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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mara waiting for NZ travel visa decision

Roko Ului Mara has formally applied for a visa to enter New Zealand to meet with the Fiji community and government officials.

He says he wants to share top secrets about the regime and campaign for an early return to democracy for Fiji.

Mrara also plans to travel to Australia to speak at a forum in Queanbeyan near Canberra on Saturday. It's believed he'll travel first to Australia and then New Zealand, next week.

He has been granted a Tongan passport but there are no guarantees it will make it easier for him to get into New Zealand.

Mara fled to Nukualofa last month after being charged with sedition by the regime along with Pita Driti.

New Zealand's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has already had some communication with him.

"My understanding is that he's going to seek at least a temporary exemption from the sanctions. He is of course on the list of persons banned from New Zealand," said Foreign Minister Murray McCully.

McCully says officials had been expecting Mara to apply but the former Commander had lodged the application just a day ago and there was no way it would be approved at such short notice.

COMING UP: Bainimarama sanctioned the supply of arms to the 2000 coup plotters!


  1. Haere mai...Kia ora Welcome to Aotearoa Ului.

    Thank you democratic New Zealand.

    Thumbs Up Fiji

  2. @ Roko Ului; if this is God's Will then go in Peace my bother. Don't be afraid, God will despatch Saint Michael the Archangel to be with you and fear no Evil. God bless and Protect you.

  3. Godspeed and know that you have the larger majority of Fiji citizens supporting you. All the best Roko Ului. Thumbs up for democracy in Fiji.

  4. Ului on whose mandate are you thinking to use when you make that travel - is it the people of Fiji or your family?

  5. Tempers are flaring on this blogsite. It's a good thing words aren't bullets or many of us would be dead. Better to direct our energies at the source of our frustration.

    How anyone at this juncture could still support this regime is beyond all imagination. I still suspect that it is YOU, Meli, writing in to defend your dad. Only YOU could afford the lobster you referred to in an earlier comment on "how good things are here in Fiji." And as for your comment about "good water" in Suva, we all know your family only drinks and bathes in bottled Fiji Water.

    As for the insanity of the situation, let's just take a look at the facts.

    What was (supposed) to be a rescue mission from corruption has turned out to be a marathon military dictatorship that redefines the word "corruption" and adds to it, a stranglehold on all civil liberties and rights. Of course this is what ALL military dictatorships do by definition.

    Lie after lie after lie on when we can hold elections. 5 1/2 years of strangling all public dissention.

    All consitutional laws thrown out the window and self-serving bogus laws and decrees whipped up overnight to replace them. The latest on salary disclosure was rewritten in a matter of hours by the AG (or was it you Christopher Pryde)? The public demands accountability and the regime just rewrites the law to suit and cover up their crimes AND reminds us that we HAVE NO RIGHTS. The AG just demands it and, voila, overnight, that's the new law of the land. No procedures to follow for him!

    And what is our "seat of power" doing with their time these days? Serving the public? Hardly. They are running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to retaliate against anyone who has stood up against them. I wonder how much of the taxpayer's money they have spent just in their vendetta against Mara and the two Lauans.

    But, no matter. It's OUR money they're spending. Oops, sorry, that's right. It's OUR money that is sitting in offshore accounts with their names on it. The money being spent in Fiji is probably all infused international loans (such as from China). Now wonder roads repairs reflect such inflated numbers. Moving the money around to cover up the outright theft. And how would we know differently? We are not entitled to ask. That's okay. We're not as dumb as you would like us to be either. There is ALWAYS a paper trail - even when you try to obliterate it. Disposing of the evidence is the BEST evidence of a coverup and crime. John Galt

  6. Thumbs down for Voreqe

  7. NZ please dont. Ului was the thug who was bashing everyone. His the one who gave IGovt the bad name. Just visiting Fiji from NZ, big support for Frank in the villages. Only guji businessmen dont like Frank has they are not able to corrupt him and AG.


  8. Such a great news! I will now have a chance to make my dreams come true! Freedom is soon to come!

    God Bless you Roko Ului! My prayers are with you in this Journey and must remember your promise, You will never let us down! God Bless you! He forgets the past of anyone who repents and so here you go!

  9. Thumbs up for democracy!

    Roko Ului, we in Fiji are waiting for your signal.

    I can confirm all three confederacy are fully behind you. Just give us the signal for the "people of fiji" to show our retaliation, and we will get the regime down in no time.

    Day by day more troops are getting on the loyal side.

    The first one down will be the cunning meli-arse son of his.

  10. Please nz take the Tui and also take the failed politicians and failed lawyers who owns this site. And give them free speech. Like the bulshit they write in the site. Please nz, please

  11. Like Sands through the hour glass so are the days of our lives....this website could make a good soap opera on Roko Ului..no one cares...

    Never has so much been done for the Fijians than ever before..finally we see everyone receiving fair go and on a level playing ground....where as before it was only people of traditional privilege....Thumbs up for the common people

  12. Before Traveling he should read this article from the BBC written by Hitler. It is similar to the thesis written by ASK in respect of the Fijian Race no called Taukei. See the article here >> http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-13692755


  14. @ 8:22am

    Meli the little cockroach - my thoughts exactly.

  15. Welcome to NZ Tevita Mara. Thumbs Up, for the return of Democracy for our persecuted Fijian Brother and Sisters.
    Let Mara In to NZ to Speak against the current Evil Regime that are denying the Human Rights and Freedom of speech of the Fijian People. The right to Vote is fundamental to a Free and Just society. There is NO Freedom of Speech in Fiji and there is NO opportunity to Vote for Government and Leaders the Fijian People want.
    Media censorship, No Democratic elections have been inflicted by the Corrupt Intimidating Goons on the Fijian people, lets be good Pacific neighbours and help get rid of this evil curse on our beloved Fijian Brothers and sisters.

  16. Fijian confederaciesJune 9, 2011 at 9:49 AM

    Roko Ului

    Give the go-ahead signal when the time is right!

    You know who I am ratu!

    Fijian confederacies

  17. Never before in Fiji's modern history has so few been so hated by so many.

  18. Eo Ratu, the people of Naitasiri/Navosa are behind you and Rajesh!

    Rajesh knows this.

  19. To you, supporters of this Illegal Regime, Isn't it nice to visit and air your views together with us non-supporters, on this site and expressing your FREEDOM of Speech eh!!!!!!! My Advice, bring it on!!!!! At least on these blogs... everyone is welcome to speak out!! unlike the zipped up lamusona Fiji Media!! Shame! Shame! Shame!!!
    Thank you Blog Owners for keeping us informed!! We shall call you, The Intelligent Unit!! unlike The Non-Intelligent Unit of this Illegal Regime? Moce tu ga...sa yaco i Toga o RUM ha!ha!ha! Moce tiko vei Iko!!ha!ha!ha!Waraka! Namaka!!

  20. Ratu Ului Mara, in advance, welcome to Sydney Australia and welcome to our Capital, Canberra.

  21. @ Meliwadua 949a.m.
    or never has so little been achieved over such a long period, by so few, for so much money !

  22. Fijian confederacieJune 9, 2011 at 10:51 AM

    Ratu, please give the go-ahead, we will bombard the military barracks and get rid of the thugs!

  23. I prefer this gov't because we the poor are getting all the help, before the "newly" rich get priority (too much arse scratching. Some people & families have benefitted from the last gov't, the scholarships, FDB Loan writeoff, FHL shares, etc.

  24. @Anonymous 8:54
    Your mindless support of the regime has blinded you.You said "the common people ...are recieving a fair go"
    What about those 2 common men from Lakeba?
    For writing a letter, they ended up in jail. When did writing a letter become a crime?
    What about the common man from Kadavu who wanted to have a word with Bainimarama and was taken in and beaten up.
    What about the 2 common boys from Wailoku who got dragged up to the army camp and got beaten up for "talking". Yes that's right. Their crime was "talking" about joining a protest march.
    What about the common man who got bashed for making DVD's. No. it wasn't Pornographic DVD. No, just DVD on Democracy.
    The problem with you Anonymous 8:54 is you are like that proverbial toad who cannot tell the difference that he is being slowly boiled. You have no idea of what is right and what is wrong anymore.
    This Regime has abused human rights day after day after day and they continue to do it now.

    It is time for NZ and Australia to pull their finger out and do what is right and get rid of this Taliban they have in their backyard.

    Valataka na Dina.
    Thumbs Up for Democracy.

  25. All the very best Ratu Tevita. You have another chance to make a positive difference. There are many who are counting on you.

    Thumbs Up to Democracy.

  26. can someone tell him that most of us fijian community in nz would like to hear from him...mayb we could have a gathering etc.......and can someone clarify, i js got news its been granted.......coup 4.5 can u follow up?

  27. bainimarama is soo cute xx

  28. In a war, the best word is LOVE
    In a storm, the best word is PEACE
    In a debt, the best word is FORGOTTEN
    In a coup, the best word is FORGIVE
    In our case, the best word is PRAY


  29. Thumbs up, Ratu Mara and welcome to New Zealand. This is the time for coordinated action. The governments of NZ and OZ need to notch up their pressure: Freeze all accounts of regime collaborator, adjust travel warnings to reflect the increased risk of unrest and violence, increase pressure on the UN to sanction the regime and refuse RFMF peace keepers, initiate International Criminal Court proceedings against Aiyaz and his thugs. The next couple of weeks will determine the future of Fiji!

  30. @ Anon 11am. So true. Tevita all the way. But I just got back and was so impressed with what the IG have done. My family live in Nadorga corridor and they were saying water supply for starters is working well. Four laning of 6 miles bridge all good. Road to Natovi fully tarsealed. My niece works for a lawyer in nadi and she was saying that this govt is really good as crooks are charged. Rich Indian guji businessmen thought they were above law and Roko Ului got on the outer as people like Mac were his fathers friends etc. She also told me Hari Punja was stealing water and got fined $1m by WAF.

    I am now confused!

  31. Accusations against Ului may or may not be valid. We may have time to ponder over them some time but right now Ului is the most effective person against the dictator due to his knowledge of the dictator, recent personal involvement in the military inner sanctum, his recent leadership role in the military, personal knowledge of important senior and junior military personel involved in the coup and post-coup crimes.

    Ului therefore has very important roles to play in our fight to bring down and destroy the Vore dictatorship.

    We therefore should embrace and work with Ului now rather than listen to his detractors.

    Within the short time (about 1 month) Ului has had outside the military, he has done much more to shake up the military dictatorship to the bones than all previous international, regional and home grown opposition combined.

    Ului is a cyclone or tsunami against Vore. He has shaken Vore's confidence to the core as evidenced by his change in public appearance and statements or non-statements, in response to significant revelations by Ului.

    All anti-dictatorship forces should take up and add to the momentum, the waves and thunder Ului has created against Bainivore and help the struggle to topple the illegal junta.

    We should just ignore Ului's detractors. Their words are the fat lady's farts in the wind, disappearing into oblivion and nothingness in fleeting seconds.


  32. @ Anon 11:27am. What do you do when a child starts crying/angry?? you give it choclates/sweets, good things which makes them feel better and like you. Thats exactly what Baini and Company are doing, if you think they are doing good for the Country then y no Media freedom??? Y are people being kept in the dark??? when one thinks they are doing the right thing then y hide things? Fiji belongs to the people of Fiji, people who sweat their ass day in day out to feed their families, feed the government so can they do better for the people and the country not a few thugs who want to rule it the way they want to without us knowing what's happening to our hard earned money.

  33. Here is EVIDENCE, good people!

    Thanks C4.5 - I thought it was Mara we were waiting for to spill the beans... but you beat him to it!!

    Wananavu and please keep spilling.

  34. C4.5: see following - http://news.theage.com.au/breaking-news-world/fiji-fugitive-to-campaign-in-australia-20110609-1ftrl.html

  35. Immigration are stand alone depts in Aust and NZ and have their own procedures.
    Its dumb for Ului to apply at short notice.....dont think hell get visa.
    But lets hope he does; but what will he achieve in Aust n NZ?
    Nothing much.

  36. @11:27
    I think 11:53 may answer your confusing thoughts.Just hav a look back in the past years when something is about to happen, it is the people from the roots level who always respond first. The main reason is that every one is updated to anything that is happening around the country. Anyways with the limited media freedom, people are being blinded to what ever deeds are happening around like ugrading of roads and all sorts but not knowing the inside of it.
    However as a saying goes...one will reep wat he sows...


  37. Any reason to get back democracy is welcomed whether by previous coup makers and supporters for falling out of favours..or whatever.

    At least Ratu Ului will have enough ammunition to show from the inside...This will help achieve breaking down of behind the scene players and all..

    Will definately need waiver of character of anyone who have come to rtealisation...even if it is Frank.

    It is still not too late!

    Thumps Up!

  38. Roko Ului is still on the Wanted list-please lets not get carried away with his remarks, as some has asked who is here for Fiji or his Family.So far we have not heard him say he was sorry for the coup in 2006. Another smart alerk like Rabuka? "i belive in the cause but not the method"

  39. @ Anon 11:01am
    Can u speak for yourself. How can u say that most of us in NZ wants to meetup with him. Which group do you represent, be specific, because I for one do not want to meet him, some of his mataqali clansmans say the same thing, some Launs say "a cava e mai vala", I say "mai qaravi ka kumuni lavo ni yasana ko Lau", the Laun say "dei Tukuna".

  40. RE: Valataka na Dina, Re; Anon @ 8:54

    Sounds like my nemisis. Pay him no mind.


    Sounds like him too. Look for the coward that makes light of everything and just wants to jab a finger at everyone. Not consolidating. Conquering and dividing.

    Could that be you, Meli - or perhaps MM. John Galt

  41. In todays Fiji Live news, Pramesh Chand, the Permanent sec for PSC said that local firms will submit proposals for determining of the highres salaries... After viewing their proposals, they will decide the firm to handle the determination of higher salaries. Watch my word..I will not be surprised that they will give the offer to Nur Bano Ali's Firm.. I believe that the decision has already been made cos she is handling the Ministerial salaries already. This is just another decree issued by the illegal AG to hoodwink the ppl of Fiji.
    Too Bad Illegal AG...we are not stupid like your Illegal No School PM. We can read every steps you are taking and every lie that you speak...Your days are numbered....

    Go Roko Ului...Thumbs Up to Democracy.....

  42. Instead of coming to NZ, Ratu Uli should go to Fiji and ask his brother in law the President to sack this government.

  43. First 40 officers bought off.
    Then the Army
    Now the civil service.....
    ..one big cannibal feast
    economic cannibalism,
    suffer the little children

  44. NZ and Australia. I trust you. Let Mara in. I know you know just what is going on over here. Hear his words. If he can assist to save Fiji, use his knowledge (insider information). We need help desperately and I think you know very well how to get down to the truth.

    Mara has said he will return to Fiji to face his people for his part in the 2006 coup. This must be done. If he is truly contrite and realizes now what a horrific position he has put his country into - it's the least he can do. He saved his own skin and the rest of us are still here ducking and running for cover with a renegade regime that is totally out of control and making up laws on an hourly basis to secure their position and suffocate us, the populace.

    Also, I sincerely hope that the U.S. of A. is monitoring all and will contribute all that is necessary to restore DEMOCRACY to our beloved Fiji.

    Either you stand UP for something - or you'll lay down for anything. John Galt


  46. Rokolui better run, Fiji Army Black Ops teams already in Nukualofa waiting for orders..Dro mo bula tamata sega na kemu yaga.

  47. Roks, they're coming for you, hope the Tongans are willing to die for you...

  48. @11:27 AM. The CROOKS haven't been charged. Not Yet, But Soon. Very Very Soon. They're still out on the loose... But, sorry, no prizes for guessing WHO THEY ARE.

  49. Pote 10.57 and 11.02 !!! RUM already in Aussie. Tell your numskull soilders there to breaststroke back to Fiji!! hahaha BIG POTE!!!


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