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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Roko Ului Mara: Wife roughed up

The former army commander says his wife has been released after being detained at QEB but she was given a hard time.

Mara is still in Tonga but has been in touch with his family.
Mara also details in this interview with Radio New Zealand's 9 to Noon programme how he came to be charged for saying "This Government is F*** All" and "It needs to change."

He also explains why he supported the 2006 Coup ("I thought then it was a noble cause") before Sayed Khaiyum's influence on Frank Bainimarama took hold.


Anonymous said...

Who cares about what happened to his phuck'n wife. That's not what we're waiting for. Levu ga nomu lasu! Ena sega ni o rawati Bainimarama!!

Anonymous said...

Isa, Fiji is in a mess and it has taken 5 years for the Maras, Nailatikau and Gaunilau to finally see the light. They have messed up the legacy left behind by the late Ratu Mara, Ratu P.Gaunilau & Ratu E Cakaubau.

The children will now have to show some strength and insight of how they themselves can undo the mess they played a major part in.

To those of you, the dingbats that gave them that support should hang your head in shame. Bloody losers!

All the very best to Roko Ului and Nailatikau and thank you for seeing the light even if it has taken you nearly 5 years to get to this point.

TheMax said...

Thats whut Bainimarama's soldiers are good at; scaring women and children. The luveni kalavos.

mark manning said...

@ anon 1256 p.m.
Either you are a coup supporter or just an ignoramus !
Nobody, especially Indigenous Fijian Women, should be getting roughed up by Indigenous Fijian Soldiers.

This just shows, as does your reaction to this news, how depraved the RFMF and the Regime have become.
That i suggest, should be of grave concern to you, because it indicates that no one is safe in Fiji.

Kaicolo said...

This is cruel and i do not wish it on any body to have loved ones degraded by military goons. It is a poignant reminder again to all military personnel and specifically to you Ului of the trauma victims and relatives of recipients of cruelties your troops were inflicting on our people....now that the table is turned around you personally experience what it feels like..

But for now we have a common fight on our hand. WE WILL WIN. GOD BLESS FIJI and C4.5

Anonymous said...

what has happened to fijian solders , are they that blind or baini-kum has filled their mouth with $$$$$$$$$$

Anonymous said...

iiisa those pooftas hand to give the maiden a hard time...just like there bainiparagrass....leave the women alone..chicken bitchsssss

Anonymous said...

Is Ratu Liumuri trying to set NZ/US up to run a commando operation to uplift his wife?

When you were on payroll, how many wives did you play with?

NadroKid said...


Beware of people who are trying to split us apart by rubbishing other opponents of this lawless regime (including Roko Ului).

They are most probably army intel bloggers trying to drive a wedge between us freedom lovers or are freedom lovers whose inability to look beyond their belly buttons (and past the differences they have with other opponents of the regime) will only help in prolonging the suffering of our nation under this murderous and lawless regime.

Lets stand united against this lawless regime even if we have to do it with people we cannot stand. Otherwise, we deserve these bunch of lawless snakes.

So for the sake of unity lets forget about everything else and just work to get rid of this lawless regime.

Ku'drau said...

ANON 12.56 MUST BE A NUTTY military GOON

Anonymous said...

Isa Anonymous ko cei ka kini? I think Bhainikyaium will go down.

Jieke said...

Bainimarama Refutes Removal of President: from Fijilive

Fiji’s Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has lashed out at claims by the international media that President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau will be removed from office.

"Its not true," Commodore Bainimarama said when posed the question in a telephone interview early this afternoon.

“Tell them (International Media) not to be naughty.” Commodore Bainimarama said.

Nailatikau is currently on a government tour in Rotuma at the moment while Commodore Bainimarama is in Kadavu meeting with villagers discussing development projects.

TVNZ reports that Nailatikau will be removed from office in the next 24 hours.

Nailatikau is married to Adi Koila, sister of Fijian fugitive in Tonga, Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara.

By Nasik Swami

Anonymous said...

PM on Fiji Live says that the media claims on the removal of president is not true and asked the media organisations not to be naughty.......

Who is telling the truth here........

Anonymous said...

Anything HAPPENING out there?

Coup 4.5 said...

Jieke try the link now: C4.5

Anonymous said...

Which wife / mistresses? serevi's wife? which one??
Who gives a shit?
Wheres the President - he shud be castrated!!
Go Voreqe.

Tikoilepanoni said...

Sa laurai levu na nomu lamu..Ului. Lako mai mo mai saumi taro i noda vanua.
E leqa nida sotia curu vakavanua - sa vosa oya o commander Rabuka - koya a vakacurumi iko [come and face the music]O curu ena Army baleta na Rt, ia oqo e qai vakadinadinataki ni oiko o sega ni Rt ..o LT

E na muri iko tu na tagi nodratou na veitamani o Serevi...macawa na nomu bula

Anonymous said...

Tank Man of Tiananmen Square where are you? Guide the people of Fiji to do the same. March to the presidents house NOW. Show him its about people of Fiji not FB or AK.

Anonymous said...

No mention of his cousin also detained and questioned. FIJI FIJI FIJI! COME ON!

Anonymous said...

O sa qai via laki nanumi watimu mai qori ena nomu sa tiko mai Tonga.....vakacava na nomu vakabuketetaki Waqairawai e dua na nomu junior officer!!!!!!!ena loma tikoga ni nomu vakawati...... vakacava na kisi vei Kara ka ni o se laurai nio vakavodoki koyaq tikoga ni bera na nomu yali......ra vutulaki.

Sotia said...

ROKO ULUI....A leader who deserted his people
Surely you are not a true LAUAN



YOU A LIAR..YOU SAID YOU WERE DRIFTED WHILST FISHING IN ONO I LAU ...the truth is that you deserted your people...

vaca soti na viavia levu...e se jiko o Ratu Finau o sa via suguraki iko jiko mai...

Coup 4.5 said...

Someone by the name of Jieke wrote in to say the radio link is not working - Jieke it is. Check that you have media player or real player -C4.5

Jieke said...

Thank c4.5 the link is now working.

Anonymous said...

Yes Yes we LOVE to hate him Ului has done bad stuff, but just like children, they learn, they grow up. Ului has done the bad, now hes seen the light and realises his badness - mainly because also hes has been hard done-by.
However, we expect to scold him, like children, and then he shows remorse, then he says sorry, then he works hard to earn our trust back again.
I think we should, work with him to HELP our beloved country get back to democratic rule.
Our president, is also doing the correct thing by thinking of the people.
I say we support these 2 men who are going to lead us out of this dark nazi Fiji.


Fiji Mojo said...

This a godd example of a wasted opportunity. The person interviewing Mara knows bugger all and missed several opporunities to follow through because she has no ieda of the key players in the Fiji situation. Roko Ului is revealing info to international media who will not have the same close interest (let alone smarts) that Fiji media or better still blogs, will have. This interviewee (and others from RNZ), bless their well-meaning hearts, have wasted a grand opportunity. I suspect Ului is trying to win the interest and support of regional media (bless his heart, too) but this embarassing to listen to. This lady doen;t even know who 'Khaiyum' is and keeps asking'Who?' What a missed opportunity.

Anonymous said...

i just have to LOL with comments about RU affairs above this are certainly army people blogging since they referred to once rumoured lover of RU with her military name! da nanuma ga ni dou tabu na blog! What happens in someone's bedroom or the motel or the car at lovers lane is their own business! All we should be interested in is moving Fiji away from this craziness we currently in and if RU can help Fiji get out then let him do it ....remember he said he will answer to the Fijian people when all this is over & will "submit to their verdict"....so his personal indiscretions is his to answer to his wife & on Judgement Day!

Anonymous said...

POLICE personnel are all commanded to support Rt Epeli N, the President to up hold the Sovereighnity and dignity of the Fiji people-
Bainimarama will be sacked, all military will protect the President at all costs.

Anonymous said...

( by FijiRev)
Fiji Revolution - March. This Sat 21st May @ 11am, Flea Market.

I am organizing a PEACEFUL march this Saturday from Flea markets to end at Sukuna Park (it will not be easy, but this will be the impetus for change). March starts at 11am Sharp. I am expecting a 1000 people, we need all of Suva/Fiji.

We want to show the world and the current regime that we stand for Truth, Fairness and Equality for all (what we have today is far from it).

Hope you are brave and care enough about Fiji to join me and others. Spread the News to others.

Will you join me?? Please let me know if you are coming via C4.5

The Fiji Revolution begings today 19th may @2:22pm Fiji time.

Anonymous said...

Ratu Tevita Mara,
When are we going to hear anything of substance? I'm reading every hour on C4.5 and not seeing much yet.
We need substance to bring down Baini and Ah-ass..

Anonymous said...

Dear FijiRev,

One request....Do you think we can postpone the peaceful March for 12PM as I have a root canal appointment.
I would really like to come.


Anonymous said...

just look at the comments rabuka is putting up that fiji sovernity was affected with mara leaving, the bastard appears not have anything else to do to masi polo the dicatator and raped fiji sovernity in 1987 which farked fiji for ever, he should offer himself instead to be charged and tried for his crimes and treason and people of fiji should get together and take a class action against him for civil liabilty and bankrupt rabuka as he doesnt have amensty from crimnal or civil prosecution- this is where the current dictator find him one day.

Anonymous said...

Okay, their are some KaiyumBaini people in here trying to discredit Roko Ului. Please, it's better he realised the big mistake they did now rather than another 5 years down the line!

Our collective objective of a return to democratic rule asap has just been booted 1 trillion times ahead of schedule. Just think where we would be if Roko Ului did not do the courageous thing of going to Tonga??

Who cares whether he was picked up from??

He may have been picked up from Narain Jetty for all we care!

Bottom line - democracy is within our reach like never before.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12.56: Sega na nomu tovo! what gives them the right to treat her like that? You should have been the one there so they can really rough you up.....like real badly; then you'll see the fun.

Anonymous said...

Dear FijiRev small request, can we start at the courthouse rather than Flea Market?
The `fleas` really bother my soft supple skin.
Also have another request, I'd rather not walk very far as I have corns, and I get a rash in the heat.
Oh! and one more thing. Can we have water or kava breaks every 10 minutes?
Since I'm at it.. do you think we can have Pot-luck lunch at the end of the walk? On second thought Scrap the Pot-luck - let's just have `POT`.

Anonymous said...

Right now the AG should be afraid, very afraid.

Native said...

@ Tikomailepanoni

A cava sara o laki qati Roko ULUI kina oya na cakacaka ni tagane me vosa vua na yalewa, ia na yalewa ga me vakasamataka na nona bula, ke kila ni vakawati na tagane me kua ni kauwai kina. Vakavaca o yalewa o tukuna tiko e vakawati talega se sega?? It takes two hands to clap!!!
Vakasamataka na ka o tukuna ni bera ni o vosataka. Vakacava o iko sa bau vica na yalewa o vosa kina, de dua ga o Qauri.
He is trying to do something good for the country so why do you have to bother..........boci.

It sounds like you're a military man. Take away that uniform and see who you are. Just an ordinary typical fijian and you belong to the vanua o Viti. So he is doing something good for the vanua o Viti.
Kua ni nanumi iko kei na nomu cakacaka. nanumi ira na tiko mai nakoro, sa sega mai a i sau ni suka, ra sa vuli na gone sega na cakacaka. The riches are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.
Better think b4 you speak.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Rev,
I'm there! Whoohoo!
Let's do it. Can I bring my machete?
In case Khaiyum shows up?
I'd like to get a piece of that Aiy-ass.
Someone will have to make the BBQ pit, I wanna roast that Baini.

Anonymous said...

I posted on 12.56PM and I am NOT A MILITARY GOON!

This Mara phuckwitt is deviating from his original outburst which got everyone on this site all hyped up for nothing! He fled the country without her. Surely he hasn't forgotten how the Military operates >>or perhaps he'd like the ousted Asst Minister Losena Salabula to remind him<< Don't complain Ului Mara - y're just damn FUCK ALL!!!

Tamata lasulasu... tell all NOW or phuck up and shut up!!

Anonymous said...

Baini-idiot after the 2006 coup.. "no soldier will benefit from this coup".. LIES!LIES!LIES!


There will be NO elections unless the useless tools go.

Your FNPF funds are being siphoned to RUN this DIKTATORSHIP communist govt... RISE UP... its NOW or NEVER!

Anonymous said...

Great questions by the NZ reporter to try and clarify whats been going on in Fiji. Ului, don't duck from the truth, tell it like it was. I really don't agree with a lot of the reasons why you decided to support the coup and your story has a lot of inconsistencies. Having the coup was just stupid and supports my view that you and the loser Epeli's and the Labour party couldn't just accept the verdict of the people at the last elections. What corruption? What racist bills? Have you conveniently forgotten the Multipary govt that was in place when you decided you'd join Vore in his coup and that Chodo had just turned down an offer from Qarase to be Finance Minister? Why don't you just admit that all those excuses were just a lot of hot air from failed politicians who disliked Qarase. If you still believe there was a 'cause' than you're still in denial and dreaming. These are the only causes you and your Ratu and Labour sidekicks with the help of Vore and the military coup have brought -

1) Cause Fiji's economy to nosedive
2) Cause Fiji's international standing to nosedive
3) Cause the price of living in Fiji to skyrocket
4) Cause the downfall of indigenous institutions and the chiefly system and the church
5) Cause deep fragmentation and division between the provinces and indigenous population of Fiji as never been seen in the modern age
6) Cause deeper division between the indigenous and indian population.
7) Cause a lot of unemployment and good hard working people out from their positions.
8) Nepotism and jobs for boys like never seen before in the history of Fiji.

Contrary to your thoughts I'm glad the military council got disbanded. Who the hell do you guys think you are and what experience do you have to make decisions to takeover and run the country. The only problem is the other choice we've been left with is the thieving pair Baiyarse which is even worse!! You guys have well and truly F&*^*d up everything in the country.

Apart from that, I'm glad you've come to your senses and welcome to the fight for democracy.

Anonymous said...

president sack bai/ag now.
nz/auss /usa frigate heading to fiji waters.
run away bai/ag/your cronies before you end like osama.

Anonymous said...

Very much entertained.
For those who have listened to the radio interview, it is just too embarrassing! Ului should make smart answers, its like the woman interviewer was interogating him like he was on trial! I think he should stop giving interviews, relax, take your time. No need to rush into it, galu mada, reflect! As for all those hanging dirty linen in public, please for the sake of the women and their families, do respect their privacies. For sure the man should have taken responsibility not to indulge, but the women also had a role to run a mile!So stop wasting time on adulterator-sa rauti Arnie mada ga, let's now concentrate on how to get back to reality- civilian rule with all the excess baggage that comes with it- to be dealt with later. Vakanuinui vinaka yani i Tonga Roko Ului.

Anonymous said...

While I sympathise with Mara's wife being roughed up I just hope she was not on the receiving end of Chief Good Penioni Naivalu FB's head henchman.

On the same token Mara should not forget those Kalabu days when he roughed up women old and young alike.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2.39pm
Someone shud ROOT you CANAL and POT your POT.
You are not a true fijian to want want democracy...dont be at the march and dont spoil it for us people who have morals and values ....so PHUCK UP AND DIE!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad this fight is not a matter of race anymore but it's has to do much with food on the table. Let us therefore unite as one people in unity of brotherhood and save our beloved country from this robbers who have destroyed our economy and the image of our beautiful country.

Anonymous said...

These guys are all in it. First lady and sister of RU is a poisonous schemer. She had a heavy hand in 2006 coup. She just didn't like a Lauan commoner Qarase getting too popular in politics. All were wishing Ganilau's New Alliance and Chodo's Labour to form government in 2006 but didn't work out that way.

Anonymous said...

ka ga sa matau tiko qori na vacu yalewa kei na qase! ni taura mada nomuni dakai ni gole yani i tonga me caka mada na vasavasava i dela ni cakau.

Me lako ga o bainikesuvakaceke, naliva, rokoura, rabuka...kua tale ni dua e lako.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, Anonymous 12.56 and 2.51 sounds like a bitter SDL LOSER. lols!

Please swallow your bitter pills b4 your have a heart attack and pray for pathetic selves, following blindly a corrupted, weak leader. heh heh...

Anonymous said...

Lets see if Bai can break his cassava patch sprint record this time...Kaiyum is also in the race....current record set at 10 seconds....

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:55
I totaly agree with you.
If people didn't like Qarase govt, Why didn't they form a party and campagin against it.
Instead they did a Coup. Bainimarama, Mara, Chodo;Gaytes; Fat Sharon; Shameem sisters;Bishop Mataca; Kaiviti ; Kaidia; Kaivalagi, they all joined.
All bloody arseholes.
What the hell is wrong with people in Fiji?
These are educated people.
They are ALL lazy.
Too hard to form a party.
Too hard to campaign.
Much easier to do a Coup.
You ALL bloody arseholes.
A Coup is wrong and it is stealing from the people who through hard work VOTED a government in.
Now when the Coup goes wrong they start apologizing , like Ului, WTF!
Next time Don't Do a Coup, you Arseholes!

Anonymous said...

@Anon.1:08 PM. 100% agreed. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

3.45PM(1)... Im with you all in waiting for something more constructive to get us out of this hell the country is in. Im no SDL supporter. Well maybe I expected too much from Mara... when he bursted on the scene saying he wud reveal all. Up to now, he's revealed f*** all! Its mere rhetoric. I invite you to read the comment at 3.05pm.

3.05PM... thanks, I luv your post!

Anonymous said...

@Anon. 1:08 PM "To those of you, the dingbats that gave them that support should hang your head in shame. Bloody losers!"

I believe loser CHODO was very keen to get rid of the elected qarase govt.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2.51pm - GROW UP AND GET A LIFE!

Anonymous said...

@Cherie.. DONT BE NAUGHTY!!!

Anonymous said...

One sure thing C4.5 does by publishing articles such the imminent sacking of a the President is, if it is true it will cause Bainimarama a hell of a headache, as he tries to figure out whose leaking inside information! Now if it not true-he is fucked any way, because if he does go down that path in the future-than C4.5 made A "PROPHESY"!! Which will make him wonder if the mob at C4.5 can read his mind and anticipate his moves-getting the drift mate as the gone ni turaki use to say when they high on punpun!Taukei Ni Mate

Anonymous said...

Tikoilepanoni o mai vaka lewai Roko Ului belata na wati Serevi , vakaca mada o Serevi a sega ni LT tiko? Era dau tukuna na vavalagi -it takes two to tango!
Kua sara ni dua vei keda e sese ena volavola e caka tiko qoka baleti Roko Ului ena nona mai vaka cacani.Kea tiko vaka dua o Yalewa kea sega ni yaco a qito malemale ni mimi!O iko Lepanoni o cava o cici rua?

Anonymous said...

kivei kemuni kece na sotia yavu cicilevu ni mai blog tiko i loma qo...na cava ni sega ni kaburaka mai kina na vei ka caca a cakava tu o Mara nona se tiko na mataivalu, qo ni sa biubiu mai ni sa qai cebuceburaki mai. Laurai ike na yaloca kei na masipolo! Qai vacava li na cala koya era se buluta tu qori na vo ni masidakai. E sega walega ni o roko Ului e cala, o kemuni kece ni yavu veivutusona!!

Anonymous said...

Tikomailepanoni o iko kodro tikoga qori ni o saumi tiko mai vei voreqe, vacava ke sa tarova na kemu i sau qo iko na suputa tikoga na qalana?

Anonymous said...

bahut dhanye bad ru

Anonymous said...

C'mon guys give RU a break, e tamata ga o koya....you people judging him...none of us are perfect. The issue here is not his personal life but rather the end of the oppression that we face here in Fiji. O Viti noqu Viti....

Anonymous said...

@anon 7.46pm..Dina sara..Ra yavu masi polo na sotia ni soli i cici..ra yavu bobula nei Bainimarama..vakasisila..

DAULOTU said...

Me da masu mada


Anonymous said...

Thnx TheMax....I strongly agree wid u...sa sivia ga na nodra via2...1 dae rich...viavakarerevaki...nd they playing up wid womens...y lei cnt say much....LOL

tabani manioke said...

AG is roughing up ULUIS WIFE right now in delainabua as we speak,sa qai ca tale na luveni baku qo

NEW BLOOD said...

We are done with Maras. Ganilaus.and other Ratus in Fiji. Let Ului remain in Tonga and lets just work on getting Bainimarama and Kaiyum off their high horses and lets get some new leaders, the MBAs and PHDs holders, out there in our beautiful Fiji. Surely over the past 20 years after Maras leadership, we have new breeds of intelligent highly conscientious Fijians that can form a new parliament and elect a new prime minister and President for our beloved country. Young people wake up and let go off Qarase, Bainimarama, Speight, etc etc. Go ahead and look into young blood to take over the nation. OLD PEOPLE, u should all go retire, take your FNPF, go to your villages and await your dying days. Its time for young and new faces to take over the ruling of our beloved FIJI. Over to you FIJI>

Anonymous said...

The only reason Rt Ului is 'crying; now is because he got caught!Why does he proclaim to have a conscience now??What a coward,leaving his wife to'face' the music while he 'sidesteps'!No respect for this guy despite the title that he has in front of his name..it should be earned not 'passed' on!Go back, be a man, & face the music,just like Driti, you Half-wit!

Anonymous said...

O dear me
Out comes the dirty laundry

Anonymous said...

Sa qai ca tale