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Monday, June 27, 2011

New Zealand democracy group pushing for Roko Ului's visa to be extended

A new pro-democracy group in New Zealand has written to the John Key government asking for the former military commander, Roko Ului Mara, to be allowed to visit the country for a fortnight instead of two days.

The suggestion has come from the group the Fiji Pro-Democracy Movement in Wellington, which has been established with the help of the Australian movement, which organised the recent meetings for Mara.

Theoretically, Mara is not allowed in New Zealand because he's still on the travel ban list because of his connections to the military, even though he defected two months ago. But the New Zealand government this month agreed to grant him an exemption to make a flying visit to meet with government officials and the Fiji community.

Since fleeing to Tonga two months ago, Mara has joined forces with the pro-democracy movement in Australia and is campaigning to topple the Frank Bainimarama military via public meetings and so-called revealing videos, while trying to get the support of regional countries and further afield in the United Kingdom and the United States.

He is in Australia meeting with the Fiji community and talking to media but is heading to Brisbane then Sydney and should be in New Zealand about July the 23rd. But his visit is controversial and has already caused divisions among pro-democracy advocates and the Fiji community.

The longtime democracy movement in Auckland, the Fiji Coalition for Democracy, says Mara should not be allowed into New Zealand because of his role in the military and in particular, human rights abuse against Fiji citizens. Mara led Fiji's 3FIR squad, which was responsible for  terrorising and beating citizens. 

The Coalition has written to Mr Key and the Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully, urging them to reject Mara's application, saying he can't be trusted.

But the newly formed Fiji Pro-Democracy Movement in Wellington (at the request of the Australian movement) is now urging Mr Key and Mr McCully to allow Mara to be allowed to make a longer visit.

A letter seen by Coupfourpointfive written by the interim president, Sai Lealea, says Mara needs more time to meet the Fiji community.
It reads: "The extension of his Visa will enable Fijians in Wellington and other parts of New Zealand to engage and meet with Ratu Tevita over their many concerns about their home country Fiji. We also regard Ratu Tevita’s visit as providing a unique opportunity to learn and be part of efforts to return Fiji to democratic rule.

"We note that Australia’s decision to grant Ratu Tevita an extended stay has enabled him to travel to key States there meeting and sharing with Fijians about the real situation in Fiji. This has been very well received by those involved and has led to renewed optimism and hope that both Australia and New Zealand’s stance on Fiji are well grounded and supported. 

"In fact some of us would like to see an escalation in efforts to further target sanctions against those from both New Zealand and Australia who are aiding the regime of Frank Bainimarama. Like Ratu Tevita, we share the view that while current sanctions are working, there is scope for it to be further strengthened.

"While others may have voiced a contrary position, we are firmly of the view there is nothing to be gained by not working with someone who's willing to put his guts and soul to secure the same outcome we're all been seeking for Fiji. 

"Whatever side of the argument one takes on this issue, there is no doubt we're all united that we want a return to democracy for Fiji and soon. The people in Fiji and the nation deserve it and are crying out for it. To quibble about Ratu Tevita's motives or indeed his sincerity to rid Fiji of the dictatorship there is sadly missing the real objective of all our efforts."

The group has also written to the Labour Party leader, Phil Goff, the Maori Party, the Green Party.


Cawaru said...

Good on you Sai, we support you up here in Auckland. We agree that Ului should stay in Aotearoa longer.

Long live the democracy for Fiji in NZ.

convolutedexperiment said...

Anything which supports a return to Democracy for Fiji, should be encouraged and supported.
However, initially and in the long term, it is the Constitution and the Rule of Law that must be paramount over Traditional and Cultural remedies, especially given that they are already enshrined in the Constitution.
The Constitution cannot and must not be circumvented to suit any group, village, clan, chief or individual.

Anonymous said...

why dont people in oz and australia get it. They can hum and hau all they want, but their efforts mean shit, if the citizens of Fiji cant get off their asses and do something about their situation. OZ, NZ and rest of democrcatic govts know this. People in fiji have to demonstrate first that their loss of democracy and their need for democracy is greater than their fear of a despotic, oppressive regime. No point in fighting for something in Aust/NZ if the Fiji people dont think it is worth fighting for. And that rubbish about the fear of the militray is just an excuse to do nothing. If others in Yeman, Egypt and countless other countries have had the courage to rebel in the face of more oppressive and bloody regime, than Fiji citizens have no bloody excuse.


Tevita Mara..be a MAN ..you say you are, and return back to Fiji, and free your people.
This is a mark of a true leader, and if you die in the process...so be it. that will be your attonement and the ultimate price you have to you pay for your treachery and treason againt your own people and government.

Otherwise, you are no Paul or Mosese you claim to be!!/

Anonymous said...

facts on the table - another democracy movement, this time in Wellington where only handful of fijians live - whta happens to rajesh singhs Ak movement - who is going to stand with mara in NZ to take photos - 6 of Rajeshs family or 3 of Sais family - just look at the numbers - not really a revolution - this is a disgrace for us who want justice in Fiji - latest of Ak grapvine, Dr Sahu Khan will advice anybody free as long its anti Taliban AG - using his mates and funders in Ak - Harish Lodhia ( Bro of Himmat - Lords).

Anonymous said...

well this should be interesting...anyone who knows the fijian demographics in NZ will know that wellington fijian pop is small compared to christchurch and auckland (being the largest), and sai (sorry to the guy) is a has been, who considers his brief time working for the NZ Ministry Of Pacific Affairs makes him a Pacific and Fijian political expert. Unfortunately access doesnt equate with influence, and sadly, sai has these delusions that he has influence with the politicans in wlelington, and has convinced the mara supporters in australia that he can deliever.

Will be interesting to see how Tina and her group in wellington respond to this new move, esp , when they would love to just "normalise relations with fIji...strenthening the economic climate is the best way to restoring confidence in fiji, and in the long run returning the country back to lawfulk regime".

BTW...the fiji wellington community are pretty disengaged, and rather unfortunately for Viti and the aspirations of the aust demo movememt, just dont believe it is worth getting involved..SO SAI, REALLY FOR THE TRUTH BE TOLD, IS A ONE MAN MOVEMENT WITH RAJESH AND HUGGURT IN AUCKLAND HOOTING FOR MARA.

Anonymous said...

Rokoului will return to Fiji but first he has to inform the world on what is going on in Fiji ! Who can do or say anything in Fiji with PER in place.

Who can remember the names of those CRW's that died but the families of the dead.

The world will know and will witness Rokoului's return to Fiji soon enough

SEMI MEO said...

1.Again, we ask why isn’t’ the young Chief shuttled up to other parts of Australia with dense former Fiji residents population and friends.

2.About time a reputable and credible PR company, Campaigning Guru or Corporate fund raiser be invited/ hired by these pro-democracy movements…may just improve the general image, promotion and brush up of the road map, and hope their road map does not end up like the potholed riddled roadmap now periodically filled bitumen decree by the Co Prime Ministers.

3.In the meantime, the Rear Admiral rules while his co PM control the purse and puppet strings....and our people suffer!!

Anonymous said...

In my opinion,they ought to be gaining support more within Fiji.Gain support of the 14 provinces like what bainimarama is doing.He's travelling around Fiji to gain support of the people...thats what mara ought to do.what good will it do to gain international support if there's no support in Fiji?There needs to be an uprising within Fiji..and how are these people gona do that when they in overseas?lol! people are scared of guns.we need to fight guns with guns.your talk will accomplish little.

Anonymous said...

and why bring back of GCC? what have they accomplished in the past years?..I think a better idea would be to create a committee of the heads of the mataqali themselves..they represent the people.

Anonymous said...

hurry up with all these talks,you guys in overseas start the march..and what about march in fiji? who's gona lead the march?

Anonymous said...

'The International Criminal Court issued arrest warrants for Libya's Muammar Gaddafi, his son Saif al-Islam and the country's spy chief, Abdullah al-Senussi, on charges of crimes against humanity." The Puppet and the Muppet (Khaiyum) must be the next to have their arrest warrants issued.

Anonymous said...

it's still don't understand for a lots of u guys how a gud life is.n how we like to change things in life in fiji.to live in a normal life.still blah blah,thumbs up democracy. god bless fiji.

Anonymous said...

Roko Ului will return to Fiji when the time is right.

Semi Meo why don't you invite Roko Ului to your residence, have a few bowl of kava and talk to him rather then crictising him from the side. He's there in Oz cease the opportunity to share ideas with him. Or better invite all the Fijians in ur area than invite RU to have a talanoa session.

Anonymous said...

Ratu Ului will have photos with Rajesh Singh and Shalen Raju in Auckland. After which he will topple Frank and joint with Y P Reddy to share some of the wealth....which he has to donate to the leaders...

Anonymous said...

The Indo-Fijians in New Zealand are either coup supporters or are too afraid, in case they are seen hobnobbing with a former fugitive colonel - these Indo-Fijians want to sit on the fence, FULL STOP

Anonymous said...

Congrats Sai for doing something for the big portion of Fiji's populace. Whether you get one or less than 10 attend your meeting the publicity and awareness will give you the impact of such noble causes.Do remember 99+% of Fiji's population want a quick return to democracy where we choose who we want to lead our beloved Fiji.......and we will.Here at home we are somehow effectively silenced by the PER and the media censorship and by the one sided propagandas etc. Keep going we are reading your news and understanding what is going on.RUM and JB keep at it. We are getting far more than what we think we already know.Wananavu!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

NZ should grant mara a visa for a reasonable time, which could be at leat a week, he is decommisioned with FMF and no way associated to the junta now but against it and should be banned for reasonble time temporary visa

Democrat said...

People in Fiji are fearful of the army. Any more than 3 can be rounded up and given 'the treatment' at the barracks.

Anonymous said...

The junta announces it will now manufacture guns and weapons this for the dictator to hide massive amounts of weapons to make another coup when he is out shortly of power, he is also making flour from dalo as he announced earlier, nothing is moving wiht 1% economic growth

Anonymous said...

where is the FNPF audited accounts for 2010 and where the mercer report why not made public and kept in secret when the draconion cut in pension rate done this is crimnal

Anonymous said...

Its funny..i juz red in the paper this morning about the "diplomatic note" that Tonga has replied to AG's office on refusing to extradite fugitive Ratu Tevita Mara. Its funny & stupid (dump) that AG couldn't understand that Tonga is a kingdom on its own...it has his own King which makes it a kingdom on its own...if they don't have a reason on AG's questions....then they don't...

Anonymous said...

@8:18 AM. Hahahaha.... good one!

Anonymous said...

@8:18 AM "also making flour from dalo"

The junta will also soon announce that it will Turn Excrement into Gold!

SEMI MEO said...

Anon June 28, 2011 1:47AM…gonei..yours truly is just an insignificant grandfather in the SunState…I am not worthy for the Chief to venture into my private domain…though the last time I personally met him was at the grove side of my late brother in early 2009 at Nasinu Cemetary.

There are 13 Fijian Christian Churches in Greater Brisbane, about 17 in all in this Southeast corner of Queensland. 8 Mandir (Hindu Temple), 5 Mosques, 3 Gurdwara (Sikh Temple) 2 i taukei association, 4 Fijian Indian Groups, 2 Rotuman Association, 1 Rabi Association,then you have the respective Vanua groups..and smaller pocket groups even some their own private mandir, Church ets..

Have met many of these leaders recently and no one seem to be aware of any invite, except the trickling of news from the faithful C4.5…

..or may be Ratu Mara will come up to the warm Qld and warmer reception after the freezing cold in NZ…or after his Vailima with the laughing Samoan.

Anonymous said...

@Semi Meo
You understand English or not?
Anonymous 1:47 said for you to "invite" RUM.
Not "give excuse" as to why he should not come to your private domain.
Only too much talk.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with fiji illegal AG and ms gobells who says junta will decide next move for mara extinction after formal letter and illegal AG doing bull talk- no country will extradiate anyone on sedition charges to fiji for a junta no consitution of thugs- only mockery making going on

SEMI MEO said...

@Anon June 28,2011 9:32..Protocol…gonei…protocol..au sega ni mai tamata viavia levu vaka taki iko …bothy!!..even if he is an alleged fugitive..he is still a Chief, hence, all customary and tradition welcome and billeted will be afforded to him and his entourage.
Also, I am no leader of any of the 20 plus autonomous Fiji groups in Qld…if I am invited, of course I know my place…that is “taki wai”…se va’evei yalo wai??

Anonymous said...

@9:32 AM. Precisely. This Hindi idiom applies to Meow and the likes of Meow...

"chhoti muh badi baat"
small mouth, big talk.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a short or selective memory




Do you people forget that?

Add to that there is a multitude of countries struggling after the global financial crisis
Mexico, Pakistan, Ukraine, Venezuela, Argentina, Latvia, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Belarus, Ireland etc etc

Greece is on the verge of total collapse

Anonymous said...

oilei....ni veitauri ... Roko Te Mara & Co are doing their best to return Fiji to democracy.sa too much bloggin no action..lolz..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Vinaka Semi Meo!!!

Keeping posting those hard-hitting comments. I luuv your spirit!

Unfortunately, like those running this blog-site, the majority of us on here, are forced to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. But we will come out in the open when time allows.

God Bless Fiji!

sdl.to.da.bone said...

@Semi Meo, I agree with Anonymous 9.32 AM. All you guys in Brisbane need to do is pay for his airfares over there and organise a programme for him. That is if you're really serious about hearing from the man in person? Otherwise, there's no sense in complaining about him not coming over. He doesn't have an all expenses paid trip you know. E da sega soti ni tamata dau vosa vakalevu o keda na i Taukei. Da raica ga, da cakava. Ke sega, da toka lo toka ga me yacova ni da rawa ni cakava e dua na ka. Vinaka na wekaqu.



sdl.to.da.bone said...

Anonymous 10.36 AM. The Shakespearan phrase; "the lady doth protest too much" is apt for people of your ilk. When Fiji was a democracy, everything that you, Khaiyum and Bainimarama are stealing and destroying was built up. ALl the FNPF, all the affirmative action programmes that you had at first criticised and then later decided were going to continue after all, Air Pacific, the Tourism projects, all the roading projects, the Fijian people were happy, the SDL government was the first government to think of having special scholarships for Indians and other races under the Multi Ethnic affairs ministry. Everything that you see around you was built by the previous democratic governments. Now, what have you and your Tyrant and Woman Basher Leader, Bainimarama, brought to Fiji. N_O_T_H_I_N_G. Talk about selective memory..LOL You my brother or sister (or is brother/sister?) are the true and total embodiment, the Poster Boy/Girl of Selective Memory.

Anonymous said...

@10:36 AM. You blood fruitcake.

Here's Why the Ernst and Young report was banned :

A comment on the MYFNPF blogsite has exposed the reason why the Bainikhaiyum regime has tried to stop us reading the Ernst and Young Report on the FNPF investment in Tappoos City. It seems the problem was one paragraph: “On 27 February 2007 Tappoos wrote to the FNPF proposing to downsize the project principally in light of political events that occurred in December 2006, which may have the effect of limiting Tappoos’ ability to source tenants for offices within the complex.” There it is. The coup slashed the value of investments in Fiji. Since then, four years of incompetent economic management and the abrogation of the Constitution, have made the situation even worse.

REPEAT: "The coup slashed the value of investments in Fiji"


It’s obvious that the Ernst and Young Report was commissioned to try to nail the old Board and management of FNPF.

So why wasn’t the report released?

Two reasons: one the evidence wasn’t quite there. There were hints of failure of process. Some documents couldn’t be found, proper due diligence appears not to have been carried out. Some talk (but no proof) of a personal property deal with Tappoos while negotiating the deal.

But the main reason for not releasing the report can be found one little paragraph in the report which the regime must want to suppress now more than ever.

“On 27 February 2007 Tappoos wrote to the FNPF proposing to downsize the project principally in light of political events that occurred in December 2006, which may have the effect of limiting Tappoos’ ability to source tenants for offices within the complex.”

That’s it. It was Frank’s coup which killed the value of property through-out Fiji. That’s where $400 million went.

Anonymous said...

Ian Simpson Taveuni

A one party state with checks and balances.

Let people have a say, lets be pragmatic, lets get on with it.

The Wesminister multi party system has not worked for us, good bye, moce, lets move along.

One man one vote,reducing voting age to 18 is not going to do it for us.......nice, but just a bit of lipstick, the pig is still a pig.

leaders of ten, 100, 10,000 ....democratic? YES

are we going to dig a hole, fill it in and re-dig the same hole....how many times are we going to do this???

If this blog is about democracy, then can we dicuss it?

Anonymous said...

I go back to the time when Ratu Ului Mara was the Landforce Commander..if he wanted he would have taken down Bai Boce and Fucked Face Pig Ass (Aiyaz Saiyad Khaiyum)and taken Fiji to the polls for election and democracy. But he slept like a snail and kept on listing to the two fucked face pig shits until the shit smelled fucked that he had to take off to Tonga for fresh air.

As they say it is never too late and Ratu Ului will be the one bringing Fiji back to the polls and democracy.

This is the time for Ratu to see who is and still is his true friends and those that used him for their benefit until he was the landforce commander. Dont go too far but look at Ratu's (once upon a time) best friend Lawyer Anwar Khan and his wife Michelle Khan. Anwar & Michelle Khan took blood out of Ratu for their benefits and when trouble came on Ratu the bastards tooo off as cowards. Muslims are not to be trusted Ratu.

Boarder Control has been well informed that Michelle Khan wife of Anwar Khan the lawyer and who owns Aussie Price Fighter smuggled ponographic DVDs, Dildos and other sex toys to sell to their clients from their shop Aussie Price Fighter. Again muslim bastards are ruining Fiji and we Fijians are only sitting and watching.

Anonymous said...

@ANNON 10.36am "ULUKAU"

Yes I will never forget when Fiji was in DEMOCRACY, nothing like what is happening NOW took place;

-Media restriction.
-No freedom to meet- PER
-My freedom to worship taken away.Cannot sing in the Methodist Conference Choir Compettion.
-Cut in FNPF Pension from 16% to 9 % because FNPF Funds was used to pay Civil Servants, Building of Tappos City for $70 million and Hotels Tax Concession $1.4 Billion in 2009 alone.
-My right as a Landowner is taken away with NLTB now a Government Property and come under the Ministry of Lands and taken away from the Vanua and GCC.99 years lease given for Agricultural Lease without consultation with landowners.(restructuring done by Noor Bano and AG) This illegal and straight out Land Grab.
-No Tender for Major Works and it is all taken by the network of AG and likes.
-Work Termination based on Victimisation and Racism.
-High Crime Rate. 1800+ home invasion reported cases in a Month. (Fiji Times Headline Report)
etc, etc

Anonymous said...

Hey mates, will anything happen or its just be in story books?.....When will we be free from this Dictaitorship???? Wakeup people, standup for yourself

Anonymous said...

Quarase made the law that fnpf was only allowed to invest in Fiji which lead to disasters like natadola and momi if that money could have been invested in mineral resources in Australia people would be looking at an increase in pension returns not a decrease.
As for air pacific and tourism any knowledgeable class 5 student would know when a WORLD recession hits the FIRST thing to be affected is tourism that's why Greece is on the verge of collapse.
When the people fell for the racist card by coup leaders did anyone see an improvement for the people? NOTHING

When was the last time a new public hospital was built in
It's good you quoted shakespeare it shows just how far you are behind.

Anonymous said...




Look at all the presidents of Fiji what do they all have in common?

Anonymous said...

@Ian Simpson
At the moment its not one man one vote. It's just Aiyaz and Frank voting for all of us.

What we are trying to do on this blog is get evryone to hvae this privilige back
ie one man one vote.
At the moment Bainimarama doesn't want to give it to us.
He said he'll give it in 2009 then he lied.
Now he says 2014 but instead of allowing people to campaign he says No he wont lift the PER.

So what are YOU going to do about it?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:35 - 100% agree with your comments. It is Vore and his coup that brought in the problems with FNPF mainly thru the loss of value of its investments. They're trying to overcoat it now as bad investments but in reality they were good investments that lost value thru the actions of one stupid man and his puppet master. Add to that people like Tappoos fully taking advantage of the situation and you have good investments turned bad.

Anonymous said...

@11:44 AM. The Wesminister multi party system has not worked for us....

It hasn't worked, you moron, because the military did not remain SUBORDINATE to civil power.

Put the blame where it belongs.

convolutedexperiment said...



Australians are the happiest people in the world overall, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and its new Better Life Initiative index.

In a comparison of people in the 34 OECD member countries, using 11 indicators - such as income, education and health - weighted equally, the OECD's Better Life Initiative found that Australians were the most satisfied with their lives.

In order, the next nine happiest countries were: Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, the US, Switzerland, Finland and the Netherlands.

Along with the 11 factors the OECD associates with a "good life," the index takes into consideration citizens' answers to quality-of-life questions like, "How satisfied are you with your life?" "How would you describe your health?" and "Do you know someone you could turn to in a time of need?"

However, adhering to the adage that what makes one person happy may make another miserable, the OECD has also provided a new tool that allows the user to tweak criteria to fit their own stage of life.

The interactive tool, called Your Better Life Index, allows the user "to see how countries perform according to the importance you give to each of the 11 topics - like education, environment, and so on - that contribute to well-being in OECD countries."

The index will eventually include the OECD's six partner countries (Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa), add data, and incorporate new indicators, it says.

Anonymous said...

Bring democracy to Fiji, it's about time we had an Indian PM AND PRESIDENT

Anonymous said...

Lets see the independence of the judicary now when a case has been filed in High Court for injunction against FNPF to reduce pension rates which is contracted and cant be cut by junta to spend for kickbacks, lets see whether the illegal Junta and illegal AG make a Decree and f--- the people of Fiji by cutting the pension by 65% leaving pensioners with nothing. Lets see whether human rights and rule of law prevails

Anonymous said...

@convoluted experiment
Suicide rate amongst men in Australia is 15 per 100,000 every year. Less in women.

May be its better than the other OECD countries, I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Nausori Kid says:

Reckon these 2 former army puppet are a waste of time really and people outside of Fiji should stop using this so called free Fiji campaign to make a name for themselves.
Don't get me wrong, I fully support the fight of bringing Fiji back to a democratically elected government. Just think RUM & JB should be looking for support in Fiji because the supporters in Aus & NZ are all barking from the safety of their own homes and governments.

Anonymous said...

convolutedexperiment i wonder if they interviewed thh Austalian Aborigines for this research about happiness. The last time i saw a "happy" Aborigine he was too drunk from the white mans grog to know where he was and the only language he could speak was broken English. He neither had any culture, custom or tradition or way of life! So please tell us who they interviewed?

Anonymous said...

Sai Lelea needs an update on Democracy! It didn't work in Fiji-the questions is WHY? JB & Roko ULUI are the last 2 person remaining on Earth that need to be consulted about how to return Fiji to democracy they were the ones that brought down the pillars of Democracy! Somehow some people just don't get! Maybe when they release George Speight,Shane Stevens, the Qaranivalu we should get them to also come and tell us how we can return to having a Democracy!Oh that maybe is along wait why not invite RABUKA! He is free to travel around!Reminds one of the old saying "Midri na vo midri mi, Oi lei bati kuta"! (squeeze the vo hard enough & it pisses on you......).When are we going to learn

bobby said...

send this idiot back home to face the music.

Pussy Meow said...

Sem Meow, stop polluting this blog with your useless postings. Why don't you come and declare your support for your brother Bainivuaka?

Anonymous said...

Roko should be allowed for only 2 minutes in NZ

Kinoya Kid said...

kinoya kid says,
@Anon Jun 27,2011,11.30pm...that was a well constructed and to the fact criticisum...the only difference between the Musulim countries and Fiji is that, in the Arab countries
, they were not satisfied with wat they get from the Govt. where else in Fiji, people who are really living in Fiji are satisfied with wat they are getting from the Gvt. of the day...if they are not satisfied...we all know...if Fijians are not satisfied ... everything will break loose...only those who are not satisfied are those from outside Fiji....
God Bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

Kai Wellington, Can you name this woman??

Kinoya Kid said...

kinoya kid says,
@Jun 28,1.16am...the International Criminal Court to issue arrest warrant ...those lawyers they know wat they are doing...they know wats going on in Fiji...the problem here is between the two ship wreckers of oz the kiwi against Fiji...the rest of the world are there to assist Fiji ...even the UN has increased fiji's participation despite the resistance from the two ship wreckers ...they are fighting a losing battle...they want to
let Mara into their folds to save face from the international communities...because their sanctions are in-effective and Fiji as found asistance from more lucrative and more developed nations...even most of the bussiness associates within the two countries had requested their two countries to reconsider their sanctions because it has no effect...the problem with them is that they don;t want to lose face...so as all it's symperthisers....
God Bless Fiji

Romanu said...

Vinaka Sai. I have been talking to Fijians in Wellington and we are all behind your move.

We will welcome Ului and look after him.

We will help him meet all the Ministers he needs to meet and Diplomats as well. Academics and general public. So do not worry we are behind you all the way.

Anonymous said...

@ M&M.

Seem a lot happier since you changed your name.

Tatadra said...

Who can we call to organise Roko Ului to Queensland?

Anonymous said...

Great initiative Sai Lealea. This is the time to build sa rauta mada na veibasuraki tiko, leqa levu tiko vei kedatou na kai Viti, dua e saga e dua na ka, kena vo vakalelewa ga kei na veidusi. Wananavu qori Sai, go for it, I am fully behind you, and looking forward to having RUM visit NZ. We will pitch in when the time comes, and guys, no one has any monopoly over pro-democracy movements for fiji- the more the merrier, one day they can all come together as united voice, how strong. Sivia ga na veiqati, biu laivi, democracy for fiji belongs to everyone who cares, and has a following, I am happy for Sai and his group whether its 2 or 3 dont matter, when the time comes and he invites people to listen to RUM people will come.
So @Anon@12.20 am kua mada na veibasuraki, if you can't do anything, keep your mouth shut! Vosa mada ga o koya sa cakava e dua na ka! Sa matai ga na vakalelewa! Good on Rajesh, Stuart and co in Auckland, I fully support all your initiatives. God bless you all and thumbs up for democracy!

Lautoka said...

Kinoya Kid continues his dribble from the Kinoya Sewerage treatment plant on his mission to justify the murderers at QEB

Anonymous said...

People inside Fiji have got to start this revolution & get off their 'rusty dusty' and start marching in solidarity that we want the democratic rule of law and true justice and good governance. Are we going to act now or wait for the year 2020???

SEMI MEO said...

@sdl.to.da.bone said...Pls..no…no….no….no more SDL please no more of that racist Party..n…kua…kua…..kua...better bring back the SVT or Alliance Party..

Anonymous said...

..isa me da sa veilomani madaga...

Anonymous said...

Tatadra call Milika Varani who is a Registered Nurse & President of the Fiji & Friends Association, North Queenslad- shes well hooked up to the Labour Party and husband is a Lawyer trained at James Cook University.Their son plays for the Western Force.

Anonymous said...

Kua ni levu na va-kilakila. o Viti sa 'set' tu. Sega mada ga na yavavala. Even the people in Fiji are enjoying the running of the government now, they do not even want election, because for a very long time they can see the light. hope rokoului will not follow his father's footstep of forcefully grab the Oneata people's fishing ground. Why campaign in NZ/Aussie, because it will have no effect at all. Wasting time, heh!...........

Kinoya Kid said...

kinoya kid says,
@Ltk...try to wake up to see wat's happening around U...unless U are somewhere else...if U are here in Fiji...U'll understand wat I'm elaborating on...if no than there is something wrong some where up there, thats why you can't see wats going on here in Fiji...We are happy with wat we have achieved through hard work and committment towards our goal....because in the present Fiji, only lazy people will complain....
God Bless Fiji

Kinoya Kid said...

kinoya kid says,
@Anon 12.53pm....well said...all those people wanting to be in the wildness and don't care wats happening in Fiji should be reminded that the people of Fiji is happy...thanks and God Bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

people in Fiji (Grass roots) dont know whats happening to the beloved country because of the gagged media.
So simple, no media to keep the Illegal Govt honest.

Tatadra said...

@ Anno. 29/06/11 4.09 a.m.

Just tried to get a phone number search for Milika Varani but to no avail...Would you have a postcode or better still her phone number?


Anonymous said...

@Tatadra said...

"Who can we call to organise Roko Ului to Queensland?"

call Peter Foster