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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New group urges members of Fiji's last elected government to reclaim their authority

A new democracy group has been formed and is already urging citizens to defy the military regime.

The Free Fiji Movement is calling on the illegal government of Frank Bainimarama to step down and to let the elected SDL government of Laisenia Qarase rule Fiji.

One of its founders, Rajesh Singh, is also urging people to reclaim their ministerial status as he has done and to resume using government letterheads, also as he has done.

Singh describes himself as the elected member of Cunningham Open and former Minister of Youth and Sports in all of his correspondence.

The Auckland-based group plans to hold its first meeting in Panmure on Thursday to elect officers and to agree to the what it says is the shortest possible way for return to democracy in Fiji. 

Editor's Note: A range of questions have been sent to Singh, including how he came to form the new group instead of working with existing ones and using the name,  Free Fiji Movement. That name has been used by an internal group who've been working for some time behind the scenes for democracy in Fiji. The movement has been responsible for getting crucial information to the people via C4.5. Singh and supporter Shailendra Raju, the former spin doctor for Laisenia Qarase, have yet to reply to our questions.

Postscript Wednesday 9am: Singh and Raju have been in touch and we will be bringing bloggers a story asap.


Anonymous said...

This is confusing Rajesh - pls just link up with FDM in aust,,,,only 1 group is needed or what are u trying to prove?

Anonymous said...

Hands off Rajesh and your SDL government.....we want another new government.....sa rauta na kocokoco tiko

Anonymous said...

Why form another democracy group when we already have Nicks group - whats the agenda - doesnt make sense unless the motive is different - are the founders serving their own interest or a political parties needs - this is about democracy, not personal or political gain - this issue is not about personal gain - lets be constructive and real.

Anonymous said...

now the people are talking.

indeed this is the shortest path to return the country to immediate democracy.

once democracy and full judicial system in restored,let the courts have a say on what is right and wrong.

if jope seniloli ,been vp can serve jail term,why cant the others.but we need the country to return to democracy.

good work singh.

Anonymous said...

good work rajesh.sdl wasnt all clean,but atleast with return to democracy we will be able to sort that out.

new zealand should fully get behind this move,as this will ensure that no future coups happen.

4 coups and never was the govt returned.this time lets make a difference.

Anonymous said...

are we seeing a government in exile?

is nz govt reading this?will it ever support a fijian govt in exile in nz?

Anonymous said...

Good on you Rajesh, look forward to more information. Forget about Nick and his group, they were formed at the height of the 1987 and 2000 coups. Things and issues have changed, we need those who understand both sides to take the initiative. Keep us informed Rajesh! Now there's someone who has broken the racial barriers- walk the talk!

Anonymous said...

@5.22 this is the most real we can get.

fiji was at true democracy in 2006.free and fair elections were held and labour and sdl won by landslide victory.

for the first time we had such a balanced parliament.

nz and australia,please get behind this group and help them restore the 2006 parliament back.

tiger balm said...

Where all of a sudden has this Rajesh popped up in the last week??

Another opportunist wanting to jump on the bandwagon and get credit.

Watch out Roko Ului!

Anonymous said...

a govt in exile is needed as an alterantive to the junta and a challenge but check the legality of the exile govt in nz?

Anonymous said...

Dream on you failed pollies........sdl should not come back...full of corrupt arse-holes

Anonymous said...

I believe Rajesh track record is not the cleanest and his motives are suspect. I suggest he should wait the outcome of what junior Mara has started

Anonymous said...

good work guys, SDL- labour should have done this long time ago.

well, history is history, and rajesh you yourself called for a clean up in sdl governance?

but i think now we need to combine hands in fighting this evil regime (aiyaz/baini)

lets get rid of them, have stability in fiji, and then fresh elections...

thumbs up to democracy guys!!

Anonymous said...

Yeh true, where has this rajesh popped up from?? but atleast we are seeing action now.

just by writing comments on this blogs wont help us guys!!

we need action, and atleast rajesh is leading us!

good work mate, we will join hands in fighting this illegal regime!

Anonymous said...

Nik & Rajesh - lets see democracy at work. Why dont the two of you join hands and be part of one group, can you????

Nik, can you???

Rajesh, can you?

If they are man enough, both Nik and Rajesh will write on this forum with either a yes or no

Anonymous said...

About time someone had the courage to wake up!

Atleast Qarase and Chaudhry could'nt claim what was theirs, and a bunch of crooks with the help of the gun have taken over the country.

Radiolucas said...

Frank & Co have no constitution, no support and no plan at all.

I suspect that this will end up being the most radical but effective method of retaking control - at least there is certainty to this plan - and Qarase has experience with being the interim government on the last coup - but I think that they should offer a promise to stand down and be elected on their own merits, after a caretaker government (perhaps drawn from all parties) is appointed to rule for a set period.

Anonymous said...

A lot has been said and done since 2006.People have suffered due to your team of leaders not seeing what was coming your way.We certainly want new leaders who don't scramble whenever the war trumpet sounds.You and your team surely don't qualify judging from history.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree Radiolucas

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Rajesh has to form a new group. Why doesnt he support the NZ Coalition for Democracy movement.They are established,well known , have a track record. Yes sure they are entitled in their view to oppose Mara's visit to NZ, which I think is short sighted, but at the end of the day, they support democracy and human rights and have campaigned for this since 1987. It makes sense that others like Rajesh join this movement, rather than form another, esp being a former politician of a past govt that had a bad record on corruption and bad governance. His movement will be seen as a political front for failed politicians and former politicians using democracy and human rights to advance their own political and personal agenda. RUM will do well to stay away from this movement.

Varani. said...

All this talk right now is classic pie in the sky.

This regime "will never" repeat -"will never" surrender power voluntarily.

Any change in the present circumstances will only be achieved (come from) within RFMF ranks.

Unfortunately this is the reality -one that must be acknowledged.

Sa Rauta Mada said...

Rajesh please work with Nik Naidu's group which has been in existence since 1987. We have to work together, now is not the time to fight among ourselves. If Nik's group is not registered, join it and get it registered and lead that group. Why are you forming a new one?? Isa no wonder Fiji never moves forward. Either it's coups or politicians and former with personal agendas!

Anonymous said...

Well, the big question is there, Nik, are you willing to share "your" movement with others????

if so, rajesh, join hands please!

and those opposing the move of either a govt in exile, or re-instatement of the sdl-flp govt, get lost!

it is because of people like you we are in this mess...

before Bainimarama was considered a "GOD", and now ??????

just return the country to the last elected government and they will take care of things.

rajesh, we are waiting for your moves in FIji eagerly.

Please help us brother!

Anonymous said...

Good on you rajesh, form the new group and let the nic naidu deregistered john prasad and radio tarana dance group dance and you do some serious business, start speaking for the SDL/Labor multiparty governemnt, send letters emails speechs out as the repreenting the last governemnt
this will cause the dictator another trip for medical check to china or stroke-3rd one

Anonymous said...

People who are saying Rajesh should join Nik's group, the call is not Rajesh's??

It is Niks. Nik you are in contact with Rajesh, call him up and invite his group to yours.. do you have the courage?

And others, it is not rajesh alone, there needs to be atleast 15 signatures before a society can be registered in NZ...

Anonymous said...

Rajesh, i am pretty sure you are not stupid.. the million dollar question??


Jale said...

Nick Naidu's group is still going, doesn't mean it's not registered that it's not active and cant be active.

Also what about the Fiji Democracy Group in Australia. Rajesh could have formed the New Zealand Chapter of it.

This new group is very suspicious.

Einstein said...

Rajesh has blogged here that he met with Nik Naidu yesterday. So did he ask Nik if he could join the group and take over as leader? Coz I heard Nik wants to retire and would have welcomed Rajesh as the new leader. Unless Rajesh wanted to form his own group for his own SDL agenda?

Come on people, this is the kind of dirty politics that Fiji does not need.

Rajesh look at what you're doing!

Dividing people instead of uniting.

Bainimarama and his cronies reading this blog must be laughing so much!

Anonymous said...

well, by reading Rajesh's press release, it seems the group is not formed yet!!

They are meeting this thursday to form the group!

Big Question, will they form a new group, will it be a new chapter of the FDM, Sydney, will they unite with Niks group!!

On their website (ourfreefiji.com), it says FDM sydney is their sister group...


Anonymous said...

I totally disagree with uniting with Nik's group!!!

He has gone against all democracy norms in constantly calling for NZ to not let Mara in.

Rajesh, don't unite with him. Let his cronies run that group, with just two members

Anonymous said...

Good work Rajesh!

Either join with nik, or with FDM sydney, but you got the balls

good work mate

Anonymous said...

The difference between Nik and Rajesh is that while Rajesh supported the 2006 coup till he didnt get the Sports council position, Nik has never supported any coups. This is typical of us Fijians, create another party when you arent getting your way, we are forgetting the real reason why we have this movement. Our goal should be Democracy for people of Fiji, not looking for positions in any future government or self gain.
I am disgusted that Rajesh is using the Fiji govt letter head when he was fired as minister - this is self proclaiming a postion which isnt his - no different than current crowd like AG and Bani.
I urge people not to lose focus on the real issues here and stop yourself being distracted by side shows like these movements and such people like Rajesh and Nik.

Anonymous said...

good work mate!

lets get as much members of the 2006 parliamentarians in nz and form this govt of exile

Samu said...

Doesn't mean Nik opposed Mara's visit that he is not for democracy. He did say in a story on this blog that he would still meet with Mara. Like Nik there are many others who don't trust Mara but are willing to hear him and support him in helping bring the regime down. Nik hasn't gone against any Democracy norms by opposing Mara's visit - he actually practiced his democratic right by opposing it! He never said though that he would shun Mara if Mara did come to NZ.

So if Nik is willing to meet Mara and hear him out, then what's the problem??

schoolmate said...

Rajesh before you form another democracy group you should pay up on all your dinau in Fiji.

You are an opportunist who gained from the 2006 coup when you were appointed as manager at the Fiji Sports Council after the Dec 2006 Coup.
You became an informer for the regime.

You yourself said in a earlier release that when you were taken to the FMF barracks Driti and Rokolui protected you from the thugs in Nabua.

And what about the hundred's taken to the Nabua Barracks and abused by Driti and Rokolui.

Rajesh stay away from our struggle for democracy and freedom.

We will release more information on your dirty dealings in Fiji including your links to Freeman and Kadjo.


Let Nick

Anonymous said...

@6.18pm.. nice one coming out of the QEB

Anonymous said...

Naidu's organization is defunct. It has been deregistered and does not exist for all intents and purposes for which was initially established in 2000.

Anonymous said...

What a joke hee hee. Rajesh failed 8th year entrance and went to LDS in tamavua as no other high school would have him. Fit for being a factory worker in NZ. I hear got a job as cleaner at St. Lukes.

Anonymous said...


and you are comfortable with the illegal regime using everything of the government. Atleast Singh and 70 others were elected!!!

Such stupidity!

Anonymous said...

I think it will happen from NZ.. guys, do something and save us Fijians please...

Anonymous said...

i had meeting with nick/he advised us to form another group.
we have invited nick group but he said he is busy.i got text from him.
well its all about fiji democracy.yes i can work with anyone who have fiji at heart.
we will follow the democratic process to elect the chairman/others on thursday.
we are happy to work with nick/auss/fiji/usa/other group.
i am just here to help bring back democracy in fiji.
i dont have personal agenda.
god bless.

Anonymous said...

All Aucklanders, lets attend this meeting, and see what it is really about!!

The first meeting will be held as follows:-
Date - 16th June, 2011
Time - 7pm.
Venue - 18 Pilkington Road, Panmure 1072

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Singh your suggestion to people to defy the present government, I think not.
It would be best if you come to Fiji and start your campaign. Why would you want us here to fight your battle. If you are half the leader that you profess to be, you would not be hiding in NZ but be right here in the middle of the "battle ground." Just remember "a coward dies many times before his death".

SEMI MEO said...

Sooo…a Governemtn in exile…mmmm.. ..who is going to enforce and reinstate the alleged racist Government of Mr. Qarase??

This news piece will be fish and chips wrapper tomorrow…

Phew!!...Rajesh must be paid by the Co Prime Ministers to create more confusion…or he deduces an imminent end to this circus and dreams to be reinstated to his former portfolio…that is hoping the sun will rise from the west tomorrow morning!!...never will happen…never!!....just that another Coup will be birthed and back to square one.

Now…..the Rear Admiral will be hugging in wild laughter with Co PM Aiyaz…..

What next??...another foreign prodemocracy movement with a bargaining chips to cajole control??

I yelled to my son in his footy game last weekend...son, talk..talk to each other..lest you'll be isolated and ravaged..they did talk and move as a team, and had fun!

..and seems kid's footy communicate better than us pathetic oldies.!!

Let's talk...uh...hope all unmask so ....eh...we could kiss each other...well, Godly kiss...

Anti Bully said...

I think this gang smart enough to know when someone is trying to jump an popular band wagon. Rajesh, you've been here five minutes but you already trying to put a spoke in the democracy wheels. Please, we need people whobild us up not those who divide us.

Neumi Lewena said...

Bloody hell too many useless little groups but you dare set foot in Viti and you will all hang.

Anonymous said...

rumours are "Free Fiji" movement is widely supported by Mara, Qarase and Chaudhry!!!

Anonymous said...

i am happy to go back to 2006 sdl-labour govt, then to live in this illegal taliban regime!!

2006 elected government simply cannot be compared to this illegal regime.

its like comparing apples to oranges.

nice move guys!!

Anonymous said...

Rajesh and Nick,try and meet John Prasad,He has a 12GB USB

Anonymous said...

Methinks Mr Singh has started some commotion and got us thinking. A thought is a govt in exile. Since none of the ministers have resigned they are effectively still Legal representatives of the people of Fiji and are allowed to speak on our behalf especially in regards to a return to freedom and democracy. This is more pertinent after the govt takeover by frank was ruled illegal by the appeals court which was rejected by Frank and co.

Radiolucas said...

@ Einstein

Truly, there is nothing suspicious in The Free Fiji Movement.

The Free Fiji Movement intends to develop a plan to create more pressure on the military regime - not to send what seems to be a hypocritical mixed message and polarise us opponents to the regime along lines of political allegiance and allegations of racism.

Rajesh and others, myself included, did not agree with Nik's statement on the Ratu Mara issue. An issue I might add, that Nik created - why you may well ask? I am unsure.

If Nik and the rest of the Coalition for Democracy are not prepared to work with the rest of us in Fiji, Australia and NZ towards a common goal, they made that choice for their own personal reasons.

We can let them play Politics by themselves but it will be a very lonely game when they play it by themselves.

Thumbs up for Democracy!

Anonymous said...

Of all people can we trust Rajesh! Nope.

This is the guy who lied to voters that he will give all his pay to poor if elected on national TV to retract after being voted in.

This is the same guy who shared SDL confidential infor will his junior MPC of FLP.

This is the guy who has started jumping a few weeks ago only.

This is the guy who was sacked as minister by SDL.

Pls check if he working or surviving on her Mrs for his daily meal.

Pls not Rajesh

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up for democracy and great words Radiolucas...


thinking of Fiji said...

I think Rajesh is losing the plot with his use of Government letter heads etc out of NZ.The SDL government was one of the worst so called democratic administrations Fiji ever had.

For a country Fiji's size and the number of ministers it had, the architects of racial policies and create jobs for mates policy was an indication of how corrupt they were. Not to say that the current is operating without flaw.

The situation the country is in should wake the Fijian people up to working together as one and eradicate the veiqati that is holding a beautiful country back from kicking good goals.

A lot of these guys that are making noise now are doing so because when the going was good they basked in it's glory without content. Measuring their success on materialism rather than elevating the social mindset to do good by the community at large.Now with all that taken away,it has touched a nerve.

Let Mahendra Patel's (Motibhai) example be a lesson of how a false facade of helping people via employment through his companies camouflaged greed and corruption.

Anonymous said...

Govt in exile is the best way forward, and the 2006 elected parliament is the way to go if we want to end coups!

Varani. said...

Repeat - vast majority of previous postings are all pie in the sky.

Repeat - only one way change will happen - a counter coup from within QEB.

Talk of anything else is rhetoric.

Tui Viti said...

anon 6.32pm

As long as a person works hard, it does not matter what job they do.

Every job we do, there something we learn from it.

He did not steal from you.

Anonymous said...

I dont think there should be any Democratic Elections in Fiji!! We are not ready for them. The very reason the bloodless coup happened in 2006 is because of corrupt leadership and the racial divide the governement of that day and the GCC members brought about.They started freeing those involved in the George Speights coup who terrorised and held the nation at ransom. It was only the intervention of the military that prevented further demise. As for any SDL involvement in the future..No Way.
It is time the new leaders of Fiji are born. The youth of yesterday.
Franks governement has done well in trying to survive without the support of Australia and NZ. With their backs against the wall they have pursued alternative routes of moving Fiji forward.The heavy investment in Tourism and Mining will soon help restore us with prosperity and speedy repayment of loans however excessive it may seem. The army will not allow elections if those implicated in the past resurface again. We all know that. Lets not test them.

Anonymous said...

I smelled a rat here. Rajesh could you publish the names of those in your movement please. I bet Nik Naidu features strongly, and so as a lot of Indians. I suspect this group is only promoting their interests so stay clear.

Anonymous said...

bula guys people can talk so much.
pls have the guts to put your name .
i have started this idea of free fiji movement with my friends..
let the people of nz fijian/indians/others elect the people to lead them on thursday meeting.i am just another man to assist anytime.
this is pure democracy at its best.
we like to work hand in hand with all fiji group all over the world/fiji
.united we stand divided we fall.
thumbs up for democracy.
god bless.

Anonymous said...

I think people commenting here, should for once, wait and think!

The idea that has been mooted by this group can become our saviour!

What have we achieved, day after day, the illegal regime is spending money like water!

Lets bring an end to this, and instead of just writing, lets act!

Anonymous said...

Rajesh please cut the crap. Before the Coup, you were in Camp everyday misinforming the Commander on the SPG Funds. Now FICAC has confirmed that there is no evidence to your stupid allegations. So you and Mahendra were barking up the wrong tree all for the cause of you trying to get the top job at Sports Council and Mahend in an attempt to evade the Tax Department. Liars. Just come back mada to Fiji you big liumuri.


Justice said...

is this the same Rajesh Singh who was sacked by Laisenia Qarase for being disloyal to his govt? And mind you, he was Assistant Minister for Sports, not a Minister. He was an Assistant Minister to Ro Teimumu Kepa.

And is this the same Rajesh Singh who pleaded with Qaranivalu to get SDL to give him a seat for the 2006 election?

And wasn't the same Rajesh Singh a beneficiary of the 2006 coup when he got a job in Fiji Sports Council?

Is restoring democracy in Fji or self advancement Rajesh Singh's interest?

Anonymous said...

seriously y now Mr Singh???Kua tiko mada na koli ni kaidia!!!!!!!!!!!y now when things are going well with RUM and the rest???relax tu madaga, we rather do without u seriously!,i live in auckland and just got a text now, seriously we prefer nik or RUM or Baleidrokadroka, kua tiko mada na katakata vaka kurokava pls:)

Anonymous said...

From: ???????????
To: rajesh singh
Sent: Mon, June 13, 2011 9:34:57 PM
Subject: Re: Bula

X-mas is very far Mr. Singh, why can't we have another independance to celebrate on 10th October, during Fiji Day. Just a hint. Leweni is another grog dobed bastard, he knws nothing and same applies to few others whom u might be contacting. Just be very careful. Why did u have to leave Fiji, are you on travel ban as well. Do u still have support from Naitasiri...???

Mr. Singh, what happened to your time with Sports Ministry???...

All we can do this days is to pray for a new Fiji, otherwise our children will have no future in this country. This Boxitte Mining in Bua is another scam, when you drill you don't jst get Boxitte, the raw has copper zinc and gold as well, hope the processing pant is established in Fiji and more people get employed.

Please, we all need help, do something for our motherland...we all are frustrated but no scared, but we think of our children and families...God Bless Fiji...

Observer said...

Personally I am very disappointed with the comments I read for there are too many know-all commentators spewing unsubstantiated rubbish allegations with very little evidence...

Come on Semi Meo and the like hiding yourselves overseas, how can you give us evidences if you are not in Fiji?

Anonymous said...

No Thanks for all your comments from the Illegal PM's Office and QEB in Nabua.... But im REALLY SORRY to say that every suffering people are turning a blind eye and ignoring all your BULLSHIT comments in this blog...

99% of the suffering people of Fiji wants an END to this EVIL CORRUPT REGIME.... We all know that your 1% support comes from all the MILITARY THUGS that TORTOUR, TERRORISE and KILL Innocent Defenceless Civillians...
And all the CORRUPT SELF-APPOINTED MINISTERS thats MISUSING and ABUSING the governments money for their own use while the people who pay tax are suffering...

THE TRUTH IS REVEALED NOW!!! There is no point sweeping the truth under the carpet and try and make a stand to your Evil and Corrupt Regime because its too late, everyone knows who is to believe now....

To all military thugs and corrupt self-appointed ministers STOP TRYING TO SHIFT AND HIDE THE TRUTH with all your MALICIOUS LIES...

Anonymous said...

@7:40 PM. "a lesson" my a*s. You're a retard. As RUM has pointed out, "we see [puppet master Aiyaz] use FICAC time and again to charge anybody he does not like [such as Motibhai] then appoint a judge [such as Goundar] who will give a verdict the regime wants."

"[I]nstead of routing out major corruption, Khaiyum uses it as a way to intimidate the business people of Fiji."

Anonymous said...

@7:40 PM. Stop using Mahendra Patel's (Motibhai) example, loser. Aiyaz et al uses FICAC to charge high profile people as Motibhai and then appoints "judges" to give a verdict he wants.

Just wait and see what happens to these culprits when this regime falls. And to dimwit morons like you!

Anonymous said...

@8:33 PM. Precisely. This takes the cake: - @7:40 PM "Let Mahendra Patel's (Motibhai) example be a lesson of how a false facade of helping people via employment through his companies camouflaged greed and corruption."

The dimwit has yet to learn that:

"instead of routing out major corruption, Khaiyum uses [FAICAC] as a way to intimidate the business people of Fiji. We see him use FICAC time and again to charge anybody he does not like with petty crimes and then appoint a judge who will give a verdict the regime wants. All the time FICAC is working on petty fraud we see Bainimarama and Khaiyum lining their own pockets."

Anonymous said...

Majority of FICAKE cases are of people of political background, labor SDL and other opponents, RUM is true to say that FICAKE is doing petty cases and the trumped up charges cases and judges/trials are a set up.

Close FICAKE down and put all cases under serious fraud office in the police.

Where is independant comm for FICAKE, the answer is none cos all junta and dictators and army boys with companies now will get charged.

convolutedexperiment said...

Why are the Indians coming out now that the Regime is about to fall ?
Do they really believe that we will forget who supported and instigated this coup ?

Anonymous said...

Good work Rajesh

Anonymous said...

Please join together in promoting democraci

Anonymous said...

The waila city development project for one billion dollars shoved on the taxpayers by the junta is the biggest scam in fiji's histroy.

Anonymous said...

the bloggers who are writing here are all from aus/nz.living in the comfort of their home.

our kids in fiji get free bus fare for sch,but there is no food for them.the situation is so bad,we in fiji cannot even afford the very basic item of all,food..

life in fiji is becoming impossible.

please someone help us.get rid of this regime.

Anonymous said...

@8:45pm Part of the agenda we have is the amount of laziness we have in this country that attibutes to the poverty people live in. The Government is trying to alleviate that by offering business incentives, starter business kits and small business loans. Helping farmers with seeds, machinery, and equipment to get them started. What more do you want the Governement of the day to do.That is not the work of a corrupt and evil regime my friend. You need to look around you and smell the roses. You are a bit dillusional.
Democracy is not the answer to everything. You speak of democracy but you hide corruption that is rife. The GCC and Methodist Church self style governning are not democratic either. They enslave the and burden those that are disadvantaged. Childrens school fees are not paid because of exhuberent soli's. Wake up to yourself.

Anonymous said...

To All Bloggers!!

My observations, the appearance of Rajesh is creating lots of commotions everywhere especially up in the FB camp. One can easily notice the amount of anti-Rajesh, anti-Chief, anti-SDL, anti-bla-bla-bla comments. Those are from no body else but from those green goons.

Let's continue to build the pressure, form as many groups as we can, fight from all angles, in all possible means. The more pockets we form the better, time will come when we all come together and the wave of tsunami rises. So, let's keep blogging, keep forming pockets of dissent to FB and thumbs up for democracy.

Anonymous said...

@8.45pm anon, where u getting yr 99% stats. I say figure is around 60|40 in fava of govt.

Anonymous said...

@8.45pm, 8.52pm & 8.55pm.

Kem cho! Let's have constructive debate on MCpatel issue. I served with Mac on many boards during SVT days. He fully deserves his time in. I'm reading the judgement, I believe Goundar did get it right. Our English commom law allows judge to over ride assessors if there is reason for such. As for Bhika, even the most ardent hater of regime would say decision by Thuraraja was correct. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh and Raju are two biggest conmans Fiji has ever seen.Rajesh and Raju used MPC and got Ficac to raid Sports Council.

He should never have been in NZ because he was part of Commander Bhai's appointment at fiji sport council..

New Zealand Goverment tell me how can be in New Zealand ,,when he was part of the coup... what a joke.Give him and Raju a kick to go back to Fiji.

No one should attend this two conmans meetings. Liars. Liar.. RUM BEWARE OF THIS TWO..Just come back mada to Fiji you big liumuri.

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

Rajesh con-man. Conned the Waimanu Rugby Team, Naitasiri Rugby Association etc...Then run away to NZ and start barking there.

Come to Fiji and talk. You were not chased out. Come over brother.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon June 14, 7.55pm

Oh boy, I cant believe how deluded you are. You tell us not to test the army - whatever do you mean by that?

If we are to have an election, then it must be free in every sense of the word. Otherwise, what's the point?

Holding a token election will not fool either the people of Fiji or the international community. Nor will it restore all the foreign assistance we are missing out on now or restore confidence in the economy (not ideal conditions for investment definitely!).

Holding a "pretend election" is a waste of time and resources so stop putting up conditions or are you just looking for yet another convenient excuse (wailei, so what else is new) not to hold the "promised" 2014 election!

As for the other issues you are bragging about - "...heavy investment in Tourism... will soon help restore us with prosperity and speedy repayment of loans however excessive it may seem."

Damn right the loans were excessive but as for the speedy repayments - DREAM ON FOOL! Your purported heavy investment in tourism (say what?)will never pay off as long as you have that fool of a woman heading the Ministry! Her lack of know how and skills is a liability - a total square peg in a round hole! Her level of administrative acumen/skills and corporate knowledge leaves a lot to be desired and leaves one to wonder how she got the position in the first place! Oilei Elisapeci - restructure, restructure, RESTRUCTURE, get rid of all the skilled and experienced staff, CUT, CUT, CUT - set, now we are only THREE!!! How can you possibly have a highly productive three/four staff ministry!!! This is the height of INSANITY. And the industry is supposedly our number one revenue earner???? ...to pay off our "excessive" loans??? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

Now you say that we are not ready for elections - speak for yourself IDIOT! We have been ready for ages and you insult our intelligence by your presumptions!!!

Finally, no amount of your pathetic attempts will ever justify your coup EVER!!! YOU KNOW, I KNOW AND EVERYBODY (except your boys in camp) KNOWS THE REAL REASON BEHIND THE COUP! "It is only the intervention of the military that further prevented further demise..." You know what? You really ARE a basket case. Please give it up so the country can begin healing itself!

Anonymous said...

thats why it was in media .fijisun/fijitv/ft.
i gave waimanu 6k of uniforms in march 2010.
also helped naitasir with my personal funds.ask sailosi naiteqe.
well i hope you have guts to write your name .fiji is full of liumuri people seems like.
so who con waimanu/naita.
public be the judge.

Anonymous said...

dont be put off by the bloggers on this site mara and rajesh.

continue your work and only god knows what is right and wrong.

you both have my full blessing.

thumbs up for democracy

Anonymous said...

it has been confirmed that frank is roaming lau with atleast 30 armed soldiers..

Anonymous said...

Rajesh,please don't mention that you were deposed as a Minister by Bainimara, mention that your were sacked by Qarase as a Minister. You are doing this to get permanent residency in NZ for your family and you. After youwere sacked you went against Qarase. I understand you have no formal education. You are an opportunist. Uli be careful with this guy.

Anonymous said...

thumbs up to democracy guys..

the wait is getting loonger now.

please act fast and bring the regime down...

Anonymous said...

Blogger 9.43pm,

Your anti Chiefs comment shows your hatred tone.

To totally eliminate Chiefs from Fiji's political system because of the failures of a few Chiefs in the past is like

1. removing the post of Prime Minister from future political involvement because of the failures of past Prime Ministers.

2. removing the Lawyers and Accountants from future political involvement because of the failures of past Lawyers and Accountants in influencing decisions on Fiscal Policies and the scams and blunders and excessive Tax Concessions Claim that drained our Revenue base including our FNPF.

3. removing the non Fiji Residents, Dual Residents, Influential Hoteliers and Businessmen from future political involvement because of their shady deals and that their heart is really where their money is and not on Fiji s welfare.

4. removing certain Diplomatic Corps from future political negotiations because of their subtle involvement in the past by pushing their political propagandas in Fiji's Political system through NGOs, Army, Businesses and other Operatives.

5.removing certain Political Leaders, Ministers who have been influencing Multi million dollars Govt contracts.

6. removing all Politicians that are initiating the LAND GRAB of the i Taukei.

7. removing the Army because of their involvement in the 4-5 Coups.


Fiji have gone through 4-5 Coups and the people are more politically matured now than in 1987, 2000 and 2006 to blame only the Chiefs but other Groups and factors identified above are equally responsible for Fiji's Political problems.

You see, you cannot just do a blank blame on the Chiefs when every facet of Fiji's political scenario were reseponsible...or are you trying to put a blame on a certain group.....DIVIDE AND RULE?

You must be an immigrant or a loser to have that foreign intention.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:43PM

YOU'RE DISILLUSIONED!!! More and more LIES,LIES, LIES, LIES.... You're definitely from the EVIL CORRUPT ILLEGAL PM's OFFICE...

Anonymous said...

no need to blow yo own trumpet mate,,,,,u need to pray more.
you havent replied to story you were supporting frank in dec 06 and liu muri sdl,,,,explain bro...ului has confessed so why cant you?

Anonymous said...

i support bainimarama..thunbs up to his effort!!!!..

Anonymous said...

why send extradite papers to all countries that Ului visit....whats this idiot,or what ever..all them countries will use those papers as their TP.....or sraight away in the Yellow card bin!!!!
In your face kaiyum and your elder bro Bainimatamu.....just go to Kiuva,maybe your bro will give you a piece of land,as if he has some land in Kiuva,sa warai la....dua la mai gaga!!

Neumi Chodari Lewena said...

The army is waitin and ready to supress any rebellion. People you either tow the line or bend over and lick mah boots.

Anonymous said...

@ Neumi Chodari Lewena

Which army your on about???? The NO WAR RFMF that TERRORISES and KILL its own people...... Bunch of Low lifes... Neumi you CANT SUPRESS any rebellion by the people of fiji!!!

You'll do the same thing your EVIL COMMADORE did in the 2000 Mutiny... RUN FOR YOUR LIFE THROUGH THE CASSAVA PATCH ha!ha! ha! ha! ha!

Anonymous said...

@ Neumi Chodari Lewena 2:51AM

Neumi you cant stop the rebellion and FORCE ANYONE to like and support your EVIL CORRUPT REGIME... Your comment just show how Ruthless, Evil and Corrupt you are... Do you really think that THREATENING the people will get you RESPECT??? You Evil Satanic Man....

Sounds like this Neumi is actually Bainivuaka himself... Im not scared of your THREATS, YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT...

The only thing that the army is waiting and ready to surpress is the WATER SEWERAGE IN KINOYA.(Vale ni Da)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...








Anonymous said...

Rajesh are you related to Dr. Dennis Singh of the IMF? I recall when working under him at the National Planning Office in the mid 80's he had a nephew called Rajesh. Was it you?

Anonymous said...

NO THANKS! No SDL and Definitely no MPC and his Labour party back into government. They showed their hands when they supported this illegal regime. Lets start fresh with fresh blood.
"Lord help us to restore your government in Fiji!"

Anonymous said...

Dr Debnis singh, now that's a blast from the past. I tell u! I heard in the club last nite that he will be giving strategic advise to the govt very soon. I am not a coup or Frank supporter but having knwn abt Dennis and his time reforming Ghana and Chile successfully, I think Fiji is lucky. Frank make sure u listen to him. His a top man!

Anonymous said...

Why doesnt Rajesh answer questions asked about his past - we need honest people to lead us - not failed politicians like Singh - we should boycott anything Rajesh and Shailendra Raju does in the name of Democracy - go Nik

Anonymous said...

Already I see the powers of democracy working. And that is chaos.

Anonymous said...

one question for Rajesh: was he still a Minister when the 2006 coup took place or did Qarase fire him from the cabinet because of insubordination to his line minister? All of a sudden Rajesh is raising his head because he sees opportunity in what Mara is doing and wants to ride on his back to get credit for imminent arrival of democracy in Fiji. Ratu please keep away from Rajesh. the guy has no credibility!

Anonymous said...

C 4.5, Please print this. I sent this yesterday, but it was printed


Hi All

I am delighted with the comments coming in.

Please note, I am not the leader of this group. Because of the ineffectiveness of the Coalition for Democracy in Fiji group, small groups of people had started their own agendas. Because of my public outburst, people have been approaching me and asking to get a consolidated group up.

We are meeting this thursday and the members will elect the committee in trying to unite the entire "Democracy for Fiji" loving people living in NZ.

This is an open invitation to Nik Naidu to join with us, the name not really matters, the call is now Niks.

Hope seeing all of you this Thursday.

We are in no way opposing Nik, but with how the current regime survives, by means of divide and conquer, we are a victim of this.

No way, I am promoting this. Our motto is "UNITED WE STAND" and we will join hands in helping to restore democracy in Fiji.

Thumbs Up to Democracy and NO TO GUNS!!!


The Oracle said...

Rajesh: The SDL is done. So's Qarase. It's time for a new government to come in. If you insist that we return to the status quo before the 2006 coup you will get no sympathy. We need to abide by the Supreme Court ruling. An interim administration - not necessarily Qarase's.

LOSE MADA said...

This illegal government is the answer to all our prayers. Sorry bloggers! All this talk about democracy and fighting the Junta is but load of bullshit and wishful thinking!! Just come out with the fact that Baini and Aiarse, whatever you guys want to call them, are doing a very good job. Long Live Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

What is needed is a caretaker government for no longer than six months to allow all political groups to gear up for elections. Elections should be open to all parties and in that way, all get an equal opportunity to win, based on popular vote. No, the previous SDL should NOT get to just slip back into the driver's seat. Too much water under the bridge.

We need to start fresh and with new candidates - not those who have fed at the piggy trough in the past. We need to look to our younger citizens who have proper educations for leadership. We need new attitudes and ideas - not the same CR*P we have lived with for forty-one years.

We need those who put their country first, do NOT think along tribal lines and want to behave as they were meant to do - BE PUBLIC SERVANTS to a NATION not a village. Power to the people. Those elected are supposed to work for US. There must be total transparency to the public and no governmental electee should ever be able to creat a "conflict of interest" by serving on Boards, etc where their own interests can betray the public interest.

We need an open market, not monopolies. Free trade. We need more than one arrow (Tourism) in our quiver. We need to BEHAVE like a country to receive support and aid from other civilized countries (notice I am saying ALL military dictatorships are NOT governments. They are WAR machines turned against their own people.)

But right now, most of all, we MUST take away the power that was stolen from us by gunpoint. That must the the one thing we concentrate on, by whatever means. Any who can help, selflessly, need to do so - not for themselves but for something bigger - FIJI. John Galt

Anonymous said...

As I read these comments ,it saddens me to see that this person Rajesh Singh who was never a Minister ( he was a sacked Associate Minister) is doing what other failed politicans have done for years - make fools of people for their own self serving agenda.
I have known Shailen Raju for years and it is also a sad day that my friend has given into this political deceit.
Everybody knows that anybody attending Rajeshs meeting will black listed in Fiji - you cant win- either you side with the self serving Singh and Raju or be black listed in Fiji.
I urge some true leaders to stand up and join the fight with credible people ( people like Victor Lal, Ahmed Bhamji or Maritino Nemani) - doesnt have to be Nik or Rajesh but rather true leaders with no self interest or agendas like the current lot.
Fiji needs you.

Anonymous said...

we need fresh faces in politics..more young people should take part in politics..these old buggers levu corrupt.lol

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Singh as Asst Minister of Youth (not a full Minister!)led the Fiji Contingent to the Youth Festival in Tahiti in 2006. After 2 nights in Papeete he departed for Auckland and spent the next 10 days there with his wife on full Govt per diem ! He was shocked to find Ministry officials waiting for him on his return to Fiji and a full accquittal of funds was demanded ! The rest is history - the low life was sacked ! No thanks Rajesh we dont need you to misguide and lie to the people any further. Stop being an insult to their intelligence !!!

Anonymous said...

After Sports Council Mahend sent Rajesh Singh to demand that the SPG Accounts from Fasanoc be made public. But Mahend's karua Vidhya told the pair of them to buzz off as it had nothing to do with them. Vidya told them to publish the Labour accounts including the funds from India first before he would release SPG. What happened ???? they withdrew like typical snakes.

Anonymous said...

TOM SAYS: Rajesh why dont you tell the truth.....you did not perform at Sports Council. All you did was witch hunt until Ficac came across your dishonoured cheque !!! And whatever happened to the Naitasiri Fan Club funds bro ????? The people need to know about your dishonesty. Go bury yourself because you have opened your own can of worms.

Anonymous said...

Ului,Baledrokadroka, Rajesh Singh,Simi Kaitani, Tappoos, Punjas, Motibhais, Ah Koys and others (some in former governments and others in the current)are in the same boat.. )NO MERIT!!
Hence, they will hitch a ride and try and cling to any power-based system/social structure, whether it may be democratic, undemocratic, lawful, unlawful etc and like all opportunists, they are conscious of policies and practices and taking selfish advantage of circumstances, with little regard for principles.

Members of the old Qarase government shouldn't be considered at all, given that their performance was below par. Governance is defined in terms of how an organization controls its actions. Governance describes the mechanisms an organization uses to ensure that its constituents follow its established processes and policies. It is the primary means of maintaining oversight and accountability in a loosely coupled organizational structure. A proper governance strategy implements systems to monitor and record what is going on, takes steps to ensure compliance with agreed policies, and provides for corrective action in cases where the rules have been ignored or misconstrued.

The Qarase government failed miserably when it did not take the necessary steps to ensure compliance with agreed policies, and provides for corrective action in cases where the rules have been ignored or misconstrued.
Whe the then Commander of the FMF was strongly voicing his objections to the 'governance' implemented by Qarase and co., Qarase's government did not take necessary steps to ensure that there was compliance with agreed policies. The end result was the 2006 coup de tat.

Hence, it is only logical, rational and theoretically proper that members of the new Fiji Government cabinet formed after the election should only be selected if they meet the following prerequistes:

1. A good under-graduate degree from a reputable institution.

2. A sound post-graduate degree from a reputable institution.

3. Ministers,PS's and senior civil servantss Should possess relevant undergraduate and post-graduate qualifications.

4. Work experience should not be considered as stand-alone criteria for selection. Former governments have had problems with these, because the incumbents have brought in excess baggages with considerble networkings.

5. Anyone else other than the above should not be considered, and these includes people of chiefly status,vanua leaders, ethnic group leders, religious leaders, civil socities spokespeople and leaders etc. As stated above, former governments have had problems with these, because the incumbents have brought in excess baggages with considerble unnecessary networkings.
Therefore, Rajesh Singh and co: forget it bro, a new bus has to be built now to move Fiji towards it stated goals and I have to say that you guys are not allowed in this bus - too much baggage re!



Kinoya Kid said...

Kinoya Kid Says,
Rajesh,Kaitani, Niki, RUM and Co...you are all crying over spilt milk...a govt in exile or BOI DADA ...try to face the reality in life, all of U symperthisers of Democracy, wait for 2014....life in Fiji is going on smoothly.
Rajesh, U've being expelled from Gvt...don't fool your self... Vinaka

Anonymous said...

@ Kaiviti June 15, 5.50pm

The construction of a better Fiji has now begun in earnest.

Opening this dialogue for the establishment of rigorous criteria for aspiring political leaders is a move in the right direction. I only hope we can all contribute constructively to making our list of criteria as balanced and rigorous as it can possibly be.

Staking everything on tertiary qualifications as you have done here is too risky for we will no doubt be burdened with ASK type of candidates. So I believe that both experience (despite your aversion to networking, which can be an advantage) and tertiary qualification are both important.

I hope fellow bloggers can add to the list...