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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mara: I can assure the people of Fiji the military will not shoot



Roko Ului's speech from second meeting in Melbourne

Good Evening, Bula Vinaka Namaste
Before I start, as the outgoing Chairman of the Lau Provincial Council, I would like to thank Bainimarama for his commitment to spend $30m dollars in the province in the next 12 months. It is much needed and we will be able to accelerate the development of Lau. However, please don’t believe our support can be bought cheaply or in this case expensively. I would also be happier if it was real money and not borrowed money that the people of Fiji will have to repay in the future.

First of all I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your invitation to this meeting and for your solidarity in the course of freedom, human rights and dignity for the people of Fiji. In that course and in that commitment, I am delighted to be with you here today and to share in your desires for Fiji’s future and its well-being. From the outset I would like to thank you and your families for your faith, resilience and hard work in the course of freedom for Fiji.

There has been a lot of talk about my Damascene conversion. How one day the scales were lifted from mine eyes and I could see the light. Some people say this is just a ruse to save my own skin. But I and many senior officers in the military have been pushing for a return to democracy before 2014.

Well let’s ask the following questions
1) Why was I charged with a frivolous and trumped up accusation in May
2)  Why was I discharged from the military in March
3)  Why was I sent on leave in September of last year
4)  Why was the Military council been sidelined as a decision making body from early 2008

The answer is simple the military council objected to the new direction being taken by Bainimarama. We did not carry out the coup in 2006 to have Bainimarama lead this country for 8 years until 2014 and beyond. Brigadier Driti and I were the members of the council who spoke out most against this new and unplanned direction.

The question is should I and could I have done more to stop the increasing power of the puppet and his master. The answer to both questions is yes. But NOW I am doing more. NOW I am taking action. And NOW with your help we will put an end to this dictatorship.

A few people say I should come back to Fiji and face the charge of sedition. They know as well as I do that under the stewardship of Khaiyum there is no independent judiciary, the courts are not free to make their own decisions. I will not have a fair trial in Fiji under this regime.

In April of this year 3 Sri Lankan magistrates resigned on the same day including the acting Chief Magistrate Mrs Pamila Ratnayake. They all left Fiji on the same day within a week of resigning. The reason given by Khaiyum was they had resigned for “personal reasons”.  So 3 unrelated Magistrates all resigned on the same day for “personal reasons”. That does not sound like a true story, Khaiyum!

The real reason was that they were fed up having interference in their cases. It was not just from the Chief Justice but also from the Executive branch of Government. Christopher Pryde the Solicitor General and also on Occasion Khaiyum himself would actively advise on the way these magistrates should progress individual cases. As one of the Magistrates said to a local colleague “We are leaving before the Sh** hits the fan!”

I have a number of specific examples but I cannot talk about them in public as the whistleblowers are all still in Fiji and some still in judiciary. It does not stop with the judiciary. The police are also under total control of the Puppet master and his puppet.

Let me give you a recent example. Also in April Assistant Police Commissioner, Henry Brown, ordered one of his officers to investigate the salaries of Bainimarama and Khaiyum. The officer went to the accountancy firm run by Dr Nur Bano Ali, Khaiyum’s Aunt. This firm as we all know is responsible for paying Bainimarama’s $700,000+ salary, so it is kept hidden from the Fijian people. The aunt made a call to her nephew and the poor officer was taken to the barracks for some questioning. Brown went to China after ordering the investigation. But as soon as he returned to Fiji on Good Friday, he too was captured, held and questioned for the whole Easter Weekend. Ioane Naivalarua, The Police Commissioner, was standing right beside him at the time and did nothing to stop his own deputy being taken in by the military.

Khaiyum openly boasts to the business community. “If you want to go against me, bring it on. I have hundreds of men who will destroy you” He can say that because he controls the police, he controls FICAC, he controls the Courts. Khaiyum I say to you if you want to extradite me you need:
To Stop interfering with the police
To Stop interfering with the Magistrates
To Stop interfering with the judges

Yesterday the following announcement was made in Tonga. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Tonga regrets that the Laws of the Kingdom of Tonga do not permit His Majesty’s Government to comply with the aforementioned Extradition Request.”

I am obviously very pleased I cannot be extradited back to Fiji. It clearly demonstrates the difference between a democratic country operating under the rule of law compared to a dictatorship operating under the whim of Bainimarama and Khaiyum, the puppet and the puppet master.

I believe that no country in the free world will send me back to a totalitarian state where it is a crime to criticize the Government. It shows what Fiji has become under Bainimarama; its laws have more in common with North Korea, Burma, Syria and Libya and less like the other Pacific Islands such as PNG, Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands.

I would like to take this moment to express my sincere appreciation to the Government of Australia for its understanding and goodwill for allowing me to come to this beautiful country to share my views about the dictatorship and situation in Fiji. To Australia, I say, THANK YOU so very much.

On New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, I also seek their understanding. I thank NZ, Tonga and Samoa for having opened their doors to receive me and discuss the situation in Fiji. In advance I express hope to those other Pacific islands countries, who in their own goodwill and care for the people of Fiji and the region will be able to receive me as well. I look forward to my forthcoming visit to New Zealand and Samoa. I thank their leaders for their concern and leadership. I look forward to meetings with the Fiji communities in New Zealand and in the Pacific Islands. The oppressed peoples of Fiji attach a lot of importance to my visits and hope in the goodwill of these countries.

The military regime ignores principles of good governance and decency. It has no ethical backbone. Rather it focuses on processes and activities. Why? Because its leader and his cronies do not have principles. They jump straight to and immerse themselves in processes and activities for one sole reason – to hide their bad faith. A reason their shifty arguments cannot stand in the face of international due diligence and scrutiny. This is not surprising because they rejected the Pacific Islands Forum requirements which previous governments and leaders have been instrumental in their formulation and implementation. Also, they cannot abide by the requirements of the EU, IMF and World Bank. We see through their fudging by their using of democracy narratives and languages to hide their real motives.

Unfortunately for the people in Fiji, time is not on their side. The economy is crumbling at a faster rate than the people are led to know. The economy has shrunk before our eyes since Bainimarama took control. The sugar industry has shrunk by two thirds since 2006. There is no investment in Fiji. In 2010 there were investment projects worth $591m in the pipeline only $17m was implemented. That is truly disastrous. Now we learn of the rape of the FNPF by this regime.

In May the FNPF announced it was going to have “Symposium on The Future of FNPF”. That sounds nice and friendly, very reasonable and good of the FNPF to inform the country about where it is going and what it is doing with OUR money. And it is OUR money every working person in Fiji has given to the FNPF. It is OUR money for them to safeguard for when we retire.

Let’s look at this regimes approach to Pensioners.

First they make sure there are more pensioners by forcing anyone over 55 to retire from the PSC. There are exceptions of course. There is no retirement age for puppets like Bainimarama, not even in 2014.

Secondly they have made life tougher for pensioners by destroying the economy, devaluing the dollar and increasing inflation. All of which means pensioners are already struggling to put food on the table.

And now they want to cut the pension by as much as 64% for some but at least by 40% for all. Let’s take 50% which is about halfway between the 2. That means that if in June you were getting $100 a week pension. In July you will only get $50 a week.

You can’t complain in the media. And when the decree is gazetted in July you won’t be able to go to court to get justice. Because we are living in a dictatorship we just have to accept it FOR NOW!

Why is the regime rushing this through now? All previous reports on the FNPF changes have said they should be done gradually over a number of years so pensioners have got time to make changes and to plan for their future in other ways.

But not Bainimarama he needs this done now. He needs to do it now because he needs to borrow money cheaply. He has learnt the hard way borrowing internationally is expensive at 9%. The only source of cheap borrowings for the Government is the FNPF. The FNPF can only give him cheap money if it halves the pensions.

Bainimarama stealing the money of the pensioners of Fiji. Bainimarama and Khaiyum are stealing the money of all the workers in Fiji
And where is that money going.

*       It is going to pay Bainimarama and Khaiyum’s  $700,000+ salaries
*        It is going to pay for their jet set life style
*       It is being used to line their pockets in kickbacks on their Asian infrastructure deals.
*     It is being used to bribe the people of Fiji

The only way we can stop the biggest robbery in Fiji’s history is to change the regime. We need to remove Bainimarama and Khaiyum.
We will isolate the regime internationally, regionally, and in Fiji. Piece by piece we will remove all their support.

I will meet leaders globally and plan on meeting senior officials here in Australia, New Zealand, The USA, The UK and the EU. I will meet with the UN, the Commonwealth, and the ACP. I will unveil the truth about Bainimarama and Khaiyum to the world.

We will embark on meetings around the region and tell the leaders of the regional countries the truth about Fiji. I have already met with the PM of Samoa, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, who was outspoken in his support for the return of democracy to Fiji. He has also said “a promise by Fiji’s leader to hold elections in 2014 is not taken seriously by Pacific Islands Forum leaders.

This is because Commodore Frank Bainimarama has been consistently dishonest in his dealings with the leaders and therefore cannot be trusted.” It makes me weep. Bainimarama has sunk so low in the eyes of the other Pacific leaders they openly say he cannot be trusted.

We have already started spreading the message in Fiji. We can see we are having an effect. But we need your assistance. We need you to talk about the true situation every time you are in touch with Fiji.
·         Tell the truth by phone,
·         Tell the truth by text,
·         Tell the truth by email,
·         Tell the truth by letter.
·         Tell the people of Fiji to prepare for passive resistance and civil disobedience
·         Send our DVD’s to Fiji

Above all let the people of Fiji know what is really going on in their own country because Smith Johns will never do that.

We need to build the confidence of the people back home, so tell everybody you know to do the THUMBS UP FOR DEMOCRACY! It is a small first step but one that will give the people the strength to take bigger steps in the future. We are working on a roadmap towards democracy. It will be published soon but first we need to coordinate the plans and actions of the pro-democracy movement worldwide and within Fiji.

I want to make it clear we need to make this change by peaceful means. We will use passive resistance and civil disobedience. There will be no violence. I can assure the people of Fiji the military will not shoot. There have been many discussions informally at the camp and the soldiers know that shooting is not an option. Even if Khaiyum orders his puppet to order the soldiers to open fire, THEY WILL NOT FIRE ON CIVILIANS. They know it is wrong.

We will have democracy, we will have a new government and we will have them soon. Remember Fiji belongs to all of us and not just to two people.

Thumbs up for Democracy 

GAME PLAN: Jone Baledrokadroka. Second speaker.

NUMBERS GAME: Bigger turnout.

SUPPORTERS: Dallas Swinstead (left), the former publisher of the Fiji Times.


Anonymous said...

Yes- RUM -bring in chors like Mara family and rajesh singh to solve fijis problem - I rather live under goons


OK so if the militray wont shoot people, whY are you NOT in Viti to organise. Happy to call for civil disobidence and resistance from the safety and comfort of another country. Dont ask people to do something you are not willing to do yourself Mara. Frankly you have no credibity, you fled to save your own skin. Furthermore, what you have said in your interview is nothing new..ehh. Same old same old. Everything everyone has done, but not so you ...It took you for years to suddenly get a Paul experience.

The fact is, you and Driti wanted to be top dog in the militray and position yourselves to replace Baini...except you got outmanouvered...
So please, we dont thinbk for a minute that you havce us fooled. We are sick of your lies and the shit your familiy has brought Fiji too. You are NOT REFORMED, HUMBLE, CONTRITE OR GENIUNE. YOU ARE a FRAUD and HYPOCTRIC of the worst kind. Just crawl under a rock and go away. Or ELSE BE A MAN YOU CLIAM TO BE AND RETURN TO VITI AND RAISE A REVOLUTION TO REMOVE THE REGIME

THIS is the only WAY you can ATTONE for your ROLE and part in the RAPING of democracy in viti and the abuses you were party to.

SEMI MEO said...

Why is'nt the young Chief told the truth about the distribution of Aussie former Fiji residents??

When is he coming up to the sun state…seems he enjoys the cold..or his advisors love the cold reception he get down south.

We want Maras not Bainimaramas said...

@anon 10.28
What is a Chors?

Ratu Mara oversaw the best time for Fiji. We had economic growth, we had peace between the races, we had security of land. We built the big infrastructure projest. Monsavu, Queens Road, Nadi Airport

What has Bainimarama done? he has paid $80m us to fill in some pot holes.

Get real you idiot

Tiloko damu said...

Since the Taliban-Baini regime is committing acts of human rights violations by inflicting grievious bodily harm on individuals. Criminally moved to disolve parliament. Without authorisation, abbrogated our bill of rights that was articulated in our constitution. Moreover, destroyed the independence of the judiciary. Irresponsibly, removed our most cherished freedom of speech by gagging our media. Now like thieves that they are, denuding our NPF pension fund. Are they not now the enemy of we the people? recently, the Tongan navy entered Fijian waters because this regime is semi-totalitarian, illegal and beyond the pale not worthy of respect. If Fiji had a democratically elected government the Tongan navy would not have entered Fiji waters out of respect. What about citizens of Fiji, should we respect these bunch of thugs? Since Fiji became Independent, all enjoyed freedoms Fiji style. Now, this current bunch of criminals are reversing what we had once taken for granted. Certainly, we do not know the worth of what we have until we have lost it, and lost it we have Fiji. Yadra mai. Cannot a legitimate invasion be launched now? Thumbs up for democracy. Out with the criminal regime!! Justice please! Return Fiji to paradise!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how many turned up?

Anonymous said...

Great speech Roko Ului, yes we can! Yes we can! People's non-violent revolutions have been known to topple dictatorships, they did it in the Philippines under Marcos, they did it in Poland under Solidarity leadership of Lech Walessa and others, many examples of the power of the people to bring down dictatorships and repressive regimes through non-violence. So count me in! I will do my best to help spread the word wherever I am.

Anonymous said...

I think RUM's intentions to link the 2000 coup to FB does not hold water. I guess if one is not emotionally charged and analyzes the speech, it is clear that creating hype and blaming everything on FB and ASK will not work.

One thing is to read/hear the DVD, another is to believe it.

How many people attended the meeting. Can we have some pictures?

Anonymous said...

Sharon and green goons doing overtime on four5 sorry u can't coup this coconuts

Anonymous said...

ratu,please tell the people of fiji openly..

the church/vanua/gcc/every single man in fiji is waiting for your call..

make the call now,b4 it gets too late

Anonymous said...

good work roko ului,but please lets take the action fast

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 10:28PM


This SAD individual's been waiting all this while to be the first to comment on this blog and show his support to the EVIL CORRUPT REGIME...

Truthfully, NO ONE is even INTERESTED or BOTHERED by the BULLSHIT COMMENTS coming from the DICTATOR Bainivuaka Supporters...

To all the EVIL Bainivuaka Supporters "THE TRUTH HURTS, END OF." Thats why you people are LIKE HUNGRY WOLVES just waiting to pounce and comment on any TRUTH that comes out of Ratu Ului's mouth.


You said you'd rather live under goons... Bloody hell, who are you??? KHAIYUM'S PET DOG..... Koli ni Kai Idia... Lamusona.

Anonymous said...

@anon 10.52pm. I would say there was around 15 of us at Chadstone.

Anonymous said...

c4.5 people call rajesh/ mara family.chor .i hope you can do justice to people and get this kind of comments out of this site.
well pls if they have evidences than bring it on but we dont need this kind of cheap talk.
c4,5 do balance reporting.
atleast mara/rajesh is trying their best to help us all.

Anonymous said...

Real Democracy figthers will not care abt PER. If there was real resentment, 10,000 of u so called democracy fighters wud line the streets of Suva and protest. But since u so called democracy figthers live overseas u can't nor do u have the numbers here. PER will not work if 10,000 arrests are needed to be made. Reality, people in Fiji dont care. They getting food on the table without chiefs eating their money. END of STORY!

Anonymous said...

It is time for us all to stand with one united voice... Yes We Can!!!
Yes We Can bring this junta down.

Toso Viti!

Anonymous said...

Roko Ului... if they will not fire on civilians; can they then, please, fire on these two puppets, Bainimarama and Aiyarse and their puppeteer Naz Shameem?

Animal farm of BainiPIG said...

@ 11.02 I don't recall hearing wannabe AG's name on those videos. Please clean your ears and give your airhead a break from being stuck up the Pig's skirt. YUCK. lol....!

Anonymous said...

RUM is only hope for Fiji to get rid of the evil Shackles that have brought this beautiful Country to the brink of economic and social disaster.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new again - just another politician talking n repeating same old stories blah blah blah.
They all the same,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
If Frank n company are not shot down with bullets,,,,,they will survive long like mugabe n gaddaffi,,,,no amount of grandstanding from ului etc will bring him down.
Thanks for the false hopes!

Anonymous said...

anon 11.10pm
what action u fool - ului said all they'll be doing is talking,,,same as polticians ,,,,,guess they no longer soldiers so cant shoot!
what a waste of time!

Anonymous said...

RUM has no hope but banking on civilians in fiji to do it for him by civil unrest, this can never happen against a military and police unless a group within it do a coup by suprise and not get caught like RUM.

Anonymous said...

a 10.54pm

you dumb,why did you care about how many people turn up, just read what he said and understand, full stop

Anonymous said...

@anon 6.19am. Important to gauge support..FOOL! {Mr T wud say}. Just 10 turned up at first meet and now we get told 15 at the second meet. What a joke considering 50000 of us live in Australia. RUM got no support if it is numbers game. Isa rum...lako vale bosso! Oei le!

Anonymous said...

@We want Maras not Bainimaramas said... 10:47 PM


Anonymous said...

Is it true that only 15 people turned up in Chadstone?

Can somebody please confirm the previous comment?

If this is true, then what's wrong with you people in Melbourne?!

How can we achieve anything with this kind of slack turnout?

Anonymous said...

"Tell the people of Fiji to prepare for passive resistance and civil disobedience"

Prepare, People of Fiji. PREPARE!

Anonymous said...

It is wrong for readers outside of Fiji to assume the solution is a black & white one. However I would agree elections must come soon. I thiink many people would agree Bainimarama has not been all bad for Fiji. there has been a period of stabilisation. he has addressed the problem of the thieving top Indian businessmen who have rorted the system for 40 years.He has kicked the Taukei movement into touch & the Great Council of thieves.There has been a period of contentment amongst all races in Fiji, no one race is feeling disadvantaged or discrimated against. The Tourist plant is operating well. The Schools are doing well. Most of the tension & friction is coming from the Unions & Ex Army Officers like Mara who are attempting to use their power & family ties as a step up into Gvt.Personaly speaking , I would'nt rate Mara any more highly than the Australia & NZ Gvt have done. He is simply a good source of information but tainted with a self serving agenda. Mara has red carded himself & were he in power things would be no better or worse than they currently are.My prediction is that in year or so's time Roko will be driving a Taxi in Auckland. Those who have committed human rights abuses in Fiji will eventually face the judgement of an independent judicary following elections. Nothing is surer.

Niuma Lewena said...

There was about 300 that attended the meeting.

Anonymous said...

Military Intervention is what is needed.
Australian Military
NZ MIlitary.
US Military.
Now that America is withdrawing 30,000 troops from Afghanistan, I'm sure they can spare 5,000 to come to Fiji. Bring the Aircraft Carrier of the US Pacific Fleet with FA 18, Helicopter Gunships and Blackhawks.
Drop a few smart bombs at the Army Camp in Delainabua and that will knock off all their buildings and get the combined ANZUS force to takeover.
Those who want to surrender can surrender. Those who want to die can die.

This bullshit has gone on for far too long.

You two should talk to Mr Campbell.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Isa !! poor hendry Brown taken in for doing he's job ....Bainimarama iko sa qai puffter kadina saraga !!!

Anonymous said...

RUM changed his tune to fight for democracy. Do you also see that he and JB are building their own political agenda and party.

What is interesting is that he is indirectly running down SDL and LQ. His blame game of FB for the 2000 coup is to get indian support. Two points of observation with this JB strategy. One, you are breaking and divisding the fijians. Not uncommon with our leaders. Two, kai dia's know your agenda but as long as there is MPC, they will support him.

I also feel that it will be long before RUM changes his tune about democracy.

No pictures from Melbourne to date. It means turnout was poor. People are only giving lip service to RUM. Some enjoying it like a soap opera.

Anonymous said...


"Isaiah 41:10
So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Anonymous said...

Why dont you start from 1987 coup. Is it because your family was involved?
What goes round comes round?
Rajesh Singh you dont have any credibility? What qualification have you got?
Apisai Tora Sabeto Nadi.

SEMI MEO said...

Well, we do not think there is anything wrong with people in Melbourne or even Sydney.

Moderate turn out may just attributed to fundamental check list like…mmmm…

(1) Bad and insensitive promotions within the I taukei community, Fijian Indian with their autonomous sect (Hindu, Muslims, Gujis etc), Fijian General Electors Community, Fijian Rotuman Community, Fijian Banaban Community, Fijian Kioa Community, Mara legacy fans , prospective investors, passionate former tourist and sundries who ,..we though by now other high profile former Fiji Resident in the Corporate, former Diplomatic Corps, or even former or reigning Sport personality we called to cream and gloss thing up
Have not head names like KR Ramrakah, fomer Suva Major Nur Dean, former Lami Mayor Anil Singh , former Police Commissioners, former Air Pacific Executives,

(2)Not enough massaging done the skeptic way…seems the executives of the Canberra based Democracy crusaders are too “possessive of the young”..even the grog party seems to be limited to the elite few…

(3)..or majority may just be cautious not to be seen attending, though they hate and resent the circus in Fiji. .may fear that their loved ones back home may be brutalized…well, you’re breaking NO Fiji Law if that is what you fear probable repercussion..unless of course Co PM Aiyaz cook up a decree that those uttering ani-regime truths overseas deemed criminal and fugitive sympathizer too.

(4) may be the exciting of the extraordinary advent of the former 3FIR Commander into Aussieland has waned from front page news to a few icy cold grog lovers in an unknown address.

May be they’ll put their act together ..or they may just be responsible for freezing away the Mara brand into the chilly sphere of nothingness.

Anonymous said...

@9:44 AM. Vinaka, Dina. Gone on for far too long, alright!

Anonymous said...

Why will Roko drive taxi in NZ ? He can live on his fathers accumulated wealth from past.

nayacakalou said...

The problem we have as a Fijian,we only talk about the bad things and very smart to bring people down.Here is the only person,that confirms to us and the world that all things that we have in the blogs for the last four years is all true,so thanks to you Coup Four And Half.Now he confirms to us that the Military council have objected to the new direction taken by Bainijidamunivore,that was why,Ului and Driti have been very uncomfortable with,or,objected to it,as a result,suspended and charged.For people living in Australia and New Zealand,we are in a free country,if you don't agree with him,go and listen and prepare to question him,and don't just sit at home and wait to criticize him on the blog,for he is the only weapon we have.I understand that most of us are here because of the coup and we had enough,we don't even want to hear,but the World needs to see support at the meetings and bring your family with kids,so they understand their country and only then,the World will be on our side.For all people criticizing,come and join,when Bainijidamunivore and Ae-na-arse are executed,you would be proud that you were are part of the revolution and you don't have to lie to your grandchildren.

Gusu Lailai said...

Roko Ului, I want to start civil disobedience in Fiji, now that you say the soldiers won't shoot. But they will beat me up!

Can you guarantee that your men won't beat us up? Then only I will start something. Vinaka

SEMI MEO said...

(phew!1...had to re-post my morning blog..apologise as my last was done in haste as Sun morning I bake "siconi" for breaky)

Well, we do not think there is anything wrong with people in Melbourne or even Sydney.

Moderate turn out in both Cities may just be attributed to fundamental check list oversight like …mmmm…

(1) Bad and insensitive promotions within the I taukei community, Fijian Indian with their autonomous sect (Hindu, Muslims, Gujis etc), Fijian General Electors Community, Fijian Rotuman Community, Fijian Banaban Community, Fijian Kioa Community, Mara legacy fans , prospective investors, passionate former tourist and sundries who ,..we thought by now other high profile former Fiji Residents in the Corporate world, former Diplomatic Corps, or even former or reigning Sport personality be called to cream and gloss things up.
Have not head names like KC Ramrakah, fomer Suva Major Nur Dean, former Lami Mayor Anil Singh , former Police Commissioners, former Air Pacific Executives, former Fiji media gurus etc.,

(2)Not enough massaging done the skeptics way…seems the executives of the Canberra based Democracy crusaders are too “possessive of the young chief”..even the grog party seems to be limited to the elite few…

(3)..or majority may just be cautious not to be seen attending, though they hate and resent the circus in Fiji. .may fear that their loved ones back home may be brutalized…well, you’re breaking NO Fiji Law if that is what you fear probable repercussions..unless of course Co PM Aiyaz cook up a decree that those uttering ani-regime truths overseas deemed criminal and fugitive sympathizer too.

(4) may be the excitement of the extraordinary advent of the former 3FIR Commander into Aussieland has waned from front page news to a few icy cold grog lovers in an unknown address.

nayacakalou said...

What made you think that they will shoot?The Togan Navy has entered Fiji waters and also they ran away from Minerva Reef.If that island was ours,why did we run?We have the too violent bother in laws(Commanders)of the Pacific,Bainijidamunivore and Kean,why run?We have more Navy and more boats,why are they running away?If they can not shoot this people,they are only cowards to shoot their own.

Anonymous said...

Roko Ului or if c4.5 five read this pls take note. My two bobs worth of contribution and question?

1. Is the democratic movement forming a shadow government strategy in exile under the 'bring the election closer campaign plan?'
2. If that is so; is it in the plan to have a political party set up in Exile'
3. How will it link to the grassroots iTaukeis in the village communities who are custodians iTaukei Land, Marine resources, iTaukei traditional heritages.
4. Is there a shadow group looking at -contingency plans to undo the effects of phycological propagation the regime has propagated to the taxpayers - the Charter and now the campaign about $Million development all over the rural region.
5. What strategy against the Gujrat/Punjab/Coolies business roots in Fiji which are more then capable of exploitation after exploitation of the iTaukei resources!!!

Democ Movnt seems to be focusing on one thing only kicking FB and AG out THEN WHAT??? People need to know your Campaign Plan!!! Tell us more then just your -itukutuku ena talanoa mai Kanebara ena macawa oqo'....

Democratic movement does not seem to have all these

Anonymous said...

@9.31am Luweni, where did u get yr 300 from, I was at the Hall where RUM spoke. Hope u not adding the wedding ceremony that took place just next to the hall. Please count people inside the hall. I did and it was 15.

convolutedexperiment said...

In memory of my friend, Pastor Jone Tui who passed away two weeks ago after attending the Canberra Meeting for the Democracy and Freedom movement.
He fasted and prayed for two days prior to the meeting, for a peaceful resolution to Fiji's Crisis and after the 1st. meeting, had lunch and fell ill, only to pass away in in a Canberra Hospital, early the following morning.
In God's care, Rest in Peace.
Let's stoke the fire of decent within the Fijian Community and resolve once and for all, this crisis.

Anonymous said...

when will bainimarama's army invade australia and nz?

Good on ya RUM, keep the truth coming. God bless you and the FDFM.

Anonymous said...

Democratic movement -
Lead an uprising now in Fiji.
When do we go?
where do we meet?

Is it a passive one?? Oh, then you guys are just 'planning'.......no one has got the guts yet?? OK...Oh what waiting for an reaction from Aust or NZ. What Foriegn Policy action. By the way they may have passive 'embeds' already in Fiji. Any embeds from th Demo Movt???

Give us the facts! said...

OK, if there were 300 there last night, how come we haven't heard this or seen the pics?

We have one person here saying 300 and two people saying 15 plus a wedding next door.

Either somebody can't count, has such bad eye sight that one person looks like 40 or this is a big lasu.

Of course it matters how many people were there.

Those of us looking to Roko Ului for change want to know if he has the mana to carry it off. If it's 300 maybe. If it's 15, sa oti vakadua.

SEMI MEO said...

@convolutedexperiment..My condolence and sympathy to the late Ps Jone Tui’s close family and friends.

The same Talatala Jone from Townsville…..formerly of Yasawa Islands??...if same, then such tragedy dad passed on just lately.

Again I say...get the young Chief up North...or do we smell a bit of politiki in the bure vakaviti..

VeriBau. said...


If above is correct - where does that leave JB?

Old Taukei saying.
My enemies enemy is my brother from a different mother.

Old US saying.
Better havin em inside the tent pissin out than outside pissin in.

Anonymous said...

Fools get carried away by nostalgia and emotion. Thats whats happening with the FDM. Even the Aust Govt doesn't care - who in Aust Govt has met Ului? Its low priority for them.
Why no photos? Looks like the green goons have won - again!

Anonymous said...

army wont shoot ,,,yeah right...how many have been shot dead killed since 2000,,,,,including unarmed shot in Kalabu in 2000,,,,,in a raid led by ului
now they more loyal to frank so ,,,,,dont test them
they been spilling kai viti blood from 2000 so it'll be nothing new

nayacakalou said...

@Give us the facts....why do you want to know ,how many people were there?When people fight for democracy,its always a very less number because they are fighting and give up their lives for the name of freedom,as you can see in Fiji,the movement is less than ten,and where the hell you belong?What matters is the cause of what they are fighting for,and that is FREEDOM.We understand that you are in the Army of beating up women only and you are scared,but its not too late to change son.

Anonymous said...

Let me highlight an act of the Military government since the start of the coup....
Emperor Gold Mine was wanting to close business but the elected government of the day and the unions fight for the workers right because of the workers that would suffer from unemployment as its top priority.
Emperor Gold Mine never closed business but straight after the Military takeover,the soldiers were the first on site to guard the assets of the company,never thinking about the plight of the unemployed workers.
Along the years since the military is in power,some thousand workers are out of employment due to down size of government,non performace leading to redundancy of companies and continued all the way till today.
The latest one now are the laundry department of the CWM hospital.....so the list goes on.
More unemployment on the way.....so lets rid of these goons.
Thums up for democracy!!!!
God Bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

we shouldnt be pointing fingers at mara/others.
we should all unite and fight the common enemy.
thats the problem with fiji people too much liumuri.
pls if you want democracy you have to stand up and fight for your rights/freedom.land,chiefs,church.
no more talk lets see.
if gcc/church can march like they did in 1987/2000 coup .
unity will win division will fall.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong. Let us get rid of the unions and their communist leader Chaudry.

Anonymous said...

I was at the meeting in Melbourne last night. First of all there was no wedding next door (Annon 11.59am go get a life and stop the bullshit). The church hall was full to capacity and people standing outside. Youll have to ask the organisers for the correct number). It was a good night of discussion, a lot of people were able to ask the two guest speakers direct questions on the 10point plan, the way forward and Ratu Tevita's involvement in the military. A lot of people are concerned about family in Fiji, the overall economy in Fiji and of course impact this suppressive regime. What people really appreciated is that they were to discus this in an open forum which the people are denied of doing in Fiji. I think the key question is how can we who live in a free society make the most effective impact to bring about change in Fiji? Again many ideas were thrown around and one of the main suggestions is to spread the ugly truth about this regime and to up the international pressure on the regime amongst other things. But each individual has a part to play if we really want this badly. Change will happen people!!!!!!The momentum is building as the two speakers make their way around Australia, NZ and the Pacific.

Anonymous said...

I wud say there was around 30 of us I'm begining and went to around 10 in the end as many in the crowd didn't want to have a bar of the gcc being part of the plan....plus I had to watch an AFL game on tv which was more important....oei le!

Anonymous said...

apisai tora you sud be the last one to comment hia....

Peter said...

Fancy describing Tonga as “a democratic country operating under the rule of law”. Hello does TUM really understand what democracy is? Is this the sort of democracy he wants to bring to Fiji?

And more sadly uninformed and sensationalist comments on FNPF.

He should be careful what he wishes for…TUM knows very well that the FNPF pension structure is too generous and must eventually be changed. If he ends up in a new post-2014 government, just like the current situation, that government will likely feel the backlash from the then opposition party which will also doubtless exploit, for their own political purposes, the natural concern and fears that arise when changes are proposed to a person’s future pension.

Claiming the current government is raping FNPF and conducting “the biggest robbery in Fiji’s history” is junk and he knows it. FNPF members need to just think for themselves a little.

The IMF, World Bank, ILO etc have for years being asking for this FNPF structural problem of an overgenerous pension scheme to be addressed. Otherwise FNPF will simply become insolvent…Maybe not for 20 years or so but it will inevitably come -the mathematics don’t lie. FNPF cannot pay-out more than it earns. It is not a Government subsidised social security system. The longer the FNPF reforms are postponed the more difficult and harsher they will eventually have to be.

The simple critical problem is the ‘pension factor’ of 15%. This applies when a retiree opts to take a life-time pension rather than a lump sum on retirement. This means that after 6.6 years (100/15) a pension recipient has exhausted their own account balance and will thereafter be receiving a pension effectively provided by others. This is the systemic structural flaw that FNPF management is trying to address with these reforms. The pension factors should never have been set so high.

Yes you can argue about using pension buffer reserves, different assumptions about the ratio between retirees who take a lump sum and pension, different life expectancy rates and whether or not existing pensions should be grandfathered under the old rules. But eventually you have a solvency problem. It simply will not go away without reducing the pension factor.

The current government does not need FNPF for money; it has more than enough after its recent ANZ bond issue.

And just to corroborate that TUM himself has never seen FNPF as a ‘money pot’ can he please confirm that he has never personally or any associated company of his approached FNPF for money???

Anonymous said...

Oh, so it's doesn't matter how many people support Ratu Mara, even if it's less than ten! Some people here are crazy. You either have a movement for change or you don't. The problem is that not enough Fijian Australians care enough to even turn up for a meeting, let alone back a revolution. Last night sounds like yet another non-event. I'm not from the military. Far from it. It's about getting real. If we are to get rid of Baini, we've got to be serious.

Anonymous said...

it seems The Goons nannies are operating 24/7 to write off RUM's statements..
dou cakacaka sara vakaukauwa...
Dou na malumu mai...

Thumbs Up Democracy

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I'm just amazed to read the many supporters of the Illegal Regime visiting and commenting on C4.5now!!
....and I thought I heard somewhere that they told people not to believe anything on these Blogs?? Ha!ha!
Looks like they're spending all their time on these sites!!ha!ha! You guys are desperados!! You already got Fiji Sun, Fiji Times, FBCL, Fiji TV, Mai TV?? All "Masi Polo" to Vore and Ai arse!!! Just remember..."One day Mafatu!!" People Power is on It's way Big Time!!! regardless of how many attendants at These gathering...RMU & JB have started the move... Be afraid!! Be very Afraid!!! Sa roro mai na siga vou!!! I'll be in the front line to witness "Nai cici i macawa" nei Vore & Aiarse and all of you supporters commenting here!! Waraka Namaka!!! Ha!ha!ha!Hi!Hi!hi!

Anonymous said...

Next meeting someone ask JB and Mara - who ordered the beating of CRW soldiers. It was JB who gave the orders to his BLUE ARMBAND company that went around Suva and Fiji to clear to clear out the CRW which as supposedly an instrument in the coup. There was already SPLIT in the army then. Whenspeight entered parliment the CRW thought it was their coup. Speight was influnced by one group but another influenced CRW. Thats why they ended in there - inccocently. The Army was out of control (split) before Speight went in - there was another group ready to tskre over but failed - hence the CRW's demise. Baledrokadroka ordered their murder, RokoUlui chased them and beat them up - he gave orders but stayed in his pick up. Baledrokdroka's right hand man was Misivono - he was another Engineers who was delivering the orders!!! Shame shame shame - Why BEAT around the bush in Australia- get into the game now and see how things pan out!!! Liumuri!!!

Anonymous said...

True democracy won't come unless all the coup lords are taken to task. The first to go to jail is Rabuka [Rt Mara's servant], then Bainiwomen. Speight is already there. That's the only easy way to democracy. If they are real men they'll surrender for Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Photos confirming 30 turned up. 300% increase in attendance since last meeting near Canberra where 10 turned up. Keep it up and u might get more next time. Thumbs up to democracy in 2014 without chiefs. Real democracy.

Anonymous said...

If we are believe what Roko ULui is saying that the solders won't shoot the civilians, why the heck didn't he stand up against Frank with Driti!That was the best opportunity for civil disobidience knowing what he is now telling the world! This small ratu is talking absolute rubbish! Is he willing to test his thesis-ask his family members to begin with ie his wife & mother an law then his sisters & brother an law to go on protest marches and civil disobidience in Suva and lest see what happens! So far all is talk and no action is happening on the ground in Fiji-why? It appears they are happy with what Frank is doing for the Fijians!Roko Ului if he so confident of his claims needs to go back and fight his case in court and also lead the fight in Fiji-nothing will hapen here in Canberra. Having Kaitani in pictures tells me we are going to see the same buch of liu muris who think of themselves first and are more than willing to jump the fence when the opportunity arises.Show me someone not tainted from the politics of racism in Fiji than i am willing to give you guys my support. So far i have not seen one -prove me wrong Roko Ului.

Anonymous said...

@ 8.27pm you forgot aiyarse to your list... what shall we do with da man. bang em? short gunn or 303?

Anonymous said...

So so easy to now the number of people in the hall. Just count the number of heads! Almost 53 roughtly. If there were 300 i assume they were at the back of podium-because you can't see them! Maybe the weather was too cold and they all stayed at home or worse still they just didn't want to hear any more bull from Roko Ului or JB-so far we have not heard anything new from either gentleman except to protect themselves as JB did in the first video and Roko Ului so far has not delieved anything new!By the looks of people in the photo almost the majority were Indigenous Fijians-well that makes sense, after all when the other races in Fiji elected a democratic Govt it was the Indigenous Fijian army led by Rabuka that stage a coups! Should we be suprised! UHU de lialia meda vaka muri ira tiko na binibini liu muri!

Anonymous said...

Photos done lie, 30 at max, 10 in the end wen I left to watch AFL...go the bulldogs. This movement is total failure. Will lose momentum v soon. So let's work on plan C.

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up for democracy indeed! Good start RUM and JB. Who cares how many people were in the Melbourne meeting?If even you manage to convince/convert one person to see the Free Fiji intentions (no, not the Commander's Intent)then it would have been time well spent. This is like preaching the gospel, you don't expect skeptics to change over night, it takes a long process, but we need the facts, figures and true case studies to be able to connect the dots. As for the people out the outbacks of Nausori or housing, we need to connect the poor and dwindling public services to their everyday lives, so again we need facts and figures- how about the services at the CWM hospital? What does a military CEO have to do with improving the services at CWM and ensuring a greater quality of life? People in the rural areas or even those in complacency mode or indifference in towns and cities, need to be told the links between poor services and their everyday lives. On a more ideological level, we need to connect the rule of law to good citizenship, law abiding citizens, future generations otherwise we are breeding a lawless generation - who only know how to coup and not how to work hard, get a good education and contribute to society's good. We need researchers, to join the FDM with facts and figures rather than just the emotive language. Best wishes to Roko Ului and JB. Thumbs up for democracy in FIJI!

Anonymous said...

attendace as in photo is about 55-60 people, the room capacity is 60 people seating theatre style, so it was a full house but not 300 people.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys who are we trying to fool here mannn!!!!

RUM said that Vore started going his way disregarding the Military Council's advise since 2008.

This is 2011. Why didnt RUM go against Vore in 2008 when he felt that Vore wasnt listening anymore?

Why did RUM wait till 2010, 2 years later to air his distate of Vore's govt?????

RUM has been discharged dishonourably and is now taking his personal revenge to get back at Vore by using us, the masses.

I'm one of those thousands that need a change for the better and that is the removal or ousting of Vore and his goons BUT I'm not one of those that will be hoodwinked by RUM, JB, Kaitani, Rajesh, Speight and whoever else thats trying to use us to get back up there.

Vore and his goons will soon be ousted not because of RUM but through economic means.

The problem here is that a lot of us are gullible and sucked in by Ratus and sweet talkers !!!!

Anonymous said...

TUM has no credibility and most of his remarks are unsubstantiated. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to give us "new revelations" not rehashed stuff one can pick from downtown Suva. JB is a man of honor and integrity, a true warrior whom many believe and would follow any day over TUM, who is advocating resistance but is not here in Fiji to lead the charge. True leaders lead from the front and if TUM wants to be taken seriously, he needs to bring that fight to Fiji

Happy Thumbs said...

Woohoo! This is so encouraging. Thank you FDM. C'mon Fiji, let's do it! Let's speak out in whatever way you can, start with keeping those thumbs up for democracy!

slowly dancing thumbs up said...

Thanks too for the pictures too - says a thousand words. For each person present there, they represent 50,000 people each back here in Fiji! Great support! Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Kaiyum has said the truth in the NZ TV 3 news, that is anyone can stand for elections and abosolutely and well you cant have anyone in prison standing for elections. This is the truth that the world needs to know and the conspiracy that exists to gail and put in prison all opponents who will win the next elections hands down these are chaudri, garase, naita chief and so on so trumped up charges and gail. there is a evil conspiracy that exists.

Sotia said...

ului bau nanuma mada na nodra veitagicaki mai Lakeba ena nodra vakamata ni gasau vei PM.
kakua ni vakacalai ira na leweni vanua ni sega ni rawa ni ra vana na sotia



Anonymous said...

melbourne meeeting with RUM will be printed on fiji times tommorrow

a fiji times reporter was seen in the pic at melbourne

dont come back to fiji bro, you will be bashed up

Anonymous said...

Well most of the possible contestants for the elections have charges against them. Then they will be jailed. Then they can't stand for elections. Qarase, chaudhary, etc and now another junior chaudhary and others wont stand a chance with the courts We all now know that the judiciary is a big farce.

So aiyaz can confidently say that all can stand for elections after eliminations after charges are laid against possible candidates. WHAT A FARCE and on tv. What an embarrassment for the people of Fiji.

Annie said...

AT anon June 27, 12.07pm
what is the name of the reporter???

Annie said...

Can someone clarify if it waz Ilaitia Turagabeci Prasad from The Fiji Times who went to the Melbourne meeting. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Whether there was only one or only 50 people who turned up to listen to RUM and JB what we know is there are thousands and thousands of people here who are following what is being reported on this blogsite.We are all anti-regime. For those who are counting the numbers of those at the meeting,for your information they are representing the 99+% of the populace residing right here in Fiji...don't forget that. Wananavu!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What rubbish !!!

Where are the action oriented people ?

Guys here can only talk !!

Missy said...

Mara has the countrys best interest at heart...Khaiyum&bai are selfish people, greedy & they are going to get what coming to them..and they are gonna feel the full force of it hard !!

Noami said...

Exactly people are only talking here against the government whereas in reality no one would ever stand up for their rights!

Anonymous said...


enemy of the State, clarify your enemies please!
who is the enemy prior to Dec 06.

you or me? did you cast a vote in 2006? why did you kill the ballot boxes.

yeah, you hated the enemy... it's yourself. look at the mirror before you reply to this point buddy...

Anonymous said...

To those who are so hung up with numbers in attendance in Melbourne, GET A LIFE. Pastor Jone Tui died in Canberra 2 weeks ago at the Democracy Movement session. He was a man that will be remembered in history that he died for Fiji's freedom. SMELL THE CAPUCCINO people. This journey is not for observers who talk from a distance. Rather, it's for those who walk the walk and talk the talk. Get off your 'rusty dusty' Fiji Freedom costs.

Anonymous said...

The Reporter at the event was none other than Fiji Times Reporter Ifereimi Nadore. He has nothing to worry about returning back to Fiji. Google him and you'll find most of his articles were pro-millitary government.

Anonymous said...

I urge people not to look at who is leading this pro-democracy drive. Their past should not blind us to the noble cause we all want to see materialise in Fiji. If we really want to see change come to our shores, then this can be it.

Every revolution starts with someone who wants to bring about change. Then a few others join him, and soon there's hundreds and even thousands snowballing their cause to fruition.

I say to you all, don't lose hope if only a few turn up, and press on regardless! Better 15 committed and active members than 3000 indifferent "supporters".

Kai Malevani

Anonymous said...

somebody know wea sahu khan is?

Anonymous said...

Mara will be a forgotten juke box in the next month. Interesting indeed....Could someone make a movie pls.......and after all the talk, where's your wife rokolui???You cowardly enough to leave her behind!!!!