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Friday, June 17, 2011

IRB says Fiji will be at the World Cup

Fiji will take part in this year's World Cup in spite of a New Zealand visa ban on anyone associated with the military junta, according to Mike Miller, the secretary general of the International Rugby Board.
"Fiji will be at the Rugby World Cup and will have a competitive team," Miller told a press conference in Paris. "Discussions are taking place and we hope to resolve the issue as best as we can. Fiji will take part but what the (New Zealand) government has clearly said is that any players with connection with the military will not be given visas".

Since the 2006 coup, the New Zealand government has barred entry to anyone linked with the leadership of Frank Bainimarama, notably the military. New Zealand has refused to remove the ban and last month there was talk of Fiji staying away from RWC and boycotting next year's Wellington Sevens. The problem for the Fijian rugby team is that five or six of their likely squad for the World Cup are in the army. However, Miller brushed the issue aside. "If there is any concern on how good the Fijian team will be, just look at the number of their players based in Europe (playing professionally) or elsewhere and how many come from Fiji itself. Those with military connections will be domestic players."

The Fiji Rugby Union has had a number of upheavals - the latest yesterday when chief executive Keni Dakuidreketi resigned. The FRU is chaired by Land Force Commander, Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga. The IRB has not placed a time limit on Fiji's participation although president Bernard Lapasset said that if Fiji ultimately did not take part then Uruguay, who were knocked out in the final qualifier, would take their place. Fiji have been drawn in pool D with defending champions South Africa, Wales, Samoa and Namibia. The World Cup kicks off on September 9 with the final on October 23. (AFP)


malua said...

well IRB has finally accepted that they have no clout and no right to bully a sovereign govt. So now telling Fiji rugby and the regime that controls it..sorry your army players are only fit for domestic games....keep them at home...Fiji has other great players, internationally based as well who can make the squard. So where is Fiji rugby threat now to boycott games..I dare you...now that the IRB has ruled....idiots...pote pote. Baini and Kaiyum tried to use Fiji rugby to legitimse themselves and their illegal despotic regime...haha maleka

Anonymous said...

Hahaha take that Bainivuaka, putting military people in the FRU won't get you to NZ. Shame on you Vuaka.

keleni said...

leave the soldiers at home to play for their stupid boss.

thumbs up Fiji said...

Very well, Mosese here is a firm stance of a democratic sovereign government. Fiji must be made to understand that the international community has had enough of this unsavory human rights abusing dictatorship. We do not want to be visited by a bunch of murdering goons. Stay at home and give Uruguay a chance.

Anonymous said...

Why dont we get Rajesh Singh to manage the Fiji Team - he wont allow any Goons in the squad and he is also good with people and Money -lol.

Anonymous said...

RUM will watch the games,and you sotia and leader and Bragadier Aiyaz stay bale .heard AIYAZ the CHORO AG has been given Brigdiar title this morning

Anonymous said...

NZ should keep their promise and not let any one connected to Military into NZ. Bainimarama just trying to snick players into NZ. so lets give him a clear message. we dont want him at the RWC.

Anonymous said...

IRB world cup does not Fiji ...Jst ban them from all international sports , so they can concetrate on more pressing issues bck home !! like have a election !!lol

Medrausucu said...

Well the illegal regime is being told here that NZ will not even consider the illegal regime's demands regarding their military personnel in the Fiji Team. Lets see if they will carry out their threat to withdraw Fiji from the WRC 2011.

They will get the same kick in the face and arSe with their request to Aussie and NZ Govts for Mara's extradition.

Anonymous said...

Excellent...thank you NZ!! We don't want those murderous thugs reperesenting our nation anyway!! What 6 or 7 players are these people talking about...army players should just stay at home and watch the World Cup on their big screen TV which they bought from the blood money from serving their boss Bainikhaiyum. These army players are only on the domestic scene becasue they spend all day doing rugby training paid for by taxpayers while other club players have to work for a living and train in their spare time...useless bunch of thugs!!

convolutedexperiment said...

If Fijians plays the Rugby like they behave in their Military, then there is no point in going !

Maybe they should consider taking up Aussie Rules !

Anonymous said...

Good on you NZ for standing your ground. The Fiji Military are too dumb for Rugby, they can't even think on their own.

On the other hand, let them through to get some hiding mada on a level ground with no weapons. Bunch of wannabees!

Anonymous said...

If Fiji Boycott the Rugby World Cup they will be replaced by Uruguay and no one except the Fijian People will miss them. The Dictator would not dare to Boycott the RWC because that would be the end of him.

Anonymous said...

just like South Africa was punished for years let teach the Dictator and his boybriend Aiyaz a good leasson. Until you resign and install a democracy in Fiji you are not welcomed.

Anonymous said...

Editorial: Colonel's visit a chance to crack regime
5:30 AM Friday Jun 17, 2011



Former Fijian army officer Ratu Tevita Mara. Photo / Supplied
Former Fijian army officer Ratu Tevita Mara. Photo / Supplied

Many question-marks hover over the visit to New Zealand this week of former Fijian army officer Ratu Tevita Mara. These, however, were never a reason to refuse him entry.

The Foreign Minister, Murray McCully, has acted correctly in granting Lieutenant- Colonel Mara a two-day exemption to the travel ban imposed on him and others linked to Fiji's military regime.

What he says to the media and pro-democracy groups here will be of much interest given that he was until recently a central figure in the dictatorship headed by Frank Bainimarama.

And the information he provides Foreign Affairs officials on the current state of affairs within the regime should be even more enlightening.

Those opposed to Colonel Mara's entry provided two broad reasons. The first was that his participation in the 2006 coup and former status as the regime's third-ranked military officer disqualified him from coming to this country.

That view rejected any possibility that, after being at the very heart of a dictatorship, he could now be genuinely espousing democratic ideals.

The second was that his vision for his country was, in fact, a return to the past when Indo-Fijians were denied a full part in the democratic process.

Those of this view tend to still believe that, a welter of evidence notwithstanding, Commodore Bainimarama still represents the best option for Fiji.

Only Colonel Mara knows how committed he is to a fully democratic country. Allegations that he was associated with human rights abuses, including maltreatment of detainees, will have to be confronted at some stage. To Colonel Mara's credit, he has acknowledged this.

He has also chosen to leave his sanctuary in Tonga for Australia and New Zealand to voice his concerns about the Bainimarama regime, most notably the increasingly dim prospects of the promised democratic elections in 2014. This suggests not only fortitude but a belief in the views he is sharing with pro-democracy groups.

Indeed, much of what Colonel Mara has been saying has the ring of truth. The Fijian army, he has said, "had a strict plan, which was to remove corruption and corrupt politicians and return to barracks within a year".

But power had corrupted the key players in the regime and they had forgotten their original objectives as they desperately clung to power.

In the process, dissent has been progressively squashed, the constitution has been abrogated, the judiciary dismissed, the media suppressed, and the concerns of the international community rejected.

Such, of course, is often the way with military dictatorships. Even those that begin with the best of intentions tend to fall victim to the trappings of power.

As often as not, the catalyst for their demise is discord at the highest level. A split between the key members of the dictatorship broadens irretrievably until the regime collapses.

Colonel Mara, the son of Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, Fiji's founding Prime Minister and later President, was very much part of the inner sanctum. It is not known how much his criticism of Commodore Bainimarama was shared by his fellow officers.

But it seems inconceivable that someone of his stature would not have his supporters. Or that resentment about the loss of rights and freedoms and the country's economic stagnation is not gathering pace.

Colonel Mara has driven a wedge into the Fijian dictatorship. In the interests of the restoration of democracy at the earliest opportunity, New Zealand should take every opportunity to force it deeper.

Colonel Mara's visit is a chance not only to do that but to learn much about Commodore Bainimarama's increasingly shaky regime.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good job, it was childish to try and use the Fiji Rugby teams participation in the world cup as a bargaining chip. Fiji's participation and it being able to participate well is something that all Fijians the world over - irrespective of political persuasion, were looking forward to with eager anticipation. Our game against Wales and against Samoa are 2 "must watch's" and are already sell outs. So please dont use the Fiji Rugby team as a "political football".

Anonymous said...

those bunch of loosers in the military that the FRU wants have no place in real sports !!bunch of fargots ! all they good for is polish there boots and Bais Ball !!

Anonymous said...

the military boys wont listen to anyone to psyche them up,because they only know the voice of their commander to do the dirty work for him....and now he's still on tour around the island,the waiting will be long and therefore cant join the Fiji team.
thumbs up for democracy!!!

Anonymous said...

Rerevaka na Kalou ka doka na Tui:

Just to shown that IRB will have no problem replacing Fiji at the RWC ... those in the squad linked to the military should do the honorable thing and step down for the sake of Rugby future in Fiji.

hahahahahaha ... POTE BIG TIME

Anonymous said...

Fiji did very well at the 2007 World Cup without the boys from the military so the IRB and all the die hard supporters of Fiji rugby knows that there are more quality players now in the Fiji rugby database that can deliver the same outcome to IRB standards.
Changing of the guard at the FRU doesn't carry weight as far as competing in the world stage is concerned as FRU is an affiliate only like all other nations. Rugby union is a worldwide product. Dictatorship has no place in the rugby world!

Anonymous said...


Is this Sharon's way of competing against Roko Ului??

Anonymous said...

Glad the thugs are out of he team. The only training those soldiers get is kicking and punching civilians at the barracks.

Anonymous said...

lot of players in nz/auss/uk/europe.
we can make a fiji team.
we dont need bai/ag /others to use this as a gate way to nz.
we can make a better/fitter fiji team.
this will save tax payers funds.
we have ex players in nz .
who can coach/manage.koli sewabu,alfred,greg smith/wayne pivac and others.
go fiji go
bai/ag/army guys -no way wanted in rwc2011.

Anonymous said...

To those that are calling for democracy I quote from writings by Jean Jacques Rousseau, born in Geneva in 1712; “there never was a true democracy and there never will be”. To have a true democracy you need to come together as a people and at least say good morning to your neighbours; have a more balanced society illuminating influence & decisions making by the rich; simplicity in customs & behaviour patterns so that the rich cannot manipulate the justice system; and lastly no luxury according to Rousseau because “Luxury corrupts both the rich and the poor, the one through possession and the other through envy; it makes the nation soft and prey to vanity; it distances people from the State and enslaves them, making them a slave to opinion”.
So much corruption in Fiji. The rich & powerful exploit the poor and abuse their privileges. Mahen Chaudary killed someone driving drunk but got off lightly. I guess I let you bloggers to list the rest. Ului is riding on his father’s glory, please go and find a job; your military position was given.
To sister/brother countries, I quote to you Nelson Mandela’s word to the US when he visited Gaddaffi after his release; “No country can claim to be the policeman of the world and no state can dictate to another what it should do”.
As I see it, those on the outside gov’t are waiting to pounce on the ones inside gov’t. Vultures circling to devour the vultures inside. So lion eat lion, wolf eat wolf, dog eat dog, ……… coup after coup.
Why can’t we just work together and eliminate free-riders & exploiters, by working I mean really work hard, “kana ga mai ena buno ni yadremu”. The crooked and the corrupt will soon be out of place.

So tonite take a break, mix one basin and analyse the whole situation from 1972 to today. It has been a long dog eat dog story all along, some dog ate for a long time before they are eaten by the another dog.

convolutedexperiment said...

I don't play Rugby, but the Fiji World Rugby Team has my support in going to the RWC in New Zealand, except for the Military guys.
Let's get behind these players, while at the same time, admonishing the commander of the RFMF, FRank Bainimarama for his act of High Treason against the State.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Why is Mara supporting Democracy? Does he know the meaning? It is the opposite of what happens in the province of Lau. When the late Rt Mara says something, it is final and no one is allowed to question. There is also no democracy in Tonga, my Tongan mate said that everything is own by the King, even the government, what he says is final, no one is allowed to question it.
Anon 5:31pm is right, there is no democracy and there will never be one ever.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

AIYAZ today okeyed permit for a French Bank to open in Fiji. Exact words ANZ and WBC and BSP can take a walk

Anonymous said...

This so-called army team cannot even win the Sukuna Bowl from Police, yet they boast so much, what can they prove in World Cup?…ah….ah. World Cup is an arena for men-are-men, not amateurs, not those fleeing Minerva reef when they saw the Royal Tongan Naval.

What those army people forget that they are no longer the Fiji Military Forces we knew but just voreqe's armed forces (thugs). Big Deal yeh!!

TURUKAWA said...

So So So Frank & Kyhum kubu baci..sa yawa sa leqa na nomu naki mo via coup taka na FRU for your political leverage..i dont if you understand the concept of understanding other countries foreig affairs let alone anything political..U GOT NOTHING IN THAT FIELD OR ANY OTHER FIELD>>JUST GO BACK AND MASI YOUR SHOES TO SHINE SO THE JUNIOR RANKS AT QEB CAN FOLLOW YOU>>U BELONG IN TEH ARMY AND JSUT STAY ARMY>>NO POLITICS 4 YOU..

CEO Keni has resign because he cant be seen with your masi polos..FRU preparation for world cup this year will drop because of your bullshit influence..GOOD ON YA NZ!!

When u come back from your Lau trip..osa na tauvi mate vakatotolo sara..


@.Com said...

@Anon 5.31pm
Which one you prefer "For the People and By the People" or for the "Military and By the Military"

Its just as simple as that....our concern should be the change of tune my the IRB rep who I suspect was the emmissary for the bainimarama regime, he just recently was defending the Fiji team and its military connections now he has changed his tune and labeling military personals in the Fiji Rugby Squad as merely domestic players whic is to imply that they do not meet the professional standards of world cup competitions...Sa Pote mada qai Liumuri taki iratou tale..LOL

@.Com said...

@Anon 5.31pm
Which one you prefer "For the People and By the People" or for the "Military and By the Military"

Its just as simple as that....our concern should be the change of tune my the IRB rep who I suspect was the emmissary for the bainimarama regime, he just recently was defending the Fiji team and its military connections now he has changed his tune and labeling military personals in the Fiji Rugby Squad as merely domestic players whic is to imply that they do not meet the professional standards of world cup competitions...Sa Pote mada qai Liumuri taki iratou tale..LOL

Anonymous said...

Who is Anonimusona to question Ratu Mara's authority in Lau. That was the benefit of being born into a Chiefly Family. We cannot all be chiefs for some have to be...

Anonymous said...

very shame of losting chance of people likes to be in da game.of what da illegal regime government done to fiji. shame shame.

Observer said...

Frankly to everyone out there, I am happy for Keni (Dakuidreketi), a friendly humble friend and mate to those who know him, for I know no other side of him except that which he displays for the world to see.

'Being born again' has brought in a new dimension to the man and as I have been praying and wishing for, I do not see a place for him amongst self righteous, arrogant, snobbish, ego driven foolish individuals who now run the FRU.

As a friend,school mate though of different decade and a distant relative, I am happy for him and his family, now he is out and is no longer part of that cartoon circus, THOUGH I KNOW DEEP DOWN HIS LOVE AND AMBITION FOR RUGBY, FO SOMEONE WHO DOES NOT PLAY MUCH RUGBY........

Anonymous said...

The departure of Keni is indeed a big loss for rugby. I fully agree with the top Australian IRB executive who rates this glamorous son of Naitasiri and an impeccable product of Vulinitu as one of the top rugby administrator he has come across in the region. I sometime tend to disagree with the notion that no one is indispensable..Move on OB and good luck on you..you're a real "never say die"..

SEMI MEO said...

Months ago we asserted in this esteemed column that NZ will let Fiji participate in the RWC unhindered, despite the diplomatic rhetoric to the contrary.

A supposed boycott by the Rear Admiral only rubbishes the “Bainimarama” name in the NZ Rugby almanac and may be scrubbed out should the Co-Dictator persist with in childish endeavor to attempt own the Fiji Rugby fraternity.

Kudos to former Bainimarama/ Aiyaz linchpin Ratu Mara and the NZ Department of Immigration for creating a precedent the Colo i Suva kid Brigadier Maciu Tikoitoga may use to lobby IRB put pressure on NZ to lift the ban.

IRU is obviously mightier than NZ in Rugby and Diplomatic sense.

It may just be cumbersome for the tiny government across the Tasman to wanna mix politics with rugby.

Oh..and Mr. Vuidreteki may have been given an ultimatum by the Colo i Suva kid….”become a Warrant Officer and speak our military lingo in this place or the door ”Ken picked up his Rugby ball walked to the door..”I’m out of here”…Ken said.

OK now, Vidya will be very worried as one from Delainabua is being groomed to take over the Olympic tea party..and Fiji soccer will be running to put their house in order before a Colonel comes barking orders in their HQ.

Anonymous said...

This is the time for Military Governemnt in Fiji. Sometimes Democratic ones are not the anwser. Nothing has worked so far for Fiji in the past. Don't really care if half the country don't like whats happening. You can all move to NZ, AUS, USA, Tonga, Samoa.
This is the time for a new beginning. The time of Frank Bainimarama. If he is God's chosen one then anything you say or do will be to no avail. Time reveals all. You cant plant the SEEDS OF DEMOCRACY Until you WEED CORRUPTION. Thumbs up for Operation SASAMAKI!!

God Bless Fiji


Anonymous said...

Keni should have been sacked long ago because of his part in Natadola, Momi, Ballu/NLTB, many others.

Anonymous said...

@Com 9:41pm
Either way as long as everyone "bula mai ena buno ni yadrena".

Semi K said...



Nakauvadra said...

Play or be replaced by Uruguay, IRB tells FRU
Amit Raj
Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fiji Times

THE International Rugby Board (IRB) has decided that Fiji must take part in the Rugby World Cup without players with military connection.

IRB general secretary Mike Miller made the comment during a press conference in Paris yesterday following concerns raised by the new Fiji Rugby Union board regarding sanctions put in place by the New Zealand government.

New Zealand is refusing world cup entry for Fiji players and FRU officials with military connection.

Miller said if Fiji decided to boycott the world cup then Uruguay would take up the spot in Pool D that has teams like South Africa, Wales, Samoa and Namibia.

FRU board chairman Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga yesterday said he would comment after sighting IRB'S response to its concerns.

"We wrote to the IRB and haven't received a response yet. I will comment after IRB replies to our letter," Colonel Tikoitoga said.

Miller is confident the dispute will be resolved and Fiji will field a competitive team.

"Discussions are taking place and we hope to resolve the issue as best as we can," he said.

"If there is any concern on how good the Fijian team will be, just look at the number of their players based in Europe (playing professionally) or elsewhere and how many come from Fiji itself. Those with military connections will be domestic players," said Miller.

Fiji team is in camp preparing for the Pacific Nations Cup tournament and trained at the Sigatoka Sand Dunes yesterday. Test lock Leone Nakarawa is the only Army officer, who is part of the 50-member training squad.

Forwards coach Greg Mumm feels Fiji's front row has improved compared to what it was four years ago in the 2007 world cup.

"I think the basic skills are better. The thing that's always going to be a challenge for us is experience at that top level so I think the basics we have are definitely better," he said.

The World Cup kicks off on September 9th.

Observer said...

I hate to see a good hard working person like Keni being put down unnecessarily. Please do not comment on anything you do not know.

Unlike many people in higher positions of Government, public and the private sector particularly now, he had worked hard to be where he is today from a humble background.

If you are a sincere contributor to this column, let us leave the man alone to enjoy his life, his time with his family, his business and more so HIS TIME WITH GOD; away from FRU b......t.

Anonymous said...

Well for rugby ....rugby is rugby...the boys in the military to resign and concentrate on proffesional rugby...rather being attached and will be let down on issues of the green uniform.