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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yaqara farmers ticked off with Fiji military gunfire

Another moment of mirth from the illegal regime....
This little story from the field.

The extensive military exercise involving firing live rounds of firearms and explosives in Yaqara in Western Viti Levu has been ruining farming activity in the area.

Sources witnessing the exercise say horses have literally bolted into the mountains after being startled by the firing of live rounds of ammunition and explosives.

In a few cases, the horses that were being used to work peanut farms and other cash crop land literally broke free from the harrows they were pulling and bolted off with farmers helpless to stop them.

Sources say farmers are now worried some horses have been injured while trying to escape to the mountains and rough terrain to avoid the explosions.

The farms are near the Yaqara boundary. The farmers there are angry at the show of firepower by the military as they were hoping to take advantage of clear weather to cultivate their farms after the recent spell of heavy rain.

While Yaqara is an ideal place for military exercises, sources say it's the first time soldiers have been using powerful ammunition and explosives.

The military alerted Suva residents recently to training it was conducting, urging people not to be alarmed. Rural folk, it seems, don't deserve the same consideration.


Anonymous said...

Why does the military need this kind of fire power, dont they just man check points and stand guard outside building with there little blue berets.

mark manning said...

Soon to be Maroon berets !

Anonymous said...

roko ului sa step to tonga

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the days of my youth when we used to hunt mongoose in the village. While we and dogs are making a lot of noise here, you could see the mongoose disappearing into the bush about 50 meters away.
While the boys are practicing on their fireworks (and wasting Taxpayers money), meanwhile the mongoose has escaped 500 miles away to Tonga. Hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

guess too many snakes for the mongoose to handle.

Anonymous said...

wailei the mongoose