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Monday, June 20, 2011

'Mara and Baledrokadroka plotting a coup': Opinion piece by Michael Field

LEST WE FORGET: George Speight just before he was arrested. Below: Baledrokadroka, Mara, Bainimarama, Qarase and Bavadra.

By Michael Field

When Voreqe Bainimarama staged his 2006 coup one of the laudable if hopelessly optimistic aims was that it was to end the cult of coups in Fiji.

It was never going to be and now we are witnessing the evolution of yet another slow coup in Fiji. It is an embryonic military coup, yet again, that is bound to end in a miscarriage.

Many seem to want to hail Lieutenant Colonel Tevita Mara as the new saviour of Fiji. In fact Mara and friend Colonel Jone Baledrokadroka are just the latest in a long line of plotters; Rabuka, Speight, Bainimarama et al.

They are using the right language as Bainimarama did in 2006; end coups, end corruption.
Every coup plotter talks like that (Rabuka and Speight spiced it up with indigenous supremacy as well). This latest one has the benefits of some slick PR with the carefully controlled media interviews and press releases, although of late it seems this part of the world has moved on and stopped taking notice.
Mara and Baledrokadroka are talking about democracy. Mara, portraying himself as some sinner who has seen redemption, even talks about facing the people who he so cruelly tormented, and receiving justice from them. He plainly has a biblical view of himself, although one senses he is not expecting a cell, but rather Government House. He wants to be the next Bainimarama.

Neither he nor Baledrokadroka are saying what it is that Fiji really needs to do for security, peace and democracy; close down the Republic of Fiji Military Forces. The military is and has been since 1987 a menace to the stability of Fiji.

Indeed, as the Mara-Minerva events show; they are worse than useless. The Tongan Navy simply sailed into Fiji waters and got Mara. What happened to all the millions of dollars lavished on the Fiji Navy? The same navy that gave us all Bainimarama.

And if Tonga is to be believed, when the Tongan Navy showed up at Minerva this month, the Fiji Navy ran away.

Minerva is not an argument for a bigger and better Fiji military; it’s a little side-show that can best be solved by long established international processes and the very thing the South Pacific does best - lots of talking.

Because the RFMF is essentially a standing army with little to do (the UN invitations are not coming), it is top heavy in the colonel class. Many of the colonels have little actual military experience. They are classroom officers in an army thick with them.

Promotions are limited; Bainimarama’s instance at staying as commander ensures there is a road block at the colonel class. The stable is full of dissatisfied colonels, many of whom want to be the next general, and thanks to Fiji’s coup culture, the prime minister too.

Mara and Baledrokadroka are plotting a military coup; and they are doing it because they (not the people) believe that they, as soldiers and as senior officers, are better at running Fiji than Bainimarama. So does Colonel Pita Driti.

This is 1960s Africa all over again; except there it was senior NCOs preparing the next coup, or two. Frankly, this is a road to ruin for Fiji.

Sadly, as events in 2000 showed, most people saw the next coup coming. The only surprise was that it was George Speight nominally leading it and not the others that we had thought it would be; another band of colonels. Mara is giving the impression that he is the next coup leader but that's highly unlikely from Nuku'alofa. It will be another colonel, some one little known. That was the way things were in 2000 - and recall, Rabuka was just a colonel and down the peaking scale, when he emerged bright eyed on the road to Saving Fiji.

Samoa’s Tuilaepa Sailele has given the men an audience. This is an unwise piece of egotism on his part; its none of his business and it links him into the plotting underway.

What difference can he make to the situation? The same can be said of Australia and New Zealand; hitching their wagons to a couple of out-of-work colonels is not a long term solution.

In a tactical sense, Mara and Baledrokadroka have a ruinous problem; a coup cannot be staged aboard without an uprising at home. The simple fact is that the Fiji population is timid, compliant, divided and weak. The Suva media and intellectuals quietly moan about how hard things are - "oh, woe is us, we suffer under censorship" - and then do nothing.

There will be no welcoming revolutionary masses at Nadi airport for the two colonels. They will come to New Zealand for a couple of days and brief foreign affairs officials and one or two politicians. Mara will go back to Tonga and might even tour Samoa and California. Then what?

The sad fate that befell Timoci Bavadra comes to mind. After Sitiveni Rabuka overthrew him, Bavadra trekked around the world with his message. For a while he had queues of reporters wanting to hear him. Then, as time passed, people like Richard Naidu - his advocate and press secretary - would have to ring up friendly journalists and get them to give a couple of hundred words to the lonely figure.

Bavadra’s cause was entirely just and right; but realpolitic meant he was doomed to become a lonely, lost figure. Somewhat like Laisenia Qarase.

Make no mistake, Mara and Baledrokadroka are plotting a coup and if it succeeds, it will be Coup V or Coup VI - depending on how you count Fiji coups. But it will not succeed; it has nothing of the grassroots about it, it has nothing about democracy in it.

They are simply unhappy, dysfunctional ex-employees of a military full of born-to-rule colonels. If Mara is the answer to Fiji’s question, then one really has to worry at what the question was. The question cannot be: Which colonel will now rule Fiji?


Editor's Note: Coming up ... Mara and Baledrokadroka reply to Field's coup allegations.


Anonymous said...

Franky, better check yourself before you wreck yourself.
Shot gun bullets are bad for your health.

Anonymous said...

spot on mike !disband the military and change it into a volunteer org ...lol

Anonymous said...

Let me be honest. I dont like Michael Field. He is no friend of Fiji & has been banned from there. Not so long ago he was disciplined by the NZ Press Council for mirepresenting facts. (Nothing to do with Fiji.)
No matter what side you are on with respect to the current crisis, he is a mean nasty little piece of work. Last xmas I sent off a long Email from Suva refuting almost everything he had to say on a Radio NZ interview to the producer.Irrespective of what outcome there will be in Fiji, He will still kick the Country in the guts.He is ego driven & seeks personal recognition as a so called expert in Pacific Affairs.
The guy is an independent writer & unemployable. Just to set the record straight OK?
Major Blank retired

Anonymous said...

Get rid of this bai and aiyaz regime....

Anonymous said...

This truly has been the best feed back ever posted on coup 4.5..i hope all my lia lia fijian relatives really see some light in this. There is no complication in life...you are either bloody good or bad.

Verani. said...

Unfortunate reality is and always has been - change will (can) only
come from within RFMF ranks.

As for Michael Fields assertions that Fijians are "timid - compliant - divided & weak" only highlights his lack of undertanding
of Viti & Taukei culture.
One correct observation however is the one concerning "Suva intellectuals" - this goes a long way in explaining the incorrect former.

The current situation "is and always has been" a "Suva" thing.
Overwhelming majority of Taukei living in rural villages are day to day realists - really don't spend a lot of time worrying about such faraway matters.

Only certainty is what will be will be - and what will be will happen in Fiji Time.

Rabulu said...

Mr Field again with his insightful analysis and conclusion, raves on about a subject he know little about compared to us living it in Fiji………we should not taken him too seriously.

Whatever one calls the meetings in Aust between Mara and Baledrokadroka, coup plotting, mapping out roadmap to restore democracy, or whatever, we agree that we need persons or person around whom we can organise to take down Vore. Taking down Vore may take several options, which Field may be calling coups.

Rudd the Aussie former PM was taken down in what the media called coups, Bavadra was also taken down by a coup, as well as the British Raj was couped out of India by Ghandi by non-violence resistence.

So whatever Field is referring to, we should not worry about it, those of us who call Fiji home and live in it want Fiji liberated from Vore, whether violently, by Ghandi’s ways or whatever…..all we want is to end up with true democracy in Fiji.

The paths USA, France, England and most current democratic countries went through were cruel and, bloody upheavals, revolutions, rebellions whatever one calls them were undertaken to attain democracy.

We want the same democracy in Fiji. So if you are plotting coups in Aussie Mara nad Baledrokadroka, most Fijians support you.

Field makes out coups in Fiji as highly peculiar to Fiji….and emphasised for jounalistic blah blah to evoke that something is peculiar about the coup riddled Fiji. Mr Field probably this is Fiji trying to work out its solutions to its future, somewhat erratically, but is part of a very complex social, communal, economic and historical environment.

What Field probably refuses to understand is that NZ, Aussie went through murderous history of their natives to bring in democratic form of governance over the land, and the current Western democracies went though bloody upheavals to gain their democracies. The few , by world standards bloodless Fiji coups, are mere tea-parties compared to extremely bloody internal conflicts the current western democracies went through before settling down.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, this is a road to redemption for Fiji.

No... it's *not* "just another coup being plotted in Fiji… again"

This one will be totally different from ALL previous ones. How? Why?

This will be the FIRST coup that will overthrow an UNELECTED "government", and a despotic tyrannical one to boot.

Whereas all previous coups overthrew a democratically elected government.

So... it will be a HISTORIC and UNIQUE coup... one that LIBERATED Fiji.

The 87 and 2000 coups may have been "anti-Indian", but an important difference between 87/2000 and 2006 is that Fiji had elections and an elected government almost immediately after the '87 and 2000 coups. Rabuka, the father of coups, was even elected as PM!

But no so with the 2006 coup. This one evolved into a HATEFUL DICTATORSHIP as Ratu Mara has pointed out.

Have you read the illegal AG's infamous thesis? His FINAL SOLUTION for the Fijian race and culture?

So... just how you can call this coming coup "a road to ruin for Fiji" and "just another coup" is beyond me.

There won't be a Fiji if this illegal regime is not overthrown soon.

Eben 'Ezer said...

Is Michael Field saying that Frank Bainimarama will rule Fiji forever per his proposed constitution, that will make the Army the ultimate Authority in Fiji after he completes his persona; rule - perhaps his son or daughters will take over from him - Isn't that repugnant? What is the answer that Field suggests, if another coup is not the answer that will give us the opportunity to return to democratic rule? Wasn't it Baledrokadroka who was sacked because he told Bainimarama not to politicise the Army? So tell us Field, tell us the answer, since you do not think that Mara and Baledrokadroka are the answer to Fiji's problem - which we who live in Viti passionately hate. Are you challenging the two gentlemen to live up to their aspiration perhaps?

convolutedexperiment said...

Down size the RFMF, turn Fiji's Navy into a Coast guard and put the RFMF under Australian and New Zealand military Command, establish a Homeland Security style Secret Service within Fiji and a Specialist Police Unit to arrest people who utter Seditious comments etc.

I doubt that J.B. or Rt. Ului Mara are interested in anything other than returning Fiji to Democracy and re establishing an elected Government under the Constitution..

It sounds to me like the author of this article has sour grapes, is working for Frank and Aiyaz or just doesn't quite understand what is transpiring at the moment in Fiji and around it.

As for Fijians not standing up to the Regime, they will when the timing is right !

In the Lord we trust said...

forget m field. get ready for the friday march. get knives, sticks, choppers, kerosene and nets - tell gujis to close their shops and dont send your children to school - it will be a day when fb and aiyasss and others will see our might. assemble at flea market and others block the nabua barracks entrace with humans. police and military on our side. lets do it for fiji and do to aiyasss what yanks did to bin laden.

Anonymous said...

The military stands united and steadfast maintaining continuous unequivical support to the Government of the Day. All ranks maintain their allegiance.They have seen the needs of the grass roots and disadvantaged people of Fiji first hand, their cries unheard of for so long by past governments and leaders. Any talks of future coups is risky and severe implications for those who dare utter such rumours. The road to democracy has been mapped. The people will decide the future and fate of this country. Until such a time order will be maintained.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mr. Field, we must get rid of the utterly useless and incompetent Fiji Military, BUT...

let's not get too carried away here, Mr. Fields.

That will come....

But... FIRST, AND FOREMOST, we must get rid of this taliban regime, Mr. Fields...

And that can be achieved only through another coup, Mr. Fields.

And just as you are dead right regarding the military, Mr. Fields, you are dead wrong to say that the next coup "will not succeed; it has nothing of the grassroots about it, it has nothing about democracy in it."

It's a big grassroots movement, Mr. Fields.

And, Mr. Fields, Baledrokadroka and Mara are NOT "unhappy, dysfunctional ex-employees of a military full of born-to-rule colonels."

Mara he has a HUGE grassroots movement behind him, Mr. Fields!

Your online reputation is in TATTERS, Mr. Fields.

Anonymous said...

@In the Lord we trust. Amen brother/sister!

Anonymous said...

Spot on. anyone who has dealt with Mara knows he is only interested in one thing...himself.

Anonymous said...

Spot on MF. Well said.

Anonymous said...

What does Michael Field know about Fiji- An unemployed writer agitating emotions, Michael, we Fijians can solve our problem amibically through our cultures and traditions, and once we forgive we forget everything, as if nothing happens, thats the sweet part of the Fijian race, we do not carry jealousy and bitterness with us and we thank the Weslyen missionaries who brought the light to us two hundred years ago. We will forgive Frank when he sincerely ask for forgiveness and realised what he had done. Thats the love we have been taught by the Lord. Amen

Anonymous said...

After sometime coup4.5 has published something that is spot on and very true. All this ppl are tier for self interest,with only aim to fill up pockets. I personally dont trust any of them and humbly request coup4.5 that please dont be mislead by so called democracy fighter, they have personal agenda.

Anonymous said...

Pro-democracy Fijians happy to have Ului Mara in NZ : Stuart Hugget

From: Stuart Huggett [mailto:stuart@architectspacific.com]
Sent: Monday, 13 June 2011 5:16 p.m.
To: halia.haddad@parliament.govt.nz
Cc: Nik Naidu; Jone Baledrokadroka; Tupeni Baba; K.N.Investments Ltd.; Asenaca Uluiviti; Robin Irwin
Subject: Visit of Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara to NZ

Dear Halia

My name is Stuart Huggett. I am an architect in NZ and Fiji and before the Fijimilitary coup of 2006 was the chairman of the Public Service Commission in Fiji.

I am writing to inform the Hon Minister of Foreign Affairs that a significant number of Fiji people here in New Zealand do not agree with the stance taken by Mr Nik Naidu in his recent letter to the PM and yourself. Specifically we are disturbed that his recent statement will have the effect of splitting the democracy movement here just at the time when a major effort is required. This, of course is just the sort of outcome that the Fiji regime would relish. I am hoping that the movement here in New Zealand will be meeting during the coming week to provide a more coordinated response to events and I will keep you up to date with our deliberations.

To strengthen this opinion of support for the efforts of Ratu Mara I think it is significant that two ministers of the deposed Qarase government, currently here inNew Zealand - Hon Robin Irwin and Hon Rajesh Singh – agree most emphatically with this point of view.

For your information I am copying below the text of my recent email to Nik Naidu on this matter:

Dear Nik

Further to our discussion yesterday evening I have to confirm my disagreement with this request to the NZ government. I think that now is the time for all the Democracy for Fiji movements around the world to stand up with a single voice and Mara, at last seems to be the person able to do this. Barring him from NZ makes this strategy much more difficult and is divisive. Frankly I see no difference between talking to John Samy as you do, and talking to Ului Mara – both are/were supporters of an illegal, treasonous and abusive regime which is steadily destroying Fiji. Mara, at least seems to have seen the light whereas Samy seems still to be part of the ‘team’. As for Mara’s various human rights crimes I look forward to him standing before a court to answer for them in due course – as he has indicated he is prepared to do.

By fragmenting the various democracy movements – as this proposal; does – pressure on the Fiji regime is diluted and far less effective, in fact, Bainimarama and Kaiyum would right now be hoping for exactly this outcome from Mara’s defection.

Please let me know if I can help with any further information

Kindest regards



http//: http://www.architectspacific.com/
email: stuart@architectspacific.com

Phones: +64 9 354 4743 (NZ)

+679 330 3855 (FJ)
Mobiles: +64 21 288 1942 (NZ)

Anonymous said...

Great article. Spot on about coup planning by RUM and JB. Ouch, it sure pricked some people who are blinded by the guise of democracy.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu, Rabulu......Michael Field tum understand kharr nah??......stop hiding behind your alias...bhaarchod..

Anonymous said...

Hey all. I want demorcacy. I want real democracy. One man one vote without chiefs having any place in polictics. Can we get this in Fiji?

Bounty RUM said...

@ Spot on 7.23 & 7.37 & 8.10
Min Info bods please be more imaginative when you post. repeating spot on in every post just looks lazy.

I reckon Sharon will be telling you off in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Mr Fields is trying his best to be included in Aunty Bano's payroll list!!

I nakoro sara mudou....

Thumbs Up Matey

Anonymous said...

Right on Fields!! They are all tarred with the same brush and all in it for themselves only!! Why is there not a chief in Fiji worthy of the support of the grassroots people who are the victims in all this posturing!!

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama has now accumulated for himself an army of thugs. They are now a militia doing his bidding.
They are no longer the Fiji Army, therefore they must be taken out.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Michael Field should do what a famous and accomplished NZ Author Michael King did with books about the Maori and their history (left it to Maori to write about themselves) Field should leave it to Fijian people to be journalist experts on the Fiji and their Political Course. His highly provocative articles are an insult and do nothing but cause more harm to the Fijian People

Anonymous said...

people!! has any one even had a good look at the picture...The Commander,ILLEGAL PM, the Woman Basher,and whatsoever has got his beret the wrong way..compare it with how Mr.Rabuka has got it on...so much for being called a DISCIPLINE FORCE, even the COMMANDER doesn't know how to dress...No wonder the military guys are confused...can't differentiate between a LEADER and a LOSER....Peace..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good article Mr Fields....... Fiji is now suffering from all the past coups and we don't want any more coup. RUM and JB if you want to stage another come home not barking aroung the region. We are here waiting to see the real democracy that we saw you two are tring to tell the rest of the world.

Very foolish and vakasisila............. drau yavu b.....c......i.

Anonymous said...

You don't want to listen to MF but ready to accept the views of an outsider, samoan PM.

semimiau said...

Good insight Mr Field looking at the current situation from another side of the sphere.Its sad if things will be like the Bavadra and Qarase era.Its sad because we do not like these so called colonels to be involved with the restoration of democracy in my beloved Fiji as they were part of the problem. I would like ordinary citizens to stand up and be counted.Please enough of this military mentality to lead us into reforms.They will be seen by outsiders as being part of the problem.So we really need to have ordinary Fiji citizens to run the pro-democracy movement and the return to democracy.As I always mentioned before, I will always look at the colonels here in Canberra as the problems.Just an advice for them to look at there families first rather than trying to solve a problem which they partly contributed to.There are other educated people around who can devise a contructive plan to democracy for our beloved Fiji.Just a quick solution which can be a quick fix is not through diplomacy like mara had suggested.
Look at Egypt and Libya.Just to remind them that diplomacy is not always a solution.People who live by the sword will die by the sword.Its about time we ordinary Fiji citizens stand up and be counted.I had enough of the colonels when ever I think about my people suffering in Fiji.
I believe that Mr Field's opinion is partly a true reflection of the coup culture that has ruined my beloved Fiji.It comes back to what Rabuka and Frank said at the beginning that they will give the government to the ordinary people.What happened after is for Mara to answer for himself before trying to be involved.

Go Fiji Go said...

You dont have to be brilliant to see MF point, any ordinary person however misguided could have written this piece. What is about people that they cant see the right from wrong, no coup will ever result in properity, everyone responsible has to account and pay the price before they can begin to grow. Its what you teach yr kids, come on. We dont need ex army coup leaders, we need real leaders who will always give account to the people they lead and stand up against tyranny, support him/her when he/she appears!! not these two clowns.

Anonymous said...

Mr Mike Field, Kon pucho???

Anonymous said...

By the way what Mr Field writes about is not entirely false. I am still asking the questions why Mara why Baledrokadroka-both have blood on their hands. A couple of months back there was a planned move to have protest marches organise for Sydney, Canberra & guess what Fiji! Now who would you think was behind the whole process-none other than Mr PhD -Baledrokadroka! Why because he wanted to happen at the same day the sentencing of one the Qaranivalu was to take place in Suva!It was to make it happen like what is happening in the Middle East right now-come on those mob have had any elected form of Govt since their occupiers left 50 -70 ago. Did he really think thru what was going to happen to our relatives back in Fiji-No! When his front Man in the Democracy movement in Canberra was asked-why the march in Suva & what happens if the army grab holds of people & takes them to the camp-what will they do here in Canberra-Answer-Silence. Baledrokadroka is a deadly person & just as bad as Roko Ului! Will they be able to restore democracy to Fiji-a BIG Fat NO!These were the killers of democracy!But i am willing to apologise to either of them if it does happen. I am willing to support anyone else who has "clean hands" to restore democracy not these 2 former Army Offices

Anonymous said...

check out speight's smile..haha

Anonymous said...

mf -shut up abd get fr yrself you lowlife looser. you have no understanding of what Fiji is now. Grassroots of this nation are deeply suffuring.Its not good roads etc etc we want. Basic food items and cost of living that is affordable to all the poor people. In Fiji's history this is the worst that we facing. This Govt is not reading the sufferings because they are blinded by their one way street authoritative leadership styles. People like you Michel Filed or MF are only full of shit.Just shut up and go to hell will you.

Anonymous said...

Call it whatever u want MF! Another leadership other than the self preserving one by the tyrants we have today! Bainimarama & Aiyaz are there until someone takes them out by hook or by crook! The current rule in Fiji is pre-emptive of what is yet to occur globally in the world - the one world government, where there will be no freedom of anything - word, thought or deed! There will always be the likes of MF who write and write, labelling things as we go and write till the cows come home. And there will be those who want to do something about the deterioration of the situation! Call it whatever you want - coup or otherwise - these two are doing something for now for the sake of the many of us in Fiji who cannot even express an opinion publicly, let alone do something without being intervened in the dark rooms of the QEB Barracks or undisclosed places! You go Baledrokadroka & Mara.....just don't let it get to your heads when you encounter victory! It can be written later of you (by MF if he is still around then), that you were not reactive, but proactive even when you had the choice not to do anything, now that you are outside your home country! No greater love hath one, but that he lay down his life for another! Actions will speak louder than words. Your actions will speak louder than MF's words!

Anonymous said...

Can Mara publically admit that

1. the coup was an act of high reason, and that he committed an act of high treason

2. that the militray needs to be down sized significantly with no arms capability or disbanded altogther.

Until he can do either, he is a wolf in sheeps clothing pretending to support democrcay while at the same time planning his own future kingdom ..as Mike says one militray thug to replace the other. The guillable Fijians and pro democracy advocates are happy to being led by the nose by him. He really did not have to try that hard to convince them, but hey after all the movement in Aus and NZ are failed has been politicians, nationalistic and racists taukei supporters, ignorant religious pretenders - birds of the same feathers flock together.
Thir 10 point plan is their election political manifesto.....like the majority of citizens in Fiji will want to see a return of the old system that created the coups in the first place. A part from the restoration of the constitution, the rest is toilet paper.

Anonymous said...

iam a fijian
i agreed on what michael field article..

bravo mr field

Anonymous said...

MF stands for?....hahahah
yeah..exactly!. lmaf

Anonymous said...

@7:44 AM. "The current rule in Fiji is pre-emptive of what is yet to occur globally in the world"

Since when did anything in Fiji ever become "preemptive"???

No, quite the opposite –

At a time where people across the globe are embracing democracy, most recently seen in the uprisings in the Arab world, it is tragic that a nation like Fiji is sinking into this type of dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

So much for Mr Field blabbering his mouth....... just don't mess with JB OF LAMI TOWN..........THUMPS UP FOR DEMOCRACY. JB YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ARE ALWAYZ IN OUR PRAYERS.........MAY THE GOOD LORD CONTINUE TO STRENGTHEN YOU AS YOU CONTINUE TO CARRY OUT THE GOOD WORK......... with all this shit happening in the couintry........The Lord's will alone be done in this nation and all those corrupted people either you face your fate her on earth or when you six feet under.....better here on earth, because six feet under it's eternal........forever and forever including all your 3rd, 4th 5th 6th 7th generations to come will bear the consequences for ruining this nation.........I feel so pity for your children.........oh the sins of the father.........the children will pay.............

Anonymous said...

Michael Field was top of Frank Bainimarama’s hate list until Roko Ului escaped Frank’s clutches and drove the dictator to another paranoid fury. Some people are going to suspect that Field is jealous at being pipped from his Enemy Number One position.

Other people may say that he’s stood against every coup and he’s not going to rally behind a dissident Colonel without a lot more convincing. We say let’s hold off judging until we see more.

Michael Field is providing fearless commentary but Roko Ului is providing leadership.

At the moment we need leadership more than commentary.