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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lealea: Divisions can be resolved

An interview with Sai Lealea, the interim president of the newly formed Fiji Pro-Democracy Movement in Wellington

1) How many meetings are planned for Roko Ului to meet the community, in Auckland and Wellington?

Am only looking at meetings in Wellington and subject to Mara's VISA & liaison with Aussie, keen to have a number of meetings in addition to community. Others to include, Politicians (Party Leaders/Spokespeople), Academics, Business/Legal, Tangata Whenua. All just proposals at this stage.

2) If the Government allows him to stay longer, how many meetings (and where) are anticipated?

Keen to have meetings in main centres. Contact and interest already shown by Christchurch and other centres to be confirmed.

3) Isn't the two weeks pushing it?

John Key and Murray McCully have already said Mara has to stay on the travel ban rather than be taken of, as Australia has done.We need to make the case that Mara offers real chance to add impetus to hasten regime change in Fiji. More to be gained working with him than without, something Australia has grasped. It is after all the same outcome we all seek for Fiji.

4) Regarding the current divisions involving the Fiji Coalition and Rajesh Singh's new group - isn't Mara dividing rather than uniting people?

Division is more in terms of means to achieve same outcome. Therefore, need to connect all groups to same, ultimate result we all striving towards while respecting how groups aim to achieve it.

5) Where is the Indo-Fijian support?

My sense, some have already joined groups already in place. But most waiting to see how things pan out with various groups and direction offered by key leaders. I do know, most want the same result but initially cautious about how to go about expressing it. Impetus, momentum down underway will also force people to declare their positions/allegiances.

6) The meeting numbers have been low in Australia - will they be better in Akl and Wellington?

With time, I believe momentum will pick up as message on how bad situation in Fiji really is and as people feel confident regime change for the better is a real possibility.


Manasa said...

Vinaka Sai.

We want to hear, exchange and discuss situation in Fiji with Ului.

He is the most interesting person coming out of the military right now, so we want to see and hear him.

Best of luck

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Sai, but how will there be more people attending Roko Ului's meetings in NZ?

Australia has the biggest population of Fijians outside Fiji and yet two Mara rallies - in Canberra and Melbourne - attracted only about 80 people.

I hope you're right but I suspect there's a lot of wishful thinking here. Seems to me that while most people want an end to Frank, they're not exactly keen on Mara.

He just doesn't have any credibility. He was part of the coup, was there all along, abused people and now wants to be seen as some kind of hero.

We don't want him, especially when he talks about restoring the Great Council of Chiefs. That's him and his mates, not a genuine democracy for ordinary people.

Anonymous said...

Nikhat Naidu your comments on this please.

Devious Aunty Bano said...


M/s Peni Mau and Mahendra Patel have been put in the jail for an amount of $1,600 alleged they to having benefitted in the clock matter for Post Fiji. They had both denied this and in any case the money would not have gone to them but concerned their respective companies.

This the judge calls “Corporate Greed” which I think is ex High Court Nazhat Shameem’s words.

We now have Dr Sahu Khan who has clearly defrauded an innocent / ignorant / na├»ve and an uneducated lady in excess of $120,000 and is still free. Why conflicting rulings – where is justice!! It is because Peni is a Fijian; Mahendra an Indian and Sahu Khan a Taliban / Al Qaeda .

The mind boggles!!

Anonymous said...

Sai Lealea,
May I suggest that you guys push for Armed Intervention please.
Intervention by America, Australia and New Zealand.
Get the US Pacific fleet to comne down with 5000 men ( who have just left Afghanistan)
Offer the Fijian army to surrender and arrest Bainimarama and Kahiyum and all the ring leaders and put them in custody in the empty jail in Naboro.
If they don't surrender then drop smart bombs in Delainabua.
Then bring in the troops by sea, land and air.
Total assault.
The ANZUS force can practice live war-games on these idiots.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

GO Fiji Democrat Kiwi's Go!!!
When is the shadow govment being formed and when are they going to start the campaign for a new election?? Or will we all wait for 2014?? After all time is really flying and without knowing it the Democrat Movnt might just be snowballing slowly to 2014. Give us some tangibles!!!

convolutedexperiment said...

Attendance's at Democracy Meetings are more an indication of how afraid Fijians are for their loved ones in Fiji and reflects just how oppressive the Regime is, to the point of having fijians spying on fijians and reporting back to the Regime in Fiji.
I'm confident that those attending, though low in numbers, represent 10 times the number of people turning up.
As the Later Jone Tui would say, many were invited, few were chosen !
It's the calibre and determination of the people attending that counts, not the numbers per se !

Colonel Gaddafi said...

Dear Commodore
As a brother in arms and fellow dictator I would like to propose a business deal with you. As more and more of our brothers are losing their jobs we very urgently need a save heaven where we can hide from prosecution by the International Criminal Court and from the wrath of the people that we have oppressed tortured and killed. I understand that Fiji is a lovely place, has many gorgeous islands with pristine beaches. What I would like to propose is to buy one of your pretty islands and turn it into a retirement home for tyrants, despots, autocrats and the common garden variety military dictators. I am in fact prepared to invest 20 billion of the dollars that I have stolen from the people of Libya and create one of these Abu Dhabi style resorts that you, dear Commodore admires so much. What I need from your Attorney General, who quite obviously calls the shots in Fiji, is a guarantee that no dictator will ever be extradited to the ICC. In return, I offer a free de luxe suite for yourself and your boss. I believe that such a special resort would not only bring the badly needed economic growth to your country, but also provide a major boost to your tourism industry. Imagine guided tours with the option to have a working lunch with a disposed dictator! This beats the stupid bungee jumping New Zealand offers. Imagine all these billions stolen from people around the world ending up on accounts in Fiji!

I trust that you will favorably assess my proposal and join me in this innovative project that will allow you to do all the restructuring your boss keeps raving about.

Yours truly

Colonel Gaddafi
Outgoing Dictator of Libya

Deng Z Ping said...

@Colonel Gaddafi
Don't forget the Gun and Ammo factory that Piggy wants.
Can you provide that?

Anonymous said...

tik tok tik tok times up. i hear that a very big event is about to happen here in fiji and it is going to be UGLY.

SEMI MEO said...

@ valataka na stupidity..and all other…pls, do not wish any military kinda intervention on my innocent relatives back home…especially the possible destructive effect of your smart bomb..we have families within the peripheries of all Fiji Military camp..in Top line, Vaturekuka, Delainabua or 6th at that Nausori Hill…just be careful the ruthless violence you wish may just ravage you and all you have and love before you could call out “’oilei Na”

Again we say and say again that these prodemocracy movements are too possessive of the High Chief, hoping that locking him up in Canberra would give then maximum effect in their zest for international recognition and hope to stir fomer Fiji residents support globally.

Before the new Mara/Baledrokadroka brand is further soiled in the mire of oblivion, why can’t they wake up to humble suggestions from many of us who walk the streets everyday. We would have thought by now (i) A reputable promotion, marketing or PR house engaged to handle ALL Media to assist penetrate the stubborn resistance and skepticism with the varied former Fiji residents communities around the globe…nur…they continue to release piece meal kinda media releases making it difficult for all to guess the chronological or sequential or geographical essence of the Mara / Baledrokadroka's global trotting to sell the vision to restore political, social sanity and economic redevelopment in Fiji.

(2) By now we thought they would have appointed a Finance house to excite immediate revenue streams, first within our global community, and identify hot and other prospects, many who still revere the new Mara/ Baledrodroka Brand and the Mara legacy of many moons ago.

(3) By now, we thought they would have indentified, invite and convene a Global representative of fomer Fiji residents leaders and present the young Chief, Mr. Baledrodroka, Mr. Speight and other leader to them, consolidate their community support and, go back to their respective communities, massage the vision and call public meetings with provision for an open forum..so skeptics and other could voice their respective views etc.

May be they have and we in the outer have not been informed…all we know that out of the 20 Fiji Community grouping in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sun Coast…no one…one has even hinted they are in the know…

It is not too late…I think..to have a swot at this juncture….

In the meantime, the Co Prime Ministers are laughing all the way to the Bank in Dubai, Swiss and theier relative benefiting form Gov tender and other inflated procurement commissions.

nur...let's go back to sleep...zzzzzz

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Sai for the intiatives. As usual, there are three kinds of people:the ones that swear, curse, and criticize from the sideline; the ones that work hard to see that plans bear fruit; and the ones that just couldn't be bothered. In which category do we fall also determines our responses. And what has race got to do with anything or other democracy movements? As Sai rightly suggests, all work for a common goal and when time comes, everyone must come together. Thumbs up for democracy. The Democracy movement in auckland already shot itself in the foot by protesting against Roko Ului's visit. They failed to see the bigger picture!Fijian in NZ are not accountable to any of the democracy groups, they must be free to choose who to join and who they listen to. Keep us informed Sai.

Anonymous said...

Tik tok tik tok. The sound of genuine madness. Now that's UGLY.



Anonymous said...

Rajesh - please stop follong people under Samu pretense - your type of english and writing is easily spotted - funny how your solution is GCC,Church and SDL - what about the others - you need to join hands with Nik,Wellington and Australia - only then will true Domocracy shine.

Anonymous said...

@ valataka na dina - 0950. Either you have been watching too many movies or been playing a lot of cyber games. The coalition do not have any interest in Fiji. They only go to war when a depression looms in their economy (ie their arms industries kept busy for sale of arms elswhere), they want resources out of the 'enemy' country that has the stakes they want or as a diversion for a major campaign elsewhere. Aust and NZ do have the best of interest in Fiji accept to keep the economy low in economic performance/ GDP deficit so that the majority of the 'service industry' workers in Aust and NZ come and spend little for quality service and products - (cheap quick and convenient destination for a holiday vacation destination for recuperation before going back to earning more for their economy). Fiji is part of that ' achieving more with less mechanism' in the Pacific. Its a rated holiday destination anyway for the Aust and Kiwis, why bring arms when their is no conflict'..Why does anyone wants to fix something that is not broken. Look at the tangibles...at list if cannot see the intangibles. What of collateral damage from the smart bomb?? Stop the wishful thinking - IDIOT! Go back to your computer game!!

Anonymous said...

Fijian people living Australia are to frighten to attend the Pro- Democracy meetings in Australia because of the concern for the safety of family and the relatives still in Fiji. The illegal regime Goons will go around to the relative houses in Fiji to threaten and intimidate them. The Goons of the puppet have a history of doing this that has been well documented.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka S Lealea,,,,,dont worry about the critics,,,carry on.
Important think is that anti frank voices are alway s there and talking,,,,,
for critics,,,,pls dont talk if u dont support,,,go back to yo self serving holes.
Ke o sega ni via vakaitavi se veitokoni - GALU!

Anonymous said...

Outcome in Melbourne was very poor, likewise in Canberra.
Like I have said before they need to gain support from Fiji because all the supporters in Aust & NZ this is a time to be important to their peers or an opportunity to put their hands up should the next election happen as promised.

Anonymous said...

Can Mr Sai Lealea and co please take his fight to Fiji.

Kinoya Kid said...

kinoya kid says,
@Manasa.....If U want to hear it from the horses mouth...than come to the mother land and see it for yourself... if you hear it from him...thats the third person and he's lying...come to Fiji for the real fact....not hearsay...
God Bless Fiji

Kinoya Kid said...

kinoya kid says
@valataka na dina, Jun299.50am....
wat we can see from wat U expressed is hatred....try to wake up to the fact...U BLOC HEAD...I
use to follow wat U used to comment on and U still cannot see wat the people of this country is getting thru their committment and hardwork thru this Gvt. of the Day...only Lazy bugger do complain....tamata sega na kena Tapi...ulukau...qa lala me tau vei iko valataka na dina vucesa...levu na matani da...sa dri yani

Anonymous said...

@Anon - 343 pm. Hey wake up - all you have to do is buy the goons out. They will mark the 'blood of the lamb' on the door of your house and your families will be spared!!! Wake up can you not read what's happening in Fiji - and the solution for 'shut up' or 'look the other way'. It seems to be working with the bureacrats why cannot it happen at the sharp end.....

Afghan said...

@ Anonnymous June 29 at 9:50am

You have suggested to bring the armed combined forces to Fiji and drop some bombs in the Delainabua camo.


Very foolish idean and only looking you think about us staying here in Fiji, you staying overseas will not give us a singke penny $$$ if the war erupts in Fiji and destroyed our homes.

Nut thinking from you Anonymous ...

Tabusuka said...

Oh! Sai, don't waste your time on cowards like Rokoului. He do not even know what kind of democracy Fiji need. I think he is only demo his crazy......

Anonymous said...

if 1 or 80 people attend the meeting than the cause is not lost...1 voice is not a lost cause...the voice freedom is more powerful than all you bainimarama fanatics put together...we will win the fight for democracy ..thumbs up for democracy

Anonymous said...

Can Sai Lealea not speak on anything to do with Fiji. You've left Fiji and you also have NZ passport. Oops, I forgot that you're one of those that was given a scholarship & did not return to serve your bond, and pay the Fiji Gov't for student loan. Sega ni o maduwa?
Kua na vaka fancy, o iko sa biuti Viti, so galu mada.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Sai, there is no doubt that lots of people want the regime to go except the handful few. You guys and Mara and the Aussie group are doing a great job. Thumb Up for Democracy!!!

Anonymous said...

We may have differences of opinion on RUM. We should applaude him for his brave act to come out and do something that none of his military colleagues could do. Even JB and Driti were silent all that time. Now they have the courage to come out of their den to support RUM since he has created the opportunity for democratic lovers to stand and take Fiji back to normal.
Come on Fiji family, wherever you're in NZ, let's unite by putting our differences aside to remain one for Fiji. Let's make use of this opportunity that we have been eagerly waiting for. Now RUM has initiated it, let's just jump on board and join the good fight. God Bless Fiji!!!

Anonymous said...

@Kinoya Kid

You seemed disturbed when Anon 9.50 could be hitting the nail on the head. What is your problem?? Are you a FB-Military-Force or a fameli or a sympathiser. If you are not happy with what people say on how to remove the illegal regime, please go and read Fiji Sun cos this blog is not for your type.......... butabutako o iko vata kei vore vata kei aiass. Veitavioka cava e tiko mai Kinoya, na i qaqi ni da (sewerage) ga.

Mind you we are talking of complaining whatever you call it not because we are lazy as you claimed. People in this blog are fed up of the bainivore illegal regime, paying himself $700k, nepotism, human right abuse, miltarisation, corruption. Go to your Kinoya cassava patch, dabeca na lewe ni tavioka balavu duadua e tiko kina, so that your eyes could opened to see the undescribable ruins you people...... FB, his military thugs and the illegal regime have done to the economy, FNPF, FSC, Natadola project (to name a few).

Manasa said...

@Kinoya Kid:
No Kinoya Kiddo, nobody is allowed to speak the truth in Fiji...Ului has the freedom to speak his mind without fear in NZ. There is no freedom of speech in Fiji.

Price of speaking the truth in Fiji is gun point up the rectum...surely you will not want that..bruised backside is sore to sit on..you soldiers know that well.

So we are able to hear unrestricted truth from Ului if he speaks out in NZ

fedup said...

for the love of christ, if we dare think of an outcome of this dire situation our beloved nation is in, why not call for an election.

here we have a regime that declares it has the majority support for the havoc it is causing and yet it can not prove it has the mandate to do so.

drink a cup of concrete and harden up and prove to the world that you have the blessings of the nation or throw in the towel and surrender.

Anonymous said...

God brought Light,Peace and Freedom to my beloved Fiji Islands. Unfortunately,greed and selfish ambitions crept in we became lovers of things, but Him.Good News is, God is still in control.As a Follower of Jesus Christ, His WILL will be done.ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD TO THOSE WHO LOVED HIM AND ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE..to the so called Pro Democracy movement, how about do something positive to help struggling people in Fiji instead of calling for more sanctions...Da vakasamataka vinaka na ka me caka..EMPTY VESSELS MAKES MORE SOUND.no wonder there is negative response to your so called meetings in AUSSIE.FIJI WILL GET BETTER NOT BITTER. GOD BLESS FIJI.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you goons heard of the smart bomb?
I guess you'll hear it when it drops on your head.

@Semi Meo,you are very funny.
Your support for the Illegal Regime is pathetic.
Since you are interested in sleep, then just go back to sleep my friend.
We can see that you've been talking in your sleep and writing useless confusing garbage.

Don't worry about your relatives Semi.The smart bombs will be only aimed at the army buildings in Delainabua. But since you suggested Topline,Vaturekuka and Nausori Hill then we might drop some there too. GBU 28 and Daisy Cutters.
Just don't pee in your pants while you sleeping.
Sweet dreams my friend.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:03pm
"achieving more with less"
mmmmmmm very interesting concept. I like it.
Did you hear that Sai,RUM and JB?
Achieving more with less.

Only one thing can do that ie the smart bomb.
Lets get America to deliver it to this gentleman at Delainabua.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

@Kinoya Kid
No I don't have any hatred for my fellow Fijians. But I hate those that do evil to my fellow Fijians. Those that murder them (Rabaka etc) and are still roaming free.
Those that steal money from the children for their illegal pay rise.
(the children of Tavua who now have to cut cane inorder to survive; while idiots stand at checkpoints with guns and get paid for doing nothing. Now That is evil).

Do you Kinoya Kid care about these children?
You should read your postings again because your fingers are actually just pointing back at you.

If you didn't get what I just wrote then just relax take a deep breath of that lovely fresh air in Kinoya.
Pretty soon you'll understand what I mean.
( for the benfit of those who don't know.... there is a big sewerage plant in Kinoya)

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

@ Valataka na dina 4.57. It seems you know so much about smart bombs. Well done! Please educate us about this smart bomb? Who delivers these is it one or two jets? Do they need a laser designator in the air or ground? so if two plane you're talking about two $20 US Million dollars plane (F16s) with a pilot whose salary is about $150,000 PA, ground staff, on the deck of the USS Nimitz (Paciifc Fleet), conrol staff, bomb loader, tower control, at their staging bases, whats the proactive damage control agenda for the US Representative at UN (ready to JUSTIFY to UN security council for instance for the percieved 'collateral damages' mass casualty of civilians, No fire zones/areas (church, schools, hospitals, heritage buildings, mosques etc etc - YOU KNOW ALL THESE, DO YOU??,. What about the fuel from its launching point to fly to Fiji? Just googling all these it will cost the US tax payers millions of dollars. FOR WHAT stakes in Fiji. Or maybe the US will prefer a 'Bay of Pigs type infiltration along the swamps of Vatuwaqa and up to Delainabua - for a Urban Assault on Delainabua and then a laser designator is deployed for the smart bomb to hone in? So is this what you so much advocate. Another question why do the US have to bring war to our shores. Even if we support the military or not, I am sure a lot of us will pick up fork spade and cane knife to defend our country against foreign invaders - who you seem to PUSH so hard to invade us here - JUST FOR THE BENEFIT OF YOU EXILE DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENT. By the way when the dust settles we will wait for you - we Fijians have a very short memory for good deeds but longer for revenge on liumuri's like you!!!

SEMI MEO said...

@valataka na "nothing"..We thought you had a articulate logical thinking brain above your honorable neck ..plainly, my constructive analysis of the organisation or lack thereof within the pro-democracy movements are under my name and , with all intent and purposes aimed for the common good.
Seems, the truth hurts…or you valataka na “nothing” has nothing to do with the various prodemocracy movements, Sir, but just an aimless blockhead blogger riding the horse of grand cowardice, ducking under the “bele ni liku” of anonymity and secretly playing reverse psychology chess game to conceal your full support and monetary benefiting from the Co Prime Ministers coffers…do not come here and try to fool us…in fact we know your IP address..and we are not surprised by the way you spew in this esteemed column, we’ve been informed is in your dna….do not blame us if your about to have a heart attack …but we pray to God you stay in good health until the day we all unmask….someday!!

..se va'evei valataka na dena?

Anonymous said...

@ Valataka na Dina 4.57 and 5 15 am.
Support RUM and JB with their passive resistance and low level civil disturbance. Not active - Smart Bomb.
Can you mortgage your house (if you have one) for just the cost of the fins of the smart bomb falla??? If you intend to go with your strong hateful suggestion of killing soldiers as well as innocent civilians in the killing radius of your so called smart bomb. Pls stop that kind of wishful thinking againsts the concept of the Democratic Movement. Go back to killing innocent civilian in your PS 3, X BOX etc.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:50
Do some more "googling".
Google Grenada , population less than 100,000 and America came to help after a Coup.

@Semi Meo
One moment you support the regime.
Another moment you supporting Democracy.
Mutually exclusive.

@Anonymous 10:03
If you surrender then you won't die. We don't even have to drop a bomb.
The Japnese surrenderred after Hiroshima.
The Germans surrendered after being bombed.
So, do you have to wait until after you are bombed.
You should handover the government back to the people you stole it from NOW!

-Valataka na Dina.

SEMI MEO said...

@Valataka na dina..read my lips...I do not support any seditious acts…. I do not support the waste time manner these pro-democracy movements are going about doing things…I thought by now they would have attempted to have a meeting with the Rear Admiral and his Co-Prime Minister in a neutral venue (should they fear returning to Fiji at the moment)…who ever they wanna meet around the world IS A WASTE OF TIME!!

So do not raise the issue of allegiance issue again….kerekere bibi saka..

..my allegiance, like the 99.9% of Fiji towards the best solution to resolving our problem.!!..

Anonymous said...

@ Valataka na dina 1255...' cannot refuse the temptation to attempt to crack the 'coconut'

Granada had US interests. Developed first world countries have a responsibility for their subjects in other countries, hence evacuation operations etc etc. Granada was in proximity to communist castro's regime. The CIA engineered the whole show as they did in Vietnam, Laos, Cuba, etc etc, for its own interest - for their so called Freedom. By the way this was linked to the killing of 'black power' freedom fighter and those that propagated the theme - like Bob Marley. Is this not what the iTaukei want - their own democracy. Suppose the Khayum 'one vote one citizen identity' philosophy meets the mark of these first world country democracies; although under the shadows of FB. The iTaukei's eyes are shut by all the 'campaign' by FB. But the iTaukei want their own democracy - which no one has been able to answer, not even the Democratic Movement. This was what Granada was fighting for but was ingnored because it was tainted with 'communism' and a threat to US democratic formulae of 'freedom'. So what is US interest in Fiji - are US subjects in Fiji threatened that the cost cost of which is greater that the cumulutive cost of mounting a smart bomb strike on all the Army bases in Fiji. I'll leave it to you to do the math and answer that one yourself. The Democr Movnt might just be seeking your service , keep your resume handy for consideration of their strategist position - when the Regime is eventually kicked out.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:13
I don't want to get into a philosophical argument.
All I want to say is strategically speaking, The US better be interested in Fiji. (If you look at how Australia is shifting it's military bases in the next 20 years, you'll understand why)

2)It is also in the Economic interest of Australia and NZ that Fiji has a Democratic government.

3)It is in the interest of Fijians that they have a Democratic government where each citizen has a voice in how they should live and be healthy and wealthy.
(Wasn't that the aim of "Black Power").
At present they don't have that privilege.

4)Like I have mentioned so many times before, NO bombs have to be dropped if the soldiers peacefully surrender. You can do the math.

5) No, I'm not interested in governing this country. God has a different calling for me and that is what I have to do.
(I think Ratu Mara's government from 1970 to 1987 did a pretty good job compared to all the other governments after it. Why don't they just pull the old blue-print out and follow it. No one is perfect).

-Valataka na Dina

Anonymous said...

Elections in 2014.....Who wants to place a bet???

I believe there'll be elections!!!

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo,

You are one confused sick Idiot!!! You don't even know which side you're on mate??? Your advice to these Pro-Democracy Movements to go to Fiji and meet with your Hero The Illegal Pm and his Puppett Master?? You must be kidding!!! The minute they set foot in Fiji, they will be arrested, tortured and even killed!!! These Idiots, like you, are very unreasonable!!! They do not negotiate, let alone listen to anyone but themselves!! We are still getting Hot Air from you and nothing constructive and of substance!!
Good on you Sai Lealea!!! You are indeed a Brave son of Fiji, sacrificing so much in the name of Democracy!! Your name will be remembered in Fiji's History books!! Unlike of course Semi Meo's which is already been deleted from The Vola ni Kawa Bula!!!

Thumbs Up For Democracy!! Vinaka Vakalevu Sai!!!

SEMI MEO said...

@sick nameless and faceless idiot of July 3, 2011 8:49 AM.

Many of us do NOT support the manner these prodemocracy movements parade their star around the world..but, that’s they choice...what for, we ask??..the world is already convinced the Fiji has a Dictator...we want action!!

Many of us do not support your uncle Rear Admiral Bainimarama and your brother Mr. Aiyaz eveil regime at all!!

Majority of us stand for Fiji’s immediate return to sanity, even if a you are brave enough to run against Bainimarama/Aiyaz election machine.

Next time, use you name...BOTHY

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo.... You are confused again?? One minute you support The Illegal Mob, one minute you're against them?.....If you are for real... then go and support Sai.. and show that you're a true supporter of the return of Democracy In Fiji? Otherwise...still too much Hot Air from your mouth!!
BTW, you can call me Bothy!! Is that a "Saqani Dialect" name?? I quite like it!!
Bou 'ina Bou'o!!
Thumbs Up For Democracy!!!