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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trio jailed for missing Fiji wharf money

One of the more interesting stories of the past year has had an end, all the way in Singapore.
The case of the missing one million Fiji dollars (all $20 dollar bills) from Suva wharf has been solved with three men jailed for the theft.
Questions about the missing money were never answered  locally with Fiji authorities remaining vague about the details to the very end.

Trio jailed over $650,000 theft from vessel
By Elena Chong for the Straits Time, Singapore
May 9, 2011

THREE men behind the theft of 1 million Fiji dollars (S$650,000) belonging to the Reserve Bank of Fiji were jailed on Monday.

Abdul Quadir Katu Miah, 39, a time-keeper and container-checker, pleaded guilty to five of nine charges and was jailed a total of five years.

He had conspired with Azhar Abdul Shukor and Musa Mohmad to steal the money on board mv Pacific Voyager, berthed at Jurong Port, last Aug 19 (2010).

Lashing foreman Azhar, 37, who entered the vessel with Musa and moved the FJD 1 million in FJD 20 denominations, was given four years and nine months after pleading guilty to four of six charges.

Musa, 41, also a lashing foreman, was jailed for four years on two of four charges.

The court heard that a container with 127 cases of FJD 202 million new notes was loaded onto Pacific Voyager on Aug 19 and its doors sealed.

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Anonymous said...

Raises more questions than it answers? Regimes continuing silence on this matter being but one? How some of these notes found there way into both Fiji and the Australian banking system before they were reported being another?

kaidia said...

the muslim brotherhood at its best,thank you mr ag of fiji

mark manning said...

@ kaidia
you mean, Chndia !

Anonymous said...

Newspapers reported that this money was stolen AFTER arriving at Suva docks. Was this job done here or in Singapore???

If done here (and it certainly seems that way since this cash was showing up in ATMs all along the Coral Coast, for what reason?)

kaidia said...

@mm sorry mark

Matavesi said...

The news blackout from the illegal rigime on issues important to the general public such as the stolen Fiji Currency is disconcerting and may suggest all sorts of implications such as involvement of Fiji officials and fiji national in the crime. As this illegal government does not represent the people and their interests, as it does not owe its existence on people, it doest not feel obliged to report to the people what happened to their money. The more reason we must restore a democratically elected government which is transparent and derives legitimacy from the people. This illegal Govt will continue to shaft Fiji citizens with impunity

Anonymous said...

MDCEO@ Airpacific announcing job losses this hour at a briefing

Anonymous said...

@Matevesi - 4:10 - I concur. Personal knowledge - that questions raised, were met by threats. Interesting, huh? And I thought we would all be interested in wanting to know who had stolen our money! Hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys. Maybe they ere one and the same.

Anonymous said...

Very,very quiet tonight. As anon. implied, must be tick,tock,tick tock.

It's 9pm. Is all well in the magical kingdom of OZ? I think not. Who is truly hiding behind the curtain?????

This country has been held hostage by its own inner turmoil. So much opportunity, so much future and it is all being held hostage by opportunists. Very sad but not the end of the story.

You know what they say - all boils have to break at some point. Let's just hope that this one breaks soon - scars aside, a country heals and if it's smart, it learns sooner or later to move forward instead of backwards. John Galt

Anonymous said...

@ Kaidia

that was so wrong...you cant just point out to someone just beacuse he is a muslim that to because of the three guys who were found guilty. you were simply being RACIST

MUSLIM said...

ant they all muslim plus the ag of cnhdia,ITS HONESTY NOT RACIST

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Dickson said...

@ MUSLIM...thats not honesty! It's RACISM!!!

how can you be so sure anyway!! haha

AG s wife said...

what ever they are muslim,if thats racism than be it

Anonymous said...

Everyone is sending all sorts of remarks but not appreciating the hard work by the goverment and Fiji Police especially two officers who went abroad to assistance in investigation which resulted in these arrest. Try and appreciate peoples effort

MORO said...


Anonymous said...

@ anon 2.13
I completely agree with you. I guess some people are just good at talking!!

Noami said...

@ AG's wife

Liam said...

Atleast they did make an effort and they know who all are guilty...learn to appreciate.

Annie said...

i'm glad they found the culprits...well done!

Anonymous said...

Also, agree. If two of our officers helped to bring the criminals down, they deserve our praise and gratitude. Can these same diligent men (and others) please help at ground zero?

Anonymous said...

So where's the other $199 million?

Anonymous said...

By the time this goes time and thanks to Fb this stolen money will be worth $1 USD.Say good bye to FNP and the FJD. God bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 8:34.

That my friend is the KEY Q.?

It'll all come out in the wash.

What's always concerned about all this is the surprising number of people don't think $199M is a lot of money?

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