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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Canberra forum adopts 10-point transistional plan: Mara speaking soon

The first report has emerged from the one-day conference of the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement in Quenbeyan in Canberra.

Iva Tora, a reporter from the Sydney based magazine, Drum Pasifika, says the forum has accepted the draft 10-point plan as a blueprint for the restoration of democracy to Fiji.

She says the conference got underway this morning with a preliminary  meeting and a discussion on internal strategies. Those attending include ANU academics Professor Brij Lal and Dr Jon Fraenkel, plus democray movement leaders and supporters from NSW, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Dr Fraenkel said the movement had started to lose some momentum but felt reinvigorated in its fight for democracy by the recent crisis triggered by  Lt-Col Roko Uli Mara’s departure for Tonga and joining the opposition against Fiji’s military regime.

The 10-point plan was stitched together by Profesor Brij Lal, Dr Fraenkel and ANU Phd student, Jone Baledrokadroka, and is expected to be presented at the meeting of the Forum Secretariat in Auckland later this year.

Mara will be speaking soon.


Anonymous said...

Another good for nothing BluePrint like the failed SDL blueprints. Must be the same masterminds at work again here no doubt.

Theres no going backward to any of the leadership of old.

You all must be feeling very important and proud of yourselves now. Pat each other on the back now.

You guys dream on there.

More effect if you dance around the grog bowl at the full moon.

You want to make a difference you need to be in Fiji and contest the September 2014 Elections.

Can't believe this propaganda.

Actions speak louder than words. Your all fakes. Pity those around you.

Anonymous said...

It is good to see a plan has been hatched. People of Fiji need a democratically elected government. The Prime Minister elect and the cabinet ministers should be multiracial people. The future leaders should be for the people and have the nation. I feel sorry for the people of Fiji. They have gone through the four coups in the last twenty three years. Coup is not good for any country. It puts the country so many years back. Who
suffers the most? The poor. Mahen Chaudhry should never have become the Prime Minster in 2002 if he thought about poor Indians.All the best Uli. Geroge Shiu Raj.

Anonymous said...

I hear a rumour that the Australian foriegn office will be debriefing Mara as to the Political lie of the ground in Suva (amongst the major players). Their main objective , I think, will be to nullify any pretense in the Pacific & beyond that the junta has any legitamancy. Mara should be able to fill in the blanks that will be helpful to the Pacific forum and Commonwealth. I think the leverage of future proscecution of the players involved & other sanctions including the seizing of overseas assets will be considered as part of the remedy in solving the problem & exerting pressure.
Up until this point, both NZ & Australia have been quite passive

Anonymous said...

Comment 4.28pm - I hope we are not going to have another failed politician giving us advice on Fiji - Rajesh Singh and other failed Politicians without a job except grog bowl experience are hard enough to handle - We need fresh and smart Leaders like Ratu Mara,Nik Naidu,Imrana Jalal, Natani Rika or Richard Naidu.
Rise up true leaders - had enough of failed politicians who are self serving and want publicity for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Could Roko Ului and Baleidrokadroka hand deliver the Blueprint in Fiji, this would be a great step forward.First class tickets on Air Pacific with a Royal reception. Immunity will be granted and you can stand for election in a few years.

Anonymous said...

Apologies for unable to attend, one of us was sick but our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Keep up the good work and God Bless our beloved country,Fiji!!

Anonymous said...

well done guys.keep it up .
god bless.
the ag/bai is going down.
thumbs up for democracy and no to coup.

Kasikasi said...

Some may find it hard to believe, but the Olympic torch was not a true Greek tradition.It was instituted by Adolph Hitler whilst head honcho of Nazi Germany when they hosted the Olympics in 1930s.Yes, he is a revilled individual that is true, but he has a few legacies still living-on today such as the Olympic Torch. What has this got to do with the price of rourou you enquire? Well,there are parallels between Hitler and Frank. If I may make a prediction here, Frank could eventually become Fiji's greatest revered hero by future generations when they recognise him as the person who had the balls to finally free the individual Fijians from captivity to bouregeoise Ratus. It, is a milestone that all modernised countries have to hurdle over on their way to granting freedom to the Fijian proletariate. If he pulls this off, he will be forever a Fijian hero despite all his misdeamenours.Thumbs up to democracy.

Anonymous said...

Dr Fraenkel says it all for me-"the movement started to lose momentum!!" No wonder you grab Ratu Mara, no other ideas but to get the ideas of the 'coup plotters & executors", we certainly a funny mob. I would be the last one to have a photo taken with this so called democracy saviour, now even Mr Waqatairewa must be kissing the Chiefs hand, if i am right a few months ago he was wanting the coups perpatrators put in jail-so whats change? Ratu Mara is here to save his skin first, democracy was the after thought! Now that he has all you so called "fighters for democracy" eating out of his hands the true believers are wondering if we will all end up as Rabuka did-forgiveness. No wonder we keep having coups, we still have not learnt a single thing from our past experiences of coups, so we will just have to re-live it again until we eventually wake up to the fact, that the likes of Ratu Mara are not wanted, no matter how much inside information he has or if he is a Chief or not. For Democracy yes, but not now in collusion with the destroyer of DEMOCRACY.

Anonymous said...

@anon 5.12 in order for him to free the individual fijian from the Ratu's he needs to change the laws protecting Fijian Land...that would be the end of everything Fijian as we know it...but that sounds like arse's thesis

Anonymous said...

If you find Frank Bainimarama guilty of a coup then in that same process you have to find Ratu Mara guilty! So is he the Saviour of Fiji or a witness for the prosecution? Either way he is and stil is in the same boat as Frank. If we are sincere we must bring Ratu Mara to court for his part in the coup-NOW not later, justice needs to be met Now or we become complicit in the process.Dri Yani.

Anonymous said...






convolutedexperiment said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the ACTU step in with a few well placed sanctions and Tourism to be brought to its knees.

With the increase in Political upheaval, as one businessman pointed out, it is doing nothing for stability and investor confidence within Fiji, but isn't that the nature of a coup ?

Stand by for further developments on the loss of investor confidence in Fiji ! lols

Thumbs up !

By the way, it's heartening, inspiring and encouraging to see the increased traffic of dopey buggers attacking Democracy Advocates on the blogs !
It just shows we are making a difference.

I'm looking forward to visiting Frank and Aiyaz in prison once the International Criminal Court issues warrants for their arrests !

Go Fiji Go! said...

@ 3.55pm Get over your excessive obsession with your SDL baggage.

Tis the problem with losers like you who cling on to their nightmares and spout forth their irrational paranoia at everyone.

Please clean out your closet in your own backward with Colostomy Bag Sharon, will ya! hahahaha!

Thumbs Up Fiji, we will take the thieving junta down before their FAKE 2014 elections. Watch us.

Anonymous said...


I am with you, the biggest reason for the downfall of the taukei people is all thanks to the thieves.

Anonymous said...


Your anti Chiefs comment shows your hatred tone.

To totally eliminate Chiefs from Fiji's political system because of the failures of a few Chiefs in the past is like

1. removing the post of Prime Minister from future political involvement because of the failures of past Prime Ministers.

2. removing the Lawyers and Accountants from future political involvement because of the failures of past Lawyers and Accountants in influencing decisions on Fiscal Policies and the scams and blunders and excessive Tax Concessions Claim that drained our Revenue base including our FNPF.

3. removing the non Fiji Residents, Dual Residents, Influential Hoteliers and Businessmen from future political involvement because of their shady deals and that their heart is really where their money is and not on Fiji s welfare.

4. removing certain Diplomatic Corps from future political negotiations because of their subtle involvement in the past by pushing their political propagandas in Fiji's Political system through NGOs, Army, Businesses and other Operatives.

5.removing certain Political Leaders, Ministers who have been influencing Multi million dollars Govt contracts.

6. removing all Politicians that are initiating the LAND GRAB of the i Taukei.

7. removing the Army because of their involvement in the 4-5 Coups.


Fiji have gone through 4-5 Coups and the people are more politically matured now than in 1987, 2000 and 2006 to blame only the Chiefs but other Groups and factors identified above are equally responsible for Fiji's Political problems.

You see, you cannot just do a blank blame on the Chiefs when every facet of Fiji's political scenario were reseponsible...or are you trying to put a blame on a certain group.....DIVIDE AND RULE? THE COMMON PEOPLE VERSUS THE CHIEFS?

You must be an immigrant or a loser to have that foreign intention.

Yalo vinaka tiko. We can all be evil but who is going to look after our nation and its welfare?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Chiefs and the institution of the GCC is an instrument that promotes the internal colonialisation of the Fijians in their own country.The entire edifice created by Ratu Sukuna is aimed at class exploitation by chiefs at the core and the "tawa vanua" at the periphery. The Fijian Affairs Board was the instrument created to hammer home the fabricated construct and imprison the Fijian in captive deferential state of perpetual servitude.This has blinded him from setting out on his own to pursue economic advancement.

Anonymous said...

Thumbs Up to Democracy!!
Judging by the increased visits of Illegal Regime Supports, on this site is an indication that the Pro Democracy Movement's messages are working and it's biting at them!! Thumbs Up!! Freedom of Expression is indeed alive on this site!! I miss that terribly in my beloved country FIJI? For those of you calling on Mara to return and speak in Fiji?? you must be joking!! To come back and be made to Shut Up, be tortured and locked up!! No... please Mara..keep up the good work!! Tell the world the TRUTH!! about this Animal Farm!! where some are
More equal than the others!!!Thumbs Up to Democracy!!

Anonymous said...

@anon 3.55pm. At least this plan is more preferable than the military one and it has no guns involved. Roko Ului had already pleaded guilty in front of the movement and the media so we probably don't need a lie detector test at this stage but that won't spare the rod. Reconciliation and healing process amongst the true believers will be a big part of this return to democaratic rule but as Roko Ului has admitted to, the full process of an independent judiciary will take place to have all those involved, including him, stand before the court and be held accountable for the role they play. There will be no stones left unturned. Have a blessed Sunday.

Anonymous said...

if you were serious about being in fiji to run against the gov, this will have to be a suicide mission.....cos how does one esape the regime......they control the airlines ,the navay, they enjoy spending the funds of hard working people and dont have a guilty bone in their bodies........BAINIMARAMA'S got to be FILTHY about the GREAT ESAPE..........GOT YA MATE.......karma is coming........