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Friday, June 10, 2011

Fiji leader's heroic yearnings far cry from reality

By former Fiji editor, Jale Moala
It's interesting that Bainimarama should be using the name franciscopancho as his email address. 

Franciscopancho, of course, refers to Francisco Pancho, or Jose Doroteo Arango Arambula, a Mexican general during the time of the Mexican Revolution. Clearly, Bainimarama fancies the brave exploits of this Mexican freedom fighter.

What many also don’t know is that as a dictator, Bainimarama served his apprenticeship under the regime of General Augusto Pinochet when he trained aboard the Chilean barque, Escuela Esmeralda, at the time when Pinochet was a murderous and corrupt dictator. 

Evidence provided by Amnesty International described Esmeralda as "a kind of a floating jail and torture chamber" for political prisoners of the Pinochet regime from 1973 to 1980, within the period of Bainimarama's time on the ship.

Amnesty International estimated that more than 100 political prisoners were kept aboard Esmeralda and subjected to "hideous" treatment. One of those prisoners was a Briton, Michael Woodward, a Catholic priest, who was tortured to death.

It is very unlikely that Bainimarama will mirror Pancho's heroism, for as the shameless leader of a military regime that is a known bully of women and civilians, he has already shown a likeness and a liking of Pinochet. 

Recent accusation of Bainimarama's role in the torture of women at the army barracks in Suva is too frighteningly similar to the reported experiences of those who suffered on Esmeralda.

Reports said that Pinochet used the Navy Academy, which hosted Bainimarama, as a torture centre. In one evidence, a woman detainee by the name of Maria Comene, said that on Esmeralda "there was violence 24 hours a day. Prisoners were taken out, beaten and tortured, returning bruised and vomiting blood.

"They took me out every night to interrogate me. They hit me on the ears with their hands, they applied electric currents to my tongue and my vagina. They took us out to amuse themselves, to abuse us sexually. They raped us."

Sound familiar?


Mark Manning said...

Fijians have lost over $10,000,000,000 (10 billion dollars) in each coup.

Why not just nip it in the bud and spend $100 on some cheap bullets and get it over and done with?

Many want Frank behind bars now and Democracy restored but are too scared, too stupid or just too lazy to do anything about it.

You wouldn't catch an Australian sitting around a kava bowl discussing his rights being taken away, not even for one night.

If an Australian Soldier did what Frank has done, he would have been shot in the 1st. week or arrested overnight.

Perhaps Fijians need to come into the 20th. Century then and wake up to themselves because the old way doesn't apply in the modern world

Annie said...

OMG....that must have been awful

Noami said...

I dont think that the Bainimarama government has done such an act or should I say such an act as yet.

Anonymous said...

they both bustard evil.thumps up democracy.god bless the people that the dictator hurts them.

Anonymous said...

Colonel Roko Ului Mara now a Tongan citizen

10 June, 2011

The runaway former Fijian Army Commander Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara who was ‘rescued’ by Tongan Navy and caused tension between the two countries is now a Tongan citizen.

Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara also known as Roko Ului who is now a Tongan Citizen seen here with his cousin the Prince Tu'ipelehake at the 'Fatai' Residence.

The Communication Advisor for the Prime Minister, Mr. ‘Ahongalu Fusimalohi confirmed this morning that Mara was granted a Tongan passport last week.

He flew out to Australia yesterday according to the Lord Privy Seal Va’inga Tōnē, “for a family affair”.

But according to Radio Australia Report he is expected to address the Fiji Democracy Movement in the capital, Canberra, on Saturday.

They also report that Mara is expected to meet representatives of the Australian Government as he begins an international campaign against the military regime in Fiji.


Anonymous said...



Listen:Windows Media http://www.abc.net.au/ra/pacbeat/stories/m1998826.asx

Mara's Canberra visit upsets Fiji

Presenter:Geraldine Coutts
Speaker:Jone Baledrokadroka, Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement

Anonymous said...

'If the dictator’s backers refuse to suppress mass uprisings or if they defect to a rival, then he is in real trouble. That is why successful autocrats reward their cronies first, and the people last. '

How Tyrants Endure
Published: June 9, 2011

Despotic rulers stay in power by rewarding a small group of loyal supporters, often composed of key military officers, senior civil servants and family members or clansmen. A central responsibility of these loyalists is to suppress opposition to the regime. But they only carry out this messy, unpleasant task if they are well rewarded. Autocrats therefore need to ensure a continuing flow of benefits to their cronies.

If the dictator’s backers refuse to suppress mass uprisings or if they defect to a rival, then he is in real trouble. That is why successful autocrats reward their cronies first, and the people last. As long as their cronies are assured of reliable access to lavish benefits, protest will be severely suppressed. Once the masses suspect that crony loyalty is faltering, there is an opportunity for successful revolt. Three types of rulers are especially susceptible to desertion by their backers: new, decrepit and bankrupt leaders.

Newly ensconced dictators do not know where the money is or whose loyalty they can buy cheaply and effectively. Thus, during transitions, revolutionary entrepreneurs can seize the moment to topple a shaky new regime.

Even greater danger lurks for the aging autocrat whose cronies can no longer count on him to deliver the privileges and payments that ensure their support. They know he can’t pay them from beyond the grave. Decrepitude slackens loyalty, raising the prospects that security forces will sit on their hands rather than stop an uprising, giving the masses a genuine chance to revolt. This is what brought about the end of dictatorships in the Philippines, Zaire and Iran.


Anonymous said...

"Australia's action in welcoming a fugitive from Fiji risks an escalation of tensions in Fiji-Australia relations, which Australia must take responsibility for,"


Intervention concerns State
Mary Rauto
Friday, June 10, 2011


Vitinimataka said...

Maybe true but we cannot go about barking and blowing trumpets about what Roko Ului said to back up our own personal agenda.There will be always two sides to a story. I understand that this blog site was setup for democracy.I believe that thousands pass through this site everyday but are we helping Fiji in anyway? I totally agree that the nation is undergoing a very difficult period now and we cannot be like infants or spoiled brats in having deep joy of looking at our national leaders trespasses. We all make mistakes but please i beg you look at the brighter side of Fiji.Do not dwell your blog views on their mistakes- yes highlight it and drill on constructive ideas.If we feel that some people need to be brought to justice than so be it but be fair. All must tread very carefully now, for our future and existence.

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck decided to send Fijian soldiers to this country for academy unless they were thinking of using them to use those skills back home and against whome?

Fijian politics was always ruling by fear of Indians will take your land if you vote them in or if we Fijians are split.

So when you Fijian politicians tried to shit stir against the very man who took this training...what did you expect would follow?

When he tol dyou guys after given promotion to Admirer title by SDL, there was no question of any murders by Frank in the camp to CRW soldiers.

Why was he promoted if he murdered?

Then again being well trained to manage people, he told you guys he was not going anywhere until as he had unfinished business.

So you chose not to back off then....and we all are suffering now...

The rest is history.

Anonymous said...

Roko Ului will be meeting HRH Prince Lavaka at 4.00pm and will try to make it here to the studio after that, you can get a chance to ask him questions if he makes it.

log on to www.cmsradio.org.au at 4.00pm. Call in to (02) 6287-4347 or 6287-5591

Anonymous said...

To Suli and the Australian FDFM Chapter:

Vinaka for the initiative to come up with some solutions (though some may disagree).

God bless and God speed to all in your PEACEFUL discussions in helping to move Fiji forward with results.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bainimara govt is building two new hospitals one in Ba and the other one in Nausori. He is working for the people. The down to earth poor people are for him. What did Qarase and Rabuka did for the country? Rabuka closed the National Bank. Qarase had thirty Ministers in his cabinet.

Anonymous said...

We have reached a certain point where comments are no Longer doing us or even getting us closer to the so called DEMOCRACY...Its time now to ACT...Better to walk the talk then to talk the talk.....So lets rise up Fiji and lets stand for our FREEDOM and back to DEMOCRACY....THUMBS UP FOR DEMOCRACY....Peace....

Anonymous said...

Vinandu C4.5

To the heros of the armed forces... you are the best in the world in terms of warfare.... just do what the people want... show your intergity now.... our forefathers shed blood to put where RFMF IS NOW INSTEAD OF SOME DELF SERVING BASTARDS... PLEASE DO IT FOR THE CHIEFS/VANUA/LOTU/AND ABOVE ALL OUR PARADISE FIJI....

Anonymous said...

Proof that Sayed-Khaiyum calls the shots

The fact the Ratu Sukuna Day has been left off the list of public holidays for 2012 proves that Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum holds sway in the Bainikhaiyum regime. Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna was the author and champion of many of the Fijian institutions that Fijians hold dear, which Sayed-Khaiyum has long wanted to abolish. His infamous Hong Kong University thesis spelt out clearly his plans for their abolishment, so it should come as no surprise that he has had his way and the day to remember a great Fijian has been abolished. No elected Government, whether led by Mahendra Chaudhry or Laisenia Qarase would have done this.

tui lau said...

commodore,we are still waiting for you in the lau group..

come on baini and please get your puppet master aiyaz with you..

please cmmdr,please

Anonymous said...

Its all good, Tomorrow the world will have full accounts of this man and his Goons. So Frank you think you can stay in power but for how long.??? And once the glass breaks you will be handed over to the UN courts and the rest will be history, So Frank no one will help you and no where to hide, So you and your family and your goons will be Jailed for a long time .

Keep The Faith said...

Yes we knew way back in 2007 about Bainimarama's link with the Esmeralda:


Tim said...

I am pleased to see that people are being reminded of this (and the Esmeralda exploits).
Apparently NZ though are still being "bullies" in Frank's eyes because they have adopted a foreign policy they consider principled. Whether you agree with it or not, Frank would rather HE dictate that foreign policy (and that of Australia)....or any other nation's foreign policy where he considers they are being mean to him.
Let's add the label hypocrite to coward, megalomaniac, delusional, paternalistic, ......etc!

The goose can't handle the sauce that the gander has to eat. Tuff luck Frank!

Anonymous said...

To call Mara a Tongan Citizen is not correct, he hasn't given up his Fiji passport or birth certificate which both still make him fiji citizen, in the situation that exists for him to travel on tongan passport as he is prevented from his use of Fiji passport does not make him a Tongan citizen where many are inferring that he has given up his fijian passport or citizenship- he has not.

Anyway Fiji allows dual citizenship an many have that now so there is nothing to prevent him to hold more than one passport, whether it be a Tongan passport.

As a citizen of fiji by birth and fiji passport holder he can at anytime enter or depart Fiji, whilst also holding a Tongan passport.

Anonymous said...

Oh goody, RU is now both a Fijian and Tongan citizen, makes good sense.

Moro said...

Fiji Attacks NZ and Tonga on Direct Collision Course Against Fiji

From NZ Herald...breaking News

Fiji has tonight launched an unprecedented attack on New Zealand as Tongan navy boats move to occupy disputed atolls north of New Zealand.

In an unsigned statement on the Fiji Government website, their military government accuses New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully of subverting the path to democracy in the Pacific nation.

The Fiji statement also claims that Tongan navy boats have suddenly shown up in Fiji waters and occupied the disputed Minerva Reefs, between New Zealand and Tonga.

Its understood here, from Tongan sources, that two Tongan vessels are at Minerva.

The statement on the website is so completely out of kilter with previous Fiji Government statements that it raises questions over who now is in control in Suva.

The Fiji statement comes as runaway Fiji soldier Colonel Tevita Mara begins a round of public appearances in Australia.

He escaped from Fiji to Tonga three weeks ago to avoid a sedition charge linked to claims he was trying to overthrow Fiji dictator Voreqe Bainimarama.

Mara has been granted Tongan citizenship and despite his military background has been allowed into Australia. He has also applied to enter New Zealand.

"The impending arrival of Fijian fugitive Tevita Mara into Australia and the presence of the Tongan Navy boats within Fiji's EEZ at Minerva Reef demonstrates a concerted effort by the Australian Government in the form of (Australian Foreign Minister) Kevin Rudd ... followed by McCully on their coattails to subvert the path towards the holding of truly democratic elections in Fiji," the Fiji Government statement says.

It claims New Zealand and Australian policy toward Fiji had been a failure.

"The recent fleeing from Fiji of Mara as a fugitive without a Fijian passport, the subsequent issue of Tongan passport to him and the willingness of the Australian Government and now we understand the New Zealand to grant a visa; and the Tongan Government's inaction on extradition papers, all show a web of deceit, collusion and a complete lack of disregard of legal extradition processes."

The Fiji Government says Mara has been lying.

"It is apparent that Mara, a fugitive and political opportunist, has taken advantage of Rudd and McCully's myopia on Fiji and the Southern Pacific.

"Rudd and McCully, driven by their neo-colonial and personal agenda, on the other hand see Mara as someone who can give some form of credibility to their unfounded and misplaced assessment of Fiji and the rest of the Southern Pacific."

The unsigned Fiji statement says Australia and New Zealand are rolling out the red carpet for Mara who has abandoned his country.

Anonymous said...

this is a call to all my fellow soldiers in the rfmf.the whole country is depending on us.the time is right now.we have to bring the regime down NOW.the regime is drowning the economy.

tui macuata,we need your support.sukanaivalu barracks is ready for you.

lets make the move now.

united we stand.

thumbs up for democracy

Anonymous said...

Story doesn't tell that Chile become the economic powerhouse under Pinhocet with the biggest gdp per capita. Just cross the border to Chile (at Ascension) and see for yourself what democracy bring.nothing at all wromg with Chile under Pinchotcet.

Anonymous said...

Look at this --> http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/south-pacific/5130063/Fiji-launches-attack-on-New-Zealand

Those farken iditos think we are as thick as them and will believe their BS! Only way for the regime now is mass suicide! Just hurry up already! God Bless Fiji!

Anonymous said...

RUM show yr real worth by giving up yr chiefly title. Let's see how really democractic are u. Giving up yr Ratu name will show what a man u you're.

Anonymous said...

To all Democracy Bloggers!!! LATEST NEWS, its been CONFIRMED by one of Frank Bainivuaka CLOSE ASSOCIATES that the CORRUPT EVIL DICTATOR is spending most of his USELESS TIME with his son Meli Bainivuaka reading C4.5 Website and they also comments in this blog appearing as ANONYMOUS and supporting his CORRUPTION and TOTOURING OF CIVILIANS especially women, in QEB... Bainivuaka doesnt even know whats happening around him.... CLOSE ASSOCIATES BACK STABBING HIM.... Just shows how much support his getting in his Evil Regime....

If Meli Bainivuaka is reading this i just want to say to him.... Meli drau veivutu vakaukauwa kei tamamu o Voreqe, vutuka sara vakavinaka na sonalevu qori, qai kubulaki Khaiyum me yacova ni kasabura i lomamu!!! Dou yavu tamata kaisi bokola, kawaca....

Thumbs Up for Democracy!!! A very Big Thank You to C4.5 Creators for allowing Freedom of Speech...

Anonymous said...

@8.43pm: Both Qarase & Rabuka (you forgot Chodo), were elected by the people. Closing a bank & 30 ministers is still far better then robbing us now and our future generation. Those hospitals will be wasted and run-down pretty soon because there will be no funds available for running and maintaining it, they can't even maintain the current ones and the cost of healthcare is no ;onger for free......it's obvious Bhaini is trying to please everyone...whatvever not for long because your days are numbered.

Anonymous said...

Roko Ului take your best short, Colonel, Sir, and pull the damn trigger in Canberra or any where you go with the microphone(s) in your hands addressing the world because the wedding bells will soon be ringing in the chapel for Bai and Ai to wish them luck.

Fiji has seen the best of them so far in villages, roads, hospitals, mahogany with SMI, dalo farmings, sugarcane farms and FSC, PAFCO in Levuka is closed for repair works and a new decree for the Accountant Association for failure to invite Government FICAC agency to speak in that private conferrence etc etc.

Bai and Ai is calling the shots now.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@9:22 PM. Amen. We look forward with great anticipation to this groundbreaking in Canberra.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:44 PM. Talk is CHEAP. Actions speak louder than words! Everything humans do is directed at something (objects), whether it is a physical object (say, a rabid woodchuck) or an idea (a mental image of a rabid woodchuck). Actions can become operations, while operations can become actions.


Anonymous said...

THERE is a decrease in the number of patients at the dental clinic cos fee has increased to $11 per tooth,so Fiji get ready for a oral health problem epidemic very very soon.

Anonymous said...

Your so called democratic supporters there in Canbera are all but just empty drums making a lot of noise.

Real work and progress is being done in Fiji for a better future one which you are not part off.

Disloyalty of Baleirdrokadroka and Roko will have its consequences.

They cannot be trusted and have their own personal agendas.

The military made them hoewever insignificant they came to be in this new roadmap for Fiji. Now disgruntled.

You can run but you cant hide for long.

The Government will go to Lau soon and do for your people what you cannot Roko. Everything you do brings shame to your name and fathers name. It is on his achievements you are seeking sympathy for you pathetic cause. You are nothing but a fugitive.

The Tongan people will also suffer the consequences of your Uncle harbouring you. Out of family self interest, a nation will suffer and for that there will be unrest. The common people in Tonga will deal with you and spit you out.

Anonymous said...

Article doesn't tell that Chile under Pinochet became Sth American economic powerhouse. Let's get some balance on this.

Anonymous said...

@8:27 AM That's because the article is not discussing economics, you dumbass. It is focusing on tyranny, and dictatorship, and violations of rights, and military rule - which is NEVER good for country and people. Anywhere. Go study history.

Anonymous said...

@8:27 am. Cinderella's Fairy Godmother, Tinker Bell and General Augusto Pinochet had much in common. All three performed magical good deeds. In the case of Pinochet, he was universally credited with the Miracle of Chile, the wildly successful experiment in free markets, privatization, de-regulation and union-free economic expansion whose laissez-faire seeds spread from Valparaiso to Virginia.

But Cinderella's pumpkin did not really turn into a coach. The Miracle of Chile, too, was just another fairy tale. The claim that General Pinochet begat an economic powerhouse was one of those utterances whose truth rested entirely on its repetition.

Chile could boast some economic success. But that was the work of Salvador Allende - who saved his nation, miraculously, a decade after his death.

In 1973, the year General Pinochet brutally seized the government, Chile's unemployment rate was 4.3%.

In 1983, after ten years of free-market modernization, unemployment reached 22%. Real wages declined by 40% under military rule.

In 1970, 20% of Chile's population lived in poverty.

By 1990, the year "President" Pinochet left office, the number of destitute had doubled to 40%. Quite a miracle.

Pinochet did not destroy Chile's economy all alone. It took nine years of hard work by the most brilliant minds in world academia, a gaggle of Milton Friedman's trainees, the Chicago Boys. Under the spell of their theories, the General abolished the minimum wage, outlawed trade union bargaining rights, privatized the pension system, abolished all taxes on wealth and on business profits, slashed public employment, privatized 212 state industries and 66 banks and ran a fiscal surplus.

Freed of the dead hand of bureaucracy, taxes and union rules, the country took a giant leap forward ... into bankruptcy and depression.

After nine years of economics Chicago style, Chile's industry keeled over and died. In 1982 and 1983, GDP dropped 19%. The free-market experiment was kaput, the test tubes shattered. Blood and glass littered the laboratory floor. Yet, with remarkable chutzpah, the mad scientists of Chicago declared success. In the US, President Ronald Reagan's State Department issued a report concluding, "Chile is a casebook study in sound economic management." Milton Friedman himself coined the phrase, "The Miracle of Chile." Friedman's sidekick, economist Art Laffer, preened that Pinochet's Chile was, "a showcase of what supply-side economics can do."


Anonymous said...

@8:27 am. But what has handpuppet no-school dumbass Baini done besides beating women, jailing dissidents, increasing crime and corruption, and bankrupting the country.

Much of the superior economic performance of Chile came after Pinochet left the stage (do look at the graph behind that link). But the roots of this growth spring from the Pinochet years. The moderate and left-wing successors left virtually all of his economic policies in place and of course they were democratic and eliminated the torture.

The bottom line: Many economic mistakes were made. The biggest gains came from agricultural diversification, general credibility, the rising demand for copper, and the move away from terrible economic policies.

Anonymous said...

Augusto Pinochet rose to power in Chile due to the lack of support for previous President Allende, even inside his own government which made easy for Pinochet to take over.


With the people in the streets and the economy in shambles, the military made a move to take over the government. On September 11, 1973, less than 20 days after he was made commander-in-chief of the army, Pinochet ordered his troops to take Santiago and ordered an air strike on the presidential palace.

THE FIJI ECONOMY WAS FLOURISHING UNDER QARASE. The Fiji economy is in shambles now and the country almost bankrupt.

Plus, Pinochet entered military school when he turned 18, and graduated as a Sub-Lieutenant in four years.

WHAT'S ARE BAINI'S QUALIFICATIONS? No-School Retard who did not even complete secondary school and completed only fourth-form education. And failed his fourth-form exams a few times. (?)

Lat but not least, Pinochet was a right-wing dictator, unlike hand puppet Baini and his master Aiarse who are left-wing out to destroy traditional values and Fijian culture - guided by Arse's infamous "thesis".

Many Childeans see Pinochet as a savior who "rescued" them from the socialism of Allende and who did what had to be done in a turbulent time to prevent anarchy and communism.

I'm sure Pinochet would be MOST OFFENDED comparing a low-life dumbass no-school islander and dictator with him.

Anonymous said...

@9.12am. Email me om dsingh@gmail.com and let arrange to meet and see who the dumb ass is. Go on.I am probably more educated and have more real life experience than you have. Military rule has its time and place. Ghana and Chile are excellent examples. Don't forget to contactme. Unless you are one lamu sona.

Anonymous said...

Seems like everyone is wishing for a foreign intervention in Fiji before 2014.

Fiji has now strong allies with China and Indonesia and the USA can look forward to the opening of their new embassy on Princess Rd. Aust and NZ remain small fish with our new alliances.

To kick the governemnt of the day will require an army and more blood spilt in the streets.

Use your heads wait for 2014.

Anonymous said...

@1 9:57 AM Hahaha. Gotcha! Truth hurts, doesn't it. No military rule or dictatorship is good. Period.

It's BACK TO SCHOOL for you!

Anonymous said...

@9:59 AM. You can rule USA out as they are strong allies of Australia/NZ and side with them. You have NO western allies, just rogues Asiastic states bleesing Fiji dry! Moron.

Anonymous said...

@9:57 AM. Fiji's average IQ is a miserable 84, so I would say yours would be well below that average. Back to School bro!

Anonymous said...

You two talking about economics and Pinochet go and masipolo each other on your Facebook pages plz! We are commenting on bringing democracy to Fiji, not observing how smart you two 'think' you are respectively. Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

@9.59am...wait for 2014....why because???? you must be benefitting from this regime, increased pay etc...etc...good things don't come easy, they definitely come with a price & we should be ready for it...THUMBS UP 4 DEMOCRACY....Go Roko Ului & Baledrokadroka...Bring it on..

Anonymous said...

@9:57 AM you're just another low-life dumbass no-school islander like BainiArse. Go stick your head up your arse and keep it like that.

Anonymous said...

@9:57 AM. Just two examples? And highly questionable at that. That don't justify no military dictatorship, dude. There are COUNTLESS examples where military dictatorship has done untold damage to the country and the people. Go study!

Bottom Line: Military rule has never been good for any country nor has dictatorship been good.


Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:59
You got no manadate in Macuata, so shut up or resign and move out of Macuata.

Anonymous said...

I for one am glad that we had a coup then in 2006 because e sa rui levu na viavia e laurai i Viti.

There was so much abuse & corruption that people like Ballu, Weleilakeba, Foana, Qarase, Bakani,the Qaranivalu can walk around the city like superior beings.

I am also glad that we have a living God that will is watching and will change circumstances for those that are abusive & corrupted.

Qori sa dro mai e dua o Ului, join sara vei ira na same behavioural gang from last govt, kodrokodro toka vaka koli mai Aust.

The cycle will carry on unless we all learn to live simple, kua na veivei raici, cakacaka vaka dodonu/vakakaukau, lotu dina,visit out villages more often and to face realities. Da tiko ga i ra, kua na via vuka.
In God's time the changes will come if he thinks things are right. In saying this, I believe that the wolfs outside are waiting to devour the wolfs inside.

Anonymous said...

Can someone charter a plane to go from Canberra to Nausori airport so that those that are attending the FDFM meeting can hand deliver their concerns to Government house by way of a march from Nausori Airport.

Just wandering what would happen if someone is to walk around during the meet getting names of those who can go.

Lala ga na hall. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Anonymous said...

@1:41pm...you hit the nail on the head! Na viavia laurai ga.No one wants to bring themselves down.

The only way to break the cycle is with a stick. Though unpopular you have to expect some collateral damage along the way

Roko Ului jumping on the band wagon too..ha ha exactly.

All you sympethisers to Roko Ului BS cause and Baleidrokadroka will all end in a Dead End.

Maybe a Guantanamo Bay style detention camp should be set up like USA.

Anonymous said...

@2:12 PM Concentration camps for the likes of you and your taliban thugs.

Anonymous said...

@2:12 PM. Lower your standards, why don't you. You're NOT the USA, and you're definitely not a power. You can't even compete with countries smaller than you in size. You're just a tiny island of less than a million people, largely unskilled and highly unstable, and been going BACKWARDS for the past 20 years. Too irresponsible and too dumb to abolish the coup culture.

Take a look at Singapore. Smaller than Fiji yet so wealthy. Take a look at their infrastructure. Take a look at Singapore Airlines, which can afford to purchase the latest aircrafts such as the A-380. Then take a look at Air Pathetic, can't even afford to buy even one 747.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:47 pm,4:05pm

You two can be the first inmates at the detention center.
Stay out of Fiji if you know whats good for you.

Everyone in Fiji will have the same opportunity on a level playing ground no. Thats what the government is creating.Look at all the small business opportunities now created. Instead of failed FNPF, FDB multimillion dollar loans by past governments now crippling the FNPF for future generations. Only benefitting a higher class of people.

You stay out of the way, or you know whats coming.

Civil disobedience and disturbance will be dealt with. You want Qarase crooks to come back in.