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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Controversial Ernst and Young report surfaces as FNPF admits to frittering almost $2billion

KAROI: Reforms aimed at improving governance.

What's believed to be some of the Ernst and Young report on the controversial FNPF and Tappoos deal the illegal attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum didn't want the public to see has surfaced.

Readers will remember the release of the report (commissioned under Mahendra Chaudhry as interim finance minister in 2007) was blocked by Khaiyum because it revealed the venture had been stitched together to benefit his mate, Tappoos, who had purchased his Berry Rd property at an inflated price.

The Ernst and Young audit investigated the outrageous deal between FNPF and Tappoos to develop the Harbour Terminal Land near Suva Harbour: Tappoos would get 49 per cent ownership in return for investing just 27.45 per cent in the one-sided dea

Board members at the time were Felix Anthony and Dan Urai, who were in charge of the Natadola project that ended up costing FNPF an astronomical amount.

The interim report by Ernst and Young surfaces as pensions are about to slashed severely and FNPF's chief investment officer, Jajoi Karoi, admits the fund has provided the Government with $1.97 billion so far.

Read our original story on the missing report from last September, and the Ernst and Young interim report which shows the finer details of the venture plus the auditor's reservations.


  1. tu na dina dro mo bula


  3. AG & BAI When can we get another pay rise everything is expensive nowdays???????????

  4. Maybe next time, the average person in the street in Fiji, won't be so quick to support a coup !

    This clearly is a case of robbing Peter to give to Paul, sorry, I mean Aiyaz and Frank and his Soldiers.

  5. I have worked for 25 years,and continuosly contributed to FNPF.
    Sa maumau wale na noqu gumatua na cakacaka me'u rawa ni bau bula ena noqu peniseni ni'u cegu na cakacaka ni mataka.
    Ra lako ga mai eso na tamata kaisi vaqo mera mai kania na noqu buno kei na oca.
    V#$%OXX na koro.

  6. Felix Anthony and Danial Urai were responsibe trade union leaders on the board of F N P F .Please can someone find out if they had known about this report.

  7. This is robbery on a HUGE scale from ordinary Fijians ..... and amazingly they are getting away with it!!!!

  8. Rajesh - if you feel for the people of fiji as you always state then why arent you in Fiji - i am sick of these people using god as an excuse - we need to rise as people with one mission, not be referring to religious beliefs and speaking from the outside - we need a leader who all will look to - please not bother saying ex politicians or fallen military people - we need a fresh leader

  9. i have also worked for 20yrs and contributed my fair share for retirement ......Na cava mera mai butakoci keda kina o ira nai lawalawa oqo ......Is my retirement safe ???If not than ????????

  10. Based on the Ersnt and Young independant report, the directors and management of FNPF and Peniana Ltd and Neo Fiji Ltd must stand trial for abuse of office, offical corruption, defrauding, conspiracy to defraud, deception, breach of company act 1983 and also be sued for breach of fidicury duties of directors-FNPF Act.

    This is massive corruption where FNPF monies have gone to and the people of fiji now to pay by 60% less pensions by 15% to 9%.

    This is case of corruption and clear that Neo Fiji Ltd paid big time bribes to FNPF board and managemant and Tappos did same.

    illegal AG corruptly sold his property to Tapooos in millions more this was his kickback

    Where is FICAKE?????

  11. c4.5 get professionals to analyse the EY report and spell out what are the major breachs and what Fiji laws not adhered to and what should be the crimes that those responsble must be prosecuted.

  12. fnpf staff getting car and housing loans at 3% interest. majority of staffers are driving executive cars... while Members have been deprived of benefits. fnpf "not a bank" to members but okay to give out loans to the staff.

    laurai talega vakavinaka ira na i lala qori... mrs ceo and her executive car?

  13. @9:28 PM. Where is FICAKE????? Are you nuts???

    "Instead of routing out major corruption, Khaiyum uses [FICAC] as a way to intimidate the business people of Fiji. We see him use FICAC time and again to charge anybody he does not like with petty crimes and then appoint a judge who will give a verdict the regime wants." - Ratu Ului Mara, Saturday, June 11, 2011.
    Mara's Canberra speech: 'We will isolate the regime internationally, regionally, and in Fiji'

  14. The regime is finished. It is now just a case of snipping away at their flesh. Bit by bit. Them and their families.

  15. "Khaiyum blocked Auditor’s Report on FNFP being critical of “TappooCity Suva” "

    Yeah. Aiyaz, Frank - we know you read this - this is what is called corruption.

  16. SDL is not in slumber.
    Some have asked whether the SDL party is concerned about the disaster at FNPF, especially come July 01, 2011 when Bainimarama will reduce pensions and subject thousands of pensioners into a life of destitution. The plea from a pensioner, James Raman, one of Fiji’s icons, breaks one’s heart.
    Sources close to the party say that, yes, the SDL is very concerned, but it does not believe in dialogue with Bainimarama and his cronies. Laisenia Qarase had said back in 2006, ‘the problem is that we’re dealing with someone who’s crazy’ and that’s still true of Bainimarama today, if not worse.
    While the SDL is proud of those speaking out, the likes of Chaudhary, Wadan Narsey, Ross McDonald, Attar Singh, Pramod Rae and others, it believes our salvation is through the total overthrow of Bainimarama’s evil regime. The party is working quietly but surely towards that end.
    As a free people, we can collectively rectify the problems at FNPF, but first Bainimarama has to go.

    E sega ni moce tiko na SDL.
    E vuqa era loma tarotaro tiko se kidava tiko beka na noda isoqosoqo vakapolotiki na kawa iTaukei, na SDL, na leqa vakaitamera esa sotava tiko oqo na FNPF.
    E vakatabaki dua tiko oqo ena nona sa lewa ko Bainimarama me musuki ka vakalailaitaki sara na nodra ivotavota, o ira era sa vakacegu ena cakacaka, ka ra bula tu ena nodra peniseni. E ka vakaloloma oqo, ni ra na yaco o ira na noda qase, era lewe vica vata na udolu, mera sega ni rawa mera qaravi ira vakataki ira, ka ra na tini ena kerekere.
    Era kaya ko ira na lewe ni SDL nira kauwai sara tiko vakalevu, ia, era sega ni vakabauta ni dua na betena na veitalanoa vata kei Bainimarama kei ira na nona ilala. E a kaya ko Laisenia Qarase, ena yabaki 2006, ni vodi na veitalanoa kei Bainimarama ni tuvaki vakaca tu na nona koro turaga. E daidai e kunei ni sa qai leqa ga vakalevu na qavokavoka.
    E doka sara vakalevu na SDL na nodratou I le ko ira era coqa tiko oqo na I tuvatuva ni veivakalolomataki nei Bainimarama. Oqo ko Chaudhary, Wadan Narsey, Ross McDonald, Attar Singh, Pramod Rae kei na vica tale.
    Ia, sa vakatabaki dua ga na nona I gu na SDL me kasura na veiliutaki nei Bainimarama. Ena qai yaco e keya na bula sautu, ka na sega na veivakalolomataki, me vaka e vakarau vakayacora tiko oqo ko Bainimarama kivei ira na noda qase era peniseni tiko.
    Ena rawa meda walia vata vakamata veiwekani na leqa ena FNPF, ia, me vakamalumalumutaki mada e liu ko Bainimarama.

  17. This is unbelievable. I am baffled that this magnitude of daylight robbery could be done by a few people in Fiji. To make it worse, they are robbing the ordinary worker's retirement funds. They must be made to answer for their actions.

  18. FICAKE is only to investigate those who oppose the dictator. If it's something to do with Tapoos or the regime they won't lift a finger. Sad indeed.
    Lucky I don't contribute to FNPF anymore pheew! big headache and heartache. Dua ga e mate ni uto koso na vakasamataka na vakadabui caka tu qo vei ira na tamata cakacaka.O ira madaga na sotia era vei safeside taki tale tiko hahaha....

  19. will fiji now wake up and get rid of this dictator???????????????????? if you dont dont winge.

  20. Jaoji is sincere and has the country at heart; one of the few taukei's with brains above his shoulders! All he has revealed is what is commercially ethically and morally acceptable; pray that he is not a sacrificial lamb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Continue your good work and remain bold bro....we are watching!!

  21. Where is FICake???

    Why doesnt FICAKE raid and arrest the FNPF board member and Tapoos and Neo Fiji Ltd- the corrupt contractor who paid millions in kick backs. Tapoos built empire with fiji workers funds and took out of FNPF million more than it should the report shows massive corruption of junta what is going on?

    is this good governance, transparency, democracy , accountabilty????

    Junta must be cleaned up?/

  22. OMG..This is corruption big time..all this time we were being taken for a ride..I will never buy anything from tapoos or even go anywhere near their shop cause they should be ashamed of themselves..and as for Aiyaz..he is such a carnaving snake that used the law to get what he wanted..wawa tiko mai keri tagane..the time will come when we will get you and that time is now..

  23. i suppose mrs ceo is being silenced with the executive car so that hubby can indulge with mistress number?? in cairns. A bunch of clowns they are.

  24. Smuggle guns into Fiji. See what the Army will do then, can assure you, SJ, Bai and Kai will be running for cover thru the tavioka plantation

  25. What can be done? It seems Mara is lost, Driti is remorseful, Khaiyum and Frank in fear. Moreover, FNPF at loss and Govt. not stable. No wonder the President is betting looking for money too. Money is a problem here we need to change FNPF into a mint so Govt. can request for new notes and coins.

  26. Coup4.5 just ask Mara where is the Roadmap he promised to be up in two weeks. We need someone on the Road with a map now. All this corruption has been said already we believe its there no doubt. We need to get in there to seize power. The public needs to be briefed on the method, techniques and timings to remove the military junta. He should be directing the public now to take position with variations to confuse the security forces. We need ratios, rules of engagements, numbers, weapons and reinforcements. If we are to be on the road than he should be giving the signals to advance. We the people out number the 2,900 regular soldiers in the RFMF. We can wrestle weapons from them on the streets. Mara needs to intervene now!!!! Need to focus and implement real action plans. The ground is already swelling just need a press it will spill over.

  27. @1:54 AM. Very true. TIME IS NOW! For serious action. No more talk.

    Coup4.5 - also ask Mara when that "civil disobedience" and "passive resistance" he has spoken about is going to take place?


    We're seriously getting fed up with all the talk and the speeches and the thumbing up.

  28. We do not like cover-ups but why are we blaming this current government. This deal was done under the qarase era and involves his friends. Let's be fair and level headed.

  29. High Five AGAIN C4.5 with another outstanding scoop.

    Let's see Sharon Goebbels and her crew try and fast-talk themselves out of this one.


  30. Seems like Tappoo's are more involved with the illegal regime then what we all see. These guy's are just raping the ordinary Fijian's in day light without any fear. enough is enough.

  31. Burn Tappoo's City down!

  32. I agree with most sentiments left by people here. If Motibhai is in jail, how come Tappoo isn't?
    Also it is very disappointing the loss of almost $2bil. The gross mismangement by Bainimarama and his army is woeful.

    I'd like C4.5 to send this report above to Michael Field and and Graham Davies and ask them what would they do if the Australian Army was doing this to its people. Would they wait for an election that is in some nutters dreamland or would they suggest a quick takeover, before billions more dollars is frittered away?

    -Valataka na Dina.

  33. All the investigations and whistle blowing can be done latter when power is secured by the people. We need a leader to give directions. Mara should stop being emotion. He should show us the strength and opportunities he has. We can evaluate ours and see how we put together a collective approach. Coup 4.5 and other social media are mediums to organize and communicate. We should use current tools we have...the power of the masses..

  34. I do not understand what the fuzz is all about. Do we need further evidence that we live under a dictatorship? Do we we need more data to support the obvious fact that like all other dictatorships this is about theft of public funds at an epic scale. We know all this. What we do not know is how to end it. Our energies should be focussed there.

  35. How can tapoos be in jail when they in with the present regime and they own more of Tappoo city than they put

    Why? Aiyaz benefitted by selling them his house on BErry rd at a very inflated price. Then he let Tapoos have what they want basically.

    Daylight robbery. Again, where is FICAC? Aiyaz is the boss of FICAC. So why should they prosecute Tappoos who are Aiyazs friends.

    The whole of Tappoo City deal is absolutely corrupt

    Wake up Fiji. It is already too late

  36. i think its important to shed some light on Felix Anthony and Daniel Urai in respect of FNPF and Natadola. When Felix took over Natadola some $80million had already been spend by previous board on the project with no work done. When Felix and Dan Urai first visited Natadola after taking over they were shocked to see that there was nothing and they were wondering if the hotel was being build under ground - with $80million already gone down the drain. It was Felix who placed controls and held contractors responsible. it was Felix who appointed Quatity surveyors and other specialist who could monitor progress and control costs. i give credit to Felix for spending more time at Natadola then with his family and union job. Today Natadola is a successful venture and, in large part, credit should go to Felix and his board. Had it not been for Felix the Natadola project would have been another Momi!

  37. Vuaka and Ayiarse, you too are in big shiit.

  38. The only road map needed is to supply fijians with guns and ammunitions.Need a leader who is credible, not some woman basher. JB would be ideal

  39. @Dina 9:52 AM. Something's definitely fishy here...

    RUM: [I]nstead of routing out major corruption, Khaiyum uses it [FICAC] as a way to intimidate the business people of Fiji. We see him use FICAC time and again to charge anybody he does not like... and then appoint a judge who will give a verdict the regime wants.

    Fiji Times gets no government advertising, and Justice was overpowered with the hilarious trumped-up charge of “abuse of office” against the Times chairman, Mahendra Patel :


    When the regime’s legal advisors write judge’s rulings, that tells you they have no respect for the Rule of Law.

    Bainimarama and Khaiyum are in the process of destroying the Fiji we know and love :


    Get The Picture?

  40. @10:26 AM "The only road map needed is to supply fijians with guns and ammunitions."

    Do they possess the necessary training and Would they know how to use them?

  41. Truth always emerges. Relax law abiding citizen of Fiji, Truth will always fight his own battle. When the dust settles the only thing will be left standing is the Truth.Truth will always prevail and win in the end. 231051061105

  42. Using guns and ammunition is secondary. Once on the Road we will all know how to use it. I'm sure he is arranging all that because when he was 3FIR head he was the one responsible of purchasing military equipments from overseas. Public is ready for armed and unarmed contact. We have found a common enemy, Frank and Khaiyum. Frank should not commit RFMF to defend his personal interest and corruption against the people. But if he does no problem anytime your days are numbered. The road ahead of you is a dead end. We will give your fresh to wild animals to feast on.

  43. @Anon-7.38am- What are you talking about, are you in the wilderness or blind cannot seperate black from white, SDL is a legal government nitwit.

  44. Im fed up of talk. it is cheap. Lets get it on. Lets revolt. Vacava kai viti. Mai da mai tu cake. Time is now. Lets pick up the pieces now and allow our children to harvest all the fruit. Now is the time. Just tell us where and when.

  45. i am realiably informed that "Felix Board" was supposed to move and complete the Momi project after completing the Natadola. Marriot was very interested and firmed their commitment to manage momi, however, Felix was fired before he could move to Momi. New board wanted to sell momi and not to develop it. at that time momi was 60% complete. fnpf could not sell momi and now want to develop it themselves. nothing is left of momi now. it has to start from scratch. who will be responsible for 60% loss. someone should be taken to task and financially held responsible for this mess.


  47. If Bai can use a gun then the majority of fijians can. Bai is as dumb as they come

  48. @10.52
    The problem here is that by the time truth surfaces it has long floated under the bridge and so far downstream nobody has got the energy or the money to go chase after it.

    It drifts out to sea and is forgotten.

    Meanwhile lies got off at the river mouth, quitely walked up the source once more and has himself another canoe to paddle.

    The never ending story, like the water cycle.

  49. this just proves that Tappoopoos have Aiyaz and Frankie in their pockets. Otherewise why arent they sitting in a cell next to Motibhai Patel in Suva jail. Surely this is a bigger crime than the Fiji Post buying a clock from Prouds. does it have anything to do with sour grapes cause Tappoopoos did not get the clock deal. Mr Motibhai did not get a fair hearing yet the FNPF deal with Tappoopoos smells of corrupt money changing hands. how does one get a deal like this. I want in on it.

  50. wake up and fight .no more talk.
    learn from middle east.
    fiji people wake up now before you gone to dark ages.
    bai/ag /cronies fill the bank with cuts.

  51. @ Anon 12:39pm

    "Surely this is a bigger crime than the Fiji Post buying a clock from Prouds."

    That made me laugh!

    The Tappoos have been in cohorts with Frank & Co from the beginning and unfortunately for them, they have tied their fortunes to the regime and its cronies.

  52. I notice that whenever someone puts something sensible on this website like ANON 10.23 did in regards to Felix and Urai and the Natadola project no one says anything or comments positively about it. What the writer says is 100% correct. Neither Felix nor Frank screwed up this one. Despite my personal reservations about these 2 men neither of them lost $80m of your FNPF monies it was done under Qarase's watch. When we talk about constructive debate this is what it means. We must put the blame where it deserves. I take it that most contributors here are SDL supporters which is why your leader seems to escape your wrath all the time. The sooner you all realize that the SDL was just as corrupt and incompetent as these guys the better. By the way during SDL'S reign Tappos were also working with Qarase to squander our millions. remember the airport contract. Tappoos is no one's friend they will jump into bed with anyone as long as they are milking money.
    Being legally elected does not give one the right to squander $80m of the tax payer’s money. The SDL also screwed up with Momi. I like the comments that were made on RawFijiNews. It correctly implied that the SDL has no analytical ability to comment on the current proposed changes to FNPF thus their silence.

  53. @Anon 8.36AM Burn Tappoo city down!

    Don't burn it down, that city was built on the workers money (FNPF) Just freeze all tappoos asset's and biz, and throw them in jail for a very long long time.

  54. the intercon is just one of the few success stories of what has happened after 2006, and credit should go to felix, dan and the board...and these trade unionists are our only hope to take this regime down!

  55. @anon 2.24pm.
    You dont get it do you? what Tappoos have done with this deal is steal money from ordinary people and for their own beneift. Ok Point taken on about this deal was done way before the two crooks who run the country now. But then why arent they putting Tappoos in front of a court just they did with Mr Motibhai Patel. that is the hypocrisy here. why arent the Tappoos behind bars. I know why - they are in cohorts with Khaiyum and BainiMarama. Fijians are easy to buy and the Gujis know this especially the Tappoos. the Old Sngatoka gany is working together. i.e the Tappoos with The Kyaiyums. how does one do a deal where you pay 29% and end up with 49%. knowing the Tappoos I didnt not think it was in them to do this. I can already picture the Tappoo brothers dressed up in orange overalls in the Suva jail. Yahoo! Jail the bastards.

  56. Many democratic governments become corrupt but they are gotten rid of via the ballot box.
    Corrupt dictators like Bainimarama are often in power for decades and can only be gotten rid off by force. They become paranoid, ruthless, selfish and cruel.
    This is happening in Fiji now.

  57. Felix is the only hope to bring this regime down because he was beaten by military goons.Coup suppourter and former board member FNPF.Oviously he has do something to please his union members.

  58. Did people realise that Mrs Goebells was putting about propaganda when she said people at the Canberra pro-democracy forum were saying national anthm had been banned? No one I talked to knew what she was talking about. Bet she can't defend this one either.

  59. Wow, what a revalation. Cant believe Tappoos would this. They are so kind and trust worthy. My god, now I have lost all faith in Fiji. NOT

    Bullshit, they are up to their neck in this corruption. Kant He Cee and his brother Mad-Who have their fingers in it and just got caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

    Bad boys bad boys, what you gonna do when we come for you.

  60. @ Anon 2:24pm

    "Being legally elected does not give one the right to squander $80m of the tax payer’s money."

    No kidding. Nor does removing our freedoms, terrorising civilians for speaking the truth - there is something to be said for hindsight - as in, if we were still under a normal SDL / Labour / Whatever elected leadership and we wanted something to be done about this corruption - would we be able to talk about it and would the media investigate it? I would say yes - but now?!? It is now made ILLEGAL to speak the truth - it is treason and sedition to call a rat a rat.

    So comparing the dictatorship with the SDL government is not only wrong but misleading - they are nowhere near the same government. The SDL were accountable - the Frank and Aiyaz gangbang are not.

    "The SDL also screwed up with Momi." - Actually, no. Momi was screwed once the military took over - even when the GFC happened any residual confidence that investors might have had in the Matapo venture was well and truly given the *%^# by Frank and the military morons.

    So who wants to invest in Fiji now?

  61. Tappoos have some big sharks sitting in customs office who make them save duty on products like chocolate.. in return the customs guys 3 of them get shopping vouchers.Any one has anymore on this Butako dealers

  62. Tappoos also help AG transfer money to his account in Australia.At the moment its kept in Suresh Tappoos account at Westpac and CBA in sydney. Razim of RBF AGs boy is aware of this and is keeping shut as BROTHER AG is involved

  63. @6:20am

    WOW this is good information-and of course that Unit is run by a Muslim in the RBF. And also another muslim runs the Financial Markets (Ariff Ali) who was helpful in the overseas Bonds and the ANZ Bank investment

    These are very wel educated people-but no sense of moralaty-oly $ signs in their head.

    No good for the nation.

    TOGETHER ...
    YES WE CAN!!!


  65. We blog, they laugh
    they laugh, ,we blog
    they're screwing us and laughing at the same time
    and we still blog
    fantasing of some uprising that no one (in Fiji) has the balls to front.
    People on this forum talk of peaceful means, .....and they laugh even louder...and screwing us and the genrations to come even harder.
    Isa, noqu Viti.......

  66. seems like tappoopoo are in bed with the illegal regime. My family knows kanti tappoo and you never know under that face he is such a corrupt person. Everyone here is talking about the tappoopoo family. Guess still water always runs deep.

  67. More scoops C4.5


  69. Radioluca's i am normally agreeable to the many things you say however i find that you singled out one line out of my entire statement and commented on it without looking at the entire context of my comments. I totally agree that Frank and Co are not accountable and we certainly can’t vote them out. And i also think that freedom of speech comes before democracy in order of importance which has been curtailed now in Fiji hence the blog etc. But looking at Fiji' problems with one eye closed is no way to fix our many ills. You have not commented on Qarase's and the SDL's relationship with the Tappoo family. I followed this story closely when it unfolded some 7-8 years back. The airport renovation tender was given to Tappos despite their tender being about 10 m more then that of JS Hill who are probably Fiji's number one construction company. JS HILL created a big "huplla" in the local media and in fact wrote to the ombudsman through an open letter in the Fiji Times guess what nothing happened. Is that accountability. I know for a fact that Tappoos got another $12m or so on top of their initial contract for variations alone and they are laughing all the way to the bank with the people who supported their corrupt ways including Qarase while the infrastructure at the airport is collapsing literally. SDL may not be as bad as Frank and his lot but i tell you they came mighty close. I live in Fiji and know what has been going on here so please don’t try and call a duck a swan. In my opinion the people of this country got what they deserve in Frank. Vote with extreme prejudice and this is what you get.

  70. stop buying mountain dew from Tappooophooo. this will send them clear message that we r not happy.

  71. Sounds like tappooopoooo family is the conduit for money laundering for the illegal regime. C4.5 can we do special just on them.?

  72. As a 15 year old I read these blog entries and think what hope to i have of growing up as audlt and helping my family get out of the poverty in Fiji...none what so ever. Seems like I will stay in this hole forever. People in power with money will keep us where we are and take advantage of us. Hope one day we all can wake up and unite to fight the rich bastards like Tappoopoooooo's

  73. Jaoji and Aisake mo drau cakacaka ga vakadodonu..n God wil Bless FNPF...
    Sa Malo..

  74. Sa yaco qo e na FNPF baleta sa oti na nona volitaka na mahoganny....Landowners do u know that every mahoganny tree standing in your land weather u plant it or grown by nature is being sold to Muslims sawmillers .....that means that you dont have the rigth to cut and sell it even u have your chainsaw ready....only SMI which infact Aiyase and his Nei Bano is the shareholder have the license to cut and sell it.....They even give Baini a guitar cost $7000 as a BRIBE gift so Baini can agreed to the 1 million licence fee which none of the landowners can pay...Even SMI pay the reception wedding party of Aiyaase at the Novotel......Qo ga na corruption raou via vaqaqa tiko....They don't even come down and tell the poor landowners that the Mahoganny Degree have change......Sa vaka ga e nei tamana na matanitu qo.........COME ON FIJIANS SA RAUTA MADA NA VAKAROROGO TIKO VUA E DUA E LEQA TIKO NONA KORO TURAGA......

  75. Sa volitaki oti na mahogany sa mai sagai qo na FNPF..Landowners do you
    know that all mahogany tree grown in your land weather u plant or grown by nature is not yours...All mahogany belongs to SMI which aiyaarse and nei bano is the shareholder.......They gave Baini a bribe gift guitar cost $7000 so he can sign da deal of 1 million dollar licence fee which they clearly know that none of the Kai Viti can pay............Isn't this the same corruption tha they want to eradicate.....COME ON KAI VITI SA VACAVA TIKO......O RAU QO SA VAKA GA E NEI TAMADRAU NA MATANITU...........


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