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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mara heading to Samoa after New Zealand

FORGING TIES: Jone Baledrokadroka, Mara and Tuilaepa in Australia a few days ago.

It looks like Samoa will be the next port of call for the former commander of the 3FIR, Roko Ukui Mara, in his Pacific-wide campaign to build support against Fiji's regime.

Mara met with Samoa's prime minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielelagaoi, three days ago in Australia and now plans to travel to Apia next month to cement those ties.

Tuilaepa has long been a critic of illegal prime minister Frank Bainimarama so it's no surprise Mara has joined forces with him (and not the Solomon Islands which has said he will not be welcome), with Samoa next to roll out the welcome mat.

In a statement this morning, Mara said Tuilaepa has given his support to the pro-democracy movement and the plan to hold free elections in Fiji soon.

"We discussed the 10 point transitional plan outlined in Canberra last week and the current situation in Fiji including the ongoing human rights abuses instigated by the regime."

The Samoan PM has been quoted as saying: "I tend to look at the defection and the pro-active role he (Mara) is playing now, as part of the process of a solution initiated by the Fijians themselves and in this situation it is so important because here is a person who was a former colleague of Bainimarama, who has seen the light and decided to leave and who is now taking the leading role in promoting democracy.”

Mara says the invite to Samoa next month will allow him to brief government officials and its people "on the situation in Fiji and to discuss the progress that we are making towards returning Fiji to democracy."

"I welcome his (Tuilaepa's) support and this meeting was part of the process of isolating the Bainimarama regime internationally, regionally and locally within Fiji."

The illegal regime this week sent extradition papers for Mara to Australia and has said it will be sending them to every country the runaway soldier visits.


Anonymous said...

go samoa

Anonymous said...

lobby.. lobby.. lobby... before the Pacific Leaders' annual forum in Auckland, this September.

You have to lobby for their support. Forget solomons.. they only want Frank. That leaves the majority that you will have to win over... na Kawa-i-Taukei me nanumi tiko!

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Samoa. We freedom fighters have always welcomed your input into the fight agains this regime and its corrupted leaders.

Medrausucu said...

Faafetai lava , VINAKA VAKALEVU to you Hon Prime Minister of Samoa.

May God bless Samoa

GQ (gone qase) said...

Samoa and Tonga, do you really think Fiji will forget what you doing to us.. no we wont be a puppet of Australia and NZ.. like you do.

I guess the Assie Aid and NZ Aid must be the only leverage they have on you..U sould learn from Us, after 4 coupes we learned not to rely on aids from these 2 countries.. We began to foster a new alliance and new relationship with other country's and open up new investment opportunities for Fiji and its future..

We can say it here, we are proud and independent, broke loose from the shekels of colonial nightmare.. that both Samoa and Tonga still rely on.

Medrausucu said...

@Gone Qase, no you are not speaking for us Fijians, we are ashamed of your illegal Govt which idiotically is enslaving us and future generations with huge stupidly costly loans from China and India.

What independence is Fiji has which you boast about???...you must be dreaming or simply clueless.

Samoa and Tonga certainly receive foreign aid, but Fiji was receiving muuch more Foreign aid $$$ than Samoa and Tonga...only difference now is that traditional aid donors have refused further aids until Fiji restores Democracy.

So chew your tongue you do not understand what you are talking about

Anonymous said...

Talofa lava. thumbs up democracy god bless fiji.we lv it.

Anonymous said...

You right. Fiji is Broke. Fiji is Very broken in monetarily and in Human Rights of its People. Fiji illegal regime did not break free of the shackles of the Commonwealth. The Goons were kicked out of the Commonwealth. Now the Muppet and Puppet can only cosy up to China and Solomon Islands because they are only Idiots to have any thing to do with this Travesty of Lunacy that smothers Fijian People.

Anonymous said...

Samoa what a joke! U want to tell us how to have democracy. U have to be born into being a matai or chief to be elected to parliment. Do you call that democracy. Even worse u pay Tuilepa 30k he will get u a matai title. Good stuff RUM, Tuilepa plays yr artiscortic tune.

Anonymous said...

God works in strange ways. They say nautral disasters with fatalities show God's anger against a country. Christchurch1 was warning to NZ yet they didn't listen. Christchurch2 happened with 200 deaths. Brisbane floods happened with minimal fatalities. I predict major nautral disaster in aussie killing thousands within next 3mths. Change yr hypocritical policy on fiji to avoid. NZ paid the price. U will b next.

SEMI MEO said...

Well, the “Mara/Baledrokadroka brand” seems to have reached marketable high in the Pacific realms diplomatic hierarchy.

..and the mainline press are minting scoops out of this hope skip and jump around the Pacific and beyond.

Now the Rear Admiral may be losing more sleep with new info that the young chief may be arousing the attention and favours of those loyalists to the legacy of his late Ratu, both former Fiji residents and pre and post colonial friends of the late President/PM.

Seems, the re-branding of the world renown "Mara brand" may soon reach cyclone propotion. A proof is last Wed yours truly had a cuppa with a Aussie MP..he do pronounce the names of Fiji's incumbent leaders , but fluent with near Fijian accent with glitter in his eyes says… Ratuh Kay Kay Tee Marahh….I gave him a high five!!

.soon beatlenut chewing PM Danny Phillips in Honiara may greet his cuas' Barlie drukahdrukah..

Anonymous said...

reply to GQ but what to u wants Illegal Regime government?.at least somebody crack shitty so we can do something. thumbs up democracy. ? they got same color with Baini.

Anonymous said...

Gone Qase...u military suck up..stand up for your self...go samoa and tonga...Military dictorship should come to an end....

Thumbs up to democracy

Anonymous said...

Ratu, so were u going to run next?..India. If youre right come home to fiji and tell the people the truth..oso sa rauta mada na masi polo tiko..vinaka.

democracy now said...

it is time to do things peacefully like civil disobedience or violently like taking out frank. aiyaz needs to be taken alive and to naboro.
dont forget march next friday from flea market. lets do it for fiji. get knives, sticks, kerosene and big fishing nets to throw on police and army who try to stop us.
we can do it. frank has no support in military to stop us.
heard tikoitoga is also looking at cutting loose.

Anonymous said...

qori...march mada ragone....na cava tale se waraki! faya takinia ko ke!

Anonymous said...

qori...march mada ragone....na cava tale se waraki! faya takinia ko ke!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.23pm. Spot on mate. Just wanted to make same point. Fiji needs real democracy without any born into titles. We all become equal. Please bring democracy asap but without the chieves thanks.

Anonymous said...

Samoa needs to look at their corruption issues like the aid of NZ and Aust for disaster victims.

Anonymous said...

gone qase...speak fr your own self you stupid idiotic piece of cornbeef.lol

Anonymous said...

Keep at it RokoUlui your time is now!! People will say things but you gotta keep at it... stay strong! stay foccused!Fiji deserves better.

Anonymous said...


William Wallace: Now tell me, what does that mean to be noble? Your title gives you claim to the throne of our country, but men don't follow titles, they follow courage. Now our people know you. Noble, and common, they respect you. And if you would just lead them to freedom, they'd follow you. And so would I.

Thumps up to democracy!!!

Dictator is scared said...

The Dictator is doing what dictator do best,keep on moving around Fiji he no longer can travel anywhere else in the world or the end will come quick and he knows that very well.

Kinoya Kid said...

kinoya kid said,
@ Medrausucu....well said Gone qase...we don't need Aus and NZ...we can do without them....God Bless Fiji....We don't need them but they need us....that's why they kept pestering...they want to lobby Fiji in the UN...they can'nt...why don't they jest live us be and concentrate on the welfare of their homeland...if they don;t want to help us...jest piss off and live us be...we can fed for our selves...God Bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

We all know that Samoa always wants to undermine Fiji. They'd play host nation to the Forum Sec, SPC, USP if they can, but unfortunately they are very backward and Fiji always have the support of the MSG.
The Samoan PM is a crook, $160m of Tsunami charity fund is unaccounted for - Cambell Live TV (NZ TV)

sdl.to.da.bone said...

Gone Qase. Speak for yourself and Bainimarama & Khaiyum. To the governmentd and peoples of Samoa & Tonga. Gone Qase is right that we will never forget you not because you were against us but that in our time of greatest need, you were there for us. I speak on behalf of 98% of the people of Fiji. Only the military people are being represented by Gone Qase.who make up only 2% of the people. GOD bless Tonga , Samoa and Fijji and their peoples.may freedom & justice return of freedom and justice return to Fiji tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Jake says......

KInoya kid & Gone Qase drau veitauri dagger ga kei Frank & Aiyaz.

People of Fiji suffering and people like you are idiots.

Observer said...

Gone Qase! Gone Qase! Viavia Qase! Murimuri Qase! Your challenge or weakness is u try to take on elderly attributes while u are still young.

Act your age, think before u leap or open your slimy trap and stop trying to counsel your elders.

Your nation is doing the very thing Samoa and Tonga are doing, maybe worse. Fiji through your Government is selling your arses off, prostituting your once untarniched values and ethics with the multi million loans now accumulating into billions, particularly from Asian countries.

From information gathered I understand, u know 'taba teveli' to China, Malaysia, ADB,South Korea, Indonesia, where else. Very soon your nation will sell her arse off to poor Bangladesh.

Is this the Government u are supporting?

Anonymous said...

@ Jake,

times 3 the size of dagger and fire at all cost.

those two idiots are still young in the brains and strong in cleaning boots for HR abuses.

let's see if promises to the Lau group happens.
has the roads to kiuva been tarred.

Thumbs Up for Fiji

Anonymous said...

Anoymous 1.39 PM
You are so stupid ,And you think what happen in NZ and Australia was Gods doing for not liking Fiji . Dam you are so out of wack,Lay off the Kava and Pot ,Not only are you a fool in what you say .You most probley need to take your medicine. If Frank has not taken off you . You need to get a life you fool. And keep away from the internet.

Anonymous said...

Australia and New Zealand HAVE NEVER treated the people of Fiji like NAUGHTY SCHOOL CHILDREN








Go Fiji Go said...

The only sensible thing about this story is what Tuilaepa said, its up to Fijians themselves to get out of the hole we dug for ourselves. I get the Mara Tuilaepa connection that goes back into history and I think its only proper that Tuilaepa wants to talanoa the Pacific way...something that Frank refused to do unless it was strictly on his terms ... dictatorship.
This is where I cant trust these two army officers sitting royally here, its not just frank coups but Rabuka's coup, these idiots against all the good advise that were given to them by their more mature and qualified army officers who serve offshore and/or were sacked by Frank, they still sat there if they were ignorant fools. Now that they are personally attacked by Frank for coat turning, they suddenly see the light and yell "democracy, democracy" They both want power thats their ideology, it does not matter how they get it, so fools in Canbera or Welington, dont let them foo ya, they are nothing but loosers who are looking for pity but inside they are killers of liberty and the free society!!!!

Anonymous said...

The fiji junta and its dictator have themselves committed treason and sedition against a legal government and itself are not a government legal or illegal but nothing except a junta or bunch of thugs coming out of QEB barracks and holding the machinery of government hostage with guns and Marshal Law when no such cause arises and raping the nations finance for their personal gain by corruption.

The correct status and perspective of the fiji junta must be put to the world and its good the illegal junta is proving itself that no country recognises it as a government so there is no issue of treason or sedition against it by anyone.

If anyone, the junta and its dictator must stand trial for treason and sedition and who should be extradited if they run away to another country post regime change.

Anonymous said...

Just a proposal to the rfmf:-

How bout we resolve matters between fiji and tonga navy the good ol pacific way.

Fiji and Tonga navy puts up their best 5. They get locked up in a cage for a bare knuckle fight to the end.

Winner takes all of minerva ....... qai laurai sara mada o cei e raravisa dina. If what Ive seen tongans in auckland do to maori gangs anything to go by both frankies would be silly to send their gals into that battle let alone a war.

Kua soti na via vakararavisa ni rerevaki qori e yali saraga ena loma ni nodra vakadomobula na mataqali qo .....

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 8:15pm

Well said.



Also, for the Gone Gase (yeah right Meli) - Australia and New Zealand never had to run their government by threats and violence. What kind of sad excuse do you have for that?

Anonymous said...

Death to Australia and New Zealand!

Anonymous said...

Australia dies Fiji dies simple when the Australian tourists stop coming Australia stop importing frm Fiji = Fiji goes back to sustenance living off the land FULLSTOP

TURUKAWA said...

Frank bainimarama oppression of the mind is the worst symptom under dictatorships, even possibly worse than the killings and physical abuse of the people. It is the never ending lies and deceptions of indoctrination and the dogma stuff. It is the constant brainwash to force you to see the right in the wrong, and to say it is white when it is black, day in day out, for decades.

You can see it in all this false propaganda used currently by the dictators in the Middle East to hang on to their power, all this talk about international conspiracies, terrorists, armed infiltrators etc. It is the biggest insult to human intelligence, the underestimation of human logic. Everyone knows it is a big lie, even a five year old child. Have you seen the old film “Z”, which I think was about the dictatorship in Greece some 30 years ago?

In the age of internet, satellite media and social media (Facebook), mobile etc, there is nothing anymore to hide, everyone knows everything, the truth, but dictators keep at it with their dialectics and manipulations. The whole world knows what the fact is, but this is possibly still not relevant.

fijis problem will only be solved by the fijians themselves.

Fiji military defector fan said...

I say former RFMF Colonel Jone Baledrokadroka could pass for Denzel Washington's older brother any day... what do you reckon peeps? Okay, you may now exhale Sir. Keep up the momentum gentlemen.

Fa'afetai tele lava Mr. Tuilaepa Sir.

Dredre mada Viti and thumbs up for democracy!

bosco said...

@ the proposal to the rfmf...oi mera tauvi da na sotia ni Viti... kaila THUMPS UP TO DEMOCRACY...the goons know their days are numbered..

Anonymous said...

We are so critical that Fiji (Bainimarama) is now aligned to China! Guess what the USA and even Aussie is dealing in trillions with China! Who is propping up the USA -China, who is the largest export market for the Aussies(minerals)-China. So whats the fuss with Fiji dealing with China. I don't hear anyone complaining that we should get the Gillard Govt to stop dealing with China because of Human Rights issues, issues worse than Fiji! Talk of triple standards.

Anonymous said...

Isa -- samoa pm doesn't realise the human rights abuses the 2 he is sittting with were involved in,,,
nothing will eventuate after all these blah blah blahs,,,,
frank will carry on

Anonymous said...

@ annoy 8:15pm . What is your point???

Anonymous said...

@ annoy 8:15pm speak for yourself , are you a "worriers"? There are a few of us brave at heart working hard not just praying , in the hope that one day " FREEDOM" will be restored on our land.

I like BRAVEHEART ! a warrior character is not limited to a particular race of people but in the hearts of men! Courage is define by character not by race.

Thumps up for democracy!!!

Anonymous said...

Arrehh...our only hope is yet to come.Those pictured here have begun the roadmap but the real deal is yet to come.Stayed tuned for more infor...

SEMI MEO said...

@Anon June 19,2011 10.45PM..amy of your relatives and friends live in Australia and New Zealand, Madam??

We curse your curse on Aust and NZ.

Anonymous said...

Gone qase valoloma o iko. You sound like an uneducated man from Delainabua. Guess who will laugh the loudest when you find there is no money in your FNPF account

Anonymous said...

Its obvious that JB and Ului want to lead Fiji. Pls dont cause we had enough of soldiers. The other things is why the elected MPs ie Kaitani and Sam not sitting at the front or meeting leaders? Ului and JB should down and ask the elected MPs to lead rather than usuraki themselves ahead. I bet they didn't even think of asking Sam and Simi.

Let's make a movie said...

Fiji defector fan@11.52....May as well be Denzel in that flash looking presidential suite complete with a grand baby piano! Any one know if it's Tui's suite or Mara's?

Anonymous said...

@12:08 AM. Idiot!

Before the saying used to be ‘Made in America.’

Now it’s ‘Made in China with poison and every other type of toxic waste we can dump in your country.’

China's policy of maintaining an UNDER-VALUED CURRENCY to keep its exports competitive is being blamed for worsening global imbalances and weakening the economies of its trading partners.


Anonymous said...

TEVITA MARA: Not only me, the majority of people thought that what he did (Frank 2006 coup)was for the good of Fiji. As I’ve said you know, we all thought it was a noble cause.

If you look at his roadmap back to democracy, the speech he did in 2007, it’s a very well thought out plan which we discussed with the military council which was supposed to bring us back to elections in 2010.

Well eventually we all know that hasn’t happened.

See above extract from Ului interview in RFN. Obviously, he still believes that 2006 coup was right and he still has illusion that it was supported by majority.
This shows that Ului's pro dem etc is just a farce...ie what choice does he have? None ,,,ie its not in his heart but its a convenience for now.

Anonymous said...

Laugh...Fullahs having a prayer meeeting ,then a good sing song of hymns on the piano. "I once was lost and now am saved etc etc "...Then a few bilo's of Kava and a nap...All good fun, wish I were there :-)
Major Blank retired.

Anonymous said...

Both these guys have blood on their hands no matter how they want to hide it, no what democracy cause they are fighting for, no matter who or what they talk to to-they both have blood on their hands! DEMOCRACY yes but give us some one who comes to the table without any blood on their hands. What we have now are Baledrokadroka, Mara and Speight-Can anyone see the diffrence in any on them??? Now what do you see when you see the past deeds of these 2 so called liberators!Thats what i mean when i say we need to look at our past! There is a saying amongst the Elders in Fijian" yavalata na vunikau-era qera na vuana matua, yavalata tale ra qera na vuana, yavalata tale ra qera na gata" "shake the tree once the rippened fruits fall, shake it again the fruits fall, keep shaking it and the sakes fall" Ain't that food for thought

Anonymous said...

A Samoan Observer Editorial on Tuilaepa meeting Mara

20 June, 2011

APIA (Samoa Observer/Pacific Media Watch): Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi can be accused of many things but not for the lack of courage to tackle a challenge head on.

As most Pacific leaders duck for cover in the escalating war of words between fugitive Colonel Ratu Tevita Mara and his gun-totting leader Frank Bainimarama, Tuilaepa has emerged as the Pacific’s voice of reason by speaking up in support of the fugitive.

And he’s done more than just support him; he’s welcomed him to Samoa.

In Australia, Tuilaepa’s comments dominated world headlines yesterday. It cleverly points to him as a leader with courage.

And rightly so. Tuilaepa’s views about Fiji are well known. If anything, he’s been the only Pacific leader bold enough to take on the military commander from a distance.

And his views in Australia this week are hardly surprising.

“I have been talking a lot about the situation in Fiji and I still believe that the Fijians will eventually solve the problem and I think this is one of the processes towards that solution,” he says of Colonel Mara’s escape.

“What I hear from Tevita seems to suggest that as it happens in dictatorships, eventually common sense will prevail and people be keen to realise that they have to solve their own problems themselves.”

‘Common sense’

The “common sense” Tuilaepa talks about refers to people having had enough of their leader to the point they are willing to stand up and take them on.

The Prime Minister says this has happened in countries like Vietnam and Indonesia.

“Eventually people will come to realise that the dictatorship was wrong and I do hope that they will solve it peacefully one way or another,” says the Prime Minister.

And to show he is serious about helping Fiji, Tuilaepa took time from his busy tour of Australia to meet the Colonel.

Says Tuilaepa: “He (Colonel Mara) told me that they are canvassing for a very simple plan for a return to democracy in his country.

“I tend to look at the defection [from the Fiji military] and the proactive role he is playing now as part of the process of a solution initiated by the Fijians themselves.”

But he warns the process could take a while.

“For us, the process of mending differences is a long-term process and part of the Pacific ‘way’ is to talk and talk and talk. We like talking and we talk our problems over.”

Whether Bainimarama will agree is another story.

By meeting with Colonel Mara, Tuilaepa has sent Bainimarama a very clear message. That is, Samoa doesn’t really care what he thinks, this country will support whatever efforts are there to restore democracy in Fiji.

Tuilaepa’s ‘endorsement’

Indirectly, Tuilaepa’s endorsement of Colonel Mara’s rebellious attitude towards Bainimarama is being heralded, as the sort of action the people of Fiji should take.

And that’s not all. Tuilaepa wants to take it further.

Instead of lifting the sanctions imposed by New Zealand and Australia, he has called for additional ones.

“The reason is so that once the people realise that the sanctions are making their lives difficult, then it will motivate them to take the necessary action,” he says.

Once again, Tuilaepa is urging Fijians to act.

How so? He doesn’t say.

But you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to put figure it out.

The question is, what if the “necessary action” means the people of Fiji will have to strike out against the military? If that happens, who will be responsible for the lives that are likely to be affected?

The point is, what Tuilaepa is saying is potentially deadly.

And in a country where the military has shown it doesn’t care about what others think – including Tuilaepa – we can only look on and feel for the Fijians.

It’s easier said than done.

- Editorial by Mata’afa Keni Lesa

Anonymous said...

sivia ga na vakataramasa vei kemuni qo.....liu mada ya ni kaya mo ni 'march for democracy' i Suva...Ca ga ni levu jiko na tadola....sivia ga na vakataramasa.....People of Fiji are living peacefully...its the people living overseas who are blabbering abt things they never even saw to stand up to their accusations on fiji...its what they hear from the fish market....lol...Wanavu Bainimarama...You're doing a fine job...Peace!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:26 - I also do not accept RUM statement
"TEVITA MARA: Not only me, the majority of people thought that what he did (Frank 2006 coup)was for the good of Fiji. As I’ve said you know, we all thought it was a noble cause."

The majority of the people did not think that it was good for Fiji. When you start putting out statements like that it starts to look like you still think the coup was good. He also goes on to say that 2006/2007 was a good year for Frank and the military because they were sticking to the 'plan'. Is he conveniently forgetting that there has been no convictions of corruption of the former SDL/Labour coalition that was overthrown? If you want to be credible in this fight for democracy please refrain from the 'those were the good years of the coup' and 'honourable intentions coup' type statements as for the majority of us there wasn't any good times after the coup. Please read COUP is BAD, Democracy is GOOD!! No exceptions.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It's midday folks... do you know where Driti is?


Vinaka vakalevu for all the comments however this is what democracy is all about. Voices of the people.
What have past governments done and achieved? Security? Rural and urban developments?
Mai I ask you all to be very careful with what you are vying for.Democracy for what? Democracy for what happened prior to 1987, where our very existence was being questioned which led to the coup?
Some things have to be done for better.I know there is a rule of law but we have to be very very cautious.O Viti e gadreva na tamata liga kaukauwa ka vosa vakadodonu baleta qori e ganiti keda nai taukei,tamata dau loloma me lomani ira kece na kawa tamata e Viti ka vakauasivi me tamata rerevaka na Kalou.
God speed for Fiji's road to recovery and democracy.