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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fiji regime strikes out as former officers lead Canberra charge

SET: Former officers Baledrokadroka and Mara leading from the front.

The fight for Fiji's freedom goes up a notch today.

Former insiders, Roko Ului Mara and Jone Baledrokadroka, are leading the charge from the political capital of Australia, Canberra.

But the renegades look to have already done some damage to Suva before even taking to the podium at Queanbeyan. 

Cracks have been showing for weeks but a MINFO statement last night reveals the illegal regime of Frank Bainimarama is deeply affected by the growing opposition towards it.

From saying it doesn't care about Mara and his criticisms (and that Baledrokadroka is talking from the wilderness), the regime has launched a full scale attack on the former commander of the 3FIR as well as Australia and New Zealand for supporting him.

The clearly disturbed regime is describing Mara as a political opportunist who is taking advantage of Australia and New Zealand’s short-sightedness of Fiji.

It's also making personal attacks on the foreign ministers of the two regional superpowers, Murray McCully and Kevin Rudd. 

"It is apparent that Mara, a fugitive and political opportunist, has taken advantage of Rudd and McCully's myopia on Fiji and the Southern Pacific.

"Rudd and McCully, driven by their neo-colonial and personal agenda, on the other hand see Mara as someone who can give some form of credibility to their unfounded and misplaced assessment of Fiji and the rest of the Southern Pacific.

“So what we will see now over the next few weeks in Australia and New Zealand is the red carpet being rolled for Mara, a man who has abandoned his country; unfounded statements and lies being espoused about Fiji which will be far from the ground realities in Fiji; these lies will be used to justify interventionist policies and positioning; the cajoling and courting of political opportunists who are beholden to a skewered, racist and inefficient system of governance. Of course all of this will make Rudd and McCully feel good, important and self-satisfied.”

The regime goes on to describe Rudd, McCully and Mara as ‘three men with their motley crew of opportunists attempting to salvage their personal reputations which are at stake of their own doing.

It meanwhile insists that unlike the trio, it will follow all international law and protocols based on candour and for the benefit of all Fijians and the rest of the Pacific Small Island States.

The regime has also tried trotted out the old bogey that its planned upcoming elections could be under threat with Australia and New Zealand supporting  Mara.

It has aso highlighted Mara's arrival in Australia conciding with the presence of the Tongan Navy boats within Fiji’s EEZ at Minerva reef.

The forum is at the Ukranian Hall, Queabeyan, just outside Canberra at 2pm. We will have coverage of the meeting plus Mara's speech and other speakers later in the day.

Forum Agenda
1. Opening Devotion
2. Interim President Opening Address
3. Minutes of Last Meeting
4. Matters Arising
a. Financial Report
5. Afternoon Tea
6. Presentation and Adoption of Strategic Development Plan 2011-2014
7. Tabling of Fiji Transition to Democracy Plan
a. Prof Brij Lal
b. Dr Jon Fraenkel
8. Lunch

9. Key Note Address by Guest Speakers:
a. Lt Col Roko Tevita Uluilakeba Mara
b. Samisoni Tikoinasau, SDL party
c. Fiji Labour Party Rep
d. Fiji Methodist Church Rep
e. Australian Trade Unions Rep
f. Message from the GCC
10. Adoption of Resolutions
11. Closing Address by Interim President


Anonymous said...

"myopia" - this word alone gave his identity away. Those of us who have worked closely with aiyaz know that this is one of his key words in his list of identifiable vocabularies. He wrote this speech on behalf of the people of Fiji without the consent of the people of Fiji...he speaks only for himself and his financial interest Not for Fiji

Enough said...

This statement is just unbelievable? Who is in control in Suva? Are this the death throws of a regime of maniacs? It is certainly time for the Australian and NZ governments to act decisively. This has gone far to far and the morons in Suva are certainly destabilizing the entire Pacific. How can Australia and New Zealand not adjust their travel warnings to reflect the fact that tourists are traveling to a place where hateful rabid morons are in control. Anything can happen and a government that issues such a statement is certainly capable to take hostages. I sincerely hope that this hateful and rabid insults do not go unanswered.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious from this MINFO statement that it's the childish writings of Aiyaz Khaiyum.
It's interesting that Bai and Ai are appealing or threatening Australia and NZ about them not keeping the Rule of Law and yet they themselves have abbrogated the Fijian Constitution.
These two are so stupid and they have spoken and written things without thinking.

May I suggest to Australia and New Zealand to lobby the UN to cease the employment of Fijian soldiers forthwith as they represent a country that has abrogated its constitution and is abusing its own people physically, sexually, emotionally and financially.
That for a world governing body like the UN to stand by and allow this to go on year after year is unacceptable.
Therefore sack all Fijian soldiers in its emplyoyment and send them all home.
This will not only bring pressure on the present Illegal govt. but also teach other soldiers that the UN won't tolerate this sort of behaviour ( if they want to do a coup next time.)
Thank you.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

I wish Fiji had someone with Rudds credentials, foresight, economic strategies, personal morals, diplomacy, global understanding and overall leadership qualities in charge of the country. Their has to be young professionals in Fiji that aspire to become like him, where are they SHOW YOURSELVES.

Anonymous said...

frank /ag taliban you are scared now.game over for you/cronies.
the truth will set us free.
fiji and overseas people will know .who is controlling fiji.
the ag and you are filling your bank balance.all bs you gave the world on election/others.
auss/nz is a democratic country not like fiji
now you have guns/ pe decree ruling fiji.
the elected mp had the mandate of the people of fiji to rule and govern.
bai/ag all your decree/dealing are illegal.
time for a change.
god bless the auss democracy group.
go brother reveals the the corruption of bai/ag .
people power .moce bai isa lei isa lei .naboro is waiting for you/cronies.


Anonymous said...

Small cracks will quickly lead to large cracks.... and the dam will burst with a violent force! which will flood the community!

Anonymous said...

Send the soliders back to teach them a lesson. Thumbs up bai's arse!

Anonymous said...

How long can we tolerate this cancer? Time to surgically remove it.Seeing that the Fiji army is just a bunch of lamulamu I suggest the Tongan Commandoes go in like the seals did in Attobad and capture Baineee and Taliban Kaiyum. Then initiate the return of the constitution that was illegally abbrogated.The Fiji army must be dismembered when all this is settled.It has never protected the interests of its citizens since 1987.

Anonymous said...

I have decided to go to the doctor on Monday as I WILL be "sick" some people might think of it as a protest against the per, how many of you will also be "sick" on Monday

Anonymous said...

@10:20am. Totally agree with you. Sack them all and send them home! The Government gets a cut from the deployment of soldiers - the UN is indirectly funding this regime whether they like it or not! Speed the road to recovery and abandon the Fijian Army full-stop! That must be high on the agenda for any incoming interim government!

Ulumatua said...

To Attendants at Fiji Democracy Forum, Ukranian Hall, Queabeyan, Canberra, Uastralia:

We the Fiji Democracy Supporters in Aotearoa send our best wishes and prayers to you all at the public meeting.

Our thoughts are with you and we all wish you a successful and fruitful meeting.

May your deliberations add momentum to our fight against Bainivore's dictatorship and with God's blessings bring a quick end to the dictatorship.

Vakalougata taki kemuni na tamada mai lomalagi.


Anonymous said...

bai and ag think this is his land .
who voted bai/ag .not me or anyone in fiji.
the illegal ag/bai and cronies will end up in jail for 20 years.
its time for fiji army/police to protect the people of fiji ,law /order and arrest this illegal govt .put them in naboro.
time is coming for the illegal regime .
go rum/jb spill the truth out today.
go bati go.

Anonymous said...

All Bainiarse and Kaiyarse are doing is protecting their rear end and their interest and are so illegal in all levels. Yet they have the audacity to make comments on Rudd and McCully who are legal representative of their countries elected by the people. These two always makes comments on the other Pacific countries, please give the Pacific people a break they dont need your assistance with anything you bloody clowns, overpaid, women bashers!!Go back to the holes you crawled out of.

Anonymous said...

The writing's on the wall. The End Is Nigh! Be Scared, Be Very Scared.

RUN said...

Aiyaz is wasting precious time writing such nonsense. He should practice cassava patch running with his puppet as the time of the final dash draws closer. And as far as the great conspiracy goes, he has a point. Fiji has indeed been completely isolated as garden variety dictatorships would be. But accusing Australia and New Zealand to undermine the return to democracy takes the cake. I would advise prospective travelers to Fiji to re-consider: This place is evidently ruled by rabid maniacs who have lost any sense of reality. So anything can happen in such a place.

Anonymous said...

Proof that Sayed-Khaiyum calls the shots

The fact the Ratu Sukuna Day has been left off the list of public holidays for 2012 proves that Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum holds sway in the Bainikhaiyum regime. Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna was the author and champion of many of the Fijian institutions that Fijians hold dear, which Sayed-Khaiyum has long wanted to abolish. His infamous Hong Kong University thesis spelt out clearly his plans for their abolishment, so it should come as no surprise that he has had his way and the day to remember a great Fijian has been abolished. No elected Government, whether led by Mahendra Chaudhry or Laisenia Qarase would have done this.

Anonymous said...

Just want to thank all of those who are standing up for the fight against dictatorship and return to democracy in Fiji. Especially high profiles who add more punch in this effort.

Just a thought. If the saga of the FNPF robbery of its pensioners could be raised in the meeting as one its general discussions. It is a very sensitive and explosive issue that it could well be one big ammo in bringing down this regime.

Anonymous said...

These recent events will have a destabilising effect on the Military Government.Everyone will be covering their arse and tongues will be wagging.Behing closed doors there will be ridicule directed at Frank, the AG & their crew.The links of kinship will be stretched between the rogues when they realise that consequences for criminal actions that impact on civillians are beyond the boundaries of Fiji sovereignty. I am picking that Mara could well be an indicting witness that will lead to Hague International Court proscecution of the junta members and Mara may well provide the Australian Gvt with valuable inside Intel. Interesting times...Mara wont be allowed to escape scott free but there will be a bargain struck for his co operation. As I see it...Myopic is the very word to describe the AG & Frank

Anonymous said...

Steve Rabuka would be a good candidate for interim pm

Anonymous said...

I see no Baledrokadroka in the agenda .interesting!

Anonymous said...

Re: "8) Allow the Great Councils of Chiefs to reconvene to deliberate on the affairs of the nation." Transitional Plan for Democracy in Fiji.

The comments made here on the 10 point plan and the distaste for Traditional Remedy, including the GCC, is really a distaste to me.

It is Legally entrenched in the 1997 Constitution that the Chiefs be the Stewards of the Vanua (Land +Sea)and the Vanua is the basis of the factors of Economic

P=Land (+Sea and including flora and Fauna)+ Labour + Capital that the Government and Business rely on to make $$ and rule. Now with your suggestion to totally exclude the Chiefs from Fijian Politics, the Vanua can pressure the Chiefs (Stewards of the Vanua)to protest and withdraw their Vanua Economic Productivity (Land + Sea) from the Government machinery of Economic Growth and to collect their own revenue base from business communities. Now, that path of Self determination by the Vanua is not a good way of solving Fiji's political system. The issue and main priority is how to correct the actions of the failed Chiefs of the past and come up with a mechanism to rectify this problem such as a Leadership Academy for Traditional Leaders before they are allowed into the Political scenario where Unity, Good Governance, Transparency, Economic crash course, Moral upbringing etc are part of the training.

To totally eliminate Chiefs from Fiji's political system because of the failures of a few in the past is like

1. removing the post of Prime Minister from future political involvement because of the failures of past Prime Ministers.

2. removing the Lawyers and Accountants from future political involvement because of the failures of past Lawyers and Accountants in influencing decisions on Fiscal Policies and the scams and blunders and excessive Tax Concessions Claim that drained our Revenue base including our FNPF.

3. removing the non Fiji Residents, Dual Residents, Influential Hoteliers and Businessmen from future political involvement because of their shady deals and that their heart is really where their money is and not on Fiji s welfare.

4. removing certain Diplomatic Corps from future political negotiations because of their subtle involvement in the past by pushing their political propagandas in Fiji's Political system through NGOs, Army, Businesses and other Operatives.
5.removing certain Political Leaders, Ministers who have been influencing Multi million dollars Govt contracts


Fiji have gone through 4-5 Coups and the people are more politically matured now than in 1987, 2000 and 2006 to identify that not only are the Chiefs responsible but other groups and factors to name a few that are identified above are equally responsible for Fiji's Political problems.

Let us be United and Understanding in order to build a Sustainable and Stable Fiji.

This anti Chiefs stances are more Racists and Illegal than what you are accusing it of.

Anonymous said...

What a load of bull coming from Bhainivuaka & Khaiarse...it's just all crap! They sound so ridiculous it's almost some sort of a joke.
Well, run vuakas run!! Because your time is up...who's scared now??! And if you are going to run, start running to Naboro, may as well get your head start now coz it's going to be a long run from QEB to Naboro...take in the scenery while you're both at it because you two will never see it again. Probably should include that gullible son of his - Meli Bhainivuaka.

THUMBS UP FOR DEMOCRACY! ...middle finger up to Bhainivuaka-Khaiarse and Co.

ex Fiji tourist said...

This 'script' could have been used on the "Two Ronnies' to great effect. It is great comedy.

The best bit is this, "these lies will be used to justify interventionist policies and positioning".

Obviously the 3 still working Fijian patrol boats will be ready to patrol Suva harbour in case an Australian submarine bobs up.

What the murderer Keans would do in this situation is unclear; maybe throw yellow ribbons at it?

Anonymous said...


• He is the highest paid Prime Minister ever in all the history of Fiji
• He is the first person ever to be Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, and Commander of the RFMF at the same time period… not counting the other portfolios he also holds right now.
• He is the first ever Prime Minister to take his whole family to the Hong Kong Sevens in the history of Fiji….(with tax payers money or may be his $200,000.00 leave pay)
• He is the first ever Prime Minister to allow a convicted prisoner to receive full civil servant salary while incarcerated ….and allow the same convicted person to retain his job after being released from prison
• He is the first ever Prime Minister to remove the democratic rights of the citizens of Fiji
• He is the first ever Prime Minister & Commander of the RFMF to bully and torture helpless women at QEB

I believe there is more act of corruptions on his part that are not in this list….and that makes me wonder if he is right person to do clean up. He needs to be cleaned up himself before he tries to start cleaning up others.

Anyway Bainimarama will be remembered and will go down in the history of Fiji as the most corrupted leader the nation of Fiji has ever seen….the worst Commander, the worst PM, the worst Finance Minister….

Anonymous said...

There have been a lot of very public outbursts against the dictatorship on facebook by people with real profiles. Does anyone know of anybody that has been detained by the police or military because of their posts. I'm just wondering if it is really as bad as people are making it out to be in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka who was the first .... but he gave it back...and became PM the proper and right way ....but our current PM is not going to give us an opportunity to do things the right way... If he is man enough like Rabuka (he's NOT) to let the people choose their leader...than he can earn our respect.

Anonymous said...

As corrupt as he is [Vore]who wants to wait for 2014 election....be waiting till kingdom come? for sure while they do good in robbing the people of Fiji and bankrupting the nation. John Galt.

Anonymous said...

I am praying to the Creator of the Universe (The Almighty YHWH) to bless the mission of bringing democracy back to Fiji and its peoples. May the effort in Canberra bear much fruit immediately.

convolutedexperiment said...

I think that everyone in the Regime should be issued with a compact and purse !
Then, the next time they wish to see who is responsible for Fiji's problems, instead of blaming New Zealand, Australia or Ului Mara, they can remove the compact from their purse, open it and look into the small mirror and see who is really responsible for Fiji's problems !

Anonymous said...

@12:11 PM. AMEN

Anonymous said...

RUM has a Tongan passport.......and he has been thrown out of the army.......so he is not Fijian thinks Aiarse and Bainivuaka......umumumumum

HEHEHEHEHE.........your illegal gov did not think this far. You have indirectly set him free(by allowing dual citizenship) with your bullshit laws and he is still very much aFijian.......

umumumumumNeigh! Neigh!! hell I should not have sacked him and we should not have allowed for dual citizenship thinks Aiarse and Baiarse.......

Sorry too late, drau ulukau.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon June 11, 11:18am

"Steve Rabuka for PM" ???
You've gotta be kidding.


Fiji deserves better thank you very much!

convolutedexperiment said...

Why not have Hitler as P.M. ?

Anonymous said...

Its the old crooks again trying to rule. SDL,FLP Methodist Church influence. We know who you are. It was only a matter a time before you all surfaced. Should have been dealt with properly.

Fiji does not need you.

All in exile stay in exile.

The clean up campaign has certainly cleaned you all up and thus the disgruntled and scheming now gathering in Canberaa lol.

Justice is blind with disregard for your name, rank, father or mother, ex minister, talatala. Justice is being executed in Fiji to all has beens.

No more benefits and underhanding deals that has plagued the nation of Fiji.

Bring your A game Roko. You'll need more than what you can fill in that Ukranian hall and handful of support from Canbera.

Anonymous said...

why you still commenting on the blog, go and find a job. Well you were hopeless when you were a minister. You liumuri the SDL, then jump to join this interim govt, then run to NZ after u liumuri them too. Your second name is liumuri. So shut up because you're same like Ului, bunch of sour grapes with no bone.

Anonymous said...

We must all make sure that when we return to democracy.....these people Bainimarama, Khaiyum, Sharon Smith,Taito[FNPF], Mahendra Reddy,Vodafone CEO do not run away from Fiji.Proper investigations must be done if found guilty...to be thrown into jail just as they did to George Speight and others.Some of chiefs should aaaalso be investigated for their "Liumuri...double edge stand" not be allowed to part of the GCC.Forget the "Matanigasau" se mata ni tonoka, lets start a fresh.And the Comissioners,and some Permanent Secretaries like Kaunisela,Kurusiga etc to be brought to justice.

RUN said...

Actually Gaddafi of Libya, Saleh of Yemen, Ben Ali of Tunesia and Mubarak are all on the market at the moment. Can't be that difficult to find a replacement for our Dear Leaders. And Assad of Syria is about to hit the market too.

Anonymous said...

@12:50 PM Hitler was a genius, albeit an evil one.

Adolf Hitler, Nazi leader, Germany, 141. http://www.aceviper.net/estimated_iq_of_famous_people.php

120 - 140 - Very superior intelligence. http://wilderdom.com/intelligence/IQWhatScoresMean.html

Anonymous said...

@12:43 PM. PRECISELY!!!

Poseci Bune, son of late great Ratu Mara, for P.M. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@12:55 PM. another paid goon. Ignore. Who you calling "limuri"? RUM? You who are hiding behind the gun and holding the nation hostage. Who is the real limuri?

Anonymous said...

I still find that all those people are blaming AG have a racist agenda. He was put there by PM with the blessing of the military council which includes RUM and others.

To blame everything on AG is finding a lame excuse.

I find that all those people who are now saying coup is bad, did they share the same view in 87 and 2000.

Anonymous said...

What will the protest march in Australia do? Nothing? The protest march should happen in fiji if the regime has to be overthrown. For the last month I am reading this will happen in Fiji, that will happen, etc but nothing has happened. I agree with most of the bloggers that it is time for the military government to go to the barracks. Have a national unity government for two years and than have election based on last constitution. Have new blood in the cabinet. No one from the past. Have former foreign affairs Minister in Qarase government as the Prime Minister. Fiji needs a Prime Minister who is multiracial,and technocrat. Have Jale Baledrokadroka as the commander of the army and Minister of Defence. He seems to be a multiracial person. Please don't have Mahen, Qarase, Ratu Inoke , and the cronies from the Methodist church.
Aiyaz Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

Writing a statement like that against your own country (statement written by Australia with a Australian Passport) is Treason. Oh that’s right, it would be Treason in Fiji but in Australia you are allowed Freedom of speech and are able to express your views against the Government.

Anonymous said...

MARLES: Obviously, whoever is granted a visa to enter Australia, is wholly a matter for the Australian government. This is not Australia interfering, this is Australia dealing with visas coming to our country, which is completely a matter for Australia. And we would certainly hope that this does not have an impact on the relationship with Fiji or the interim government. There is certainly no reason for it to have an effect on that relationship. The fundamentals of that relationship are this, that we stand ready as we have from 2006, to work with the interim government of Fiji to take steps towards a return to democracy and if there is a desire on the part of the interim government to take those steps, then we are very willing to work with them is relation to that. And more than that, we are very actively working with the people of Fiji through our development assistance program, which is the single largest development assistance program which is operating in Fiji today. And we are very keen to continue our work in that regard as well. So certainly from Australia’s point of view, we see no reason for this to alter any of those relations.
(Comments from Mr Richard Marles, the Australian Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Affairs).

Hopefully Kubuabola understands what Mr Marles is saying here! While they (interim regime) may dictate terms at home (for the time being), they are so naive to expect to do the same beyond our shores (re : extradition order for RUM - Tonga; RWC debacle - NZ; RUM visa - Australia). NZ and Australia and Tonga to a certain extent are not BANANA republics!

VereBau. said...

@ Anon 11"21. Baledroka'.

Lost (no) credibility within Kubuna
- had several opportunities return - lead Vanua from front - Ratu Inoke stiched up via show trial - he stays in Canberra?
Academic bati.

Anonymous said...

If you all are working so hard for democracy, than you should know that democracy in should be in its purest forms. Good to see such constructive debates here.

No - GCC
No - Chiefs
No - Qarase/Chaudhry
No - Labour/SDL
No - Mara Family

All land to be Freehold Land.

Methodists Church and Chiefs to contest seats like others.

Anonymous said...

Only Bainimarama can be PM.

Anonymous said...

Real soldiers do not possess political opinions. They remain a-political whilst defending the legitimately elected government of the day without question. Fiji's democratic future should see the return to barracks of its miss-guided militia and the rturn of rule to the people through the polls. No soldier or commander of the forces should ever again be allowed to lead the country, let alone allow a puppeteer like Khaiyum to play God with the lives and futures of the people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

all the best for the meeting rum/jb.
go bati go

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:39
Kubuabola does not understand what you are talking about. This has been said before but only 2 days ago Kubuabola continued his tirade against Aust & NZ.
Forget Kubuabola. He is nothing. He is just a mynah, parroting what Aiyaz tells him to say.
He is just a Yes-man.
He is actually worse than that.
Because a long time ago he threw away his conscience.
He is a sad picture of Christians who disregard their conscience and of which Paul says in the Bible '...they suffer shipwreck in their faith..."

"If salt has lost its taste , with what shall you make it salty again. It is good for nothing..." (Mathew 5:13)

Anonymous said...

This is great the international presure from RUM and others is working, first they say junta will not comment they gobells talk talk the junta is chasing its tails junta send removal order to tonga which instead issues a passport and RUM in oz the dictator may soon suffer another stroke and arthrities going cronic so only thing needed is all women who have been bashed to come out with broken umbrellas, broken shoes and hand bags and brooma and mops and old undies and buturaki the dictator and junta a gang of 11 thugs using abusing the security forces chain of command out of power time for people power and thumbs up for democracy

just watch how the junta gone nuts this is what is needed

the RUM story has become a talonoa grog session joke on the junta in all grog palours, villages and homes

the end is coming of dictatorship - he aint control of nohing and in for big suprise by fmf obbices soon

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha!!! the press release from the Ministry of Information illustrates ,that you AG are suffering from a sleepless night virus..I WONDER WHY??? RUN....RUN TO THE FOREST!!

Anonymous said...

Voro got no exit plan, he did coup to save himself from trial and 5 year gone so how will he end this and go where.

There is only one way for him to stand trial and nothing else.

He banks on amensty under new constituion and if he doesnt win election then he gets a crony at QEB to do another coup and bring hinm back.

The fact is the growing opposition grows day by die and his hope everyone will die and just go away will not happen.

People just waiting for the lamu PER to go and then only a march of 1000 bashed women will make the junta and its dictator swim in the sea.

Time will come soon.

Anonymous said...

The 10 point plan is great but needed is eleventh point- the use of force option to overthrow the junta and its dictator.

The answer to reverse the 2006 coup is a counter coup and nothing else.

Beleive in cause and not method.

There is no other way.

Anonymous said...

@ Ex Fiji Tourist. When did you get kicked out of Fiji? Political asylum too??

Last time Australia tried to sneak in our waters their helicopter crashed two dead. Sumbarine assault??...so many invisible reefs for enemies of Fiji.

Frank is also the first Fiji PM to travel out deep into the rural areas walk, horseback, dinghy. To hear the cries of the village people.

Qarase did a lot of travel too, with his wife the one with all the exhuberent clothes and bling bling. Daylight robbery.

He is also the first Fiji PM to seriosly pursue the root of corrutpion in Fiji. Indian Fijian chineeses kailoma all crying foul now and running away overseas.

Qarase failed. Remove the head of the snake first and the domino's start to fall.

There will be more to go.

Anonymous said...


the truth will come out the dictator is the most corrupt thing to hit fiji the anticorupt speechs ficake are all a farce rememeber the 7 million revolving fund account at fmf the overseas accounts soforth all be revealed the junta is raping the public monies filing its pockets all people in fiji know this like 700000 paypaket remove per then see then see the real thing come cowards hiding behind per a nation that is tourist destination per to fill pockets nothing else

Anonymous said...

just look the speech given by the hand puppet given by his master, at the accountant AGM, he should be showing them his payslip of 700000 and not telling them he will gail all of them like laywers and doctors who even suspect dont support junta

all professional people should leave to save themselves or will be framed with trumped up charges

Anonymous said...

Just heard RUM interview at pacificbeat (raw fiji news). He is still giving that fishy story about his escape to Tonga.

Overall a C for his interview unlike his utube videos which was penned by others.

Interesting he blames PM for his own action such as beating the democracy activist. Does he have his own mind?

M sorry m dissappointed that he is not the right man to lead fiji. Too many cracks/gaps in his interview.

Maybe Doc Brij lal can give his view.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Crank Bananana has gone to Lau today ?
And is it true that the Bounty on Cranks head and Talibabas head has been increased by $50,000 ?

Should make it very tempting for the RMF to finally do the deed

Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...

Swearing is a person's way of expressing his emotions in a non-physical way. If I swear at Bocivuaka, then that's how I wanna express how much I hate the bastard. Using normal language against Vuaka means we are treating him with respect.

Anonymous said...

Just remember Crank Bananana...

He that giveth also taketh again!

What the Maras giveth they can taketh away. RUM WILL TAKE YOU OUT. AMEN.

Anonymous said...

you all can hoooh! and haaah! till the cows come home but nothing will change. you think your comments on this blog site will change things so much that the regime will just pack up and go? you believe Ului and his efforts to make a change by running away then hold these meetings in Aust and NZ will make a dent on the regimes hold? these are all talk and nothing more than just talk. the 10 point plan is another talk only this time on paper - how will you follow this up - yeah! by talking about it-all sheep talk I say.

Anonymous said...

Bainivore is doing very well with his CLEAN OUT Campaign!! Filling his pocket with taxpayers money!!
Inoke Kubuabola is a Bokala and a snake....changes his colour to suit his pocket!! Man for all seasons!! Should be the first one to be thrown in Naboro!! He is the most corrupt of the lot! Never to be trusted? At least we know that Vore is Kuku!! and is controlled by his Puppet Master, Khaiarse!!...Kubuabokola is the dangerous one!! and excuse me..Kevin Rudd and MacCully are so way out of your League!! You Crook!!

Mafia..USA said...

@ Anon 2:40pm...Riding on horse back or whatever, that is what he has to do to achieve what he has promised to the ppl. And it comes with the $700,000 he has illegally paid himself.
But you have to look beyond that. Dont just look at the current development that has been done to please the rural ppl. Something that you have to think of is how consistent will be the maintenance of the development that has been carried out. There is no point in making roads in the rural areas and after a few months the conditions deteriorate beyond repair. And the govt failed to keep up with the maintenance. Not only that, the money that has been used for all this rural developments are borrowed money. At some point, they have to be repaid back. Luckly if they dont incurr interests on these loans.
The past govts carried out developments according to its budgets. And the budgets are caculated in relation with what the country is forecasted to earn in the coming year plus the aids from other countries.
Over the years we have always complained that the developments are very slow. Something that we have to be mindful of is the fact that the govt of the day is only working on capital developments according to the budgets.
As of now, I dont understand how this illegal govt is conducting all these developments that it is carrying out. Rural ppl are saying it is good. You know what, all these road developments are earmarked to finish in 2013...Can you smell something rotten...FB is campaining for the 2014 election that he is talking aboout. And it is a shame that he is doing his illegal campaign by thru these developments with which he is hoodwinking the rural ppl.
You mention that he is the first PM to seriously pursue the erradication of corruption in Fiji...You must be out of your mind...Lako drau laki veitauri kau kei Voreqe..You must stupid like Voreqe too. You don't know what the F... you are talking about...
Go and tell Voreqe that he is going down.....
Thumbs up for Democracy in Fiji...

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice the Army Officers that were working with the LTA officers in front of the Suva Market, trying to control the busy morning shoppers from their usual jaywalking. LOL. Very prominent in their bright pink, fluorescent jackets, they lecturerd anybody who dared to make a wrong move. Not long after that, they were also handing out large posters of a smiling Frank Bainimarama in a smart suit (election campaign style) with the words, Join Me In the Year of Road Safety. That looks pretty desparate for even you, Frankie. LOL. Isa, da nanuma ga ni sega ni loma leqa tiko o Voreqe...ha,ha,ha. Sa laurai levu na via vesu mona, qai maumau wale. All they did was irritate & frustrate the public. In front of Tappoos & Village Six, people jaywalked to their heart's content. It's not that I particularly like jaywalkers, lol, because I loathe the practice. It's just that, this is a Police Force responsibility and should have been done by them. This morning, there was not a police officer in sight. Just military officers in civvie clothes and the LTA. That in itself was strange, but whem the posters started to be handed out, it just sunk home to me how absolutely shameles this regimes and it's supporters have become. Sa velavela qai dradraluka..LOL. Welcome to Frankie's Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@3:27 PM. Then why are you commenting here? Because you're gulty and you're scared, that's why. You sound desperate, uneasy, unsure, uncomfortable, scared!

Anonymous said...

@3:27 PM. We haven't even started yet! lols.....

This is just the if I may say ''early stages of pregnancy!''

RU is out and about.........and so there so much out there yet to come so........lols we cannot afford to have a miscarriage!hehehe.....

Yeah........the fun is yet to come!!

Can't wait for the Turaga lailai RU to use his AK47.......

Mafia...USA said...

@ 3:25pm...We are doing this cos we Love our country and wants the best for our ppl. You are behind Vore cos you dont have any pride in this country...Drau lai veitauri kei Voreqe...

Anonymous said...

@3:35 PM A Sign of Desperation?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice the Army Officers that were working with the LTA officers in front of the Suva Market, trying to control the busy morning shoppers from their usual jaywalking. LOL. Very prominent in their bright pink, fluorescent jackets, they lecturerd anybody who dared to make a wrong move. Not long after that, they were also handing out large posters of a smiling Frank Bainimarama in a smart suit (election campaign style) with the words, Join Me In the Year of Road Safety. That looks pretty desparate for even you, Frankie. LOL. Isa, da nanuma ga ni sega ni loma leqa tiko o Voreqe...ha,ha,ha. Sa laurai levu na via vesu mona, qai maumau wale. All they did was irritate & frustrate the public. In front of Tappoos & Village Six, people jaywalked to their heart's content. It's not that I particularly like jaywalkers, lol, because I loathe the practice. It's just that, this is a Police Force responsibility and should have been done by them. This morning, there was not a police officer in sight. Just military officers in civvie clothes and the LTA. That in itself was strange, but whem the posters started to be handed out, it just sunk home to me how absolutely shameles this regimes and it's supporters have become. Sa velavela qai dradraluka..LOL. Welcome to Frankie's Fiji.

Tim said...

Here we go again!... There's all that Shaista/Khaiyuum crap about "neo-colonialism" and agendas.
It MIGHT be credible (at a pinch) if the junta didn't behave in that paternalistic "we know best" manner in which they do (all the while, of course - pushing funds away at the expense of those they feign an affinity with - i.e. the "people of Fiji" - in whose interests they purport to be concerned for).
The line is obviously a Bubba-ism, or a Shameen or someone of similar ilk - unless of course they've managed to school Frank in the rhetoric over the 4 or 5 years just passed.

Gates;Shameen(s);Pryde;Khaiyuum;Baini;et al.....the bullshit and spin is no longer working. It's only your collective egos that told you you were masters of the universe and knew better than those plebian Fijians in whose interests you were operating.
The spin is now trite and tiresome. It was never going to work anyway. It doesn;t matter HOW many Graham Davis's or Thakhur's or even, at times Robie's you get to empathise or sympathise....
You fucked it up at the start like pots calling kettles black, fucked the economy, accused your "enemies" (and I use that word because you all know what a vindictive insecure cnut Frank is); and indulged in the VERY SAME BEHAVIOURS you accused your "oppressors" of.
The BEST option for any coupster is to start thinking about how you might come out of all this in relative comfort. And those amongst you that have kids (I'm thinking Frank and Meii, among others), start taking responsibility and have a little concern for their future. (Oh...A Shameen as well).
You coupsters have pulled the ultimate RIPOFF - naturally enough, people are ever so slightly pissed off! Elsewhere in time and space, those that have done similar have been left dangling from lamposts. Time to start thinking of how you can get away unscathed. The end result is inevitable. AS they used to say on "candid Camera"....at some time, in some place, when you LEAST expect it.....etc.

SERAFINA said...





No Taliban Fiji said...

We don't want a Taliban Kaiyum in my country

Anonymous said...

@ Mafia USA.

When was the last time you came to Fiji. Would like to meet with you.
I live in Nabua.

You must be in exile too. Whats your family involvement in corruption.

Unfortunately bro I'm not in the habit of 'veitauri kau'. Maybe you are.

Theres no hoodwinking here. They are getting what they need.

People in Fiji are happier now.

Don't read the tabloids too much. Everything is blown out of proportion.


Anonymous said...

Of course this is Aiyaz's words, but absolutely at the instruction of the PM. I have said before, the Aussie and NZ PM and their foreign ministers are very nervous about Aiyaz. They know this is an intelligent man that you simply do not mess with. Regardless of which side you all are, one thing is clear, Aiyaz has placed a devastating blow on Aus and NZ. He has turned the tide on them and now they look like supporters of favoritism based democratic. Wow.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 5.08 aus and nz are treating fiji with contempt...WHY??? I am so embarrassed being a Fijian when were are being treated with such contempt by highly credible Governments...there is no tide turning Bai has turned us into a mockery...we have never been treated with such contempt under all other Governments of the People of Fiji. We are getting the treatment given only to criminals

Tui Viti said...

NO NLTB...yeah dream on mate, whoever you are!!

convolutedexperiment said...

@ anon 508 p.m.
Aiyaz intelligent ?
You are joking right ?
Nervous about Aiyaz , really ? Wasn't he scalded in New Guinea when he was confronted and told that he should be in prison ?

Aiyaz is headed for Naboro, you know it and so does he.
Thumbs up !

Anonymous said...

@1.45pm 11 June,

"All Land to be Freehold?"...Dream on!!! You must be one of those immigrant with that foreign propaganda who have been trying to attain that through various means in the past and now through this COUP...Dream On

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 4:36pm,
You said people in Fiji are happier now?? huh!! may be you lot in the camp cos Vore's shut up all of u with hansome bribes!! U r a bunch of masi polos!! desperados!! kiss arse to Vore and Aiarse!!
The Poor in Fiji have become poorer!! The only ones who have become rich are the Illegal Regime and their supporters!! Just look around you...more beggers on the streets....no jobs..A lot of businesses have closed down...Aiarse has extended hours of Night clubs...so Nt club owners getting richer while common people getting poorer...and waicala mai na mona na levu in toxic alchohol effect!! me kawa boko kina na kai Viti!! You guys better wake up Aiarse is out for an Ethnic Cleansing of The Indigenous Population big time! These are all the methods he's using!! Next up will be the Cassinos and gambling!!.. Our Beloved Fiji has already gone to the DOGS!!! It's the poor and the underprivelledged that will be the most affected.People in Fiji have never been so unhappy!!! I suppose your eyes have been blinded by the "veivaqumi" by this Illegal Junta.