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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Moving the 10-point plan ahead: Canberra forum

JOINING FORCES: Peter Waqatairewa and Roko Ului Mara.

Democracy advocates, academics and community have been at today's forum at Quebeyan, in Canberra. 

The plan will promoted by Mara on his Pacific wide campaign.
Suliasi Daunitutu & Jone Baledrokadroka

Part of the crowd at the meeting.

Academics Jon Frankel and  Brij Lal plus former Fiji politician Simi Kaitani.

Pictures courtesy of the Sydney-based magazine, Drum Pasifika.


Anonymous said...

hurrayy.......great stuff. lets kick the taliban before he becomes fiji's only billionare....

Anonymous said...

I do not wish to take up any side in the political discussion but one thing continues to baffle me. There are lots of "experts" on Fiji. Brij Lal is not one of those people. The guy is laughable. I know him personally. Please stop treating this guy like God. Listen to others, but not this guy.

Coup 4.5 said...

Annon 5.03pm - Totally disagree. Brij Lal has a contribution to make and is doing just that. We say Thumbs Up to Constructive Debate - C4.5

We'd Be Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel said...

OMG, please, please, please, don't let the leadership of a new Fiji include people like Simione Kaitani.

Anonymous said...

C4.5, any idea how many turned. Doesnt seem many. I could literally count around 10 in the photo.

Coup 4.5 said...

Annon 5.15pm - Have been told this was committee meeting early this morning - C4.5

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5.03 sounds like a typical sour grape. yuk.

Anonymous said...

@ paranoid bottom of barrel..

Your energy is best spent supporting anti-junta movement so we can rid Fiji's dictatorship asap.

Thumps Up Fiji! said...

It's a real pity that people seem to be focused on personalities esp. of past politicians or whoever they still feel paranoid about. My message to them is to please get help so you can help us dislodge the tentacles of Fiji's thieving junta currently strangling our economy and people to death.

Otherwise, please just get a life, we really don't need your excess baggage.

Anonymous said...

Kaitani = Satanee

convolutedexperiment said...

Thumbs up guys, the beginning of the end for Frank and Co.
I'm sorry I couldn't be there.

Anonymous said...

People like Simione Kaitani should not be even be seen around debates on democracy.

This guy is the one who was part of the events of 2000, that has brought Fiji to where it is today.

Anonymous said...

Why are you guys so much against Simi?

If anyone it is Simi Kaitani who can proudly say that he had the mandate of the people.

When I say mandate of the people, I mean when he single handedly challenged SVT, FAP, VLV to win the seat against all Fijian political parties put together.

He did not earn political votes via Agriculture Scam or $20m w/off of FHL loan that were to benefit the Chiefs to throw their support for newly formed SDL because he came with his own votes.

If you talk about democracy, the way it is meant to be...then just shut up and follow the constitution and not your own writeing of the constitution who is good or bad.

I guess some of you are against him because he is seen as a nationlist? There is nothing wrong to be a nationalist until you can find them guilty of breaking any law.

There were many that did that belonged to SDL, but the speaker did not punish them for making racist remarks in parliament. So it is the policing of parliament by the speaker and the disceplinary committee who keeps colloborating with the racist politicians and then blaming the politicians instead is no excuse. It is they who are mandated to ensure the language in parliament and in cabinet is used appropriately is who have failed us BIG TIME.

Basically when you are in parliament or any public office - just shut up and put up of your views that are not consistent with the constitution period.

As for Simi, I guess people hate him is because he was on the laud speaker at the height of 2006 coup.

But when the govt was locked up, he was the only politician that did not have any political party leadership to advice him what was right and wrong. He had to rely on his own judgements to do as he thought was right to do, given that he was an independent and he had the political mandate to keep the crowd calm.

His name has not come out at any point that he was part of the planning of the 2000 coup.

If the swearing into Speight's cabinet was that unlawful for a sitting MP, at least he was legally a sitting MP.

His position was much better than those who swore in as MP's in President's IG after the abbrogation of the constitution period.

"If" I had a political party I will personally invite him to take up a ticket in my political party!

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu...

Observer said...

It is unfortunate that certain comments continue to personalise issues.

Just maybe Anonymous 5.03 still does not like Dr. Brij Lal for failing this person in History Politics at USP.

Everyone at that meeting are exercising their democratic rights and freedom, something that we miss sorely in Fiji.

There is no need to personalise issues against Dr. Brij Lal and Mr. Kaitani though I personnaly have my reservations about their connections to past leadership hierarchy.

While I pity Anonymous for equating Kaitani to Satanee, in other words questioning the man's relationship with our Almighty GOD, I dare you Anonymous (But GOD knows you) to find out how Mr. Kaitani managed to slip out of Fiji at a time when the Military Emergency Security Apparatus was at its highest with checkpoints, etc all over the place 24/7.

Yes Mr. Kaitani slipped through and left the country bound for Australia, yes, yes by OUR GOD'S PROVIDENCE.

Do not joke about something you do not know or you will get burnt severely........I promise you.

Why Not Kaitani? said...

Why not Kaitani?
Because his brand of nationalism is heavily tainted by xenophobia.
Au vinakata me ra tubu cake na luvequ me ra rokova na nodra dodonu na veimata-tamata taucoko.
I don't want them to grow up expecting any special treatment just because they are iTaukei.
There was an opportunity in the 1999 general election for Fiji to move past the racist politics that had dominated our country but it was people like Kaitani on one side and Mahendra Chaudhary on the other who continued to promote, nurture and feed off the fear of the other race to get into Parliament.
Unless they prove that they really are for an inclusive Fiji, I will still see them as short-sighted political opportunists who care about no one else but themselves.
They had their chance to take our country forward and they collectively stuffed it up.
Almost everyone who has dabbled in politics in Fiji between 1999-2011, including this current crop of oppressive autocrats, deserve no part in the new Fiji.

convolutedexperiment said...

Where two or more are gathered in his name, there is LOVE !
Blessed are the peacemakers !
Thumbs Up !

Anonymous said...

Please,do talk about issues then people- those pointing fingers at people, no one is perfect in this world except the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, son of the living God. We should all combined for democracy to come back for this loving nation, not by pin point at people's weaknesses. We all want take this regime down, for sake of the economy both at Micro and Macro level - we nosediving and need 100% united front- Thumps up for the Aussie meeting- number is not important as long as the platform has been launch and the momentum will pick up - God work in mysterious ways and will always use the foolish things of this worls to shame the wise and the weal things of this world to shame the strong- Keep moving Roko Ului we are with you all the way!!!!!!!.

Anonymous said...

thump's up to fiji democracy, those people whom taking the stand now is not the ones who will run the democratic gorvenment. all they are trying to do is to get fiji back to democracy i.e have an election and get the people of fiji to choose their gorvenment.

Anonymous said...

Same old shit, same old faces !!!! What Sydneys's and Canberra's FDM should do is include another point in their 10-point plan and that is "No Military Personnel and No former politicians shall be included in the new Interim Govt". No Qarase, No Chaudary, No Trade Unionists, No NGOs.

Get people like Graham Leong, Lisa Apted, Jon Apted, Warden Narsey, Satendra Nandan, Rt Joni Madraiwiwi on board.

The above mentioned are not only well qualified but have stable bank accounts so the last thing they'll do is pilfer the remaining dollars and "saqamolis" from the Nations coffers.

FDM, JB and Brij, I challenge you to include point 11.

Sa dri yani

Anonymous said...

Can someone credibly give us the number of people who turned. The pics show it was less than 20. Australia media say less than 40.

Ratzmann said...

Can Ratu Tevita Ului Mara also apologise to all of Fiji for damaging Wai Serevis life...please put this up so that the whole of Fiji knows who our freedom fighter is...also a womaniser...ladies in Aussie...please be careful. He is the son of the ONCE revered, famous, admired, first PM and once President. He is there to do human fishing...

Ratzmann said...

Yeah...Suliasi Daunitutu for Minister of Information. He is best suited for the job.

Ratzmann said...

@ Observer June 11, 2011 7:27 PM

Come on observer...you threatening somebody? Paaleeez drink some icewater. Keep it cool yoh. You sound like Kaitani himself. The name explains alot...for supporting Brij Lal.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how easy it is to become bitter and twisted about the events that are unfolding before us but its clear that we all want a new regime to lead Fiji into the future.

I very much would like to question many articles or post on this blog on its authenticity, bearing in mind it carries a lot of weight on how it influences our opinions.

Can anyone genuinely vouch for Roko Uluis intentions of bringing democracy back to Fiji or is he just another Ratu looking for $$$??

or maybe his trying to achieve what his ancestor Ma'afu could not??? after all he now has a Tongan passport... i wonder how long he had that for before going on his so called fishng trip???
Now that his seen the light... why did he not see it before he gave orders for those crimes they committed??? Maybe he was blinded by all the $$$???

I wonder where his source of finances are coming from, to pay for his trip around the world... after all he did go fishing. Surely, we don't all take our bank cards and cheque books with us when we go out fishing aye... is he another puppet on a string for his master??? more like Muppet!!!

Oh well, best wishes on his quest anyway... what ever it really maybe.

But, please don't let Fiji down again. We need leaders to take us ahead and not just around in circles... vaka na ramalili!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Brij Lal!! Thank you Mr Kaitani!! Thanks everyone for supporting Democracy for Fiji!! Thumbs Up!!! Judgement Day is coming!!!! We the grass roots people have spoken!!! Vore and Khaiarse!! You better be scared!! be very scared!!!! Hope with your $700,000 salaries, you have invested in getting a fancy coloured bucket for NABORO!!!! ha!ha!ha!hi!hi!.... Naboro here we come!!!!!!!!!!!he!he!he!hi!hi!hi! Waraka! Namaka!!

Anonymous said...

It's a start. But, really, these issues need to get to a higher level in Australia to do us any good. As I've said before, we urgently need the direct assistance and intervention that the International community could provide.

They are legitimate governments that should only recognize and work with countries which maintain the same status. We are hostages here in Fiji with a military dictatorship that has seized control by gunpoint.

Was certainly happy to see that PM Rudd took a public stand on Libya and has declared that their evil dictator is a nobody in his book. Please look closer to home and assist the populace of Fiji in freeing ourselves of the noose around our necks. It is difficult to act when you're not even allowed to speak. John Galt

Coup 4.5 said...

Anon@7.19 The information is posted in good faith and to allow people to make up their own mind's, as you have obviously done. Mara has been asked several times by C4.5 about his plans and how realistic they are (see earlier stories) and we will continue to do so in the interest of fellow bloggers and Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Sa qai tadu mai na waqa
kauta mai na i vola
veisau ni gauna sa matata
me kele sara i draunibota

sa toso na cagi ni tukutuku
delainabua ra sa makutu
me veisau na mua me tei na duru
sa kena gauna me rau sa bulu

toso tiko na siko vanua
bainimarama kei na nona nanuma
me vakacalai na lewenivanua
lavo ni matanitu rasa gunuva

tiko voli e yasana na nona yadra
me maroroi vinaka ko bainimarama
soli yani nai tavi me ra sa colata
nodra i tavi rasa veisautaka

yalati na siga me ra sa donuya
bainimarama me ra sa na mokuta
kena i valavala sa vakadeitaki
sa donu ia me waraki na kena lali



Anonymous said...

Vinaka na Serekali!!
Sa qai matata tiko ga mai na mata ni meke!!!!

Vore kei Ayarse!! nomudrau gauna sa mai kele!

Sa vakarau cowiri tale na mata ni meke!!
Na madigi sa tu qori e Ulumudrau!!
Keimami sa tu vakarau!
Na kudru ni lewe ni vanua sa vakarau ceburaki yani!!
Drau na sotava nai ula kei nai wau! Drau sa na mai neimami i Madrali!!
Drau qai dash ga i veitavioka mo drau Bula yani!!

Anonymous said...

To me Mara is trying to save his hide.I can understand the frustration and anguish that this man has gone through. I do empathize for all he has been through. Now I think Fiji needs new blood, new leadership. At the beginning Frank had taken the right steps. Unfortunately this coup has passed it's useful life term. In any coup, the time is of essence. The coup maker should have solid plan and should accomplish his agenda in the shortest period of time and than hand the government to civilans. This has not happened. There were lot of wonderful and useful changes that were done during the earlier days. Getting rid of Council of Chiefs is one of those things. Equal rights for all Fijians is another landmark accomplishment that Frank can be proud of. Having put law that differentiates between Church and State. I could go on and on, but the time has run out and the plot is lost. Citizens of Fiji wake up. Lets all work together and first bring in a "Transitional Government" not an "Interim Government". Let us forget the "old skol" politicians and give them a Ni Sa Mace. See YAAA farewell. There are some new Leaders that do deserve a chance. There is nothing to lose.

Anonymous said...

No one is answering how much people turned up. Less than 40. Preaching to converted. Mara should be realistic about what support he has and who. Fijians are big liumuris and Mara himself is a big liumuri.

Anonymous said...

anon 6.42pm liumuri tiko vei iko.

paula raqeukai said...


Anonymous said...

Be mindful of what Mara is saying that no one will shoot civilians. I bet he wont try to come back to the camp to prove that as he is now a civilian. I think he will qaulify as a bystander....ho...just try and return to QEB with JB and Dee and u will see who will not shoot..cowards

Anonymous said...

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