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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mara: MSG should suspend Fiji because it breaches human rights

MSG MATES: Fiji and Vanuatu.
The former commander of Fiji's 3FIR, Roko Ului Mara, is calling for the Melanesian Spearhead Group to suspend Fiji.

Mara says Fiji breaches Article 6, Section 2, in particular of the agreement, which advocates that “Respect for Human Rights, democratic principles and the rule of law shall underpin the domestic and international policies of all parties and constitute the essential elements of the contractual nature of the relations between the parties to the Agreement."  He says the illegal, oppressive and tyrannical regime of Bainimarama is undemocratic, has no respect for human rights and has banished the rule of law in Fiji.

In a statement a short time ago, Mara says the Fiji Court of Appeal ruled in 2009 the military coup in 2006 which removed the legally elected SDL Government from office at gunpoint, is illegal, the regime set up by Bainimarama is illegal and all acts by it are also illegal.

"The Bainimarama regime is undemocratic since it is illegal, since it was not elected by the people, since laws are not decided on by a Parliament elected by the people but through Public Decrees at the whim and fancy of the despot and his puppet master, illegal Attorney-General Aiyaz Khaiyum.

"The Bill of Rights, protecting and guaranteeing the fundamental rights and freedoms of every citizen of Fiji, human rights, became null and void when the tyrant under the instructions of Khaiyum, illegally abrogated the country’s 1997 Constitution which contained the Bill of Rights. Human rights are denied the people of Fiji.

"Democratic principles have been trampled in Fiji. The democratic principle of Parliamentary Government was abolished since December 2006. There is no elected Government in Fiji but an oppressive and repressive junta.

"Laws are created by Bainimarama and his ruling junta and not by an elected Parliament. They are promulgated by Legal Decrees, all meant to increase the power of the corrupt junta, to enable them to raid the public treasury, the FNPF and ignore democratic principles. There is no consultation with the people.

The rule of law is what Bainimarama and Khaiyum say it is by command or by Legal Decree. The Public Emergency Regulations, now in force for over 2 years, subjugate and remove the fundamental rights of all citizens. Citizens, including women, who dissent are forcefully arrested without due process or warrant.

"They are taken to Military HQ where they are beaten, stomped on, tortured or treated inhumanely. At least two men were beaten so badly, they died. Freedom of Expression, including Freedom of the Press is denied. 

"The oppressive junta promulgated a Media Decree under which the mass communication media is censored. All news items and similar reports have to be viewed and edited by the regime before they can be broadcast or printed. Freedom of Assembly, and other Freedoms, are denied citizens."

Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and the FLNKS, are also being urged to wake up to Fiji's  infringements of the Agreement it has with the Melanesian countries.

"Fiji’s governance is oppressive, repressive and tyrannical, are alien to Melanesian cultures, traditions and values, and clearly in breach of this Preamble. There is no good governance in Fiji, only evil, oppressive and repressive governance buttressed with unlawful arrests, beatings, torture, inhuman treatment of citizens and corruption.

"The illegal and tyrannical junta of Bainimarama has clearly, unequivocally, unambiguously and undeniably breached, infringed and dishonoured Article 6, Section 2, and the Preamble and other provisions of the MSG Agreement, as as such, Fiji should be suspended from the MSG post haste until free, fair and transparent democratic elections are held and human rights, democratic principles and the rule of law restored.

"To ignore what has and is taking place, to allow it to continue without sanction and to permit Fiji to retain its membership of the MSG, would be in breach of the spirit and rules of the MSG Agreement and would be tantamount to condoning, aiding, abetting and supporting the illegal regime in Fiji and its unlawful and brutal acts."


Anonymous said...

Vinaka Roko Ului. God Bless you and our Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Wananavu qori Mara! Keep it coming, we need to get these MSG leaders to wake up to the fact that they're dealing with a regime who do not represent the people of Fiji. If they want to be true friends to the people of Fiji they need to help us get out from under this oppressive dictatorship!! And the sooner the better before they empty the bank which might already be too late!!

Anonymous said...

POWERFUL!!! Vinaka RUM. Keep up the great work!

Mafi ...USA said...

Well said...Thanks RUM..Thumbs up For Democracy...

Democracy? Not with you Mara said...

Oh, give it up, you boring overprivileged idiot. What tamani sized cheek to go on about human rights when you were one of the chief abusers?

So you've apologised. Big deal. Everyone apologises in Fiji and goes straight back to doing what they've apologised for.

You're not a democrat but a chief who wants to bring back the GCC and all the privileges of your inbred kai vata.

You learned from your mother how to treat ordinary i'taukei. Keep them in the dark and feed them BS. Stay in Tonga with your relatives and let the rest of us get on with building a real democracy, not one for the flash Tevitas of this world.

Anonymous said...

Only problem, havent the MSG already agreed to the Junta's roadmap.
So we have a long road to travel, at least till next year when dialogue is supposed to start on a new constitution.

Its a strage thing, living under the PER.
There are many things the Junta has delivered, but slowly but surely the PER becomes an elephant growing in the living room.
It gets bigger by the day, irksome, it just won't leave the room.
You just want scream,
...a crossed transaction I suppose, between the PARENT and the ADULT
That Elephant is just stomping on all that good in amongst all the shit. I tell you that Elephant can shit, the whole house stinks, in fact the whole country stinks with its shit, but those riding on top of the Elephant can't smell it.

Anonymous said...

RUM, you can only talk.. we in Fiji are suffering under this illegal regime.


Anonymous said...

Mark my Word: Rokolui Mara is Ratu Kamisese Mara in making!! Just wait and watch! March on Ratu, regardless

Anonymous said...

Any one condoning this illegal regime must not have any sense of justice, empathy and humanity. Freedom is for every one. To be surrounded by fear and intimidation is a living hell.

Anonymous said...

Pls see great article in today's Fiji Sun from fijian citizen in NZ on a similar issue.

Hope C4.5 can upload it here.

Savusavu said...

Amsolutely correct Mara.

This illegal Govt has imprisoned the Fijians physically, psychologically, economically, culturally and spiritually.

It is physically torturing and killing men, women and children,

-traumatised those called to
military camp and their families, for interrogation and torture,

-suppressed the Methodist Church and religious gatherings in general,

-has been dismantling Fijian cultural construct by changing our traditional identity and institutions by brute force and decrees (eg GCC and community names)

-ruining our economy and piling up debts to imprison generations to come .

These are inhuman, non-Pacific and absolutely non-Melanesian, and non-Polynesian.

We call on the Solomon Is, PNG and Vanuatu leaders to demand the illegal regime to give way to democracy, Voreqe to step down immediately and expell Fiji from Melenesian Spear Head Group.

The Samoan PM, NZ PM and Aussie political leaders are doing much better that you Melanesian leaders in putting pressure on the pig in Fiji.

The Fiji dictator does not understand negotiation and diplomacy....the concepts are foreign to him.

The Melenesian leaders should support Mara and democracy advocates for Fiji to bring down Fiji's dictator and return democracy to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

An Act of Treason

Then Joshua said to Achan, "Why have you brought trouble on us? The LORD will now bring trouble on you." And all the Israelites stoned Achan and his family and burned their bodies.
Joshua 7:25

Achan stood open-mouthed with the other Israelites and watched God crush the fortified city of Jericho. He heard God say, "Don't take anything for yourselves or the entire nation will suffer." But he chose to act on his desires rather than God's directions. He thought the robe he took was too beautiful to burn. And the gold and silver he hid? Surely God wouldn't miss a few bars. Wrong! Achan did the missing.

Achan missed the significance of God's command. God did not issue a list of invasion suggestions and directions. The orders were to be carried out without hesitation or alteration. God was shaping a people who would obey his Word.

Achan also missed the reason for God's command. Because his perspective was self-centered, he couldn't see what was at stake. God was building a nation of people who understood that private actions lead to public consequences. Achan believed in the modern saying, "As long as no one else is hurt or sees what I'm doing, I can do it." But his actions led to suffering and humiliation for the nation and death for his own family.

We don't always know how our actions will affect other people. But if we assume that our actions won't affect others at all, we will be making a terrible mistake. We have taken the idea of personal decisions and privacy to the place where we idolize these perceived rights.

But is anything "just our business"? How many of your plans and actions today would be changed if someone was right beside you every moment?

Remember, others are always involved! God doesn't miss anything. Our desires

Anonymous said...

The Bainimarama government is Illegal.
Majority of the people have had enough of this government.
Anyone making any peaceful Demonstration is quickly hauled up to the Army camp and tortured.
The Army is now supporting Bainimarama
The Police Comisioner supports Bainimarama and carries out its illegal activities ( eg detaining Officer Brown and also dragging an old lady to the Police Station because she said something against Bainimarama.)
The dictator and his rats are lining their pockets with the Fijian people's money.
This must be stopped NOW!

It is time to do a definitive takeover.

Ratu Mara and JB, you two must arrange the arrest of Bainimarama and his bodyguards.
Arrange for the Australian and NZ military to help you achieve this.

We cannot allow this evil man and his master Aiyaz to continue any longer . We must deal with them now. No more time for Dialogue or Peaceful protest.

Offer them to surrender and hand themselves in. If they don't do it, we take them out!.

-Valataka na Dina.

Kinoya Kid said...

kinoya kid says.
Ramu or Lamu...only time will tell

Keep The Faith said...


Anonymous said...

A lot of hot air with no results ,,,watch it.
No new infor here,,,,MSG already know this but they still allowed Frank to Chair and even went to Fiji meet in 2010. Natapei of Vanuatu who opposed Frank is now PM again and says they need to change MSG Agreement to accomodate Franks Fiji. He wants reconciliation. RUM's strategy is all wrong,,,,,these MSG guys will not touch him ,,,Solomons already announced RUM not welcome there!
Wake up guys they already accomodated frank and will not do anything.
Thats the Melanesian wantok way ie dont rock the boat even if a passenger is rotten. Note also these MSG leaders corrupt and unethical so what do you expect?
RUMs strategies all wrong,,,,,too bad!! His advisers are dumb! Too late now cause he already showed his hand. He will eventually end uo like a voice in wilderness like Timoci Bavadra, Chaudry, Qarase, JB and others who have drifted off into insignificance.,,,,,,,unless there is a strategy change....what's the ultimate objective of this anyway,,,realistically speaking?

Varani, said...

Stage one was a classic case of a country being hijacked by a combination of force and ego.
Regime is now entering the really dangerous stage two part - "self presevation" - can anyone guarantee they won't fire on their own people as other despots elsewhere have done?

Anonymous said...

bahut bahut dhanyvad RUM keep on pressing we not too far to finish the taliban and the voaka.

Anonymous said...

MSG stop the natak and be serious ppl in fiji are suffering.

Anonymous said...

vinaka ratu never look back till the goal is reached.
thumbs up

Anonymous said...

@Dina. Amen.

Anonymous said...


Fiji RUM said...

Has anyone else noticed how no one defends the regime any more. The only voices speaking against democracy are just attacking Ratu Mara.

That must be a sign the true believers know they have lost the argument and their only hope of survival is to destroy Ratu Mara's credibility.

the people are behind you RUM

Thumbs Up!

Anonymous said...

The Church and the Vanua want to see the reality of what's in Mara's heart. Is he really serious? I have my team that can end this regime anytime. We need endorsement from the people. It's called the A Team. Say Yes to the A Team.

Anonymous said...

Do not be easily moved - PM
Publish date/time: 23/06/2011 [17:12]

Print this page
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Share The Prime Minister and Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has advised members of the Third Fiji Infantry Regiment (3FIR) not to be easily moved.

Commodore Bainimarama reminded his men to focus on unity and togetherness which will help build a better Fiji while officiating at the Infantry Day celebrations in Labasa this morning.

The Commander also reminded his men to keep in mind his intent and to always remember his directives in every task that they carry out whether big or small in nature.

Commodore Bainimarama also urged his men to take advantage of the opportunity from the United Nations to increase the number of RFMF peace keepers in Iraq.

The Prime Minister highlighted the progress and development in rural areas that Government was trying to ensure the equal distribution of resources, something that was normally only confined to urban areas in the past.

Commodore Bainimarama also presented medals for meritorious service awards to 10 men of the Sukanaivalu Barracks.

Anonymous said...

Jale says;


I remember Aiyaz Khaiyum the illegal AG bringing them to Fiji to milk poor people's tax money and disappeared.







Anonymous said...

When Fiji Finaly gets rid of these Terrorists Fiji should pull out of the MSG altogether.

Anonymous said...

The differences between the democracy movements that have emerged in the Middle East and Fiji is the simple fact that the 'feet on the ground' made their presence and intentions known. No amount of virtual protest will bring Bainimarama down, the people in the villages and rural settlements know no better than the propaganda of 'development and progress' that has been fed to them by this illegal government.

Furthermore, Roko Ului is not Ratu Mara in the making. They were of a different time and the young man still has a lot to answer for.

If we want change than Fiji has to come first, the Fiji that was once "the way the world should be".

Anonymous said...

international snactions is the way forwad to bring the junta to its knees and nothin else

Kinoya Kid said...

kinoya kid says,
Ramu or Lamu,first of all before you talk of democracy...you should face the consequences of your action first....the ill-treatments you did to the members of the community in Fiji and those who are abroad...the human right abuses you ordered for your men to carry out...don't point fingers at others...try to be a real man like Driti is doing also JB has already paid for his actions...Try to be ashame of yourself and speak the truth if you are a real chief of Lau...a real chief does not run away from his surbodinates...shame on you ....I only hope You read this and understand

Suliasi Daunitutu said...


In the next few days the most devastating video about Frank Bainimarama’s coup and the people around it will be revealed. The video production is made the same way the original ones were produced, right here at home.

Roko Ului has decided that the best way to expose the lies and how we have ended up where we are today, is to start from the beginning and work our way forward to 2006.

The videos will be sent around the world, NZ, Australia, USA and all those who will want copies. You are encouraged to duplicate and then send to relatives in Fiji, in the urban and rural areas, islands and to the four corners of Fiji.

This will be what all of Fiji wanted to hear from Roko Ului, this is the answer to all your questions and this is the truth behind the whole smoke and mirror that Fijians had been hoodwinked with for the past 4 and half years.

Get ready, and make sure to do your bit to duplicate and distribute.

Rokotavale mai Rewa said...

Vinaka Ratu, now you have to live up to your promise, kua ni baci katakata vaka kuro kava, then we wonder where the hell you've gone to. Caka sara me raici, we'd be happy to see you take on the Fiji Army, lead from the front, be like the Israelis, surely you know that from your service in the middle east.
We want you to lead the people, right in the middle of Suva, only then can we be sure your intentions are noble and not as someone who sends others to do the fighting and dying while he relaxes at home seeping coffee and discussing on the next maneuver tactics. Sa dri yani!

SEMI MEO said...

As we said earlier..the repacking of the Mara brand has reached cyclonic proportion…the shift the Co Prime Ministers will not and cannot handle..

Image that depth of influence and benevolence banked away during the late President/PM reign.
To name a few, the Jesuist Order, The hard line Catholicism, the Illuminati and his brethren of the Grand Lodge, and those olf friend of the late Tui Nayau.

It is not uncommon, in the streets of western cities to meet a grey hair, walking stick/wheel chair bond “kaivalagi”..fluent in Baua and abreast with Fiji contemporary era…former executives, former Civil Servants, former Priest/Talatala…etc..etc..

They may just show favor towards the young chief and may bequeath a bit of something to assist restore to sanity their former Islands of love, tranquility and sweet memories..

Today’s sun sets…Tomorrow is another day!!

Anonymous said...

Rajesh please stop writing things about me as anon 6.08pm - why dont you tell that you work for this dodgy business man Sahil Shah, why didnt you name him, which idiot would pay $500K to milk tester John - its not my hotel that is in receivership in fiji but this alleged businessman - nothing to do with this article but printed because you associate me with John -4.5 needs to show balance rather than printing false irrelevant material.Rajesh - please stick to facts

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Galt and Dina for the few sensable comments . . .the ten point plan would work if we lived in the proverbial "ideal world" which obviously does not exist at the moment.The only chance of a non violent return to democracy is for Bainy and Aiyes to volunteer to hand over all their illgotten fortunes and walk into prison.... wakey, wakey from your dream.
Keep in mind that it is most unlikely that either of the two criminals will ever surrender as they have brainwashed themselves into believing all there own propaganda, and they believe that they can actually get away with it.

So here is a 2 POINT PLAN....

STEP 1- Stop all the speculation and unhelpful hints at "its time".
(C4.5 to be more careful about what is published...keep them guessing)
STEP 2- Leave it to the Loyal and Brave people planning to take them out.
Sydney Tourist

Kinoya Kid said...

kinoya kid says,
Suliasi okoya qori sa qai mai kuria na nomuni lasu...sa qai mai vesuka na nomuni qavoka me sa qai levu ga nomuni lasu mo ni sega ni raica tiko kina na veivakalaboci e cakava tiko qori mo ni sega ni raica rawa kina na nona tamata lawaki ca
sa mai vaqara bula tiko qori. sa mai veidusi tiko qori me vaqara bula...na dau veivakalolomataki qori....na levu ni lasu oni vakadewataka tiko , o ni sa sega tiko kina ni raica rawa kina na lawakica e tiko vei RAMU...qori e vakayagataki kemuni tikoga me rawa kina na lomana lawaki ca qori...ena qai tukuna ga o gauna....na kena leqa tiko qori ni o ni sa raici Bainimarama tikoga....
O PM e sega sara ni via kauwaitaka na ka o ni nanuma...he's worried about the development of the people of this Nation and not that Ramu you are treasuring thea....sa lasu o Ramu o ni qai laki kaburaka sara na lasu....e na qai tukuna ga o gauna....
sa na rawa ga na lomana ena qai raica na vanua ena qai talabiutaki kemuni kina

Anonymous said...

Sobo Daunituts ,,,what another video going to bring?
Franks carries on,,,,he doesnt care.....
that what i like about Arabs,,,,do or die in the streets,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

No idea what Meo is meowing about !!

Anonymous said...


Waitui said...

@Kinoya Kid, sa rauta ga ni kemu i yaloyalo raici mai na vakasama vakadewa taka na nomu i vola, kunei levu kina nomu yalo wai ka ni o sa KID voli ga.

Grow up boy,

You either are very immature not able to analyse what's happening in Fiji or you are a military personnel, regurgitating what you must and are paid to vomit out.

Please crawk back to your hammock and drowse off to slumber. Nobody bilieves you

Kinoya Kid said...

kinoya kid says,
Suli , o ni tovolea mo ni rai vakayalomatua, na ka ga edau vakayacora tu okoya ....na dau veivakalolomataki koya sa laki vei dusi tiko mai kina qori. ena maumau wale ...life must go on...na majority ni kai Lau era sa taleitaka tiko na toso sa caka tiko...na ka saraga e dau nona cakacakatu qori na dauveivakalolomataki ka vakayagataki keda me rawata kina na lomana...dua walega na kena vakaraitaki qo...e qiriti Naqali(PS Fisheries) o ka qori,Ului, me solia vua e tolu na laiseni ni qoli...qai tarogi koya mai o Naqali....se i vei na kena i vola...qai tukuna okoya me soli ga yani ka qai sega ni vakadonua, qai vosavosacataki koya o ka qori...qori e dua na turaga warolaki...sega ni sauma o koya...e vakaraitaka ga o koya ni na qai veisausaumi ga na kalou...qori nai sau ni nodra masu na tamata vakabauya na Kalou levu qo...
Na nona dau veivakalolomataki e sa sotava tiko qori...oni na sega vakadua ni na kunea na vakacegu o kemuni na vukei koya tiko qori...'mark my word'...baleta ni levu na tamata vakabauta na Kalou, lotu tiko vakayalo ka vakaidina vei Jisu, erau dau abuse taka o rau qori....mo ni na qarauna ga vakavinaka de na qai gole vei kemuni na nona cudru.....qo e sega ni veivakarerei... baleta au kilai koya vinaka qori....sa dri yani...GOD BLESS FIJI

SEMI MEO said...

@Anon June 24,2011 12:49AM...sobo, isa, oilei, …we're very very sorry , may be best we slow down…now…

Any great move, paradigm shift of a generation from the loathed era on to the hope of a better tomorrow is always by a called, chosen, preordained person..a leader.

In history, example in Biblical History, God always calls, appoints an individual…never a committee….of course, the individual then consolidates support from relatives and sundries of life.

Obviously, God is smart enough to hint that any living organism and entity with more than one head is a monster, a self destructing being….real or assumed.

Now, I may not be advocating that Ratu Ului is Fiji’s Noah or Moses, but the young chief’s globetrotting consequently gathers mass of support, obviously from those I mentioned in my previous posts and their respective decendants.

Hence, his late Ratu’s legacy goes before him, opens up shut diplomatic and possible financial support doors, and more important slowly desensitized the unbeliever to finally accept him, in spite his notorious past, as probably the best hope to close the circus in Fiji, and sent on permanent leave the two headed ring master.

Watch the Mara brand; remodeled, repacked and more importantly reignite the passion to resurrect the beloved Islands “ Ciri Koto ena dela ni wasa liwa” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62qoVKecgps.

…may be.. just may be the young Chief may pen the lyrics of his own dream for beloved Fiji during his journey to his own Calvary…

jemett said...

KINOYA KID...u must be a Military personnel... or hidding under the Juntas skirt ....huh.....unelected Goverment is OK with you? Ulukau. Ra caganam...kawa ca.

Kinoya Kid said...

kinoya kid says,
@ Waitui...I maybe a kid but am more mature than you are cause am aware of wat's happening around me here in my Fiji...either U want to believe my true views of Ului or not...tis your perogative...you may think that my
true views of Ului maybe childish...that's wat U think..many others will think otherwise...jest for your information..am a pure fijian, well educated well paid and can afford everything at my home for your info...and can covrs and write in both English and my mother tongue fluently
Dua walega na noqu i talanoa me baleta na nona dau veivakalolomataki o la qori...e qirti Naqali, ps fisheries, ke rawa ni solia mada mai vua e tolu na laiseni ni qoli qai taroga yani o Naqali...na kenai vola.... qai tukuna yani o koya me solia ga yani qai sega ni vakadonuya o PS qai vosavosa ca taki koya ena vosa ca lelevu...nona mai talanoa vei au...au tukuna ga vua me vosoti koya ka meda vei vuke masu ga..laiva ga vua na Kalou me qai vei sausaumi...na veivakalolomataki se Human Rights abuse koya e lagataka tiko mai qori o Ului...na ka saraga erau dau vakayacora tiko kei Driti...ena nodrau dau vakalolomataka tiko na i bulibuli talei ni kalou...qori sa qai veisausaumi ko koya e nona na lewa...mo ni qarauna ga oi kemuni na tokoni koya tiko mai de na qai lako vei kemuni na nona cudru waqawaqa na Kalou caka mana qo...Qo e sega ni vei vakarerei...'sega ni dua na ka sa caka me sega ni cakava ko koya'...kevaka sa nona i tuvatuva okoya veirau o Ului kei Driti ena vuku ni nodrau i valavala...so be it, we will all come to face the consequences of our actions one day and the day for them is now...One Day Mafatu...GOD BLESS FIJI

Anonymous said...

@SEMI MEO. 8:42 AM. Ratu Mara Junior, the BEST thing in Fiji since Ratu Mar Senior. 100% agreed Semi Meo. Well thought out and put!

Kinoya Kid said...

kinoya kid says,
Well constructed @ Meo ...he must trace back the lyrics of Ciri koto..better go slow with the events of tomorrow before his actions will catch up with ....God Bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

Most countries have Human Rights Issues which can be bettered and Fiji is no exception. As long as we are accepted and pursued by the UN we have no case to answer.
The military of Fiji is ready again to answer the call of the UN and serve with pride.

Waitui said...

@ Kinoya Kid.

Nobody disputes the baggages Ului and Driti are carrying. Nobody accepts what they did as acceptable.

Of the two at least Ului has apologised and is willing to submit himself to the appropriate court for trial, post dictatorship.

What most of us are concerned about is that right now, at this point in time, toppling the dictator is of a higher priority.

Vore is just now the devil incarnate whose removal is top priority to provide the environment for other normal things needing attention get the attention.

If your target Ului and Driti can help, and we all agree they are vitally important in supplying us with "ammunition" against the dictator, it is only logical and practical that we work with them for fight to achieve our objectives.

Some accused of murder have in the past been granted immunity from prosecution if they become valuable collaborators with prosecution.

You will remember how the western democracies allied with Russia during the second world war to defeat Nazism. The number 1 capitalist in bed with number 1communist....sinful during normal times.

What is important is the large picture, we cannot afford at this stage to lose sight of the objectives and get diverted by navel gazing, short sighted thinking.

Mara and Ului at this stage are our comrade in arms against Vore. So we have no choice but to accept working with them.

Anonymous said...

@3:56 PM. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Kinoya Kid said...

kinoya kid says,
jemett....U are a looser..a coward and a good for nothing...
I want U to read this to enhunce U of wat's happening nowdays...
get out from your comfort zone and see the reality we are facing now

Kinoya Kid said...

kinoya kid says,
@ Waitui....try to wake up and see the reality of wats happening around you....they are there to use U and discard U once they get wat they strive for is for their own benefit....
God Bless

Kinoya Kid said...

kinoya kid says,
@ Waitui....try to wake up and see the reality of wats happening around you....they are there to use U and discard U once they get wat they strive for is for their own benefit....
God Bless

jonati lesu said...

@ kinoya kid, yes we all know that RUM was so involved with the present miltary regime, he has admitted that, what we are happy about now is his facts about the running of the govt, kei na veivakalolomataki ka vakayacora tiko o Bainimarama kei Kaiyum me vinaka ga kina na wekadrau. KIla let us put that aside and try to bring fiji back to DEM.why dont you say your real name, at least RUM is not scared to speak out... o iko o lamu tiko..ke ka lako mai o iko mo mai vakaraitaka na ka o kila tu qori..

Anonymous said...

I'm not impressed with all comments in here. its great to feel what is inside of each person who express their thoughts and ideas in this blog. I am sure the Bible will always be true when it said everything has a reason and a season.We are going through a process only God knows. My paramount concern is to see that we dont run out of sugar at home, mum and dad to be happy looking at all their children have a decent work. And tourist keeps on coming to Fiji. By the way we need to pay our water bill. If the present govenment has abrogated the Fiji Constitution Im sure you can also get rid of all pending water bills in the villages. There is no jobs, no money and how can we pay water bill....

Anonymous said...

Bainiqo, mo kila vinaka tiko ni se mositi ira tuga na veiliutaki ena Lotu Wesele e viti na ka o cakava tu o iko ena vuku ni lotu. o sa mai tarova na bose levu...o iko na tamata sega ni vakabauta o qai mai via siova mo vakalatilati ena lotu wesele...o sa kauta sara na nomu kaukauwa mo coqa na lotu, IA mo qarauna na nomu vakatagica na yalodra na i talatala ena qai tini dole kina na nomu bula kei na nomu veiliutaki. Repent before its too late...may be satan is using you to be the head of 666...BEWARE Bainiqo.

Jemett said...

Kinoya Kid - kauta ga nomu i vakamacala i na vale ni da mai nomu Yasayasa....RUM...he has admitted what he has done and he will stand up to answer to his people of His action in 2006. WE WANT DEMOCRACY IN FIJI....HUMAN RIGHTS....KEIMAMI SEGA NI VIA RERE TIKO NA VOSA....u go jump in the treatment plant...hehehehe

Viti Ni Mataka said...

sa dua na ka na nomuni vinakata tiko me veisautaki na PM.........Sa Dua Na Ka. we as far we the Lauans are concerned, No More Ului, we are 100% behind this government. This is the opnly covernment that has really shown its ampathy for us, not the ratu mara or Qarase Governments.

Ratu Voreqe made an official visit to Lau and was treated like a Saviour, and Chief. He was able to change some of the misdeeds of the past, like the reversion of ownership of the the Bukatanoa reef to the rightful owner, the pines in Lakeba to the rightful Mataqali.

We are glad at least he has done so much for the country and we would not like anyone to detract the government from the development and progress we are hesading to.

Please Ului, Jone and Suli enough is enough....dont take us back.

Leave us alone, we are the true sons and daugghters of Fiji.

May God Bless fiji.

Kinoya Kid said...

kinoya kid says,
Jemett...wat ever U and Ului are crying for is wait for 2014...try to see to the realty of things that are happening...tis no use crying over spilt milk...that won't bring back anything...
try to move with time the people of Fiji are happy with wat's the Govt. of the day is doing....wat U and Ului have done for Fiji....nothing...jest a pair of hooligans good for nothing ulu ni da that U've got...
We the people living in fiji
are happy with wat we've achieved thru hard work and sacrifice we are able to achive wqat we have...
Long Live Bainimarama and his Govt....God Bless Fiji