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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shazza - have you been Fiji'd? Bloggers valialia taki Fiji's chief censor

UNABASHED: Frank fan.
Sharon's real statement to the Media
Think Frank First. Statement by Sharon Smut-Jobs, Permanent Secretary for MisInformation

First let me take this opportunity to thank you for your attendance. I wish to address the issue surrounding media coverage regarding Lieutenant Colonel Tevita Mara who is in Tonga. We have applied for extradition but know we are only going through the motions. As you know we have been suspended from both the Forum and the Commonwealth.
Our extradition treaty with Tonga was only in place through membership of those organizations. It is so unfair that when you are an illegal government, legal options are not available any more.
The media in New Zealand and to some extent Australia have been very prominent in passing on his message of truth. I know all of you in this room don't like to tell the truth and you are all very grateful to me and my censors for keeping you supplied with lies.
I must stress to you that all of us in Government read the blogs to find out the real situation. Even the Prime Minister would read the blogs but unfortunately he has never learnt to read. It is important for us with future political aspirations to read about our failings.
The Ministry of Information has nothing positive to contribute to the growth of Fiji. We propagate rumours and stir up emotions to bankrupt this country. Suffice to say local media have fallen into the trap of printing what I say and feeding the people of Fiji false information.

BLINKERS ON: Smith Johns. pic Fiji Village
(Tuesday May 31st 2011, No:1118/MOI) 'Think Fiji First'
Statement by Sharon Smith-Johns - Permanent Secretary for Information,
National Archives and Library Services of Fiji
First let me take this opportunity to thank you for your attendance.
I wish to address the issue surrounding media coverage regarding the ex soldier Ratu Tevita who is in Tonga awaiting extradition.
The media in New Zealand and to some extent Australia have helped fuel rumors regarding this person and the false accusations targeted at theFijian  Government and its citizens.
I must stress to you all that reading these anti Fiji blog sites is not a source of credible information, these sites are run by
politically motivated individuals who are mostly failed politicians and a smattering of disgruntled journalists. The majority of those commenting are from overseas and not from Fiji.
These blog sites have nothing positive to contribute to the growth of Fiji. They propagate rumors and stir up emotions to destabilize this country. Suffice to say the local media have unfortunately fallen for this trap and have used false information to lend false credibility to these stories. etc etc etc etc


Cigar addict said...

Boy, the size of her mouth would make Monica Lewinsky envious.

Anonymous said...

She is cute!!

Barking dog said...

This is one dead set ugly dog!!

convolutedexperiment said...

@ Barking dog
Hey, stop insulting the dogs ! lols

Anonymous said...

Etc., etc.,etc., is right. There is no local, unbiased media. There is no freedom or civil right here.

There is a gag on the mouth of the public. There is a renegade gang of thugs ruling the country. If you attempt to address honest grievances and carry them to the government - you are stonewalled at best or inquisitioned/tortured/murdered at worst.

Fiji presents perfect fertile grounds for perpetuators. The country is 41 years old in its democracy. Its people have always been deprived of education as first world countries would know it. What little education there is - is by rote. Students are not asked to use their minds. Corporal punishment in the classroom still applies in the most lurid way. Parents still pull young students out of school to go to work or because they cannot afford to pay school fees/bus fare.

Infrastructure is superficial and weak. People are isolated from one another by these conditions. Modern comforts (other than cell phones in urban areas) are a luxury. Few have TVs. Fewer have computers. Most do not even have land lines.

What a fertile arena in which to take over! Get a few greedy, unscrupulous half-educated people together and it is a Roman banquet hall! Take advantage of a people that are not yet able to control their own destiny and you"ll have a boat full of pirates who will be more than happy to take it away from them. Sadly, ravaged by their own since they have obtained their freedom to govern themselves.

Hasn't this all happened before?! Must it happen again? John Galt

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

redcow imported freshmilk

Anonymous said...

See her big mouth, drunkard bastard waisting taxpayers money- Sales Girl at David Jones in Sydney- now PS for Information and revealing her stupidity, Cannot even do simple spelling. Pathetic to bring drop out from Aussie when we have so many Journalist graduates from USP looking for employment who can do better than this bitch!!!!

Anonymous said...

who is this ugly person ?

Anonymous said...

this ugly person is the queen of ministry of iNFORMATION..yOU BLOODY rED HAIR...

KaiNamosi said...

In response to my email with attachment on Bainimarama's brutal personal torture of women at the Nabua military camp, received the reply below.

It is worthwhile to keep Leaders of country you live in informed about truths of how the Fijian dictator is destroying Fiji so that your country's leaders make right decisions on Fiji accodingly.....at least they are kept informed. I forwarded to NZ Prime Minister copies of articles from C4.5.

"J Key (MIN) to me
show details 10:18 PM (2 minutes ago)

On behalf of the Prime Minister, Hon John Key, thank you for your email.

Please note that although email increases the speed of delivery, it may not be possible to provide you with the rapid response users of email may anticipate.

The fact that you have taken the time to write is appreciated. You can be assured that your views will be noted.

Yours sincerely
The Office of the Prime Minister"

Anonymous said...

Na raba ni gusuna sa vakaraitakaga na levu ni veimataqali balls e kubuta tiko...go sharon,skim those military officers balls coz youll rot with them in hell...

Anonymous said...

Blah, blah, blah - whatever! No one takes you and you lot seriously..move on!!

Anonymous said...

another conwoman who was sales girl in oz like dole falla from nz - john prasad

Anonymous said...

c 4.5

The land buy back scheme which the dictator has announced is to buy fijian support- isnt it the same as Land Claims Tribunal of Garase- so what was the 2006 coup for?

obviously to save himself not any national issues.

Anonymous said...

anon@9.49pm...well said...agree totally....been through
that system...what a shame!

Anonymous said...

Mrs Gobells, dictator branded mara racist for truth about illegal AG Who is real racist?

Hown many non fijians work in illegal PM ofice?

The answer is none not even one indina-chinese-kaipalagi etc

Dictator multiracial bull is nothing but bullshit racist in his illegal office

so give answer how many non-ituakie work in illegal pm office???????????????????????

Anonymous said...

Gobells do media release for illegal pm and illegal AG:

how much basic year pay & Fnpf?
how much allownce and leave pay?
how much paid to nur ali bani year?
how nur ali got the corrupt job?
how much bribes recived by voro and kaium?
how much total pay-2006/2207/2008/2009/2010/2011?

Is the total more than 2 millionio and what offences under crime decree charge for them?

Anonymous said...

The land buy back scheme is a scam- voro and kaiyum will give the land to overseas investors at inflated price by millions make cut/bribe land to go back to landowner after paid off this will be decades later then it shouls-now fijian land is used for scam by the 2

Land claim Tribunal of Garase was same but no scam and voro use this to coup 2006- bullshit cause- he doing same now but big scam to fill his pockets with land

land bank my arse but money in voro bank this is bigg scam with fijian land

Anonymous said...

The question we must ask ourselves is what do we do if the Military Regime manage to shut down C4.5

What if they manage to shut down all forms of social media in Fiji (Facebook; You Tube etc etc).
Well China was able to shut down GOOGLE for a while.
My question is what do we do.
How long are we going to continue sitting down while these thugs keep doing this to us.
How long?

Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Thanks COUP 4.5 for keeping it real. Keep up the EXCELLENT WORK - OUTSTANDING!!

This woman has no credibility - waste of time.


KaiNamosi said...

Vakaleqaleqa ga na so na postings eke kei na so tale na Blogs ni laki tini tale tiko ki na profanities

Anonymous said...

Lakhan you asslicker - No member of the current Fiji Military is good enough to make the Fiji 15's Squad based on the huge talent of Fiji players that we have overseas who are playing in high level competition everyweek.

So please shut and stop making fool of youself - you jackass.

Anonymous said...

Gobells what is credible information?

Dictator say he no get 700,000 is this credible information?

Dictator has not denied he gets salary above 700,000 or below or what he gets?

Dictator gets salary paid from his fathers money but public funds.

Do you understand transparency/accountabilty/good governance if so publish the salary total?

If you cant then allegations are proven to be true-coming from a credible source.

Rusila said...

Good you sent info to Key, NZ PM.
Whether it influences NZ decisions is up to Govt. What is important is the PM gets the info. Of course they will follow this up with their own investigation to establish the truth.

But it is important that you talk, inform your politicians where ever you live about whats happening in Fiji and persuade them to help bring forth democracy to our Fiji. NZ Govt is a very responsive Govt, a very popular Govt to NZers and very interested to assist Fiji return to democracy

Anonymous said...

Vidya lakhan is a loser! He cant evan control his wife who has been mahendra chaudhrys girlfriend for 30 years so u get fd man

FijiGirl said...

Over 90% of my readers have Fiji ISP addresses. Shazza doesn't know what she's talking about.
God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

RE: Anon @ 1:28 AM

It's my concern too. The we will be totally underground and in the dark. Any reassurances on that one C 4.5? John Galt

John Galt said...

@ Anon 9:23 PM
@ Anon 9:41 PM
@ Anon 9:46 PM

Let's not sink to Bainiarse's level by making such comments. After all, we are way above them and way more civilized. Do you really think he would want to look like that if she had a choice? Certainly not.

Anonymous said...

Is this Sharon for real? Where do they get these kind of people from? It must be true 'birds of a feather flock together'

Heaven forbid, is she seriously that dumb to think a press conference to dump blame on bloggers for distablizing the country is going to fly?

She looks and sounds as dumb as her Boss if she ignores the fact that the basis of the Authority of her Military Junta government that she speaks for is an 'Act of Treason' and everything thing she does or says is flawed as her own individual principals and integrity was compromised the moment she made the decision to work for the Junta?

The only thing she and her colleagues can look forward to with any degree of certainty is that change is comming and she will eventually find herself in a cell with her Boss & AG at some place in Fiji for at least the the rest of her natural life pondering the selfish stupitidy of her actions.

Anonymous said...

Estionia and tongan hits are very close Big MOuth sharon .

Anonymous said...

She must be getting a hefty paycheck
Taxpayers money is on the line
while Taxpayers suffering.
These expats just in for money....
Is the nation going to bankrupt in a 5 year period.
I think if anyone has documents of any corruption dealings of Baini and Khayium copy it
because it will handy in the judgement days they
will be answerable to the people or
death will come to them soon as.

Coup 4.5 said...

Too many unprintable comments. Savvy humour okay; other stuff not.-C4.5

Anonymous said...

Sharon Smith Jones...Salary $350,000 p.a.
Her very difficult job is to try & put a positive public relations spin on:

1. the right to decide their government;
2. who they want to represent them;
3. their right to free assembly;
4. free protest;
5. free to organise into groups so that they can talk about what is pertinent to their daily lives;
6. protest on issues they do not agree with....with no fear of intimidation from anybody.

Good luck with the impossible Sharon

convolutedexperiment said...

Sharon earns $1,000 per day, in an 8 hour day, that works out to $125 and hour or $2.08c per minute.
How obscene and what an insult to the community which she and the Regime are robbing from.

Anonymous said...

You can find out Australian PM salary on internet.
New Zealnd PM salary on internet.
Even Obama's salary is on the internet.
So Sharon, show some credibility and give out an official Fiji Government statement and proof of the Fiji PM salary.
That is not too much to ask.

May I suggest that you look closely at a Mynah bird in Fiji because when you open your mouth, there is no difference.
Your words are full of stupid contradictions and sometimes I wonder whether there is a brain behind it.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Maybe ... she should explain to us how she got her.... "JOB"....just a couple of months after her husband passed away on learning about her fling with her new "BOSS"......

She is lucky to remain in Fiji through marriage....and now her continued side fling... welll now that she is single theres no problems there... but the questions remains... Does she feel guilty for the lies to her own "Family"....or was the lure of an extra-marital affair and more money in the pocket prescendent over "Family"

Anonymous said...

@ Pacific in the Media

I think you should print all that inanycase, unless the posts are full of swearwords.... and even so,
all is fair in love and war.

Sharon-Smith Jones will not get away with her thieving role in the illegal junta.

luvei viti Raraba said...

They say that "silence speaks a thousand words but a thousand words can not speak silence.....the eyes of Fiji are not oblivion to the facts....but are silent, watching, and waiting....intime ... all truths will show itself....Beware the Ides of March.....

God Bless Fiji and its Faithfull Citizens...

From the silent Majority..

Anonymous said...


FICAKE has started now to charge for many petty crimes and media it- this is attention diversion to shift people to beleive junta fighting corruption started two days ago

the real corruption is done by them.

comm police must charge illegal AG-tapoos sale property & dictator for women buturaki at QEB

Anonymous said...

look here redhead kumala vula...why the hack FB gave out the authority for all the Ministers to be paid by a private firm rather than the Ministry of Finance...he just wrote a million dollar cheque and pass on to the firm to do the distrbutions...what a corrupted gvt is that...now who's gonna audit that????

John Galt Atlas Shrugged said...

Under the British Nationality Act of 1948, Obama was born in 1961 to Barack Obama Sr., a British citizen father who was born in 1934 or 1936 in the then-British colony of Kenya and by descent from his father he himself was born a British citizen. He was therefore born with conflicting and divided loyalties to the U.S. and Great Britain

Obama is not and cannot be an Article II “natural born Citizen.” Obama is therefore not eligible to be President of the U.S. and Commander in Chief of the U.S. Military.


John Galt.

Anonymous said...

Dua madaga me sniper taki ira kece na illegal government qo, ke sega me ra tavulaki kece ena ied. Me bau yaco talega vei ira na sotia ni viti, viavia vaka domobula tikoga ni ra tiko e noda vanua. No war...

Anonymous said...

@ 8:01 AM and 9:30 AM

NOT ME! And not my comments. Your IQ level is showing in embarrasingly lower numbers when you have to steal someone else's "tag."

Also showing that you cannot even stick to issues. What does Obama have to do with situation here?

No, me thinks I've done something to really get under your skin. Shows how "wee" your mind really is. John Galt

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:26 AM. Very true. The bastards thought that by putting very high profile Motibhai in jail; but it's having the opposite effect. Motibhai's popularity has increased a hundredfold and people know who was behind this and who the corrupters are.

Tappoo, Talibans, Arse, Baini.... you'll all soon get a taste of your own medicine.

kanji kanti tappoo criminal syndicate said...

put tappoos, arse, baini, shameem sisters, and nur talibano all in NABORO MAX and force them to recite arse's dumbass "thesis" all day long.... tra la la la....

Silver said...

Its strange how media does not even have its own freedom and people have to create blogs in order to pass information!

If we have illegal goverenment then its pretty obvious that we will not have any legal options and the only chances that we had in order to reach the forum and commonwealth is now gone...

I wonder when exactly will things change in Fiji......a question with no answer!

Anonymous said...

man some of these comments sa vasisila saraga.

im an anti-regime supporter, but seriously guys, come on- can we have decent comments minus the "kubu's" "balls"..etc, etc. jingerzz

epi said...

@ Gait...dnt feed this blog with President Obama credibility of birth coz he is legally a citizen of the US...I am a US citizen..nd proud to have Mr Obama as our president..u read too much republican lies...i come on this site coz i have ties with Fiji..so i urge you to refrain frm comparing wat goes on in fiji nd our president...

Anonymous said...

LOLS @ John Galt

Obama has a firmer footing than you thought as an american... having an american mother and born on american soil (Hawaii).

Besides, the 14th Amendment states that all persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the US.

Impliedly therefore, his parents nationality at the time of his birth is irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

What the Ms Gobells has done is good.

1. She has accepted the power of c 4.5 and blog sites to the people of fiji.

2. She has advertised and promoted c 4.5 and other blog sties.

3. She has effectively said that blog sites are true cos all people know media no free in fiji & opposite lies always told by junta.

4. she has made a mockery of the junta, mara was already charged when the dictator made media release calling him fugutive and responded many times so what case is before court now? it was all ready before court then peopl not fools.

5. She has told people of fiji to go and read blog sites which more will do now to find out whats in it that they done know.

6. She has said junta will be silent cos mara is true and more to come and they cant handle it.

7. She has proven that 700,000 salary is true pay by aunty what is the salary people ask at the grog bowl sa butuako men?

8. people know 90% are from fiji who read blog sites people know she is lying

The junta has shown its circus style again-farts no not what they doing.

Anonymous said...

American facisim is not an issue in this blog.
Obama is American full stop.
.......considerying capital of USA is in Tel Aviv, what difference does it make....absolutely none.

All presidential nominees must first get AIPAC approval or they will never gain the presidency.

Anonymous said...

Thought I'd post this for everyone to consider re John Galt's concerns you could also type hide my ip into google


Freed Gee

Also Jullia Gillard the Aussie PM is most likely to be able to afford Fiji more than keys. 1. A woman 2. Elections aren't looming

Sharon's Fan said...

How much more humiliation are you going to take? How much more crap dished out by Aiyaz and his thugs are you going to swallow? Is there no bride left in Fijians? Or are you going to drive creatures such as Mrs Goebbels into the ocean?

John Galt Atlas Shrugged said...

AiyARSE Khaiyum Qaeda Talibano, the dimbassillegal "AG" has been spitting out decrees for the past year or so. This is no way to run a country. Decrees are the tools of corrupt dictators. He has to go.

Anonymous said...

Ms Gobbels, gobbling up taxpayers money and god knows what else.. is fair game..

It's time to collect and she will pay.

Liam said...

There is no point in moaning.....no one can do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

You're the one who "has to go" loser since you cannot even come up with an original tag. John Galt

Anonymous said...

Jake says,

Sharon its a statement one would say when sleeping with an enemy - you bloody dog.

How low & dishonest can you be. Do you have any children. What do you teach them at home. To lie & be selfish. I'm sure not. As a mother you should be demonstrating wisdom, truth, role model for up holding rule of law etc etc & NOT law breakers by joining the criminals & treasonous team.

Thats the problem when you finished your rounds after midnight, you don't even know which was front & back of your dirty panty. Besides your mouth is ugly and over used for telling lies, lies, lies. We are not stupid becvause you have been told what to say....gooble VB & Aiyaz cherry balls or you will be on the street again job less.

John Galt Atlas Shrugged said...

@Anon 10:37 AM. "Obama is American full stop." Your ignorance and idiocy are soooooooo laughable. Your ignorance is on full display here. Do lots of research before making such a nuisance yourself....Obumb has yet to prove that he's even an American citizen and has spent $$$ hiding ALL his records. Not to mention that he wasn't properly vetted.

And I guess you haven't heard of Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution, which requires the candidate to be "natural born" citizen, which Obama, born of a Kenyan alien father, is not by an stretch of the imagination.

Here are a few links to get you started:


Obama's Birth Certificate Forgery

And don't forget to go through the 3000+ posts on the WND FORUM which proves beyond any doubt that Obama is not and cannot be eligible:

Is Barack Obama eligible to be president under - WND Forums


And lastly, don't forget to buy, from AMAZON.COM, #1 NY Times Best Selling Author Dr. Jerome Corsi's "Where's the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President (9781936488292)", which has made the NYT bestseller list (#6 on The New York Times bestseller list)!!!

Bottom Line: Barack Obama is not eligible to be President of the United States of America. END OF STORY.

Anonymous said...

Mathew 18:19 says "...if two of you agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven...."

So I'm praying asking God for the " complete anihilation of the Fijian Army and destruction of its buildings and headquatres in Delainabua". I am asking it in Jesus Name.

So please I just ask for another person to pray the same prayer and God will definitely do it according to His promise.

I also pray that we will see the first sign next week. Something serious will happen.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 10:22 AM. Dude, you has LOTS of learning to do... the joke's on you bro.

"Besides, the 14th Amendment states that all persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the US."

Hahahahaha..... who are you kidding?

Article 2, which has never been amended, applies to the Presidential Eligiblity issue, not the 14th Amendment.

Jus Solis is a feudal concept 'born' in medieval times where all that issued forth from the land, the waters; from seed and womb within the dominion of a Lord, belonged to that Lord. Rights and privileges were not a birthright, but at the discretion of that Lord.

Solis is, therefore, in conflict with the concept of a free citizen of a republic.

A "born" citizen of a child born in the U.S. to alien parents was not intended by the Wong Kim Ark Court to be a "natural born Citizen" but rather only a 14th Amendment "citizen of the United States. Justice Gray accomplished his goal by telling us that “subject to the jurisdiction” meant simply being subject to the laws of the United States which is absurd given that its meaning was supposed to be the same as “not subject to any foreign power”.

I suggest you read the 3000+ posts on the WND FORUM which proves beyond any doubt that Obama is not and cannot be eligible:


And to buy from AMAZON.COM, #1 NY Times Best Selling Author Dr. Jerome Corsi's "Where's the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President", which has made the NYT bestseller list (#6 on The New York Times bestseller list)!

Radiolucas said...

@ John Galt Atlas Shrugged said...

Put your tin-foil hat back on and take a chill-pill. Aside from crazy theories (and I want you to keep breathing while you read this), do you really think that the President of the USA could become president without the necessary checks being made?

Just because a comments page or book based on racial stereotyping and a flawed argument is popular amongst morons, does not make it any more valid than reality.

If you do believe that such a thing could come to pass in this day and age, there is no point arguing as you would fall into the same category as the coup-apologists; blind to reason, logic or argument.

Regardless, go take your weirdness elsewhere - Obama showed his birth certificate and I personally have friends that know his family - he is American.

Anonymous said...

Let's not get sidetracked with Obama Uro on the conniving, old, cancer-ridden raghead, Sharon SmithJones' thread.

She'll sing anything for her supper.. lols.... pathetic sucker!

Anonymous said...

Please stop wasting valuable space here regarding Obama's qualifications and concentrate on the task at hand here in Fiji.

I have checked the links provided above (@ 12:01 PM) and the are good, particularly the WND FORUM.

So if you are interested in this topic, or if you feel very strongly about it, then log in at WND and off you go....


You can also buy Dr. Jerome Corsi's new book "Where's the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President" here:


For the rest of us, let's STICK TO THE ISSUES AFFECTING US HERE IN FIJI and concentrate all our efforts in removing this illegal regime.

Why allow this? said...

Some of the comments here are disgusting and unworthy of the pro-democracy cause. Coup 4.5, please delete them. These suggestions of a base nature plus the racist remarks that sometimes appear here are inexcusable.

Anonymous said...

You two boci arguing about obama's birth certificate.
Just take it to the USA High Court dude!
You are obviously in the wrong forum / blogs here.

Drau lako mada drau lai sili.

Anonymous said...

RE: Anon @ 12:15 PM and Radiolucas @ 12:15 PM

Guys, we just have to "consider the source." This loser cannot even think up his own tag but feels the need to steal mine.

Whoever the hell he is, he apparently thinks he's an expert on U.S. politics. Well, it sounds like sour grapes because he must have voted for the OTHER candidate. Must also have a wesite and copyright priviledges by the way he is beggaring us to all tap into those two sources.

Perhaps we should suggest he initiate a letter from Nigeria to all web users to solicit funds. He certainly sounds sorry enough to me to believe he needs them. John Galt

Anonymous said...

Why OBAMA Case coming in this forum...John Gult, shut up you pussy cat......
lets stick to the issues discussed in this forum....

Anonymous said...


U. S. Drone reporting that an abandoned bili bili and coconut raft have been spotted on Beqa Island. No sign of survivors but drone has spotted an empty tanoa bowl in surf.

Wait a minute! Drone has spotted clothing in trees and is going in for a closer look. Two sets of uniforms with bright lettering on them "Fiji's Elite" and a mumu. Trees are shaking, perhaps an earthquake. Will gain altitude for safety measures.

Oh, oh! Drone, from higher altitude, now sees a kayak approaching from the NW. One figure only. Little red bucket being used to madly bail water out. Too much splashing to make out identity of occupant.

Sight of tanoa bowl reminds drone that fuel tanks are almost empty. Must return to kava-oops, I mean fueling station and gas up.

Anonymous said...

I hope Aust don't interfere when she stands trial ... bring back capital punishment just for these lot ....

Wilson Tamanikaira said...

Sharon Smith may like to heed this warning...!!!

There is a move on in Australia by pro democracy groups to pursue criminal charges for all Aussies like her who are lending direct material support for dictatorships like Voreqe that violate human rights. These crimes now fall under the new terrorism laws which include crimes for overthrowing other governments in other democratic countries.

Criminals like SSJ will be arrested by Federal Police as soon as they land in Australia.Sentences for these crimes range from 15 years to life in prison. And given that she will never go back to Australia,she will be hung by the neck at Korovou prison when the illegal regime will soon crumble.

Her mother back in Australia should begin giving some real good advice to her wayward daughter because the newly elected government in Fiji will come down hard on foreign criminals like her who have helped subject Fiji's citizens to repressive treatment.

Anonymous said...

I can't understand what Pres. Obama and his personal life has to do with this! I thought the issue and discussion was to bring Fiji back to democracy...yet some bloggers go off on a tangent. You are playing into Bainimarama's hands...please focus on the matter at hand. Bainimarama's PR person is just loving it, as she said that all the bloggers live outside of Fiji.

John Galt Atlas Shagged said...

What’s with the story floating around about Sharon Smith-Jones who went AWOL to Australia the last 6 months to have a bowel cancer surgery. All paid by taxpayers of Fiji!! That explains her absence.

Coconut wireless has it that she has had her “over-used” anus removed and now has to walk around with colostomy bags in which to collect her poo.

Apparently, an artificial anus/rectum has been created through her front, somewhere near the stomach. From there she collects her poo in a colostomy-bag. YUK. Tu na da.

Serves you bloody right Sharon..

No wonder we hear lies after lies from the regime’s ragbag! They might as well reroute her arse through her big lying mouth…. that’ll give a new meaning to LMFAO – LYING MY FAT ASS OFF.


Gusu ni Vosa said...

Wether we are overseas or not we are still fijians through and through and are concerned about what people like u Secretary of Misinformation are doing to our country along with the illegal regime.
You have stopped the paper and freedom in fiji but we will keep ralling on for our country in every form and every way that we can to expose the truth that you think you can hide...!!!!
The truth will come out eventually wether you like it or not...!!!!!

KaiNamosi said...

Ului just been interviewed by Tevita Motulalo of Tonga Cronicle:

Rescue of Fijian Army Colonel Mara: “Navy people are stupid”, and Fijian PM is Navy
1 June, 2011
Interview by Tevita Motulalo, Managing Editor, Tonga Chronicle.


Anonymous said...

John Galt whether he is of British or USA citizeship do you think the Red Indians give a shit the all you all come from the same stock-of shit!Invaders who stole everything they now own. You just so sore about Obama been President because he is black-i suggest you just kiss his black bum-ulu kau! We here to chat about Sharon Smith-Jones, another white ass , Anglo Saxon dope,masquerading as a know it all! Get real-smart of you to try and divert attention from you clan person Sharon Smite-Jones-we ain't that stupid!

KaiNamosi said...

Ului just been interviewed by Tevita Motulalo of Tonga Cronicle:

Rescue of Fijian Army Colonel Mara: “Navy people are stupid”, and Fijian PM is Navy
1 June, 2011
Interview by Tevita Motulalo, Managing Editor, Tonga Chronicle.


Anonymous said...

If Sharon Smith -Jones wanted to put an end to all these discussions on Voreqe & Bainimarama on payments & salries it was a very simple proces -show us the proof of what both these people earn-documentation! What properties and shares they have and have now bought since coming into power, including family members, ie also includes the extended ones!
Give me that proff and i will be the first to apologise to Voreqe & Khaiyum through any media you want me to but the priority goes first to C4.5. Talk is cheap Sharon and by your presentations it appears its coming out of some who is also "cheap" anyway! So we should not really expect to much from crap! Be interesting to know your background and what work you did overseas before landing the job in Fiji but i'd like to know is who was the "middleman" who got you your job-Baby?? There is an old saying where my fore-fathers come from in English it basically means"when you want to find snails on the sand just follow their tracks"! You tracks Sharon should really tell us who you really are or who you bonking to have a job in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

What Shazza? You were on the dole in Australia so you decided to go to Fiji and get payed to kiss Bhainivuaka's ass along with Khaisi's??!!
Get a grip woman!!!

Anonymous said...

Another dope comes along and quotes Matthew, If any two of you...! Goodness which preacher do you listen to? You just as bad the as the old testment mob "an eye for an eye" as the founder of the Hari Krishna movement said when asked of this quote, "it may sound good but the problem is in the end we will all be blind"
So tell me how many have you and you praying partner killed by using the Matthew method!! Dau kilai tu ga na da ena kenai boi!

sex change said...

this person is a lady boy

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:00pm
I'm not listening to any preacher brother, I'm just reading the Bible.
And book of Mathew is in the New Testament , not old testament.

I'm still waiting for someone to pray and agree and God will do it.

Anonymous said...

She looks like a lady from those adult movies!! I wonder who she's doing in the higher ranks.
There must be a scandal in progress
time will tell....
interesting to see when news of this lady comes to light.
Bet on coconut wireless....

kurious said...

Anon @ June 1, 2011 8:26 AM
have a heart when it comes to family's mate, theres no need for u to make comments about her husband (what u have posted is untrue regarding his untimely passing)

please keep comments such as this to urself as their children read this crap

Anonymous said...

This is the same woman who almost ran Connect ot the ground? Someone look at the financial position of Connect when she left, a bloody mess. Someone else had to come and clean up the mess. She speaks with no credibility. Someone likened her to a prostitute, selling her soul to the regime to receive this healthy pay packet and whatever else. When she makes these statements does she think we will just sit, listen, obey and lap up everthing this regime says for us to do like she is doing? Go to hell woman, we will not listen to prostitutes like you, we have dignity, we have a culture, morals and rights and soon we will regain all the rights that we deserve and without your irritating press releases and whinnings!

Anonymous said...

@PRENTEND JG June 1, 12.01pm

Why are you obsessing about President Obama's b/c issue? If you are so doubtful, go ask Donald! Stop creating diversions and distractions here!

The more appropriate issue you should be agitating about is Pretend PM FB's eligibility and more importantly, ABILITY to lead our FIJI! But I guess, that would be too much of an ask seeing that you are both WANNABEs...

Anonymous said...

Now I just have to wonder why C 4.5 did NOT print the statement I made earlier today in response to "John Galt" wannabes. I find this distressing since my remarks were valid and not inflammatory. I was responding to Radiolucas and a fellow blogger who rose up against the fake "John Galt."

HE had brought U.S. politics into our issues which has nothing to do with the price of tea in China.

Why was my response not entered? Nonetheless, I will say this as I did before:

fellow bloggers - what more or better can we expect from someone who would rip-off someone else's tag. He is a loser.

He is off in la-la land talking about politics of another country. As I said before, I suspect it is because he voted for the "other" candidate (who lost!)and is all sour grapes.

To you, you pathetic chameleon, get a real topic that APPLYS, get a "tag" of your own and STOP RIDING ON MY BACK! John Galt

convolutedexperiment said...

@ W.T. 130p.m.
Please write telling her Mother everything Sharon stands for and what she is supporting and how much she is stealing from the Fiji people.

Anonymous said...

Vidya Lakhan initiated the move for Fiji to boycott the RWC just to pretend and show IOC that he's really busy in office since he's getting a lot of dollars from them. He is sitting and living on the sweat of sporting bodies... FRU go ahead an play rugby, do not play politics... Go Fiji Go!!!

Anonymous said...

Thought that was a Drag Queen in that first photo...of course its nothing but another awful performance Sharon!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

nice tounge!!!franky goes cranky after this tongie

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 2.24pm June 1, 2011. Focus on the issue at hand...bring Democracy back to Fiji...and by the way, it is very politically uncorrect to say "Red Indians"...they are Native Americans OK? Bloggers - Bainimarama and his PR Lady are just loving it that you are putting all your energy, words into fighting each other on other issues than Fiji, instead of garnering support to bring this corrupt regime to its knees.

Anonymous said...

Sharon sona levu!