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Friday, June 24, 2011

More 'tell all' vids on the way and 200 tipped for second meeting

THUMBS UP: Mara, Suliasi and supporters.
Roko Ului Mara supporters say the most devastating video about Frank Bainimarama’s coup and the people around it are about to be revealed in a new batch of videos.

According to Suliasi Daunitutu, of the Australian Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement (FDFM),  Mara has decided that "the best way to expose the lies is to start from the beginning and work our way towards 2006".

The videos will be distributed worldwide and people will be encouraged to copy and "send to relatives in Fiji, in the urban and rural areas, islands and to the four corners of Fiji."

Daunitutu says the new Mara videos will "answer all your questions and this is the truth behind the whole smoke and mirror that Fijians had been hoodwinked with for the past 4 and half years."

Mara's second meeting in Australia is meanwhile expected to pull in between 150 to 200 people. The meeting is tomorrow night in Melbourne.

FDFM says it has been advised three bus loads are coming to Chadstone from Robinvale and other rural areas where Fijians are working on farms. That's on top of the Lau community in Melbourne.

The first forum in Canberra had a small turnout but the group forwarded to us letters of support it says it got from the GCC and the president of ACTU (you can read these at the end of the story).

The FDFM Victoria chapter secretary, Bale Sigabalavu, says despite the poor turnout two major resolutions were passed: the adoption of the FDFM Strategic Development Plan 2011-2014 and the adoption of the Transitional Plan for Democracy in Fiji: 10 Point Plan.

She says the meeting, with Mara as keynote speaker, was also a chance for the different FDFM chapters inter-state, guest speakers, academics, pro-democracy fighters and friends of Fiji to meet, deliberate and adopt new resolutions to take the movement forward in the fight to "restore democracy in our beautiful Land".

The movement also elected Raju Singh as the vice- president of FDFM Australia in an effort to encourage non-Fijian members, especially Indo Fijians, to be part of the movement.

FDFM plan to consolidate its work with interstate branches and prepare for the Pacific Island Forum in Auckland in September and the CHOGM meeting in Perth in October, followed by its AGM in November in Melbourne.

Sigabalavu says a lot more work has been done on the ground for this meeting with news of Mara's second meeting being pushed via radio announcements SBS, email circulations to various networks including church, social network, Facebook, pro-democracy groups interstate and via the coconut wireless.

"The Fijians are coming in from Robinvale/Griffith/Mildura to listen to RUM. I am getting worried that the venue we have booked might not fit them if we get 300 people. Our president has been inundated with phone calls with offers to host RUM here. We didn’t expect that especially when some kai-vitis don’t even support our group."

Sigabalavu says there have been some Fijians who are against Mara but have come around.

"We have been having lots of discussions with them informally about his stand to update them since most don’t read the blogs etc. 

"They are now open minded about it and are willing to attend and ask questions. Some are scared that their photos will be circulated here and in Fiji and they will be taken up to the army camp for torture. Some think their families will be tortured if they are seen to support RUM. So we are at a cross-road, but if they willing to come and listen then we have done our part."

Editor's Note: Bale Sigabalavu says there has been a change in executive positions. Peter Waqaitairewa resigned in April and Suliasi Daunitutu is now interim president and will be officially made president in November at its AGM. Jone Baledrokadroka is explaining the 10 point plan since he was part of the think tank and has been invited to Melbourne as the second keynote speaker.

Read the letter from the GCC

Read the letter from ACTU 

That letter has been reproduced here for those having problems opening the link:

The Australian Council of Trade Unions is gravely concerned about the deteriorating social and political situation in Fiji. In the first half of this year we have seen the call for democratic reform sweep across northern Africa and the Middle East like a wildfire, toppling or bringing to the brink repressive regimes in a number of countries – Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain and Libya. Oppressed peoples across the world have again shown their preparedness to sacrifice all for genuine democracy.
Free trade unions – those that are independent of the governing regime, and consequently usually the victims of persecution – have again been at the forefront of the movement for democratic reforms. Closer to home and plain for all to see, there is no democracy in today’s Fiji.

A series of decisions introduced by the ‘interim’ regime of Commodore Frank Bainimarama have curtailed human rights and suppressed dissenting views. Fiji’s Constitution has been abrogated. The independence and integrity of the judiciary has been compromised and media freedoms curtailed. The Bainimarama military dictatorship which seized power in 2006 has abandoned any pretext of commitment to the principles of equality, non-discrimination, and human, trade union, social and economic rights. The regime has adopted intimidation tactics to harass and instill fear in workers and trade unions. Twice this year, the President of the Fiji Trade Union Congress was detained by officers of the Fiji military; on one of those occasions he was physically assaulted. His family and colleagues  did not know his whereabouts while he was detained, nor when he would be released. Other unionists have similarly been detained and harassed. The International Trade Union Confederation annual global survey on Violation of Trade Union Rights released yesterday (Friday 10 June) documents the continuing harassment of unionists on Fiji under the military dictatorship. Today, I am at the International Labour Organisation in Geneva attending the International Labour Conference along with Felix Anthony and I can inform you, that we have raised these issues before the international forum.

The role of trade unions as the voice of workers has never been more important in Fiji. Since the latest coup the economic situation in Fiji has deteriorated sharply. Economic growth has stalled. Unemployment, underemployment and poverty are rising. Today it is estimated that 40 percent of Fijians are living on or below the poverty line - on less than $1.25 a day. On such meagre incomes it is a struggle to meet basic needs and the task is becoming increasingly difficult as the cost of food, electricity, water and fuel prices escalate. There are now over 200 squatter settlements around the major towns. Approximately 60 percent of those living below the poverty line are in work. But it is not decent work. Decent work provides stable, predictable and adequate income to families. Decent work is a quality job under conditions of freedom, equity, security and dignity. Decent work is one of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals, but many Fijians do not have it.

Trade unions play an important role in the promotion of decent work. As the voice for workers, trade unions also hold an important voice in civil society, an integral aspect of any democracy.  In Bainimarama’s Fiji the capacity of trade unions to represent workers has been sharply and significantly curtailed. Trade unions have no right to challenge any decision of Government or Government-owned enterprises in Fiji regarding redundancy or change to any terms or conditions of employment. This violates Fiji’s own labour laws and the obligations it has as a member of the International Labour Organisation. A new proposed decree, the Critical Industries in Financial Distress Decree, would effectively abolish unions in specified major corporations in Fiji. Despite the political context, Fijian trade unions are committed to represent Fijian workers and their families. Australian unions will stand shoulder to shoulder with Fijian workers, their families and trade unions in the struggle for human rights, sustainable peace and democracy.

Long-standing social tensions dating back to the British colonial period have led some to question whether democracy is viable in Fiji. In my view Fiji is not viable without democracy. Fiji urgently needs democratic institutions to ensure norms of restraint, tolerance, inclusiveness, egalitarianism, acceptance and co-existence are widely accepted. Fiji must hold immediate elections, return to democracy and recommit to a rights-based approach. Universal human rights and the economic and social situation demand it. In pursuit of those goals, I wish the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement every success. The Australian Council of Trade Unions strongly supports you in pursuit of your goals.

Yours sincerely,
Ged Kearney


The meeting is tomorrow (June 25), in Melbourne, 7pm at the St Marks Uniting Church Hall, 7 Edward Street, Chadstone. 

C4.5 Question: Who are the leaders we want for a new and free Fiji? Send us your nominations


Anonymous said...

Sa yawa, dua ga na ka au via kaya, "Don't you people have more important things to do rather than sit around the grog bowl and talk about things that doesn't concern you at all, SA RAUTA MADA NA VEI-SPOIL TAKI"

SEMI MEO said...

@Good to have a Pundit in Raju Singh joining , now best to balance up by inviting a Hajji from the mosque.

But why subject our relatives in Fiji to more intimidation and possible harm from the few thugs in the Military who will be up security in every post offices, ports etc.

May be a better way to upload the propaganda in the Fiji Airwaves and accessible by whoever wishes via domestic multi frequency Radio, TV and Mobile receivers?

Oh…why is JB drinking from the “sevuni ni ti”…give him the bilo ni vulagi!!

convolutedexperiment said...

My blessings and best wishes to everyone for a successful and fruitful meeting in Melbourne and safe passage back and forth to it.
Thumbs up !
Let's make Pastor Jone Tui proud.

convolutedexperiment said...

By the way, just a suggestion, why don't people not wanting to be photographed, just wear Burqa's or veils?

Anonymous said...

go rum go.
bai your time is up .

Anonymous said...

My heart cries when i read the letter from the GCC...i wish this message will reach the grassroot and villagers who are heavily brainwashed...

Thank you Ratu! Our prayers are with you! Definitely, it will need proper planning to rebuilt a house...God Bless the group!

Anonymous said...

All the best for the meeting in Melbourne and a thumbs up for the Democracy workers there who are doing a great job in educating people on what this coup is really all about. I think there are people who still think Bainikhaiyum is good for the country and we hope that this meeting will help dispel those myths!

Labasa said...

We want more of these, vinaka ragone.


Bomb threat called off
June 24, 2011 10:25:44 AMA+ A-| || The Police search and rescue team has called off a bomb threat earlier issued for the Government Buildings in Suva.

People have been allowed back into the building.

Police spokesman Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri told FijiLive there is a huge presence of police and bomb experts from the Fiji military at the Government Buildings.

Inspector Sokomuri said investigations are continuing and details will be revealed later.

By Nasik Swami and Tevita Vuibau

Anonymous said...

Do not be easily moved.”

Those were words of advice from the Prime Minister and Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama after officiating at the Infantry Day celebrations in Labasa this morning.

Addressing the Third Fiji Infantry Regiment (3FIR) at the Sukanaivalu Barracks, Commander Bainimarama encouraged his men to be strong, courageous and not to be easily moved or led astray.

"I want to remind you of the need to focus only on things that will help us build a better Fiji, focus on unity and togetherness,” Commodore Bainimarama said.

The RFMF Commander also reminded his men to keep in mind the commander's intent and to always remember his directives in every task that they carried out whether big or small in nature.

In highlighting the progress and development in rural areas he said that Government was trying to ensure the equal distribution of resources, something that was normally only confined to urban areas in the past.

Commodore Bainimarama also urged his men to take advantage of the opportunity from the United Nations to increase the number of RFMF peace keepers in Iraq.

"Let us continue to uplift and maintain the standards of our peacekeeping operations in Iraq," he said.

Commodore Bainimarama also presented medals for meritorious service awards to 10 men of the Sukanaivalu Barracks.

The celebrations ended this afternoon with a church service attended by the Prime Minister.


Anonymous said...

There no need for burqa or veil.We are not fanatics .Your suggestion sound stupid.Some of are worried our photographs can harm our innocent famalies back home.After find out military goons torture human right abuse abd brutality it is something to be concerned about.

Anonymous said...

C. 4.5 ask Baleidrokadroka on the beating of the rebels in Labasa in 2000. He was the head of the blue band company that came here. We are waiting for him to answer for that. Rokoului has admitted his involvement but JB is hiding. We in Labasa are waiting for him. We will pay back when we meet. You don't have anywhere to run. Come back home and apologies if not it will eat you internally and your democracy vision will not be fulfilled. Lamulamu....tikoga na dakai drau tagane tiko, sa sega na dakai drau matavakalialia tu....drau kere veitokoni tiko mai....keimami sega ni tamata lialia sara...keimami na qai tokona ga edua na tamata savasava....kemudrau kei Bainimarama dou na vesu kece....keimami na vacuvaculaki kemudou mada dou na qai biu ena lawa...namaka waraka!!!! lesu tale na koli ena nona lua...

Anonymous said...


Sa Tekivu….me yaco sara


Bomb threat called off

June 24, 2011 10:25:44 AM

The Police search and rescue team has called off a bomb threat earlier issued for the Government Buildings in Suva.

People have been allowed back into the building.

Police spokesman Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri told FijiLive there is a huge presence of police and bomb experts from the Fiji military at the Government Buildings.

Inspector Sokomuri said investigations are continuing and details will be revealed later.

By Nasik Swami and Tevita Vuibau

Thumbs up Fiji said...

The Australian government needs to understand one important thing: Australia will have to pick up the pieces if developments in Fiji continue the way we have seen in the last 4 years. The Fiji regime is clearly on its way to oppress any opposition violently. The fact that we have only seen a couple of deaths in custody should not lead to the conclusion that the Khaiyum/Bainimarama dictatorship is in any way benevolent. Like all other dictators that oppress their people violence will be reserved for critical uprisings. But violence will come. It is still time to nip this in the bud and avoid the need for a military intervention and a flood of Fijian refugees rushing to Australia and New Zealand. But time might be running out.
- No more UN support and peace keeping for the thugs
- Realistic travel warnings
- Sanctions like freezing assets
- More international pressure

Anonymous said...

Videos are a great idea and easily copied onto CDs and distributed. People are much more willing to watch a video than read so thumbs up for that idea. Can all these videos be compiled into an order that wuold be easily understood by people watching...think grassroot to make sure the message gets across of the reality behind the facade this regime is putting up.

Anonymous said...

Bomb threat at Suva’s government building

Reporters in Fiji say there was a bomb scare at the Government Building earlier today forcing it to be cordoned off.

It houses dictator Frank Bainimarama’s office.

Team Frank shouldn’t look any further than Aiyaz Khaiyum to tell them if his bomb-making operatives are still active from 2007.

Here is the report by Fijilive:

By Nasik Swami and Tevita Vuibau


Police spokesman Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri told FijiLive there is a huge presence of police and bomb experts from the Fiji military at the Government Buildings.

Inspector Sokomuri said investigations are continuing and details will be revealed later.

Anonymous said...

Hope the videos get to Nadogo,,,,looks like the grass roots have already reconciled with frank n videos too late!
Salaseini Vosamana
Friday, June 24, 2011

THE people of Nadogo in Macuata have presented a traditional apology to Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama for initially opposing his leadership.

Tui Nadogo Ilisaniti Malodali said the apology was significant to them because it indicated the district's support of the State.

"We sought Commodore Bainimarama's forgiveness because a lot of people in this district opposed the Government," Mr Malodali said.

"This Government has done so much for this district and we are grateful because it has opened up doors for developments, not only in our district but for the whole of the north.

"We now have full support of the Government and we will allow more development to be done on our land." In response, Commodore Bainimarama accepted their apology and urged them to put the past behind and strive for a better Fiji. He said the Government had worked hard to be rid of dirty politics that tried to undermine development plans for Fiji.

"Let us put aside our differences and work together to bring prosperity to our land. This Government will not hold back but continue to develop the nation so people can live a better life," Commodore Bainimarama said.

Anonymous said...

Who wrote the GCC letter? GCC hasnt even met so lets not spoil the credibility by claimimg its a GCC letter guys.

Anonymous said...

IA!IA! kajia na papai!!!!

Some people in the illegal gov will be having sleepless nights with this revelations hahaha...

God Bless you RU, Daunitutu & JB.

Vala ena dina!

Turaga said...

Hey Folks, You know Bainimarama is such a stupid smart ass.
The more information revealed about him and his illegal govt, the more we find him going down to the grassroot level, the innocent villagers, to show them that he is capable of running a govt and giving them whatever they want using the money that he borrowed from China.
Remember while in Lau he promised them thathe will make roads and buses will run, every schools will be provided with solar energy and fully equipt with computers. Now he made roads in the North using Chinese contrators. Made developments in rural areas etcs. Innocent people did not know where the developments are funded from....well its not their concern to know....but whoever meets up with their needs will be the best out of all.
So whoever will oppose and call him pig or bainidena....they will say he is still the best because he has given them all what they wanted. Isn't he another Robin Hood?? Rob from the rich and gave to the poor.....
We see how far he goes.

Anonymous said...

no date on the letter nor signature{s|, no letter head? very suspicious I say

Anonymous said...

Lots of character assasinations and blasphemy from Roko now. Moses was "called" you ran away!!
The Fijian people are better off now without the input of the GCC. Their needs are being met. The GCC letter we don't buy like a lot of accusations you are making and fabrication of lies.GCC doesn't suit the modern governments or democracies. You guys have really have missed the band wagon. Thank you for your democracy cries. Those who are in Fiji and able to contest the 2014 elections will do so. Most of the fruit pickers are probably students and illegal workers on holidays.

Anonymous said...

El Supremo's trip to Vanua Levu and subsequent traditional apology by people of Macuata. Bai is campaigning. Funded by taxpayers, he has a head start on all would-be political parties interesting in "running" but still unable to convene whilst the PER is in place. By the time it's lifted, it'll be Christmas Day on 2013. Fair elections when? And what about the new constitution? When is this going to be rammed down Fiji's throat as well.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people do not want to go...they still want to go and visit families in Fiji unhindered...Once you join the movement you become vulnerable ( according to some)..they just want to live a normal life away from political influences by the loosers...

Anonymous said...

We are wasting time talking and no action.

convolutedexperiment said...

Any comments on any blogs which support the Regime, yet don't cary profiles of the contributor, can rightly be ignored and dismissed as lies and propaganda, or they would use their correct identities etc.

Wainunu said...

Regarding these public apologies from Provinces to Vore!!!!......

What Rural people say and do to important guests at their meetings, should be interpreted with caution and sensitivity to the context and environment in which these exchanges take place.

Face value meanings of verbal communications can be wrongly interpreted by uncritical and naieve interpretators.

Meanings of verbal and body languages can be misleading at rural community gatherings.

We only have to recall how communities all over Fiji invited guests to open their gatherings with fine words of exhaltations and praises for the chief guest(s)......and behind that the hosts expect the guests to open the function with huge donations.

This was where the Rabi Development Co-op lost tens of thousands of dollars in donations when they were invited all over Fiji to open community functions.

Guests, especially leaders of Govts always welcomed elaborately in villages , where they are loaded with praises for their leadership, where the catch phrase "unity of Vanua, Lotu and Matanitu" often get over emphasised and beaten up. To a naive observer the hosts sound over generous and supportive of Govts....the hosts in fact are trying to bend the guest's/Government's favour to them. This is traditional oiling of palms and hands of whoever is holding the development purse-strings.

Recall how Eveli Ganilau was nicknamed Mr Five dollars. He was guest invited to open a community function somewhere in a Suva suburb, and his soli was $5.00.

Happened to colonial Governors, former PMs, former Ministers, DCs, DOs etc.... remember how popular Minister Shiu Raj was in rural areas????. He gave out thousands of useful donations.

This is what all the Provinces are doing to Bainimarama. With expectation of funding for their projects, they apologise for things they probably had not committed, but no-support is a popular in thing to apologise for.

When the dictator leaves the gathering/meeting, comments at his back would probably kill him if he hears them.

So we should take these public apologies from Provinces to the dictator with a grain of salt....its what has become a traditional habit with hooks attached They want a share of $$$ Vore is dishing out.

Vore in turn flies off to China to replenish his constantly empty coffers/purse to dish out again to the next apologisers.....leaving all of us in huge debts.

Tailevu, Namosi, Kadavu and Naitasiri people have learnt this very quickly early on and if you listen to them carefully in their private times , you will agree with what i said above.

They are their normal selves when they are relaxing in private. This is when they say what they actually bilieve in. They hate the current suppressive political, economic, administrative and human freedom environments in Fiji.

Voreqe instructs Military said...

One country, one army
Fiji Sun 24.6.11


Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has instructed his soldiers to listen to one voice or command - that of the Commander of the Republic of the Fiji Military Forces.
This instruction was delivered by Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama while addressing Battalion Third Fiji Infantry Regiment (3FIR) troops at the Sukanaivalu Barracks in Labasa yesterday.

Speaking in the i-Taukei language, Commodore Bainimarama encouraged his men to be strong and not to be easily swayed by outside influences.

Commodore Bainimarama stressed to them to refrain from listening to stories that would bring about disunity in the disciplined force.

"E levu tiko nai rogorogo ko ni na rogoca wavoki tu ena noda vei tikotiko kei na veikorokoro. Au sa dau tukuna wasoma vei keda meda vakanamata tiko ga kina dua ga na lewa. (You will hear a lot of rumours in different places and communities. I have always stressed that you need to listen to only one decision or command)."

"Ni yalo qaqa ka yalo dei tiko na lewe ni mataivalu ka kakua ni dau yavalati vakarawarawa. (Be strong and remain steadfast and do not be easily swayed by rumours or anything else).

He urged soldiers to continue to live by the strong foundations of the RFMF and abide by the Commander's Intent.

The PM stressed to soldiers that whatever roles they had to play, they must remember that the Commander's Intent must always be first and a directive to follow.

"Ni vakanamata duadua ga kina veika ena kauta mai na bula sautu, bula veilomani kei na bula ni veivinakati ka yali kina na veivakaduiduitaki vakamatakawatamata (You must focus on things and developments that would bring us peace, stability and harmony. Focus on what eradicates racial discrimination)," Commodore Bainimarama said.

"Me liu tiko ga ena veigauna taucoko na noqui dusidusi - Commander's Intent. Nai tavi lailai se lelevu kece sara eda qarava, e dodonu mei dusidusi tiko na noqui vakaro (Directives). (First and foremost, you always must remember that the Commander's Intent is always paramount. Whatever roles you have to play, you must remember that the Commander's Intent must always be first. It must direct what you do)," Commodore Bainimarama said.

He said soldiers must work together in unity.

This, Commodore Bainimarama said would build the better Fiji his Government is focused in achieving.

Commodore Bainimarama also presented medals for meritorious service awards to 10 men.

The celebrations ended with a church service attended by military personnel, civil servants, ex-servicemen and their families.

FijiBlue said...

SUGGESTION: Encourage members of all families that are opposed to this government to walk into any police station, police post or army camp and give themselves up for sedition and anti-government. Let's see how they handle this! Imagine the hundreds, possibly thousands of people giving themselves up!! How can this government handle that? Worthy of thought! I'm handing myself over tonight!!!

Kinoya Kid said...

kinoya kid says,
I think we should come down to earth and face the reality of things here in Fiji and not from an alien country...some of you are seeing things as they are and good on you...
no sense in bringing back the past...we have to move on...It's nonsense in trying to bring back the news of yester-years because that won't bring back nothing but only open up old injuries that most of you who abscon to alien counries want to forget unless Ului whats to divulge more in details the number of individuals he toture and humilates...and not jest start pointing fingers at others which is his specialty..."U Mark My Word"
when that tape do come out, he will never at one one time stand up and acknowledge that he did it....
he will always said that he will be answerable to the people ...
When is that be? He should be judged first before he opens his big mouth...wanting democracy...
pse lets all face the reality of this and see that he face the consequences of his action first and fore most....
Some of those on these Blog are silently suffering because of Uluis doings....
All of you...Suliasi,Kaitani and Co...are all there same as him, jest to be seen and be recognised and don't give aD...to those silent sufferers who were humilated by this coward....U are jest the same as him....
God Bless those who were humiliated by him

Jieke said...

Anon 1:17

Who cares about who wrote the letter.

The fact is most people in Viti want a return to democracy. The test is simple...the Vore has only to call a free referendum and he will see how popular he really is. Oh for starters lift the bloody PER and see the fun.

Kinoya Kid said...

kinoya kid says,
you are rite Sala all the people of Fiji have seen the real truth in what's really happening in Fiji...development pops up from every where.....those Development will bring in revenues to pay off gvt debts....

Anonymous said...

Must be no money in the bank....now Post Fiji disregarding Vore's directives.


Kinoya Kid said...

Kinoya kid says.
@ Fiji Blue...U are most welcome mate...now we need action...the govt. is doing its part in development...
So as U symperthisers of democracy...carry on take your self to any station and declare yourself if you are a man of your word and not lamu like ramu....
God Bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

lol ! Vinaka Kinoya Kid...sa jdina...sa da lako kece yani (kada kivikvi qore..)...lol

Anonymous said...

@convolutedexperiement - 2.57pm, are suggesting that all join the Democratic Movement then and that those that support the regime without their identity are just falsely propagating regime senitment? Are you suggesting that like Mara and JB, when one joins the movement they can forget about going to the Fiji now and go when the new Fiji has risen. I think if you are not dumb then you are so bloody stupid to fail to appreciate and consider that most people who are Australians with a Fijian backgound have the freedom to choose and right to go freely to Fiji as they wish. They are free to attend Mara and JB's activities as they wish - and make up their minds. They have a better memory then most people like you - these two Mara and JB have blood in their hands too and were members of the military during the coups, now they have deserted by their own volition and have been given the chance to mix freely with the rest of 'free western society' and innocent bystanders from Fiji in Australia. The last thing we need is to attract attention from the regime by associating oneself with them by Fijian cultural organisations in Australia - people should understand that as a chief Mara will recieve some attention from his kinds from Lau or Tovata - only culturally - but when the decider of affiliation to political ideals, people are obliged to decide for themselves. I am sure they can still visit Fiji at will BUT you never know 'walls have ears' If people do not want to be associated with activities of the Democratic movements so be it. They are not advocates of the Regime and they have the freedom to remain anonymous. Where is freedom of expression? If you are so open to open a blog expect the diverse nature of comments and not just accuse people who wants to remain neutral from the context of their CRITISM of the Mara and JB. Or do you really expect all comment here to be against the Regime - I hope you had all your identity exposed as well....

Anonymous said...

@FIJIBLUE good fo you....why dont the Democratic movement in Australia folk out money, tell all those attacking the Regime to come out of their shell and go to the cops tonight..or why not organise to ship them out to Tonga...or start an assylum business by inciting rumours across Fiji...like 'want a better life...go to Wainadoi..a ship will load all those against the Regime..and will take them to Australia through Manus Island Detention Centers...a new life awaits in Australia"...see how that goes...

Anonymous said...

Ulukau,,,,,fraud starts when u start misrepresenting something which it is really not......
so get yo act together!

Anonymous said...

I'll be recording all the photos from the next meeting.
Green Goon.

Anonymous said...

I was down loading this document to see who from the GCC was kinda "talking" or writingguess what no one form the GCC! The it dawned on me that its now called the BLV!?? Who is Roko Ului trying to con here? We have piece on Moses & the Isralites-is he trying to make comparison? Sa rauta mada Raru na lasu! Can you please give us the information you said you had about Bainimarama or please just shut up and go away! We are not that dumb to know you are just trying to clear up your name and make out you got conned into the system! Na lialia ga ena via vaka bauti iko.Tou should not be seen nor heard-simple as that, leave those that are fighting for true democracy to fight the fight,you are th one that destroyed it-or have you forgotten??

Anonymous said...

@5:15 PM. What Ya Talkin' Bout, Bro? You cant even spell "fork". LOL!

Anonymous said...

@5:15 PM. what you talkin bout willis? This illegal regime hath made a pit, and digged it, and is fallen into the ditch which it made.

Anonymous said...

Promises of elections in 2014 are not being taken seriously by Pacific Islands Forum leaders because Commodore Frank Bainimarama has been consistently dishonest in his dealings with the leaders and therefore cannot be trusted.

Samoa PM dismissive of Fiji 2014 election pledge

Posted at 01:42 on 24 June, 2011 UTC

Samoa’s prime minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, says a promise by Fiji’s leader to hold elections in 2014 is not taken seriously by Pacific Islands Forum leaders.

Tuileapa says this is because Commodore Frank Bainimarama has been consistently dishonest in his dealings with the leaders and therefore cannot be trusted.

He says Commodore Bainimarama’s latest election promise is also not consistent with his actions as he continues to fill up the top public service ranks with his cronies in the military and elsewhere.

Tuilaepa has invited him to Apia and says should his visit coincide with that of the former Fiji military officer, Lieutenant Colonel Tevita Mara, the three of them can enjoy cold Vailima beers under the swaying coconut trees.

He says perhaps what the situation in Fiji requires, is a cold Vailima solution.

Alluding to Fiji’s military coups, Tuilaepa says Samoa doesn’t have coups, unless, as he puts it, it’s a chicken coop.

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Anonymous said...

Fiji’s leader, who is accused of human rights abuses, has said he will stay in power until at least 2014.

US to consult Pacific amid unease over Fiji

Posted at 03:19 on 24 June, 2011 UTC

The United States says most Pacific Islands governments have quietly expressed growing unease about the situation in Fiji.

The Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and Pacific Affairs Kurt Campbell says he will consult further during next week’s tour which will take him to Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Palau, the Federated States of Micronesia and the Marshall Island.

Fiji’s leader, who is accused of human rights abuses, has said he will stay in power until at least 2014 despite calls since the last coup to return the country to democratic rule.

Mr Campbell says the US is looking to New Zealand and Australia to take the lead in dealing with Fiji.

“We are concerned by what we’ve seen. We’ve maintained sanctions on Fiji and we would like very much a civilian government return to power in a transparent, inclusive and open process.”

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Anonymous said...

Hey green goon

Who gives a flying f@*# whether you'll be watching mel. pics tomorrow good for you.

We must make folks like you worry considering you kiuva sympathisers spend a lot a time in here reading go read your fiji sun bitch !!!

Anonymous said...

This blog has been filled with criticism against the regime. Good, thats healthy journalism. Now expect some criticism from we neutral bystanders...remember the Democratic movement in melbourne is trying to 'gather moss'..We all know there is another circle of friends behind Mara. History does not have to be history for this generation to learn from it. We are seeing history unfold in our eyes...it has happened before. We came to Australia without the Democratic movement, we tolied our 'hides' in order to find employment and build a new life. Its only those that are coming under tourist visa and - through a consultant are -upgrading their visas to a bridging/protection status. Fijians are naive, Mara is at the end of a puppet string, but cultural ties like those from orgnaisations that will attend through their 'cultural obligation/identity' will be caught with the 'wool' over their eyes, will expand resourcers to attend his sermons. The majority of people who are 'opportunists' and who are on the run from immigration may attempt to find what this 'avenue' will bring them. Like all Fijians used to handouts, they will say what is in it for me? So beware those who are being swept by this 'cocktail of cotton wool culture mixed with a dash of looser politics'.. you may be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Voreqe has the potential to invest in investigatory operations in order to extend his Regimes arms. Be proactive, if you attend stay away from cameras, videos etc etc....remember one way or the other technology never lies.

Anonymous said...

Anon@6:33 dont forget to call Immigration to Chadston to check the papaers of those without papaers attending from the farming region. Also others not on non working visas, get a protection visa (for fairness and warnfing), get a consultant lawyer to register your case and attend such Democratic functions. In case the Immigration arrives, you might just be lucky and not get busted!! Remember people in the meeting can easily sell you off....watch your back!!

Kini said...

We are now being drowned with garbage from an idiot called Kinoya Kid.

He brings to us all the stench and bullshit from the Kinoya sewerage treatment plant where he had be having a swim.

I normally skip his post as he keeps regurgitating his pro-military garbage. Kinoya kid shut yourself in a room and play with yourself.

Anonymous said...

Don't know how many of u live in Fiji. I love and work in Fiji and have no political affilations. Like any country,Fiji is not perfect. But current govt is the best we have had since 70's. Lots of development. Ordinary people don't care abt democracy or not. They want food on the table. And that is what they getting.

Anonymous said...

Has run Fiji for over 4 yrs. No uprising, must be doing lots right. End of story.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Uli Mara
Please please do something to bring down this government.

Keep The Faith said...

The entertainment value of the military bloggers reeks of MAJOR desperation.

Once again they swarm this update with intimidation and threats of cameras, migration status and whatever else they think will rattle would-be participants at Mr Mara's meeting in Melbourne.

They never cease to amaze with their predictability.

Why don't you boys just run along and play with the Commanders Intent aye?

Leave the adults business to those who can at least pronounce words containing 2 or more syllables. LMAO.

Anonymous said...

Kerekere - kua na lasu about the GCC letter,,,,GCC last met in 2007?
Just put yo name but not GCC,,,,,,affects yo credibility when you lie/ misrepresent.

Chyna said...

"THUMBS UP FIJI DEMOCRACY" vina valevu na SASAGA ne VINA na leda VITI lomani JB & RUM .

Anonymous said...

@9:50 No uprising because of the PER you nugget.

Anonymous said...

c4.5 you will note the increased activities of the green goons on your blog...this shows that your blog now holds the hearts and minds of the people of FIJI...the goons now realise this. Now their efforts have just increased in winning the hearts and minds that c4.5 now control. Please do not let them succeed. There are only a few of them but they are paid to sit in front of computers on a 24 hours shift basis and will be bombarding this blog with their rubbish which most of them do not believe in anyway but are merely following orders for bread and butter sake. We ordinary Fijians cannot spend all our time on the blogs because we have to work hard to feed our families and we do not want to come to our resting place (C4.5) and see it littered with green goon crap...c4.5 please do not post their comments because they have just stepped up their operation against c4.5 seeing that you are attracting far too many friends in a very rapid pace on facebook and in your visitors record in this page in a very short time...you are the single biggest threat to everything the green goons and the illegal regime stands for...please do not hand your weapons over to them to use against us ordinary Fijians who hate this regime and most of all do not allow them to use your weapons to destroy the effectiveness of c4.5. Thank you

Anonymous said...

to all the greens goons on this site you are advised to return to your blog...Real FIJI News...which no one is interested in and has remained defunct since 4 November 2009...c4.5 is for us who want freedom from you and this illegal regime...we want DEMOCRACY...Thumbs Up to DEMOCRACY

Anonymous said...

@anom 5.56am, Real Democracy figthers will not care abt PER. If there was real resentment, 10,000 of u so called democracy fighters wud line the streets of Suva and protest. But since u so called democracy figthers live overseas u can't nor do u have the numbers here. PER will not work if 10,000 arrests are needed to be made. Reality, people in Fiji dont care. They getting food on the table without chiefs eating their money. END of STORY!

Anonymous said...

There are some very good postings here from both sides...Also a good deal of truth from both sides , nothing is ever totally black or white. Good on the moderater for allowing a full & free discussion. This is the corner stone of the Greek senate and the origins of Democracy.People who come to this forum merely to throw stones are not helping to promote their viewpoint..I will try & do another cartoon today.

Major Blank retired

Anonymous said...

There has always been corruption in Fiji but before it was corruption WITH NO DEVELOPMENT at least now we still have corruption BUT THE EVERYDAY PEOPLE ARE GETTING DEVELOPMENT.




Anonymous said...

@Keep the faith - 1.01 am. Burning the midnight oil to quanitfy how many Democratic Movement supporters or Regime advocates exchange interaction in this blogg. mate, wake up and stop 'whingging'. This is a free world of free expression. Whether the assumed military supporters intimidate or threat 'immigration and cameras' or Democratic Movement issue anti-sentimental issues about the Regime; its OK. You sound like a true Fijian very 'emotive and subjective'. My advice have, if you are an adult have a thick skin, take the flack. Does it not dawn onto you the beauty of balanced publicity. Pressure the autocrats that OK, the autocrats live in a Regime but there is no border in Technological space. Its a free space - get over your emotions and take it as an ADULT. At least the current 'immigration' runners are fairly warned incase they are naive too and think (like many Fijians) everyone in the forum in Chadston will be 'on one frequency' ans their identity are secure. You never know. And at least the warning message goes to those that want to remain neutral and do not know yet anything about 'intellectual property'. It only for adults - right KEEP THE FAITH??'...good keep the faith for Democracy, for neutrals lets keep driving some sense to one sides interaction so that these bloggers understand what really if 'Free speech'!!!!

Anonymous said...

Could someone pls list the benefits the GCC has been able to implement for the "grassroots" Fijian people ie regardless of ethnicity? If there is enough space!

Anonymous said...

Some of u say your happy with current government cause they r better then past government. now compare the current unemployement rate, inflation, GDP, foreign borrowing , development contracts to foreign companies, and size of RFMF between this illegal government and past governments.

Kinoya Kid said...

kinoya kid says,
Kini yousound like a man fighting a loosing battle .....U must look at the reality of wat's happening around U...we must admit the fact wat has happened....Your cry of democracy won't bring back wat has happened....

Anonymous said...

au nanuma sara na sere ya,,,"esa seyavu tiko yani vakamalua na kemu kamica......."

Tikoilepanoni said...