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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mara heading to New Zealand next week

The former commander of the 3FIR, Roko Ului Mara, will not be in New Zealand until next week.

It was thought he would arrive in Auckland this week after the New Zealand government approved his application to enter the country for a two-day visit.

Mara is still on New Zealand's travel ban list but Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully, revealed on Sunday the former military officer has been granted an exemption.

Mara's team told Coupfourpointfive he's staying on in Australia for a few days but should be travelling to New Zealand next week. 

Travel dates and meeting times have yet to be announced.

Another meeting is, meanwhile, being organised for Mara to meet with the Fiji community in Australia, this time Melbourne. Details for that meeting are still being finalised as well.

The regime has, meanwhile, sent extradition papers for Mara to Australia. Mara told Coupfourpointfive: "I will be very happy for his case to be heard in the Australian courts. It will be a chance for me to put my side of the story under oath and under cross examination.  I have faith in the Australian legal system whereas we all know I will not get a fair hearing in Fiji."


  1. Media Release – AGM – Free Fiji Movement

    Notice is hereby given for the first meeting for Free Fiji Movement. This is a democracy and freedom movement towards restoration of democracy and rule of law in Fiji.

    On agenda will be the following:-
    - election of office bearers
    - passing of first resolution
    - agreeing on the shortest possible way for return to democracy in Fiji
    - Preparation for Ratu Tevita’s address to the Nation on his arrival in Auckland.

    The first meeting will be held as follows:-
    Date - 16th June, 2011
    Time - 7pm.
    Venue - 18 Pilkington Road
    Panmure 1072

    Everyone is welcome to attend and former Fiji residents are urged to become members of this organization.

  2. auckaland is waiting for You Ratu!!!

  3. all the best ratu.
    spread the word for democracy.
    the illegal govt will go down soon.

  4. Rajesh your mate who is the trustee of Sanatan Rewa last week at a school meeting objected to extension of shreedhar school as it catered for less indo fijian students.. Com Pol or Ficac get the minutes of Sanatan Rewa and charge this individual for sedation.
    this is what we dont need at this time Mr Sharma

  5. Rajesh your mate who is the trustee of Sanatan Rewa last week at a school meeting objected to extension of shreedhar school as it catered for less indo fijian students.. Com Pol or Ficac get the minutes of Sanatan Rewa and charge this individual for sedation.
    this is what we dont need at this time Mr Sharma

  6. Ratu,do you still command 3FIR as news is they still regard you as their top man.Heard they not happy with your unceremonial depature from the camp tik tok

  7. Ratu be always on the look out,Big brother is on the look out.

  8. NZ awaits Mara but please no self appointed peoples advocate like Rajesh Singh, Nik Naidu,Ahmed Bhamji or Shalendra Raju next to him - we need to hear from independent and neutral supporters with no self agenda - 4.5 should lead the charge to host him and get some credible people to host him.
    Please nominate some fresh, clean and non self serving leaders

  9. Fiji is at no return point.Bai the vampire has sucked more blood than can be injected.No medication in hospital,50%of children born in Fiji die,we are losing a generation.AG you very well know you are a dead man so DO THE RIGHT THING. Take CHILL PILL and retire

  10. News that AZIZ has started to do his rounds again at FIRCA. More files have been ordered by Moala . Junior officers at Firca fed up with wrong doings as told by Azizs Boys Jioji and Nata. Aziz and Musa now targetting tax payers who recently had turned their head away from them. Seems they will never learn.Musa targetting all his Pharmacy rivals and Aziz his Fijian Holding Partners

  11. Ratu,Aziz rubishing you at office and he now meets Bai and AG on regular baisis .He is soon getting his old fame back Good work Aziz The office has eyes .Sanjeev Pal got a discount on his tax to Firca He now has to pay $85,000 instead of $250,000 Thanks to AZIZ .Vinaka Moala

  12. Oh...eh...so when is the young Chief coming up to enjoy the warm weather of Queensland?.

    Of all places; the freezing Melbourne?.......hope the reception is not cold like Canberra.

    I guess his advisors know best to shuttle him to NZ then the warmth of Maroon Country.


  14. Firca again in picture,staff promotions controlled by top 3,so if are their BOYS and do what ever told ,we will bypass all other officers and put you there. Dhansuk retired and promotion for the boys glore.Do all that can be done to see Vimal does not come back otherwise CEO goes home .Promote boys who dont even know any tax matters than you can control them as you LIKE your days will come to ..Just check how many sikies top 3 take .SLOW DEATH

  15. PAL drinks kava in Raiwasa now and openly talks on how he still have contacts with Bai and Aziz .He can fix all your issues with this govt subject to CASH .He has to give all to them and does not make anything ,just doing FAVOURS to friends

  16. Sanjeev Pal and Aziz must stopped. Also news to me that Siti has joined the corrupt Vinod Patel family in PNG. Just like allowing a pig to enter a pig pen.....i.e brown paper bags n siti and png.

  17. I think the time has come for us to openly show support. Please provide details of Roko Ului's trip to other parts of Australia in this site, many of us will not know otherwise - vinaka.

  18. the response in Canberra will be the same around Aust. bugger all!!!

  19. Uli before coming to NZ please pay your outstanding debt according to the Fiji Sun dated 14/6. The poor business person who provided you with a service needs money to pay his workers, his suppliers.

  20. Wowwwwwww slowly ever so cautiously the march builds momentum.

    They said he was insignificant and not an important issue as far as national developments concerned and they had said to the interviewing journo (in kadavu)lets rest the story there yet just about every statement he's made via the international media has been matched with a response from new wing, govt bldgs and each time more venormous and unfolding of ugly than vitriole unbecoming of govt level intellect or proper diplomacy.

    They now reckon that they could disrupt his efforts to navigate the region to raise awareness of the brutality of this regime whilst consolidating the efforts of the currently disorganised pro-democracy movement word now has it that RAMSI are likely to provide security when and if he decides to visit forum member countries that currently have RAMSI operation.

    He praised and rewarded his troops for job well done todate and assured the nation they fully back him however reliable sources say there is whisper that another "senior" officer in green has recently fallen out of favour over a matter relating to regimental fund thingy and that whisper is slowly building to chatter.

    He may not have brought the house down but he surely has shaken the foundation. Next cracks will begin to appear, than few bricks will become loose before they all come tumbling down.

    He continues to amaze me

  21. Leaving Fiji was not the right choice for a chief ,a commanding officer ,he should have stayed and pressed on disregard of fear and intimidation .thumbs up to democracy yes!but not from Roko Lui who is far worse corruption than the two juntaz.
    Corruption dealings he made before running is far corrupt .
    As Commanding Officer 3FIR did you had other tours apart from terrorizing the locals .Sinai?Iraq?

  22. Ului..you stop the franchise given to other ships to allow your ship do the service. A waqa sau levu qai ca veiqaravi. Sa basika na dinau..au a kaya tiko ni levu na ka ena basika me baleti Rokolui ...sa tekivu ena Lau Trader, sogo na veivoli ni Yatu Lau Kabani...franchise..laiseni ni qoli..etc..

  23. Kinoya Kid Says,
    RUM Symperthisers....Pse don't be blinded by his sweet talks and false speches... open your eyes to the truth...RUM is a cheat a thief and a liar....he's there for his own benefit and to save his skin... I want to tell you agin that he's the main culptit in the toture in Camp....

  24. Ratu the Bible says: if u confess your sin and start a new life, I assure you that God will be with you. Vakatusa na ka kece o kila ni ko a cakava e cala ena nomu gauna ena mataivalu, ni bera nio tukuna na ka dina e yaco tiko... That only the Way Forward....


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