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Sunday, June 12, 2011

McCully: Mara no poster boy but we'll let him into New Zealand

The New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully, says the former 3FIR commander, Roko Ului Mara, will be allowed into the country and is expected to arrive this week.

McCully told Television New Zealand's Q&A programme during a live interview a short time ago, the decision was made last night to approve Mara's application for an exemption to visit for two days.

He says the New Zealand decision was a little bit different from the Australian one, where Mara has been taken off the travel ban completely.

McCully says because of Mara's history with the regime and the military, he will remain on the travel ban list but will be granted an exemption to make a visit.

He also said Mara's application was in line with many others the New Zealand government received: "We are in the business of considering exemptions on a fairly regular basis. Not just people who have got out of the military, or  got out of the regime ... people who are coming through for humanitarian reasons or whatever, who happen to be on the list.

"So what we've tried to do is treat this in the same way as any other request. I have requests from ministers in the current regime to transit New Zealand because it's the on way they can to a regional meeting. We've tried to this properly and fairly."

Asked whether the decision was credible considering Mara's acknowledgement that he witnessed human rights abuses, McCully said that is why Mara has not been removed from the ban list.

"Which is a good reason for not giving him, immediately, pin up boy status overnight. So we've simply said 'let's take this carefully ... let's consider this on the same basis as any other request'. We got a request for an exemption last Thursday. We've turned it around. I spoke to the Immigration Minister who is my fellow decision maker on this matter last night and we've decided to grant the exemption".

Asked what New Zealand's motives were in granting Mara the exemption, McCully replied: "We'll, we're trying to do two things that are potentially in conflict. Yes, we are trying to encourage people to part company with the regime and to part company with the military and, uh, reward them when they do that.

"But we're also trying to de-escalate tension in the region at the moment. There are tensions there internally in Fiji, there are tensions between Fiji and Tonga. We actually need to play a careful hand here, we don't want to stoke fires that could potentially bring the region into conflict."

McCully agreed Mara had information New Zealand was interested in.

"Oh, we are. Look, the allegations that have been made are very serious and they come from someone  who is highly  credible in that sense. But we also need to hear the information in a proper  environment that's not a politically charged environment with the news media involved in the proceedings. It's a situation where the officials can sit down and weigh this stuff up."

Referring to a letter from Nik Naidu of the Fiji Democracy Coalition to McCully this week, Q&A reminded the Minister of the concerns raised about Mara heading the largest division in the Fiji military, and the wide belief he was directly responsible for tortures, sexual assault a number of deaths in custody, asking why would he let him in?

"Well, as I said he's given you (interviewer Guyon Espiner) plenty of reasons why we shouldn't give him immediate poster boy status but clearly he has some information to impart. We've made the decision the appropriate thing is for New Zealand to receive that information and to allow him to meet with the groups that he wants to meet with for a couple of days and for us to make a careful assessment."
Editor's Note: Coming up, Nik Naidu talks to C4.5 about the Fiji Coalition's decision to oppose Mara's visit.


Anonymous said...

welcome to nz roko ului..

we hope to bring an end to this by this friday.

Anonymous said...

roko ului,fijians in auckland are eagerly waiting for you.

Anonymous said...

Mr McCully has made the right decision for an exemption, rather than a full blown Visa.
Thank you.
Also Mr McCully, there is no tension between Fijians and the Tongans. The tension is by Aiyaz and his puppet Bainimarama and the Tongans. We suggest that next time the Tongans see the Fiji Navy boat they should sink it.
The Tongans looked after Ratu Mara and we are happy with them.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

see ya soon ROko Ului

Anonymous said...

You all jump on the Roko Ului circus in NZ. Dream on. You will accomplish nothing. You are just an outcast, lost soul, nothing but your Chiefly tittle, with no allegiance looking for your next meal.
Fiji has survived this far and will continue to thrive and proper without you and your sympathisers. You stood a better chance staying here and face your corruption charges.

Anonymous said...

How many of you so called supporters of democracy really have the guts to stand up and be counted? How many will go and listen to what Roko Ului has to say? Remember, the army in Fiji will have your photos.

johhny groggy said...

Anon 10:16

You sound very much like Bainimarama.no worries mate...dont worry...if RUM's words has an effect on you....it will if its the truth,otherwise relax and stay calm.

Thumbs up for democracy and the truth.

Thank you NZ and McCully for foresight.

Anonymous said...

You watch out for Roko Ului...He is the one who gave the orders for the abuse of those who got abused by the military....He is an escapee, so beware!!!!

Coup 4.5 said...

The call for people to identify themselves and speak publicly without fear has been put onto this forum as a legit subject of debate and should be treated as such. If the last sentence in your comment is meant to scare people, Annon 10.26am, then I hope bloggers see through it.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:26
There goes the Fiji Army again, threatening Fijians overseas.
What a bunch of numbskull bullies.
All the more reason why the Fiji Army should be dismantled.

Please Roko Ului,get NZ to lobby the UN to sack all Fijian soldiers from the UN.
As there is evidence here how the soldiers continuously threaten Fiji Citizens.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Anon 10:10am

The Fiji Government has been very tolerant with the rogue actions of Tongan Navy at the command of their King. The self interest of the Mara family and Royal Tongan household will have severe repercussions on both the people of Fiji and Tonga.
Thats 2 strikes breaching our sovereign waters. Stay off Minerva Reef.
I don't think the Tongan people will want a confrontation at sea or RFMF soldiers in Tongatapu.


Anonymous said...

@ 10.26 am
The Kean Navy went to Mirneva Reef and committed terrorist damage on Tongan installed Navigational Equipment.
When the Tongan Navy confronted them with their Navy…instead of standing their ground and fighting for what they say rightly belongs to Fiji…they literally ran away with tails tucked neatly between their legs and then later Arse makes this announcement:
“Fiji’s position is very simple. Any challenge to our economic zone will be dealt with through international law namely United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).”
Then why did they commit terrorist acts of damage in the first place??? Are you resorting to international law because you cannot convince the armed forces to follow you into war??? You now realize the importance of having the CONSENT of the people in order to govern legitimately??? Without the peoples CONSENT you lead in vain!!! Who will follow you into battle??? What a pathetic state of affairs!!! Is this why you resorting to the law of the sea. You come into this blog site as an anonymouse and threaten people with taking photographs in order to beat them up when they come to Fiji. You are a terrorist !!!

Anonymous said...

wat ever he's doing is jest to save his skin so that everybody to be sympathetic with him....NZ and Aus. can do everything they want with him and his sympathisers...nothing can change wat fiji is going thru now...life must go on without our so called big bro, Aus and NZ...that is of the past now...wat they were doing before is now being done by China ang is doing a far much better assistance from wat they have being doing...they've been lobbing for the UN to terminate fiji's service...but to no avail...instead the number increased double fold.....GOD BLESS FIJI

Anonymous said...

God Bless Fiji & all it's citizens !!

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama and his military bloggers are running scared. LOL. Oilei, it's so funny to see them for the cowards they really are. They keep telling us on this blog that Roko Ului is scared when we can tell by the way they're responding that they're soiling their pants, trying to know how we're going to bring them down. Don't worry Frankie and all you coup regime people, it's coming. It could be tomorrow, or it could be next year but as sure as you're all going to Naboro and then hell if you don't repent of your sins, the writing is already on the wall. You have been weighed on a scale and found wanting. I look forward with relish to that day when Frankie and his goons are in handcuffs being loaded onto a Police Bus, in the background on TV, joyous crowds, cheering and our new interim PM announces that forces loyal to freedom and democracy have overthrown the tyranny of Bainimarama and Khaiyum. It's coming and I can almost taste it. And you know what? You and I, will make it happen. No one else will lift a finger or risk their lives for our Fiji. It falls upon you and me. Whether the military goons on this blog believe me or not is of no consequence. It doesn't matter what they think really. Nothing they can think or do can stop what's coming. Prepare for your cold, lonely cells at Naboro Frankie & Khaiyum. You and all your military minders. GOD bless Fiji. Down with tyranny and Thumbs Up to Democracy & Freedom.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Saiarse, Bainiarse and your supporters for your comments.......may be you can try and travel to NZ now since RUM is given the ok and see what NZ will do.........Dream on...I don't think NZ will allow thugs in.

Thumbs up for democracy

Anonymous said...

If RUM had stayed in Fiji and been found guilty of sedition and spent time in prison he would have paved the way for himself as future political leader with credetials.

If he was found to be corrupt then that is another matter and a sentence he should never be able to crawl out from under.

But as it is now unfolding RUM is spreading the virus of corruption to the Demcocracy movement, and I might add to the states of Australia and New Zealand.
These two states are now tarred with the same brush as the United States, that fascict rogue nation with no morals and a contempt for human rights.

Congratulations to Australia and New Zealand you have finally proven with out a doubt and come out in full colours as the Sherrif and deputy Sherrif of the USA.

Pity us.

Mark my words RUM will come back as a all concoring hero to Fiji at some point in th future and we as a people will for evermore continue without hope in corruption, in a country of leaders without morals, ingtegerity or values of any kind.

A leopard doesnt change its spots, the kiwis and ozies will send him back clothed in white and garlanded as an emperor.

Satan in paradise,home of the immoral.

Semi Meo said...

@Anonymous 10:52
You dont have to go to Tongatapu.
The SAS will come and visit you in Delainabua.
Goodluck to you my brother!

Anonymous said...

They said he wouldn't make it into aust. but he did.
They said he won't come to NZ now he is.
They said he has no proper travel documents but he does now.
They said hed become another voice in the wilderness but his youtube page has had over 100,000 hits since coming online and counting by the day.
They reckon his chiefly blood has lost its aura but GCC affiliates/members have begun to take notice.
Cynics never thought hed make it this far already but he shows no sign of just stopping here.
Many thought he didn't have the conviction to take this fight up but he has. Time and again he continues to prove the cynics wrong. He believes he can do it I'm begining to think he could.
Wow maybe just maybe this guy could pull it off. He's got my support.
Thumbs up for democracy ... Yes We Can

Anonymous said...

@Anon-10.43- You do not know what you talking about why reverse the blame on RUM on the assulting of the female civilians in 2006- He was not responsible- He is not a coward like you as he had admitted the wrongs he has committed and I take my hat of him - has the courage to admit and that is a Man indeed- Thumbs up for democracy.....

Anonymous said...

@11:36 AM And they're saying he won't overthrow us. But He Will!

Anonymous said...

haka/cibiside by side.
hurray and praise god.
bai/ag you gone.time is coming on you and cronies to get the taste of your own hits.
god bless fiji thumbs up for democracy and no to coup.
bai/ag watch your back the body guards will shoot you soon.

Anonymous said...

@11:36 AM. Views To Date Number: The number of views of his videos (in total and to date) are:


Almost 200,000!

Anonymous said...

The Tongan SAS should go and grab Bainee and the Taliban by their necks and leave them on Minerva Reef at low tide. Then all of Fiji will be gratefull.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is good At rugby?

Anonymous said...

Its the best decision made by NZ.Pliz Nik Naidu and your members give him the chanches to share the reality about the military regime.So that we get the right information.

Jake said...

I suppose calling some nameless person an anal bandit is acceptable as oppose to using downright vulgarity.


Anonymous said...

@Semi Meo...First the SAS have to learn to land their helicopters properly to stand any chance. Your mates in Brisbane don't share your thoughts. Australia helped train Fiji soldiers too matey!!and we know how to defend our own turf.

We remain the first choice for any UN force over NZ and Australia. Urban warfare is our speaciality.
Fiji will not be intimidated by any foreign nation.

Stay out and don't interfere with whats happening here in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11:38
I only hope if you were only there to to taste his type of toture as some of my friends face and his abusive languages thrown towards them...we in fiji knows wat type of backbiting that RUM fellar is like...we only hope that he be thrown into a pool full of man eaters than thump up is full field...god bless fiji

Anonymous said...

McCully u will see National lose ground on its party vote. Remember last time we voted against Labour due to Helen and Phil's move against Fiji. When you came to pwer we hoped for better to which you agred to. You know full well what we In Auckland want for our country. By allowing RUM in, you will lose votes. I will now give my votes to Banksy and Act. By bye National.

Anonymous said...

All the best to the NZ crowd. I expect a similar turnout as Canberra. Numbers don't lie.

Aust and Nz govt will stoop so low is not surprising. They can sleep with the enemy if it suits them is not surprising. But will they be able to influence anything; no.

The fact that people realise that this is backed by SDL is keeping the indo fijians away. This is not the path to democracy but a disguise for self interest of a selected few.

Anonymous said...

In 2000 I went to Ghandi hall in akl to listen to MPC. Whatever one says abt mpc, he wasn't a coward so I am glad that I did go. Would I bother with RUM. No way cos he is a coward and is speaking from his chiefly high horse. Incidently been advised RUM aint liled in the army due to his attitude. Very much up himself.JVB on the other hand very much liked by all in army as a person. Very down to earth.

Thumbs Up for Democracy! said...

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

Godspeed RU!

To Nik Naidu (Richard Naidu's cousin) - this is your chance to meet with RU in person, ask all your hard questions to satisfy yourself about his genuineness to help pro-democracy fighters like yourself and the rest of us, regain our country back from these thugs and criminals in power. If you choose not to meet with him, consider that a lost opportunity and keep your mouth shut!

Cheers and lolomas from Fiji!

Semi Meo said...

@Anonymous 12:39
SAS don't have to land their helicopters.

Die well my brother!

Anonymous said...

If they allow him to new zealand this time..i guess he will be allowed to watch the world cup, that will really get Bai into a spin.

Anonymous said...

The Voreqe, Khaiyum cartel is running scared..LOL. As witnessed by the thousands of market shoppers in Suva yesterday. Army officers were doing Police work in trying to stop jay walkers. There they were in civvies with the LTA trying to educate us on the benefits of following road rules when Bainimarama & Khaiyum have broken every rule in the book up to now. To make it worse they start handing out posters of Bainimarama in election campaign style. Desperate se cava? Ha,ha,ha...two posters were thrust into my car My kids just said, a long drawn out eeeewwww, when they saw who's face it was on the poster as if they had been handed a plate of stinking poo. They asked me what to do with it. LOL. I stopped in front of the old Metropole Hotel and prompty shoved the poster of the Imposter head first in the garbage bin there. Even kids can't stand the sight of him. I don't blame them. Bloody terrorists. Go terrorise your own kids with your ugly mugs. Desperados.

Anonymous said...

Can u tell me how many u watched the u-tube video. It does not mean 200k different people but a handful of people watrching it over and over again

Volau said...

McCully made it quite clear that one of the two reasons he allows Ului into NZ is to put out a carrot, to entice other military personnel to desert the military..suggesting you are likely to be given by NZ favourable consideration to visit NZ.

Am sure that if you have a useful skill needed by NZ you may even be given same consideration as those "normal" people applying for permanent residence in NZ.

To you skilled and talented rugby players in the military, senior military personnel this may be your chance to enhance your family's future in God's Zone called NZ. Desert the military. GO ON!!!!!! when McCully's words still ring in our ears.

Anonymous said...

@1:02 PM. Precisely Semi Meo! You nailed him/them. Hehe.

TEBWEBWE said...

The system that now governs the country is the best there is compared to previous governments, even though these systems of governance could have been undertaken by the SVT,FLP and SDL while they were in power. It took a man of power like Bai to put an end to govt or to successive political leaders that were so blinded by racist policies and corruption and bring together a system that was always there in theory but never implemented. FB deserves credit for bringing down racism and prommoting rural development, education for all and reducing poverty to a neglible level. The voting public should elect reps that genuinely stand for these issues or along these lines come 2014.

Tim said...

We talking about an entire COUNTRY and its SOVEREIGNTY here, versus "personalities". Whilest Mara might have been complicit, he has things to contribute and information to be gleened. Opposing him is a megalomaniac that has hijacked FIJI and its sovereignty (the rights for its occupants towards self-determination) that NEEDS to try and control that information.
Hear the guy out! I'd love to hear what Frank's excuses were!

Tomaniivi said...

At Thumbs Up for democracy, agree that this is excellent opportunity for Naidu and his friends to meet Ului and Ului's supporters so that they can all agree on how to go about returning our country to democracy.

Sounds like Naiduis also fighting for democraCY and what other opportunity tocombine forces with those with similar objectives to achieve the target.


Anonymous said...

1.25pm. Well said and on the point. SCC working on Sunday in group to keep Suva. Groged up SDL council would never see this happen. Fiji abt to explode with economic growth too. Look what Farm r us is doing in Tavua. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka New Zealand!

Take Fiji's hand and lead us back to democracy!

Thumbs Up McCully
Thumbs Up Roko Ului
Thumbs Up for DEMOCRACY

Anonymous said...

@1:15 PM. Must hurt to know that... 200,000 views. Population of Fiji including Fiji citizens abroad, around 1 million.

That's 20% of the total Fiji population.

Quite remarkable for such a small place!

Tui Viti said...

@ Semi Meo.......urban cruelty is there speciality, torturing women, prodding civilian arses. Compared to NZ & Aussie diggers seeing battle in Afghan & Iraq, the Solisona's of RFMF are kept behind sand bags in the so called UN Green Zone/Safe Zone. After all, the UN wouldn't wanna take chance with these sissy's when the first combat experience of their commander (VB) ended up in a disorderly retreat via a cassava patch with his poop & piss after him. Ask yourself Semi Meo, would the UN & the Coalition Forces want to risk their reputation on such a arse prodding force when the only strategy they know in combat is RUN!! after all their commander has set the example.....
Sa dri yani...........masi tiko vaka vinaka na dakai ni parade eh!!

Anonymous said...

@1:15 PM

Poor babies... must definitely hurt to know that we the people "will have a new government and we will have them soon."

And that we "are having an effect."

And that we will be using resistance and civil disobedience.

And that Fijian soldiers "WILL NOT FIRE ON CIVILIANS".

And that we will soon publish "a roadmap towards democracy".

And that we will "coordinate the plans and actions of the pro-democracy movement worldwide and within Fiji".

And that "we will isolate the regime internationally, regionally, and in Fiji".

And that "those of us that cannot go home whilst the puppet and his master are in power will be going home soon."

Anonymous said...

200,000 views is an absolutely HUGE number for such a tiny insignificant island nation.

Anonymous said...

Bainmarama hasn't implemented anything.
Only paid himself and Nur Bano lots of money.
Fiji people are not stupid. They watching and waiting to pounce.
Bainimarama is racist.
If not racist then make the army 50% Indian, NOW! because he has power to do it now.Lot's of Indian people unemployed. put them in army!.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 12.39pm. LOL. I would have believed that if it was 2000 when the CRW was still around. But you guys in the RFMF now are nothing better than a gang of criminals torturing women and murdering young men. Cowards like you run at the first sign of danger, just like Pol Pot's bullies did in Cambodia when the Vietnamese Army invaded. All their bravado murdering and maiming people at will in the Killing Fields, through the years simply dissolved when met by a real army. The Fiji Army is now one of the most unprofessional, and worst trained armies in the world. It wouldn't take much to defeat them. All these tough words against the Australian Army. LOL What's the heaviest weapons that you have? M60's? 81mm mortars? The Fiji Navy has what? A few rusty old 50 cals that fail most of the time? What night vision eqpt do you have? What ints capability do you have besides the so called operatives that stand out like sore thumbs in public and who couldn't even tell that Roko Ului was going fishing? LOL How long would you be able to carry out any resistance amongst a population that hates your guts? You're well and truly in the s..t my friends. hates your guts?

Anonymous said...

Visiting Fiji wen at the Fijian met up with Frank at the accountants conference during morning tea. Was v scared meeting him. How wrong was I? What a great guy. I was at the IMF and was seconded to Chile in 80's. Will be meeting up wit Fili at finance to give helpful advise. M all for Frank now. Sorry bloggers! Name calling and shouting not helping Fiji.


Coup 4.5 said...

Dennis at 2.02pm ...hmmm fairytale from the barracks?

Tamaqu said...

@Tui Viti

You are right on the bulls eye:....we have a self appointed PM who knows no attacking forward ability, but very fond of running away in retreat from enemy as he demonstrated ably by scooting to the cassava teitei.

His Navy has just shown us the same fondness to retreat....they just ran away from the Tongan navy boats from Minerva Reef...with tails between the legs....he!he!he!

Semi Meo said...


Lucky you are not Denise. Otherwise he'll bash you too.

Anonymous said...

The mara meeting in australia has made international news and all over OZ papers, internet, TV -people and go now know the army officer that is threatening fmf will have photos of people let you know so mny other meeting off media

Good to nz , usa, un to be next

Thumbs up for democracy

Mafia...USA said...

@ Anon 12:39pm...Vaka e tubu nomu dra...Tauri iko vakamalua tagane...O Aust a vakarautaki ira mai na sotia ni Viti me ra mai veiliutaki vinaka. Sega ni ra mai vakararawataki ira na lewe ni vanua me vaka rau mai kitaka tiko o Rokoura kei Naliva...
Vakamadua.....O NZ kei Aust e rau sega ni via malele kina UN duties baleta ni rau vakarautaka na nodrau sotia me ra taqomaki ira na nona lewe ni vanua. Rau sega talega ni via malele kina baleta ni rau rawati rau vakailavo. O Viti e saga me vaka i tavi e na UN Peace keeping baleta ni rawata tiko mai kina na nona revenue...
O tukuna ni o Viti e tiko sara i cake nai vakatagedegede ni nona kila na Urban Warfare.....Urban Warafare cava sa bau cakava na Mataivalu ni Viti???? Iko wilika tiko na nodra laki vakararawataki ka vakamadualaki na na marama ni Viti ki na keba, Ra moku mate na lewe ni vanua ka vakararawataki me Urban Warfare...O koya ya o sakitaka tiko o iko.
NMa mataivalu ni Viti e a dau raici cake ka keimami cibitaka o keimami na sa daramaka oti na kena i sulu. Ia e na gauna oqo, sa mai buturaki ka raici sobu na mataivalu ni Viti e na vuku ni vakatulewa sega ni vakaibale2 ka sa ra solia tiko na veiliutaki mai QEB. Sa mai neimami kina na Sotia Luva i Sulu na madua.
Sa vakaloloma na nomu rai....

Tui Viti said...

@ Dennis, I guess you were there offering another loan to VB. Keep trying, he might take you up on your offer if you offered him a personal loan..You're beginning to look and sound like an insurance salesman..the only factor between you & VB is...........we don't need either of you.

TEBWEBWE said...

@Anon 1:49

If Bai hasn't implemented anything, then I guess I am wrong. I think I am referring to the improved roads that have been promised to us by our favourite Alliance, SVT and SDL politicians year in year out but failed on the implementation aspect. What they failed during the last 40+ years they were in power was implemented by this illigal regime led by Bai in say,5 years. And to make the army 50% Indian is not the FB's choice but the indiviual that wishes to make army life his/her career. After all, we are all Fijians and making the FMF 50% Indian would need the involvement of the Govt of India. I think it is the i Taukei that's more interested in joining the army more than any other ethnic group.

Tui Viti said...

@ Tamaqu, leqa gona ni ra "play dress up " mai Sinai & Iraq. More like tourists when they're there. Just going for sighseeing, lesu mai da lasutaki tiko na metali!!All the RFMF-SOlisona's do in Iraq & Sinai, is eat,shit and clean their guns,polish their shoes, then come back.I can't believe they actually get medals for doing those things. Look at the Aussies & Kiwi's are actually doing the "real" fighting out there.

convolutedexperiment said...

@ Tamaqu 213p.m.
That's not their tails !

Anonymous said...

Sa sega ni dua na ka me da cibitaka e na gauna qo me baleta na mataivalu ni Viti. O keda e da sa dara oti na i sulu ni mataivalu ni Viti e da sa bikai e na levu ni madua e na i tovo lolovira e ra sa mai vakarautaka tiko vei ira na lewenivanua ka dodonu me ra taqomaka. Sa vakaloloma dina. Ia ni da raica ka rogoca na nodra i vosavosa na sotia e na gauna qo, e sa laurai votu ga kina na dokadoka, qaciqacia kei na viavialevu. Qo na taba ni matanitu e da dau vakanuinui kina e liu me veivuke e na gauna ni leqa se taqomaki keda ka maroroi keda e na gauna ni dredre. Gauna qo, sa o ira sara ga e ra sa vakararawataki keda, mokulaki ira na noda marama ka vakamatei ira na luveda. Na noda i drodro e sa vuki me noda vu ni rusa. Vakaloloma dina.

Anonymous said...

nik naidu if you have the guts, and outer guts to offer. come to da meeting with RUM. want to see yuh face and hear your views,

we would want to meet you in person... just small talks and small buturakis for the sake of Fiji yaar.

Fiji soldiers are only allowed by the UN to serve in green zones not because of gut levels but the type of equiptments/ammunitions etc that are affordable by the Fiji Govt to purchase for them. and more revenue for RFMF desk paypackets. Just like going to war to rake in money for B & A.


Anonymous said...

c 4.5

The reason why ni naidu is objecting to mara nz trip is cos his brother richard naidu got a buturaki by fmf officers in 2006 when he sai the president is the military president and not fiji, so nic thinks mara was behind this. nic needs to put the personal differnce aside and mara needs to tell him the truth that the dictator and his gang of thugs did what happended to richard naidu

Anonymous said...


no matter what you do and where you were appointed before imf or whatever, fiji ecnomy is dead and you aint gonna do anything. maybe you can convince voro the crook to take imf loan of 2 billion and not the private loans at 9% to fill his pockets maybe you can figure out the corruption and be key witness to put junta behicd bars

Anonymous said...

Pennis @2.02PM

You and Fili can have him!.. and the mention of IMF gives me the creeps... tarnished organisation with scandalous head!

Anonymous said...

No "poster boy" but he sure is a pin-up boy for me! lol

To those who have yet to catchup with RFN here's a good one from the equally informative blogsite:

"The First Lady, Adi Koila Mara, is not for turning but tuning. We are told that the illegal acting President Anthony Gates, when he is not persecuting the dictator’s opponents in his judicial role as the illegal Chief Justice, arrived at Government House to swear-in schoolteacher Ben Salacakau as the first High Commissioner designate to South Africa.

What happened next has not been reported in the censoredFijimedia but here is the uncensored episode. As Gates was swearing in Salacakau, Adi Koila intervened, stating that since her husband, the President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, was not present on the premises, the swearing-in ceremony should not happen at the Government House but in his office.

The dictator Frank Bainimarama, an ongoing patient at St Giles mental hospital, flew into a rage, and insisted it happen at the Government House. His judicial lackey Gates began the ceremony by reminding Salacakau on the challenges but said he hoped Salacakau would give his best. “We know you are going to a place which is untouched and hope that with your capabilities you will do well in South Africa,” Gates said.

The First Lady intervened in her own sweet way. As soon as the ceremony started, she turned every radio and TV at the Government House and turned them at full blast. The fuming dictator was not pleased at all.

In a grovelling voice, Salacakau was heard muttering that besides diplomacy, he would also concentrate on rugby and speak to the South African authorities since he will be based at Pretoria which is the home of Bulls Super 15 team. He also hoped to look at howFijican mutually benefit from South Africain terms of medicine.

But the day belonged to the First Lady! She got the Raging Bull of a Dictator by the Balls, and gave Gates and his illegal entourage a good dose of humiliating medicine to swallow!

Her hubby President is away in theUnited States, attending a HIV Conference. Thumbs Up to Adi Koila for the HIV – High Intensity Volume protest."



SEMI MEO said...

@to the black ink "Semi Meo" imposter and low down goose attempting to prostitute my name…phew!!..don’t blame us if you do not have a father to give you a name..like I proudly have!!

Again we say, blog under your real name or your comments will just be like used toilet paper…yep...how some faceless and nameless so called “patriots” could claim authenticity and meaning to their comments when no one …no one, but only their miserable self and the key boards of their respective PC know who they are in their tiny wee small world of frightened souls…what a life…a miserable one!.

Even that unemployed cherubim Lucifer put a name to his comments in the Good Book. Are you a relative of the cowardly scheming Lucifer or what??

Nations were never built or rebuilt on the backs of nameless and faceless cowards and nameless and faceless Christians. NEVER!!
My comments in other topic under my real “blue” name under the Fiji flag…stands!!

Anonymous said...

Found it amazing that Govt has changed laws in terms of buying alchol on Sunday. All liquor shops are open. How convinenent. Bet this wudnt have happended under Sdl due to those church fellas. Great stuff ig!

Anonymous said...

Vinaka @Mafia...USA said...@2:51
Ha tina au'coho. Fiji's military is now it's shame.

Anonymous said...

Fiji was politically ceeded to Britain because of Maafu's presence(a Tongan warrior and chief) in Fiji and this is another example of those days, please Fiji Navy dont push it or else be ready to ceed Fiji to India or China

Anonymous said...


Semi Confused said...

@Semi Meo 4:23
So you went into denial mode.
Does this mean you support the illegal regime?
Where do you stand?
Or shall we make the conclusion that you are prostituting your services again.

Meteliko said...

Thumbs up for a free and democratic Fiji. It is sad to see the loving people of Fiji being treated this way by their so called Leaders in Power. NZ and AU should be in Tongan waters right now with one of their Warships, just in case Fiji would be stupid enough, not to recognized the friendship and Protective treaty that the Kingdom of Tonga has with all of these Nations like NZ,AU and US. Let's hope that some cool head Military colonel would know how stupid Fiji would be blown out of the water if they tried to act against the Kingdom of Tonga. Vinaka Vaka Levu. Manu Tupou>

Anonymous said...

Dennis good to see u back in Fiji. Hope to see u at Defence on monday. Good to see successful people like u behind the current govt. With yr experience working under a military regime in
Ghana and Chile will b ideal. After all both chile and ghana have becum the envy of their neighbours. All da best Dan.

Anonymous said...

The last thing that is going to happen is a foreign intervention force. Wishful thinking those of you wanting to derail the current roadmap already in place for a democratic Fiji in September 2014.
Pity you cannot accept it.

There is no other way to stop this Government. The real road to progress is happening in Fiji on a day to day basis. Blogging on this site is not going to help either.
This week the Government reaches out to the people of Lau and hopes to erradicate any further distrust, doubts or ill feelings fuellled by the lies of a few individuals.

This is time for a New Order and brighter future. To ensure are more transparent, equal opportunity and prosperity for all living in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Tui Viti era a carata na vo ni sotia including Aussies, NZ & USA when the famous attack on the UN HQtrs in Bagdad took place some years back. The only soldiers left standing were Fijian soldiers. From then on it was the Fijian soldier that was gievn the privilege to guard the UN Hqrs in Bagdad.Why do you think Rudd tried his best to get rid of the Fijian soldier from the UN peacekepping role?He wanted to hurt Bainimarama as best as he could but fialed because the UN Leaders now know how deadly the Fijian is when it comes to protecting them. The Fijian soldiers is no lamu sona when it comes to fighting.The smallest country with soldiers serving in UN peace keeping was Fiji but has the largest numbers of deaths! No bull just simple facts-the Fijian soldiers is reknowned where-ever he has servedIn the Solomons-the Japs preferred to surrender to the Aussies, USA & NZ soldiers-when they met the Fijian in battle he took them on at times with hardly any ammo but his bear hands & bayonet-thats how scared shit they were of the Fijian soldier! The British Army still recruits from Fiji why-because the Fijian soldier is the best there is. One of our finest in the British SAS Labalaba, respected for his services couldn't even be given the VC, yet today you see soldiers who have done "peanuts" in battle get a VC.Stop rubbishing the Fijian soldiers. If you think the Fijian soldier is just polishing his boots & getting medals-you still in dream land. The highest numbers of soldiers returning from post war injuries due to mental problems come from the USA, British army & Aussies? How from Fiji? You can almost count them on one hand. There is no better soldier in the world than the Fijian. Ask Howard and Company why they did not invade Fijiin 2006 when they had a chance-the Fijian soldier is no tin pot army and the aussies know that.Wonder if you have ever been to the middle east or Iraq or Afghanistan or you just shooting from your armchair & firing blanks!The Fijian soldier has always punched above his weight and will always do so-its in their blood!

Anonymous said...

auss/nz should sent few sas thats the end of bai /ag.
hurray for auss/nz for giving fiji people back freedom/democracy.
go auss/nz sas teach bai/ag pinky some haka lesson .

Anonymous said...

anon 8.19 pm why are you using this blog to make that crap announcement. Isn't the Fiji Sun and FBCL enough for your load of crap or is it because no one is listening to your propaganda machine anymore. You have been given the freedom to speak openly by c 4.5 why can't you lift the PER to allow us to speak openly in your propaganda machine as well to be fair...you see the list of friends that c 4.5 has and you are scared because it is growing rapidly each day...sorry mate we have had enough ofthe 5 years of being hostage in our own country...not anymore...Thumbs Up to Freedom & Democracy down with tyranny and dictator women basher

semi miau said...

Thankyou NZ.

Semi Meo said...

@Anonymous 8:51
Nice sentiments but unfortunately your leader when under pressure he "carata" in the cassava patch.
And your boys in Delainabua will only be left in small pieces once Australia drop the smart bomb there.
So, if you are stupid like your boss then just continue as is and one day the Daisy Cutter will come visiting.
Indonesia won't come and help you.
Kania vakasamataka.

Anonymous said...

Nice words @ Anon 8:51pm. True facts. Give credit where its due. You can't take away the respect and reverance people have for Fijian soldiers world wide and acts of bravery they perform.

@10:09pm. The military is not in the habit of bashing woman. Roko Ului is. There is always collateral in times of turmoil and people get carried away. Sometimes a pull on the ear is all they need to keep the order. The time will come for the PER to be lifted. When the country has been rid of corruption.
Right now people are still blinded and misinformed on the sins of the past. When everything is exposed then you will come to your senses.

Anonymous said...

Dennis...good for you. He'd probably offer you a 6 figure Consultancy Fee for some crap advise you'd willingly give coz all the credible people don't want to have anything to do with Team Frank.

Frank is truly a nice guy - yes. But unfortunately not leadership material. All the civil servants & soldiers laugh loudly and joke about him behind his back about the way he thinks he's just too cool when he slips on a pavement etc and swears out loud - not a care in the world about who is within ear shot! His leadership skills should really be kept within the confines of where he has come from - the slums!

SHAME - And when at official functions, gets too drunk, swearing etc. As soon as the band starts playing, he & his wife criss cross the dance floor to pick partners to dance! I am so ashamed of him being named in the Fiji news circles as Fiji's Prime Minister. I just thank God ONLY the Fiji media refer to him as Fiji's Prime Minister.

The rest of the world refers to him as either, Dictator, just plain Military Leader Commodore Frank B or the factual SELF APPOINTED LEADER OF FIJI!

Hahahahhahaha! SHAME!

Anonymous said...

@8.51pm The worldwide reputation the Fijian soilders were reknowned for is in that era only.Since 2006 the reputation ofthe FMF is just crap!! Since you have turned on the citizens which you vowed to protect you dont mean sh**t. YOu attack unarmed civilians for what?? For your woman bashing leader who is paying you with loose change and benefitiing big time from his 2006 coup? E sega ni mai tukuni tiko eke na vakateratera ni sotia ni Viti ni sa bou vakamadua na nomuni i vakarau vei ira na na lewe ni vanua e Viti. Ni rogoca tiko na tagi ni vanua se segai?? Reputation of the FMF Fijian soilders now dont mean crap to us now when we have been living with this nut of a PM, his real leader AG and all the soilders saying 'yes sir' to both of them!

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 8:51 PM, June 12

@ anonymous 8:51. Isa o iko... E cava o TATADRA tiko??? nomu talanoataka mai nomu TALANOA LASULASU qori mai na UN HQ i Baghdad...

This man(anonymous 8:51PM) thinks we were born yesterday!!! This man is COMPULSIVE LIAR who lives in a DREAMLAND.... Tamata LASULASU O IKO...

Kakua ni o via mai lasutaki keimami tiko ike, via vakacerecerea tu mai ivei na MATAIVALU LOLOVIRA qori, dau MOKULAKI, VAKAMATEI ira nodra lewe ni vanua...Mataivalu dau mokulaki ira na Marama ni Viti... VAKAMADUA!!! Talanoa lasulasu qori, lai talanoataka saraga vei ira NOMUNI LEWE NI GONEVULI mai Saint Giles Mental Hospital... Sa rauta mada na CON tiko ike...

They are the only soldiers left standing in the UN HQ in Baghdad because they are SO FAT, they cant leave the cookhouse...... NI YAVU SOTIA UNFIT, KETELEVU...

Tui Viti said...

@ Anon 8:51, do not mention the current crop of RFMF Soli sona's in the same breathe as Labalaba, and memebrs of HM Forces.They are no where near the credibility and quality as those men and forces. Likewise do not compare this crop of thugs to Fijians of WW2. They are worlds apart in terms of character & honor.The current crop of RFMF men are no different from the prisoners in Korovou. They have killed innocent civilians, got full pay whilst imprisoned. Even Navy Commander Kean muredered a civilian with his bare hands and got out. No truelly professional armed force in the world would accept such a bunch of thugs. As for the Aussies & the Kiwis running away,its your word against theirs. Where would the Fiji soldiers in Baghdad run too?? Weren't they in the green zone, the safesr area?? Me ra qai cici tale i vei,i lomalagi. Gonei!! Caka tiko vaka cava na kaqo. The RFMF of pre 2000 you could say fought above their weight. These criminals in an army uniform, no way!!!

Anonymous said...

I think collectively calling all Fijian soldiers in the above blogs as 'soli sonas' is not only unfair but downright disrespectful.True,that there are a few who are currently dragging the name and reputation of the RFMF into the mud with all the beatings and torturings being done on civilians.But common sense must prevail.Many of our soldiers have gone overseas and not only shed their blood but their lives too.I,and I believe many of you who have commented on this blog site,have relatives in the RFMF.I am proud that our soldiers have over the years built a good reputation overseas.We still are regarded as one of the best in the world.I do not condone what has been in happening in the barracks and hope that all who were involved in these cowardly beatings be brought to justice.But please refrain from calling our soldiers 'soli sonas' just because of the cowardly actions of a few.

Anonymous said...

When compared to what is happening in other parts of the world the Fiji Military has shown great restraint in dealing with civil disobedience during PER. You people have no idea how torturing can be executed. Do you see woman being raped here? You get a smack on the hand a kick in the back and it's torture? Like everything else in Fiji the media blows things out of proportion which under the current decree needs to be monitored. Keep your mouth shut and follow the law of the day. Change is coming for the benefit of all, and we will use whatever methods to ensure it's success. Stop the lies,lies,lies.

SEMI MEO said...

@goose, thief and coward whose father ( if she/he has one) forgot to give a name to your miserable carcass June 12, 2011 10:32 PM .

Again, if we are all serious about our words in this esteemed column, then post under you real name.

Those who keep posting anonymously fear Co Prime Ministers Aiyaz Khaiyum and Co Prime Minister Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama.

Mr. Baledrokadroka, Mr. Sam Speight , Ratu Mara, Mr. Suliasi Daunitutu Mr. Waqatairewa, and many others have identified themselves in many blogs and media. Hence, though some of us may not agree with all their views, we at least could look them in the eyes and differ or agree, and have a bowl of grog or wainimoli after.

Of course, the only honorable and Fijian way of interpersonal communication: when one sees and feels the presence of the other party.

Imagine, kneeling with a tabua in your hand speaking to a curtain with frightened rabbits, wanna be Fijian and Christians on the other side of the curtain…no face, no name..only groaning of nothingness and occasional farts…

Phew!!..again we say. Fiji will never be rebuilt by nameless and faceless patriots or under cover Christians. NEVER!!

Fiji will only be rebuild by people who dare to be identified with their varied passionate views, and with maturity and with a spirit of goodwill undergirded by our collective desire for the common good thresh out our differences so we could achieve a firm medium strip to build.

Come on!! Let’s honor our ancestors and be proud of our real name by standing up and be counted....even if some ends up like “Moro”

Varani. said...

"There are no bad soldiers - only bad officers".

Tui Viti said...

@ Anon 4:56AM. Respect is earned.Over the last few years, 10 years or so, the only contribution of the RFMF is the HIV virus. That is why their current C-in-C is the UN trying to rectify the issue.It is common knowledge that majority of the initial HIV carriers into Fiji were from the RFMF.I have known a hndful of junior & senior officers as well as NCO's who taken the hard principled road and resigned from the RFMF as they could not cordone the criminal actions of its commander. I meet them in the streets of Fiji now and again. Most of them are farmers now, few are security guards abroad, at least they can hold their heads up. If credit is to be given, then it is to individuals as such this who have the ethics and creed of the old school RFMF - Na Dina,Dodonu kei na savasava. Sega ni Dukadukali kei na dokadoka!! Sa dri yani.

Anonymous said...

@anon 10.40 pm The military is bashing women from Bai right down to private joe blog this is unacceptable ... small keying of the ear is bullshit from their story we have read...This is not the Military we once knew and were proud of...you have had 5 years to rid corruption yet you heap up a whole lot more corruption...who will clean up your corruption. You are commiting a bigger SIN when trying to expose the sins of the past. Your sins are being exposed first yet you are still trying to expose sins of the past which after 5 years is still not forthcoming. Your PM was part of the sins of the past and was enforcing the sins of the past that you are trying to expose... it is taking longer to expose it because he sees himself right in the heap of evidence in the sins of the past...o vakalialiai cei tiko kapa lala

Kiwi Spy said...

We now know that the NZ government is willing to sell out human rights to get 'information' from Roko Ului Mara. Let us hope McCully doesn't get a red face. Either Mara has been holding back the best of his information or he will be bluffing his way when he sits down with the Kiwi diplomats. Most of what he has 'revealed' including the data at Canberra has been out in the public domain or C4.5 and is not new. Mind you, some of your gulligle readers C4.5 (yourself to?) have probably been helping Mara. Hope you guys don't regret it.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 8:01AM, June 13

Latest News!!!!!!!!!To all the people fighting for DEMOCRACY its been CONFIRMED that this blogger "anonymous 8:01am(13 June)" is commenting from a laptop in the Illegals PM's Office...

THIS DOESNT SUPRISE ME!!! Supporting their own illegal government and trying to HIDE THE TRUTH of COVER UP their CORRUPTION... Especially the tortouring and killing of civillians.

JK said...

its double standards really, the NZ Govt will not let in our rugby boyz saying they got political agendas - when all they have are their rugby agendas...and now they let in a fugitive - when he has a political agenda!!

Anonymous said...

The NZ Government has made the right decision to Welcome Tevita Mara into NZ for Two Days to Speak against the current illegal Fijian Regime that are denying the Human Rights and Freedom of speech of the oppressed Fijian People. Lets help get rid of the Tyranny that smothers Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 11.47am June 13..lol Oso, sa tobo tale tu o Van Damme...lol

@ Anonymous 8.01am June 13. Wow, acessing the hated blogs from the illegal PM's office. That's really desperate, isn't it?

LOL, ha,ha,ha,ha

Anonymous said...

@ JK ha ha lol...nicely said