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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Former MP says he wasn't George Speight's Right Hand Man

By Simione Kaitani
KAITANI: At right.
I wish to respond to Graham Davis' article (Unholy Alliance on Fiji, Fiji Sun, 13/6/06).  His attempt to re-crucify me afresh for my alleged involvement in the 2000 coup not only cast doubts, but very much confirms my suspicions regarding his vested interest and personal agenda, unbecoming of his journalistic profession.

Mr Davis' sweeping statements and diatribes, peppered with hasty generalisations, are a public admission of his continued personal support for the illegal regime of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and Frank Bainimarama.

It is very obvious that Mr Davis is desperately seeking to find some scapegoats as a means to sustaining and distracting attention away from the Regime’s current illegal activities. You’ve got it all wrong, Mr Davis. All very wrong!

The supposed 'smoking gun' pic
Let me remind him that I was an Independent Member of Parliament and also a victim of George Speight’s coup of 2000. 

So despite all the allegations levelled against me, I wish to categorically state that I was never party to any of the meetings or planned takeover of our Parliament of Fiji prior to the Speight coup. I had just embarked on my political career.

Why should I, therefore, have been interested in deposing our Parliament when that would have meant the termination of my own political life and aspirations?

Mr Davis' allegations and subtle choice of words, that I was Mr Speight’s Right Hand Man, is grossly erroneous. He has jumped to the wrong conclusion by making a false connection. The truth is I was never Speight’s 'Right Hand Man', for I only met and came to know of Speight in that mayhem on the morning of 19th May, 2000.

For Mr Davis’ information, it was out of our own concerns for the negative impressions being generated by the extreme nationalist elements in Parliament, that some of us - Members of the Opposition in the deposed Parliament - got together to embark on a damage control exercise.

With great hesitation and after continual pressure from others, I was compelled to take over as spokesperson for the coup from the nationalist leader Mr Duvuloco. That was done without George Speight’s knowledge but very much at Mr Duvuloco’s anger.

He publicly and repeatedly swore at me in front of the crowd when I took over the microphone from him upon instruction from my colleagues. We later approached Speight and explained our action, which he accepted.

I was spokesperson for only one day and for the purpose of calming the crowd. I recall being personally threatened with a pistol by one of the nationalist militants when I took over the microphone from Mr Duvuloco.

It was during my one-day role as spokesperson that I opened up the Parliamentary complex to the International Media who had been denied entry during the first day. I did this, recognising the need to keep the world informed of the mayhem inside the complex itself and the need to have dialogue with George Speight and his team.

Mr Davis’ unsubstantiated statement that I fled to Australia is also a fabrication and total misinformation. I never fled from Fiji. His unsubstantiated statement casts doubt of his professionalism and integrity. It is obvious that his blind support for Messrs Khaiyum and Bainimarama has resulted in a highly distorted and fabricated diatribe against me in the Fiji Sun.

The truth is that on the very morning of the coup in 2006,  I had left Fiji on an official Parliamentary assignment as Leader of the House, representing our Fiji Parliament in a two-day Conference organised by the Democratic Parliamentary Union [DPU] held in Taiwan on the 8th  –10th of December, 2006.

I only learnt of the military takeover of our Parliament on arrival at Sydney Airport. It was for an official Parliamentary engagement that I had left Fiji. I never “fled”.

Moreover, his comments regarding my support for the Truth and Reconciliation Bill as a means of preventing members of our Government from imprisonment, is another misinformation.

It is public knowledge that I was the last of the Ministers in Qarase’s Government to be charged but subsequently cleared by the Fijian court on August 15th, 2005.

It is also public knowledge that had the proposed Reconciliation Bill been passed by Parliament, the only person who would have directly benefited from the Bill would have been Bainimarama himself, for reasons which I do not wish to make public at this stage.

It seems, however, the birds have finally come home to roost. Recent public revelations point to Bainimarama’s personal/official involvement not only in the execution of the 2000 coup but also the military involvement in its planning.

For those, like myself, who had been made scapegoats and considered the fall guys for these sad events, we are waiting anxiously for these truths to surface. I am thankful to God for allowing someone like Roko Ului Mara to be exposing these truths for the world to see!

I consider Mr Davis’s decision to berate and question the sovereign rights of the Government of Australia in granting of the Permanent Residency Status for me, and my family, malicious and mischievous. Australia is honouring its obligation to protect me under international convention for my political beliefs. We are ever thankful to the Government of Australia for their help to us as a family in these very hard times we are going through.

Mr Davis should know that “All that are necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. I have publicly forgiven Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara in Canberra last Saturday. I have expressed my forgiveness for all that he did in 2006 against myself, and his action in deposing our Parliament and our elected SDL Government.

I publicly pardoned Roko Ului and have called for our joint efforts in pursuing nothing but the truth. I have also reminded him of the Mordecai's counsel comment to Queen Esther: “Who knows, that you have become our Queen as such a time as these?”

Finally, we are all at a loss, that whilst we are focusing on the current status of political offences and atrocities committed against the State and people of Fiji, we have journalists like Mr Davis hell bent on  flogging a dead horse in a failed attempt at defending the indefensible. May God bless Fiji!

Read the original story by Graham Davis "Renegade Fiji Officer farce questions of credibility of anti-regime moves" at:  http://pacific.scoop.co.nz/2011/06/renegade-fiji-officer-farce-questions-credibility-over-anti-regime-moves/

Photos: Top Drum Pasifika and bottom Sunday/Channel Nine


Anonymous said...

Vinaka kaitani - truth will prevail in the end for all.
Dave - ur a blinded fool - read the UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a starting point in your re education. Looks like you're covering up for the man who gave the ok for the CRW to go to Parliament in 2000 and who authorised 2 truckloads of weapons to be delivered from the armoury to Parliament.

Anonymous said...

You are all a bunch of crooks. cant hide behind your sulus fro all your life. Time for justice to prevail in Fiji or it will be deemed as a basket case. probably already is. check the deal between the Tappoopoos and FNPF. Money flowing to their project like no tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is soo strong snd handsome xo

convolutedexperiment said...

Simi ignore Graham Davis, we do ! lols

Like the People's Charter for Change, ( formerly officially known as the " People's Farter Charter " ), the Fiji Sun is likened to Lavatory Paper, only useful for wiping ones backside after defecating because, the truth be known, neither is worth reading.

So now a true picture is emerging ;-
Pryde has his hand or something up Gates, Gates has something up the Shameem sisters skirts, the Shameem sisters are pulling Aiyaz, the well dressed Narcissist strings or something, Aiyaz is pulling Frank's and Frank is busy playing with Sharon Smith-Johns and Graham Davis, blissfully unaware that no one is listening and if they are, they are not taking them seriously !

It's evident in recent days since Ratu Ului Mara made his escape from Fiji, right under the incompetent Command of Frank Bainimarama, Francis Keane and the Police Commissioner (pretend) that from the increased traffic on the blog sites and all the new names and aliases suddenly appearing, that a concerted effort is being made by the Regime to discredit everyone who opposes the Regime.

Their attacks on Ratu Ului Mara, Pita Driti, Simi and many others, are a sure sign that they are fearful of the inevitable, prison and a lengthy sentence.

I wonder Simi if Graham Davis has wind of our next move or if he is just pissed off because Frank and Co. can't travel through or to, New Zealand and Australia, where you are enjoying the fruits of Democracy and are able to freely express yourself.

Jealousy is a terrible thing isn't it ?

I'm glad you stayed with us Simi, now you know more than ever, that is was worth it !

TURUKAWA said...

i think its about time that Graham Davies to pull off and finds another job somewhere around the world and forget about fiji.

i have not seen or heard anything that Mr Davies has done for the betterment of fiji before all thse coups.

lai cara wai mada kei AG & FB.

Anonymous said...

yadda.. yadda.. yadda!!!

Simione Kaitani? Nah... another has been... another who abandoned a sinking ship... You go away, so stay away.

yadda.. yadda.. yadda!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon June, 12.17pm

Define strong (moral? physical? spiritual?) and define handsome...

In any case, what has being handsome got to do with anything? Are we casting for a Bollywood movie or what? One thing is for certain though, you and your wannabe pm are both morally deficient!

SEMI MEO said...

In a memorial service of the late Tui Nayau, Ratu Sir KKT Mara many of us attended were humbled by the late Rev. PK Davies reminisce of his occasional dinner together in Lakeba with the then young medical student. The Late Methodist President saw it a privilege and added his great admiration and amongst his accolades highlighted the essence of all the former Prime Minister and President stood for and achieved for modern Fiji.All now destroyed by Fiji's Co-Dictator Rear Admiral Bainimarama.

May be best for prodigal Journo son Graham Davies to revisit some of those great moments when his late father may have attempted to impart a bit of Fijians in his young foreign concept of the Fiji.. his late father toiled to build while in the Methodist Church.

Like many of us, we had supported all attempts to return to democracy, even the glossy charter, now we know as only volumous nothingness to buy time for the Co Prime Ministers ravaging deceit on our beloved Fiji and her people.

eh....had the late Talatala be around today, he would sure twist the journo Davies ears red for listening to the evil Dictators and slayer of the Methodist Church Conferences which the late Qaselevu on 2 occasions was president...and shamming his name.

As for George Speight?.....do not worry about him as he heads the Prison Service Business wing ..and doing a better job than those on fat salary in HQ , by expanding live stock, crops, garment, furniture and soon assembly of some “toys”.

Kudos to Aussie Kaitani for being a gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis is an idiot.
It's because of people like him that led to the Lowy Institute making a blunder in their assessment of Fiji, 2 months ago.
No one should read his report.
I suggest that the Lowy Institute refrain from reading his report if they want to make a proper assesment of Fiji.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka SK , Fijians know too well that Speight was used by the military in 2000 ....Katokau !! that was the key name mentioned in those Muanikau GVT quarters which where converted into 3fir controll centers where i installed communication's equipt....The Truth will set Fiji free !!Davies if full of B/S !!

Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu Mr Kaitani. Appreciate the honesty and frankness of your letter. Unfortunately I don't think it will reach the Fiji populace with the current media censor in place. Mr Davis is way out of touch with reality and needs to get a reality check or cease commenting on Fiji altogether.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis should not be talking about the situation in Fiji as he knows nothing about. The issue at the moment is not about what happened in 2000 but how to get rid of the current military dictator now so the people of Fiji can have a FREE life. Graham and Frank appears to have something in common. His late dad the Rev Davies is a great gentlemen and a warrior of God. Grow up Graham!

Anonymous said...

Bula Folks!

The pardon and forgiveness is just between Kaitani and Ului. Kaitani doesn't have any mandate to seek forgiveness on behalf of the SDL party elected members, the majority of whom are still in Fiji,and the members of the SDL party at large...era se cola vanua galugalu tu ga ena gauna oqo.

Maybe Kaitani has a personal agenda and some sort of opportunist contract that could be secured through an alliance with Ului.
Ului and Baledrokadroka should have sanctioned the support of the vanua when they were still at the FMF. The problem is that they were the enemy of the vanua then, what now? Kua ni drau vakalialia kemudrau!!keimami wadra tiko.

Look at the attendies at the Queanbean meeting - their characteristic speak for themselves - I am assuming that the numbers present accounted for
0.005 percent of all Fijians in Australia - so insignificant.

Me Bula Ga Ko Viti, Ka Me Toro Ga Ni Ki liu. Me Turaga Vinaka O Ira Na i Liuliu...

Sa ra tu vei o ira na turaga vinaka kei Viti??


Tui Viti said...

Simi........tell him so he knows.Its a pity the apple fell far from the tree in Graham Davies case. I have a feeling his looking to fill in the gap left by John Sami, Francis Narayan & Co.Graham Davies if you're reading this..........get an honest job man.

NadroKid said...

For those of us who were fortunate enough to have heard him when the late Qaselevu came to Fiji for the second time, Rev Davis's sermons were always powerful, to the point and full of truth. Preached in both perfect English and Fijian.

Only wish Mr Graham Davis had picked up some of the same powers of perception, humility and truth telling that his father, the late former Qaselevu of the Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma had in abundance.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Simi Kaitani for your correspondence in regards to Graham Davis's damaging report.

With due respect to you I must say that the only way and I reiterate the only way for our beloved Fiji to come out of its current predicament is when after Vore and his goons are taken out that the Interim Govt be composed of non-politicians, military personnel, NGOs, Democracy Movement members etc.

What Fiji needs are qualified intellectuals like Wardan Narsey, Graham Leong, Jon and Lisa Apted etc.

Please Ului Mara and soon-to-be liberators, NO MORE FORMER POLITICIANS, NO MORE MILITARY PERSONNEL, NO NGOS, NO FREEDOM FIGHTERS in the new Interim Govt.

People in the above mentioned can wait for the next elections.

ex Fiji tourist said...

I wonder if the comedy sheet will be game to publish the following excellent article which appeared in the press in Australia today.

Surely they will do this in order to balance the drivel that they splashed on their front page yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this article. I must admit that I was one of those that labelled Mr Kaitani as one of the key players in the 2000 coup but I am glad that he has spoken up - many are not aware of this version of the whole 2000 saga and I think that before anyone is quick to jump the gun and start pointing fingers at each other for their involvement in the 2006 coup; one has to examine the facts and evidence at hand properly, otherwise we will be faced with the same predicament as Mr Kaitani where innocent people are accused of being coup supporters just because they are seen to be in the same circles as the key players.. just my 2cents worth :)

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama heads a government that has no democratic legitimacy. At a time where people across the globe are embracing democracy, most recently seen in the uprisings in the Arab world, it is tragic that a nation like Fiji is sinking into this type of dictatorship.

# From: PerthNow
# June 13, 2011 1:28PM


Many travellers have been able to ignore the fact that Fiji is under a military dictatorship, but when the government is using their absolute power to stifle free speech and attack the rights of the workers who are serving you, it’s time to ask some serious questions.

The problem is what do we do? Making calls on how we treat developing nations, especially our neighbours, is always tough. Tourism keeps the Fiji economy afloat and is vital to the living standards of all its people. Fiji is far from being North Korea with palm trees – there is still some civil society and freedom left.

But the military regime that has been in power since 2006 is steadily eroding basic freedoms and crushing any democratic opposition, in particular journalists and unions.

The regime pays lip service to democracy with a vague promise that elections will be held in 2014. There is no reason why elections could not be held earlier than 2014, even this year, and I have no faith that the regime intends to deliver on its vague promise.

Military strongman Commodore Frank Bainimarama heads a government that has no democratic legitimacy. At a time where people across the globe are embracing democracy, most recently seen in the uprisings in the Arab world, it is tragic that a nation like Fiji is sinking into this type of dictatorship.

Fiji is not the worst dictatorship in the world, but it is in our neighbourhood and the one where Australia and Australians have the most influence.

Anonymous said...

I bet FijiSun does not have the balls to print simi Kaitani's response!! So much getting both sides of the story!!

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot to all of your senior leaders...if telling us the truth it will prevail and if you sreading out lies it will aslo prevail..we young minds are not dead...weather Voreqe or Ului ....se tamata tikoga..

Anonymous said...

Syrian Army deserter: 'We were ordered to shoot on the people'

Darwish Mohammed Fidou deserted his unit after he was given orders to fire directly on civilians. His story bolsters growing reports of dissent within Syria's military.

Mr. Fidou says he deserted from the Syrian army after his unit was ordered to fire upon unarmed anti-regime protesters in mid-May in the Syrian city of Homs. He now joins a building refugee exodus of 7,000 that has arrived in Turkey in the past week.


aSK said...

Perhaps we should not get too exited about Mr. Davis. I do not really think that publishing in the Fiji Sun is necessarily a smart carrier move for a journalist. What it says loud and clear is that Davis condones what the junta and the Sun does: Keeping the population in a permanent state of stupidity.

Anonymous said...

i still don't get the fact on why fiji needs to have an army anyway...
no army! period
thumbs up for democracy nd middle finger up for the illegal regime

Anonymous said...

Good work mate.

I am now humbly requesting all my fellow elected parliamentarians to start using the "Parliament of Fiji" letterhead. This will be a big slap on the regime.

You can make your own, or download the template from

www.ourfreefiji.com (Official website of Free Fiji Movement which is been setup in Auckland).


Anonymous said...

When you depend too much on the BULLET there is tendency that your actions and words will confirm that your BRAIN(s) are smaller than the bullets that you terrorise civilians and protect yourselves with!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jake says;

Vinaka Simi, we know that you also know the truth behind Franks involvement in 2000 coup and now his very own that idiots like Graham Davis is championing. We all know that Fiji Sun is the puppet of the illegal regime and will not print your crwedible rebuttal of Graham Davis unsubstantiated rairytale writings. In fact everytime I read it I spill. It makes me sick.

Good on you Simi for standing up for democarcy because Fiji with its current wannabee leaders have bled our country.

My advise to Grahan Davis - gi and look for something good, p;rudent and useful for your family to do. Fiji is hurting & bleeding day by day. People like you should take a break and go for a journey around the world esp in Atrb countries to see realities of what freedom is really like.
Gosd bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

From concerned observer:

I'm not defending GD or the Fiji regime however, without journalists and others questioning and pushing some buttons how can this issue move forward? Are all of those so-called pro-democracy people suggesting that democracy is a one way discussion that serves only one version of what democracy and freedom can be? Sounds like another form of pro-dictatorship to me. My tip: don't shoot the messenger. The personal and the political are two different ball games.

Anonymous said...

"the only person who would have directly benefited from the Bill would have been Bainimarama himself, for reasons which I do not wish to make public at this stage"

Don't think that this is the time to be withholding information, its either we heard the whole truth or stop giving us half delivered statement.

I applaud the fight to bring Fiji back democracy but the people deserve to know the truth, nothing but the truth.

Anonymous said...

The Fiji Sun appears to have a policy of never letting the facts get in the way of a good story. All it prints now is fiction. Who is reading its drivel? How does it stay in business?

Looks the part said...

Oi, Simi. As they say: If the suit fits, wear it.

Hello! said...

Actually, Graham Davis is an idiot savant. May look stupid but can still see what's going on. And so can the rest of us. You know that old story "if it looks like a duck, it is a duck". Kaitani sure looks like a coup maker to me in that photo with the tasi pori George Speight.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Vakalevu Mr Kaitani. May God continue to richly bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I do not hold anything against Mr Kaitani. He has explained himself and it seems credible as he emphasised that he went through the courts for his actions and was cleared so there's no cause to hold the monkey on his back. Lets move or moreso surge towards democracy with all for it on board.

Anonymous said...

Davis really seems to think that we in Fiji do not deserve any better than what we have now. We should close our mouths and listen and obey his idol Bainiarse. We do not deserve freedom of speech that he obviously enjoys in whatever part of the world he lives in. We do not deserve a vibrant and prosperous economy. We do not deserve to be lead by a leader who has respect for its own people, who doesnt bash women and who is threatening its own citizens with guns!! Davis need to take time out and go listen to his father's sermons he might learn something andleave us the bloody hell alone. Its hard enough having to deal with these clowns that are forcibly leading the country without idiots like this trying to tell us what is best for Fiji.

john kama said...

Roko Ului current personality changes would have to be very extensive in order to change my idea of the kind of person he is;and for me to trust him? I have never agreed with Kamises Mara and of his way of talking/speaking down to Fijians as if we're all stupid? I've never like it and have verbally made my opinion be known to others and wrote to him on
this subject also.Kamisese never change till he's dying days-always speaking down to Fijian as if we were all created for him to lead? If that is what to expect from his son, than i don't want any of it?We really don't need someone whose always sitting on top of the fence,keeping an eye out for which of the side is doing well, before he jumped in? Just because your dad was the former PM & President doesn't immediately gives you the right DNA to give you same to be successful in either occupations?

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Mr. Kaitani. I believe you. Mr. Davis is hellbent on directing attention away from the perpertrators of the 2006 coup (Shameems, Khaiyums,Yabaki, Labour Party). Therefore he constantly directs his vitriolic attacks on those he alleges were instrumental for the 2000 coup. Unfortunately, he does not do proper research for his extremely biased articles. So much for being an 'award-winning' journalist! We should not take him seriously. He has an axe to grind.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Mr Kaitani, thank you so much for clarifying the issue. I would also like you to clarify the issue of May 28, 2000 in which you were part of a group in the Parliamentary Complex hostage situation, including some very extremist Fijians such as George Speight, Joji Bakoso, Peceli Vuniwa, Apisai Tora, Maciu Navakasuasua, Vili Tikotani, Apenisa Ravutuqica, Jo Nata and others, in which the discussion was about the complete eradication of the Indian race in Fiji. It seems that you actively took part in this discussion, even suggesting ways in which to go about the process. I find it very funny indeed now that you're shouting for democracy when you were part of the rape of democracy in Fiji in 2000. Also, just to mention, you actively and personally approved of the abuse and assault of Mr Chaudhary and his son Rajen. You were even heard to have mentioned in Fijian and we quote "...Dou mokuta vinaka, rau sa veitamani viavialevu, moku tiko me yacova ni rau veka..." end quote.
I surely wish the Australians could read this in a translated version, but hey, they don't care. Oh another quote from Mr Kaitani "...Me ra sa na vakawaboko taki ga yani na mata tamata qo, sa dina ga na ka e kaya o naita Buta, Na kaidia vinaka ga na kaida na mate, hahahahaha..." end quote. Just some reading for you ladies and gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

Simi Kaitani is an opportunist and like all opportunists,conscious of policies and practices and taking selfish advantage of circumstances, with little regard for principles.
Ului,Baledrokadroka, Rajesh Singh, Tappoos, Punjas, Motibhais, Ah Koys and others (some in former governments and others in current)are in the same boat.. )NO MERIT!!

Members of the new Fiji Government cabinet after the election should only be selected if they meet the following prerequistes:

1. A good under-graduate degree from a reputable institution.

2. A sound post-graduate degree from a reputable institution.

3. Ministers,PS's and senior civil servantss Should possess relevant undergraduate and post-graduate qualifications.

4. Work experience should not be considered as stand-alone criteria for selection. Former governments have had problems with these, because the incumbents have brought in excess baggages with considerble networkings.

5. Anyone else other than the above should not be considered, and these includes people of chiefly status,vanua leaders, ethnic group leders, religious leaders, civil socities spokespeople and leaders etc. As stated above, former governments have had problems with these, because the incumbents have brought in excess baggages with considerble unnecessary networkings.



Wilson Tamanikaira said...

Bula vinaka Graham,
I read your article and hope this piece of advice will be taken to heart. At times, journalists diminish the credibility of their profession because of their skewed ethical and moral judgments about this coup, mainly due to self interests. It is a pity that your great journalistic technical skills are being ruined in your biased and troubling personal perceptions concerning the current coup situation in Fiji and of the military dictator, Bainimarama.

Your whole article on Ului Mara's visit centered on, justifying one coup (2006) with another (2000). This argument is nothing new and was used as the centerpiece of the military propaganda campaign during and immediately after the tragic coup of 2006. I say propaganda because the objectives of the 2006 coup to date have been confusing and at best, contradictory for the same reasons he illegally removed President, Ratu Kamisese Mara on the 29th May, 2000 off Dakuibeqa (Richard Broadbridge, Close Up).

It is undeniable that pro-indigenous and anti corruption crusades are noble causes but in both these coups,laws were broken and crimes have been committed. The crimes of 2006 cannot be simply justified by those of 2000 therefore praising the actions of Bainimarama lends credence to those who praise the actions of Speight. Bainimarama's crimes have been the most significant dilemma and negative factor dogging all of his actions and supporters since day one of the coup. It has served to stigmatize all other purportedly "good actions" produced by his junta. Even Bainimarama's convoluted speeches about the need for "high moral values" are bankrupt because people view him as being a hypocrite and a person who is hell bent on escaping the wheels of justice by any means.

The saga of Bainimarama today is no different from H.C. Andersen’s tale of,”The Emperor with new clothes”. His increasing narcissism are being stroked by beguiling weavers in the background who promise him a new suit of clothes that are invisible to those whom they refer to as,” unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent”. Like Bainimarama, the Emperor cannot see the cloth himself, but pretends that he can for fear of appearing unfit for his position or stupid; his ministers do the same. The hoodwink is complete when these swindlers report that the suit is finished, they mime dressing him and the Emperor then marches in procession before his subjects, many play along with the pretense.

We should be always vigilant and honest to tell Bainimarama that his robes are but an illusion and his self interests should be given up for the sake of the nation. Ordinary people can see that Bainimarama’s crimes are evident and he’s regime is fa├žade and all they want is for him to face justice. The return to normalcy cannot proceed until we also put pressure on the beguiling weavers in the background whose self interests serve as a barrier for the return of Fiji to normalcy.

Graham, you should make it your mission to relentlessly pursue justice for the many innocent victims Bainimarama have left in his destructive path since 2000 and in particular those who have had their lives violently and tragically taken away from them. I was privileged to have met your father, the esteemed Rev Davis who is a true man of the cloth and one who had genuine concern for the welfare of Fijians. I am sure he would be turning in his grave given that his eldest son is extolling the virtues of a dictator. A person who has no qualms about preaching the virtues of a corrupt free society yet on the other hand illegally receiving salaries, perks and perverting the course of justice.

Vinaka,posted as only Grub Street.

Kinoya Kid said...

Kinoya Kid says,
You;ve being kicked out long time before the upheval....whose letter head are U refering to...U are rubbish

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.28pm
Thumps up for the present Rule and the rest of the fingers in U.....

Anonymous said...

Davies is way out of his leaque. Me rau veivutusona ga kei na editor ni fiji sun.

Good on you Simi. I bet FS cannot and will not want the truth by publishing Simi's Story because it doesnt want the truth.I Have named this paper as FPSN [Frank/Fiji's Propaganda Shit Newspaper.

Not again! said...

Davis has turned up the heat on Kaitani with another posting on his grubsheet website. Bruddy bastard.

Anonymous said...

we need to understand that Fiji is not ready for Democracy....there is too much corrupt people still in the system...they are being weeded out and the field is being levelled for the common Fijian people..All this will take time....we need to be patient. The people who are whinging are the ones who were gaining from the previous corrupt leaders and feeding on the blood of the common people..welcome back to earth!

Simi Kaitani said...

Lol..yeah, sure did. Was wondering whether it was photoshopped!