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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Leaked evidence implicates Bainimarama in May 2000 coup

Evidence has emerged that the incriminating files against Frank Bainimarama gathered by former police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, are indeed safe and being kept by the Fiji Police Force in a secure location.

We have been sent some of the documents from the 300 pages of the first of the 13 files.

There had been some uncertainty over where the files ended up and whether they were still intact. It was thought Hughes had taken them with him when he was forced to leave Fiji in November 2006 but many have wondered if they still existed or had been conveniently destroyed.

But as revealed by Coupfourpointfive this week in our story about a target list detailing the charges and a reported bounty on the heads of the illegal regime and its key supporters, the files are indeed back in the hands of Fiji's current COMPOL, Ioane Naivalurua.

The Hughes' file continue to be of intense interest because of the huge volume of information and supporting material on Bainimarama, implicating him in the 2000 mutiny and other crimes through to 20006.

With Bainimarama continuing to resist any inquiry into the 2000 coup, the files have become sought after material.

They've become even more important as momentum gathers against him and his corrupt illegal regime as an increasing number, including senior military officers, speak out and reveal the truth about Bainimarama's heinous and treasonous crimes.

Material released to us includes documents that show the legal scope Hughes was working to and the charges that were being mounted against Bainimarama.

Documents sent also show a statement by army officers that reveals Bainimarama and his team pledged their support to the plan to remove the Mahendra Chaudhry government.

That plan was kept under wraps despite Chaudhry spending a whole day at Queen Elizabeth Barracks as the guest of RFMF a month before the coup.

Other documents include a statement by a witness and a diagram dubbed Operation Katokau.

In one of the extracts, it's revealed the army told rebels there were no more supply of arms, when in fact they had already received the weapons, implying Bainimarama sanctioned the supply of arms to the coup plotters and was the hidden power behind the scene.

We can also confirm that Bainimarama sent Lt Col Etueni Caucau to Parliament (where the government was held hostage) to get the CRW soldiers to sign the leave forms so they would continue getting paid. Months later, he swore an affidavit defending the abrogation of the Constitution for the State's appeal against the infamous Chandrika Prasad case.

It is a bitter irony that the two main players in that case - Anthony Gates who ruled the May 2000 coup was illegal and that the Constitution was intact; and Mahendra Chaudhry, whose government was unlawfully deposed as ruled by the Gates and Fiji Court of Appeal (which declared him to be the PM). Both supported Bainimarama's 2006 coup and went on to become active players in the treasonous act.

The other 12 files are believed to provide specfic details of deaths of the CRW soldiers on the orders of Bainimarama.

1) Scope of Charges 1

2) Scope of Charges 2

3. Evidence Extract

4.   Evidence of Arms

5. Missing Arms

6. Evidence Frank


Anonymous said...

This has to go to ICC now.

Come on, the 2006 elected parliamentarians outside of Fiji, form a government in exile and request ICC to prosecute Bainimarama.

He has to come down now!!

Anonymous said...

Wow,.... now its coming out. Thank you 4.5 for all the hard work.

The culprits must be taken to task and charged for all their wrong doings.

No wonder there was a mutiny.

Big time liumuri, here........ wow

Radiolucas said...

We always knew Hughes had the dirt on Frank - this is why Frank was so anxious to get rid of him in 2006.

The truth always has a nasty habit of coming out.

Puf-Military said...

The noose is tightening around Piggy's neck. Played both ends against the middle now its all out in the open

Anonymous said...

With these disclosures I am now convinced that Bainimarama was the mystery person that George Speight called soon after taking over Parliament in May 2000.

This mystery person was the King pin behind the 2000 coup but unfortunately for Speight, he did not answer Speight's calls. Speight call him repeatedly, reportedly around 40 times without any response. Speight and his team were then left to carry on and the rest is history.

So for you Bainimarama supporters, this is the real reason for the 2006 coup. As has been there is a link between the 2000 and 2006 coups. The 2006 was never about corruption or racism under the Qarase Government rather it was about saving Bainimarama's skin.

People of Fiji, it is now time to rise up and oust this illegal and treasonous Bainimarama regime.

Anonymous said...

Well done Coup 4.5....
Let the truth be told!

Thumbs up to democracy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that C4.5 and thanks to the source of this information for sharing. Its great to know that there are still people out there who are loyal to the country and not being bought by Bainikhaiyum. At the end of all this we would like to see the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and a cleansing of our nation.

Jieke said...

The bastard should hang.

Keep The Faith said...

wananavu C4.5!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hanged the basted. do'nt wait for too long.

Justice will prevail said...

Woohoo! Thanks C4.5!

Most of us knew this and can you all see that with all this knowledge, legal beavers Gates, Shameems, Aiarse, Pryde still threw their weight behind the junta, aiding, abetting and protecting the murderous treasonous CRIMINAL called Frank Bainivuaka.

You pretentious lot certainly have much to answer to!

convolutedexperiment said...

oh no, do you mean to say that Frank Bainimarama has been lying to us all since 2000 ?
I can't believe it !
Hang on while I just take my head out :-

A bit of levity :-

Anonymous said...

Rabuka's name all over it again lol!! the cunning bastard!

convolutedexperiment said...

What a sad and unnecessary ending :-

convolutedexperiment said...

Translation of Nessun Dorma into English from italian :-

Jake said...

Radio Dipper.

"We always knew Hughes had the dirt on Frank - this is why Frank was so anxious to get rid of him in 2006"

You never cease to amaze me boy you and your ilk will stoop to just about anything to justify your guys impuissance.

Have you no shame but than again who can trust such idiots.


TheMax said...


Shame on idiots like Jake for supporting idiots like Voreqe.

Anonymous said...

It was Savua who did not answer the phone.

Anonymous said...

@ Jake. Kana boci you qauri! How dare you support the regime you baku!

Wrath of the Law said...

For all those gullible souls who have been bamboozled into believing Frank's coup was to end corruption, racism and incompetence the truth is now plain to see: The 2006 coup's sole purpose was to save Bainimarama's arse from prosecution for treason and murder.

Then, Khaiyum saw the opportunity to jump on the wagon and to make his old dream come true: Finish off anything Fijian, our culture tradition, our leaders and our way of life. He took control of a feeble minded thug who is unable to formulate even one single sentence that makes any sense. The rest is history.

No wait, lets talk about the fate of Aiyaz and his mindless puppet thug. What should be in store for them? Nothing but the full wrath of the law! There is only one way to end coups in our beloved country. Send a very strong signal to the perpetrators: Those who commit high treason must pay for it in full! And this should include Rabuka as well.

MeliWadua said...

From this information, it is obvious an entire swathe of people needs to be totally isolated from any future government. Their names and their families have to be completely stipulated as being barred.But it is only an inclusive democratic structure that can solve Fiji's problem. The country's future success cannot not be thru a benign military dictatorship, not an ethnonationalist structure but only a civic model where all can contribute. A constitutional democracy ruled by law not by the whim of the deluded. Clearly, a successfull democratic overseas country has to come and like a nurse gently assist in re- establishing Fiji's health once more as a vibrant multicultural democracy. It is apparent, that Fiji is not capable of carrying out self-healing, the nation needs an outside power to provide the life support system.The administration of the military and the police force has to be outsourced externally for locals are incapable. Above all, the police and the courts will have a pre-dominant role in aligning Fiji upright again. School children must be educated about the constitution and the rule of law. Finally, the laws of sedition and treason should be returned with the death penalty imposed.Like a patient in an intensive care unit of the hospital, the nation state of Fiji has to undergo a period of convalescence aided by a greater power, otherwise it will become a failed state like Sudan.Down with the Taliban regime thumbs up to democracy!

Jake said...

Long live Bainimarama.

The man of all seasons, a man that has brought the much needed change hail the commander.

Down with the inbred mongrels.


Anonymous said...

Bainiamarama tricked Chaudhry and the only reason he gave him the finance minister role was to eliminate any chances of having strikes and boycotts.

Chaudhry, for the first time, bainimarama and aiyaz were more smarter than you!!!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou c4.5 well done to all your members for infamation that is so unkown to us ,at last we can really see of whom this clean up should start from !bai!
Ratu anymore news from you???

Anonymous said...

hey guys jake is bai's step son from the solomon

NadroKid said...

I am not a lawyer but the evidence that Frank was involved in the planning and carrying out of the 2000 coup is very weak from where I am sitting. Whats the point of making these far fetched conclusions? Maybe I am missing something.

Do we need to make up charges that I am sure his illegal AG himself can shoot holes through in a court of law?

Now the 2006 coup is a different story. The whole world knows for a fact that Frank planned and committed it and it has been proven in a court of law that his actions were illegal. Do we need anymore proof to get rid of this lawless dictator?

Anonymous said...

The tryant was behind the 2000 coup and released the weapons to rebels then he liumuri and killed many CRW officers.

It is clear now he liumuri in 2000 coup and also lied to people what 2006 coup was about- he has lost the plot now and floating which ever direction the real illegal pm-AG is taking.

He did the @))^ coup to save himself and nothing for fiji

this is a icc matter now

Anonymous said...

There was a multi phase strategy set out by Frank and his advisors in 2000. #1. Civilian Take Over of Parliament on 19th May with CRW. On 3rd day 3FIR were suppose to invade and shoot out in which an incident was to be created (KIA) George Speight and Chaudary as target.
#2. Coup-de-tat by Frank over President Ratu Sir K.K.T.Mara taking over Executive Authority and constraining the late Tui Nayau on Naval Boat.
#3. Disarm CRW forces by fake 'Muanikau Accord' for return of weapons. Arms claimed to be still missing to nullify Accord and instigate retaliation on CRW and Civilians. Rounding up of key performers.
#4. Set Up Mutiny Nov. 2000 to justify killing of CRW and more hunt down for others. In a state of emergency in Fiji, Commander 3FIR took regiment for shooting practice outside Suva on same day so they could be the neutralizing force in Mutiny.
#5. Assassination plot set up to kill Frank, Qarase and A.G. Q.Bale in 2002 and pretended Prison Break from Suva Prison to justify Military retaliation and killing of CRW inside Prison complex.
#6. Set up implications on Political Leaders and Government using 'Doctrine of Neccessity' at any time to control. P.M. now on his way to becoming President. ARMY IN FULL CONTROL OF OUR NATION....

Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu 4.5 for the information and revelations and here we are blaming the indo-fijians for the causes of all the coups.

Sa sivia ga na kocokoco, liumuri, veiqati, power hungry...O keda ga da vakaloloma taka na neitou vanua.

Rabuka caiti tamamu !!!! Power hungry bastard !!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:43
I hope you are not inviting "The Illuminati" or "Club of Rome".

Fiji doesn't need Nurses.

Fiji needs Men.
Men who know the difference between what is Right and what is Wrong and are willing to die for what is Right.
Men in the same mold as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Sefanaia Sukanaivalu VC and Ratu Sukuna.
All these men were born as babies like all of us but at one point they made a choice to be honest men

Fiji longs for these sort of men.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Times, what about Bainimarama, the $5billion nuisance?

$500m nuisance
Mary Rauto
Thursday, June 09, 2011

Source: The Fiji Times

The African tulip (Spathodea campanulata) is a fast-growing tree and seen to be a nuisance. Picture: ADI BULI NACOLA
WHAT was introduced to Fiji as an ornamental tree has turned into a $500million problem. Agriculture graduate and farmer Yee Wah Sing, has labelled the African tulip an agriculture failure.

According to a paper by Mr Sing in 2009, the tree, introduced to Fiji in 1930, was recognised as a problem some 20 years ago. He said the secondary or regrowth makes up 20 per cent of the total forest cover.

"It's a serious problem and is taking over native forests, It's a problem because it can grow from the stem, the branches and seeds," Mr Sing said

He said the tree was threatening farms and livelihood of farmers.

"In Naitasiri some farmers are now farming closer to the roads because the African tulip is taking over their land," he said.

"In all the surveys we have conducted the number one complaint by farmers in Naitasiri was the African tulip."

Mr Sing said the tulip could have been eradicated 20 years ago.

"I raised the issue with the Department of Agriculture in 1998 and they sent someone to Africa to learn about it but I believe the person went to the wrong place," he said.

"Since then they have tried chopping them but the trees grow from the stems and chopped branches.

"What we have now is an ecological disaster happening right under our nose. Now Fiji cannot solve this problem alone and will need international help."

convolutedexperiment said...

@ Meliwadua 143p.m.
Well said.
And the will has to be within the Fijian Community as well.
Hopefully, with an understanding about the Democratic process and the functions of a government, the population will begin to respect it's own Laws and Procedures.
I believe Tui Savu was correct on Tuesday night on Koori Radio FM 93.7 @ 7:30 p.m. when he said " education in regards to how Democracy works and what is expected of it, is the key " or words to that effect.

Radiolucas said...

@ Meliwadua

I agree wholeheartedly with your aims - Fiji's future should be built on a concept of constitutional guarantees, education, freedom and civic involvement.

Anonymous said...

Kivei kemuni na lewe ni mataivalu e Viti.

Sa tu oqo na i vakadinadina ni o Bainimarama a tokona na vuaviri ni 2000 baleta na nona sa via kovea na veiluitaki ni noda vanua lomani o Viti.

Sa kena i vakadindina talega ni vuni vuaviri ni 2006 me taqomaki koya mai na veivaqaqai ni vuaviri ni 2000 ka sega ni baleta na butako se veivakaduiduitaki ni matanitu ni SDL.


Anonymous said...

What's happened to Semi Meo? He seems to have gone into hibernation all of a sudden.

Latest news is, Ratu Mara have a very favorable chance of being granted asylum in NZ. There you go Bocivuaka and your lover boy Aiyarsehole, go to hell.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you and cudos, Big Time, to C 4.5 for the Hughes info and support. He knows where we are stuck at. He's been here. He lived it. Now, he can help us piece together all of the evidence that convicts these crooks (AG/PM) for what they've done.

Most of all, I want to thank you, our former Commissioner of Police, Hughes, for stepping up to the plate. Tried to get you in the loop sometime back and was told you might not want to help us because of the treatment you received. Good to know that you recognized that treatment was at the same hands that have continued to assualt and brutalize us as a nation.

Those of you who have escaped or been thrown out cannot afford to forget about us who remain behind, and I know you won't.

Those of you who have remained "guardians of the message" and protect this vital info, I give you my highest regards of all. You are living in the danger zone and need to be recognized in the future as our best and brightest heroes. You make me proud.

May God bless you all and always acknowledge that you are "part of the solution and not part of the problem." John Galt

Anonymous said...

As much as I am against the Bainimarama and Khaiyum duo, I do not believe that this conclusion is an honest interpretation of Bainimarama's part in 2000. I think this is revealing selective segments and using manipulative reasoning so that Bainimarama is also implicated in the coup of 2000. I believe that the CRW acted independently. As for the army officers doing a presentation on his orders - we all know how volatile the situation was. The beloved president Rt Mara was a virtual prisoner. So I do not think the presentation was to show support but to engage with the rebels and to come to a solution.

I believe Bainimarama went berserk afterwards when Qarase did not tow his line - and others who were only too happy to use the opportunity to smear Qarase began whispering poison in Baini's ears and slipping sweet offerings into his grasp.

Anonymous said...

Here is EVIDENCE, good people!

Thanks C4.5 - I thought it was Mara we were waiting for to spill the beans... but you beat him to it!!

Wananavu and please keep spilling

Yep, Thumbs Up!!

Anonymous said...

Hang the magaitinana!!

Anonymous said...

A Battalion of British Army Fijians is what we need to show the incompetent RFMF what a proffesional army is....take them back to the days of the Solomons, Malaya and Sukanaivalu.

Anonymous said...

Fellow bloggers,

Whats evident here is the assumption that Vore masterminded the 2000 Coup to escape Hughes investigations.

He colluded with Speight who was facing bankruptcy and knowing fully well that Speight needed an "exit clause" used him to lead the Coup. Once that happended in Parliment, Vore "qaised" Speight's 40 phone calls and was left to fend for himself. Vore betrayed him.

So in retrospect Vore betrayed Chaudry, betrayed Speight and the last 5 years has betrayed the citizens of our country.

Vore's move in Dec 6 2006 was a sinister move, getting into the top chair and lying through his teeth saying that no military personnel will be involved in the interim govt or hold public service positions. All lies.

Okates, the contention of my blog contribution is, we all know Vore's IQ and intelligence capability is well below par. So how could he have made the moves he made ?????

Obviously, there is someone out there that advised him well before the 06 Coup on the moves he should make.

Couldnt have been Rabuka who we all know that although they were together behind the scenes plotting the 2000 Coup went different ways in the 06 Coup.

Vore has betrayed all those closest to him, his inner circle so to speak.

Only one name comes into mind, the plotter of all plotters, the mastermind of all masterminds: AIYAZ KHAIYUM....

Sa dri yani

Anonymous said...

If hughes was so good, why didn't he investigate Bhika and get him charged. Hughes was hopeless and on holiday in Fiji. Even the most ardent haters of Frank know that Bhika trial was fair and just.

Jieke said...

The arogant son of a bitch has taken the whole country for a ride.

Anonymous said...

I am not a Bainimara fan and neither I condone his takeover of the Qarase. However according to the evidence produced it is clear that Rabuka was behind the 2000 coup. He will burn in hell for bringing the turmoil in our beloved country of fiji. Savua suffered and died a dogs death. Rabuka your turn will come.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Telecom or Vodafone can trace the number George Speight was calling in 2000....but knowing this two entities, they won't!

Anonymous said...

Mac gone n goin to jail! He will die in jail. Was banging an exptraite accountant. She dobbed him in. Mac thought he was above the law. Mac's family is cursed. See wat Teijesh marrying Lal family has done to Rene. Mac your days are numbered!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 6.53... You are an idiot trying to find every inch to propaganda..

Ias was studying in Hong Kong in 2000 so you are adding to the propaganda.

You are the kind of people who make Fiji keep going in circles with no end in sight for the last 20 years!

Anonymous said...

RUM got visa to travel to australia on tongan passport, this means voro can wipe his arse with this fugitive extradition application to tonga

Anonymous said...

To all the people fighting for DEMOCRACY!!! That so-called 'Jake' who supports Banivuaka's Regime is actually his son MELI BAINIVUAKA.... Supporting his Satanic Evil Dad... LIKE FATHER LIKE SON.... @Jake(aka Meli) you are just a LONELY SAD BASTARD on this blog supporting your Mummy(Voroqe)...

MELI BAINIVUKA( aka 'Jake') drau veivutu saraga vakaukauwa kei Tamamu... Qarauni iko tiko caiji tamamu, o na vakamatei... Koli ni Kai Idia o iko(Khaiyum's Pet Dog). Na caka tale vei iko na veimoku o dau cakava tiko mai qori i QEB. Ia o na sega ni dro bula rawa. Drau yavu tamata kaisi bokola, kawaca, kawa ni tevoro...

A BIG THUMBS UP TO DEMOCRACY... Thanks you very much to the creators of C4.5 website...

Anonymous said...

C 4.5 there are some bloggers here who have made insightful comments. I trust that you will document and follow up on all.

My next request - George Speight. Any chance of contact there? It would fill in alot of blanks.

While I am making out my wish list - I will reiterate that contact with Aljazeera would be MUCH appreciated. We could very quickly subside into another Syria, Iran or Libya (actually we are THERE on many levels already).

Freedom isn't free. And we are paying the price. How much blood needs to be spilled to set our people free? John Galt

Anonymous said...

@ Jake

Lako mada i Kiuva lai carawai, boiboi dada o iko. Whether you are bainimarama's son or arse, you stink boy. 2011 has seen the whole world standing up against dictatorship and tyranny, a common trend if you have been following world news, that blood-sons stood try defending their fathers' as though they owned the State. In the end both the father and son are in prison, what a SHAME. Iko Meli, mo soli ga mai vei keimami na kai Tailevu me keimami sasamuraki iko mada. Se tarai iko vakaca o RT Apenisa. Da sota mada ga va-kai Tailevu. Caiti iko. Boci.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@Jake (meli bainimarama)

Tu na da !!!!!

O ganemu talega au kila ni dau wavoki tale tikoga eke wili veivosaki ka comment talega (ie litiana)

Qai kaya kina ni se kabaji koya vakaca na gone ni rotuma rau a lasa vata tiko gauna a caka2 tiko kina mai na carpenters finance au na qai lai cakava kina vaka vinaka sara.

Ni bera ni ra tarai iko o ira na kai tailevu keimami na vujiraki iko rawa mada na yasa2 vaka ra. O na qai raica kina

Anonymous said...

@7:04 PM. But definitely not the case with Motibhai's. Arse had a seizure when he heard Motibhai (non-supports of this regime) bought the Fiji Times. His plan backfired on him! hahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Arse had a seizure when he heard that Motibhais bought the Fiji Times. And so pressured Gandoo to sentence him to prison. ARSE'S PLAN BACKFIRED. Notice the difference between FJ and Fiji Sun? Poor babies. Targeting a high profile figure. What goes around comes around. Noboro or Hell is waiting for you all.

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of cowards you all are. Motibhai family had the guts to buy the Fiji Times and the Dictator and his gay cock sucking mate Aiyaz did not like this. so their answer - stick him in prison. hey dudes time is our side but not in the gaylords of Fiji.

NURSE IVY said...

to valataka na dina,pliz read 1.43's comment and try &UNDERSTAND IT.Nurses delivered RS,SF,GW,AL into this world,if they had not ,performed their task thorougly and gently they would not be alive or if alive would not be in good health to be mighty leaders of their time.& that includes u. FIJI NEEDS NURSES.THUMBS UP FOR DEMOCRACY.

Anonymous said...

i sai les skip thru chip talk and pull a trigger on bai and his famli....is dea ani snipers out dea???

Utopiadefeated said...

Fiji has descended into a coup culture which threatens the sustenance of the nation. While, the evidence provided against Bainimarama is shocking, what I am baffled with is why was there no such uproar about the May 2000 coup? Was is because Chaudhry, an Indo-Fijian PM was thrown out or was it because ot was a "Civilian" takeover? I saw the streets of Suva burning. I saw riots and looting. The people seemed to be happy then. So what's this all about justice for the 2000 coup perpretator. According to what I remember, bainimarama only bacame the bad boy on the block when he ousted Qarase. That brings me to my next question - if he overthrew Qarase why didn't he just overthrow Chaudhry? Especially since that would not have gained him the unpopularity with his own people. It is quite sad that people do not question and look at things with a clear mind but with minds tarred with prejudice, racism, opinions and views of others. If people stop to think, Fiji needs to progress and in order to do that we the people need to look ahead not backwards. How can we look backwards when we have so many social issues and problems to deal with. Take a look at the medical system and the standard of education among the many other things that need fixing. If we keep our racist and inherited attitudes Fiji as a society will not progress. So to those of you who want to keep talking about this go ahead. To those of you who have understood what I have tried to say,become the change Fiji needs so that we do not have coups and Chaudhrys and Bainaramas in the future.