:22 AM. Good to see our youth trying to be involved and interested in how our country is run. You are to be commended and, I agree, Mara owes the truth to us - but we don't owe him anything, certainly not our respect. John Galt

DAULOTU said...

Oooooiiiauweee..Malo Taukeiniqele..
Ului..au sa kaya oji..a meca ko valat i esa na qai basika kina a meca me na kaburaki kina na nomudou vuvale...

Eratou galala eke na ULUILAKEBA family..

taukei ni qele said...

@anonymous 4.13pm,na vuravura qo e se qai taya ga na kalo esa tu na butako,o ni tukuna ni ra tou butako na sdl,vei au e vinaka cake mera butako nai taukei,nai lavo era butakoca e na yaga ga vei ira nai taukei kei na nodra matavu vale,ia ni ra butako na vulagi e viti,eda sega ni raica tale baleta nira vakauta kece i vavalagi, au vaka matata taka toka i caka ni sega mada ni dua nai taukei e nona e dua na sitoa ena loma ni tauni lelevu lalai ena noda vanua ,o ira na vulagi era sa sogosogota kece vei keda na vei ka vaka bisinisi,ia keda nanuma ni ratou butako na sdl,da waraka na vei digidigi tarava mera tou qai kaburaki laivi kina,mana tiko nai tosotoso

ex nbf staff said...

e levu cake nai wiliwili ni lavo era butako na vulagi mai na NBF me vaka tautau vata taki kei nai lavo era butakoca nai taukei,

Anonymous said...

taukei ni qele-dau tukuna oira Lau-"ko vuli ga ko ta school"! Ke butako na kai Viti e dodonu, vinaka mo vaka vulici ira na luvemu mera muri na nomuni vaka sala!Nai tosotoso ni butako ena tini ki na vei vaka matei-ni o sa sega ni rawata na gagadre ni lomamu o na tini mo tara vaka kaukau nai au ni dua tale-sa sega ni o kauwai se vulagi se Kai Viti! Dua sara na vaka vuvuli vinaka o sa vaka tura tiko qori! Muri sara me yacova na kena i tinitini. Sagai tiko o Voreqe o mai vai vaka vuli tiko o iko ena butuka-sa routa me sa basiki tiko ga na mataqali vakai Voroqe!E dua na mata lotu vinaka o lewena o iko!Sega ni dodonu meda korobui.

Anonymous said...

Na cava mada o tokona kina na ka oqo ena Dec 06 RU, lewe levu na turaganivalu era sega ni tokona era sa resign ka vaqara e dua na ka me bula kina nodra matavuvale, cava o qai mai cakava kina vaqo, baleta ni sa musu na kemu i Sau ni LtCol kei na vei Board eso e sa kauti iko laivi mai kina o VB. Keo Ratu ka tagane dina, lesu mai da mai saga na ka qo e Viti, kua ni sa lala ga na taga da dro, ka gona dou leqa kina na Mara, Ganilau, Nailatikau qo, dou na via tiko ga ena vanua me tawa vinaka tiko kina nomudou taga. Ia ni sa sega ga ni tawani yani na taga sa dro sara. Sega ni macala o rau na veiwatini rau se tu ya mai G/House se gauna cava erau sa nanuma me sa qai sega ni dodonu kina nai lakolako qo, gauna tale beka ga esa na lala kina se musuki mai na kedrau i Sau. Lesu mai me da mai saga me vueti na Waqa dou sa voleka tu ni vakaluvuca qo, cava o lai cakava tu vakalialia i keri. Kua ni sa sega ga ni tawa na taga sa cala nai lakolako, tawa se lala dei tiko ena vanua o sa tiko kina. Lesu mai RU.

Anonymous said...

Most Fijians have always talked about the corruption in past Fijian governments from the Mara, Rabuka, and Qarase years which unfortuntaley some Fijian chiefs also involved themselves in for theirs and their family self gain. They forget about the people and begin to accumulate wealth and riches for themselves in Fiji and abroad. Root of this corruption was so deep and inbedded like a bad cancer. The people of the Vanua have now spoken of the many inroads Frank has brought to their everyday lives. Things promised by past government but never delivered generations after generations.
Drastic times call for drastic measures. Let Frank finish the clean up campaign first and then we can decide at the elections.
You will see the people will vote him back in.

God Bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

Let me see...If there was a coup in 2000 due to your dads decision in trying to sell Fiji as rumuour goes, than 2006, you took part in it and now you are trying to twist what you had planned with them You are talking after you got charged and you couldn't say that before you got charged. I think you are trying to find your way out and not the whole country because we had too many coups...We just have to realise where they are all from...So I would rather vote for someone new than the same family....

Anonymous said...

So after you got charged than you want to talk...before that, you were in the paper happy nd all...so someone suspects you did something than you want to twist what you started.....I really don't trust you at all...