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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Roko Ului Mara's aunt now in firing line

Retaliatory forces are at play with the regime now reported to be going after anyone connected with former senior military officer, Roko Ului Mara. We revealed last week the regime was freezing the assets of the Mara family. Insiders say the regime have now frozen the bank accounts of his aunt, Ro Teimumu Kepa, the Roko Tui Dreketi.

CID is also currently “interviewing” the following: Dolores Mara, Roko Ului Mara’s wife; Adi Koila Ganilau, her husband, Tim Mcbride, and at least four other individuals.

McBride is accused of being the surfer who accompanied Roko Ului Mara out to Kadavu. It's believed CID have said they don't have any evidence, so can't charge anyone but Frank Bainimarama has insisted someone be charged before the end of today.

HARASSED: Adi Koila and Tim McBride
VASITI RITOVA wrote the story below yesterday, detailing the harassment the Mara family is currently experiencing.

CALIFORNIA, USA (Friday, 05/20/2011) - Adi Ateca Mara-Ganilau was visited by six soldiers at their Tamavua home this morning and asked to get into a waiting army vehicle to go in for questioning.

She is the fourth member of the chiefly Mara Family to undergo harassment at the hands of the Fiji Military since her younger brother smashed a hole into Fiji's security net and was picked up by a Royal Tongan naval ship last weekend. 

Adi Ateca, eldest daughter of the late Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, founding father of modern Fiji, and the late Ro Lady Lala Mara, paramount chief of Burebasaga, gave the soldiers an ear-rubbing lecture.

Soldiers sheepishly fronted up at the Ganilau home in Tamavua and were shocked to be confronted by Adi Ateca herself. She was asked to give up her cellfone and go in for questioning.

She told them sternly that if anyone wanted to take her cellfone away and question her too, it will have to be Bainimarama himself or the Commissioner of Police Lt/Col Iowane Naivalurua.

It's believed this is a tactic employed by Bainimarama's regime to try and cut off the Mara Family's access to Roko Ului in Tonga. Roko Ului has said this week he keeps in touch with his family and his wife's arrest caused him distress.

Also in the line of the military fire is Dolores Mara, wife of Fiji-declared fugitive Col Tevita Uluilakeba (Roko Ului) Mara, who was taken in two days ago, after she was arrested at Nausori Airport for trying to send her husband a bag of clothes on a Tonga-bound Air Pacific flight. It's believed Ms Mara is undergoing some family counselling regarding her ordeal.

The couple's assets have now been frozen by Bainimarama's regime and Ms Mara's movements restricted.

Also taken in on Wednesday night was Roko Ului's cousin, Ratu Raivalita Laifone, son of Ratu Sir Kamisese's brother Ratu Laifone. Ratu Raivalita is Operations Manager for Lau Shipping Ltd, of which Roko Ului is Chairman.

Soldiers also picked up Adi Koila Ganilau, daughter of Adi Ateca and Ratu Epeli Ganilau, and forcibly took her to her Pacific Harbour home two days ago and had her house ransacked. It's believed Roko Ului spent a lot of his spare time at the young Ganilau's home in Pacific Harbour, a rural country area several kilometers off Suva.

Ganilau has been fronting up at the police station daily for further questioning.

The first house soldiers targeted as soon as Roko Ului released his first video on You Tube last Saturday, at mid-day local time, was that of another of his elder sisters, Adi Litia Mara-Dugdale, along Ratu Cakobau Road. The Dugdales live across the road from Gordon House, the official residence of the British High Commissioner, and the headquarters of the Fiji Public Service Commission atop Albert Park. 

Meanwhile, Royal household staffers in the Kingdom of Tonga told this journalist that Queen Mata'aho paid Roko Ului a visit at Polata'ane House on Thursday.

"He is being looked after well by everyone," they say.


  1. The desperation of a drowning man. Bainee and Taliban now castaway at sea being encircled by sharks. Instead of throwing him a lifebuoy, a helicopter could cut up fish with blood all over and drop bags of it to them in the water.

  2. I feel sorry for UM's close assaociates and family members who are left to pickup the pieces after he bolted. The only best protection he can offer them against the regime is to publically disclose all the incriminating evidence against bainikaiuyum and thugs..esp the shadow figures in the judiciary. What is he waiting for...for his wife or aunty, or sister to be raped or killed by the regime!!!.
    Mara - while you are sitting safe and sound in Tonga, your family and friends are facing the music for your cowardly excape...so when are you going to start singing?

  3. Frank is taking the Samoan Leader's advise seriously - going fishing! Hahaha! Fishing around for information and can't find it.

    Fact of the matter is mate, what and whom you're looking for is under your very nose! Just look around you mate - they are the ones that allowed the Phantom Navy vessel to come in and cruise around whilst your idiotic navy was still scrounging around for fuel money to fill it's tanks..bahahahahha...

    You are going to get everything you deserve Voreqe!

  4. Idiot Voreqe again trying to interfere with the CID's decision making...

  5. Anon @1.25
    Hilarious! Agree with every word! Its Valurua and Varanisese, they failed to do their job- sack them!!! On other hand, that's the trouble with hiring people to do job they

  6. Anon @1.25
    Hilarious! Agree with every word! Its Valurua and Varanisese, they failed to do their job- sack them!!! On other hand, that's the trouble with hiring people to do jobs they have no competence for. Na ka qori e vulici- naval academy and police academy!

  7. different rules for different folks....no one charged over peter's fosters escape....now they wanting to charge all those who assisted Roko Ului....new chinese immigrant have been doing this for years...how the hell do you think the chinese population grew in fiji...they did not come through our airports or ports legally and they do not leave through our airports or ports legally....they just jump boats....thats how easy it is. Anyways, just giving the top brass heads up how they can plan their escape....adopt a page from Roko Ului's book....SURF FROM FIJI

  8. Seems like another spectacular failure by 4.5 to read the situation right and predicting it all wrong. No wonder media decree required in Fiji. Reporters were running their personal agenda

  9. Bula folks!

    Who are the real causes of Fiji's misery over the years? The ones who have started the fire, by striking the matchstick, and disappearing into the dark, whilst the Kaiviti are now beginning to hurle abuse at each other. It so fierce now that the Kaiviti are not mindful of customs and traditional obligations!! Just read this blog!
    Who are the real spiders that begun spinning their web from the day they arrived in Fiji?
    Some of those spiders are even part of this and other blogs, assuming aka's and other forms of disguises!!beware!!!
    These spiders will support any government (democratic or not) as long as their interests are safeguarded...they are always sitting on the fence watching!!
    Sometimes I reminisce what Butadroka used to say...I thought then that he was a fool, however, my perceptions is slowly changing.


  10. talk about desperation.... Time's up Condom BainiArse!! "Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad." Anonymous ancient proverb.

  11. Voreqe is now seeing Ghosts in the shadows & Bhainee knows that the whatever happens he will have to face someday the music one day unless he has already got plans to move to Saudi Arabia.

  12. My Opinion- I dont like what VB did- hes bullied me by taking away my voice and right to be free willed voting citizen.

    This is fo VOREQE direct-

    Voreqe- you have no RIGHT to do that.i.e throwing out the constitution of my country.

    Voreqe - how Dare you?

    Voreqe - You have no right to muffle me and prevent me from expressing my opinions through normal media.

    Voreqe - you have no respect for me, you are just the same as me. You hust became a greedy , bully and think that you are smarter than everyone else.

    Voreqe- you must allow the country to get back to normalcy- get off your greedy bus and high horse.

    Voreqe- stop being a silly pain in the butt.

    Voreqe - because of you, my life and everyone around me have suffered unneccesarily for the last 5 years. Its unacceptable and sad for those others who have died and were killed by your "hand".

    Voreqe - because of you, I have learnt to Hate.

    Sorry Lord God, I hate Voreqe and I wish him punishment he deserves.

    I wish Voreqe dead and gone in the hell-iest way.

  13. OUCH! hurt saraga his bones nona goose step o ULUI i Toga.
    Bai just cant swallow that pill...so hes running around like a headless chook looking for anything and anything to get back at Fisherman Ului..POTE!

    But what a JERK!..whats Uluis Auntys Bank account gotta do with Bai reh!!

    ouch ouch, e mosi dea!!!

  14. Roko Ului is no dope-whats the use of singing in Public, will it make any change in Fji? He has his own plans to get these mob in Fiji down & out-and that involves playing with the big "fish" and proving what he says is backed up by some hard evidence! Bainimarama has already shown his vindictiveness by saying Roko Ului is also about to charged for the $3 million missing from the coffers of Fiji Pine! Roko Ului showed up this lie which just proves the point that Roko Ului was making-"trumped up charges" is the way to go right now.Now Pryde needs to answer that simple question -how can you charge someone who was not even around when the money was stolen?? You have to assume that for this to come about Ratu Khaiyum has to give his approval. Can anyone imagine how Voreqe would have thrown a tantrum after Roko Ului's reply that it has he (Roko Ului) that found out about the thievery in Fiji Pine! Just shows you how much Voreqe is listening to Khaiyum and not members of the Military Council. Deceit is now part of these unscuruplous mob-well who better to learn from than big Brother China! Even if elections was to held as promised by Voreqe-who is to say that Khaiyum has not already thought of a plan to get the coup planners and supporter free from charges in a civilian court? Which begs the question" will we get elections but with a Chinese form of Govt?" ie A Military council in the background (for show) as Roko Ului ahs stated, but with Khaiyum runnng the show with puppet master in the foreground? Many of us seem to think that Khaiyum is the brainchild of everything here-dn't under estimate Voreqe! They called him a dud when he became Commander-look where he is right now-out witted so many that was even before Khaiyum came into the picture.If we have to move forward the past has to be faced and that involves going back right to Rabuka-the future demands that or we will face these demons again & again to the detriment of our great grand-children. Taukei NI Mate.

  15. This is the rantings of a sick individual.
    Vuaka is definitely morally sick.
    He is rounding up all sorts of people.
    Is this what you call a fair justice system Mr Pryde?

  16. Uh, oh! The PM, despite CID saying they have no evidence, says SOMEONE MUST BE CHARGED today!

    Everyone,and I do mean everyone, better make like a chameleon and blend in with the coconut palms!!!

    What?? What do you mean there are no coconut palms left on the island? Ya mean someone has been cutting them all down recently?

    Well, all righty then. Alert to all good and faithful fellow Fijian citizens - put on a police uniform. THAT should make you pretty invisible!

  17. Analysis on Fiji debacle:
    "Dilemmas facing Australia’s Fiji policy"

    May 20th, 2011
    Author: Jon Fraenkel, ANU

    Read it on



  19. Oi.. these people want to be chiefs but marry the freakin' kaisi's - na palagi, na ka veiwaki, o ira na kai vei so qo? me qai nanuma o ka 'qo me liutaki Viti? Sa rauta toka madaga o Mary mai Top-shop!

    drift to Tonga, stay in Tonga!

  20. Good on you MARA Family!! Hope your fellow Fiji brothers and sisters follow your lead. This is great to see such prominent Fijians setting the tone for others!! I applaud your stance!!

  21. Sa levu saraga na drama!! Nothing new!!

  22. the truth that the whole fiji cannot speak up the truth,we all want democracy but we scared to raise our voice,why?? the fear that our life might ended from the brutality of these coward soldiers. There will never be peace in Fiji unless there is an intervention from abroad to remove bainikhaiyum. I cry for my beloved country....

  23. What could be better for the cops but to charge the people of Kadavu for "aiding & abetting" the side step of Roko Ului-and include Mary Keans name on the charge sheet, as she is vasu to Kadavu.Can you imagine Voreqe's face when he sees that!As the people of Lau say"SA Malo E" Taukei Ni Mate

  24. Franky said that the police are doing the investigations, ia da mai wilika ike ni ira ga na nona i lala kisitoni mai na keba ra vei interogate tiko tiko qo.
    Well too bad for the Mara/Ganilau dynasty... sa mai viavialevu tu qo o Bainimarama baleta nomudou biuti koya enai tutu sega ni dodonu me taura. Dou sa tauca tu qori na cala ni nomudou vakatulewa. Kevaka me a soli vei dua ka dodonu me taura nai tutu oya ke da vakawelewele tu qo, matanitu cakava ga nonai tavi, mataivalu cakava ga nonai tavi.
    Baleta walega nona vakatulewa cala dua na tamata ( Epeli Ganilau) eda sa mai sasa kece tu kina qo.
    Sa bera ya, ka ga da rawa ni cakava qo me da vakadodonutaka na cala ya, i.e to remove this incompetent ass leading the military.

  25. I pray that God will protect the noble Mara family from those who have evil minded against them...Ratu u have made a right move and your people here in Fiji will always support you as you have bravely stood up for the truth,nothing but the truth..may GOD bless you and your family.

  26. PM address to the civil servants in Kadavu via Fijijlive.

    May 21, 2011 01:59:58 PMA+ A-| || Fiji's Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has challenged civil servants working in Kadavu to change their mindsets and attitude about service to people in rural areas.

    Commodore Bainimarama said civil servants in rural areas should be aware of the consequences of any laxity in their service to rural communities.

    “You must be professional in your conduct and execution of duties. Allow for networking within different ministries to ensure smooth transition of services to the rural people,” he said.

    “As civil servants they should asked why certain work is not progressing or why certain services have not been delivered to recipients.”

    The Prime Minister said he received certain reports on the laxity of service provided by certain government departments on Kadavu .

    “We should be serving the people with all our heart so that we regain their confidence in us,” Commodore Bainimarama said.

    “Civil servants in rural areas, especially should change their mindset about serving the people.

    “We do not want the people to blame us for wasting government’s money”

    Commodore Bainimarama told civil servants they must learn to strike a balance between family time and the hours they need to dedicate to serving members of the public, enhancing government projects and programs on the island.

    The Prime Minister was speaking to civil servants at Vunisea Secondary School on Kadavu after opening a new wharf for the province.

    By Tevita Vuibau

    A man of two faces

  27. All Fiji need now is strong leader to speak up support will flow in. All armies n police is waiting for a voice but no one has the guts to speak up. Rise up ppl no leaders got guts now. Speak for your selfs n bring the regime down. By the way the regime can't freeze assets cause it does not own any bank in Fiji as they all foreign ownership.

  28. the law will finally catch up with the thieving corrupt mara clan
    amazing how pigs squeal when they get to the slaughter house - mara you can scream but fate and karma has now caught up with you ...

  29. news flash - roko ului and the tongan queen caught red handed by the king ... more to come

  30. I do not wish ill on anyone. But all I can say- Welcome to reality! For the Mara-Ganilau clan to go through what common folks have endured this long. And I agree with @M.3.57pm- baleta sara ga ni dou a susuga na kemu meca-sa mai kati kemudou tale qo.
    You are now paying for that one mistake, all because you did not trust the other officers who could have headed the military on merit. It is good to learn from our mistakes and I hope you know how common people have suffered, hope you can stand up and be counted to redeem yourselves in the eyes of the people whom you have been isolated from for too long!

  31. We need the RFMF to show Condom Baini that he nolonger has control.

  32. We just need to plan a concerted attack on the www.fiji.gov.fj web site. Lets show the Condom Baini that we have the power to bring his regime down from cyberspace. This will also show the people that by attacking the site together and making it meltdown that there is large number of people not happy with him.

    Can C4.5 publish a date and I am sure we have enough experts here to help guide the best way to plan this attck.

    Lets start to hurt him. Its just collective all of us to start visting his website and making request simultaneously. or is there another method? there is no crime in visiting the site so no one will be in trouble. But we all need to visit it same time and start clicking on menu same time.

    Condom Baini get ready for our attack.

  33. Anon@4.38pm. I think it's your wife and the Indian next door who got snapped by his wife.

  34. Dina o iko Magai,O ko na boci ya o Epeli Ganilau lai digitaki Voreqe sara ni ra tu o ratou o Baleidrokadroka kei na so tale na sotia vuli.
    Sa bale sara tiko ga vei ratou na Mara.Qo eso na ka e sa yaco vei ratou mei sau ni dua beka na cala era a cakava na tamadra...au kaya ga...maleka me ra vesu...sa vakarau taki ga vei iko na nomu i vakarau

  35. @ anon 4.38, u talk shit coz your mind is always full of shit,and u know what goes around comes around...haha one day mafatu..then u realise

  36. Bula vinaka Yalewa Dina...Roko Ului does not have any assets in connections with the foreign-owned banks - it's something to do with a business with FDB..vinaka

  37. The Mara n the Ganilau noble days are long gone from the day Penaia n Kamisese, Cakobau died. Fiji's new leaders were no longer those well known chiefs who use to get the front row seat in Goverment specially if you member of the Freemason. Your chiefly position of influence n your power  of authority were the strength behind the Freemason influence over the political future of Fiji and it's people. The goal? To use up everyone future inheritance using the selected few to spiritually oppress the people with confusion n poverty, while they rule with an I fist behind the shadow of democracy.  As the last noble Kamisese died the children were left helpless n trying to get back to former glory days were not like days of the past where nepotism were much common. They now are in the same line like everyone else n will have work hard to get a higher position. Somehow 2006 coup came n through the barrel of the gun the former noble kids were able to get back to the noble days but way harder then before. This time there are the new wana b future nobles Bai n his thugs who started with a clean up campaign only ended up shooting themselfs at the very foot. Now the Mara n the Ganilau have really shot themselves in foot for joining the regime only to fall from grace. Fiji in this mordern time cannot b a short cut up to the top. If you do, you will b like all others, crashing down the ladder breaking your notty foot. The only way to the top is through democratic election that will turn the jewel lighthouse of the south pacific into a house of diamond attracting millions to visit the paradise jewel of the pacific. I hope the Mara n the Ganilau will learn from there mistakes n do the right thing. Humble yourselves n honor all others. Thank you : )

  38. io toso tiko Viti!..Eda tamata kecega..Turaga e vakaturagataki ga vei ira na lewe ni vanua...Mara se Ganilau se cava tale..Eda dua vata kecega e na mata ni Kalou!..sa kua so na viavia levu!..Na vanua o Viti e noda kece nai taukei!..sa rauta na veivakalolomataki kei na veibeci!..sa da vuli vinaka kece mai qo. Im so tired of hearing the Mara/Ganilau era..sa oti yani ya..sa dua na gauna vou qo..

  39. RE: Tevita Vuibau @ 4:24PM.

    He is concerned about laxity in Kadavu? Where was his voice when this same problem has eminated from Suva to all other offices all over Fiji ever since he took command?? His office cannot possibly say that they were not informed because I know that they were. So the glass eye is focused on Kadavu now, but NOT the rest of Fiji?? Selective vision, I would say.

    If you are a leader then behave like one! Just because you choose to delegate, you are NOT relieved of your ultimate obligation to be accountable to the people. These issues have been nationwide and you have chosen when and where to appear blind.

    No-one has ever said your job would be easy but you have not taken it to heart. Shame on you!

    The corruption is rampant and nationwide and right now you look like you are the one with the bulls-eye on his back! So much for progress since you decided that you would take on the job to lead us back to a life without corruption.

    If you are NOT up to the job, pass the baton forward - and be sure to take the AG with you!!! John Galt


  41. You can do the rounds of Fiji who cares!

    YOu and everybody following you will be arrested very soon.

    Ona qai lesu mai Suva, sa waraki iko tu o Viti taucoko!

  42. Anon at 7pm. Trues up! If Nailatikau doesn't have the balls, then RTD should reconvene the GCC.

    Nailatikau probably can't act, because he himself is illegal!

  43. Kece Lamu Sona's... Only time they are hero's are when they bully the Kaidias.

    Polo sa yali...

  44. Anon. 7:40 PM. Excellent points. So that's why Nailatikau isn't acting, illegal like BainiArse! Reconvene the GCC NOW.

  45. na sega ni dede ga qo, sa na baci buli e dua na sere kali me baleta na veika kece e yaco tiko qo...

  46. I think Ro Kepa should grab the GCC Chiefs by their balls and drag them to reconvene and appoint a President and Vice President and Neutral Caretaker Prime Minister and Cabinet to take Fiji to elections, in accordance with the Court of Appeal Ruling of the 9th. of April 2009.
    At the same time, the Caretaker Prime Minister having liaised with his new Cabinet, suggest to the newly reconvened GCC a new Commander of the Military.
    The rest will fall into place under the Rule of Law of the 1997 constitution.

    But I think I've been saying this for 2 years already and I said almost the same to Mr.Qarase when he came to Sydney !


  48. Army B2B and Condom Baini B2SP.

  49. @ 1st anon 4.38 i think u rily got issues....mayb u ought to seek gr8t medical help.........coz dude ur losing it........hav u taken ur Medicine?????? Ur doctors are lukin evariwea 4u.......u nid to go fishing not in kadavu waters but Bemuda Triangle is a suggestion....so we wudnt hear 4rm u again.........lol...:)

  50. There is a God permitted shaking that has been happening in Fiji for quite a long while since the coup began back in 1987. Fiji like many other nations of the world has been held by strongholds for a long long while. Ancestral ungodly worship upheld by chiefly heads was coupled with ungodly freemasonry for so so long well established by Sukuna. This stronghold has been upheld for a long time by Sukuna's well received native land trust board endorsed by the government of the day. Mara continued the legacy of this ungodly rule supported by his selected appointees sometimes genuinely or more so deliberately blindly unbeknown to many of them. The body of Christ (uninstitutional church as it is biblically known) have risen up like never before since just before the 1987 coup. All races including non Fijians eg Indians were born into the Kingdom of God. Revival hit Fiji but complacency has hit simultaneously and so the battle for the hold over the nation of Fiji continues. The lack of genuine "seeking" the face (as opposed to hand) of the Lord is a cause in Fiji. Nothing occurs for no reason. "If MY PEOPLE (christians) who are called by name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land. Fiji is like a pre-eminence of the great tribulation about to take place all over the earth before the secohd coming of our King Jesus. The role of the muslim or talibans in Fiji is only an additional ungodly stronghold that has an alliance with the freemasonry alliance with our tribal chiefly status. All that is going on is a physical manifestation of the conflict that is going on between on. The chiefly status is being shaken...to an extent, our chiefs have had to come to a place of really being dependent of God rather than on some other gods! The intellectuals of Fiji have also been shaken....your highly esteemed by society academic degrees have not been able to combat the conflict....it has no place in the spiritual conflict taking place. The military strength seems to also be a questionable force......made up of people who have choices......it is indeed almost an extinct factor in this spiritual conflict. For such a time as this, it seems that there is a God permitted (as opposed to God's perfect will) for Fiji to be in this predicament.....for maybe the shakings is a result of the apathy or complacency of God's called people (all who have been born of the Spirit of God) to go to that level that He requires us to go to of 'seeking' His face (not hand)like never before. Israel was handed over by God if I may add to a gentile king (for a while) as part of their disobedience unto God and complacency! It is not an institutional church that the Lord seeks, but it is an individual intimacy that the Lord seeks from each of His people....like never before. We need non-institutional churches with no walls like the book of Acts to be re-ignited into our land of Fiji. We need the apostolic leadership back into the body of Christ....this is not the same as church like we have been doing all these many centuries in Fiji.
    Where are the biblical daniels, Joshuas, Pauls, Johns, Marys, Annas, Simeons of this age? Fiji requires them like never before to seek the face of God.....listen to what the Spirit says...He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith...
    It is not by might (military, academic or intellectual) nor by power (ungodly freemasonry, ancestral chiefly status, institutional churches or any form of religion) But by my Spirit says the Lord shall this mountain be made a plain!

  51. God please bless Tim Amd Koila and their children my prayers are with you two God Pls. Bless you and your children

  52. E sega ni dua na ka na mana ena sasaga nei Ului Mara kei na kena vo ni vei Marama se Turaga ra vosa tiko i tautuba baleta ni ra duka tiko. Ira ga qo ra kania nai lavo ni NBF na 200 na milioni qai da mai sauma tu vakaloloma na lewe ni vanua. Kerei vei kemuni Coup Va poidi lima ke rawa ni vakaraica mai na drauniveva a tiko kina na yacadra na tauri lavo ena noda baqe na lewe ni vanua o Viti lomani na NBF. Ke dua me tu cake taka na dina.......na lewe ni vanua duadua ga......sega ni dua na turaga dukadukali na nona i tovo sa qai vakilai yalona ka drotaka nona bula ia a kana sara tiko ga mai na veleti ni kana ni tosotoso lako tiko qo.......nona duadua ga na lewe ni vanua o Viti lomani na digidigi.......ke sa donu tiko qo......se me caka na veisau......ena qai yaco ga mai....na dina ena sega ni tabonaki rawa.....na tagi ni lewe ni vanua ena sega ni tarovi rawa.....ke na yaco na veisau.....ena yacoga ena kena gauna.....

  53. Time to end the Mara-Ganilau dynasty.spoonfed and spoilt individuals thinking they born to rule this place. What Roko Ului did will surely see their destruction the idiot. They tried to take on Frank but are going to get their backsides kicked to prison. Adi Ateca tried to tell soldiers off, but was told in no uncertain terms she get in and shut up. Reality will soon bite that this is a different Fiji

  54. o ira na dau vakatevoro mera saga me davo aiyaz khaiyam

  55. oh yeah, we're living in a different Fiji alright @ Anonymouse 8.24am... one that is run by thugs, bullies and criminals who have too much at stake to let go.

    Look at the black pots calling the kettle black. LOLS...


  56. 8.24AM Hang on!

    Let Mara topple this regime and we, the people, will step in and claim our country back.

    None of the Mara family must be allowed to take leadership again of this country. Not Ganilau either! I agree with the blogger that's calling for GRAHAM LEUNG for Prime Minister.

  57. well... when Mara topples the regime (soon), then he will be allowed to lead fiji until the elections, and maybe even get elected as PM.

    Our sole concern now is the complete destruction of this illegal taliban terrorist regime. let's concentrate all our collective energies and attention to completely eradicating these taliban bastards.

  58. First of all Kila and Tim are divorced and as for the Mara family being questioned well waht did they expect? Same goes for any other fella and his family that messes with Bai..Common knowledge!!

  59. @ anon 1:27 "What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder"

  60. Leung doesnt even have a wife so how can he be PM u poofters!!!

  61. I too have evidence against Aias the asshole for when the junta is gone and Aias is still in Fiji and not able to run away. No point in talking about if he is able to take refuge and Bai's henchmen still running the show...

  62. What about Simione Kaitani as PM as he was the only candidate who won his seat against the well established Fijian Political Parties in 1999?

    SVT with $20m vote buying tag and SDL with Agri Scam tag, so he came without either of the two. So he has the real mandate ahead of SDL and SVT put together.

    He was not a looser candidate of the past who came in with his own personal support.

    I support him 101%. Why Graham, he has not entered politics?

    Sa Sucu Sa Lutu...

  63. No way not kaitani he's tainted with his involvement in 2000 coup. Look up youtube he was speights mouth piece at one time. Real opportunist living here in Mel. puporting to be a freedom fighter no way.

  64. 5.32PM

    The country needs one of high intellectual callibre to take us out of the doldrums we're currently in. Hence, my call for Graham Everett Leung for PM.

  65. I agree with Graham. No more SDL cronies who made a mockery of the CSO provision. Rt Joni for president would surely restore diginity and decorum to the high office. After Rt Joni no more chiefs to ever get ascend national leadership. Someone suggested Ro Teimumu question what qualifications does she even have ... her name!! Thats exactly what most of them have been living off ... their name. We the common folk played second fiddle to their needs. Chiefs have served their purpose. Present day the very best available initellects should only be allowed albeit there must be more ruthless and swift means of dealing with corruption whenever suspected. I feel FICAC is a worthwhile idea but must be honed to improve into a proper blue collar forensic investigative tool. Bottom line rfmf after all this must be reduced to but a mere home guard not even of regimental size.

  66. @Mark Manning-Ro Teimumu should grab chiefs in the GCC by the balls to and them to re-convene

    Mark Im sure you know that that is one need that the fair lady has been missing out on for a while now. Problem is she just might grab all those and keep it for herself ....... lol !! sa dri yani

  67. @Anon. 8:29 PM "Chiefs have served their purpose." I have to vehemently diagree with you. Firstly, Fiji's IQ is 84, which is quite low, and the Fijians masses are still dumb and stupid, which is one of the reasons why BainiArse have been in power for over 4 years!

    Secondly, chiefs serve as a barrier between the native Fijian commoners and the non-native minorities.

  68. @Anon. 7:48 AM. IQ may or may not have to do with this, but this is a totalitarian regime whose power base is the military, — a totalitarian regime whose power has grown from the barrel of a gun.

    "Power grows out of the barrel of a gun." Mao.

  69. hahahahahah... this is too funny! thanks coup 4.5.

  70. I Just had another round of laughter...! lol... Thanks Coup 4.5, youre like my refuge when work sucks and im in need of laughter... hehehe..

    But definitely, Frank's days are numbered. Only time will tell.. :-)

  71. @8.29PM

    I would rather Ro Teimumu over Rt Jone for President. Ro Teimumu is a graduate of USP and a qualified school teacher! Mmm... Rt Jone? Nope, big question mark on him. Too sick -- He is a "in-again, out-again of hospital" type. He'd be more a liability than an asset to the State. Sa kua!

    YES, to Graham Leung for Prime Minister!

  72. @anon 4:21PM

    While we're one the subject of next whose the most suitable next president.

    Might I remind you all of the unwritten rule that has guided GCC nominations todate i.e Burebasaga has just had their turn Kubuna currently serving so Tovata is the next contribute.

    Now ........ question is will they (chiefs of tovata) be stupid enough to elect as their choice the paedophile Tui Cakau.

    So really realistically suggestions for choice of president should only be from tovata at this point in time. Might I remind you all that this august body has had its fair share of fierce debates when discussing this issue and basing on the the principal of shared responsibility. You just might all be surprised that just when we're all expecting our chiefs to band together they wander off in different directions promoting their individual causes. Such was the case when the emergency GCC meeting was called at QEB amidst the 2000 coup there was bickering at a time when we needed unity.

    Again I reiterate my belief that chiefs have outlived their use. They should just resign themselves to only exist for ceremonial purposes. Us the common folk have had to pick up the pieces for far too long.

    Just see how opportunists have started to manourve around already as if an election is coming soon. Of course we all want election but no more of this crooks. No more SDL ideologies, SVT crooks, FLP backstabbers.

  73. One CANNOT and SHOULD NOT treat TRADITIONAL protocol as this regime has - but lets get one thing straight, BEING a Chief (Ro Teimumu) is different from having chiefly relations (Mara's etc)...it would do most of you who are commenting good if you thought twice about how you address the Gone Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi..these titles carry traditional mana - e sega ni toka wale! It might not backfire on you now but it may your future generations! DO NOT DISRESPECT THE CULTURAL HIERARCHY IN PLACE...from a western perpective: Bainimarama is just a plain idiot. The problem with him is that he spends tax payers money going around rounding up people, trashing houses, freezing accounts and all this other bullshit and lounging about visiting provinces WHILE COST OF LIVING IS INCREASING AT ALARMING rates! We must have all done some grocery shopping in recent days - prices are ridiculous! Prices here are now comparable to that of places like Honolulu - but then again, the standard of living there is vastly different as compared to us! Someone needs to help him with his list of priorities - its as screwed up as that screwed head of his!

  74. Ni sa bula vinak,
    Da guilecava cava na ka sa oti ka meda na vakanamata tiko ena veika e sebera mai.Ia sa vagauna kece tiko na ka e caka tiko ena ruku ni matanisiga oqo....da tamata tiko ga e tu tale ga na noda malumalumu yadua...


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