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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Military advisors following Chaudhry overthrow named in Roko Ului and Baledrokadroka videos

Roko Ului Mara and Jone Baledrokadroka's first 'tell all' videos have been released revealing key information around the overthrow of the Mahendra Chaudhry government and how Laisenia Qarase came to be chosen by Frank Bainimarama to be prime minister.

Also revealed are the names of people who apparently acted as advisors to the Military Council after the overthrow of Chaudhry's government. The military advisors at the time were named as Laisenia Qarase, Alipate Qeitaki, Anare Jale, Savenaca Siwatibau and Savenaca Narube.

Re what role the above named played to the Military Council, Suliasi Daunitutu, who made the videos, says: "According to what JB said in this video, all those named were picked by the military to be in the notorious Military Council. They were nowhere near the Speight mob. As he said, they disabled the Speight movement at Kalabu."

Baledrokadroka details, too, the Blueprint for Affirmative Action that was put together by Qarase and the military Council.

And as Daunitutu says, he also talks about his role in the storming of the school in Kalabu during the 2000 coup. He says that after the Muanikau Accord was signed between Frank Bainimarama and George Speight, Speight's supporters left Parliament and moved into Kalabu school. 

The Muanikau Accord guaranteed the release of hostages in return for immunity for George Speight and his supporters.

Baledrokadroka says when three buses of Speights supporters left Parliament, they robbed the market at Laqera and all the surrounding shops. When the soldiers stormed the school, they found classrooms full of groceries and full freezers with food and beer.

Bainimarama's former land force commander outlines, too, the involvement of President Josefa Iloilo and how Bainimarama navigated himself around each thorny issue and how he and Mara  were involved.

The next videos are expected to be about the mutiny against Frank Bainimarama at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks. 

Here is a quick summary in English of what was said in the videos according to a translation by Sireli from Matavuvale:

a) Roko Ului and JB suggested that Fiji needs go back to 2000 and clear the air as to who was involved. Only through an investigation can Fiji be clear of why the 2006 coup happened and who was behind it. 

b) The army is suspected to have been involved in the 2000 coup, and Bainimarama was the leader. Direction of gun distribution can only be authorised by the leader. 
c) Laisenia Qarase, Alipate Qeitaki, Anare Jale, Savenaca Siwatibau and Savenaca Narube were appointed into the military council as advisors.
d) Affirmative action was military owned. Qarase was appointed as PM and endorsed  by none other then Bainimarama because of his business experience instead of Rt Epeli who was a preferred PM then.
e) Rt Inoke was a broker appointed by Speight and agreed by Bainimarama.
f) George Speight moved to Kalabu because he wanted to make his own government to fight the new government. Speight was removed from Kalabu because they were stealing and ransacking the surrounding shop, houses and markets in the area.
g) JB and Roko Ului were involved in Speights arrest.

h) A decision to overthrow Mahendra Chaudhry's government was made by 1 person only.

Meanwhile, Fiji's extradition order to Tonga has been dismissed by the government there. Ratu Tevita Mara says he is obviously pleased and Tonga's decision demonstrates "the difference between a democratic country operating under the rule of law compared to a dictatorship operating under the whim of Bainimarama and Khaiyum, the puppet and the puppet master". Click to Read Roko Ului's Full Statement


  1. vinaka C4.5....TOO GOOD, MAN....

  2. OH MY GOD! Qarase?? Who would have thought Qarase? What a REVELATION!

  3. One Word: SHOCKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Positively Shocking

    Keep up the great work Roko Ului Mara and Jone Baledrokadroka

  4. Vinaka vakalevu kemudou na Turaga. Waqa katakata tiko mada ga nomudou cina.

  5. I have always bilieved that QARASE is an utterly corrupt who and cunning person. exploited the chiefly system and Methodist Church to progress his agenda.

    He touts democracy as the flagship of governance but he rapes it for personal gains.


  7. This illegal regime is falling to pieces.... whilst the pieces are falling into place for the people.

    tik tok tik tok.....

  8. Now that explains why Vuaka was determined to prosecute Qarase. Cunning bastard.

  9. This is good stuff, this is what we've been waiting for. Excellent job C4.5

  10. Now we hear new revelations. If Ratu Mara keeps this pace, even Fiji will wake up. I would not be surprised to see Khaiyum's puppet keeling over with another stroke!

  11. Well done RUM and JB. This is a running start to answering the mysteries associated with the coup culture in Fiji....

    Now for those of you who have not understood the videos in the Fijian Language, get one thing straight ... Siwatibau, Narube, Qarase and the others named were INVITED by the then Military who had themselves toppled the Chaudary Government (via Speight) to advise on the path for the return to civilian rule. They were not "military advisors" in that sense.

  12. god bless fiji n of course our people n our children.things goes around comming fast around. n he puts all his families.in all ceo.so they can hurry n collected before.it's over.what a evil peoples. jus for the names only, n power for them. god bless u guys.at least u guys chests kind easy breathing now, that a lots of things is out n share with people. lets see what happen for tomorrow. thumbs up.democracy.god bless

  13. Being advisors can mean anything. The militray council, and most bodies including the GCC etc sought independent advise from people with a certain expertsie. I recall Graham and Jon Apted has on occassion provided advise to such bodies. Does that mean they are compromised for providing such independent advise. Likewise, the late esteemed Mr Siwatibau may have been asked to provide an overview of the countries financial situation at that time. Does it mean that he actively plotted and supported the than coup., Without the context and the nature of the advise provided, it is intentionally malicious and slanderous, especially when those like Mr Siwatibau are longer around to clarify the slur on his good name. So are rational thinking peopel are expected to take as gospel the accusations and the sort of fingering of people without direct documentary evidence, based on the words of a former coup instigator and human rights abuser. Let's hope we finally get to see on video some hard proof documenatary evidence, we are were told was forthcoming...ie mins of militray council meetings, copies of advisory briefs. Those are the hard evidence the people of Fiji deserve and need - that backed up with his claims would in my veiw be credible.Other than that...well....

  14. @Timoci

    Vinaka for the important clarification. That post above by C4.5 naming without the context directly implies the negative role esp Mr Siwatibau would have played in 2000.

  15. This is brilliant stuff from C4.5 and Suliasi! 60 minutes...fijian style!! I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to Colonel Mara and Baleidrokadroka for their honesty in revealing the events of 2000 and hope to hear more. For those knocking the advisors Qarase, Siwatibau etc, please take the time to read Timoci's post and wait for the translation from C4.5, it will make riverting reading I assure you. From this I can say I really feel sorry for Qarase, brought in to advise because of his knowledge on Fijians in business and education, put up to be PM by Baini and the military council over Rt Epeli Nailatikau because of this knowledge. Told by them to implement the 'blueprint' or 'affirmative action' to avoid future coups and then when implementing them in comes Baini again under the guise of being against 'racist policies' of Qarase and coups him. As I said, can't wait for the next episodes to find out the real reason for the coup and the mutiny. Can't say thank you enough to these gentlemen for this information. Too much has been hidden away from the public especially by the military on the events of 2000-2006. Nothing like telling the truth to set you free.

  16. Excellent production. This is a free country fellas. Where has all the common sense gone to - first the Regime now, Qarase- whose next. We would be interested to know - who ordered the execution of the CRW men who were not given a fair trial and beaten, some even to their deaths by the orders of the two giving 'those big picture political stories'. People the wool is over your eyes. Qarase was a politician and a protege of the Late First Prime Minister in business and was adopting his 'concepts' about floating the Fijians to compete with the offshoots of the hardworking indentured labourers who worked their hides out to earn economic strength. Qarase had a visison and no one perhaps can prove his endstates without giving him a chance to complete his ideals for the iTaukeis. Only worse FB, RokoUlui and JBaledrokadroka all kicked him out. I think these videos require require a fair forum/council rather than this backyard 'talanoa' session. Lets talk about basic stuff. Common people should not talk politics, they should talk about basic issues such as families. Family/friends/relatives of CRW soldiers killed under the orders by those two sitting there who are 'rubbishing others' with big picture issues. Stop politicising the mass for your own ends.

  17. Siwatibau, Qarase and Narube....how intersting

  18. @ Moro 840 a.m.
    re read paragraph 4 !
    you will see that Mr. Qarase and others were invited to advise the Military Council, after the 2000 coup, not before !
    this article does not make mention of just what advise if any, was given.
    you seem to have wanted to believe that Mr. qarase is corrupt, and just run with that idea without reading and understanding just what has been shared here.

  19. Jake says.....

    JB & RUM, keep it coming & the people of Fiji including the dump military to see & know for themselves what kind of leader they have.

    he is intellectually handicap & that is a fact.

    this is real corruption.
    Angie....yes you right there, these gentlemen named were called to advise on the way forward for fiji given their expertise.

    but we have a bad and dump leader in place right now who had blood on his hands from 2000.

  20. 2 innocent civilians were shot dead in kalabu. Not all were criminals as purpoted here by Ului n JB. Even if they were, why shoot them in cold blood? Old men n women were kicked as they lay on the ground,,,n told in Fijian by Ului n soldiers ,,,,there eat the soil u fighting for - "qori kania sara na qele o valataka tiko". All at Kalabu were unarmed civilians when Ului and soldiers started firing indiscriminately without warning at 5am that morning. I dont see any humility or seeking forgiveness from Ului n JB from the families of the 2 men shot dead. The Kalabu murders are yet to be investigated and Ului n JB should ans as they were in charge. The murderers must be bought to justice just like the CRW, Rabaka, Nimilote etc murders. Ului and JB know the murderere as they were under their command in that operation. Ului and JB should be careful of how they release infor as they will isolate themselves even from the SDL who were elected and is the legit govt. Have some sensitivity eg Siwatibau has passed on and is a man of integrity... drau qarauna na vola yaca vakaveitalia and misrepresentation of facts!
    Have some wisdom Ului n JB,,,,qo na vasa vosa drau cakava tiko,,,e vakagonegonea will not get u anywhere! From what i've seen so far the 2 of you seem to have a misguided conviction that u 2 shud replace Frank.....me thinks M Field is right,,,,,
    The FDM should have untainted people at the forefront even if unknown ,,,,,JB n Ului are a big risk to FDM credibility,,,,,SDL n Labour should lead against Frank not his former comrades who are tainted with the blood of kai vitis ,,,,

  21. Confident any US visa application made by Roko Ului would be viewed positively.

  22. From the amount of information shared, it is clear that no finger pointing should be made to any one whose names have been said. This does not constitutute a party to planning and organosing the coup or being directly aware of it prior to it happening and joined as advisors prior to coup.

    How much is said is only starting to put some names in reference which I guess will be revealed of their roles in future videos.

  23. I have always wondered about the events at Kalabu and why the army was so heavy handed. Although still not sure about the heavy handed tactics I can now fully understand the motives for going in and getting rid of them. Thanks JB and RUM for clarifying that and also your roles in it. I guess its easy for us to talk in hindsight and only the people who were there would know the amount of force required so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

  24. Guys , try to understand the picture b4 u make comments, the names mentioned by JB were brought in as advisors and not coup plotters as you might be thinking. Sa kua mada na ulukau tiko, now most of you commentors are sounding like the nutty bainimarama.

  25. Why all now after 11 years. Only when it suits RUM and JB! Can we believe everything they say? After all he said he went fishing. M a bystander but common-sense tells me why now?

    Also, what can they achieve from Aust. Do you think people will revolt as in tunisia, syria, egypt etc. No, a fijian will not shoot another fijian. M glad this is so.

  26. Curse to the person who stole my name….may he or she rot in hell!!...and ...cannot sleep tonite….eh..if no repentance.

    C4.5 and all are fully aware that yours truly always address people by their real name and title, what ever thir political views, that's how Meo senior taught me….

    ..but this “vuaka” thieving my name is a low down vuaka…kaisi bakalo o tamana!!...is sorely ashamed of their real name…bothy!!.

    .email me :semimeo@gmail.com..or call me +61420775394..IF YOU HAVE THE BALLS!!

    A friend of mine offers a technology to any pro-demogracy group to "float" their message on Fiji's airwaves....and now that Tonga has taken over the reef, my friend could use it for all frequency transmitter to reach ALL of Fiji....any takers???

  27. All you guys in this video need to tell me something i don't know If you had lived in Fiji during the period all the names mentioned in the discussios was already known, you just need to go to Sunia Cama's Cafe in Toorak to find out the lates on the coups!Baledrokadroka gets way by saying he wasn't around, but there is another side to this saga-Baledrokadroka was aaready in the know , why before things came to the fore. Why do you think Baldrokadroka is insisting on telling us where he was?? The plans were well into place before JB went away,-the typical military moves-create a diversion in one area than make you point of attack from the lest expected quarters!Now when all this had come out the smart ones will say-we were not even around-very true BUT...! Why did this discusiion not begin from the first coup, where was Baledrokadroka then? Even the plans for the coup by Rabuka was in place way before it took place. Suliasi is been manourved into this discussion with he thinking that he has the bull by the horns? Tell us something we don't know please-this is all common knowledge in all the saqata's in Toorak-haven't you lived in Fiji, everyone is related to someone and someone always has a boostful mouth! This video won't achieve a thing its stale news!Better if you guys just had some yaqona and had a talano session. You guys must be dreaming-Suli could leave such interviews to professional so the hard questions are asked maybe the potatoes in Canberra has softened the chap form Waimaro levulevu!Pity the opportunity to plan for better outcomes for Fiji appears to be running an unplanned course! Am i suprised?? Ko vuli ga ko ta school!

  28. Where did the money come from???

    Who financed the coups? and much more.

    Is it all here?

    Ideally this information should be spilled fully at some type of Commission.

    Would C4.5 consider setting aside links to certain subjects that should remain taliking points and revelation and updates.
    i.e. FNPF, etc.
    FNPF/Tappoos Lautoka Joint venture $1.5 million spent, only an empty lot collecting plastic bags and bottles.
    E&Y and Deloitte reports cost hundreds of thousand if not into the millions.....deloitte report still not in public domain.
    All needs to be pieced together so lessons can be learned.
    Board members siting on Natadola Project were same Bpard members that sat on FIL Board who also sat on FNPF BOard.
    In one sitting the likes of Felix & Uria among others would collect three Board sitting allownaces and also conduct all business for all entities in one sitting. No distance from each other or proper diligence so what do you expect.
    Felix makes one statment today he saved 100 mil and next day applies for 104 mil from FNPF BOard.
    Everything is not as it seems, smoke and mirrors evrywhere, rumours abound and the people are in confusion and nothing will change, only the faces.

  29. Real Democracy figthers will not care abt PER. If there was real resentment, 10,000 of u so called democracy fighters wud line the streets of Suva and protest. But since u so called democracy figthers live overseas u can't nor do u have the numbers here. PER will not work if 10,000 arrests are needed to be made. Reality, people in Fiji dont care. They getting food on the table without chiefs eating their money. END of STORY!

  30. O rau ruarua na tamata qori e rau vakavuna tu nodra rerevaki ira na sotia na lewe ni vanua e Viti,kena sa mai rau curu ena nomudou i soqosoqo sa qai kune votu kina o kemuni na lewe ni soqosoqo qo oni vei boici wavoki tu ga ka sega ni kune dua dina na sasaga ni galala me vaka oni kaya ni sega tu e Viti.
    Na mate nei Rabaka e vakavuna o Roko Lui ka vaka kina o Verebasaga,era vakai tavi kina o ira na sotia under his Comd.........o ira na CRW kei na dau kau cake tiko mai ki ke (Matailobau); e kenai liuliu o Baledrokadroka.
    Ni veivosaki tikoga ena ulutaga e rauti kemuni tikoga vaka mataboko,qarauna de dua e lutu enai vaka Ta!!

  31. this is classic; back to Fijian politics. Mara starts an attact against qarase - cleverly insinuating it. The real problem of Fiji was unfortunately started by late Ratu K Mara who in 1987 influence Rabuka to do the coup............2000 and 2006 is purely an outcome of that. This is so pathetic. Infact i dont support any coup but it seems Frank is at least doing a better job than those trying to make stories in Canberra.

  32. FNPF Natadola investment was conceptualised and recommeneded by Save Siwatibau when he was USP VC. I still have his Paper to SDL Government somewhere in my Collection Box. We had a meeting in his office and the rest is history.

  33. JB what about the Punjabs, Gujrats, sons of the 'Coolies' were dominates Fijis economy. Why all blame on the itaukeis. How about Chaudary's 'labour reforms' and its potential effects on Fijis economy and the 'corperate masters' businesses. Basic stuff, basic stuff, if the 'garment workers' wages and all workers wagers were going to be raised, what will happen to the 'busines- giants.' What about the $millions in arrears of unpate import and export taxes that these economic masters were evading to government which Chaudery was planning to chase up?? What effects would this have left Fiji's economy if Chaudary had raked this in and at the same time up the national income scale? Chaudary's supposed fair distribution of wealth policies really was a threat to some. All they had to do was find an existing 'battle ground' (like - Fijians competition for power (provincilaism), military competition for power (bi-service competition for command), old fijian aspiration left by Rabuka's failed cause...etc etc to light the fire and continue to fan it...RUM and JB is right inside this fire....and is trying to drag the mass inside. Telkl us more if you know more???

  34. Well....these video interviews are powerful. Message to Suli....you hold the key...in your questioning and pursuance of unravelling of detail hidden in ambiguity. But just as the mists over the hills of Waimaro levu levu are blown away by the tradewinds from the koro sea, so too must your probing continue. Don not under any circumstances avoid asking the hard questions. My observation is that the video is an excellent compliment to establishing the legitmacy of the pathway pursued by the FDM. It will go a long way towards establishing the credibility of the individuals involved.

  35. I feel so sorry for the CRW soldiers and their families , now I understand y they acted the way they did. Victimized and treated like leappers, it wz their lamu sona commander that threw them to the wolves.

  36. It is not strange to see the similarity between the 'talanoa session revelation' above with that of the local gos of a small town - everyone knows everybodies business. The military is the arm of the nation and are not politicians to dig into political game. Fiji is such a small country with a far far too inflated military at the expence of the tax payers. Look at all these revelations - If the military stayed in barracks and cops did their job, then the military would not have been involved. But these circumstances could not be avoided as it is such a small country, big army, top heavy with officer, with limited positions up the top. So what happends when their is overcrowding - the military gets skeptical of the hand that feeds them. Once they get threatened they 'clear leather' and change the ruler...themselves. This seems to be the aspirational course of the senior Army officers and whilst there is still limited capacity for vacancy in the next 'couple of years' before retirement age - other concepts come to mind. This culture may remain for a long time unless a good government comes up with the right solution. rabuka tried but was presured by ethnic principles and people to keep a large army. Others could not reduce the size of army. aren't we experiencing another example of Darwin theory of overload, little space, competition and survival politics.

  37. There will always be more good guys than bad guys. It is just that the good guys take longer to get angry. Then there is the "A TEAM" and others like them.

    Well! rotten banana. Can you imagine what they are going to do to you? When the time is right, you will regret having been born.

    And you, sayes yummybum, you are doomed. Just when you think things are going your way ... BOOMSIZZLE, a red hot bullit right up you accounts department...and if you live, you evil thieving barstard @!#&$#@ "BIGBUBBA" wont find you atractive any more.
    Then there are all the other hangers on ... No excuses will be accepted .. "Banana told me to", will not be accepted ... you will be put on trial and be given a shared room in the "BIG HOUSE" with "BIG BUBBA" for a long time.

    Then there are people like "Tarshits" defrauding the entire fiji taxpayers from there old age pension ...do you really stink you can get away with it? Only in your dreams ! !

    The "A TEAM" are going to put you through the shredder.
    Think about it ... stand aside and watch the fireworks... nothing will save you Franky .. sleep well franky.
    Save a few dollars for the party.

    Sydney Tourist

  38. Vinaka C4.5; now the corruption is coming out - please do not hide names - dead or alive - we want nothing but the truth, we want complete disclosure. The preferred PM was Rt Epeli Kanaimawi acting for the GCC and not Rt Epeli Nailatikau or Ratu Epeli Ganilau, I seem to remember - please correct that perception. This disclosure by Roko Ului and JB are showing to us in no uncertain term why Fiji is cursed - and it will remain so until all the truth come out and cleaned up. Bainimarama should return our Government to the people of Fiji and face his crime like all else who have been manipulating the rulership of our Island Nations. It is disgusting.

  39. The truth is being revealed now by the two gentlemen because the time right. The circumstances or situation surrounding them has triggered the revalation to be exposed to people of Fiji and the world. If it had been revealed 11years ago , it would not have been accepted , acknowledged and given so much credit.Furthermore, they would not have had the ability to reveal it 11years ago given their status ,that is, they were still employed by the Fiji Military , their loyalty to Bainimarama (string attached) etc....Now since, the two gentlemen are free from that , and everyone in Fiji want Democracy and are questioning the evolution of COUP CULTURE in Fiji which has caused economic crisis, high unemploymt , deficit in the budget every year, low GDP etc...we need to undertand and have an open mind to revelation such what has been just revealed by the two gentlemen , for this help us put the puzzle together, gives us indepth understanding of the current situation in our beloved country of FIJI.What the two gentlemen has revealed are secret knowledge which we never had the privilge to . So to JB nad RUM credit goes to both of you for the courage and the effort, thanks alot for the revelation...THUMBS UP TO DEMOCRACY !

  40. Please ,GREEN GOONS BLOGGERS , stop your negative comments, on this blogsite. We all know that you are paid 24hrs to respond negatively to C4.5, cause they are doing so well. We the bloggers comment geuninely to all articles because the news posted on this site is creditable and geunine. You are wasting taxpayers money and space blogging on this site . We do not pay tax to pay to guys to blogger fulltime. Why cant you be innovative and create or develop your own blogsite called PROFESIONAL GREEN GOON BLOGSITE.. maybe you dont have the knowledge , shallow!!... my advice make contructive comments and not destructive comments , if you want to blog on this site!!

  41. Dou kalougata tiko na turaga. Vinakavakalevu na valataka tiko na dina.

  42. Objection to the point of '1 pers to overthrow Chauderies government'. Is the blame going to Speight?? Has anyone weighed analysed who was behind Speight??
    Has anyone in the military try an earn the taxpayers money to analyse the real thing. So who bought the arms shipment to Fiji in 1987...lest we forget...these are the same people that payed Speight sack Chaudary. Why because the Chaudary government's policies would be a threat to the garment/textile industries, the export and import industries. These were the business people 'giving - good will handout to the previous chiefs/ministers' for legitimate evasion of tariffs/taxes imposed by government. Why did the humble garment workers wages in the 90s not elevated?? These are the REAL stuff we need to haer from RUM and JB to earn their analytical credibility and military intelligence so as to enlighten bloggers of the real eco-political climate in Fiji since the Punjabs, Gujrats, sons of 'coolies' controlled the economy after many expats left Fiji after independence. We are waiting we 'thirst' for constructive eco-political conflict in Fiji not the same old ethnic and military 'kava' conspiracy theories.

  43. what a load of stale rubbish,,,,all public knowledge in fiji.
    Another campaign of deception by franks former henchmen!
    Sa rauta mada na veivakacacani vakaveitalia,,,,,,drau suka mai ,,,da dua e tauvimate ena gunu yaqona batabata.

  44. All we have to do is ask Mara who are his sponsors in Fiji and Tonga and do the analysis and maths. Find out what business circle they belong. Find out what are their products. Try and find who are the competitors and look at the inner circle of who controls the economy in Fiji. And by the way see how they all relate to the common people ( market entity) in Fiji who have to suck up to the pricing, costs etc etc. Do they give charity to the grass root people. All we hear is companies's coming down with debts.....the people continue to innocently live their daily humble lives. JB and RUM tell us 'HOW' your ten pointer concept will elevate the level of poverty amongst the common people. Or are you just too busy looking at the lenses of self-stability???

  45. If ever there was a compelling reason for the disbanding of the RFMF here it is.

    If they do remain in the system at all after this debacle it must be for training and ceremonial purposes only. Training peace keepers is fine but it must be conditional on their non interference with Government and in fact subservience to Government.

    Well I can dream..

  46. The truth is Bainimarama, Ului, and JB are in fact guilty of war crimes and must face up to International Criminal Court of Justice (ICJ). Charge number one: Bainimarama for the serious crime for murdering 4 CRW soldiers who were defenceless and in prison. Charge number two: Ului for the cruel murder of unarmed and defenceless Verebasaga and Rabaka. Charge number three: JB for the murder and disproportionate use of force in Kalabu that resulted in the unecessary deaths of two innocent unarmed individuals. Hey, the Geneva Convention stands in contradiction to these crimes, so you three are nailed! Also under the Jus in Belo conditions of war, these were definitely a serious lapse and an international arrest warrant should be issued immediatey. Presummed guilty forthwith!!! But as annon @2.43 suggested we need to spread our gaze wider towards the politico-economic sources behind the coups. There lurking in the shadows are the real puppet masters who've been at it since 1987. Fix that area of cancer guys and we may be half-way to clearing the pathway to peace once again.

  47. Thank you C4.5 for bringing us this information as you always do. Ului and Jone obviously have things to share but is the 'talanoa' session the right way to do it?

  48. Anon@2.37pm Hear hear! Tell these military goons to get lost and get their own blogsite instead of trying to steal 4.5 from us. Take your BS bogging eleewehere plenty of other blogs for you to go to. This is serious freedom one

  49. All scared rats must ditch ship NOW!June 25, 2011 at 3:56 PM

    @ the SECOND Anonymous, 12.20pm

    You're screaming for Labour and SDL instead of JB and RUM. So why are they not taking the lead, where the hell are they?

    You see, if you can keep your bum still for a second, you'll find there's no need to panic... that your secrets might soon be revealed! Bwahahahahahaha!

    Vinaka vakalevu to JB and RUM!

    Please continue right on, Fijians are watching and listening very intently so please don't hold back, REVEAL ALL.

    Moce and lolomas from Thumbs Up for Democracy fans!

  50. They are not saying anything new...give us the people on your take on how the arms was supposed to be approved by Bainimarama, we the people hear that he was given the impression there was to be exercise carried out by the Old Man and the CRW boys and wasn't he abroad when the coup occurred???...something is not right in this interview...where does the Vanua Levu connection come in with the training of would be killers in an elite force who were supposed to have been training in Savusavu prior to the overthrow...how many of them knew about of wot they were preparing for? And who in the army and from outside knew of wot was going to transpire that day in Parliament?

  51. Me voci vinaka na vudiJune 25, 2011 at 3:59 PM

    Good work Suli. Directly ask RUM - and JB too, the full list of all the soldiers who have been doing the actual physical torture at the camp and elsewhere. RUM was there all the time. He may say he did not actually physically torture - even though there are living victims who say he did, but he should know all the names as he was their immediate boss. Kua tale na were ubiubi Suli. Taroga vakadodonu. I suggest bloggers should send Suli any questions they want asked. Over to you Graham!

  52. Semi Meow, are you for or against Roko? You jump sides as quickly as the tide changes on Minerva Reef.

  53. good vudi voci, knowing their names are made public might deter them from this inhumane acts,go on RUM tell all, Fiji is waiting to the whole truth, JB thanks for the detail, you are also answerable for the Kalabu act

  54. U.S. Pledges Help For Philippine Navy

    Tensions over Spratlys shouldn't lead to war, says American general




  55. @ Meo,

    Relax 'Auvu. That imposter of yours must really like you. Do not swear at him. Embrace him and give him a Thumbs Up...
    Or maybe send him one Nautosolo DVD with your Autograph.
    Remember the character of other senior Meo members like my former PS, always cool when under pressure....Remember what we are facing in Fiji will come to pass and do not let this Blogging pressure get over you...

  56. people..people hold your horses!...Qarase, Narube,Siwatibau etc were invited by the Military..get that!..Chaudary was already held hostage by then...think people,, it was a stand off between the military and speights' men...the military were in limbo..they had stabbed themselves in the foot..they were in need of people with intellect! said to say!

  57. anon 3.56
    luveni ulukau,,,,,
    the blind following the blind,,,,another group of people just wanting power,,,,no diff here.

  58. Coup is a crime of a highest degree,only death sentence is awaiting.....!!!If the military was involved,so be it,let them answerable to,because it's a...CRIME.. period
    Only justice should prevail,and only justice with the truth we'll set You and Me free and lets count for democracy for the people and to the people!!!
    Thumbs up mate-For DEMOCRACY!!!


  60. sa rui levu na sotia e ke!..bau so mada na va koroi e ra vosa baleta ni matata na ka e ra tukuna..this regime is corrupt fullstop..can't put it any other way!

  61. @anon 10.01pm.. these three are calling for restoration of democracy...at least it's somewhere to start..if they don't perform then vote them out.. that's fair..rather that wilding a gun..no one's perfect..but things have to be done in an orderly fashion!

  62. Some of u say your happy with current government cause they r better then past government. now compare the current unemployement rate, inflation, GDP, foreign borrowing , development contracts to foreign companies, and size of RFMF between this illegal government and past governments.

  63. Rum and JB thanks for the infor on 2000/2006 coup. You are unfortunately still trying to cover up some areas where you were personally involved - "shooting unarmed civilians, women, children and old men?". You must be proud of yourselves. Are you any better than Voreqe with his assault of unarmed women?
    JB - robbing market vendors and shops in Laqere area is nothing compared to robbing of our country by this illegal regime you helped put in place. Yes, we will take into account of your being away from the country, but did you really know nothing about the coup that would have been planned long before your departure to Sinai?
    Get us back our country but be ready to take the brunt of the people's anger afterwards. Its good we have a forgiving heart. Jesus said, "Forgive them for they do not know what they are doing!".

  64. Anon 9:11 compare these in ALL of the developing countries and the majority of developed countries since the global depression. In reality this government have done a monumental job to keep Fiji in a great position considering elsewhere in the world for a comparison google Greece or Ireland's positions now

  65. @1:58 PM. You bloody idiot.

    The economy is crumbling at a faster rate than the people are led to know.

    The economy has shrunk before our eyes since Bainimarama took control. The sugar industry has shrunk by two thirds since 2006.

    There is *no* investment in Fiji.


    In 2010 there were investment projects worth $591m in the pipeline only $17m was implemented.

  66. @anon 1:58pm, there is no comparison since the problem in Fiji has been the work of only one man that resulted in sacking of people, loss of jobs, robbing of the countries Treasury including FNPF, loss of major businesses including the sugar industry, no investment, high cost of living, crooked justice dept., nepotism, no transparency, no election etc etc etc.
    At least Greece and Ireland have got democracy and people are free to say what they want.
    anon 2:24 pm is also correct.

    Don't defend the indefensible.

  67. Anon ..A'uvu..June 25, 2011 8:47 PM.

    Isa..vinaka vakalevu na veivakasala'aki..

    So vei ira na 'ama'a qo na nodra veia'lanoa wavoki i'ko ga mai na yaca ni koro lailai mai Nakoro'ubu e colo kei Bure...o Naiv_ _ _.

  68. To be frank, I was very disappointed at the time when I heard of the some of the learned gentlemen advising the Military council. I felt that anyone being associated with the military at such a time was being either being insensitive or naive, as they would be cast into the same tainted brush. I never did revise my opinion. At the time, the military should have been the last place to be seen! Well who knows what goes around? Only the Almighty knows cause he tests our hearts and motives. So where are these gentlemen now? Maybe mere speculations but they were very real to me at the time in the aftermath of the 2000 coup, as a victim.

  69. @ Meo,

    Hahaha...sa yadra.

  70. @ Anonymous 10:44 PM (June 26, 2011) If you cast your mind back to the 2000 coup, you might recall that there was absolute chaos and anarchy for a day or two until the army was authorised by the then President, H.E Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara to intervene. That the learned gentlemen, Qarase, the late Siwatibau, Narube etc were asked to advise the military at the time was not shameful in the least. Remember, that Speight had made certain demands whilst holding guns against Chaudary's head as well as other FLP members being held hostage in the Parliamentary complex. People needed to do something to avoid the threat of the harming of the hostages. That is why the most senior, and most respected Fijian leaders at the time were called in to tender their advice to the Military Council. Their advice was given in good faith in the hope that Fiji would benefit. That Bainimarama knew about the 2000 coup beforehand however, just makes him out to be one of the most twisted and devious persons in the dark history of Fiji's tyrants. One does recall that when the SDL government of Qarase asked for a full Commission of Enquiry into the 2000 Coup, it was none other than Bainimarama that shot it down by asking the late President Iloilovatu (via his school mate Rupeni Nacewa) not to approve it. Why would someone go to those highly irregular lengths to prevent an enquiry that could shed light on a dark chapter of Fiji's history. An innocent person would have had no problem with it, in fact, he or she would have actually demanded it in the cause of transparency. Unfortunately, the English interpretation of the Talanoa session between, Suliasi Daunitutu, Roko Ului and Col J.B does not fully capture the delicate subtleties and nuances of the exchanges between the three gentlemen, thus people who do not understand Fijian and have only this interpretation to rely on, are jumping to wrong conclusions. It is vital in these things for interpretations to be spot on target otherwise people might start getting the wrong message as we are witnessing.


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