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Monday, June 13, 2011

Fiji Coalition spokesperson stands by anti-Mara decision but says group will meet with him

COALITION MARCH: Unions, students and politicians in Auckland in 2000. Below: Nik Naidu.

The spokesperson for the Auckland-based Coalition for Democracy in Fiji, Nik Naidu, says the group still want to meet with Roko Ukui Mara despite it lobbying the New Zealand government not to allow the former military officer into the country.

New Zealand announced yesterday it had decided on Saturday night (after Mara's meeting with the Fiji community in Canberra) to grant an exemption to allow Mara to make a similar two-day visit to Auckland.

Naidu told Coupfourpointfive Mara has not been in touch with them as of yet but the Coalition will meet with him when he visits as expected this week, and will put its concerns and questions directly to the former commander of the 3FIR.

"Of course we would want to.  And we would put the same questions to him on his involvement, our concerns, and how genuine is he?  However, we still feel it is inappropriate to let him into New Zealand in view of the level of involvement he has had and the damage this has done to Fiji."

Naidu has been heavily criticised for revealing the Coalition has lobbied the New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, and the Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully, to reject Mara's travel application.

A number of people have since questioned the credentials of the Coalition and Naidu's motives, accusing him of working against democracy for Fiji, claiming he has insidious links with regime members like Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and John Prasad.

Naidu told Coupfourpointfive it is good to see people so passionate about Fiji in spite of the criticisms, saying generously "that's democracy in action and we should respect everyone's right to speak, and their points of view."

But Naidu says it's a pity more people can't stand up and be counted, where it can count the most - in public.  He also says people should be encouraged to use their real names and be staunch about their views and suggestions when talking about Fiji, turning to the quote "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

He says that's why the Fiji Coalition for Democracy has spoken out as it has about Mara and his not-too-distant-past with the military government of Frank Banimarama, even though the former Number Four has insisted he is prepared to face the people of Fiji and never laid a hand on any Fiji citizen.

"Our thinking is around positive engagement and dialogue with everyone.  However, at the same time, we will not compromise on the basic principles of following the rule of law. He (Mara) is responsible for the mess Fiji is in and has committed treason, and the respect for human rights. He was directly responsible for a lot of detentions, torture and abuse.

"This is the man who only a few months ago, who was torturing people.  How come suddenly, just because he says he has changed, are we so quickly forgetting what he did?

"Is politics and the need to bring down the regime in Fiji that important that we compromise our values and principles?  What about the feelings of those families of people killed by Lt Colonel Mara's  soldiers?  We are no better than that illegal lot in Fiji if we do so.  If Mara had not been removed, would he have left on his own accord?  Then why trust or support him?"

A letter being sent by the Coalition to the New Zealand government this week includes the affidavit of a Fiji citizen who was tortured by QEB Goons in 2007. The victim statement (you can read it at the end of this story) details how the man was hunted by Mara, who led the 3FIR hit squad, and was brutally abused by the decommissioned land force commander, Pita Driti. 

The statement says the victim was told Mara was looking for him because they believed he had blogged on Raw Fiji News and that Mara had threatened to kill him once they got him.

It goes on to say that when he was in custody, as well as beating him, Driti ordered him to lick his boots and to perform oral sex on two guards and to later jog around the QEB grounds in his underwear.

The statement says the QEB goons and Driti, under Mara's watch, had tortured him mercilessly because they thought he had blogged about the former director of the Human Rights Commission, Shaista Shameem.

Naidu spoke openly to Coupfourpointfive about earlier connections with key and hugely unpopular members of the illegal government.

"I'd like to think I am friends with everyone, and respect all humans.  Yes, John Prasad and Aiyaz were my best friends, well before the 1987 coup. Not sure if they consider me friends now - but I still do! We have not spoken since 2006.  So are John Samy, Jone Dakuvula, Akuila Yabaki, and many many others who are not so popular with your website. Remember, in 1987 and 2000, we were on the 'same side' and were all part of the Movement for Democracy!

"But as for me supporting Rabuka? That suggestion is sacrilegious!  In 1990, we had one of the largest protests in our history against Rabuka's visit to New Zealand, and I helped organise it!"

Naidu says the Coalition has been around since 1987 and has not swerved from its commitment to the adherence to the rule of law, respect for human rights and wanting a peaceful and democratic Fiji.

He admits, though, the Coalition is not what it was in its heyday but says all things considering it has, officially, a membership of about a hundred people (most people are too scared to be associated with us!), with a core committee of about 20. 

"We used to do a lot of protest actions through marches, rallies, pickets and also media events, media releases, newsletters and newspapers, seminars, international lobbying and meetings. Now, it is mainly about occasional meetings, seminars, media statements. We are all getting older, and not enough commitment from younger people.

"There have been many spokespeople before me - Maire Leadbeater, Richard Naidu, Jone Dakuvula, Dia Uluiviti, Ahmed Bhamji and now me. We stood up in 1987, 2000 and 2006, and will do so again (hopefully not!) in the future against all coups."

Editor's Note: Some bloggers were concerned today missing democracy fighter Vilisi Nadaku, had been detained. C4.5 has since been advised that is not the case.  He is home and well!

Read Coalition letter to the New Zealand Government

Read the accompanying victim statement


Anonymous said...

Is the movement you belong to Naidu is just a rubber stamp to hide your true colour or is what else, it would be good for us genuine readres and Fiji citizens to open our mind and will see the light of what this will bring!!!!

Anonymous said...

It clearly shows where Mr Naidu's allegiance lies.

Mara has come clean, now Nik Naidu has to come clean, what he has to say to this?

"Nick Naidu is closely associated with a NZ based Fiji millionaire who is under fraud investigations in Fiji of colossal nature. Mr. Naidu is closely connected to this businessman who is attempting to escape criminal charges for his criminal activities. The criminal file reference of this case is CID/HQ/PEP/128/2010."

Can C4.5 get Mr Naidu's comments on this please?

SEMI MEO said...

Again we say, let’s all stand up and be counted. Do yourself and Fiji a favor…please post under your real name..

....at least in support for patriot, Vilisi Nadaku.

Hope Ratu Mara watches his back...well, with that kinda spew from Naidu..

And please remind the young Chief that all future meetings are "G rated",please.

Anonymous said...

It seems Nik Naidu is the only one thinking on this line, with opposing the NZ foregin officials and government ministers views, not to say how he made a fool of himself with tv1 in nz on friday!

The QC, Peter Williams also made it clear.

And he has accepted he "was" buddies with Aiyaz and John Prasad.

Can someone please get new photos of the trio together!!

Anonymous said...

A pretty long bow to draw to say that RUM was involved in torture from that victim statement. His name is only mentioned in connection with looking for the unfortunate individual, not even his arrest and not mentioned at all through the detention/torture phase.

Ragone said...

Naidu, most agree with you that Ului has a past we all he must be tried in court for. He could have used his position in the army to protect the public rather than protecting himself and his job.

But we face a dictatorship we are not getting anywhere in removing.

Mara has shown that he can be a threat to Bainimarama and indeed in 1 month he has shaken the illegal regime to the bones.

Our point in support of NZ and Austr allowing Mara visit NZ and Aussie is to exploit the weapons Mara has to weaken the illegal regime.

In our desperate fight against Bainimarama we must use those who can be effective against him and be less rigid in choosing who should join us, as long as we do not miss the final objectives. Many of us have a dark side we are not proud of and which can land us in prison if the authorities know.

Under judicial systems in many democracies, prosecution witnesses who have been accused of crimes may be granted immunity from prosecutuin for assisting the prosecution. We are using the same approach in the case of Mara. We want him to nail to the wall the illegal regime in Fiji

Mara has said he will be happy to face the courts in Fiji after democracy returns.

Anonymous said...

Seems Naidu hasn't really been following events...RUM has apologised in each of his media statements and interviews as well as stating he will face the consequences of his actions when he retruns to Fiji...until that day occurs what more can he do?

Seems more that naidu feels challenged about the profile that RUM has gained as a spoakesman for a return to democracy. Time to put petty issues and egos behind you, get together, work together to acheive your aim. If you had worked together from the begining there may have been a change earlier.

Lets see everyone's thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

Oops too late for censoring in language c4.5. Look back at the other comments in all the previous postings.

The general consensus has already been formed that there is an underlying current of xenophobic mania wrapped in the veneer of democratic principles.

Try re-capturing and bottling that genie of hatred and racism?

Anonymous said...

Oh no, this is most disturbing news about one of our staunch and intrepid member of democracy fighters who fight with our hearts and brains against military might brute and weapons. Please find out whats happening with him.

Anonymous said...

Roko Ului has already said that he is willing to be judged by the people ie be investigated by the Police.
That is so much better than Bainimarama , who did a coup because of the very fact that he was being investigated by the Police.
And even now when the police want to investigate him, he locks them up ( eg Asst. Commis. Brown)
So, of course Mara is not perfect, but at the moment he has more clout on restoring Democracy back to Fiji, so therefore we must support him.
Indians use this tactic all the time. I'm very surprised that you are against it Nikil.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

It is simple, even if we have to shake hands with the "devil", to get rid of these crooks, we will do so.

and by no means is RUM a "devil"...

even if he is, he is the better of the two evil

Tui Viti said...

@ Semi Meo aka Semi Blue.G-Rated LOL!!.
C4.5 Have you guys given Fiji Sun permission to use your photographs on todays Fiji Sun? If they did not seek your permission, then OMG!!! no wonder they are the governments mouth piece............birds of feather flock together.

Anonymous said...

Naidu, can you please confirm that you have no associations with the crook Y P Reddy???

Anonymous said...

Naidu, does not know the hardship and militant action we are experiencing here in Fiji. If he really wants democracy in Fiji , he would support anyone who is making an effort to contribute putting Fiji back to democracy to some degree, like Roko Ului. He has admitted that is was wrong and that he will answer up to being part of the 2006 coup since he was part of the coup. The fact that he has admitted that he was wrong in his participation is an indicator that his mindset has changed and his interest is geunine . Unlike , the current regime who is deceiving us even though we see that the deceiption clearly.I am a victim of unfair justice in Fiji , the experience and the suffering i am encountering now with my family , makes me appreciate any one who tries to put Fiji back to Democracy a hero. As for you Naidu , you dont seem to know what your interest really is , because you are not a victim of the regime. So i suggest you reassess your interest on Democracy in Fiji. Hope you are not acting on some else 's interest or AG's interest. So please we the people of Fiji dont need that attitude right now!! we have suffered long enough let alone losing our jobs and trying to put one meal on the table ..THUMBS UP TO DEMOCRACY!!

Anonymous said...

I am truly disgusted by the actions of the military and in particular Driti. I think this victim is very courageous in making this statement which will hopefully one day be used to charge these animals like Driti. As some other blogger has noted there doesn't seem to be any mention of Ului except in the initial phone call but that is grounds for being an accessory to this cruel and inhumane treatment. Ului has a lot to answer for to people like this victim. This also sounds like there are more than a 'handful' who are bringing people in and in the know about waht is happening, although there might be a handful doing the actual torture. That this is happening in our beloved country is beyond belief especially the fact that it is the Military forces doing these acts to citizens of Fiji. I also hope that Vilisi Nadau is ok and not been taken in by these animals at QEB. C4.5 you have his name as Nadaku and Nadau in your footnote.

Anonymous said...

Apology alone is not enough. Reparation from the Government for any human rights abuse of unjustifiable levels as military is the govt institution and one of the 3 leggade stool of the nation.

The abuse was conducted by officers on duty and therefore a lot of compensation will be part of the budget by Min of Finance in near future.

Question is with Mara knowing what will happen to the people he sent to round up, by not being the one to land his fist does not release him to having clean hands.

If he feels he is clean, he should have then got Driti's soldiers and not his soldiers to go looking for these victims.

In that note, I would not support Mara to say he was taking orders when he has admitted that the coup was a joint Military Council decision and not Franks!

However admitting guilt, taking responsibility for his actions and coming public with his role has only come about after getting kicked out and maybe to justify his run away seeking help to remain overseas.

Whatever it is admission of guilt and showing genuine remorse will be by offering part reparation costs from his acquired wealth that he earned as beneficiary through the capital wealth generated from the $20m interest free loan to Provincial Council's and saving compounding interest payments further for years after Qarase w/off this good load to buy Fijian support.

Together these jumped capital gains to assets that used tax payer money to build the empire.


Anonymous said...

Nik Naidu is right...RUM is the main culprit of ordering the toture and ill-treatment done in Camp...if he wasn't terminated, he will still carring on with what he used to do with those who came his way....he's doing that to save his skin...that's the act of cowrdice...just like all his sympethisers....god bless Fiji....Vinaka

Anonymous said...

@10:24am don't bother. He broke the law he can get whats coming to him. Maybe he went fishing!!
You so called freedom fighters better wake up to yourselves. Your all one big sideshow. No one wants to follow any of you.

@10:23am. Roko is a wanted man and need to take account of the missing $3m. While he is there in NZ beating his chest about a new Fiji the Government is tending to the needs of his people he can't even bring himself down to see.

There is no support for Roko. He is no threat ha ha lol... Don't think you can escape from justice either. It will be served. Keep running.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon. 10.00....Naidu is a real man by staing the facts of wat RUM is doing. If he wasn't chased out from his comfort zone (Military),he wouldn't behumping like this....try to wakeup and see the things going on around you...jest see wat type of person he is...he doesn't care wat his action will bring about by escaping to Tonga...the confrontation between the two nations, if the confrontation comes to clashes and deaths do occur...wat will he say...he is there to save his own skin..wat type of Ratu is this...he is only there to save his own self...very disgusting....wat type of leadership is this....he doen't care wat will bring about his action....People of Lau will also die if clashes do occur because of his short sighted action...by saving his own skin....may God bless Fiji and it's people

Coup 4.5 said...

This is my reply to Nick Naidu’s concern over Ratu Tevita Mara’s vist to Australia and New Zealand.

Australia and New Zealand are the two closest countries to Fiji. After so many military coup in our beloved nation, these two countries were and are always concerned about our beloved nation. We may call or may brand them as the BULLY in the pacific but if we look at the other side of the picture then only we will realise that they are just a concerned friend to the People and the Land of Fiji. In general sense if a friend is in trouble you will not ignore him, you will stop and try to help and that’s exactly what these two countries are doing.

Australia and New Zealand has done the right thing in allowing Ratu Tevita Mara into their country even though Fiji would rely on these two countries to persuade the Friendly Kingdom of Tonga to return the former 3FIR commander.

As we all know that in his few interviewed with the international media, there were some questions that he could not answer publicly. Those answers are not meant for public but for those institutions which could be more helpful in returning Fiji back to Democracy.

All the information as you can gather from his interviews is all well known in Fiji but the media decree has stopped all the information to be published publicly.

Referring to a Nick Naidu of the Fiji Democracy Coalition Group that Ratu Tevita Mara should not be allowed into New Zealand. I would like to advised Mr Naidu that people will continue to do wrong until they realise that what they are doing is wrong. You cant tell people that what they are doing is wrong, they have to realise it themselves.

In this case Ratu Tevita Mara has publicly admitted that his part in the take over was wrong though he still maintained the fact that the course was right. And in that sense we welcome Ratu Tevita Mara to the light of the fact that he himself has moved on trying to correct his past.

If we really loved our Fiji, we should work together, not only outside of Fiji but with the regime as well.

Fiji right now needs assistance not condemnation. If a friend have done wrong and you continue to condemn him, he will continue to do it but if a friend do wrong and you assist him in which ever way for him to do right, of course he will change.

That’s what Fiji needs right now!!!!!


S Naulivou


Posted (along with his full name) with the approval of Suliasi Naulivou.-C4.5

Anonymous said...

Jake says;

what ever.....lets hear it from the Ose gusuna yarr.

No media in Fiji, all the bull there so give him a chance to be heard after all he was in the middle of all this mess.

But pls NZ & Aust RUM not to Stay.

Anonymous said...

@10:15 AM. You said it very well!!! excellent stuff.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Semi MEO! Please keep posting; I luv the depth of yr comments.

Thanks C4.5!


Anonymous said...

Nik Naidu, you must realise that the most important matter at hand is the establishment of a democratic Fiji. If you have a workable solution towards this, then lets use it instead of Ului Mara. If you don't then it can only be assumed that you have ulterior motives. You have just confessed your ties with the illegal AG Aiyaz Khaiyum.

@.com said...

Whether deliberate or otherwise Mr Naidu and his NZ based Coalition for democracy are by their actions acting in the interest of Bainimarama's illegal regime ie to prevent RUM from spreading the truth to Fijians living overseas. If Mr Naidu can make representation to the NZ PM and Foreign Affairs Minister I challenge him and his Democracy Movement to also make representation to the NZ PM to Ban Fiji Rugby Players & Officils who have Fiji military connections from attending the Rugby World Cup in NZ. This is not a big ask and we await Mr Naidu's prompy action on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Great to see the Government finally arrive in Lau. Little steps and inroads at least towards a brighter future for opportunity for the people in the villages. Only a lot of talk on this site The coup is done and dusted. Whats done is done. Those of you still stuck in time and talking about bashings, beatings, QEB, RFMF seriously need to smell the roses.
Bunch of misfits.
Reconciliation and forgiveness will come soon and pardoning for all including Speight, jailed Chiefs. The army will march back to baracks. They can all retire quietly in your villages and let the new leaders of Fiji take us forward into the 21st Century.

Democratic Elections 2014!!

Anonymous said...

@10:23 AM. I smell jealousy here coz RUM has done in just one short month what these so-called "coalitions" wouldn't be able to do in a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of the above. Mara personally took a hand in many beatings that I knew about and was a fine one for searing and verbally abusing victims as they ran around the yards.

He is a coward like the rest of them but as Naidu says, let him have his say and do his best to make up for his past. Personally though I dont trust him at all. If he had power I believe he would be much worse than Frank..

Anonymous said...

@12:11 PM. Precisely. By their actions ye shall know them.

The True Semi Meo said...

Nik Naidu, why don't you go back to Fiji and fight for democracy from there instead of barking from NZ? And also to catch up with your mates in government. Pathetic.

Coup 4.5 said...

More than 30 comments have been rejected on this subject, this morning. Thumbs up to constructive debate - stick to the issue and make your comment count otherwise don't bother sending it in. Vinaka! C4.5

Let's Unite said...

Lets put it this way Mr Naidu -
Do you think Mr Mara still has not realised his actions within the military?

Has he not revealed most of the confidential allegations that an accused person will try to hide in the course of an investigation?

Has he never stated in his interviews that will answer to all his actions (ie, including the allegation to the victim statement that you have highlighted) that the part took with the illeagal regime when Fiji returns to democracy?

Is his course will help or causing a barrier in building or taking back Fiji to democracy state?

Do you still want him to remain silent and do not publicly highlight what the fiji media is trying to cover up.

So please let him tell it out, he was once one of them been hated by the people but we have to least accept this course which will benefit what our beloved country has lost.

Thank you.

School Mate said...

Vinaka Nikhil Naidu.

We as pro democracy fighters in Fiji totally agree with your democracy movement in NZ that Mara has a lot to answer for since Dec 2006 till his sacking. Please allow him to meet in NZ and then have him charged for his involvement in the Dec 2006 coup and atrocities commited against his own people in FIJI.

If Mara still has support in the FMF then he should encourage a mass desertion from the upper echleons with a promise to get them political assylum outside Fiji.

NIck you are one of the few democracy advocates from 1987 who still believe in the rule of law, democracy and justice unlike our former friends like Dr Vijay Naidu, Ricckets, Aiyaz Khaiyum.

We still have vivid memories of how you were locked up in 1987 and abused by Rabuka's military thugs and lost your job as a Broker at Sedgwicks.


Anonymous said...

Nik Naidu seems to be contradicting himself. First he says that they lobbied against RUM entering NZ and now he says they want to meet him. I'm not sure whether Naidu is in the right state of mind or thinking through his "donkey".

RUM has made it quite clear of his errors in judgement and more than once has said he will be more than willing to face the consequences of his past actions. Period.

Anonymous said...

RUM has already confessed that ALL the orders for torture came from Bainimarama himself some of which Bainimarama personally participated in. All the intelligence was provided directly from Bainimarama's intelligence cell which Bainimarama personally supervisors and directs...RUM has confessed that Bainimarama personally directs the arrest and particcipates is some personally as well in his free time if he is not lying to the nation in some media address at some function...

Anti bully said...

So easy for people to lose sight of the real enemy and end up trying to bully anyone with different view. Grow up and move on. Naidu has had his say and Mara has had his say. Neither perfect but who you think is better is your opinion and you are not entitled to shove it down our throats.

Anonymous said...

Ului is in no mans land. He is wanted in Fiji and also guilty of treason and human rights abuses once Fiji returns to democracy.
He should not try to potray himself as a future leader cause he is finished.
His only role is to undermine voreqe and help fiji back to democracy.
He could be a key witness in the treason trials but might not escape the human rights abuses charges.
Allow him to help for now but all in all a man in no mans land with no political future and likely to end up in Naboro with his coup mates.

convolutedexperiment said...

It's difficult to comprehend and accept that those enjoying Democracy, would deny it to others who have had it taken from them.

convolutedexperiment said...

Why don't Fijians enjoying Democracy in New Zealand, start a new Democracy and Freedom for Fiji Movement !
And just take control of the Mara visit by engaging the Government and interested parties..

Kinoya Kid said...

anon 2.10pm
RUM is a liar...ask him wat he as done to some female officers....also to the family of Waisale Serevi...and all his sympethisers should know the facts about him.....
God Bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

We seem to be getting ourselves into a 'bind' about Ratu Tevita Mara's current position and plans and the sentiments expressed by Mr Naidu.

The most important thing right now is that 'Opposition' groups where ever they are who remain opposed to the Military Junta at home and those former Military officers like Ratu Mara & Driti and others who have changed their positions or defected now all agree and this is a good thing as it helps build momentum and increases the numbers of people in the opposing groups as they continue to call for the speedy return to Democratic rule.

We may not all agree on how we should get there at this time and each group may well have thier own ideas of what kind of a road map or plan we need to achieve this.

All ideas and plans no matter how diverse for now are good and untimately we will reach a point when all of them will merge and a single broadbased plan of action will materalize that all our people who oppose military rule can agree on and support.

In the meantime, we should be encouraging Ratu Mara to continue and encourage other disgruntled military & police officers to do likewise.

This does not mean of course that we should excuse them or anyone from ultimately facing up to the consequences of thier actions in 2006 and since than. But we must not get ahead of ourselves as we will cross that bridge when the time comes.

For now we need increased opposition to the Military Junta and regardless of how small or large a group is, wether they are military or police officers current and former, so long as there is a basic desire for a speedy return to democratic rule, they should be supported and encouraged.

The one certainty in life is that 'Change comes' and change will come to Fiji. What we dont know is 'when and how'.

So by harnessing the collective efforts of all those who suppose the ballot box and not Military intervention as a means by which our future political direction should be determined, we can nuge the 'when and how' a little and bring forward the end of the line for this military junta.

Viti Vou

Anonymous said...

Dey say democracy is like a tie? But u dont want 2wear a tie without having all other pieces of clothing with u? Imgaine walking in town with a neck tie without any sapo or shirt. Fiji needs all these first before going for the tie.

Anonymous said...

@june 13, 12.12 pm 2014 elections will happen if we survive the economic hardship we are currently facing...it is you who will beg Fiji to hold elections sooner because you will not be able to handle the increased isolation you are already suffering because the International Community had branded you a misfit from 2006.

Varani. said...

Anybody who seriously believes Vore will hold legitimate elections in 2014 (or any other time for that matter)is eitheir delusional or a fool - possibly both? Nobody - not even delusional fools voluntarily exchange power & privilege for a prson cell.

Tui Viti said...

Its the opportunist who have benefited from the coup that are now trying paint a rosy picture of it.Seemingly thinking that the killings, rapes and murders were just unfortunate events. People were actually traumatized and lost their lives. This is how this mediocre illegal government thinks. What a shame.This are John Prasads, John Sami's and crew.

Anonymous said...

Mara and his "errors in judgement?" Pleasssse!

He knew fully well what he was doing and it worked as long as he was getting his cut for the past five plus years. Something, obviously, has happened in the meantime. Scorpions always sting. It's in their nature. They cannot help themselves. Who knows what the feud was about. All I know is Mara has NOT come clean with it yet. His lines are rehearsed and redundant. Mara, YOU will not be a part of Fiji's future in the political arena. And you, actually never were. Your father was. That's it. This is now. Come clean and tell us and the rest of the world the truth. Do it so that you can live with yourself and not assign this terrible sin on the rest of your family. But don't do it because you think anyone here is going to vote you into our next government. Scorpions ALWAYS sting. They cannot resist. Even if they drown themselves (remember my story of the frog and the scorpion). Do it to preserve the name of "Mara" as it stood before you. Do it SELFLESSLY. John Galt

Anonymous said...

Semi, Semi, Semi.

So THERE you are in Brisbane. Safely tucked away from being drug into QEB for interrogation, torture or murder. Yes, but of course, you want all other bloggers to reveal their names. You did and ran to Brisbane.

Of course, in a free society you don't have to look over your shoulder and worry about the things WE in Fiji have to deal with. So the address in the phone book is bogus. And so are you.

Am sorry the same lamebrain blogger has attacked your tag as he has mine - but outside of that MATE - you and I have nothing in common. John Galt

Anonymous said...

Frank..the attitude of First Lady at the swearing in ceremony of Ben Salacakau, ambasador designate to South Africa at Government House by acting President Gates is enough signal for you to get this couple out of the place. I believe didter is really cut-up with what's happening to little brother. Watch your back Frank,,the lady's a real schemer. You'd be surprised, I tell you.

Anonymous said...

@ Tu i Viti....are you on the travel ban or exile list?? No rapes were committed. Every action there is a reaction. Everyone has a choice of what path and the consequences it leads to.When you don't listen and coz trouble it all ends very badly.
Opportunists!! speak for yourself and Roko and Qarase's SDL cronies. Your all an obstacle to Fiji's future.

Thieving Junta said...

It's true that under Mara's charge, people were physically abused and tortured. These barbaric acts should never ever be accepted. So I can understand the outrage from Nik Naidu's pro-democracy group in NZ.

On the other hand, how about the less than 'physical' but equally barbaric in nature, meted against the people of Fiji.

Sada Reddy comes to mind. He was still Governor of Reserve Bank when he fled Fiji amidst a cloud of corruption controversy - one of which was an allegation that he transferred thousands of dollars to his new home abroad before the devaluation of the fijian dollar. Abuse of office and corruption.

There were also allegations of extramarital affairs that included an unmerited promotion for his mistress at the Reserve Bank and he victimized those who threatened his position and interests at the bank.

Not a sound of protest from Nik and gang when Sada Reddy fled to NZ and then resigned the Governor's post from there.

This is just one example of double standards and hypocrisy that we note with Nik Naidu's strong opposition to RUM's visit to NZ.

While it's true that RUM and cronies have harmed persons physically, the real slimy scammers and beneficiaries of the 2006 coup are, in my view, far worse - robbing taxpayers and depriving people of their livelihoods, all for their own personal gain.

What has Nik Naidu got to say about this?

Anonymous said...

RUM just got interviewed by SBS Aust - 90% of interview was questions on his role in human rights abuses - he denied being involved ,,,,,,,he'd better be telling the truth or it'll bite him later. Doubt he was truthful given infor from soldiers and those in Fiji ie the man can't be trusted. He shouldn't have lied on TV in front of Australia.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9.20pm..Nik never will hold a gripe against Sada because of Madrasi connection yar..

Anonymous said...

May I invite Semi Meo and Nik Naidu to come to Fiji and talk as much as they like about this Fiji Government.

Remember that this Government is here and you are out there in the wilderness barking till the cows come home but achieving nothing along the way.

Meo, stop trying to be courageous and challenging others to write their real name, Who are you trying to fool.

It is people like you that should be taken up to QEB

Anonymous said...

I understand Nik Naidu's stance. Reading the accompanying account of detention at the camp has just strengthened this to me.

It is good that Nik's group is intending to meet with Roko Ului. Hope they can work together on the bigger picture - which is important for Fiji. But we must not let Driti and Roko Ului get away lightly without answering for their part in the detentions at the camp. This is the part that disturbs me about Fijian men in the most recent history of Fiji. They haven't got the gumption to stand up for what is right. Roko Ului had to escape first and not just meet the system head on.

Kinoya Kid said...

is a liar

Anonymous said...

If Fiji cannot find it in its heart to FORGIVE then the country DOES NOT deserve the restoration of democracy and the freedom it brings with it. LUVfiji

Anonymous said...

Use the Kiss Principle. Kiss = Keep It Simple Stupid. Every one who wants the immediate return of democracy and freedom of the media and speech in Fiji should be fully supported. Those against should be criticised and ostracised. Lets not let the illegal Regime divide us and continue their oppression of the Fijian People.

Anonymous said...

I live in Auckland and would be happy to listen to Roko Ului Mara, has he got plans and if so who can I contact regarding his planned travel to NZ? In the words of Mark Manning - whoever is enemies with the military regime in Fiji is my friend. Thank you , look forward to some information, I don't care about the Naidu's of this world, he wouldn't be too keen on getting back to democracy in Fiji cause you know what? Indians are not the victims here. They will only speak out if they are victimised. He doesn't represent me here, and I dont understand why Fijians in NZ are allowing this guy to speak for democracy movement.

Anonymous said...

@ tui viti, o iko tui viti mai vei?

Anonymous said...

If Ului is against the regime in Fiji and is for democracy then he is my friend. All the rest can come later. What I want to know is where in NZ will he be speaking cause I want to listen to him and ask him a few questions?

Anonymous said...

Couldn't read the victim's statement the other day, though I tried several times to pull it up.

Just finished reading it. To the victim, I want to say that I have have no words to describe what I feel in my heart for what you went through. That you survived it is both a miracle and a reason for your voice to be heard. And, as you well know, you have been one among hundreds who have been brutalized and tortured or outright murdered.

To you military - SO you wanted to prove that S. Shameem should not be critisized for failure in her job of protecting the rights of human beings? AND you accomplished that task by PROVING just what animals you really are? Well, I, personally feel so much better now. I see. You want to kick faith and belief of our military into us. It's ALL you have - to rule by fear. You are not men and women soldiers. You are just cheap terrorism commandos. You are dismissed. John Galt

Anonymous said...

@ 4:13 PM

O au la qo o Tui Viti, mai nomudou koro!!!!