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Monday, June 20, 2011

Mara and Baledrokadroka reply to coup plotting claim

Michael Field is a journalist who likes to watch and report sensationally on situations and not solve them. But he is right in saying this: if the pro-democracy movement is successful, then we will have a change of Government in Fiji. If he wants to call that a coup, then so be it. My aim is to achieve regime change without violence. We will make it happen by isolating the regime Internationally, Regionally and within Fiji Itself. We have already made great strides and as the people of Fiji know, I am already talking to regional leaders. When I go to New Zealand I will be meeting with government officials. I am also currently talking to a number of Ambassadors and High Commissioners here in Canberra. Everywhere I have gone, I have been given a warm and understanding reception.

As I said at the Pro Democracy Forum, we must achieve this change without violence. I know we can put pressure on the regime by mass peaceful demonstrations and civil disobedience. The steps I am taking now are about giving confidence and hope to the people of Fiji so that when someone makes a stand against the regime, the people will stand alongside them. I have said many times and I will repeat. I will not take part in the Government that follows the fall of the Bainimarama regime. Before I can move forwards, I need to stand before the people of Fiji and answer for my part in 2006. If Michael Field thinks I am just another colonel trying to grab power, nothing I say now will change his opinion. But, Michael, when this is over and I am not part of the government and I have answered to the people of Fiji, I will expect an apology.

Thumbs up for Democracy
Ratu Tevita Mara

Michael Field‘s opinion piece ‘Just another coup being plotted in Fiji … again’ is full of unfounded statements of my real intentions as an advocate for the return of democracy in Fiji. It has to be challenged and I question how he arrived at such an  inaccurate conclusion. I speak for myself and shall leave Lt Colonel Tevita Mara to defend himself, which he has done amicably in the past month, despite his sceptics. 

I have been speaking out against Fiji’s tyrannical rulers ever since arriving in Australia on invitation as a fellow at ANU’s Society State Governance Melanesia on Saturday 11th April 2009 - the day after the abrogation of Fiji’s Constitution by the Bainimarama military regime. Three days after  arriving in  free and democratic Australia,  I was given the opportunity to write an opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Brisbane Times titled ‘Those with loud voices must speak up to restore democracy in Fiji' (14th of April 2009). This, I am still doing in free and democratic Australia. 

As the chief organizer of the Fiji Democracy Freedom Movement (FDFM) forum in Canberra, I had invited Mara as a key note speaker. The decision to grant Mara a visa is the Australian government’s call. The FDMF had only exercised its right as a lobby group in free and democratic Australia and due process was followed. I have also published  opinion editorials in the Fiji Times and Fiji’s Daily Post against the regime in 2008 and 2009, prior to the clamping down on the freedom of the press through the draconian Media Decree. I am carrying on this advocacy through the blogs under my by-line unlike many writers who remain anonymous due to their fear of persecution. 

Mr Fields as a 'Pacific and Fiji Specialist' seems to have his own interpretation of politics. That I respect, but to call the FDFM initiatives an 'embryonic military coup' is mischievous to say the least.  How can any initiative to restore  democracy  in Fiji be attempted when the  Public Emergency Regulations enforced by the regime has curtailed public gatherings and dissenting opinions? The FDFM in its Strategic Development Plan 2011-2014, which was drafted in our Bankstown meeting last year and also adopted in the Queanbeyan forum last week, had articulated that the movement launch such international initiatives in a 'bottom up approach'.

Furthermore, I am not an ‘out -of- work Colonel’ as offhandedly categorized by Mr Field. I am in my third year of a full time PhD scholarship research at Australia’s top ranked and the world’s 16th ranked university, the Australian National University. I also have a busy schedule of lectures on military intervention in Fiji for undergraduates and lecture at the Australian Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies for which I am paid for. I am fully abreast of the literature on military intervention in politics and the damage it has done to coup-prone countries. To insinuate that I have sinister intentions of carrying out a remote controlled coup from Canberra is stretching the imagination. My career as a senior officer in the Fiji military came to an end on 13 January 2006, some eleven months before Bainimarama’s coup because of my professional stand that the military should be apolitical.  I was also imprisoned and granted a nolle prosequi by Justice Bruce in 2008 and therefore was fully exonerated and am still seeking damages through my legal counselors.

I have helped Mr Michael Fields in his queries of certain events within the Fiji Military during my tenure as Land Forces Commander and Chief of Staff and am shocked at his ‘gutter journalism’ insinuating Mara and I are in a plot to further destabilize our beloved country which I spent 25 years serving also as a peacekeeper. I have no intentions of carrying out a military coup and abhor any suggestions by Mr Field that I am implicitly planning one. I was  a serving officer in Lebanon during Rabuka's coup of 1987 and in Sinai during George Speight and Binimarama's Coup of 2000. I left the military in January 2006 because I did not want to be party to a planned coup in 2006. This coup happened in December 2006 when I was earning an honest day's living planting pawpaws in Sigatoka and running a landscaping business.

I do not want to engage in a running media battle with Mr Fields as I would rather channel my literary and intellectual  skills in the restoration of democracy, which I have done through articulating  a Ten Point Plan. In this plan I have ensured that some of the major stake holders in Fiji politics today such as the SDL party, FLP, the Methodist Church, the GCC and even the Australian Congress of Trade Unions have commented on and backed. Roko Ului Mara has also backed the Ten Point Plan and together we have been soliciting support from Prime Ministers on down, to any one willing to listen and who has the future of Fiji at heart. Those with loud voices must speak up to restore democracy in Fiji!

Jone Baledrokadroka


  1. well said big bro and jb

  2. The reply by Ratu Mara and Mr. Baledrokadroka just gave more credence to Filed's spews.

    But, now Field goes on a field day from all things Pacific…bye

  3. http://www.bartleby.com/108/40/5.html
    10 ¶ Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: 1 Pet. 3.14 for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    11 ¶ Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. 1 Pet. 4.14
    12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets 2 Chr. 36.16 · Acts 7.52 which were before you.

    ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’





    As the late Pastor Jone Tui said @ the Democracy march @ Hyde Park in Sydney:-
    " many were invited, you here today, were chosen ".

  4. I wonder if the average officer corps in the rfmf today still write as well as this.

    Let alone the commander who cant even write his own speech.

    Well said sirs ....... march on

    Thumbs up for democracy

  5. Vinaka JB & RUM. Sobuti kemudrau tiko na loloma ni Kalou.

  6. Frank is doing a sadam hussein and gadafi in Fiji. What does this mean.

    He has got 30 billbords and posters on roadsides with may others financed by taxpapeyers all over suva and fiji towns for all people to see every time and know he is dictator.

    What has happended to Fiji to beleive this thug and women basher with no respect who calls himself prime minister.

    this like sadam hussiien who put all billbords with photos all over.

    Statutes are also been done and donated by some business to be placed all over suva of the dictator

  7. The fact is 1987 coup was done by a colonal adn this junta now is made of 11 men who are abusing the command of the security forces, a pin drop silence has fallen on fiji and is clear that another coup is coming to throw the ganag of thugs out into naboro, fiji is 700000 people and junta 11 men with few cronies. Coups are suprise and so histroy will repeat itself.

  8. no want any more coup in Fiji............ please leave us alone.

    JB and Rum are all run away culprits of Fiji laws.

  9. Enough story here and there. We want action. Too much he said they said, I heard....etc...etc...Democracy now, abolish army and move on.

  10. Reading what micheal field has written misses the point that Fiji already under siege or taken hostage by a gang of thugs from QEB which is junta and wants to brainwash fiji people that it is government and the dictator is a primeminister. Fiji does not have a government or cabinet or ministers or prime minister but a dictatorship, in fact. So does micheal field have an alternative plan if nota 10 point plan then atlest one point. Fiji has already been couped and there is no other way but a counter coup to fix the 2006 coup hypocrasy and bring to justice those responsble. Instead of sending the message to future generation that u no school but got guns can run country and be dictator it must be crushed once and for all. So micheal field provide an alternative plan or shut up.

    Like the tongan navy came and took RUM whilst the junta slept so the possiblity of another coup by surprise is same, beleive in cause and not method.

    There is no other way but a mother all coups- coup 2011.

  11. @anon 10:58pm...there is no Law and order in Fiji nowadays..."No Constitution means No Law and Order "
    All those Decrees and Per are in place in order to control you and your lifestyle...that is very depressive!!

    Good job Ratu Ului Mara and JoneBaleidrokadroka...keep up the good works and "Thumbs up to Democracy"!!

  12. Illegal AG has made histroy for Fiji to look like a fool in the international arena. He says- we will not stoop down to their level, atlest they can send a reply to say recived and processing international law requires this or that. This is joke and making mockery of fiji.

    It is good illegal AG sends Extradition papers to all countries for RUM back, and there will no response forget about RUM return.

    This will be good cos will make all countries take position and show it to Fiji and also the junta be proved that its so called governemt whoch is juntarism is like toilet paper as far as the extradition papers sent to all forign minieries in all countries.

    what a circus going on in the junta with no school and puppet master making mockery of the dictator and junta ha ha ha

  13. Michael Field is nothing but a mischievous little prick who is trying to provoke a reaction.
    C4.5 should have never given him a platform.
    He thinks he is an expert on Fiji matters when clearly he isn't.
    I think he thought all this up when he was sitting in the toilet that morning.
    Well, I suppose it's only his "opinion".

    "Opinion articles" is just another way of saying "I'm not responsible for what I write because I'm too lazy to do some research and substantiate what I've written".

    Therefore Mr Field's opinion should get the treatment it thoroughly deserves and be used as toilet paper.

    -Valataka na Dina.

  14. well said my tau JB..yeah we have incompetent fools like michael field that doest know jack sh... abt fiji that he has a gall to write about it. thats how he makes a living writting garbage journalism without backing up any hard evidence with his fibs.

    check his blog site:http://www.michaelfield.org/

  15. can some one tell the illegal AG that all overseas nations are not stupid, they know the situation in fiji not a democratic elected people governemnt and a junta calls itself minister and prime minister but are thugs that the junta has no legallty and repect of rule of law and justice and corrupt legal system so instead of extradition there will be a refugee status grant on political reasons.

    Isnt the illegal AG shameless that the multimillion navy was sleeping when RUM was picked up be worlds smallest navy and Fiji under marshal law and making extradition applications to countries that are democratic, have democracy, rule of law, justice, freedom to people and protection of human rights.

    Shameless rascals who need to remove PER and then see who is fugitive and who is applying for extradition for who.

  16. Michael Field's actually boring. He expects the right ingredients in its perfectly correct amounts to fall from the heavens into the pot that he's been stirring. Keep stirring MF. Yaawnnn.

  17. Well said indeed JB and RU.

    Thumbs Up for Freedom!

  18. well put JB and good on you RUM for seeing the light. Im all for democracy for the sake of our nation and future.
    Bums UP for Bai
    Ass UP for Aiyass

  19. Field is right.
    Solution is to get rid of military goons past and present. After that melt all the guns, abolish military and turn QEB into a vocational school of tradies and send them to Aust.

  20. Vina valevu JB & RUM yalovina muru VAQWQAQWA me VINA na leda VITI LOMANI.

  21. "Maybe I did well and maybe I led the battle but nobody ever said we were going to win this thing at any point in time. Eternal vigilance is required and there have to be people who step up to the plate, who believe in liberty, and who are willing to fight for it." -- Milton Friedman

  22. Vina valevu JB & RUM yalovina muru VAQWAQWA me VINA na leda VITI lomani.

  23. Vinaka JB and Rokolui for your statements. May be Michael was paid by Kaiyum or what ever his name is to discredit your efforts to bring down the only Dictator in this region...Yeah, down to VB and all his cronies and thumbs up to DEMOCRACY for our beloved land.

  24. god jus bless all the inocents n the civilians of poor peoples of fiji.so breaking hearts. that we never believe that saddam is in our country.but comes to the end it's very sad wen they runs to looks for a hole to hide.n eat worms.n nomore gold n silvers.on their hands.this is the understanding we know for all the dictators illegal regime government in the world.money cann't buy life .but money can buy lying n hates.so thumbs up democracy n god bless our country.

  25. most in overseas just dont like bainivuka at all...what he has done to the people of fiji is unimagineable...what a dumb prick..he needs a round on his gigantic barren head..useless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Be aware FB and ASK! Michael Field is working towards getting on your good side and that of Fiji's Military Government; yes, it is a military government.

    I hope Field knows by now that for for his negative comments against Fiji and its people, most in Fiji do not expect him to come to Fiji in the near future. Field should be warned! You go to Fiji at your own risk. I'm afraid that for all the negatives recently written by you, you are now a wanted man and I believe even the Fiji Military may not be able to protect you. Quite unfortunately most of them will be the first to crucify you to the nearest tree.

    You have poked your nose for too long in Fiji's domestic affairs...

  27. To my fellow commentors, as we all know, Fiji was a peaceful country well before hand and people live happily with whatever little things they have. Sharing is something that most virtue however, the mother of all evil with a big 'M' on it has detroyed such bonding. It is just the hunger for 'Money'. Never the less, one can prove that accounting or economic terms that we can control our 'needs' but never the 'wants'.

  28. The "Ten Point Plan" sounds good but I'd like to add a word that will change everything. That is, a "Ten Point ACTION Plan". The word 'action' is missing and yet it is the only thing that will bring change!

  29. I support the return of democracy but I dont want to know JBs and RUs ten point or steps they are trying to advertise to the public on what to do.We must remember that this is the very thing that been brainwashed to the present Fijian military personel believing that they can clean out and run a goverment.
    My suggestion to you two please keep away from that and try your best to return our beloved country back to the people.We the people will then decide and vote for what is best for us and not coming from two soldiers like you two.Leave that to the politians who we the people will vote them in.Our return to democracy is clearly stated in the constitution and dont worry about on how it should be done.Remember JB you should be prepared to answer to the people of Fiji in your contribution in brutilising the Fijian people at Kalabu.In a way Field is pointing out some good points about our Fijian soldiers mentality.

  30. vinaka JB & RUM thumbs up

  31. Sorry chaps. Wrong response.

    What Mike Field puts down on paper, is in fact a niggling reality on many people's mind.

    By trashing Field (who has btw been speaking directly against your former boss ever since this coup unfolded), you have degraded yourselves and your motives.

    If anything, you should have taken the moral high-ground because actions speak louder than words and in this instance deflective tactics.

    So. Git to it. Convince Us. The people of Fiji don't owe you anything. You owe them.

  32. The continued harassment and intimidation of RUMs wife and mother-law just shows how petty and immoral this illegal regime of goons is. The bullies are picking on a couple of small fragile ladies is cowardly which continues to show to the rest of the world how despicable and ridiculous these low life Hench men of the Dictator are.

  33. Vinaka JB/Ratu well said.
    let focus in moving fiji forward.
    free fiji for all.
    NZ is waiting to host you 2 in july.
    god bless.

  34. Mike raises a good point.

    Why has Mara not admitted publicaly that :

    1. The coup was an act of High Treason agianst the state and people of Fiji

    2. That he committed an act of high treason against Fiji and her people

    3. The Militry needs to be dismantled.

    He has never said any of this in any of his state of the nation speeches.


    Until he can admit these publicly , than he is a wolf in sheeps clothes and should not be trusted.

  35. Where is the concrete evidence that he says he had when he first flew the coop.

    Why has he not named, all the shadowly figures advising the militry council.

    Where are the militry memo and internal briefs.

    He has lied. He used this to gain acceptance by the international media and pro democracy movement.

    Unless he can produce this evidence he claims, than he is a fraud and it was all about saving his own skin and as mike says preparing for his own political career.

  36. step aside shameless taliban before you are castrated by the people of fj. let the people enjoy peace,freedom,justice and democracy.
    thumbs up

  37. on dictatorship administration we need some comments from national federation party or perhaps YP or J Ram Reddy might like to through some light.

  38. funny to read aiyas talking about illegality re pacer plus.......... whats good for the goose is good for the gander my friend.
    anyway lets focus on the friday march from flea market. get anything to defend yourself as police and army elements may try to intimidate. get women, children and elderly. foreign media has been informed.

  39. Tell Mike Field to clean up his own backyard while he's at this coup clean up campaign. The New Zealand Broadcasting Association ruled recently that Field had exxagerated the story about Fiji Rugby - and guess who was one of the main complainants? Murray McCully. Mike, Stuff website yesterday misled people saying Roko Ului Mara would be in New Zealand yesterday or today ... and now saying in a few weeks time.

  40. While I always maintain that the media (free or censored) need to be consumed with a healthy dose of skepticism, I must say that Field has a point here: It worries me that another group of senior military officers who should be Fiji's saviors. The argument that RFMF got us into this dreadful situation and consequently should get us out of it does not wash. History has clearly shown that if military and politics are not separated effectively, there is a constant upheaval and power struggle at the expense of civilian citizens. We do not need a military in Fiji, and we certainly do not need one that cannot be controlled by an elected government. JB's 10 point plan lacks the most important point: RFMF must be disarmed and disbanded, internal security must be maintained by police and the Minerva war with Tonga, well, I think it is not really worth fighting.

  41. @freedom fighter ,sooo...we presume you are the chairperson of this Civil revolt committee planned for this Friday..

    Goodness…people do not follow or motivated by monsters. ..an thing that does not have a face or name is a monster.

    Hypothetically, imagine arriving for the march and having 50 persons claiming to be the leader of the move. …have you considered the Military, Police and Civilian spies mingling amongst the crowd with instructions to destabilize…. ..that is a recipe for disaster.

    But say someone with a name and face calls such mass gathering in all main centers of Fiji and present demands for immediate changes…and that someone must be present in one of the Marches.

  42. Michael Field is a journalist and he will try to create something out of nothing so that he gets some publicity....after all its nothing new from him, his piece of journalism articles is all garbage!

  43. Michael Field is usually spot on with some of his analysis but I have to disagree on this one. The two former Colonels have done enough to defend themselves against his allegations and hopefully has set the record straight. Pity that the educated Colonels like JB are no longer in the army and instead we have idiots like Bai. How this idiot ever came to be army commander I do not know.

  44. Jone get this right. There is no need for GCC or chieves in Fiji.

    Fiji will be better off without their involvement.

  45. Croz is again chosing what rights fiji can well do without under this regime in relation to his stance on the PER......what public order are you so concerned about??...given how you prefer evidence, i am curious to know where there is a groundswell of support or passions for either camp to worry about a public uprising and disorder. As far as I can see the public is typically ambivalent and the PER only serves to muzzle opponents and stifle dissent of ANY kind. All i see are people prepared to haggle with an illegitmate regime and bargain away their rights. To state again the obvious, this regime did not come to power through a 'peoples movement' with any kind of mandate to change a single thing.


  47. Any government will be a vast improvement to the current horror we have been experiencing. Those Fijians who can make a difference have been tricked, threatened and bullied into a silent, stunned herd of cattle by two amoral thugs, one the owner of a confused army, the other a chubby little physical specimen with a swollen brain in charge of Miss Information. A whole community barely survives under a cloud of hypocrisy that pits friends against friends, kin against kin. No-one can be trusted, especially the courts but the deceit and despair touches all lives to such an extent that no-one can estimate the damage they have done because our media has been suffocated to silence by tinpot trickery and despotic decrees. Freedom can come only through free speech as we endure every day muzzled by two maddies. The PER must be lifted immediately so that the natural cleansing of our community can start. It will flourish out in the open through the release of those in the media who have been intimidated, physically and mentally harmed and censored by monkeys with a black pen night after night. Spare a thought for that solid core of journalists who are ready to be major, trusted players in the restoration of our nation simply by doing the job good journalists do.


  49. Anon 21/6 11.41am
    Lasulasu ,,,,,,stop lying n do some work to feed yo self

  50. Looking at the big screen behind ului,,,why u have to have a big photo of yoself? Even qarase didnt do that,,,,,its so unfijian......there's something wrong about the egos here!
    Suli daunituts was organising a march in suva 3 months ago? what happened?

  51. @12:22pm...that's how we do it here in aussie land....unlike the BILLBOARDS that are up now with the dictators face on them...shame on him and he's supporters,it is their way of mind controlling the Fijian people reminding them that he is the biggest women basher in the history of Fiji!!..that's my opinion as I look at those billboards anyway!
    The bilboards actually reminds me of the ones that other dictators like Saddam and Gaddafi had ,interesting comparison huh!!

  52. When u look at this whole charade I agree with M Field but dont think a coup is being planned. RUM and JB will not achieve much. They have a credibility problem - ie RUMs commitment to 2006 coup reasons (hasnt apologised to Qarase) and JBs involvement in 2000-02 suppresions and anti rebel operations during CRW mutiny. People were killed under RUM and JBs watch.
    The Pro Dems in Canberra said that they will pursue non violent means. Realistically how will they achieve this? Frank will not talk to them so they are really at a dead end. Frank has indicated that negotiations will start in 2012. He had already convened a roundtable with politicians 2 yrs ago so its not impossible.
    So really will RUM n JBs group achieve much - dont think so except harden Frank against them.
    The way forward is not RUM and JB but someone who can communicate with both Frank and the International Community. As the economy deteriorates and inflation worsens, Frank will soon be inclined for a exit strategy.
    The coup is too entrenched to be dislodged by a revolt and rebellion which bloggers keep on dreaming about in their wet dreams!
    Time to confront reality guys n stop dreaming.

  53. This is Aisake Taito, the CEO of Fiji National Provident Fund.

    This is the same man who is entrusted by Frank Bainimarama and his illegal appointed FNPF board, together with Jaoji Koroi and Waqairawai, to deny FNPF members rights of their fair return on investment on at least 8% of their hard-earned income they’ve been forced to contribute towards this superannuation scheme.

    As Fiji’s biggest financial institution,Taito holds a very responsible office, one that demands high ethical values that should project trust-worthiness and wisdom to its members.

    But like most Fijian so-called leaders, he has been found lacking in the ethical side of things by engaging in unethical activities that contradict the moral high ground of most of its members.

    We have only recently observed how America rebuked and fired their cheating governors, senators, IMF ex-boss and other high profile people when they were caught with their pants down.

    Frank Bainimarama tried to apply the same principle with his two senior officers Pita Driti and Ului Mara by sacking them, even-though he himself was not too faithful to his wife Mary all the time.

    Will he do the same with his FNPF CEO?

  54. am forever amazed at the negativity some pple carry with them....let bygones be bygones..heads together and put in to the positivity for the benefit of all fiji citizens... Gud job RUM, JB .At the end of all this all those with blood in their hands will stand up to answer questions and get those hands blood free.

  55. An Unworkable DynastyJune 21, 2011 at 1:28 PM

    @ Anonymous 11.03am

    You asked how did the junta idiot-PM become commander in the 1st place?

    He was strongly recommended by Epeli Ganilau for Commander's post.

    Now idiot-Rooster's poofta chick has come home to roost.

    Btw is Ganilau still around? We hven't heard a word from him since RU's defection. Wonder why?

  56. @ 11.11 am...

    You shut up! We are fijians and we respect our chiefs!!!!!!!!

    YOu must have terrible mixed blood and have forgotten your roots...Education and civilisation is not meant to destroy culture, but we have a choice.....

    You dont want chiefs, than get the hell out of Fiji!!!!!!!!!

  57. The battle must win from within not from the outside like this.
    They need to penetrate from within..........

  58. Whoever said that Fiji doesn't need GCC or chief is duly nonsense.
    Anyway,thumbs up for your great work Naita, JB. All the best in your doctoral research at ANU.
    Thank you RUM for the honestly coming up with unknown issues.

  59. Is it true that Keni got beaten up last night?





  61. FDFM Meeting June2011 - Speaker Roko Ului Mara


  62. @11.11 We need GCC and Chiefs in our Country because we are Fijians.
    JB and RUM good job lads.
    Keep on going, we will be there.

    Thumbs up Democracy.

    me check mada o anon @11.11am, sa volai na yacana ena VKB se sega. se volai ga ena vola ni sucu.

  63. Shouldn't the 2 Cols come with a strategy (non-violent one that is) to oust the regime. The 10 point plan is for the in-coming administration.

  64. JB takes a very politically correct approach in all his postings - hopefully he will contemplate the following?

    Where were you when they imprisoned
    the Qaraniivalu Ratu Inoke?

    Suggest JB would do well delving into Viti's history - study the name & deeds of a bati named Qaraniqio?

  65. JB and UM are history. Now the bloggers are after Michael Feild. Why is Taukei Movement not marching and protesting in Fiji. I dont think the Fijian army will their own brothers and sisters.

  66. You can have this blog running for as long as you wish! If there is no action taken immediately then this blog has serve it's purpose , an avenue where people blow hot air !! It's time to strike while the iron is hot, RUM should go back home immediately and put his fate in his so called supporters at home.
    He knows the international community will be watching his fate very closely and will have the support of Fijians abroad but he needs home support. He needs to go home and fight in the frontier lines . The longer he leaves it the quicker he gets forgotten by the people back home. Fijians need a hero whose there with them, one they can stand side by side with. One who will endure pain with his people. If no one in Fiji does it then the UN and the international community will only watch on without any action only sanctions.
    RUM stop running , go home and finish what you started. Your people need you at home. The world is now aware of you and the plight of Fijians at home. Now is the time.

  67. @anon 4.11pm Keni dakuidreketi carrying a black eye apparently.

  68. @anon 11:37pm

    If you want to stand up and bring democracy to Fiji come to Fiji and do it. We don want people barking from the bush........... lako mai me mai veiraici ka valatalaka na veika drau laki vunautaka wavoki tiko oqori e valagi.

    Se ga ni vinakati i ke na lamulamu vaka na koli ni kai Idia..........

    sa dri yani..... wilika qai lewa ka maduataki kemudrau......... vinaka Mr Fields.

  69. Yes. Keni got beaten up but not by rfmf goons. Apparently by all people Allan Alo. Wai le. What is going on.

  70. Well said & vinaka vakalevu to you both.You two have just set the record straight and i hope Field sees the bright light at the end of the tunnel because he has been blinded by senseless information & reporting.

  71. To anon @ 10:42....EGG those billboards MADA so the rotten smell of splattered eggs can be a symbol for things to come for a USELESS and STUPID man, who is Fiji's dictator.



  73. Down with the BainiVUAKA dictatorship!June 22, 2011 at 12:59 PM

    Think about something soft, rotting and smelly and ensure it can leave a nice, colourful SMEAR before you give it all you've got at Bainivuaka's billboards wherever you find it.

    Rotting yellow egg yolks is a nice start...

  74. kinoya kid says,
    @anon 7.10.....RUM can't come home cause of who he really is...he can't face the music...he thinks that his people will support him but otherwise...

  75. Burn the billboards!!! That'll sent s message!

  76. Taukei
    Who is qaraniqio and what's he got to do with all this? wasting time......

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