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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fiji police seeking son of former prime minister on rape allegation

Rajendra Chaudhry, the Suva based lawyer and son of Fiji Labour Party leader and former Finance & Sugar Minister in Frank Bainimarama's military government, is wanted by Suva police for questioning over a rape allegation.

Chaudhry Junior is in Australia, having caught the flight out of Nadi more than a week ago. He has not returned to the country.

On Friday, the media reported police were looking to question a lawyer after an Indian national alleged she was raped by the lawyer. Police sources have since confirmed to Coupfourpointfive the lawyer is Rajendra Chaudhry.

We can also confirm the following:

1) Earlier this year, the woman, in her early  20's and a man (both Indian nationals) were arrested at Nadi Airport after allegedly trying to smuggle drugs into the country.

2) The woman, who we will not name, was advised to get a lawyer. She ended up getting the legal services of Rajendra Chaudhry. The other Indian national (a man) is being represented by a Western Division based lawyer.

3) When the woman appeared in Court, Rajendra Chaudhry offered himself as the surety to secure bail for her, although it is
highly unusual for a lawyer to do this.  He also agreed to provide her with accommodation.

4) The woman has since alleged to police, and even the Indian High Commission, she was raped by Rajendra Chaudhry. The details of the allegations will not be revealed at this time. 

But since the report of the alleged crime, police have learnt that Rajendra Chaudhry is in Australia. We can also confirm he has not appeared in Court to defend his clients. Another lawyer, Simione Valenitabua, is appearing on Chaudhry Junior's behalf after being recently employed by him.

Last week, the Suva High Court judge Priyantha Fernando told Valenitabua it was a high court and not a market when he applied for Chaudhry to be excused as defence counsel in a murder trial, just before the trial proper (Fiji Times).

The allegations against Chaudhry Junior means both father and son are now facing criminal charges. Former prime minister and Fiji Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, is of course facing 12 charges including those of money laundering over the AUD$2 million he is keeping in Australia. His son, who was defending him, is now wanted by police for alleged rape.


Anonymous said...

Oh man I give up on Fiji. What f$@& is going on. Can't they keep their pants up.

Anonymous said...

sa dro na basket.lol!

Anonymous said...

io ra sa qai kasura kece tiko mai..

cms..call me nowwwwwwwwwwww

Anonymous said...

That's a big slap on lawyers in Fiji it show how people who fight for justice turn out to break the law themselves. It's also in a lawyers nature to lie all the time. Well as they say Like father like son, both of them are in criminal cases

SEMI MEO said...

Again thank C.4.5 for the global scoop on the story.

But…Lie..lie...lie...Young Chaudry would never do such a thing….image a drug addicted trafficker is to be believed?? Another “Moti” kinda tactic to muffle one of Fiji’s vocal Lawyers…who’s next??...may be Mr. Pryde, who may be now contemplating absconding due to probable pressures from NZ family and friends..

Could be a Bollywood act by this foreign bhani…

Probably the young Indian national has been briefed to get mercy and obtain easy Fiji PR, via the soon to be rigorous campaigning of famine lobby groups.

Mrs. Chaudry may just be crying to God this morning in her local Church in Kinoya for the thugs to leave her son alone.

Anonymous said...

This is quite interesting.

Now elections can be brought forward Mr Bainimarama as in the absence of both Chaudhry's from FLP pending their case, there is a vacancy in the party to join and lead.

Mr bainimarama, you are the best candidate as there is already a voter base that comes in the package.

Now if you join FLP, you can bring the elections forward to 2012. How is this for an idea!

At least with the block vote and that you claim to have Fijian grass root support, you will be unbeatable and at the same time we will have an election possible within 6 months even.

After winning the elections you can release the father and son from prison or ask DPP to withdraw the case!

Anonymous said...

Simple saying.....what goes around comes around.
Whats next?......
Before the end of the year,we should surely see a free of military Fiji.
Thumbs up for democracy!!!!

convolutedexperiment said...

@ anon 1205 p.m.
It's amazing how the population are willing to be the Judge Jury and Hangman when it suits them.
What happened to " innocent until proven guilty " ?
Remember folks, be careful what you wish for, because the only people not being charged with anything, are the people who have committed High Treason and murder !
It's important to keep an open mind and despite our individual dislike of Chaudhry and Son, don't trust Frank Bainimarama.
Who after all, is the real criminal here ?

Anonymous said...

Interesting to read. Dont believe that he would do such a thing. Lets hear him first before jumping to conclusions.

Anonymous said...

this reeks of political overtones a mile away

Anonymous said...

isnt valenitabua now with gordon and chaudhry lawyers?
and would anyone defend murder suspects if they didnt pay fees?
lets be a bit balanced here now. i dont like the chaudhrys but we cant let our dislike of them cloud the real picture of what aizas is doing to fiji.

Anonymous said...

Why did aiyaz write to gates cj asking him to direct goundar not to grant bail pending appeal to mac and mau. I have letter to prove this interference by aiyaz.
Lets separate the wheat from the chaff.

Coup 4.5 said...

Anon@11.42am. Note the charge has not been proven yet, it is an allegation at this stage.-C4.5

Stealth. said...

@ Memo Mahendra Chaudhry.

Just when you thought things couldn't possibly get any worse? They just have.

Anonymous said...

Facts not allegations - 3 cases
Wanted for Murder
Mahendra Chaudry
The man who singlehandedly
Amongst all the travails that Fiji has encountered since independence many over look the real cause of the disease that has brought Fiji to its knees and wrecked the economy with associated poverty. All are looking at the symptoms but not diagnosing the cause of the disease.
The disease is Mahendra Chaudry
How did he do it?
He achieved the murder of Fiji by three instruments of which he was the sole perpetrator. To the discredit of the man he is not even educated enough to know what he has done. Even to this day he does not understand what havoc he has wrought upon Fiji. He has a certain low level of intelligence but it is that of a sly dog with a dogged adherence to the old fashioned trade union socialism that has brought many countries to their knees.
Murder Weapon One
Fiji Public Service
As General Secretary of the Fiji Public Service Association (FPSA) he encouraged the public service to grow into a bureaucratic, inefficient monster bereft of any idea of public service beyond self perpetuation to create a platform for MC’s own political ambitions. It grew from 10,000 in 1971 to 25,888 in 2005. This completely unsustainable size came about because successive governments who tried to contain and reduce it’s size were blocked by Chaudry as General Secretary of FPSA who called on his Australian Union Dock Workers to black Fiji vessels unless Fiji Government withdrew their plans to ‘down size’ the Public Service. Thus this cancer continued to grow unchecked to the detriment of the Fiji economy but to the benefit of Chaudry’s power base.
These activities by Chaudry were to gain the support of the civil servants in his political ambitions and he did not care (or probably did not even understand the long term implications of his action)
Guilty – Mahendra Chaudry

Anonymous said...

Chaudry - Murder Weapon Two
Fiji Sugar
Given the importance of sugar to Fiji after independence the European Union initiated an aid scheme which involved subsidising sugar by up to 2 to 3 times the world price. This was introduced by the EU to allow three improvements to be made to the Fiji sugar industry.
a) The small farms were to be amalgamated to create larger more economical units
b) With the larger farms mechanisation was to be introduced
c) The sugar mills were to be modernised
Unfortunately the EU did not make these payments conditional upon the changes being introduced. As a result Chaudry, as General Secretary of the National Farmers Union (NFU), insisted that all the money went direct to the farmers with nothing deducted to implement the conditions under which it was given by the EU. All attempts to stop this by Fiji Government were blocked by Chaudry threatening a harvest boycott on every occasion. The result was $1.9 billion of EU money wasted (ref. Ridolfi EU Delegate to Fiji – 2006). The resultant outcome:
a) The farmers had an income that bore no relationship to their production. Farmers on less than 20 acres were driving around in 4 wheel drive vehicles and educating their children as lawyers, doctors, accountants, etc. (anything except farming) as they knew the subsidised prices were unsustainable. To make the position even worse the Fijian landowners saw this and thought that cane farming was highly profitable, which it is not, and wanted their land back.
b) The whole sugar industry had no sustainable improvements over 40 years and is now completely uneconomic. European farmers cannot make 100 acre farms profitable – what hope for 20 acre Fiji farms in 2010?
These activities by Chaudry were to gain the support of the farmers in his political ambitions and he did not care (or probably did not even understand the long term implications of his action)
Guilty - Mahendra Chaudry

Murder Weapon Three
Political ambition
His adherence to a naked political ambition to take over Fiji has been the cause of the coup problems of Fiji. Fiji is fortunate to have the presence of other races, particularly the Indians, through whose hard work Fiji has prospered. They are dominant in the business and professional sectors. Why did Chaudry also want to take over the political control of the country by misleading his Fiji Indian followers? That ambition and his outdated socialist ideas are what have brought Fiji to its knees due the understandable reaction from the Fijian people.
Guilty – Mahendra Chaudry

Anonymous said...

Jake says....

Can this be true......I doubt very much. Rajen would not do such a thing.

just as his dad denied the money scam of the poor sugarcane farmers.

People can now charge for themselves - in the kind of environment that we live in today in Fiji, nothing is impossible.

In Frank & Co can execute a coup, boot female stomach & buttocks, then this is no surprise anymore - why ?

There is no real law in Fiji accept for Aiyaz & Franks law.

Anonymous said...

an allegation by an international drug peddler and look at all the fuss it has created. who is behind this - aiyaz of course. why - he sees chaudhrys as threat to him as he fancies himself as an indian leader. why not hear rajen's side first before jumping to conclusions?

Anonymous said...

A bit suspicious ,,,,another set up by Kaiyum ...to disqualify election candidates with false charges

Anonymous said...

Interesting story, although still in the allegations stage and also the alleger is a alleged drug dealer. Too many alleges, although the fact that he's taken off overseas is a bit suspect. We'll just have to wait for more info in tomorrows edition of C4.5.

Democrat said...

Yes - Chaudry did do immense damage to Fiji by his NFU & FPSA union activities and his naked political ambitions. He is the real villain of Fiji politics. All else has resulted from him He should be in prison for treason against the people of Fiji not Rabuka, Speight or Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

innocent until proven otherwise !! Rajen don't go back !!

Anonymous said...

Ah - at last some sense on the 4.5 blog site. Chaudry, Chaudry, Chaudry was and is the real problem. His son is a non entity and cannot be counted. Just a 'puff ball.

Keep digging beneath that surface said...

It's so convenient to cry murder at this stage, aye Aiyass?!

I don't believe a word of this concocted allegation, typically reeks of a junta overkill. They're smearing anyone who could potentially destroy them and Rajendra, for the big careless mouth that he sometimes is, is no push-over when it comes to taking on Aiyaz's junta. Oh you bet.

@ Anonymous 11.42am
Speaking of lawyers turned criminals and you'll find sitting ducks right here in Fiji, namely Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and his partners in crime : Nazhat Shameem, Anthony Gates, Christopher Pryde, to name just a few.. the others unnamed for now but know that we know exactly who they are and their time is fast approaching. tik tok tik tok!

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget the other legal criminals - Gates and Pryde.

FijiBlue said...

I doubt if this news holds any credibility. Why on earth would R Chaudhary do something like that? If he was to commit a crime, it would be along the same lines as A Khaiyum. It's a bit of backstabbing politicking on the part of the illegal regime. FB's way of sidelining the Chaudhary's. He's taking out anyone who could stand in his way of winning elections. He's needs to win so that he doesn't go to prison.

sdl.to.da.bone said...

Just been informed that the charges against Rajen were trumped up by Aiyarse with the aim of totally removing the Chaudary factor from Fiji politics. Now, believe it or not, the Indian international drug peddling lady has been befriended by the military regime in the same way they befriended Peter Foster in order to discredit Qarase & the SDL. Also heard that the Indian national will be defended by Legal Aid and the drug charges to be reviewed. Time for SDL and FLP to fight this thing together. Forget about political differences for the time being, join forces with each other and all anti Bainimarama forces and destroy thiss evil that captured our beloved land.

Semi Tabetabe said...

Everything that Bainimarama does is all about "not going to prison". Whether it is abrogating the constitution or charging people for sedition or bashing women or threatening Fijians overseas or throwing money at Fijians in the villages or bribing Fijian soldiers.
Its all about one thing and one thing only ie staying out of prison.
While Bai is busy playing with himself, Kaiyum implements his nazi philosophy.

What a tragedy!

Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni said...

I like 13 others or 54% majority of this sample population above say Rajendra Chaudhry is innocent until proven guilty in a free and fair court system, where the 3 Arms of Government are Independent.
Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni SDL Member for Lami Open Constituency (deposed 2006).

Anonymous said...

Lekh Ram Veshnoyi what do you say about this latest story .We do not hear anything from you about Fiji,where are you.You not said a thing about FNPF.It is bit unusual for Fiji Labour party big mouth to be so quiet lately.

Anonymous said...

maybe he planned this with ului,,,,dont be surprised if they team up ie. the ex frank association club...LOL

Anonymous said...

If Mahen is guilty of having political ambition, then he came to do the job to fix what he created as has been said.

If he was allowed to take part in the electoral process and in accordance with democracy and the constitution, then maybe you would not be fighting Frank today!

But instead you would have "voted" Chaudory out if you did not like him.

If this is what democracy should be without fair electoral process and respect for that, then maybe you have got your match now with Frank. Afterall he is a pure Fijian, so at least you should be happy so long as Mahen is not there, it should be fine...in the hands of Fijians!

"For the Fijians By the Fijians".

You are the kind of people who want a change in constitution unlawfully to do with one man one vote because it suits you to own the parliamentary process.

Vusiloa said...

It is sad if indeed Chaudary raped the women, but court will find out.

Chaudary is a prominant person on the Fiji scene, whether one hates or likes him.But if this accusation is true, its a bad indictment onr Fiji that people on centre stage in public affairs are prone such immorality.

However its on similar category as the Tui Cakau and Cakobau (girl from Matacula, Tailevu), impregnating under age girls. Many other prominant people have gone down the same road. Whats wrong with Fiji??

Liam said...

I dont think he would do such a thing, but lets wait and watch!

Anonymous said...

will blogging on this depicable issue help us to return to democracy? lets focus on the subject and not dwell on allegations folks. lets get back to the main subject before we lose of it;

Anonymous said...

i bet my bottom dollar - aiyaz was behind this. will tell you more in the next day.

Only principled people please said...

Why are people supporting Chaudhry all of a sudden.

Wailei we dont need corrupt chaudhry back. remb he was in bed with bainimarama too and will in fact go to bed with any political party or anybody where he will benefit.

Wont be suprised if he is talking with Roko Ului's camp, please Roko Ului not him!

Anonymous said...

Nothing suprises me about the Chaudary clan.Dad was a person who thought of himself first, 2nd and third. A was shred manipulator of people & events and it always showed up when he negotiated, what he did was set himslef up for political role-whilst maintaining he was just a Union man.When the opportunity arose he had Bavadra already geare up to be the spokesperson whilst he was the one pulling the strings form the backgroud by now he already had the farmers in his pocket. His tenur in Govt speaks of the man-pure arrogance, utterly unforgivng.But what would you expect of people who are just there for themsleves, never listening for advice. His bitter lesson was finally learnt when Speight took over. If he had the good sense to listen to the late Tui Nayau, maybe things would have being different. His son Ragendra soon came onto the scene and by God he was "chip" of the old block. I have never met a more boostful person.Reminds me of Padarath Junior! But if anything we should let this matter be settled by the court and not prejudge Ragen!

Justice said...

When Russell Hunter was forced ourt of his home and deported despite a court order (granted under the Constitution) in Feb 2008, Rajendra Chaudhry told the media "Mr Hunter got his just desserts". Why, because his father was hand in gloves with bainimarama and khaiyum.

Folks, this is just an allegation. Rajendra has not even been charged or questioned according to the story. But isn't he getting his just desserts, even if it is a false allegation!! Same as Hunter's deportarion and many other human rights violations during the Chaudhry-Bainimarama era.

Robin Hood's son facing rape allegations? Now thjats black forest cake for desserts.

Anonymous said...

Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.....

convolutedexperiment said...

@ OPPP 549p.m.
Because anyone in Fiji could be falsely accused next, even you !


First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out --
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out --
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out --
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me -- and there was no one left to speak for me.

Anonymous said...

didnt Aiyaz model himself as the next chodoo

Anonymous said...

@anon 11.28..what the hell is a basket..

call me now..

Sotia said...

we are all human...get him for interview..if found guilty with reliable evidence then charge him and put him in jail for over 10years

Fiji Son said...

Since Aiyaz and Frank already reading this blog and making talanoa, why not just ask them whether they trying to stitch up Chaudry Junior ... can't see it myself. The Chaudhry's overestimate their themselves and any support of them is a crock

Anonymous said...

This looks suspiciously like the regime is panicking! Trumped up charges and allegations are the weapons of the day to get rid of anyone who dares to take on the regime even in a court of law?
What credibility have YOU got Aiyaz. As Roko Lui says the Courts, the Police and the Army are in your hands courtesy of your fellow conspirator Bainimarama

Anonymous said...

Jake says...

Lekh Ram Ves is in Auckland New Zealand - how we don't know.
He is roaming the Auckland street freely. This is the very big mouth who was sleeping in bed with the illegal regime supporting his master Mahendra Chaudary's lies and philosophies - robbing from the poor.

The FIJI FREE DEMOCRACY MOVEMENT should petition John Key to send him back to Fiji.

These people are so called the culprits of Fiji politics.

convolutedexperiment said...


Annie said...

I dont think Rajendra would do such an act and as far as Mahendra is concerned, he has been one of the most respected politician. They both have done so much for the country. I wonder if someone actually has paid the girl to make accusations or is she taking advantage of the situation???

Annie said...

The illegal PM together with the AG has done a lot for the country. As far as the rape allegation is concerned thats about Rajendra chaudhary and for the court to decide the verdict. People should not drag the government in this. They are no way associated. There were so many victims of rape, no one has ever raised their voice then why are people reacting so badly that to just for an allegation maybe because he is the son for a former PM. I'm not saying that the allegations made are false but wait what the judge has to say. As far as he being a lawyer and doing such an act will be a very disgusting and shameful act. So lets hear the verdict without criticizing anyone.

convolutedexperiment said...

@ Annie 1154 a.m.
Well said, but you support and excuse High Treason, murder and torture by Frank Bainimarama and the Fiji Police and the RFMF Soldiers?

Radiolucas said...

I doubt Rajesh would be as stupid as to do anything like this. Looks and smells like a put-up job by the illegal regime.

Anonymous said...

I dont think Rajen is a threat (if any) for a government to have cooked up this kind of allegations? He is a loud mouth and unfortuntalely thats about it. All in all just leave to the Courts (if it ever reaches there).

i know what you did in december 2006 said...

man isnt all this amazing? people still cant see that the complaint by a drug pusher was done for certain purposes - was one of them to make her state witness in her case against the other accused? the police know this. no evidence they say. the court knows this. that is why matter was heard in chambers. why is file sitting with cj?
if judiciary is not independent and controlled by aiyaz then rajen should not come back.
and annie are you the ficac PRO who is involved with langman? talk of the town?

Sam said...

@ Semi Meo
You always have a negative thinking.
How can a lawyer be a surety to bail and house his own client - take for instance if he or she be a known criminal. I haven't heard of any defence council to provide accomodation for their clients. If such an allegation appears than anyone can conclude from his motives esp when his client is a female. So most probably you can accomodate a rapist if you have a girl in your house. De lakolako ga ena vutuki iko tale........ so how wil you feel when you report and people begin to say you are just lie...lie...lie......vootooshhhonna.

Anonymous said...

Point 3 makes it very easy to believe something untoward has happened to this woman. since wehn has a lawyer offered himself as surety and provides accomodation for the client. As the saying goes...where there's smoke...

Noami said...

I agree with Sam!!

Annie said...

At convolutedexperiment thank you.
The illegal government has done quite a number of the things for the country, there is no doubt about that and yes you are right they have also done a number of shameful acts.
I'm against excuse High Treason, murder and torture by Frank Bainimarama and the Fiji Police and the RFMF Soldiers. Like someone has said "power corrupts people."

Silver said...

I agree with Semi Mau and Sam lets wait and hear the verdict before jumping to conclusions.

Annie said...

At i know what you did in december 2006: maybe yes...!!!

Anonymous said...

Aiyaars Try to extradite him, see if the Aussies care???

SEMI MEO said...

@Sam..June 27, 2011 1:37 PM..Wow…one of those rare breed…process evil thoughts in Fijian, while grasping for words to verbalize in a foreign language ends up spew nothingness in Tinbaktuan….
Sa tatacaqe la na vakamacala..sa do gole sara i sisili..

Anonymous said...

smear campaign....and nothing but that!!....Chaudhry is one of the last few lawyers left in this God forsaken country who believes in what is right..and by what is right i mean not bending the law to suit your own purpose like his fellow lawyer now current AG is doing..Its interesting how this came up when he was just about to file his arguments that challenged FICAC's powers to prosecute in a Fijian court room..He had proof and imagine if he had won..all those people locked up who were innocent but sent to jail becoz the government had some sort of vendetta against them.would be freed...To Chaudhry if you're reading this..i say stay in Australia..but figure out a plan to help your father, ben padarath and others to come join u..maybe then you all can join Roko Ului on his Thumbs Up tour...:D

Anonymous said...

Please get your facts right. Cakobau did not impregnate underage girls from Matacula, Tailevu. They were of age and consenting adults!!! Get it right and no name smearing...stick to the topic!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you all, lucky to the Indian national who was brave enough to have come forward into the open and report the matter, it is surely a very serious allegation, if Rajen is found guilty than I should say ten years plus, and high court judge Mr Salesi Temo should handle the case.

Sharon Johns when are you going to come forward and report yours? or are you going to keep it quiet about them?