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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Death of Bainimarama operative under scrutiny

Questions are surfacing about the death of Maciu Vulaono, the younger brother of former police commissioner, Esala Teleni, and the one time operative of Frank Bainimarama.
The 3FIR officer died just over three weeks ago. Coupfourpointfive was told at the time that Vulaono had died mysteriously and that information from within was that the operative might have become a 'liability' and had been 'taken care of'.

It was said he was actively involved in a lot of operations under the direct command of Roko Ului Mara and that after the fallout of Esala, Mara and Pita had been sidelined, as well.

According to information at the time, Vulaono was loyal to his commanding officer (Mara) who was also his chief, but  intel to Bainimarama suggested he might have been passing information to Driti and Mara after they were dismissed.

Sources say that on the day Vulaono passed away he 'collapsed' during training. They say the team was visited by Bainimarama's personal bodyguards 'who had a brief chat with the Tailevu guys' in the same squad before talking to Vulaono. 

Vulaono is said to have been found dead by his squad a few hours later.

A blogger on Matavuvale has now posted this information:

"Does anyone know the "true circumstances" surrounding the death of a Maciu Vulaono (a Fijian soldier) during a military training exercise in Fiji a few weeks back? Apparently, there was a directive from the Military that the coffin was not to be opened during the 'somate'. Only the wife was allowed to have a glimpse of her husband's face earlier. His face had apparently been bashed in and almost unrecognisable. (Maciu Vulaono was a brother of Atu Vulaono, Qase Levu of the NCF in Fiji). Just curious as there had been some stories about "foul play" that was pre-planned by the  military during that exercise."

Coupfourpointfive sources have sent further information today saying Vulaono was on the training squad in Rakiraki and his platoon went ahead of him, the day he died. 

After an hour when he didn't catch up with them, they came back to find him dead under a tree in a sitting position with his head facing down.

Sources say he was taken to hospital after a military doctor pronounced him dead.

Vulaono was not awarded a full military funeral.


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

If he was bashed as alleged then his mates who found him under the tree would see any visible signs of bashing and confirm what may have happened.Otherwise it is just another unfortunate incident as we have had many officers who have died while training. Lets not jump to conclusions

Anonymous said...

Scorpions sting don't they? It's in their nature. Plato

Anonymous said...

Another execution by Frank's goons.

Anonymous said...

Very very sad day for all fijian,once upon time we used to smile at each other now we killing each other, its time to stand up for a new FIJI!!! PM and company would you please step down and let ordinary n smart people run fiji pleaZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't surprise me. The Fiji Army has been doing this since 1987.
Two govt ministers were murdered by the Army. One burnt in his house in Mead Rd Nabua. The other was shot in his house in Colo i Suva. When time came for the Pathologist (Dr Seruivatu) to present his case, they killed him too.
So there you go.
Everyone knows about the CRW soldiers.
The army is evil and must be got rid off once and for all.

Anonymous said...

frank u skank.... worry nai....u and ur cronies all in da FIRE...and congrats to securing ur future home exceptionally well....kool residence....Guards and all...with Guns..... this time round....NABORO lol !!! They will direct ur next Cassava Patch FUN Relay...remind KUBU to get his Yellow tights ready!!!

Anonymous said...

Not surprising if this story is true as the army had done this to those members of the CRW before and also to Rabaka and Verebasaga. I'm still shocked by the pictures I saw in the Times Magazine of 2000Blood is on their hands but the time will come when blood will spurt out of every hole in Rokoua, Siwa and the others...they will regret the day they left their mother's womb....dou waraka!

Anonymous said...

oile this is murder Gadafi style by the tryant who now worse than sadam, mubarak, osama he is killing now to survive

Anonymous said...

Live a healthy life style guys. That's all there is in this.

Anonymous said...

The truth will come out soon. RIP Mr Vulaono.

Anonymous said...

Sad to hear.

Lots of spicy conspiracy theories already.


Anonymous said...

@anon 5.39 pm...live a healthy lifestyle? you nut case-ulupepa!
The guys face was bashed in. a directive was given from the camp that his body was not to be viewed. what does that tell you?..you hiding behind bai's skirt....and he's crapping all over you, you couldnt smell the difference if it came up to kiss you---------NUT!

Anonymous said...

is this the new retirement plan of military junta?

Anonymous said...

The blood of the innocent is on Bhainivuaka & Khaiarse.
I wonder how they sleep at night...or if they ever sleep at all.
Oh wait I forgot they don't have a heart!!

Anonymous said...

Soon the heading will be just "Death of Bainimarama." Very soon.

convolutedexperiment said...

Point 1 and 2 :-
For us to be getting told the truth of what happened, must mean that it is pricking the conscience of some in the RFMF, and that has to be a good thing and needs to be acknowledged and encouraged.
No matter the circumstances, it's on Frank Bainimarama's head as Commander.

Anonymous said...

Why is Qarase so quite these days?
Is everything alright with him?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon. 6:16pm - Agreed, that will be the day!

Anonymous said...

I cant believe a fijian killing another fijian. This sounds like uganda.

Anonymous said...

Why is Qarase quite these days? He must be scared and rightfully so , when there is a State of Emergency..And even if it wasn't who has balls to talk against the army from Fiji?

In 1987 and 2000 a lot of Indian's made noise against the military and the guns....but this time around those who were capable of making noise are not because no one looked after them at the end of the day...

What about killing in 1987 by pen pistol while cleaning it? and Ratu David Tonganivalu with a broken neck from the car in a small ditch?

No one ever spoke to enquire these and yet are investigating the assehole Frank

Anonymous said...

Maciu Vulaono was named as one of the military goons by C4/5 - see your own list - well, maybe, someone took care of him for supporting the regime

Anonymous said...

forget qarase - he is a mouse right now!

Anonymous said...

the 2006 parliament is still in existence,and no matter what,the 2006 sdl-labour coalition has to be re convened..

thumbs up for democracy

Red Scorpion said...

PM Qarase is braver than these anonymous cowards who tremble in fear at the SDL

Bainivuaka junta said...

@ Anonymous 7.44p.m.

Believe you me if I was an adult then and had access to info over web, i would be the first to ask questions.

You idiots should have made more noise since there was no PER during your days! Please come out from under that smelly skirt of Bainipig!

@ Anonymouse 7.49pm

If Vulaono was killed because he was supprting the regime then WHY wasn't he given a military funeral?
You're another idiot. STop mudding the already muddy waters in this pigsty junta.

So does anyone know what big mouth teletubby has to say about the murder of his brother?

BainiPIG junta said...

Why wasn't a post mortem done on Vulaono? Or was he taken of at the MILITARY hospital up at QEB, hence no post mortem to hide the real cause of his injuries?

Mmmmm.... this strongly smells like COLD-BLOOD MURDER!!

Yet another on of Bainipig's head!

Anonymous said...

anyone has qarase's email address and chaudhrys too..

we all need to send them very good soul wakening emails..

chaudhry n qarase,the time is right now.. strike it.both of you can do it..

atleast we will have a democratic system and freedom of speech..

Anonymous said...

@anon.. 8.14

Come on the two leaders of the country, show what you stand for... is this what leadership is..

take charge and bring your democratic government back in power.

Anonymous said...

When I first saw the headline, I read, "Death of Bainimarama. Operative under scrutiny". I had the same warm feeling I had a few weeks ago when Osama Bin Laden was despatched or when I think of Mussolini strung up feet first in the market place, or Hitler putting his own revolver to his head so he wouldn't be tortured by the Russians. But then I read the headline again... damn, it was just wishful thinking. Never mind, tomorrow is another day.

Waiting to Exhale said...

Dear Coup 4.5!

My heart leapt with JOY when I read the first 3 words of the title of this thread "Death of Bainimarama..." and then I saw the last 3 words and our depressing reality sunk all the way down to the pit of my stomach. Oilei na boolaa.. life sucks :(

Anonymous said...

@8:14 PM
@8:26 PM

Criminal Chodo was heavily involved in the overthrow of the SDL government.

Anonymous said...

@7:50 PM
@8:14 PM
@8:26 PM

Qarase didn't have the guts to demolish Baini when he was P.M. (!), what makes you think he's any different now? Plato

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, our blogger is right! Maciu Vulaono is the 12th listed goon on the website!

We must reconsider, beyond the initial horror, what this means. It may mean that someone out there is vindicating those that have been tortured, violated and murdered. This was a man who had blood on his hands and victims under his boot.

If so, then I am a firm believer in "what goes around, comes around." No pity for someone who showed none.

Let's see if they work up the list. Sound morbid? Then think - random mass genocide. Choose. Those who deliberately seek out and torture innocents and those who would vindicate them.

I choose the latter. Plato

Anonymous said...

@8:43 PM
@8:49 PM

Same. But don't worry. Our prayers will shortly be answered. OUR HOPES WILL BE REALIZED. SOON, VERY VERY SOON.

Anonymous said...

It has been a while we the people of Fiji jus seat and wait for that bakola to control our freedom. If we die fighting for our freedom let it be. Its now time to stand up and fight for our rights. I call upon all the chiefs in Fiji lets stand up together, gathered amongst us let ure people know that we are going to fight for our rights and freedom. There is no time left to wait for, people are dying and crying for freedom. D veitauri liga kada cakacaka vata kevaka e dave na dra ena vuku ni noda valataka na noda dodonu kei na nodra kalougata na luveda mai muri, sa kena gauna oqo.

Sega ni dua na tamata e tu vua na dodonu me lewa tale nona bula e dua na tamata, me vaka e cakava tiko qori o bakola qori. Sara rere tu na lewe ni vanua ni sa sega ni dua naka era cakava rawa. E vinaka me da vala kada mate me rakalougata kina noda kawa mai muri, na kena lovo o baini marama sa visa oji tu, sa dede sega jiko na kana tamata, de dua beka sa kena gauna oqo. baleta mera kila kina o ira ni da mosota dina tu na noda vanua kei na kena i tovo,, Me bula ga ko Viti ka toso ga ki liu..god bless fiji

Anonymous said...

Chaudhry & Qarase gone forever.

Come 2014, all new faces.

No SDL or Labour faces of the past.

We need to forward without these people.

Anonymous said...

Let the F#@&k@$s Kill each other thats all they good for.

Anonymous said...

Frank and iG is all good. I came to Fiji to attend a funeral. In reality Fiji is going well with lots of villagers now realising how corrupt democracy was. Thumbs up Frank. You are the man! Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

banana did the coup to save his own self and also kill to survive the guy has been beating women and arson so anything is possible we dealing with a criminal and thug not a statesman with ethics and respect

Anonymous said...

could anybody just lend me a sniper rifle please, I just need to finish the game real fast!!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor guy didnt have a military funeral.

Anonymous said...

Cibi koso mai Yaqara o koya e dua vei ira na dau vei vakararawataki mai na keba?

Oi,qori na kuita ni vanua...e kani Vulaono na kalounidraki mai delai UluiSaivou baleta ni a vakararawataka nodra gone vasu.

Ma'e yani kaisi bokola!!!

Anonymous said...

Please kill the bastards.. im sick of this 'freedom-less existence".
..get on with it..

TURUKAWA said...




Sa Rauta said...

It's time for Bainimarama to go. Four years is enough. Le's all work together. Fijians and Indians. SDL and FLP. Unions and bosses. If employers know what's good for them they'll take around the hat and find the money for a huge coalition of forces against Frank.

Power to the people. Down with dictators. Long live the new Ratu Mara.

Anonymous said...


This man, Vulaono, is one of the 12 named QEB Goons thats been BEATING UP and TORTOURING innocent defenceless civillian since the 2006 Illegal Military Coup JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT...

It doesnt even bother me he is dead, he bloody well deserves it.... You dont beat and tortour your own flesh and blood then think you can get away with it... WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND... Case Closed...

Let all the people of Fiji sit back and relax and leave this MILITARY THUGS start killing each other... This are the EVIL MEN thats been COWARDLY and RUTHLESSLY beating, tortouring AND EVEN KILLING innocent, defenceless civillians for the JOYS of INFLICTING FEAR amongst the general population....

BURN IN HELL, YOU SCUM OF THE EARTH... YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW... The rest of the Evil Regime will soon follow him especially the CORRUPT EVIL DICTATOR Bainivuaka...

Moro said...

Is the death of this Vulaono linked to the split between once allies Atu Vulaono's church and Bainivuaka??

FijiGirl said...

One thing is for sure: with the total lack of transparency under this illegal regime, we will probably never know for sure what caused the death of Vulaono. If conspiracy theories abound, that is the junta's own damn fault. I pray that more and more senior officers see BainiVore for what he is, hear RUM's words, and remove the pathetic puppet and his puerile master.
The great irony is that Vore's only advantage is the military. If we can convince them to turn against him, we will be back to elections before the year's end.
Thumbs up for democracy. Tabu soro.
God bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

can roko ului enlighten us on how Vulaono died?
Can he call and ask his source at QEB regarding Vulaono's death.

We really need to know whether he was was murdered.

Anonymous said...

....Who killed cock robin ?
Apparently one of his fellow birds,it's an old song and it has been sung over and over again.........RUM is very much familiar with the tune.
To some,the song may sound terrible while to some it sounds really sweet.

Pita said...

We should be raising a fighting fund for Ratu Tevita. We need him to travel freely and to build support all around the world. It's not just Australia and New Zealand. All the boys in the British Army should have a chance to hear from him what is happening, not only in the government but also in the RFMF. Once we could be proud of the RFMF but things are going down hill.

FijiBlue said...

Why hasn't Ulu Damu...PS for Mis-Information made a press release yet? Let's see if this is forthcoming and what lies they'll contain. To be expected, there'll be no truth in what she says. It's public knowledge that Vulaono was murdered. No full military funeral - that's ok. Who gives a damn about the military. They're worth nothing and have no credibility and noone wants to be associated with the Fiji Army. But a closed casket? Who the hell does Bainimarama think he is? He can't tell a family how to conduct a somate for their loved one? Has he now taken away people's right to how they mourn?

The Butcher of Uganda was an uneducated man - looks like history is repeating itself in Fiji.

RIP Mr. Vulaono.

lallo balloo said...

Al kaida khaiyum thinks Fiji is his own personal plaything!! Remember (and hear this Walsh you moron) NO ONE has ever EVER voted for this terrorist standing behind men with guns. The Fiji military are fools to allow this man to treat Fiji and its children this way. Fools and cowards.Al kaida khaiyum thinks Fiji is his own personal plaything!! Remember (and hear this Walsh you moron) NO ONE has ever EVER voted for this terrorist standing behind men with guns. The Fiji military are fools to allow this man to treat Fiji and its children this way. Fools and cowards.

JG said...

Sa dua mada a ka a veivakalolomataki e vakaivei ke ra via valu mera lai iraki kei afgahn frontline kua ni ra valata jikoga i viji sa vaka jiko a koli kajikajiga i matani vale bau nu rai mada i valagi na vuravura levu me tadola nomunu rai ko viji e dua a vanua lailai ka sa oji nonai valu nai karua ni valulevu kei maleya qo sa veitaqomakiga ojiga da lai veivakamatei jikoga i noda matani levu ai valavala ga ni koli lamusona...sa bau veivakalolomataki djina.E mosiji au niu lewe ni Reserve kau cibitaka na Mataivalu e na kena savasava ni rai ni veivakavulici kei na veiliutaki veikauwaitaki vakayalomatua..keimami sa na sega nina curutale e na mataqali draki va qo...I o na vakabauta ni ko Vulaona e na rawa ni na vakamatei..O Rokoura a u kila vinaka ni keirau a curuvata ka mosiji au na tavuki e yaco vei koya..vakaloloma!!!

SERAFINA said...

The Army is responsible for alot of murders. CRW soldiers were hunted down like dogs-CRW soldier kalounivale's face was unrecognizable-but he was taking part that day but was taken in and butchered like a dog.

God knows the hand that did it-and God will judge that person for it.

The only thing I wonder-do these people sleep well at night-or do they go through phsychological traumas while sleeping?

I pray that these people that are taking away life of the people of these country will be brought down to their knees on Jusdgement day.


Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10.02pm. So true. I just got back and was so impressed with what the IG have done. My family live in Suva-Nausori corridor and they were saying water supply for starters is working well. Four laning of 6 miles bridge all good. Road to Natovi fully tarsealed. My niece works for a law firm and she was saying that lawyers are now being very delligent with work as they are scared of being charged or de-barred. I am really thinking of going back to Fiji to live in Fiji. Well done Frank and team.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10.02pm. You havent mentioned the Crimes Decree, what a master piece that is. And to add the conviction of Mac Patel. Mac was a crook from long time. I remember him being on the board of RBF and instructing us that all RBF gifts must be only bought from Prouds. How about him being on the board of FEA where as he changed the specs of tender to ensure that he could supply conductors. Classic one was when he charged Post Fiji $2 for an headache pill. Also, he would come to Suva for 3 board meetings. Stay 1 nite in a hotel yet charge all 3 entities for his accomodation at 100% amount. What a con he was. Fully derserves to go in.

Anonymous said...

Please leave Qarase alone! He is a good and honest man.


Anonymous said...

This is the begining from here onwards it will become bad to worse
people will be whisked to prison murder ...torture..now is the time to counter the regime .
They will go to heights we wont imagine.

FijiBlue said...

@Anon 7.54am - These are all carrots placed in the eyes of the people / voters when it comes election time. They will wave these "positives" in the face of the voting public so that they win election votes. This being as unfair an advantage as it is, is a complete farce because these improvements have yet to be paid for which will be passed on to our grandchildren and great granchildren.

IM is up the eyeballs in debt and have no way of repaying it. Not only that, they've also lined their pockets at the cost of all tax-payers.

All those in public office, by profession MUST be diligent and not make mistakes or be inefficient. So should anyone else who works an honest day. Being fearful of making a mistake and being disbarred is almost like working in a concentration camp without any liberties.

I see your point, but then again, don't be blinded by the IG's farce or band-aid fixes - it's not going to give any Fiji born citizen the chance to cast a free vote!

Anonymous said...

I am awaiting Mara's comments on this subject.

Anonymous said...

C4.5 no natter what said here but the reality is that on the street People are happy with FB and AG.most bloggers are from NZ or AUST and have no idea about this as they haven't been to Fiji recently.

Anonymous said...

Most of you have been bagging the regime heavily for past few weeks. I will bet you million dollars that you will be here in 12months doing the same. Hehehe! Nothing is changing. This is Fiji and we don't like changes.

Anonymous said...

Those of Frank's puppets, look at the country hits on this blog..

it's still Fiji leading by a very huge margin compared to Australia and New Zealand.

Wake up

SERAFINA said...

@7:54am and 10:02pm......you havee not lived in this country long enough to realise that the money used to build these infrastures is money loaned from offshore-this country is not producing enough funds to cater for its own infrasture-we are not getting better we are getting worse finanacially and the poor people of Fiji will pay for these two dumb asses bad financial management......so think again before you want to move to Fiji.

By the way-why did you move away from FIJI in the first place? You are like rabbits hopping from one country to another-never loyal to one country.


Anonymous said...

future government in fiji must have a commission of enquiry- with powers to prosecute, in all deaths, beatings, arson and tortuture by the junta

Anonymous said...

rabuka said beleive in cause not method and buturaki all kaindia now we got this itaukie buturaki all fijians fiji people must wake up and fight junta as the way is only democracy

the juntas do coups for themselves and not people of fiji

Tui Viti said...

@ Anon 10:02.you also forgot to mention the killers(soldiers) that spent time in prison on full pay, then came out and resumed their work as if nothing happened, FB's brother-in-law, current Navy Commander included.Guess whose going to be paying off the cost of that 6 lane highway to the Chinese, yep, your kids,grand kids & god forbid your great grand kids. Come on back where the only news you read is the IG's news. You make a wrong move & get hauled up to the camp they just might give you the special arse prodding treatment!!WELCOME HOME!!!

Anonymous said...

Anons@8.45 and 8.49, you dumbasses. Things will change, starting with Wank Bocimaga and Ayishit, along with their ass lickers getting done in. It will come, and you too asslickers will be the first to admit your lust for Bocimaga and Aiyshit.

Anonymous said...


Which part of the Suva-Nausori corridor does yr family live? I can tell you right now there was no water supply in our area at Nabua throughout the day yesterday!

Sa kua so.

convolutedexperiment said...

Was the 1st. victim of this coup, the Australian Helicopter Pilot from Island Hoppers in Nadi ?

Kirk Palfrey
a/Nimilote Verebasaga
b/Sakiusa Rabaka
c/Tevita Malasebe
d/Josefa Baleiloa
Josepha Rauluni from the fall @ the Villawood Detention Centre, Sydney.
Maciu Vulaono

and prior to these victims, the 5 CRW Soldiers in 2000 :-
Selesitano Kalounivale
Jone Davui
Epineri Bainimoli
Lagani Rokowaqa
Iowane Waseroma

Cassava Patch Owner said...

These are a signs of a military junta falling apart. Once the killings and back stabbing have started, you enter a vicious cycle that can only be broken by a complete removal of a terror regime. We are entering a very dangerous time now. Yesterday 120 Syrian soldiers were killed by mutineers rising against the dictator there. If we want to avoid collateral damage and civilian casualties we need to take back power before feral mobs of soldiers start to roam the country fighting for warlords. It is still time, but watch for the signs!

God bless Fiji!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:54
What are you still waiting for? You should go back now.
Bainimarama is requesting professionals to come back to Fiji.
Life is good there. Only 60% poverty but that's ok.
Military might take over your job but that's ok.
Honestly my friend stop thinking about it, JUST Do It!

convolutedexperiment said...

It's time to remove Frank and Aiyaz !

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 7:54pm

"My niece works for a law firm and she was saying that lawyers are now being very delligent with work as they are scared of being charged or de-barred."

Where did you get this strange story from? No law firms make money in a society that has no law.

All lawyers are diligent with their work - not because they are "scared" but because noone with half a brain wants an inept lawyer.

Why don't you move "back" to Suva then?

I cannot believe that the QEB is spending our taxes on these propaganda bozos and their strange fantasies.

Anonymous said...

@10.02 PM
@8:00 AM

BainArse supporters calling Arse those illegal "Decrees" masterpieces. hahahahaha

Dude, those worthless decrees don't stand a chance anywhere. They're about as valuable as arse's "thesis".

Did you know the sales and profit of PostFiji went up 1000% under "Mac"? And that the Minister at that time virtually begged him because of his vast knowledge to become Chairman of Post Fiji when he really didn't want to, in order to take PostFiji to unprecedented heights?

And that the talibans interfered with his case and wrote the most despicable amateurish 2 page "judgment" when all 3 assessors found him not guilty, calling it "corporate greed" when it was architect Naidu's idea to have an expensive clock on the building, in order to increase his own commission.

Motibhai was NOT involved in the negotations. He was a non-executive chairman.

Look at the sorry state PostFiji is in now.

Dickhead. You're just jealous and envious because you're a worthless nobody and you and your thugs don't have the skills and knowledge that Mac possesses.

The day of your doom is around the corner.

Anonymous said...

Nazhat Shameem former judge: Self- Styled Legal Advisor. Price Tag $100,000. Conspiracy to obstruct justice, Manipulating the judicial system and the attorney general’s chambers perverting fair trial, criminal conspiracy, aiding and abetting or accessory.


Becase Motibhais don't befriend thugs and they are very pissed. Such little kids. And receiving absolutely no support in the Fiji Times. Poor babies.

Time to face the people's wrath.

Anonymous said...

@8:00 AM But the problem is the rest of the world and Fiji don't share your demented views, and Motibhai REMAINS AS POPULAR AS EVER,- in fact his popularity has increased exponentially.


So suck on that Haters!

In fact, the talibans HAD SHOWN THEIR TRUE COLORS leading to RUM's escape to Tonga. Low life thugs.

Anonymous said...

Fiji under this disctatorship is notorious for trumped up charges against dissidents, such as Motibhai and other prominent figues including Chiefs/Ratus. FREE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS.

Anonymous said...

Fiji under this evil dictatorship is notorious for trumped up charges against dissidents, such as Motibhai and other prominent figures - including Fijian Chiefs/Ratus.

Anonymous said...

@1:10 PM When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

Today in Fiji, the people mourn!

Anonymous said...

@ 1:10 PM "Look at the sorry state PostFiji is in now."

Not just PostFiji, but Fiji itself!!!

Why did they tear up the Constitution and sack all the qualified judges? And why do they keep postponing the election date?

To protect their filthy hides.

To put all dissidents and anybody they don't like in jail.

To oppress and control the people.

To destroy the Fijian culture.

Because they were declared illegal by the appeals court and were extremely pissed off at the judges.

Because they would NEVER win an election and so resort to vicious lies, thuggery and sleazy methods as they desperately try to hold onto power.

Anonymous said...

@1.10pm. I know Mac Patel from Xavier. He was a dummy from long time. If he didnt have money he woud be nobody cos he got nothing else. If you disagree, just ask what Laurie Mellsop thought of him....total a...hole.

I aint jealous of him.

If McPatel wasnt invovled with negotitations, why did he advise Powell that board had approved it where as i didnt? Why did he tell Kamikamica that it was a gift from Prouds? Ask RBF, why did he direct gift prucahses from Prouds?

Fiji Post is on the way up now. Compol as chair is doing an excellent job rebuilding the place. Joape has got his head around the operations is doing just fine, actaully better than what it did under Mau/Patel regime.

BTW, McPatel is so lucky. If he had got done under Crimes Decree he would have got 10yrs in prison.

More charges coming Mcdaddy!

Anonymous said...

@1:16 PM. That's why RUM made his smart exit after seeing what Nazhat Shameem et al, Manipulators of the illegal judiciary, did to Motibhai.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 1.10pm. Crimes Decree from Hong Kong and Aust. Please research.

Anonymous said...

To every thing there is a season

And a time to every purpose, under Heaven

A time of love, a time of hate.
A time of war, a time of peace.

In Fiji, A TIME OF HATE AND A TIME OF WAR against these talibans.

Anonymous said...

@12.54pm Anon.

I am indeed moving to Suva. Love it. Crabs, lobsters godd governance. Dont nid elected govt since current govt is really showing up elected govt. Keep it up Frank and Aiyaz.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say firstly that Maciu Vulaono died of a heart attack. He was found lying face down not under a tree but on the reverse slopes of the MDP or the main defensive position for the defensive phase of the exercise, and was found four hours after the completion of the withdrawal phase of the exercise. He was not bashed nor assassinated as claimed. He was given a full military funeral.

Bodyguard said...

the RFMF brought this problem and they are responsible for taking it away.

no one should give shit arse if they die getting rid of this pathetic situtaion Fiji is in.

btw - they swore to protect Fiji and its people.

ordinary people are enjoying each day with an honest living. the RFMF soldiers are living on blood money. The Church, Vanua and peoples silent cries will huant them to death.

dou mate yani na sotia sona lelevu ni Viti.

u want to bring peace in other parts of the world. me liu mada i vale. lamu tiko vei kemudou na RFMF.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:56 PM Arse's "decrees".

Anonymous said...

The Fiji community in Australia is right behind Roko Ului, regardless of race. Some people still nervous about showing their faces because they fear the regime has informers here who will send their names back to QEB and next time they visit home, they'll get the rough treatment. But blog on and give your support anonymousely.

God bless Fiji!!

Anonymous said...

Frank is thinking 100 years ahead for Fiji. This shows how intelligent this guy is. Good on your Frank we are all behind you.

Anonymous said...

@1:55 PM. So full of jealousy and envy and hate. AND SO FULL OF IT.

Just who the F are you to judge him when the world knows he is innocent and hwhen e has the support of so many? A worthless nobody. A LIAR AND A THUG JUST LIKE YOUR MESSIAH BIANI.

* Care to tell us why, if he is a "dummy", the Minister at the time begged him to accept the chairmanship of Post Fiji?

"Fiji Post is on the way up now."

Yeah right. Check the sales and profits under Mahendra and now. It rotting just like Fiji.

"McPatel is so lucky. If he had got done under Crimes Decree he would have got 10yrs in prison."

Yeah right. In your wetdreams. We know WHO was behind all this and WHO controls the judiciary. So take your nonsense somewhere else. Nothing to do ith justice, all political.

Have you read thepathetic "judgment" by Gunda Goundar? Full of shit. The QC from Sydney made it clear during the bail hearing that FICAC and the judge both FCKED UP.

"More charges coming Mcdaddy!"

More trumped up charges you mean. This current illegal government won't be here by then.

Hahahaha...You are all going to hell.

Anonymous said...

@1:56 PM. All "decrees" are excreted out of Arse's arse. Do some research.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:55 PM. You're full of it. The regime is on its way out and fast.

Anonymous said...


Everything you and your thugs touch turns to shit. And you've turned Fiji into one smelly cesspool. So Fck off and enjoy your last few days under this illegal regime. THE END IS NIGH!

Bob said...

Some business people are saying privately that they are ready to contribute money to the cause, but they don't want to be caught. They know that Bainimarama and Khaiyum are into revenge and pay-back.

Anonymous said...

@1:55 PM Another stupid paid goon taking up precious time and space. Your time's up.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:55 PM. Motibhai's case was intefered with you dumbass punk. IT WAS ALL A SHOW. All 3 assessors found him not guilty. And that 2 page "judgment" - was a joke. Even a secondary school kid can write and reason better. Such justice in this cesspool. Even the prisoners in Suva Corrections I've been told KNEW beforehand. So stick your "justice" up where the sun doesn't shine, you rogue. Your daya are definitely numbered.

Anonymous said...

@1:55 PM YOU are a vile piece of human garbage.

Anonymous said...

Paid Baini goons particularly active here lately. Grossly OUTNUMBERED and OUTREASONED and OUTWITTED yet they continue to excrete their filthy waste here. Lucky for them we have free speech here. And tolerate their garbage. Hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:59
You better hurry!
Cos SAS might get there before you.

I just Love it!

Anonymous said...

Inform everyone of the infamous Sayed-Khaiyum thesis urging that it's time to get rid of Fijian institutions which are dear to the heart of all Fijians.

Anonymous said...

@10.02pm and the rest of coup apologist bunch.

Undertaking development is one thing, mortgaging the future and consequently enslaving the coming generations is quite another. THAT IS WHAT MOST OF US HERE ARE SO CONCERNED ABOUT. And then to be singing your own praises through half truths is downright CRUEL ... and totally dishonest.

So before we forget ourselves and jump up and down in blind adoration, let's allow ourselves a minute so we can remove the wool from our eyes!!! Can you see better now? No? OK. Wait for the next flood and hurricane season then maybe you will be able to understand,... a little... to SUSTAIN your lack of foresight!

By the way, I wonder what the status is of the much vaunted "cassava-ethanol" project? With the sugar industry on it death throes, and the tourist industry with record-breaking stats (minus the $$$) and the Monasavu dam(n) running dry yet again and the dalo exports without realible markets and PAFCO ...goodness, how is the economy going to sustain the loans from ...Lord have mercy on my Fiji!

Anonymous said...

@8.54...Mahen Chodo was behind the coup? So you saying Ratu Ului lied that military did the coup and no piliticians were involved?

@ 9.34 .. U Right - come 2014...no FLP and SDL..start clean as old horses will be to demoralised by then.

@Sa Rauta 2.22...U say SDL FLP Fijian & Indians unite to kick the "couple" out. I thought they tried didn't they? Isn't the outcome being paid by Padarath, Driti and Ratu Ului?

Anonymous said...

@ 10.02pm
@ 8:00 am
@ 1:55 pm

There is no Constituion and no rule of law. So stick all your illegal decrees and your illegal "laws" and your illegal trumped-up charges where the sun doesn't shine. UNDERSTOOD SUNSHINE?

Anonymous said...

@ 1:56 pm What's so "great" about any of these decrees? THEY'RE ALL ILLEGAL. ILLEGAL, ILLEGAL, ILLEGAL!!!! No matter where they come from. Or how "brilliant". ILLEGAL THROUGH AND THROUGH. All these illegal "decrees" excreted out of hairyarse's butt. Morons.

Anonymous said...

Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad. THE END IS NIGH.

Anonymous said...

Raw Fiji News
Frank Bainimarama & Aiyaz Khaiyum evacuated to QEB

leave a comment »

Aiyaz Khaiyum

There’s confirmed reports that Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Khaiyum were evacuated from their homes on Saturday night after they got wind their life was under threat.

Reliable sources say they were both removed from their homes at night and taken to Queen Elizabeth Barracks for protection.

There were talks of a possible uprising over the weekend from certain elements but nothing more has been said about the make-up of this group.

C4.5 had posted a bounty list made up of key players in Frank’s regime and there are strong indications that the same group is behind Frank and Aiyaz’s fleeing to QEB.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon June 8, 1.59pm

Obviously, your definition of good governance differs from the rest of us! Explain again why the EU funding for the sugar industry was withheld and then withdrawn? Also, what happened to the request for billion dollars IMF loan? Now, what with the forever extended PER? OH, is the media still gagged? So individuals who dont subscribe to Banana republic bullshit are no longer hounded or hunted like animals or hauled up to QEB and abused? Wwhat's that? Did you say that PW was... so it is still very much the FB way or the highway modus operandi?

Good governance my ...

Former minister in SDL govt M.R. said...

@ Bodyguard 2:28 Do you know what you're saying, you are very explicit in describing the RFMF here on this blog, I challenge you to go up to the army camp and tell the soldiers that. "Kua ni kodro tiko vaka na koli ni kaidia", we don't want people like you on this blog. I was part of a group that was taken in by soldiers for speaking out against their actions in March 2010 and I still stick to my guns. When asked about it in camp, I gave the same answer that I didn't agree with all this, and I got a few hard words for that answer but later they told me that they had a lot of respect for me because I stood up for what I believed in but that we would always be on different sides of the fence.
The soldiers respected what I did because I openly criticised them and didn't back down. They have respect for an enemy that they can see in real life and not one who hides behind the computer screen at home. So, please don't comment unless you have anything good to say, other wise your words just show how big that your rectum is to everyone in the world. Sa dri yani..

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me just what exactly do the RFMF soldiers do ALL DAY besides polishing their boots and harassing citizens?

An idle mind is an evil mind. And that's what their minds have become. EVIL.

No borders to protect or defend, no wars to fight, no enemies to defeat, no invasions to repel.

Who the F would want to invade Fiji? Abolutely NO ONE. It has NOTHING TO OFFER THE INVADER.

So why are they still with us, especially after 5 bloody coups!!!!

Oh I see... to protect illegal regimes and to terrorize the people.

Anonymous said...

For your information, Vulaono was accorded a full military funeral so that statement of this otherwise happening is false. There's even a DVD of the funeral so the end statment again is indeed false. This post is also an opportunist adding feul to an already enormous bonfire...I plead you all, let the man's soul rest and focus on the living...We Fijians a renowned for our compassion so may his soul rest in peace and leave his widowed wife and fatherless family alone to carry on with life. Vinaka!

Anonymous said...

as someone who knew this guy i feel outraged that you guys would use him like this. first you put him and his family's safety at risk by naming him as being responsible for beatings. then now that he is dead you use his name again to further your own ends. what gives you that fucken right. this man served Fiji as did many others @ bodyguard you swear at soldiers and make a mockery of their oath but i ask you what do you know of service or of oaths to your country.
have you been to the middle east flying our flag in places most of you only watch on the news enduring hardships for the peace and freedom of this world, with our country getting the recognition.
shame on you.

mac may you rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

@anon 3.03pm I aint going 2 hell. Mac gone n goin to jail! He will die in jail. Was banging an exptraite accountant. She dobbed him in. Mac thought he was above the law. Mac's family is cursed. See wat Teijesh marrying Lal family has done to Rene. Mac your days are numbered!

Anonymous said...

@anon 3.03pm Lets call u Rajesh Patel. Frank will be still around for while. Seems 1.59pm has reallty touched a nerve or is 1.59pm speaking the truth abt Mac.

Anonymous said...

rip MV..

FuckBainimarama said...

Its funny how Bainimarama thinks he'll get away with it all.hahahah, your gonna burn in hell with your manwife Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

"He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword"...."What goes around comes around" Sa dri yani.

Dou moce!!!

Anonymous said...

@8:30 PM. HAHAHAHAHA...... so dumb and gullible and laughable. The world knows the world you dumbass.

"Was banging an exptraite accountant."


"see wat Teijesh marrying Lal famil
y has done to Rene."

HAHAHAHAHAHA..... Another utterly dumb comment.

Anonymous said...

@8:30 PM. You ain's a prophet, so stop pretending to be one. Just another dumbass lowly worthless fck nobody gives a shit about.

That's what criminals say: Mummy, "I ain't going to jail". You and your dumbass worthless thugs are destined for hell or jail. AND WILL ROT AND DIE IN JAIL.

You, your family, and your gang of thugs are all CURSED.

TIME'S UP MAFATU. SEE THE WRITING ON THE WALL. Oh, that's right, you're too dumb to notice it. Hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

@8:30 PM

Why don't you reveal your identity since you like to talk tough? Let's see who you are... Didn't think you had the guts. Don't have any brains either.


do us a favor and go hide under your mother's skirt and don't come out.

Anonymous said...

@8:30 PM
@8:34 PM

So laughable............

"Was banging an exptraite accountant."

So laughable....... Motibhai "banging" an exptraite accountant

"See wat Teijesh marrying Lal family has done to Rene."


Now, go back and hide under your skirt and don't come out of there. Understood.

Anonymous said...

@8:30 PM Go stick your head up your ass and make sure it stays that way. Banging an accountant? Cursed? Tejash? WHAT NONSENSE.

Motibhais have the support of the world and of Fiji.

So just who are you? a worthless nobody hiding behind a computer screen with no name TOO SCARED TO REVEAL YOUR IDENTITY. This regime is cursed, dude. The day of YOUR doom is around the corner.

Anonymous said...

Ya know what I find interesting? Croz Walsh - the great coup supporter, hides out when he comes to Fiji on his visits.

If all is well, Croz, what are you hiding from? John Galt

Anonymous said...

@ anon 7.18am, 7.13am,7.11am.....no conunter argument. Proves my point. Just love getting you all angry hee hee. Bet i made your day. Wait and there is more........

Anonymous said...

Funny...how we're killing each other...AG must be silently laughing to himself...that this is happening to us...wat some pple dont understand..the last coup...most of the indians were attacked (2000 coup)...and maybe now AG wants to payback...luk at wat his geting at all Fijians no Indo-Fijians...u go liv in India for 100 years or more...u'll never be one of them...u'll be just an Indian citizen living there for most of your life...we're two different people...this is our country and not one else has to earn that from us..look at the abrogines...the australians has taken over them...where are the abrogines now...???? that will also happen to us...if we let these people be also tagged as fijians.....

Samu Koroi said...

@ Bodyguard

How can you say that the RFMF today is protecting Fiji and its people. Are you sure you are realy doing that?
Torturing people, bashing innocent civillians, arsons...etcs.
O sa vakaraitaki iko sara tu ga ane veika o tukuna. E rairai o iko e dua na i murimuri ni sotia, O mai vakaboica taka tu na kedra i rogorogo o ira na nomu i tokani ka ra cakacaka tu vakadodonu.
Thind b4 you say something. O sa tukuni iko sara tu ga ena levu ni nomu macawa, sona levu, ulukau, boi dada na nomu bula, o kawa ni kaisi, kanabuta, masia tikoga vakalevu na polo nei nomu commander me rawa ni vutuki iko tiko me bula kina nomu matavuvale....you showing yourself as a real coward. You are not a bodyguard but a real and loyal BOCI Guard.