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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Commerce Commission letter shows Aziz tried to manipulate cement price

Evidence has surfaced on the questionable business antics of Brigadier General Mohammed Aziz while the deputy chair of the Fijian Holdings Ltd. A letter sent to Coupfourpointfive shows Aziz trying to gain personally from his appointed position as early as 2008.

The letter was written by the then chair of the Commerce Commission, Charles Sweeney, and paper trails Aziz's attempts to use his military and FHL position to bully the Commission into putting the price of cement up.

Sweeney, who was dismissed in 2009 but who had tried to keep the work of the Commission independent of the regime, described Aziz's visit in the letter reprimanding him as 'a threat to the Commission.'

"The unannounced visit of an extremely senior member of the military council and sometime commander of the RFMF give rise to the perception that the Commission is expected to act in accordance with the wishes of that person. 

"It also communicates to the staff that the military council and therefore the Government do not respect the obligation of the Commission to act independently of government."

Sweeney also wrote: "I have given written instructions that the concrete price application is to be dealt with strictly in accordance with the Commission's established procedures. 

"No favour will be given to it, nor will it be disadvantaged by your visit. On present figures, however, I think it unlikely that the application will be successful.

"I request that, if in future you or any member of the Military Council or the government has any issue that you wish to discuss with the Commission, or if you wish to have the Commission's  position or any matter explained, you make contact directly with me and not with the staff.

"I also request that any representations made to either body in future about the Commission are made available to me to enable the Commission's position to be available to the government or the Military Council....

"Otherwise, you encourage intrigue and destabilisation of an independent statutory body the continued independence of which is important to the Fijian economy."

Aziz resigned from Fijian Holdings Ltd earlier this year citing 'personal reasons' but word on the ground was he had fallen out of favour with Frank Bainimarama and Co because of his dodgy business dealings. He was allowed to 'resign' to avoid another public shaming for the regime, who had appointed him and others in the flush of its so-called 'clean up campaign.'

The cement price rise is not the first revelation about Aziz's questionable business ethics. We've also revealed he borrowed $2.5 million from Merchant Finance while he was chairman of the company and still on the Fiji Holdings Ltd board. The money was used to build his wife's medical centre in Rewa Street.


  1. Aziz, your time is up...

  2. This is anopther eason why Military personal should not be used in positions such as this because they manipulate the system.

    Soldiers just all return to the barracks and and stick to what they do best-sit around and do nothing and shine their shoes all day or otherwise send them all home and close the barracks.

    What a disgrace! yes I remember that medical centre-2 million loan to a single man-must really have influenced some people while in that position.

    WOW! This country is already gone to the DOGS!

    God help FIJI!

  3. AZIZ have used his powers to do lot of illegal stuffs.
    he has his mates sanjiv pal who does deal for him.
    why is frank/ag protecting this thug.
    they all the same.

  4. Why the suprise - in his nature?
    Been like this since day one - even when he was at Bond Uni on a goverment (Rabuka) funded scholarship - if it wasn't woman it was money. People would get a real shock if they delved into his personal asetts both here and overseas.

  5. Arsesis you snake.

  6. If Voreqe & Aziz can pay themselves $700k & $650k per year in salaries, why can't I also benefit. I'm also a member of the military council.

    Brig Aziz.

  7. Be ashame of yourself AZIZ, what a shame. Keep going with your BAINI-Arse and all of you will be in chain with each wearing black and white stripes digging beside the road in Korovou chantting away with your digging song "i got f**ked up, i got f**ked up, i was a bully, now i digging, i use to have guns, now i got spades.........

  8. Oh no, are you trying to tell me that Frank and Co. are unethical in their business dealings ?

  9. Doesnt suprise us!!! Evil Military Dictatorship ruining our beloved Fiji just Libya, Egypt, Syria and Yemen...

    Military is the root of EVIL.....

  10. The writing is on the wall!!

    Guaranteed no member of the Military will benefit from the 2006Coup?...people of Fiji be the Judge.

    In 2008/2009 a Business associate who had excess to 1 M tones from China contacted our sole local cement manufacturer. Of course, bulk discount were very attractive and obvious threat to the Fiji and 2 PNG manufacturers.NO other Pacific Nation have a Cement factory and considering sovereing foreign aid projects.

    Local Company owed by Fijian Holdings. How unethical would that amount to? D/Chairman of Fijian Holdings alleged scheming to directly compete with Fijian Holdings...as price hike render local cement stock piled while the other floods the Pacific market.Given that Aussie Cement price and Aussie dollar beyond reach.

    Seems an executive within the Fiji's Cement factory may have colluded with....eh...

    The net is closing in...

    Our redemption draws near!!

  11. aziz if you reading this,please reconsider going to the school that shaped you to what you are now in samabula.i think that its too late that greed has taken over to the christian taechings you wre taught in your younger days at school OB. can't wait to give it to you an give you a mouthful when i see you in dec for our 50th sch jubilee if you are attending..nah you dont have the balls ..kulina.

  12. Shame, Shame, Shame...Outright Absolute Shame.

    Bravo Mr. Sweeny for standing up for fiji

    Dr. Readdy ...cant say much...same Boat

  13. Interestingly the signature on the letter seems to be cut and paste. Part of it is also cutoff.

  14. Baiya Aziz,

    Burn your Medical Centre and claim insurance $4M.
    Easy money
    Make use of your position Bai. Before da next narere bus comes to pik u up.

    Thumbs up Dem

  15. It's amazing that corrupt individuals like Aziz are still with the regime but they got rid of honest people like Sweeney.
    They reward failures like Sereana Qoro and FSC boss.
    So we see that this government attracts corrupt people,like birds of a feather.
    Now what do we expect as a result of all this. We will expect more business to fail. More poverty, more unemployment, more crime, more depression.
    Even if the Democracy Movements did nothing, these people will self-implode.

    However I would like the Democracy movements led by Nik, Rajesh and Roko Ului to ask Aust, NZ and Helen Clarke to lobby the UN to cease the employment of Fijian soldiers forwith, as they are directly supporting this corruption and the abuse of human rights in Fiji.

    -Valataka na Dina.

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    Tappoos are offering all anti-regime bloogers and commenters a 10% discount of all items purchased.

    Just go to any Tappoos store counter and say code words "Blogger C4.5"

    To regular commentors such as John Galt and owners and admins of blogs, a 25% discount.

    See you all there soon.

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  17. Hey guys and gals, military dictatorship is the best thing that ever happened to Fiji since sliced bread.

    And if military dictatorship was not to be the best thing that ever happened to Fiji since sliced bread, it would not have worked by now.

    Please put your support behind Lord King Bai and Lady Queen Arse.

  18. Another bit of evidence that all the talk about ending corruption was nothing but a smokescreen. In reality, the 2006 coup was about getting the snouts of a few senior thugs in the trough big time. It will be necessary to track all the funds misappropriated by the junta and re-direct it to the development of our nation. First we have to get rid of the regime, however. This will not be achieved by sitting around the kava bowl and lament how bad Fiji has become. A Fijian Awakening is needed! So stop putting yourself in a kava stupor and come out.

    Thumbs up!

  19. Thats not all Minister for Health does the same with pharmacy pricing,Bobby Maharaj CEO comm com was told what to do and went ahead to publish prices in the media which was all damn wrong,and had to be withdrawn.Minister controls pharmacy pricing so his company IDEAL PHARMACY can benefit.MR MINISTER your time is near as comm comm will some day bring your interference into light too,and Doc Mahend Reddy caught over the grog bowl I CANT GET OUT OF THIS MESS ,I WILL BE VICTIMISED IF I DO SO

  20. Maybe Aziz is high risk as he knows too much which is why he cannot be removed. The guy might just open his mouth and expose the bigger crooks.


  22. @ Tappoo;
    You are giving discounts to bloggers of C4.5 and drinking the milk from this Regime, you hypocrit. Look at the concret block you have vandalized the CBD of Suva with, what a pathetic eyesore.

  23. Musa from his Lautoka office now is controlling Fijian Holdings,getting daily briefs from junior staff and some senior guys who worked with him in fijian holdings.He also is full time assisting Moala Nata and Jioji Vaka of FIRCA to investigate people he has fallen out with. New World you are next .Aziz and MUSA out to get you

  24. The UN and China should order immediate Democratic Elections that are Independently Supervised by overseas officials or all Aid Funding and UN Military work will be suspended indefinitely. These organizations and Countries are criminally culpable of helping this illegal regime if they continue to support it.

  25. Anon..10:39 AM..and a And a Pharmaceutical consultant from around Samabula way whose advice to Governemtn Pharmacy may reap mega in-house rewards the consultant way.

    Anon..10.44am..oh...and FNPF soon to be "privatized" with the Sigatoka family Tappoo a major stakeholder....right under own nose..

    All happening while Co PM Rear Admiral Bainimarama is canonized the fourth person of the God head by some old retied Methodist preacher in Lakeba jetty.

    Do not know which god or bible this old preacher worships and reads.

  26. Tappoos know how to butter their bread,remember when Rabuka was charged they paid for the QC from Australia .Qarase was buttered by Vinod Patel and now BAI AND AIYAZ got both TAPPOO and VINOD PATEL,butter both sides of the bread .THIS IS THE WAY WORLD SHOULD BE

  27. By now, we are ALL too aware that there never was a plan of fighting corruption behind the 2006 coup. Just a bunch of thugs who wanted to get in on the action of raping and pillaging their own country.

    I'm sure their logic would run along the lines of - "well everyone else in power has been doing it. Why not us? We had better hurry while there is something left to steal!"

    "So let's see. Hmmmm. Let's be especially clever and really fool the public. Let's set up an office (FICAC) and tell the populace that they are the go-to people for all evidence of corruption. Then we can see what we need to do to cover up our crimes when people file in with their evidence. We can burn or round file what's left and just tell the populace that we are still working on it (for eternity)."

    "Let's tell the populace that the police are your FRIENDS. Go to them with your complaints. You say they are behaving like FICAC? My, I'm sure you just don't appreciate how CHALLENGING their jobs are. (Besides, they have all been instructed to route everything through the Commissioner and not take direct action themselves)."

    While every third or fourth car on the road is a government vehicle, most of the police posts lament their lack of any vehicle at all. So, if you have a crime to report and expect them to show up, don't hold your breath. They ain't coming! If you offer to pick them up, don't be surprised when they ask if you can detour so they can get some much needed shopping done.

    Lastly, but best of all, if you approach the "government of the day" about misconduct, criminal behavior or lack of action - DO expect a visit from both the police AND the military who will threaten you to back off and not interfere.

    Power corrupts and total power corrupts totally. Two dictators and one "can do" man (whom I have mentioned before) have the country down on its knees and in surrender. We are hog-tied so that they can be free to take what they want.

    And Aziz? - well the AG HAD to compensate him SOMEHOW for the fine spying he has done, doesn't he?" John Galt

  28. Boycott the medical center in rewa street.lol!

  29. Semi Meo,dont open a can of worms,the pharmacy guy from samabula is it superdrug

  30. Go Read the Paper on the FNPF deal with Tappoopoos and you will soon see the level of corruption Tappoos have created for the eyesore Suva Centre. They are knee deep in this mess and soon will replace Motibahi Patel's cell at Suva Prison. the regime change will happen sooner then later and all the corrupt businessmen of Fiji will be brought in front of court to face their day in front of judges that cant be influenced by Aiyaz the Taliban.

  31. @Anon 12:22 PM. Amen brother/sister.

  32. its not superdrug,they have become a victim of the minister as i have been told. The guy who owns the phcy in samabula and part time works as advisor to Illegal minister for health and controls the govt pharmacy is no other than Rohit Rambissesar ,who is also a milk distributor and is not affected by the new regulations.He also stopped island pharmacy supplying to ministry so his company can supply.Minister is seen in samabula pharmacy every evening enjoying a few beers .Nands be carefull they have big plotting in place for you

  33. Bai has a medical centre at home now and Dr Niel Sharma is on call 24/7 .He was called sometime last week to fix Bais blood pressure as he had taken VIAGRA night before when in Nadi .Guess who he was with ? not S

  34. Well done Coup 4.5! Great picture you have there too of Aziz...hahaha spot on!!

  35. na loka ni tamata lawakica saraga tiko vei aziz.lol

  36. Dont forget the abortion minister for health neel sharma he approved 8 million no tender purchase of equipemnt for lababsa hospital upgrade, why FICKAE no charge him

    they all minting monies corruptly

  37. Dont forget the padam lala and aziz corruption on the FHL board in awarding contracts to contractors both have been making cuts rent for nabua police station gone up for lala

  38. Great Thought @anon 12.22pm. Agree that Tappoos are behind Aiyaz and Bainimarama. all parties bent and will burn in Hell. Happy to contribute to fund TO BUY a HOUSE BOAT AND ANCHOR THIS ON THE REEF NEAR TONGA FOR BAINI, AIYAZ AND THE TAPPOOS TO SIT BACK AND WATCH THE SUN SET. BTW THE END IS NIGH. HANG THE THIEFS AND THE CORRUPT GUJIS FROM SINGATOKA.

  39. Aziz 's sidekick from FHL, Sereana Qoro and Aiyaz Musa owes Tropik Woods money for timber they took while managing Fiji Pine Group. FICAC should investigate this!

  40. Aziz having sleepless nights ,get Mrs to inject some morphine so you can at least rest and be fit to be in NABORO

  41. Garase and Bakani pre trial conference for NLTD Ficake case moved to 2012, it started in 2006 end now is five years and next year case will commence when will it finish? maybe 2015??????????

    This is example of trumped up charges and staged court show with predetermined gail sentence for both and all otheres.

    There is no justice in fiji

  42. credible reports that pita driti missing since last friday.

    if this is true, this is great as he needs to escape and tell the truth about the junta and its dictator.

    If he can command the landforce unit then he sure can escape too, why not he will go to gail and never come out alaive.

  43. Lets get Rabuka back. He will fix all these guys.

  44. The Racists and failed politicians are now against Aziz and Dr Neil Sharma. They were brutal of Ayiaz in past. We were hearing by these same bloggers that Bainimara regime was going to fall after Uli fled for Tonga. Read the story in fiji sun and Times today. The Lau people have apologized to Bainimara for the shameful behavior of the runaway colonel from Lau. People from Lau have said thatBainimara's visit to Lau was a god send. The Prime Minister of Solomons has said that he is not going to have Uli in Solomons. Well done Bainimara for erasing corruption in the government. The Rabuka and Qarase government were highly corrupt and incompetent.

  45. Anon @ 8.03pm

    How come the Tubou people's much publicised apology to Voreqe was conducted on the deck of the jetty there and not on the rara or inside the meeting hall if it were to be credible?

    Sounds hilarious and is in the fact the joke of the century.

    Only blockheads like you will believe anything that is said by your illegal and useless leader.

    He does not even know when the people are making a fool of him!

  46. Apology in Lakeba - yeah thats done by Fijians everywhere and then after that they curse, when you finished they gonna spit on yo grave Frank...
    smiles etc is all part of fijian welcome but doesnt mean they love you!
    as they say - meca i a fika ga!
    mark my words.

  47. @ Tui Viti, June 15, 7:39pm

    Never, NEVER, NEVER again...

    Not only was he responsible for the original SIN, he also cowardly failed to take responsibility WHEN IT MATTERED thus paving the way for Fiji's now infamous coup culture!

    And suggesting that he brought back is an insult to all Fiji citizens. Just take a moment and think about where Fiji would be today IF RABUKA HAD NOT EXECUTED THAT FIRST COUP! So, thank you BUT NO WAY, NO BALADI WAY...WE DONT WANT OR NEED RABUKA. We can do and deserve better!

  48. Aziz you are corrupt you f#king looser. Your days are coming. You will soon be gang taught a lessen and the boys of Naboro are eagerly awaiting your arrival.


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