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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Informers release target and bounty list for Bainimarama and key supporters

Explosive information has emerged from the secret world of Fiji intelligence: a target list accompanied by a bounty for key members and supporters of the illegal government of Frank Bainimarama.

With the list has come information that 'investors' are prepared to pay handsomely anyone who can arrest or 'bring down' Bainimarama and his key aides, including the attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and the illegal solicitor general, Christopher Pryde.

Key business supporters, like Aslam Khan the Vodafone CEO,  the Air Pacific chief executive, David Pflieger and the FNPF CEO, Aisake Taito are named as is coup advisor and former judge, Nazhat Shameem, and Khaiyum's accountant aunt, Dr Nur Bano Ali and husband Zarin Khan.

The target list includes the charges that would be laid against members of the inner core of the illegal regime and runs from $400,000 for Bainimarama to $50,000 for the Ministry of  Information spokesperson, Sharon Smith Johns. Khaiyum faces the most charges and has a $350,000 bounty.

The list was emailed to Coupfourpointfive by a group calling itself the Fiji Action Group. The group says the world needs to know there are people who are willing and determined to bring down the dictator with or without national or international support.

An intelligence source, meanwhile, says police HQ have the 13 files on Banimarama that was compiled by the former Police Commissioner, Andrew Hughes CID team on the 2000 mutiny and other documents until 2006 on the illegal Commander. The 13 files are concealed in six boxes with all evidence and statements.

Coupfourpointfive has been told the files were uplifted by the army from CID in December 2006 but have found their way back with the current COMPOL  task force. None of the files were destroyed.

Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama: Illegal Self-Proclaimed PM  & Dictator. Price Tag $400,000
Treason, Crime against Humanity, Kidnap, Torture, Murder, Rape, Aggravated Assault, Damaging Property, Arson, Extortion, Embezzlement of Public Funds, Commercial Fraud, Bribery, Abuse of Office and Corruption.

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum: Self-proclaimed AG. Price Tag $350,000
Extortion, Embezzlement of Public Funds, Conspiracy to Defraud the National Treasury, Money Laundering, Abuse of office,, Circumventing internal accounts, control of national treasurer, falsifying books and records, Submitting false statements, engaging in monetary transactions from an unlawful activity, Securities Fraud and conspiracy, Obstruction of justice and Destroying Evidence, Wire Fraud and Bank Fraud, Manipulating the executive office of the President and Cabinet to camouflage conversion of millions of dollars in overseas accounts.

Christopher Thomas Pryde: Self-Proclaimed Illegal Solicitor General. Price tag $150,000
Criminal Insider trading & Tax Fraud, Conspiracy to commit securities fraud, engaging in a conspiracy that illegally manipulated the PER decree and the Commerce Commission Decree, Obstruction of justice using the judicial system to block fair court ruling, manipulating the executive office of the President and Cabinet to camouflage conversion of millions of dollars in overseas accounts.

Dr Nur Bano Ali  and husband Zarin Khan, Fraudster and Self- Styled Government Consultant. Price Tag $250,000
Filing false income tax return, Failing to report taxable income, Manipulating the executive office of Cabinet by obtaining money through false pretence. Securities fraud, insider trading and tax fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and to falsify financial information. Conspiracy to make false statements to auditors and to maintain false books and records. Corporate accounting fraud, Grand Larceny.

Aslam Khan, Vodafone Fiji CEO: Self-Styled Government Business Advisor. Price Tag $100,000
Enterprise Corruption, criminal conspiracy, aiding and abetting or accessory, Corporate accounting fraud.

Nazhat Shameem former judge: Self- Styled Legal Advisor. Price Tag $100,000
Conspiracy to obstruct justice, Manipulating the judicial system and the attorney general’s chambers perverting fair trial, criminal conspiracy, aiding and abetting or accessory.

Dr Ganesh Chand: Vice chancellor and Academic Advisor. Price Tag $80,000
Criminal conspiracy, aiding and abetting or accessory, Engaging in a conspiracy that illegally manipulated the Education System for fraudulent conversion of FNU and academic committees as business entities, Insider Trading and Fraud. Conspiracy to commit securities fraud.

Mosese Tikoitoga, Illegal Land Force Commander, Adulterer. Price Tag $100,000
Criminal conspiracy, Aiding and abetting or accessory, Conspiracy, obstruction of Justice

Dr Mahendra Reddy: Illegal Commerce Commission Commissioner. Price tag $80,000
Criminal conspiracy Aiding and abetting or accessory, Conspiring to build political power base for next election, Trading on inside information, Obstruction of justice and securities fraud.

Iowane Naivalurua: Illegal COMPOL. Price Tag $100,000
Criminal conspiracy, aiding and abetting or accessory, obstruction of justice and securities fraud, conspiring to mislead yellow ribbon as commercial venture, Insider Trading concealing chargers of treason, rape, assault, murder and kidnap on high profile figures, Withholding information from auditors.

Sharon Smith Illegal Self-styled PS of Information. Price Tag $50,000
Criminal conspiracy, aiding and abetting or accessory, Embezzlement of public funds, Conspiracy to defraud the nation through obstruction of justice and honest reporting, Conspiracy to commit public funds for political campaign of current regime, Criminal trespass and being involved in local politics.

Riyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, Self-Promoted CEO FBCL brother of AG. Price Tag $80,000
Criminal conspiracy, aiding and abetting or accessory, Withholding information from auditors, Falsifying records, falsifying books and records, wire fraud, securities fraud, engaging in monetary transactions derived from an unlawful activity, submitting false statements

Air Pacific Chief executive officer, David Pflieger. Price Tag  $100,000
Criminal conspiracy, aiding and abetting or accessory, withholding information from the company’s internal investigators, conspiracy to make false statements to auditors and to maintain false books and records. Corporate accounting fraud, grand larceny. Obstruction of justice, insider trading and tax fraud.

Aisake Taito, CEO FNPF. Price Tag: $100,000
Criminal conspiracy, aiding and abetting or accessory Securities fraud, insider trading and tax fraud, Conspiracy to commit wire fraud and to falsify financial information. Conspiracy to make false statements to auditors and to maintain false books and records. Corporate accounting fraud, Grand Larceny.


  1. All but one of the listed MUST go down - to the bullet!

    Bainimarama will have to answer for all their misdeeds.

  2. This is awesome!

  3. Good work C4.5.
    There's a reason why Naboro has been made ready.
    So that these lowlifes can go and enjoy the security they were looking for.
    Maximum Security

    -Valataka nna Dina.

  4. And they all came toppling down !! the truth will prevail.

  5. Most exellent! Good to see their faces too so that all can know just who we are dealing with! Plato

  6. Abolish army and guns and then NO more trouble. Voreqe should do this himself and then he may be forgiven, but he is too afraid to do so.

  7. Ajith Kodagoda, the FNPF Chairman and Director of CJ Patel & Company should also be included in the list.

    He is a key player to implementing the illegal regime's policies and action plans.

    He should be charged for aiding and abetting or accessory criminal conspiracy.

  8. Ummmmmm....and where's military treasonous officer Mohammed phuckwit Aziz???

  9. All Bunch of Wanna-Bees!!!! Thieves, Crooks,Corrupt Arseholes!!!!!

    One Day Mafatu!!!! That day is here!!!! Waraka Namaka!!!

    Ganesh you kutu! climbing your rag doll, Natasha!!!
    Sharon you bitch! climbing the Mob to keep your job!!!
    Judgement Day is here!!!!
    Naboro.....here they come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. A bullet each. Problem solved.

  11. is the cash in US$ or FJ$

  12. I hope that we can have an overall reward for whoever can now overthrow the illegal Government and cause the elections to take place in Fiji in the shortest time frame; that will be good and worthwhile. Thumbs up to Fiji's freedom from oppression.

  13. I think we should have a 24/7 TRACKING for each of these people so that we can all be aware where they are or will be at any given moment of the day or night. Let us get serious now and hunt these people down, to bring back democracy.

  14. Does it matter if they are dead
    or alive? Alive may be challenging.

  15. Add the ambasador to the UN Peter Thomson to the list. His idea to join the non aligned movement (NAM) and lobby against autralia's UN security council bid thru NAM.

  16. Thumbs up friends! Ratu Mara shall be our rallying point our leader and our hope. Under his guidance we can tell the world what is really happening in Fiji, how much we all suffer from a megalomaniac Khaiyum and his mongrel puppet Bainimarama. And under his guidance we will force the dictator to the scrap heap of history where all other dictators have ended and will continue to end. Let us take our clues from the bravery and determination of the people of Libya, Syria, Yemen, Egypt and Tunisia. Freedom is never completely free, but it is time now to take risks and take our freedom back.

  17. WOW!!!
    Killer job Coup 4.5! Well done, keep it up :) And good job too to the Fiji Action Group. Keep at it guys.
    Toso Viti Toso!
    God bless!

  18. Congrats to C4.5 for the work you are doing to hasten the return of the peoples Democratic Government with the hope that future governments will be wise and honest/transparent and benevolent.
    Is that too much to ask ?
    This illegal group must be punished for the shocking abuse of the Fijian people, it will serve as a deterant to any future wanabe coup organisers.
    I'm not too sure about the financial incentive to bring down the thugs. There should be a good number of intelligent RFM who are willing to act on their heart felt desire for the Fiji people. . . BUT, how much longer will they wait . . the longer they wait, the higher the price is likley to be in lives and blood.
    A comment about Mr Blanks cartoons.
    Your charactarisation of the faces is wonderful. I hope you read these messages and see the step up in intensity/seriousness. Serious subjects require a more intense/dark humour, so get heavy/dark with the message. The pic should just provoke the people to think - it does'nt have to be funny when the subject is so serious. . keep up the great work.
    Also we need more from John Galt.
    --from your Sydney Tourist.

  19. With the bounty on offer from $50,000 to $400,000 this was bound to happen. The ultra incentive also asks the question of assassination as part of the "bring down" deal.

    With people like Mac Patel and Bhikabhai, both millionairs behind bars anything can happen.

    While I do not condone acts of violence let alone killing, perhaps there are the elite that the Action Group is composed of that can splurge such a massive amount of dollars to see Vore and his modern-day thugs go down, via the legal way or through the graveyard.

  20. Great way to apply the proverbial blow torch to the belly. The people who have co-operated with this illegal junta should be getting nervous about what will happen to them when justice takes over . . . soon.
    There are more than on this list, and they should all start to swet and have night mares in their sleep.

  21. Is this Dead or Alive? And if captured where do you take them too, to get your award money? Is this a genuine bounty offer? Need proof so people in Fiji can know that it is genuine offer.

    However, Prices on their heads can buy you a nice house and retirement money collectively.

  22. Thumbs Up for Democracy and thumbs down to the regime. Feed Piggy to the lions and give the people what they want!!

  23. Jake says;

    These thieves & muderers look like cow dungs on a dirty dry turf & stinks rotten eggs.

    They can't get rich via LEGAL means but through illegal way.

  24. Air Pacific Chief executive officer, David Pflieger should be sent to jail right now!

    An American loser who could not make it any higher in Virgin America that he had to come to Fiji.

    Kick this thugs ass.

  25. you missed the taPpoos and CJ Patel

  26. @ Anon 9:41 AM

    Frank and Aiyaz are too stupid and have dug themselves into a hole - they have never had any plan other than their plan to hold onto power at all costs.

    The problem is that now that they see the writing on the wall, they are trying to dig themselves out with the CCF and the rest - but truly, the time is coming for them to hand themselves in for the verdict of the people - so Frank and Aiyaz will be doing all they can to justify their actions and ask for forgiveness.

    Much like Ratu Mara - except he got out sooner.

    The real question for Frank and Aiyaz to think about NOW is to take a look at eachother and think: "Who will be left holding the bucket at the end of this?"

  27. @ C4.5

    Has anyone else noticed Fiji's ranking in the Reporters Without Borders Index?


    We are behind Afganistan and Iraq. Shameful.

  28. @ 11:32 AM. No comparison between "Mac" Patel and Bhika - the former is a renowned businessman and definitely NOT guilty, the latter is a small time business crook and guilty of crime.

  29. @ Anon 11:04 AM. Definitely needs clarification.

    "'investors' are prepared to pay handsomely anyone who can arrest or 'bring down' Bainimarama and his key aides"

    Does 'bring down' include 'DEAD' OR JUST 'ALIVE'?

  30. @ 11:47 AM. I think it is quite genuine... firstly, they are HATED by the severaly populace, and secondly, there are wealthy 'investors' in the background who are witnessing the horrible state of affairs in Fiji - economic, political, social, etc. - and wanting to get rid of this scourge.

  31. @ 12:11 PM. "They can't get rich via LEGAL means but through illegal way." Precisely. And they sentence an honest inbdividual like Motibhai who did get rich via LEGAL means and NEVER stole a cent from anyone.

  32. @ 12:34 PM. Shameful yes, but surprising, definitely NO. What dis you expect?

  33. Anyone's guess really WHO these 'investor's really are....

    Definitely NOT Tapposs. Perhaps Hari Punja? I believe this information os GENUINE and there are many people out there with money who want to get rid of this taliban thugs.

  34. thumbs up for democracy.
    well they have fooled fiji people for long time.
    time for a change now
    live by the sword die by the sword.
    gods words.
    god bless fiji.

  35. List is done by self serving SDL racist members. Most you who live overseas don't have Fiji at heart. Why don't you say your names for Fiji's sake. This way we will know your creditability. I hope it aint Ballu cos he go no creditability at all.

  36. the business men of fiji who not in prison are all shitting themselves. so they should.

  37. There are some people who would do them for free!!! lol!

  38. Where do we sign up?

  39. Now we start to see some real substance behind all of the talk! Vinaka whoever is behind the bounty! Some have asked dead or alive...dead would be too easy! Let them live and face the people of Viti! God Bless Fiji!

  40. @ 1:14 PM. Oh Really. There are Fijians and Kaivalagis on that list, not just Kaidias and "Muslims" and Hindus, so how can it be "racist"? Only in your filthy demented head.

  41. @ 1:38 PM. Amen! Death is too easy for them. Let them rot in prison. Just keep them there and let them rot.

    The death penalty is much too easy a way out for such monsters. Or is it?

  42. Now I know why Vodafone texts cannot be received in the US! The CEO is an insider and informer and puppet of the dictatorship....worried that information may be leaked to the US or supporters of a Democratic Fiji! Shame, shame shame Vodafone Fiji!

  43. nice photo of Baini. NOT. What's with that red eye?

  44. You forgot Gates and the other Shameem, Mataboica, Chodo and all the Labour Party members....

  45. RE: Radiolucas

    I like the way you think. Don't know that they will try to lick anyone's boot in the end, though. This could be like a spaghetti Western where they shoot their way out against insurmountable odds - and LOSE. Couldn't happen to a more deserving duo. Jesse James and the Sundance Kid (only THEY were better looking!)

    Well, hope all of you professional worldwide gunslingers out there are looking at the pile of cash waiting for you. Clint Eastwood, "For a Few Dollars More." Come and git it - grub served!! Plato

  46. @ Anonymous 1.14pm. Why don't you publish your name...you say the list was made by SDL racists.You don't have any crediblity either as you are abviously a member or supporter of the current dictatorship. Maybe your name is Meli Tsao Tung! As Meli's dad is getting all his advice from China!

  47. they are not worth a cent...
    but whoever is behind it, God Bless you ....

  48. It is interesting to think about that one little bullet, sitting there in a certain soldier's magazine, and how that $1 bullet has the power to bring freedom and happiness to hundreds of thousands of Fiji's citizens. Not long now. Thumbs up for Fiji.

  49. Can someone offer a bounty for information regarding the events of 1987 and 2000.It will interesting to see the dark faces of those rascals who have planted this seed of coups in our beautiful Fiji.By reading this blogsite it seems to me that this blog is not fighing a genuine cause for democracy.Instead it is fighting to instate the failed and corrupt politicians of yester years who have no other agenda than to divide and rule and at the same time fill their pockets.To those making comments can you name yourselves rather than hide behind pseudo names.
    I once again challenge the likes of Baledrokadroka and Mara not to hide in thier safe heavens.If you have the support to bring down VB than go down and take the streets of Suva rather than using this blog to incite hatred and violence amongst those innocent victims in Fiji.
    And to those who are relying on Mara please get out of the cloud because Mara is not a true Fijian but a descedent of Ma'afu.To those who havent read the history of Fiji just go and see who Ma'afu was.If it hadnt been for Cakobau Fiji would today be a subject of Tonga.
    So how can you expect a half blooded Tongan/Fijian like Mara to save Fiji.

  50. David Pflieger has to justify to the Fijian taxpayers the exorbitant fees paid to the huge number of expat consultants at Air Pacific. They were brought in after Pflieger removed the senior management corp made up of locals who have proved their worth during good and bad times. The Government and board members should ask Pflieger what special qualifications they have that precludes locals from doing those jobs. Are they training locals? Since Pflieger's arrival the once proud airline has been a joke with recruitment of people with highly questionable CV and competencies. Pflieger's leadership and management style does not befit someone who graduated from a military academy. John Ruskin, the nineteenth century writer and art critic asserted (1) Pride goes before destruction (2)When pride comes, then comes disgrace (3)Pride only breeds quarrels (4) A man's pride brings him low. Pflieger, time is running out - make you getaway when you still can......

  51. Has anyone noticed our rapid fall on the international economic table from the top 40 to the bottom 40?

  52. Once again, MOHAMMED AZIZ is missing.
    I wonder why?

  53. The "invetsors" may be the same people who financed the 2000 coup.

    It may be they have not learned of the consequences of their actions.

  54. where the hell are we going. Peaceful protest and responsible action is all what is needed. This act of an evil act - Bounty WTF. The blog should be more responsible and not to promote illegal activity. This criminal!!!!

  55. Can C4.5 confirm this? if so.Will contact you in private.NO MERCY.

  56. What about Biman Prasad and USP's VC? These people are all part of the strategic alliance.
    Remember USP's VC was VC for FNU (The institution that was formed not because of the rationality of improving Fiji's education system, but to discredit USP and the then Fiji Government, which was a majority shareholder).
    FNU was formed with the backing of the NLP and Fiji Kisan Sangh with financial backing from Fiji and abroad, and their motive was only political bickering and self interests. The repercussions is evident in Fiji and the region today.

    Food for thought folks! The truth will always prevail!


  57. come on you selfish bastards instead of putting money on the arrest and capture of people and inciting further trouble, why dont you help the needy and destitute.

    these rewards are just another by desperate and faceless cowards to hurt the innocents who would listen to them. be responsible guys.

  58. @ Anonymous 3:09PM: With all due respect, wake up and smell the hibiscus! How can you have a peaceful protest when you are up against guns and bullets, not to mention the dictatorial bullying tactics employed by the regime? I am not a supporter of violence but I believe there are exceptional circumstances when 'fire is fought with fire'. This good sir/madam, is one such circumstance!

  59. Sick, very sick!June 7, 2011 at 3:46 PM

    You have become the lowest of the low. Call yourself Fijians? Yes, 18th century ones. If any one of these people receives a "bullet" - as one of your disgusting contributors urges - 4.5 will have blood on its hands.

    I know you won't publish this because you are gutless nobodies. But as you delete it, you should know that you've lost the only battle worth fighting - the moral one. You and that fraud Mara deserve each other.

  60. The charges are spot on and if this is just pyschological warfare, well spot on again. People, we might not have the stomach for some things but let's not be naive. Do you guys think the reime and supporters are lying awake at night worrying about what we think of them? Let the army arrest this gang and they get the money.

  61. Fiji needs a coup to reverse the 2006 coup for dictator to save himself from naboro and do his junta crooking going on now.

    Believe in the cause and not method.

    There is no other way.

    The junta is only 11 men, people of fiji are 700000.

    Rabuka did it with 20 men in 1987, histroy must repeat itself now by FMF officers loyal to Fiji and not the thug junta who has been fooling them so far.

  62. Try to have a peaceful march on the streets of Suva and see what you'll get, so much for a peaceful protest.

  63. @ Sick, very sick, 3:46PM. You sound like you are one of the few people benefiting from this regime!!! Actually, you are probably one of the earlier people that said there was 'too much talk and not enough action' and now there is likely to be some action you get all PC! Get a life and get off your moral high horse!! What other alternatives do you propose that will actually lead to a change?! Suggest an answer instead of just mocking other commentors. And don't give us one of these mamby pamby 'ideal world' options that we all know won't work! How else can you remove the regime without force? Looking forward to your reply and moreso, your 'solution'!!!

  64. The FMF officers must wake up what the gang of thugs and the crook dictator are doing using them and marshal law called PER to fill their own pockets and abusing the security forces command chain to be in power and lying to these officers till now.

    The FMF officers real loyalty must be with Fiji and not bunch of crooks and must act to save Fiji.

  65. @ 3:46 PM. Absolutely. Kill them with kindness. Fight guns with roses. Plato.

  66. @2:12 PM And that priceless "$1 bullet" will need to be placed at the Fiji Museum.

  67. Folks am in US and txt work just fine from vodfone to and fro . So that you know . Vfone customer

  68. @ 2:05 PM. Jesse James and the Sundance Kid.

    It's Jesse James and Billy the Kid, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

    Just as in Fiji it's Butcher Baini (or, Baini the Butcher) and the DumbArse Kid.

    Known together with the other members as "The Wild Baini Bunch" gang.

  69. Auckland University Pacific Studies specialist Steven Ratuva says the United States’ decision not to reopen its aid office in Fiji is a snub for the regime of Condom Crank Bananamarama. Dr Ratuva says that’s a logical move.

    PNG is the growing economic power in the Pacific because of the mining and the resources in PNG. Economically and politically, I think it is a snub for Nobrainsmarama

    Radio New Zealand International
    PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

  70. The opening of the office in Fiji and sanctions on Fiji to get any of this aid proves the world treats the junta and it dictator as thugs who should be at the barracks polishing boots. Great message by USA and thumbs up for democracy in fiji.

  71. The message doesn’t get much clearer than that. This dictator must go and the regime collaborators held to account. Idiot regime supporters like Yabaki and Boci Barr must not escape the punishment coming to the other coup parasites.

  72. They took it by force, let it be taken back by force...people power

  73. Mr Singh says Commodore Frank Bainimarama’s government promised accountability, transparency and good governance, but has failed miserably.

    Deposed Fiji minister calls on interim leader Bainimarama to resign

    A minister in Fiji’s deposed government has written to the interim Prime Minister calling for his immediate resignation.

    Rajesh Singh was the minster of youth and sports in the government ousted in the 2006 coup.

    He says the 2009 Court of Appeal ruling made it clear the regime is illegal.

    Mr Singh says Commodore Frank Bainimarama’s government promised accountability, transparency and good governance, but has failed miserably.

    “Even the court of appeal has made that ruling. And if you look at previous cases, in Chandrika Prasad’s case, in 2000, when George Speight’s coup happened, the same rule was given by the current [Chief Justice] Anthony Gates. And Chaudhry won his case, and then we had a re-election in 2001. So why Can’t Commodore Bainimarama follow the same procedure? The court of appeal had made the ruling, for him to step down. He should step down and let the elected government take its course.”

    Rajesh Singh says people outside Fiji, and the other Pacific Islands Forum governments, need to stand up and talk, as the people in Fiji can’t because of the Public Emergency Regulations.

    News Content © Radio New Zealand International
    PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

  74. They took it by force, let it be taken back by force...people power

  75. Let Bhainivuaka and Co. rot in Naboro!!June 7, 2011 at 4:49 PM

    To those suggesting a peaceful protest on the streets of Suva - do you not remember what happened to the Pro-Democracy activists in 2006, i.e Laisa Digitaki, Virisila Buadromo, Jackie Koroi & Pita Waqavonovono??
    If they can't even protest in peace, how are we all meant to? I commend these guys for their courage to do so and for what they had to endure at the barracks.
    But if we can't protest in peace, what else are we suppose to do???

  76. @ Anon 2:13pm and Sick, very sick!

    Answer anon, 3:58pm's question.

    If you truly believe that C4.5 and the myriad of other blogsites are "run" by the SDL - how do you explain the blogs? There are too many of them, and without being too unkind to the SDL, there aren't many of them that I would think capable of operating a computer, never mind running a blogsite.

    All this talk about SDL did this, SDL did that won't solve Frank's problem - his problem is the same one that he created and he is too blind or simply stupid to see what the end result will be - his death or imprisonment.

    That is as stark a result as it could be and the more time passes, the more rats flee the sinking ship - leaving whomever is left to bear the wrath of a country that is being steadily run into the ground.

    No government confidence = No investment = No more money = No more jobs = Anarchy, revolution and death for the Tyrants.

    It is as if Frank and his cronies either wilfully ignore the lessons from history or are just hoping to be able to have a good rat hole to run to when the shit hits the fan - and Frank & Co won't know it when it comes for them.

  77. When is the hamging. I wll book my flight from Auckland ASAP. that Mono brow Aiyaz should be first up the pole.

  78. The SDL terrorists and racists living in overseas are all supporting this website. You are the cause of all the evils. You guys supported Rabuka, Speight,and Qarase. Bainimara is trying to correct what mess you guys have created. Apisai Tora

  79. Anon@5.29 Call someone a SDL supporter and wow you think you've got a killer hit. This is exactly what the Liumuris and the Thakur Ranjit's of Fiji would have you believe and also try to convince the rest of the world. Cunning way to turn would-be supporters against blogs and freedom fighters because naive New Zealanders and Australians then think blogs and pro-democracy are anti-Indian.

  80. @ Anti Liars

    Too right - we are pro-Fiji and pro-Democracy.

    All these coup apologists are simply self-interested and self-deluded thieves without morals and without foresight.

  81. why the white bitch only has a bounty of $50K. and why the AG taliban has a bounty of $350K.

  82. @Anon 5:29pm...if you have nothing better to say just zip every hole in your body and shut the F up. Too late Bhaini has created more mess and he is not sleeping well. The best way for you to help him is to get him some cyanide or a rope as it's cheaper.

  83. RE: Radiolucas

    Have you noticed how all these detractors always want us to name ourselves, but they, themselves, sign in as "Anon?"

    Also agree that anyone reading, much less participating in this blogsite, can CLEARLY SEE that there are a SUBSTANTIAL number of us who bear no allegiance to any political party, whatsoever. Biased - balogne!

    This website has attracted attention from all spectrums. Why even you who apparently hate those who use this blogsite, feel the need to not only read it - but respond as well. Lucky for you, this site represents freedom of speech - not something you'll find on the streets in Fiji at the present time.

    As for my "fan" who just cannot resist always sucking onto my tag because he has no identity of his own - Anon @ 4:14 PM was not me. Plato

  84. While I'm at it - will the REAL Mark Manning come out - wherever the hell you are!

    Oh, that's right- these days you have to disguise yourself as anyone but you. Don't blame you. I wouldn't want to be you either! Plato

  85. @5.29pm....terrorist ga o iko because you bloody support a dictator and his nit-wit AG who kill innocent people and allow Fiji to suffer.
    Lako mada lai masia na nodrau polo o Bhainivuaka kei Khaiarse!

  86. PS It is to the credit of the democracy movement and blogs, especially C4.5, that they remain focused on the struggle for freedom for Fiji instead of getting sidetracked by the false SDL allegation and the personal attacks of Walsh, Ranjit Singh, Davis and Pacific Media Watch. I would say the more enemies you guys have, the more of a threat you are to the regime. Thumbs up to a return to democracy.

  87. RIP Maciu Vulaono. To all those still naive enough to think that peaceful ptoests will bring an end to the regime, think again! If they can kill one of their own and not even flinch it shows that they will murder to ensure their own survival! You cannot bring flowers to a gunfight! Simple as that! Forceful eviction seems the only way atm!

  88. Frank will live until he is 100 yrs old.

  89. So, no Guns for Roses. Plato

  90. if anyone looks at banana now from 2006 compared the one man tryant job has half killed him apart from plenty draunikau he suffered 2 strokes mild ones arthrities in both legs gone to worse high blood pressure and diebieties is sky rocket and drinking of green label and mariuana is now regular and not forgetting the banquets and buffet table which has discovered. give the tryant some more months fiji would be freed from the dictator by act of god

  91. So, no Plato for Kaiyum? Socrates

  92. Pacific in the MediaJune 7, 2011 at 7:35 PM

    Anon@12.47 Re Mohammed Aziz> The plan is to target " active personel in government" - Aziz is non-active. Also, US dollars.-C4.5

  93. @6:30 If we're getting all classical, wasn't Plato assassinated by the Persians?
    There's a saying, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Look at Julius Ceasar. He persecuted his fellow Romans, declared himself dictator for life. Next minute he's full of knives, stabbed by sixty of his own senators. Same thing playing out in Fiji. As the Bible says, when you take to the sword you die by the sword.
    @6.41 Suspect Khalyum may have another glove puppet up his sleeve. So both need to go.... pop, pop.
    God Bless Fiji.

  94. Baini + Ayarss = $750,000. How long does it take to earn that in stinkin iraq?

  95. Is the bounty on Ms Goebbels with or without the colostomy bag?
    And speaking of colostomy bags - what about the illegal CJ gates?

  96. The groggy Leweni should also be in the list.

  97. C4.5 usually has best intel and information. Most things revealed usually from horses mouth

  98. Anti Liars at 5.47pm and others. Bloggers also watch out for those trying to bring the so-called racist arguments to spoil the good work of blogs and the freedom movement. As well as hurling SDL at bloggers to try and discredit them coup apologists also trying to make out we are all racist. Hah! They trying to say no support for Khaiyum is racist - hahahaha we are not that thick

  99. Its simple take them out..or let our british army boys do it..simple as that..they have so much experience and have alot of kill in there belt, so why not..

  100. Once again, this blogg site is not one that should be used to promote self serving likes of Rajesh Singh - who prints their own interviews for others to read? - sorry rajesh,you need to realise that you will never get three indian votes today and there are no seats in lau you can win.

  101. RE: Sydney Tourist @ 11:31 AM

    I am, and continue to be here. Had a pathetic "fan" who wanted to ride on my tag, "John Galt" so I've changed it. He is relentlessly in love with me and has now traced me to my new tag, "Plato." What can I say? Some of us are just irrestible!

    What I DON'T appreciate is the loser attempting to "put words in my mouth" by mimicking me by signing my tag. What he has to say does not reflect my opinions or views at all and I don't want anyone to think it's me saying that. He has no life, no self-respect and is desperate to cling to my persona (and maybe other body parts as well, you fag!).

    So, I have a feral, nightcrawling, sexual deviant on my hands. What to do?

    Fellow bloggers, by now, will hopefully be able to detect the nuances and differences between us. Hey, guys, this is embarrasing! I am being stalked online by a sexual predator! Well, I mean, I guess it could kinda be stimulating if I was into the vampire bat kind of thing.

    Anyhoo, I am here, Sydney Tourist. Be prepared to jump to and recognize new tags when I feel the need to assume them.

    ALSO - Yes, I, too, want to know where the wonderful man of paychecks, Aziz is. He is on the Military Council and is well known for being the one who reports all that is said there to the AG. No doubt he is the one that ratted on Mara and Driti.

    And the AG? The wonderful Wizard of Oz? Well, we all know he is busy in his little booth pulling all of the strings. We need to CUT those strings.

    Nowhere else in the world could someone who only holds the title AG single-handedly control the workings of a country. But he has. Follow the money. He is behind all of it - and it is ALL leaving the country. Plato

  102. the salaries of 700,000 paid to illegal dictator and illegal AG has been breach of Higher Salaries Commission ACT and warrants criminal charges and gail sentence-abuse of office, extortion, offical corruption and defrauding government of fiji. To abolish the HSC today as cover up by illegal AG does not protect these two crooks who must stand trial.

  103. Times are changing in Fiji. Time for the guilty Rascals to make plans for a flight to China to look for new friends because they will not find any in Fiji.



  105. Congratulation Coup4.5 , we now give you credit, since this article is a good indicator that your website is reputable and that you are our vessel and agent of Democracy returning to Fiji soon.And i mean very very soon.

    To the hunters wanting to catch wild pigs ....this job will be a blessing . You become RICH over nite!! And it is for a worthy cause...TAKE UP THE CHALLENGE, potential applicants!!
    Power to the people of Fiji soon..

  106. To the MINORITY 5% Bainivuaka Supporters, how come you guys havent created a website for your own CORRUPT EVIL DICTATOR and show your support there.... And have a good GOSSIP about the majority of Fiji people trying to fight for democracy.

    Instead of commenting here and try to MANUPILATE US AND SHIFT THE TRUTH... We're not fools... A fool can only fool another fool, not us. So you guys should be thanking C4.5 creators for letting you have FREEDOM OF SPEECH because this website was created for people who have no voice in the fiji public and knowing the risk of being taken to QEB and beaten up like animals.

    Havent you notice that you're outnumbered by the 95% of long suffering people on this blog that absolutely hates this EVIL REGIME...

    I wonder why are they(Bainivuaka supporters) commenting on this blog?? They cant even create their own website, just shows how MENTALLY RETARDED they are... BUNCH OF LOSERS...

  107. Thanks alot C4.5 for publishing the Bounty list for this CORRUPT EVIL BASTARDS.... All they care about is themselves, they're just a BUNCH OF CREEDY LOW LIFES who doesnt CARE about the long suffering people of Fiji... I cant even imagine how this CORRUPT INDIVIDUALS could live and sleep with all the GUILT of TERRORISING, LYING and CONNING the fiji public....

    They all deserve to be WIPED OUT FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH.... Thats the only way to get rid of CORRUPTION in our beloved Fiji... All their days are numbered, they cant escape now and their WICKED WAYS are coming to a dead end. They should all start digging their own graves from now onwards.

    All this people should be looking over their shoulders especially Bainivuaka because they should know by now that people are so desperate to kill them..........

  108. kerekere............leave GANESH for me............i will cut him into 13 pieces and send one piece to each province to remind us.............never again....

  109. Let's see who's REALLY first 'against the wall' when the revolution comes.
    God bless Fiji

  110. Investors have new targets in Fiji; are “prepared to pay handsomely anyone who can arrest or ‘bring down’ Bainimarama and his key aides”.

    Such investments would produce big dividends for the investors but also for the whole community.

  111. Who are these investors? Can we buy shares in their brilliant investment? Plato

  112. Time to sit back, bring out the popcorn and watch the show. I say, bring in on baby! Woohoo!!!

  113. We hear on the grape vine that hitman have arrived few weeks ago. Soon one of them will be taken offline. security is high.

  114. @ 6:26 AM

    Not me. Just a loser hound dog with no home.

    One thing I would caution fellow bloggers on is to keep some info quiet for the present time. If there is knowledge that gets too specific about remedies of relief you may inadvertantly blow all chances for this regime to implode.

    And we don't want that! Plato (the real one)

  115. All the thugs will have their day very soon. We The Australian Customs will keep an eye out for any one that looks like those on this list and we will sort them out our way. We will put them all in the detention centre with all their other illegal mates and see how they fair. bet you they will all shit in their pants (or Sulus). Can you also please add the Tappoos clan and the CJ Patel Mob. Tappoos have their hand in the FNPF cookie jar for too long. Time to pay up bro. I havwe my bhuja and Kava on hand and will sit back and watch this circus on TV. Best reality show for a long time.

  116. @ 1:50 AM. Amen. Let his death be a particularly unpleasant and humiliating one. Let her death be a particularly unpleasant and humiliating one. Let all their deaths be particularly unpleasant and humiliating.

  117. Got a new name for them - the FOURTEEN FIENDS.

    Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, Christopher Thomas Pryde, Nur Bano Ali and Zarin Khan, Aslam Khan, Nazhat Shameem, Ganesh Chand, Mosese Tikoitoga, Mahendra Reddy, Iowane Naivalurua, Sharon Smith, Riyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, David Pflieger, Aisake Taito.

    True Spawn of Satan!

  118. @12:25 PM. Amen brother/sister.

    Tappoos clan and the CJ Patel Mob, for sure!!!

    "Best reality show for a long time."

    Hahahaha... so true bro/sis! Amen. God bless.

  119. The only investors who will be prepared to invest in Fiji are the drug lords. Presence of some are already in Fiji. Very soon drugs will be littered down on streets. Dirty black illegal money presence in dirty illegal government.

    What Fiji needs to prevent is a bomb blast, this will erode tourism and the economy. Time is ticking. Plato

  120. Crosbie Walsh the holier than thou blogger has ceased posted reasoned comments that are anti the regime. He is forever banging on that he is the voice of reason fairness and a balanced view. It appears his self respect has gone out of the window and he has become another mouthpiece of the regime like Sharon or the Fiji Sun.

    Please see my comment below.

    Dear Croz,

    The really important part of Rokoului’s statement was that Sharon should earn her money by speaking the truth and championing the return of a media unfettered by censorship.

    Sharon is a newspaper and internet pioneer. She grew up and made a name for herself with a free press and a free internet and now she is responsible for censoring media in Fiji. Is that not hypocritical?

    Surely if she had any standards, she would have to agree that what was good for her business career would be good for Fiji.

    Again I don’t see Rokoului being racist. You say he has attacked 2 people 1 Indian and 1 Australian. Have you forgotten his main target is Frank, who is Fijian. It looks to me he is being very even handed in who he is attacking. Added to which he is attacking them as individuals and not as member of any racial group.

    It is you, Frank and Sharon who are trying to play the race card, not Rokoului.

    I have attached the piece below for information only.


    “From September 1999 to November 2000, Mrs. Smith-Johns was the company director of Powderbox, an Internet development business that created two other Internet companies, Tempest Online and

    Tempest Online focused on sales solutions for Internet Advertisers; while Shesaid was the first Internet online publishing company launched in Australia specifically for women.

    She was the founding director of Selenium Interactive that focused on building commercial websites from August, l998 to September l999

    Mrs. Smith-Johns was the National Sales Manager for Fairfax Online from February l996 to August l998, with more than 10 individual websites; she was also the Retail Sales Manager for the Sydney Morning Herald.

    Mrs. Smith-Johns has lived in Fiji for the past three years, and is married to dive instructor William Johns. The couple have four children, Sebastian age 7, Kurt age 5, Oakley age 4, and Indianah age 1.”

  121. This is the second time Crosbie Walsh has made this claim. It’s clear he doesn’t understand a word of Fijian.

    The fact is Ratu Tevita mentions the infamous Sayed-Khaiyum thesis urging that it’s time to get rid of some Fijian institutions which are dear to the heart of many Fijians. He does not link this in any way to Sayed-Khaiyum’s ethnicity.

  122. The infamous Sayed-Khaiyum thesis urges that it's time to get rid of Fijian institutions which are dear to the heart of Fijians. Plato

  123. Ratu Mara is not a decendent of Maafu-what history books have you been studying?

    As for Maafu his forefathers acutally orginated from Viti??? beofre they moved to what is now called Tonga matanisiga.

  124. Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad.

  125. @14 FIEND
    How about "Ali Baba and the 40 thieves"
    or "Nur Ali Bano and the 40 thieves"
    or "Aiyaz and the 40 thieves"

    If this was America, Aiyaz would be "The Jack of spades".
    Bai would be Ace of Spades
    Nazhat would be Queen of clubs ( in Fijian that would be " Tinani Kalavo")
    Nur Bano would be 10 of spades - because she is really shovelling the dough.

    -Valataka na Dina

  126. @ 14 Fiends June 8, 12.46pm

    Got a better one ; "The OINK MOB"

  127. @ 4:01 PM Nice one Valataka na Dina! I like it

  128. Ali Bano, or Tali Babo, and the 14 Thieves

  129. I can tell you from personal experience that this one isnt true at all. I've received txts from Fiji via Vodafone number as recently as two days ago.

    "Now I know why Vodafone texts cannot be received in the US! The CEO is an insider and informer and puppet of the dictatorship....worried that information may be leaked to the US or supporters of a Democratic Fiji! Shame, shame shame Vodafone Fiji!

    June 7, 2011 1:58 PM"

  130. @ Anon June 7 -9.30pm
    Its in the pipeline. Watch this space.
    For Fiji Ever Fiji.
    Thumbs Up to Democracy.

  131. C4.5
    The earlier comment 'its in the pipeline...' is @june 7 9.30pm not 9.34pm . pls change it. vinaka

  132. Yadua ga na tranquilizers & put them in Orchard Island with Cike!!


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