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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Roko Ului Mara names the Fiji soldiers brutalizing citizens

The soldiers guilty of human rights abuses have been singled out by Roko Ului Mara.

In these latest videos in the Fijian language, the former commander of the third infantry warns Penioni Naliva, Aseri Rokoura and Rabuka, to stop making people suffer, saying the time will come for them to answer to the people.

Naliva (pictured left with Bainimarama), Rokoura (pictured closest to Banimarama in the picture on the right) and 'Rabuka' (Savenaca Siwatibau) were all named recently by Coupfourpointfive as leading henchmen for Frank Bainimarama and the QEB Goons, who were beating and terrorising citizens.

In these videos, Roko Ului confirms our list and also tells two other senior soldiers, land force commander Mosese Tikoitonga (right) and Lieutenant Colonel Jone Kalouniwai, to wake up to the truth. He tells them to put  their education to good use and to open their eyes and stop being blind. He says they know very well what has been happening and that it's wrong.

Asked by media if he himself illegally detained civilians during the 2006 coup, Mara replied: "not directly .... but under directions." He said he "totally regretted it."


Anonymous said...

Damn you guys are good, thanks C4.5

Anonymous said...

Got an idea, since some of us in Fiji do not have internet access, why don't those of us who do, download these videos, save them on our phones and bluetooth them around.....everybody in Fiji has a mobile phone.....by the way you can download any youtube video on this site:


Radiolucas said...

Thats better - the most complete explanation so far. It is also great that he names the thugs and sets out what they have done.

Radiolucas said...

Also, for those who may be interested, Raw Fiji News is back up and running again as of yesterday.

SEMI MEO said...

So the Fiji flag which serves as backdrop was also in the fishing boat..

OK..who’s going to translate the speech into hindi??

We believe the young Chief has said enough. Time for action..or another five years wait before elections??

We're told paper shredders are selling like hot cake in certain places in Suva..

Anonymous said...

It is a sad for all of us that had so much respect for the late Ratu KKT Mara, Fiji's first PM and who spent all his life for our beloved Fiji to hear his youngest son speak about the dictatorship that has plaqued Fiji since after the 2006 coup. It is common knowledge that his father masterminded the Rabuka coup but I now strongly, Fiji's coup days are now over once Bainimarama and Khaiyum are removed from power.

Thank you Roko Ului, please be honest with yourself, think of your late Ratu and Nau, remind those of us that love Fiji with a passion of the legacy they left for all us. Do the right thing by all of us and do it with honesty and integrity.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 8.53pm...kudos on the motion....

k, steps of doing that please, for some of us that are not familiar with it.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meow what side of the fence you on now????

Anonymous said...

Translation of video please! (In English)

Taukei said...

Thank you Ratu Te, I count you to be a real soldier and a real man. You confess it and you will face it like a man as you've said it.
So now we hear from the horse's mouth who are the real cowards are & culprits up at the camp who are torturing innocent people esp. the i taukei's. spill it all out Ratu Te, its very disappointing to hear. And thats what the people of Fiji to know. How disgraceful a dictator can rule as all this happening known very well to him. you really put your self in a situation where the reality will show up. So whatever that goes up is now coming down.
You are a brave man!! You showing your own chiefly status that you love the people and the vanua. Unlike the dictator whom I heard if Im correct that he is just a kai wai and has no quality of leadership in his village.
Keep it up, you have to be saluted.

Anonymous said...

more beans please, the people have to know each and everything that went on...thank you...the end is nigh

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo

What is your point? There is something not right with you. Is it because you are fearing that the time is drawing closer to terminate Bainimarama's rule. You were always one of those bloggers that we couldn't figure out which side you were really on.

I think the time has come, either you are with Bainimarama, if so piss off or for a democratic Fiji.

OK we all know Roko Ului's involvement in the 2006, but he is now ready to fight for democratic Fiji and needs everyone's support.

Anonymous said...

vinaka vinaka ratu ului.....me so tale mai....

Anonymous said...

major Manasa Tagicakibau Sonalevu

Anonymous said...

@ anon 9:34

Ok...these are the steps:

1. Go to the 'Keep Video' website by typing in www.keepvid.com in your browser address or just go to google and google keepvid either way it will take you to the website.

2. Once you're there, copy the video's url that is:

http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=n5o7sffmRGQ


http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=CFLnV01a2p8

and paste it in the blue url box

3. Click download and you're on

4. It will give different options of format to download in...you can choose which ever one fits you

4. Note: you fill find that there is also an option for saving the mp3 format of the video that is the sound only.......this will come in handy for phones with no video...

5. Once you've downloaded, connect your phone to your computer and save the videos in it.

6. Once you're done you can start sharing media file around...walla...job done!

Note: you have to download the video one by one....

Vinaka Saka

Anonymous said...

issue instruction how to put this on mobile phones and sending by email, copies on disks and usb drives and send to all people groups in fiji, written copies to mail boxes and send to all media organisations in fiji

Anonymous said...

where is his wife in all of this anyone knows????????

Anonymous said...

Ratu Mara reveal the corruption between the junta dictator and dewan chand of quality printer and Padam Lala Garment man where he picks up envelopes of cash every weeek

Anonymous said...

Aseri Rokoura : sa oti na gauna ni viavia levu.
Na Kalou e rai tiko.
God's word says that He is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.
Na tovo viavia levu qori sets you in direct opposition to God ( and I'm talking about God Jehovah not god bainivuaka)
And you, Aseri, verses God.
Vakasamataka sara vinaka na nomu next step.
Let me give you a hint. YOU WILL NEVER WIN.
Vakasamataka vinaka na tiki ni Vola Tabu au wasea vei iko.
Make a choice.
Are you going to continue to be Proud or you going to humble yourself and submit to God?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ratu Ului for speaking the truth and for speaking from the heart. I'm just sad that it took so long for you to realise what time of madman and a user of people Bainimarama is. Its also very disappointing to see that the current crop of soldiers still at camp are carrying on with their arbitrary detainment methods. They obviously have not learnt anything nor are they prepared to change their ways. I hope some of them will end up in jail after this sorry era in Fiji's history is behind us and their actions are no better than animals who deserve to be locked away. Please keep up the good work of exposing all that has gone on behind the scenes especially the type of egomaniac Bainimarama is. We will ensure that these messages get down to the grassroot people so they can see exactly what kind of maniac is pulling the wool over their eyes.

Anonymous said...

To Roko Ului, to tell you the truth sir, u were one of those people that i wished to shoot down if i had a gun, during the crisis in Fiji in the past 5yrs.....as of today onwards i clearly see u as a true Chief who really cares about his people and his beloved country, thank u sir"......to Bainimarama and his Gay partner AG Khaiyum, your days are numbered PUFTAS....To Bai,we the people of Fiji know why U did the COUP, that was to save ur ass from the hands of the LAW...when u Killed the CRW Soldiers....Khaiyum u are an abnormal build greedy bustard, which u hv used the money of this beloved country for ur personal & family benefitial...STOP IT....CAUSE WE ARE WAITIN 4 THE DAY that we will GRAB UR NECK WITH BOTH HANDS........

Anonymous said...

OK., well that is tooo much for me to absorb Anon,10:09 but maybe some of you other bloggers can carry this on.

I hear a deadline coming.

Tic,tok,tic tok.

In the meantime will the majority of our fellowmen even KNOW what is coming down? And in the end, will have any thing really changed? Will we have traded one dictator for another? Are we even capable of creating democracy at this early stage of our political life?

hunt them down like dogs said...

Back door benny naliva nad all his family need to be hunted down like dogs - what can be worse than torturing your fellow Fijians - and all for a taliban terrorist!!

Anonymous said...

There you go guys. Downloading is one best way of getting the message across to those in the rural areas....
Thanks Roko Ului. It sounds more interesting now. If I was Kalouniwai and Tikoitoga I will resign right now while my reputation is still intact as a show of support for the return of Democracy to Fiji.
But am not surprised to see the ppl of Muani in Kadavu, Tikoitoga's village, presenting a kamunaga for their apology to Voreqe to show rheir support. They did this after Tikoitoga was promoted to one of the top Military position. They said that they didn't support the Regime after the '06 coup. However the vanua of Kadavu has shown support during one of the Provicial council meeting. Sa levu mataboko and tabe2 re.
Thanks Roko Ului. God Bless Fiji!!!

Anonymous said...

Fuck you all

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dee mara is back home after being roughed by Lauans at the camp,yound sonalevu soilders in diapers questioning her on her marriage and dismantling her mobile phone to get numbers .3FIR GO DROWN YOURSELVES IN POT HOLES AT NABUA .ungreatfull basT@#ds

Anonymous said...

AG off to HK

Anonymous said...

Tell us something new man! C4.5 had already named the samee goons many moons ago. It would appear that we will not be receiving anything new and revealing. Have we been duped?

Anonymous said...

Aziz on mob with Baini consoling him MADHAR CH#D

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Down with the illegal regime said...

Has illegal PM Frank Bhainipuaka returned from Kadavu??

Someone please check! Lest he has escaped already, the Bloody Pig!

Anonymous said...

3FIR have no respect for women. No respect for their Leaders.
Only respect the dollar sign.
Yavu matamata i lavo.
You people are worse than Indians.
Ni yavu veivutusona na 3FIR.
Sotia ni solisona.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Vinaka Vakalevu Roko Ului for being courageous enough to expose the Bainimarama/Khaiyum Regime!! Thank you for responding to the cry and voices of the Fijian people!! You are a Real Fijian Warrior and the Chief that now have the full support of the majority of the Fijian people!! Hang in there and bear in mind that "Honesty Is The Best Policy...."If God Is For You Who Can Be Against You"....

Anonymous said...

New Cabinet Lineout allready in place,Narsey Finance minister,AG Ana Rokomokoti,Lands Leweni,Agriculture Richard Joe,Education Amraia Naidu more to come soon

Anonymous said...

Interesting point AG kaiyum leaving for HK. Can someone please confirm this. Itinerary at least please. Need something concrete.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Ratu for finally standing up. only wish you had the same courage and wisdom whilst you were in camp.

Wish you all the best. and we thank the Tongan Royal family for accomodating you. Let the Holyspirit guide you brother!!!

Anonymous said...

Sobo sa laurai ga vei ira na sotia qo na tabe2 vei bainiayarse me rawa nodra toso cake, promotion and trips overseas. How sad, is the real mentality of Fijian men that is reflected in the army? Thugs? moku yalewa, bullies, how many punch your wives and domestic violence? How much respect can you get out of promotion just because you have been tebetebe? It is like chasing after the wind, not stable cause all that is coming down soon! Sa rui sivia ga vei keda na kai Viti na viavia dua na ka, koya sega nona status - tabetabe, koya sega ni turaga saga e dua na ka me rogo kina, se laki vakamuri ira, dua na ka na qaciqacia mai vei ira na sotia qo- it was their source of status to be quoting Bainimaraqa said this, that, etc. Levu ga na viavia, sega na uniform teri macala cava tale e rawa ni caka? It is like a pack of cards, when everything falls to the ground. Da sarasara ga!

Anonymous said...

ANA ROKOMATU and LEWENI [of all people] should be excluded from the new cabinet. No more military personnel please.

AG should go to Graham Leung. Amraia Naidu is a good choice for Education. Whoever they pick for Lands and Agriculture should not be from the military.

Anonymous said...

No more military people in any cabinets please! Is President Ratu Epeli in action yet or still at the club? Sobosobo Ratu Action is needed! Its now or never!!! Redeem yourselves!

Suguraki said...

Us gang having meaningful discussions which affects us all ...meanwhile the kaivalagis wannabe Fijian like David Robie, Croz Walsh and Graham Davis going on a smear campaign against Coupfourpointfive telling media in NZ not to quote the blog because it's untrustworthy. Wailei Turaga we got bigger fish to fry ...meanwhile the old kaivalagis wanting to be famous and be quoted in the media. Jeepers creepers....lei moce mada old farts

Anonymous said...

Finance minista Narsey - betta not be the opportunist good for nothing smart aleck Arun Narsey bull shit accountant who was vorege apointee to the corporate boards. I hope it is Wadan Narsey. Good call.

oilai - Fiji bush lawyer

Anonymous said...

@aNONYMOUS 11.33PM...ASK CEO AIR PAC, RAU BACI LAI VEIVUTU SONA I HONG KONG RAU YAVU VICAI! sa ra kauta ga mai na corruption ra yavu tamata kai tani butabutako..!qori sa ra seni kila tu cava mera cakava, ra valusia kece ga na matanitu kei na kabani lelevu i Vt, sisinai ga nodra taga ra dro lesu i nodra vanua, da mai valoloma tu na kai VT dina. FB sa qai rai tu ga seni cakava rawa tu dua na ka ni sa vaqumi tu ga na i lavo, .. ra vei cai ga na kai tani, kaisi bokola. yaga meda vavi ira mada na lovo se mera kodai bulabula !!

Anonymous said...

LOLZ @ the suguraki regime's claim that Delores Thaggard (Mara's wife) has been assaulted.

Give it up "common criminals" - we can all clearly see thru your cheap, attention-seeking tactic - its never gonna work, not now, not ever! lolzz!

Anonymous said...

by the way - add Arun Ambaram Narsey accountant, mother fucker useless aiarse ahole sucker to the list of assholes who should not be able to leave the country - He has Ozzy PR maybe citizen also. Vorege puppet when he could not find anyone who could count 2 + 2, got this prick to stand in the gaps.

Look in the mirror Arun Narsey propped up corporate phony board member by vorege (cos all useful ones left Fiji and Arun narsey useless remained cos no one in Aust hire him so he go back to suck up vorege via sherani suva taliban lawyers)

.. Fiji bush lawyer

Anonymous said...

Sa rauta mada na interim and military it has become Fiji's worst nightmare. Any further military should be disarmed into a peacekeeping mission only. no more "force" police or army?Also kua tale ni bai dua mai na cabinet of military people, we've had enough of these know-nothing about civilians wanna be know-all, naupoto take note! Sa da oca, fed up! And I am sure no one wants to take over where these people left off due to the desperate state of the economy- no one wants to inherit a messed up economy, screwed country. Has Ratu eveli arrived yet from the defence? Ratu there are bigger issues at stake - maybe voreqe will also be picked up by the samoan navy-oops they dont have navy? Well me ciri yani i solomon is or what and just save us like the IMF boss is facing! Good night all we need our energy tomorrow.

god bless bigbro said...

current army bosses your priorty is law and order see arab awaking, you must bite the bullet for the sake of two men both brainless dont let fiji go down shit street please

malo bigbro said...

to all the local idiot media who are looking foe emergency signal, ratu tevita mara is the signal to us all and the world enough is enough since 97 we have fucked paradise only we can fix it fiji is hawaii waitg to happen god bless my viti

Anonymous said...

Start Name & Shame List


Extract from ol fiji live - message is still current.

Ajith Kodagoda is Chief Financial Officer for a Fiji Patel empire, the CJ Patel Co Ltd distributorship company based in Veisari, Lami.

Ajith is one of tyrant Frank Bainimarama’s approved FNPF new board member together with Foster’s Marketing Manager, Joe Rodan. Ajist is now FNPF Chairman.

So who exactly is Ajith Kodagoda and which hole did he creep out from?

Our sources reveal that Ajith Kodagoda is a full blown regime supporter.

He is Sri Lanka’s honorary consular in Fiji whose address is stated as No. 7, Adi Lady Davila Road, Domain. He was very instrumental in organising the Sri Lankan High Commissioner’s trip to Fiji in late April 2009 to present his credential to Iloilo, the guy who in April 15th, claimed to have abrogated Fiji’s 1997 constitution.

Sri Lankan was the first country to give recognition to Fiji’s new illegal order, thanks in part to Ajith Kodagoda’s wheeling and dealing with Frank & Co.

Ajith is the main guy controlling the CJ Patel business and has been doing so for many years now.

It is said that Ajith is the backbone of the CJ Patel Fiji operations while the heir to the CJ Patel empire, Sandeep Patel, the only son of Mr Patel Senior, lives full time in Sydney, Australia.

Ajith Kodagoda also controls CJ Patel’s majority interest in Fiji Sun, Fiji’s other newspaper that has become the junta’s propaganda machine after its pro-democracy publisher Russell was forcefully removed by the junta followed by the sudden resignation of its editor, Samisoni Kakaivalu.

Ajith is a Sri Lankan national brought in by CJ Patel many years ago to manage their kitty.

Those who have worked for him say Ajith is a cunning fox who will use all the game in the book to delay payments, to find excuses not to pay their creditors, often quoting frequent fradulent activities by his staff members with their photos plastered in Fiji’s dailies to punctuate his concerns of how thieving is affecting their business, hence their late payment requests to the creditors etc.

Ajith’s appointment to the FNPF board does not surprise those who know him well.

They say Ajith Kodagoda is happy to serve tyrant Frank Bainimarama for he is one of the first to benefit from the junta’s dual citizenship allowing him to hold a Sri Lankan and a Fijian passport giving him the leeway to meddle around with FNPF members shrinking fund.

Perhaps it is time to call up a CRW’s testimony in court to see where Ajith Kodagoda and his CJ Patel company fit in the whole scheme of things.

Anonymous said...

Military Council, Have some balls. Frank said it was military council who was incharge and ones who appointed interim govt.

So YOU are in control of our destiny and NOT Frank.

SO for once you dictate rather than be dictated to and immediately reinstate Driti & Ului. Because their sacking is a farce. Fear of the two is no reason for their sacking and purported charges against them. Your real comrades.

Just as you ignored Iloilo's sacking of Frank, this is time to ignore instructions from Frank.....

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu!

Anonymous said...

and since we're naming a new Cabinet here:


Mahen Chodry for PM
Lai Qrassmane for PM

It's time Fiji has TWO Prime Ministers.


Put one KaiChina as PM, problem solved.

Imbecile natives, hahaha.

Anonymous said...

put amraiya naidu in foreign affairs and tevita koroi of fta in education.

Anonymous said...

If Roko Ului is true that Vore never went to a Naval sch then what is he? a mickey mouse or bullshitter. Vore has no clue of search & rescue in high seas, archipelago delineating local seas, EEZ, WMO-world maritime membership which Tonga is not a signatory to. Boci(s) ga na boci(s), the same goes to you Kean (brother in law of FB - walei nepotism, sa sega na madua), all naval, sympathizers & co.

The new cabinet lineup will be a shadow of their leader, what do we expect? More corruption, mess-up and fxxx-up.

Semi Meo be given a ministerial post, Minister for Sewer, water-axx cleaning (carawai), rubbish collection and 2014 eRection which will never happen. Ulu Kau!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Semi Meo for AG. How about Kubuabola..shud we retain him at Foreign Affairs..

Anonymous said...

Nothing new - we already knew these names. Ului is all talk no action.
No change at camp etc etc Epeli still drunk at United Club.
Dream on guys........

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Vakalevu Ratu Tevita Mara. Even though we still hurt from all that has happened and that continues, I am thankful that your eyes are now open and you have admitted your error in judgment in supporting a despicable leader. Please continue to speak the truth. We are all praying that this madness will end soon and we can go back to how we remember our beloved Fiji ... FREE!! May God Bless You and may you continue to find courage, strength and wisdom in Him daily.

Anonymous said...

what are you or we going to do about all this, nothing happens unless something is done no use revealing truths if we are not going to take any action,or how can any action be taken to bring to justice all those responsible???? oti ga go what next....nothing????? like always like hot air.
People of Fiji need to rise up,speak up..we need to take action before its to late.

Anonymous said...

Rt Ului, thank you for sharing with us all those info and maybe a signed Affidavit with the Tongan Lord Privy Councillor as your witness will hammer that nail on the coffin boxes for Tu Bai & Tu Khaiy. Remember your promise Rt Ului that the people of Fiji will also await the day that you will be called up to explain why you gave the orders to torture and harass Democratic Supporters who did a few laps around the QEB grounds immediately after 2006 and into 2007. (I know because I was one of them sprinters).

The Baseline is, the Army was never mean't to come out of the barracks in the 1st place and a new democratic Government must ensure that the Army is abolished once and for all.

Rt Ului, your much awaited statements on this site from Fijians all over must not be a stepping stone for you to get any recompense in a situation when democracy has returned to Fiji - REMEMBER THAT!! WE JUST WANT YOU TO TELL THE TRUTH SO THAT THE PEOPLE OF FIJI CAN REALLY SEE HOW CHILDISH, IRRESPONSIBLE AND SELF SERVING YOU ALL HAVE BEEN REALLY ARE THESE PAST YEARS!!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me where I can find Sanjeeva Pal please? He owes this Taukei some money since March 2009.

Anonymous said...

Hey Roko Ului, now your wife experiencing what the wives of people u abused went through. U also tortured people too didn't you. Pls go to NZ so human rights groups there can put you on trial for human rights abuses. You have no credibility in Fiji. You just trying to save your behind. Can't believe how certain people so easily trying to make you a hero when u are a self centred womanising individual. Why don't u confess about serevis wife and junior officer you were shagging that got u kicked out in first place. I hope this comment published so people not gullible to the con your family so good at playing on Fijian people.

Obama said...

Isa kemudou na wekaqu mai Viti Lomani Au sa talai ratou yani qo na Navy Seal me ratou lai Kauti rau mai na va jaja tiko qori....lol..lol...Da lotu ka masu ga vakaukauwa me kua ni dua na vakadavedra me yaco...

SEMI MEO said...

Commentaries by Semi Meo.

Firstly, I forgive those bloggers who’ve willfully misconstrued the letter and spirit of my humble commentaries in this esteemed blog site. Of course, I have no control over your respective thought processes or the kinda spirit that overwhelms your pen and your heart.

May I for the one millionth times state that I stand by ALL…ALL my commentaries in the Media since December 2006. All written under my real name, the late Meo Snr bestowed on this twin partner. I am, and will forever be proud of my name, and will never, never ever use a pseudonym to voice my opinion; what EVER the price I may pay.

In simple English, again I say as I have written since late December 2006 that I, like many of you, personally abhor all Coups. As I believed then and now, Coups are unbiblical acts of sedition. The first ever Coup by the rotten manipulator and prideful Lucifer himself against the sovereignty of God Almighty. Indeed, illegal and immoral in every sense of the word. What else do I have to say or prove to all of you my fellowmen/women??

For late comers in the cyber sphere, please search for my post like “Bainimarama may be fighting against God” during the eve of the cancelled Methodist Church Conference, and many other against the Aiyaz/ Bainimarama Government. In another article, my condolence and shock for brutal murder of young Rabaka and I joined many in calling for the thugs in the Police and Military to be arrested, thrown in prison for the rest of their natural life!! These were commentaries I made BEFORE my various trips to Fiji since December 2006.
Conversely however, like many of you, ardently desire for return to democratic rule. But, please not as some extremists have insinuated forms of violet take over. Please NO..Please…kerekere bibi vakaturaga… as only our own relatives back home may pay the ultimate price. My reasons? best kept for another day in the cyber world.

Why do I coin “Aiyuz/Bainimarama Government”, and not Bainimarama Government? All I could say is, I have reached that conclusion from information gathered during my many trips to Fiji since 2006 and my personal discussions with incumbent Cabinet Ministers, Senior Military Officers, Permanent Secretaries and Foreign Missions.

Though still a Fiji Citizen, I cannot contest the 2014 elections. Though, like many of you, we wish to God we can have one in 2014. It was never my desire, though I floated my name in the campaign and election mix just to create lively discussion in this esteemed column.

CANNOT CONTEST??..Never will..as I made a solemn vow in Suva on the 15th day of October 2010 that I WILL NEVER EVER SET FOOT ON FIJI SOIL AGAIN,NEVER!! I reserve my reasons made in front of 2 local Fiji Lawyers, an Australian Lawyer and oversea Business associates at the breakfast table at Radisson Hotel in bay of Islands. The tranquility of that spot may have added to the emotion of that declaration.

But, Fiji is the country of my forefathers and may be my descendents if they choose. Hence, my continued interest and repeated commentaries. Every week my heart cries out for families’ and individuals seeking protection visa from Australia. I have the rare privilege to be contracted by the Refugee Tribunal to interpret for them. Obviously, I am not at liberty to discuss case, names or particulars of any case.

I could deduce from a few anonymous posts and accusations were made by my friends who know me and my family. I owe them a mighty big hug and definitely in my prayers for my God to abundantly bless them MORE abundantly than He blesses me and my family!!

My bold commentaries, however continues.

Anonymous said...


"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter"

Anonymous said...

SA da mailasutaki...o Tefita mara merau vei dulu..kei vore bainivuawaka....in Naboro sara...!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Isa Naliva, Rokoura kei Rabuka kei kemuni kece na veimoku tiko mai cake qori ni nanuma tiko o ira dou tarai ira tiko qori era vakawekani. Dua na ka na mosi ni veika dou vakayacora tiko. Dou nanuma tiko na ka kece oqo ena cava mai ena dua na gauna. Sa rui vanua lailai o Viti eda na veirai mata tiko ena veigauna. Kua so na yalowai. Na Kalou ena sauma votu vei keda na noda i valavala sega ni rawa ni dua ena dro bula ena mata ni Kalou. Sa noqu masu me na vukei kemudou na Kalou mo dou rawa ni veivutunitaka na veika dou sa vakayacora oti ka kere veivosoti vei ira e bikai tu ena mosi ni tovo lolovira e vakayacori vei ira. Me basika mada e Viti na veilomani e dau kilai tani kina na vanua totoka oqo.

Anonymous said...

Mara has not said one thing that is news to any of us. It is all just a rehash of what is publicly known. He is buying time. Once he convinces his handlers to move him to a place where he is safe, he will clam up like the others criminals who have escaped abroad.

What else can you expect from a man who ran to save his own skin and left his family to take the heat???

Anonymous said...

Mara has not said one thing that is news to any of us. It is all just a rehash of what is publicly known. He is buying time. Once he convinces his handlers to move him to a place where he is safe, he will clam up like the others criminals who have escaped abroad.

What else can you expect from a man who ran to save his own skin and left his family to take the heat???

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i believe bainimarama is fighting for the best for our beloved country,fiji...if we believe that God is hering our prayers then we should be thankful of whatever is happening,because we believe!!

Anonymous said...

All stale news. Mara doesn't have anything strong against Frank. Mara just son of an heavily corrupt former Fiji PM. Whislt Mara moved Fiji forward he was indeed very corrupt but at least country moved forward thus he got respect. i.e LKY in Singapore. Frank has my support. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...


Sydney, Australia:

THE extraction of Ratu Tevita Mara from within Fiji waters is a game-changer just like the New York twin towers attack of 9/11 was. I am also from Lakeba the same island as Ratu Mara and also have relatives in Hoi, Nuku'alofa who regularly come to visit in Fiji. What I would like to impress upon your readers is that despite the low key treatment this episode has attracted in the general media, the general Fijian psyche would be severely affected. We did not expect this from our Tongan brothers.

Rescue protocol would have demanded you, at least, inform the Fijian authorities of the rescue. Tonga's attempt to downplay the severity of this saga by couching it as a simple sea rescue is not the Pacific way. We do not lie to each other. That is the palangi way of trying lie their way out of situations.

I am not sure what the Tongan authorities were trying to prove, but you sure have displayed a behaviour well outside the norms of international diplomacy and a great part of the goodwill built up over the years between our two countries may just have been squandered on this ill-though out expedition. I do hope in Tonga's calculations this illegal extraction was worth it.

Your Lord Tu'ivakano took a swipe against the Fijian judiciary. Is this the same judiciary he expects to protect Tongan nationals in Fiji who may now have to face the wrath of Fijians insulted by such cowardly actions? If your navy is patting itself on the back at such audacity in breaching Fiji's waters, then they should realise that breaching territorial waters is nothing, even the refugees from Afghanistan breach Australia's waters at times, but what they have done will have implications well into the future between our two countries.

Yours sincerely,

Mareko Vuli.


Anonymous said...

Vinaka Semi Meo. Keep up the good work.
'Fortune favours the brave'.....so keep blogging on bravely, manh......the fortune of a democratic government maybe at the end of the now appearing rainbow........keep on keeping on blogging......Y does it.......

Pussy Meo said...

Semi Meow you senile idiot, there won't be any election. Ratu Mara was quoted as saying that Bainivuaka was lying about the election. Vuaka does not want any election because he wants to hold on to power. Get it into your thick old wrinkly brain, NO ELECTION. Boci.

Anonymous said...

Only 2 days ago semi Meo was supporting Bainimarama's choice of Cakaudrove provincial council. Today he changed his tune.
No one believs you any more Semi.
I feel sorry for the Fiji people he is interpreting for in Australia. One day he'll say Yes, next day change his tune.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo - You are SO FULL of yourself. Really, we are not impressed. Go fly a kite!

Anonymous said...

Fiji president likely to be sacked

Anonymous said...

Fiji to sack its president over escape

Anonymous said...

Mareko!! It is simple.....the very fact that Fiji is not run by a legitemate government.....thus run by thugs and criminals...they deserve to be treated as such. Period.

Anonymous said...

Sa lasu tiko mai.....nuidei tiko o keda na luvei Viti....sa voleka na siga ni reki....me dua saraga na party levu e Suva. Have a public holiday to celebrate our return to Democracy and also a reminder to us that something like this (coup), should never happen again....never ever.....!

Anonymous said...

Wailei, cava se cakava tiko o Pressie? Please sack Vore before he sacks u and that's the end of you. Enough kanaloto and sweat for something mada, then maybe people will trust you.

Anonymous said...

Mareko, its obvious you're oblivious to the mood on the ground here in Fiji. Maybe you have been away for too long to know that. Let me tell you Fijians support Tonga for the move because for the first time an insider will now reveal all that's happening at Delainabua. You just shut up and enjoy the free life with the democracy you're having out in that great country. You do not know the suffering we are going through here. Someone has to break loose to spearhead an end to all these astrocities. Please give us a break and stay away.

Anonymous said...


U.S. drone has picked up coconut raft with a golden sail (looks vaguely familiar)approaching Hong Kong waters. Two men on board, standing, holding hands. Facing one another. Drone buzzing in for a closer look. Audio is picking up singing. Sounds like Kumbya, My Lord. Kumbya. Tears rolling down their faces. Smiling. Wait. Drone recognizes optical on one of them. It is the "tourist." Also noted, convoy of pigs following in wake of boat.


Prez spotted in Albert Park on horseback, swinging a 9 iron at coconuts on ground. Holding something in other hand - fluid appears to be sloshing out of it. Impressive ability to keep horse's gait steady. Appears from expression on face to be angry - or is that frustration? Must fine tune internal recorder to register human emotions better!


Over Tonga now. Naval vessel departing. Headed N/NE. Familiar face on board. With sunglasses and All Blacks hat on - hard to ID. Wait. Second boat pushing off from shore. Attempting to follow first boat. Must buzz lower for better look. Could spell trouble. Only one human visible on deck. Woman. Jumping up and down, loud voice. Shaking fists at human in first boat.


Over Naboro prison now. Visual picking up a myraid of strange patterned earth mounds radiating everywhere outside compund. Is this a mystic symbol? Memory data recorder checking previously logged in images. Not in Alien file. Wait! Head emerging from a hole at end of longest burrow. From above, can only note what apperas to be a human head with beanie on.

Jieke said...

Its funny how people re-act to the current situation; some condemn while others praise Roko Ului. Some call for uprising and stronger measures from the international communities while others prefer the soft appraoch (whatever that means); some want instant action while some prefer to leave it in God's hand.

My observation of the current situation is simple. Voreqe is not going to give up power for any reason; because he came in by force and he will have to be removed by force. Power corrupts and Voreqe is the ultimate example in this part of the world.

Roko Ului is providing the platform for us, the people of Fiji to wrest back cobntrol of our own destiny from this tin pot dictator. Certainly support of Voreqe's inner circle is crumbling from backstabbing and power struggle.

Now lets face it and be realistic. God will not help those who don't help themselves. Prayer comes with action and freedom/democracy in Fiji has got to be earned this time. We need to struggle, to fight for it, and if there be violence or bloodshed, so be it. Its better to suffer now and leave a better Fiji for our future generation; or do we want to go along as whimps with this idiot dictator and leave an economicaly devastated Fiji for our children.

There must be someone in Fiji who can lead or start the struggle and I am hoping that someone can be spurred into action soon. Lets take the bull by the horns and sacrifice a little pain for the future our country.

Jake said...

Well this confirms the coward that he is, he ought to include himself on that list.

It is a criminal act to brutalise your own citizens idiot.

You are not exonerated from your crimes you can run like a dog with its tail between its legs but you will answer for your crimes.


maumau said...

all picked from c4.5..sa yawa the influence of C4.5, nZ national mainstream media using info from here !!

Anonymous said...

Mareko, what do you mean by "Fijians insulted by cowardly action..no Fijian is insulted in fact they subscribe to what the Tongans did. To Your Majensty the King and people of the great Kingdom of Tonga, thank you so much for what you've done. It will greatly help in bringing an end to the suffering we have been going through in Fiji for the past four years. This country has really gone to the dogs..

Anonymous said...

FB is digging his own grave. He doesn't have the ball's (not sure if he did have one) to sack the President. He knows what the next outcome will be as he cannot handle 900K citizen with 12 man team.

maumau. said...

can someone conmfirm mada if Gates has returned yet and where is that boci Kaiyum.....sounds like rats jumping ship..they should never be allowed to leave.

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:49

I Mareko, gonei qai mada mai Viti, rawarawa na vosa vakadinadina ni o tiko qori mai Oz. Keimami sotava tu na bula dredre e Viti. Kua ni o via vosa vakavuku ni ko warai ni tiko qo e Viti. You said

"Is this the same judiciary he expects to protect Tongan nationals in Fiji who may now have to face the wrath of Fijians insulted"

If you didn't know, most of us here in Fiji have been praying for a game changer like what Tonga has done. Let me a sure you that Tongans in Fiji are counted as one of us!

You also said:

"Is this the same judiciary he expects to protect Tongan nationals in Fiji who may now have to face the wrath of Fijians insulted"

Yes the relationship will be strengthen because we will never forget that Tonga was willing to take the risk for all of us.

Yours Sincerely,

Tailevu Warai Na Leqa

Anonymous said...

Anon and your NEWS FLASH. Be serious you imbecile. Stop taking up space and our time

Tui Viti said...

@ Semi Meo.........there you go again, contradicting yourself. You're against all coups but you expect us to tow the line with this regime till their so called 2014 elections.While we continue to explore ways of an early return to democracy,you seem content,relaxing in your distant land to fly the flag for this regime.All we see is you pimping yourself to these thugs for what? What do you hope to get from them? A diplomatic posting, some consultancy work,their backing in their 2014 elections.Act your age for once!!!No wonder your business venture failed, for such an indecisive person, always sitting on the fence, not wanting to take risks, how then do you expect to succeed. Remember, WHO DARES,WINS.....

Anonymous said...

Mareko Vuli

Great explanation but you are forgetting that Fiji under Frank & Khaiyum have no rule of law. It is rule of law on the run to suit themselves.

If the Tongans are oppressed in Fiji, or anyone for that matter, by the two scrupulous thugs, Fiji's corrupt justice system as well as their human rights are exposed to the world. This, in turn may wake up the international communities and intervene that democratic elections is needed asap.

However, for the time being we must take anything that will expose what is happening in Fiji and try and remove, Bainimarama and Khaiyum from holding power.

Anonymous said...

mayday mayday mayday..this is HMAS FIJI. We are starting to sink. Please send any naval ships nearby to rescue the citizen's of Fiji. Tonga, NZ, Australia, PNG anyone please help.

Poaka said...

Jake luveni kala poci you jump from side to side like a man with no consciance. No one cares about you and your views you qauri qase, cebo salulu.

Anonymous said...

Hello K-Mart shoppers!

Santa sighting at U.S. Embassy. Line up now if you want a ride outa here on his sleigh.

Also -

Special sale on Elvis dolls for charitable purposes. Can be found at your local Tappoo stores as well as at our new location, highly recognized K-Mart mother store in Suva on Queen Elizabeth Drive. (Still under construction but our doors are open) All proceeds to be turned over to the "I want to be FREED" PM/AG foundation.

Anonymous said...

Good one roko ului! Thanks a bunch C4.5!........ Just look at this soldiers walking around as if they're IT...no no no think again people....Dooms Day is finally here.

Anonymous said...

"And why does Fiji need an army for anyway," "Perhaps Bainimarama fears a combined canoe attack from Tuvalu and Kiribati, its closest neighbours. That must be it." - Talofa Lava PM Tuilaepa

Anonymous said...

Talofa Lava PM Tuilaepa:

“This is a region known for friendly people and its pristine environment- a paradise on Earth. Having a (interim) Prime Minister dressed up in army beret and full military garb is a bit ridiculous.”

Tuilapea says that he has been told that Mr Bainimaramna is part Samoan... that he has a Samoan grandmother.

“I'm tempted to go down to the Lands and Titles courts and look up his family genealogy in Samoa. Then I'll send for his family matai (chief) in Samoa and tell him to reprimand his long-lost descendent in Fiji. To give him (Bainimarama) severe censure for being cheeky, being ill-disciplined and having no manners."

And what of Bainimarama's People's Charter?

“It's utter rubbish. He's trying to replace Fiji's Constitution with that People's Claptrap, or whatever it is. The Constitution is the cornerstone of democratic government and democratic governance. You only get democratic government by holding free and fair elections and having citizens elect their leaders in Parliament. That's how the system of democratic government works.”

Anonymous said...

@annoymous May 19.2011 6.46am

This is not about personal life this is about our beloved country.so wake up to urself and grow the fuck up.pisshead!!

Anonymous said...

lets get sedicious and remove this f%$k all mother f&$kers....

Anonymous said...

lets get sedicious and remove this f%$k all mother f&$kers....

Anonymous said...

Okay. We are well within the 24 hour time frame here in which SOMETHING is SUPPOSED to happen. Does the President get sacked or will it be the PM?

Don't tell me that they each have to take a Fiji nap or consult the fuzz in their navals before taking action?!

And I guess now that the MC is down by three members, the remainder don't think they can make a decision either!

Anonymous said...

Doubt that he will make any real revelations, cannot understand why he wants to hold on to the information and promise that he'll say more in the coming days and weeks.

He is a free man and has received support from one of the two strongest oceania nations. Spill the beans already!!!

Since he was a man in the inner circle of the coup, any "revelations" he gives will incriminate himself as well as Commodore and co.

That being said, it takes a measure of bravery to speak out against the coup conspirators.

It would have been braver still to stand up in your own country and face the people you wronged and admit these wrong doings to their faces, at the same time giving out these "revelations."

I am sure it has been highlighted that roko lui is not an innocent man, and it is important to note this.

As stated before he was a key man in the coup and was all gung ho for frank and co (hey that rhymes) in 2006.

He went into the 2006 gcc meeting and told Ro Teimumu Kepa (his na lailai) to shut up when she tried to speak against the peoples charter. Warned her that he would arrest her himself if she continued to oppose the people's charter.

This after removing raivoce (who was democratically elected as the lau provincial council chairman, "democratically elected" how ironic) from his seat.

And then those abuses at qeb. nuff said.

But then this is all common knowledge. The point here being, dont think that we have forgotten what you did Roko Lui.It seems that Just because things started to turn sour for you, you chose to take the moral highground.

You continually say that you are accountable to the people of Fiji and that you regret your actions, yet you make no apologies whatsoever to those that have suffered because of you.

Mataqali tovo vacava qori?

Granted you want to make a change its a little late but to each his own.

Why didnt you speak out when you were on top of Fiji.?

Were you benefiting there and didn't want to let go of the good life?

And just a quick word to the supporters of Roko Lui.

Why believe a man who is already accused of so much and who has already told lies to us in the past?

He lied back then, why should we believe he is telling the truth now?

God Bless Fiji!!

Anonymous said...

Extracted from the FIJI SUN
19 May 2011


writer : LOSALINI RASOQOSOQO in Kadavu


Thirty-six-year-old Apisai Bolatuku, who works for the Nagigia Island Resort in Kadavu, cannot believe that he was involved in the escape plan for former Republic of Fiji Military Forces 3FIR Commander, Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara.
The fact that he was one of the last locals to be in contact with Ratu Tevita has made the shy worker a talking point in the community.

Yesterday he said, he was surprised to find out that the man he had transported in the resort’s punt from the waterfront to a fishing launch out at sea, was the same Ratu Tevita, better known as Roko Ului.

Roko Ului escaped to Tonga on a Tongan navy vessel that same day.

“It was close to 9am when I was asked to take Ratu Tevita and a European man to the boat that was berthed out at sea,” Mr Bolatuku said.

“It was my normal job to be transporting passengers from the hotel to their boats. The two said that they were going out fishing. Most who come here come to dive or go out fishing and they come to sleep at the hotel.

“I took them to the boat and once they had boarded the launch, I turned back to shore. We watched as the boat moved out to sea and we could see it for about three hours out at sea before it disappeared.”

Mr Bolatuku said they were surprised to hear in the news that Ratu Tevita had escaped to Tonga in a Tongan naval boat that had picked him from the Kadavu waters.

“We were surprised to find out that he had boarded a Tongan naval boat,” he said.

“Some of the fishermen around here were out at sea and they saw the naval boat around there.”

Meanwhile, the Tongan government is yet to make an announcement on what step they would take in regards to the extradition papers being served on Prime Minister Lord Tu’ivakano for Ratu Tevita’s extradition back to Fiji to face charges of sedition.

A bench warrant had been issued earlier on Tuesday for Ratu Tevita’s arrest because he had breached his bail conditions.

Anonymous said...

Is ana rokomotiau free now? Hope I can have a date with her....that after we give her immunity from prosecution.
seeking your ok guys......

Anonymous said...

some fiji people are crying! someone shd do something before its too late!

justice said...

Stauffenberg was part of the Nazi system, yet he tried to kill Hitler and paid with his life for it. Ratu Mara has done wrong, but he is making amends now and we should forgive him in the Pacific way. Aiyaz and his thugs must be brought to justice!

Anonymous said...

Do what you fool with the stupid Fijians continuing with their traditional apologies to Frank even when he's destroying them.
Meanwhile unemployed TFs now called up and getting paid ,,,,,they only loyal to development projects and money now.

GONE NI RA said...

@ MAREKO-you obviously do not know that the people on the ground here in Fiji really want a change. Have you tried to come again and live in Fiji? Have noticed the high price things around the City? Have you paid Tax lately to the Government? Obviously not-everything is taxed here in Fiji excep for the waste (shit) that falls out of humans here in Fiji. It's not right for the Tongan Government to extract Ului but if he says that he is fishing and was rescued then only God knows the TRUTH of the matter.

But the TRUTH OF THE MATTER is that people want to get rid of Bai an Airayse. One lie after another-but actions are different-the only deterrent is the blindness of the soldiers and their families in Fiji.

Lesu tale mai Viti MAREKO mo raica na ka DINA ena bula ni KAI VITI DINA.



Anonymous said...

Mareko, if Ratu Ului didn't escape to Tonga, he will be tried for trumped up charges and jailed for years, and we will never find out what Bainivuaka and his dickheads are doing to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:19 am

We are dealing with a mad dictator, so Roko Ului coming over to the right side is a breath of fresh air and hope of returning our beloved Fiji to democratic rule. This is what it is all about.

Roko Ului knows he will be dealt with once democratic rule is restored and a trustworthy justice system is in place.

Anonymous said...

Roko Ului you have just mentioned names of those who harassed Citizens of Fiji at QEB II to which we already know off. Please name those who are in this Alledged MILITARY COUNCIL. Or whether THEY DO EXIST? I am tired of ALL THE LIES......... WAKE UP Fiji (We need to pray for our beloved Nation, Forgive those who sin against and for them to forgive us for sinning against them) GOD BLESS FIJI

Anonymous said...

Roko Ului you have just mentioned names of those who harassed Citizens of Fiji at QEB II to which we already know off. Please name those who are in this Alledged MILITARY COUNCIL. Or whether THEY DO EXIST? I am tired of ALL THE LIES......... WAKE UP Fiji (We need to pray for our beloved Nation, Forgive those who sin against and for them to forgive us for sinning against them) GOD BLESS FIJI

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmmm. Wonder who the white face was in the boat with him. Hmmmmmmmm. Someone should ask the resort worker for details on his traveling companion. I can think of a few people who might want to make a quick exodus! John Galt

Anonymous said...

These guy's are so desperate to get RU because of the likelihood of him becoming the main state witness against Bai and Aiyarse when the time comes for them to front court which is not too far off. So don't worry Ratu you will be granted immunity as state witness. and we shud be able to forgive your part in this whole saga.

Veilomani said...

Ni sa bula vinaka. E noqu nanuma ni sega ni dodonu me da vosa vakacacataki Roko Ului. E dina ni a tu o koya mai na dua na yasana eda a sega tu ni taleitaka e vuqa, ena nona veitokoni tu vei Bainimarama. Ia oqo e sa veisau na kui, ka sa vakavuna me sa tekivu ceburaka mai na dina ni veivalolomataki e vakayacora tu o Bainimarama.
Ni da raica tale ena dua na yasana oqo dina na vua ni veimasulaki e yaco tiko me vakavinakataki kina na noda vanua. E sega ni mataboko na kalou, ka ni na qai vakaraitaka na dina. Io, e sega ni ura ma damu. E kauta sara ga mai e dua na nona liga i matau o Bainimarama me qai ceburaka mai na veika e yaco tiko ka levu era sega tiko ni kila.
Sa tekivu me basika mai vakamalua na dina.


Anonymous said...

RE: Jieke @ 9:55 am. Well said.

For those of you out there who believe that God must do it all - does He have to pluck the apple off of the tree, put it in your mouth and chew it for you too?

Personally, that sounds like the lazy talk of someone who is always wanting the other guy to do everything for him/her.

You can randomly pick quotes from the Bible to support whatever philosophy you want. We are also told in Genesis that because of sin we will have to work to sustain ourselves. So come on people. Let's get to work! John Galt

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon at 10:09 AM! Lighten up bud. You sound like you have your panythose twisted up in a knot. A little levity here in the midst of what is going on is not a BAD thing!

Pop two Valium. Take a DEEP breath -- and RELAX!

Anonymous said...

Although I do not condone coups and loath Military Dictatorship. I give standing ovation for Rt. Ului Mara for his "reveal all expose on the Bhani/kaiyum government".

One thing though:- Vaka ga me nona timing coincides with the Rugby World Cup NZ 2011. Kaikaila.. Moce Jo!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 12:13 PM

Point taken about returning Fiji to democratic rule, its just the motives behind his coming over to the "right side".

Its just a little bit hard to believe a man who perpetrates so many lies.

And like I said before, if he really does have revelations, why doesn't he just spill them straight away?

Why the wait? hard to take his comments at face value.

Perhaps he will be the shining light for democracy that he is being built up to be, and I will gladly admit that I was wrong.

But his actions up to this date speak otherwise.

And just a snippet on democratic rule.

A democratically elected government can trample a persons rights just as easy as a dictator can.

Anonymous said...

The Fijian version needs no translation it is the same that issues he covered in English before the Fijian one went to air.

Anonymous said...

RABUKA remember we were part of the group of Rebel Supporters in 2000.

Do you still remember doing routine shift with guns around the Parliament Complex in 2000? While Bainimarama & Co were trying to restablize the nation.

Anonymous said...

Military Council DOES exisr. Three members down (as they are being indicted for sedition). Will the remaining members please stand up and do something??? (Identifying yourselves would also be nice since you seem to have the final say).

Anonymous said...

Further to Start Name & Shame List
C J Patel vorege ulu na polo !

Extract from this public web site

Can we boycott products sold by CJ Patel – whose owner lives 12 months out of every year in Sydney?

Maggi noodles
Kit kat
milo bar
All nestle products

Read more – http://www.winne.com/fiji/to12.html


In fact, can someone do a full list of pro-coup businesses and their products so we can boycott. better late than never.

Anonymous said...

@Anon.4:50 PM. On top of the list are the ultra-boci TAPPOOS, the mega culprits behind the BainiArise Talibans.

Anonymous said...

@Anon May 19 2011, 1219pm.

The white guy is a NZ passport holder...first initial...C

Anonymous said...


His motives as it is, is suspect. Now he knows what it feels like when the gun is pointing his way. All of a sudden his trying to champion Democracy! Why than didn't he defend those people (civilians) that were taken up to the Barracks? If he was a man of principal he would have left along time ago. Now that everything has been taken away from him, his principals have been shifted. His like a rootless coconut swaying with the currents..

I concur with you as to why he cannot just come out and reveal all, rather than giving us information that we already know and only tit bits of it too? At the moment everything his saying must be taken at face value. Until, more soldiers can collaborate his expose.

Another one though,
Did Tonga really enter our Territorial Waters, and would that be classified as an invasion on our sovereignty? I may disagree with whats happening. But for another country to sneak into our TW is another story aye? Than again.. Tongan Navy could have just docked their ship at Walu Bay and got Rt.Ului on board. Just goes to show how inept our Boarder Control/ Navy guys are. If Tonga can sneak in, than any country who wants to claim Fiji as their own can do the same. Drink More Grog Navy boys.. Its so embarrassing...

Read: http://www.rnzi.com/pages/news.php?op=read&id=60664

Got it off a friend. Cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

Fiji Lali Breaking News - Stop Press..

MV Oloolooloo (glas bottom job) with 99 Fiji Bhaini Seals (no pun intended) left for Tonga Tapu from a top secret RFMF navy base (Mosquito Island) commander is kean

Hurray C4.5 - time to seal the chinanna - kutu vb & taliban aiarse!

Anonymous said...

RE: Anon @ 5:06pm. You sure that's not a middle name? I know someone with that middle initial that might want to take that ride. Oops- now that I think of it I did just realize the other guy's name starts with a C. Give me another hint, please! Second guy has been missing from area since time Mara went AWOL. A hint please! Could be critical. John Galt

Anonymous said...

RE: Anon @ 12:57 AM, May 19.

Sorry I didn't read your words more closely before. Very insightful and important information. Most excellent job on your part and I thank-you, personally, for helping to expose corruption. As I advised previous blogger with critical data, protect it, back it up and get a copy of it into hands that you trust after this current situation is resolved. John Galt

Unknown said...

Hello again Mr Uluilakeba,I want to thank you again,and again...for being onest and the brave thing you've done to tell the truth to the fijian dutiness of what Bainimarama has been hiding all this time.Ratu Ului,this is it tells me a really onest,brave soildier it look after his people and his country.I will give you thumb up and a salute for what you have done.

Anonymous said...

Roko Ului,
You have stated in our speech that you will return to Fiji an face the people once it returns to democratic power(legal govenment). Have you ever thought of those like the Qaranivalu and those accused under the military govenment(illegal govenment to which you were part of) and are now serving time for something that they did not do.They did not flee the country or being rescued. If you were telling the truth, why run to Tonga? You had your chance to make changes in Fiji when you were the commander of the 3FIR, but you refused that because you pocket was filled with $$$$$. If you are a real chief, i suggest you go back to Fiji and not abandon your people(especially the Lauan people) who are struggling during this hard time. A real chief never abandon his people, but always stands up for his people. Roko Ului, return to Fiji and lead by example for the Lauan people and most importantly for those soldiers who served under your leadership with the 3FIR.

DAULOTU said...

Me da masu


Kaiviti Dina said...

To RUM, no chief has ever run away from his people throughout history of the Fijian race,secondly no Fijian military officer has ever deserted his comrades in arms,nor has any worthy husband abandon his wife.Come on,just "bite the bullet" as the saying goes,or as your tovata rightly said"come face the music".By the way,whats the story on the adultery part of your reign as 3FIR head.Your destruction of that family will haunt you to the grave.

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