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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lessons to learn from malicious case against Fiji lawyer

BY HOOK OR BY CROOK: Regime determined to get Jalal. Below: Jalal and Tuisolia at court in July and bottom and Mohammed Aziz. (Photo: Lunch in Suva)

The illegal regime's case against human rights lawyer Imrana Jalal and her husband, Sakiusa Tuisolia, has been dismissed but a number of questions remain including this one: Who was the military officer who threatened to rape her if she didn't 'shut her mouth'?

Jalal herself said in her affidavit that after her published opposition to the military takeover in 2006, she was threatened with rape, in graphic detail, via an anonymous call to her mobile.

"I was warned to shut my mouth or "they" would shut it for me. That call was traced to a phone booth just outside the gates of the Queen Elizabeth Barracks, home of the Fiji Military Forces. Twenty minutes prior to the call, Colonel (now Brigadier) Mohammed Aziz had asked Major Davina Chan to call my office to get my mobile number. I made a police complaint about that threat of rape including this information. Brig. Aziz has a close relationship with the FICAC lawyer, also a  military officer, prosecuting me."

With eyes of the world watching the continuing abuse of human rights in Fiji - finding out who Jalal's abuser was will help put more of the jigsaw together about the regime's bashing team. 

We have been getting answers but there is still a lot that needs to come, especially as the military goons are still threatening people and taking them to the barracks without good cause.

As we already know, Jalal and and her husband Tuisolia were charged by FICAC for operating a takeaway restaurant business, Hook and Chook, without a licence. As Jalal says, the case hould have been handled by the Suva City Council, not the High Court.

"In normal circumstance, there would be no request by the prosecutor to take this matter like this to a High Court, because it is actually a civil misdemeanour. So what happened was my husband had a restaurant, I was a silent director and he was asked to apply for a licence which he did. The Suva City Council took a long time to process the licence. When we finally got it, FICAC is prosecuting us for the period in which we did not have the licence while we were waiting for the restaurant licence. So it really is a civil misdemeanour."

Lawyers estimated that all up, the malicious prosecutions cost the Fijian taxpayer millions of dollars in transport, perdiums, research, charges, court appearances, public relations, trials and hearings.

Below: some of the ways the regime wasted money dogging Jalal and Tuisolia:

Several Judges and Magistrates adjudicated over four years of appearances, mentions, bail applications, hearings and trials
Countless trips were made to Nadi by FICAC and the military to investigate at AFL
c) Several days of investigation had to be done at FIRCA to establish tax irregularities in Saki and Imrana’s tax files
d) Capt. Aca Rayawa himself conducted a personal investigation at SCC
e) Transport costs to get to Nadi and accommodation of four FICAC officers plus Rayawa at expensive Denarau to serve documents on Imrana on New Year’s Day 2010 at 8am, conveniently allowing FICAC officers and Aca to party on New Year’s Eve at Denarau at tax payers’ expense
f) Several full, some opposed, hearings for bail for Imrana and Saki (12), some with state and private witnesses, including two full hearings for Saki to travel abroad for work in the High Court
The special night court hearing in February 2008 to specially arraign Saki for the AFL matter, with full media attendance
h)Three hearings on the SCC charges in the High Court on legal matters and the validity of the charges, two which required Imrana to travel back from Manila for hearings
i) One full 5 week trial with witnesses in the High Court  on the AFL matter, with the judicial and courts costs accruing; and
j) The specific courts costs of the hearings and trial and the taxpayer employed Judges, Magistrates, court officers, lawyers etc amounting to hundreds and thousands of dollars.

With the regime's coffers already empty and with poverty the highest it has ever been in Fiji, the money spent on the case could have gone on 293 basic wooden kit homes for poor people (@ $8,000 each), or water supply projects for 117 villages and settlements (@ $20,000 each), 156 new classrooms for rural schools (@ $15,000 each), the replacement of obsolete essential medical equipment in our national hospitals or even two kilometres of tar sealed road. 

Coming up: Amnesty International says the key to stopping the abuse of human rights in Fiji is to report and document them, so the culprits can be made accountable.


  1. Who could have made the call?

  2. This matter is really very serious. This threat could have been made to anyone. Whoever has threatened her can actually rape her...unfortunately like always the citizens of Fiji are helpless beacuse of the fear the illegal government has created. If this call has been made outside the gates then it could be any of the officers. This threat is not only for Imrana Jalal but for every woman out there who has the courage to speak out the truth. My question is how many will they threat, take them to camp or even worse rape them to keep their mouth shut????

  3. While I feel sorry for the rape threat to Imrana and no woman should ever be treated like that ...sorry to say she deserved being put through that court case! What goes around comes around Imrana, this is what happens when you treat the little people like shit. It's called Karma.

  4. Kinoya Kid said,
    E dua ga e dau vakayacora tu na ka oqori ni bera ni ra dau talai na nona gone....o RUM ga...that's his specialty...qori e laki vakamatavulo tiko ni sa drotaki bula tiko yani....U'll see the real person as the time goes by....or only time will tell....GOD BLESS

  5. stay in Sheraton, just to serve documents......lol - sa qai corrupt

  6. Please lets not feel sorry for Jalal - she has enough history to write a tv series - ask Dilip or Bharat Jamnadas

  7. What a pain this person is, still going on about an alleged telephone threat years later. Who cares? She and her tasi pori are now living the high life in Manila while a lot of other people are really suffering. Trish Jalal doesn't know the meaning of the word.

  8. Well as anon 6.50pm said, jalal and saki aint all saintly. I recall once going to a cocktail and Jalal telling everyone that she had married Ratu cos she wanted to be the one running the country where as hubby wud be PM but she wud pressing all the buttons. And we all know abt the dtrange parties at her their family home in Maunikau.

  9. I wonder if the female soldiers are being treated that way too....or raped to keep their mouths shut???
    Is it happening? happened?

  10. vakamadua mai na mataivalu torosobu.....vakarorogocataka na vakatagedegede era a sa biuta tu o ira na qase i liu....yavu rere re......sega ni rawa ni curumi tonga matanisiga rawa tu....lamulamu....ravarava..yavu kaisi....bokola

  11. Under the RFMF Immunity Decree an assault, rape or murder carried out by a member of the RFMF is no longer a crime. This is why they feel they are free to commit these offenses without fear of prosecution.

  12. folks this announcer coka is pro bainimarama...there is no neutral but very much bias announcing.....recall the saga about RUM desertion by boat....he mentioned heaps of people by name that saw now addressing about the lau trip of bainimarama.......io he came through because of the death of his father......therefore is eligible to do bias reporting.
    Vinaka coka na tabea.

  13. Solution found to Fiji's woes :-
    Unit cost $10,417 !

  14. I worked with Tuisolia in the PM's Office where he had formed quite a high handed snobbish clique with arrogant Joji Kotobalavu, sly Malakai and the corrupt Tuiteci.

    These foursome had run the PM's office like a second home where they manipulated everything behind the PM's back; poor humble Laisenia Qarase being taken for a ride. These are the people who deliberately slept on their watch

    While I have my personal reservations against Tuisolia, Imrana Jalal does not deserve to be threatened in this way, being victimized in a way because of Tuisolia.

    Everything points to con-man Mohammed Aziz and I pray he gets what he deserves. For what he has done I hope someone does to him as he has dome to others.

    I am not sure where Missy Elliot is coming from but I hope she settles her business with Jalal in private.

    The public domain is for publicising wrongs and other condescending issues committed against the public and people.

  15. As someone earlier mentioned Imrana Jalal is not a saint. Very cunning this one here. Very smart to get publicity. Sure she is a human rights defender bla bla bla. The kind of human rights defender who only operates on an international stage to get recognition. Nevemind treating others like toilet paper. I was at a restaurant where Imrana had an argument with this judge who is now retired and she called the judge a lesbian out loud. I don't think the judge is a lesbian but even if she was so what, thought Imrana the human rights defender knows better that there's nothing wrong being a lesbian!

  16. it was RUM that did that threat phone call ..............??? no wonder why he is going around trying to hide from his previous actions.

  17. It wasn't RUM who made the phone call. It was Aziz.

  18. Me ra tarogi mada na vosa vakalialia tiko qo.......Do u have mothers,sisters,etc.coz if u do u will treat this seriously....

  19. Annon 9.18pm - True ...agree Imrana may be an elite and whatever but she and ratu didn't deserve to be treated like this by the regime.

  20. Must be the pig (Vore) makin the fone calls...rem he was the one beating up the ladies in delainabua.

  21. Tell Fiji Roko Ului!June 18, 2011 at 9:29 PM

    I suggest that RUM come clean on this one and tell the world who threatened Imrana with rape.

    If he keeps his silence then people may very well think it was him who made that threatening phone call to Imrana at Sigatoka where she was facilitating at a conference for judicial officers.

  22. RUM did similar call to a saw mill lady operator in Labasa...even more recently. Why no talk about that?

  23. it was aziz the fat pig

  24. the land has eyesJune 18, 2011 at 9:38 PM

    all those who have benefitted from during this illegal ruling will pay for the price.....a costly one. You dont realise that you are thriving at someone elses expense, at a poor man's sweat, at a single mother's hard earned tears trying to put enough food on the table, at hungry children who go to sleep on empty stomach coz there's not enough food to go around......all becoz of increase in prices, stagnant salaries so that illegal govt supporters could be paid extra for supporting evil. Just wait YOUR turn is coming and it ain't too good. You cannot escape this one!!

  25. Bula Missy Elliot.

    You sure have an axe to grind with Imrana. Care to share with us your little story about how she treated 'little people'? Or is it just sour grapes on your part?

    Whatever you might think of the court cases against Imrana and Saki, do you honestly think that the taxpayers deserved to be dumped with a bill of approx. $2million by the regime chasing its own tail around the bloc? Tell us please.

  26. isa imrana......i always dream about our days and nights together,,,,,,,anyway, dont worry ill fix aziz the goon
    why is RUM quiet? No new infor so far but he's got a lot............

  27. It wouldn't have been Roko Ului who made the call. It would have been one of the junior officers from the Army Legal office. Roko Ului was too senior an officer even @ that time to be going around doing Aziz's dirty work. No way could Aziz send Roko Ului to do anything . RUM would just have just told Aziz to p-s off. Or it could have been one of Bainimarama's PSO cum thugs such as Ben Naliva. In fact the more I think about, the more I believe that it was a Penioni Naliva type person.

  28. Polka dots - I don't need to share my story. She knows what a hypocrite she is. My argument is not with the taxpayer.

  29. Imrana J didn't practice what she preached. I was a student at USP and looked up to her. But then one night after one of her state of the nation speeches at USP I saw the way she treatd my friend and I was so shocked at her behaviour.

    She being the older and wiser person treating a student like crap.

    Imrana you're only a human rights defender for the famous people.

    Stay in Manila, and stay hidden, we dont need hypocrites like you!

  30. Isa o Trish Jalal!

  31. Secretly speaking to the everyday people in Fiji , Frank will win the planned elections of 2014.

  32. this is very sad talking abt saki and imrana..what evr happens if true or right this present illegal govt has to answer to us all in viti in the future and next fijian genration to come.who is on watch should protect the people of fiji and follow the democratic law should answer to the fijian population;it doesnt matter if any one or individual has aspired to what they belive is right then what else the rest of us has to complain about,,we are has everyone all do mistakes and learn from it to do the right thing..let bygones be bygones and bringing indivual personal hatered to the fore doesnt help evryone to move foward and solve the big crisis that is happening to fiji at the moment..thumbs up and valataka na dina.

  33. world filled with corrupt individuals,law always will catch up ga if u on the wrong,no matter if youre a human rights activist etc etc..

  34. wonder why these details are being released,,,,,,,focus should be on detained victims, killed victims, injured victims and those who lost their properties etc etc. This looks like maneuvering for caretaker / elections by the jalals ie seeking the sympathy vote. You can easily id the ambitious big egos in these blogs. Meanwhile where is RUM? He should go to PNG and Vanuatu now so that MSG kicks out Frank because he is breaching the UN DRIP. After that wait for Naboro.

  35. @ missy elliot
    Sure you don't need to share your 'little story' since you simply don't have one. Now that's very hypocritical of you, don't you think? Mudslinging anonymously without offering 'any meat' to your 'little story'? Sheer nonsense.

    Anonymous 12.46a.m!
    Hmmm...another faceless goon oops, one with an axe to grind. If I had to share every little perceived slight, shabby or simply unfair treatment I received from people whilst at University, gee, I could fill an entire book. But y'see I'm not a sore loser like you and missy elliot who come in here like some treasonous loser goon or their sapota (lolz..) to trash Imrana over some imagined slight that says a lot more about you guys than her.

    As they say - too bad, so sad - grow up! lolzz...

  36. Imrana, if you're reading this, I'm afraid 'little people' with little axes to grind look upon you as a GODDESS and not human. And just because you don't belong in that gang of treasonous 'legal advisors' that are responsible for the continuing existence of Fiji's thieving junta, does not let you off! No way. You need to be the epitome of PERFECTION.

  37. C4.5 this story shows that some of democracy fighters are not very well liked. To be precise hated. That is why 2006 happened. Deep hate for people in power.

  38. Tall poppy syndrome and a big case of sour grapes are behind the vicious attacks on Tu Saki and Imrana's characters.
    The illegal regime had no leg to stand on from day one, and as rightly pointed out it was a failed attempt by the vindicative illegal regime, especially we all know who in the legal faternity , and former members of the judiciary to bankrupt and tanish their reputation, both of which failed.

    Any first year law student will know given their so called evidence that it couldn't stack up in court, and any attempts to rule against them would clearly show, without trying to dress it up - direct manupulation of the Judiciary. So in essense , it had nothing to do with the fact as Kaiyum claims that Fiji's judicairy is independent. Yes it may be independent when it suits them,e sp on family, civil and criminal cases that is no threat or cost to the survival of the illegal regime.
    Congrats to both Saki and Imrana - you fought a good fight andcame out victors.

  39. Vinaka Angie. Look forward to seeing you and your family back in Fiji when this is all over. Sa loloma bibi tu yani.

  40. Having been a former law student of Imrana's and having worked with her at various times over the years the comments by some Anon and Missy Eliot are utter nonsense. Imrana is no saint and has made many enemies in her time (which highly successful people dont?!) but she has never treated the "little" people like that or made comments in public about lesbians or about running the country (actually the country would benefit if she did!). She is too smart for that and in fact worked for many years at Social Welfare representing the so called "little" people. She could so easily have been a big shot lawyer in a law firm earning the big bucks but chose a different career path and spent many years working for a law to help poor women, not to benefit herself or her elite friends. ASk around around the Pacific countries and her mentoring of law students shows that she has taken the time to help so many of them. She has many, many more admirers and friends, then enemies. All I can say to the anons and missy eliot - your comments sound personal to me and you must have been some of those who were either sacked by Imrana at places she worked or you lost a battle against her. Sour grapes man!

  41. Thumbs Up for a Free Fiji!June 19, 2011 at 3:24 PM

    I'm sure it's Jocelynne Scutt whom Imrana might have allegedly referred to as the 'lesbian judge'.

    Scutt, a wacece Australian lawyer quickly jumped over to Fiji's courts following the Dec06 coup and amidst severe criticism from her own people, about the ills of furthering the objectives of a military junta and dictatorship.

    To make things worse, Scutt insisted on staying in a flat attached to the Padarath's residence on Duncan road, in Suva.... a notable departure from the tradition of expat judges being house in the government quarters in Domain.

    She finally left our shores but not without having left a stain and tarnished her image as an opportunist, freaky lawyer who seemed more at ease dressed for showbiz, all the way down to her 5-inch brightly coloured stilettos... quite a sight to behold as you watch her gingerly negotiate her way over Suva's broken and uneven pavements.

  42. Let frank go. everything thing comes to an end. pain happens and it goes around

  43. Trish - please stop now - we all know what an expensive interior designer you are - while I support the democracy cause, I dont want to see self opportunists like Imrana,Rajesh Mahen,Qarasai,Mara family and the rest back in- its time for fresh blood- rise for your country.

  44. Thumbs Up for Freedom!June 19, 2011 at 4:40 PM

    Anonymous 4.12p.m.

    Please quit your whining about Trish Jalal, it's getting boring.

    You'll have a vote and a choice once Fiji is free of common criminals and their legal advisors who've committed high treason against the people of Fiji.

    Hmmm....come to think of it, one might think you've just you've identified potential leaders with your hate-list, lols.... So by all means, lobby, lobby, lobby against them if you must BUT ONLY once the pretenious phuckers masquerading as "leaders" are gone and Fiji is free to move to hold a free and impartial national elections. Geddit? So stop crying about Trish.

  45. People are getting mighty nasty!! Can we all stick to the point here? Good luck to the Tuisolias in Manila,o keda da segai keda mada ga!! I dont thing for one moment Imrana wants to come be part of government in the future. So lets leave them alone shall we? Bigger issues on hand!!

  46. Kaiyum is so fond of accusing others of frivolous litigation. But at great expense to the tax payer..not himself he instigated frivolous and malicious litigation against Tu Saki and Imrana, worse still wasting the courts time. Rather unfortunately,in defending themselves they have accured thousands in lawyers fees while the cowardly, greedy bluggers like Kaiyum and the band of thieves have misapporiated state funds for their own personal vendettas.Imrana and Tu Saki should look into taking a case against the AG's/DDP's office for wrongful persecution and file for costs to pay for their legal bills.

  47. Nobody is getting nasty Anon@5.01pm - its facts - if we have bigger issues at hand, why dont you ask Bharat jamnadas why is running the Imrana crusade through the media - this woman deserves no sypamthy - its time to start talking about how we move forward - not defend self opportunitists like Imrana,Rajesh,Nik and others who have made fools of us with their agendas - lets discuss about freeing fiji ans starting fresh

  48. Jake...

    have some people of Fiji lost their human senses.

    For those of you who are getting personal about Imrana & Saki - re think again.






  49. Im a Jnr Officer in the military. I have seen Aziz swearing and yelling to a lady officer in the miltary to "get hold of the bitch's mobile immediately" i want to put a rod in her mouth".

    Believe me this AZIZ is disrespectful and hateful egoistic person. I know because i have seen him to be in camp.

  50. Thank you Imarana for sharing your story. All those people who are saying otherwise may be doesnt have daughters,wife, sisters or mothers. If they do - they should seriously think for a second what if ever happens to their own.

  51. 8.31pm anon - great story jr, but why dont you do something about it - unless you are another lamu or just pretending to be army

  52. 6.14 anon - not about you or drama queens like trish and saki- its about people of fiji - start thinking fresh rather than speaking for people in gated commuinties - trish/paricia/imrana (whatever suits on the day) and saki are the reason why we are fighting goons like bani and aiyaass- dont the jalals live in aust and nz or is this anothe case of defending cowards that claim to live for fiji but have all that matter overseas - ask your friend trish if she knows the bollywood filming antics of her cousin Mohd Jalal and SPR boss Ravin Patel - your family is doing business with bani but Trish doesnt have an opinion on this. Speak the truth - we need people without own agendas to fight this evil lot.

  53. why do we have to keep on pointing all the bad points about this regime............. lets wait to see who will win the next election......... people from all the grass root of Fiji has seen whta this regime has done to them during this hard time......... God bless Fiji.....

    Frank will 100% sure win these coming election.

  54. When the coffers will run dry than public will react but it will be to late because the gtop brass a spending it right now.

  55. I observed and read with much disappointment the treatment meted out to the Tuisolias - no one deserves to go through such an experience. I look forward to the day when this whole charade is over & the countless victims that will come forward to plead their case over a regime that has severely undermines the rights & freedoms of its people.


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