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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NZ: Fiji travel bans won't be lifted for Rugby World Cup

The Prime Minister John Key and Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully have confirmed the travel ban will not be relaxed to allow members of the Fiji military into New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup.
They say the Interntional Rugby Board was informed of their decision today and that the decision reflects New Zealand's unchanged policy since Frank Bainimarama took control of the country in 2006.

This story from Tracy Watkins, Stuff.co.nz:
Fiji has been threatening to boycott the event, which kicks off in Auckland in September, unless New Zealand drops its travel sanctions.

Mr McCully said that would not happen unless Fiji made progress toward democratic elections.

He said he informed the IRB of that today after the issue hit the headlines.

"Obviously they [the IRB] have an interest in seeing all the teams able to participate on the best terms possible. I understand that…. I volunteered that briefing for them today because [the travel ban] does have some implications for Fiji's participation in the Rugby World Cup."

Mr McCully said there were people involved in Fiji's RWC bid who were on the list of people banned from entering New Zealand because of their association with the Fiji military.

That meant they would not be allowed into New Zealand for the tournament.

"Our position has been quite clear. The recently elected chairman of the Fiji Rugby Union had something to say about that publicly. He wanted some clarification. I told him that banned meant banned."

Mr McCully confirmed the IRB had a different point of view.

"Their starting position is they want to see as many teams that are participating in the tournament as possible able to participate on as free as possible terms."

"Obviously they don't want to have limitations on who can get into new Zealand affecting the character of teams."

But they also accepted it was up to the New Zealand government to decide who should be allowed into the country.

"That's never been contested."

Mr Key said New Zealand took the travel sanctions seriously and he saw no reason to change them.

If that resulted in Fiji being forced to field a weaker team that was unfortunate but no reason to change the policy.

"We've been in a position for a long period of time where our expectations are Fiji will make progress toward democratic elections. It's in the hands of the Fijians to change that position." 

Editor's Note: Australia's Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd, also today reiterated the sanctions imposed by the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group and the Pacific Forum on Fiji, saying there was a united approach to maintaining them. In his address for National Press Day, he urged the gathering to take particular note that a regime had lost a key officer, Roko Ului Mara, and what he was saying about 'what was going on in that internal machinery of that government.' Rudd said he expected Mara to head to 'these shores' at some stage soon.


Anonymous said...

good on you new zealand

Anonymous said...

We Fijians are happy with your stand NZ.
Fiji Rugby team can go and Masipolo somewhere "up North".

Anonymous said...

i am pretty sure there are heaps of players in fiji who are capable of representing fiji apart from those who are affected by the ban..

cmmdr is the real man who is affected by this ban..so thats why its hhurting him so much

KaiNamosi said...


Democracy in NZ allows us Fijian residents to be heard by our Prime Minister in NZ. We want the same democracy in our home country.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Vakalevu Niusiladi
Keep it up

Anonymous said...

commodore,the deal is simple.. get back the democrat govt,return to barracks and nz will left the ban.

Anonymous said...

good work john key..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

vakaloloma eratou vakayagataka na f.r.u me rawa ni ratou lako kina n.z.ni kua ena fiji times e tukini meratou boycott taka na world cup na timi ni viti.baleta ni sega ni rawa ni ra lako na nona boys o (voreqe kina world cup. eratou a gole kina sevens cava erawa mai .cacava so na viavia kauti kemudou cake kevaka mada ga e sega ni gole na timi ni viti e sega na leqa.au kerea vei iko voreqe mo laki vuli tale mada vaka talega kina o mosese tikoitoga na masi bolo mo tauri voreqe vaka vinaka drau qai laki gunu oboru ena ruku ni vunimaqo mai na kaba ka drau qai sava na world cup drau vei tauri

Anonymous said...

hurray,nz has hit it right

Anonymous said...

nail right on the head.. ouch, is it paining now coommodore

Anonymous said...

HA....HA..HA....FRU Chairman suguraki, in your face....sa qai rauti iko ya....or you STILL DONT understand what BANNED stands for...ok dont worry will now ask IRB to move the next world cup to India or China, so that you and your famili can all go and cheer the Fiji Military Rugby team...io sa qai lai rawa ga i Esia.

Anonymous said...

no worry john key,ordinary fijians are not been affected by this.. just commodre and his high riding dump arse son are affected the most

Jieke said...

Very good NZ, that will teach them a lesson.

Anonymous said...

"Banned means banned" Sa matata vinaka sara ga o ya!

"We have been in a position for a long period of time where our expectations are Fiji will make progress towards democratic elections. It's in the hands of the Fijians to change that position."

Sa qai makare sara ya!

Instead of demanding that the world adjust and fall into line to suit our/THEIR (military junta) agenda, we/THEY (military junta) MUST ADJUST AND FALL INTO LINE as A RESPONSIBLE MEMBER of the global community. In the final analysis, this translates to: what you say must match what you do. Otherwise, you lose your CREDIBILITY...[You can b/s some people some of the time or even all the people some of the time but not all the people all of the time.]

So, let us take the positives from NZ's stance ( genuine efforts towards elections = normalizing of relations = normalizing of life in Fiji = rebuilding and reconstruction of damaged relations, properties and economy = win/win situation!) and discard the negatives (I wanna...I wanna...HEY, I WANNNNNNNNNNA...YOU, YOU, YOU BALADI CANT DOOOOOO THIS TO
me...me...me...MEMEMEMEMEMEMEME...BLAH...BLAH...BLAH!). Honestly, this roadshow bores me death TIKOITOGA, vakaevei me sa veisau mada na matani meke wili tale ga kina o iratou na vakatara au kerea!!!

Magnificent Blog Impact said...

Congratulations to Coup 4.5 and the other courageous and patriotic anti regime/pro democratic blogs! The treasonous regime and its collaborators are on the back foot and tap dance all day to our tune of freedom. The only regime supporting coup, run by the imbecile from horowhenua, is in full retreat like and wounded goose.
Well done Ratu Tevita Mara and other proud Fijians fighting the dogs!!

Meteliko said...

Kai Tonga: PM Key and his foreing minister should be congratulated for standing firm on their democratic principles, and their rules of not allowing the IRB to influencing them on Travelling rules for World Cup Countries that are ruled by dictator like Banimarama of Fiji, any one that is connected should not have this opportunity in coming to NZ and participating in the WC. Thanks NZ.

Anonymous said...

hats off to you mr john key.

Anonymous said...

commodre,return back to the baracks and give the country to the politicians..

nz will left the bans

Anonymous said...

Ban means ban. it doesnt mean anything else, period. Thanks NZ. Keep it up you are the voice of the silent majority in Fiji. Thaanks.

Gusu ni Vosa said...




Anonymous said...

Mo Tikoitoga
isa sa vakacava na via saraqito magaibumu

Anonymous said...

Good on you NZ!!!!! Proud to be a Fijian New Zealander - I am not indigenous Fijian, nor am I Indo-Fijian but a proud and passionate Fijian none the less. I am proud that NZ has stayed consistent in its response to ALL the coups!!! Whether they were supposedly "pro-Fijian" or "pro-Indian" or "pro-One-Fiji-for-all". They were/are ALL the same through and through - nothing but a bunch of crooks seizing power for personal financial gain and to escape the law. They all know who they are (and I mean everyone that was involved in '87, 2000 etc). You are ALL the same. I bet people like Chaudry and Felix Anthony are so glad now for NZ's consistency - weren't they arguing that NZ should respond differently because this regime is "different"? As I said - GOOD ON YOU NEW ZEALAND!!!!So what if Fiji withdraws from the Wellington and Adelaide 7's - we just saving ourselves from the embarrasmment of losing anyway!

Anonymous said...

well there you go..these monkeys think that they can have their way..no way..if fiji doesn't send a team to the world cup..it doesn't matter cause they always loose anyway..

Anonymous said...

Hail NZ!!! You're a well known Freedom Fighter. You did it in 1981 when the Springbok toured NZ and made a huge impact on South Africa's political reforms. Now, you're doing it for the sake of democracy in Fiji...Keep it that way...we need your support.

Anonymous said...

Fiji team wins the plate in scotland??..Next time you wont win anything cause you have polticised sports..that dumb dick of a head mosese tikoitoga..

Tui Viti said...

WTF!! What part of BAN don't these monkeys understand? Roko Ului mentioned something about Tikoitoga being the cream of the current officers crop!!If he doesn't understand ban........really shows the IQ level of the current crop of officers!!Oilei Navua.

Anonymous said...

Thank you John Key for not letting some thieving con artists into your beautiful country..they would be bad examples to your people and especially to children growing up in that beautiful land..God bless your country..

Varani. said...

Commonwealth Games - now IRB World Cup - all sacrificed because of one delusional mans inflated ego.

If any further proof was required that Vore's completely lost the plot(is insane) - here it is.

Anonymous said...

Me rau veivutusona ga ko Tikoitoga kei Bainimarama. Magaitinamudrau!

Happy feet said...

Report from BBC World News Site

The head of Fiji's Olympic Committee says the South Pacific nation should boycott the World Cup this year if sanctions imposed by New Zealand prevent it from selecting its best team.

Vidhya Lakhan, president of the Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee, told the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation on Tuesday that the International Rugby Board should consider moving Fiji's matches from New Zealand if sanctions were applied.

New Zealand has imposed travel sanctions on Fiji since the nation's military under Commodore Frank Bainimarama seized power in a December, 2006 coup. Sanctions prevent members of the Fiji military or their families from visiting New Zealand.

Fiji will name its initial 50-man squad for the World Cup on June 4 and several players with military links are likely to be included.

Lakhan said the New Zealand government had no right to interfere in the selection of the Fiji team.

"If New Zealand does not allow the best Fiji selection to take part in the RWC, then IRB should reschedule Fiji's matches in another country that will allow the best Fijian selection to take part in the Rugby World Cup," he said.

"And if IRB is not willing to do that, then Fiji should consider boycotting the RWC. That is our position."

Lakhan said the IRB should follow football's governing body FIFA, which moved a World Cup qualifier between New Zealand and Fiji from New Zealand in 2009 when Fiji goalkeeper Simione Tamanisau was denied a visa. Tamanisau had family links to the military.

The IRB has called on New Zealand to relax sanctions against Fiji during the World Cup, but Prime Minister John Key has said his government will not.

"At the end of the day, we don't take our riding instructions from the IRB," Key said. "Our view is that we want to see democracy restored in Fiji. This is the only thing that we've got that holds their feet to the fire."

Australia has imposed similar sanctions against Fiji. When Bainimarama took power he suspended the Pacific nation's constitution, dismissed its judiciary, imposed strict media censorship and suspended democratic elections.

Lakhan, Voreqe, Tikoitoga and group... BANNED is BANNED!!
So go figure!!!!

Anonymous said...

Vidya Lakhan initiated the move for Fiji to boycott the RWC just to pretend and show IOC that he's really busy in office since he's getting a lot of dollars from them. He is sitting and living on the sweat of sporting bodies... FRU go ahead an play rugby, do not play politics... Go Fiji Go!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank-you, Prime Minister John Key. A man who stands for his convictions, justice and democracy! John Galt

Anonymous said...

Good one NZ!!. In your face woman basher and suguraki force line Tikoitoga. Rauti kemudrau ya.... For the first time I dont care if Fiji doesnt even play in the RWC. Thank you NZ for speaking for the Fijians under this forceline, terrorist rule!!! Want to force line NZ into changing their stance like you do to the people of Fiji. Thank you again NZ for not taking crap from this regime!!!

Anonymous said...

As soon as I read the C 4.5 headline, I put my comment in. Already, I see, there were 26 ahead of me. NOT ONE does not applaud, salute and give thanks to the NZ Prime Minister, John Key (and I say that with the highest regard for the office!)for stating his position with conviction and right.

May God bless you sir. Now that the stupid sports agenda is put aside as being such a high priority for our illegal dictator (vanity only), could you, would you, please help us in our biggest nightmare?

You have kept our nightmare from creeping in and threatening the peace of your nation. Can you help cleanse it from ours? John Galt

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:45 PM
@Anon 8:05 PM

Well, Fiji Rugby Union (FRU), no point bitching about your plight. It's political. And there's only ONE way for yous all to participate in the WORLD CUP in New Zealand. And that is to TAKE OUT Cassava Patch Runner and the Hand Puppet Master. NOW!!! John Galt.

Anonymous said...

well done NZ and Australia and now the IRB needs to ban then till justic is done that would show this dick-tator Frank the people of Fiji dont like you or your thugs . IRB needs to stop worrying about money and fix things with the people of Fiji . You might have to suffer alittle but once this dick is gone when you can return to a normal life .

Anonymous said...

Good on you John Key!! and IRB!!!
These Idiots think they can have their cake and eat it too?? Sorry Fulori!!! No one gives a shit if you don't send a Team!! The WC is better off without a "Fiji Army Team" Kudos to NZ!!! Please send your Navy Boat to pick up Vore & Co and dump them somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle!!! Vacava mo dou lai play mapolo madaga yani ki Jiaina!!! se ki Idia!!! Dou kesu va ceke!!

Anonymous said...

bhaini-marama, return to barracks and you may get a chance to watch the games..hurray nz..

and well done john key

Anonymous said...

Thank You John Key, you the man!! Tell this bully to go jump in the hole he crawled out of!!!

Anonymous said...

IRB needs to take a stand on this and stop them from playing till fiji is restored to its democracy for the people of Fiji , So if any one will send this to the IRB and tell them to show what the world is made of and not money and thugs enough people sending them e-mail in protest of this dictatorship and to free Fiji and its people . So they can once again play they game Rugby and be free of the Scum that have control of their spot and country.
Let the petition start

Anonymous said...

shut up vidhya lakhan.. big chamcha of baini/arse.. but no use barking..

c4.5,is it possible to print the comments and send to world cup organisers..

but anyway,come world cup,we will have a new democratic govt in fiji

Anonymous said...

This is all John Key can do. There is nothing else he can do to bring about any positive change in Fiji. How much does rugby matter? This will be over by August.

Anonymous said...

Good on you New Zealand!!!

What are World Cup and IRB7s to Fiji if there is no democracy?

Well Done C4.5, thank you for a job well done, you are infiltrating the illegal regime's camp and same time reaching our neighbouring shores with the real truth of the illegal regime. The press release by the I.Regime means they are feeling the heat of the blog and trying to put out the fire. Now that blog stories are incriminating and damaging to them, they will try to counter and make good their image. All these RUM blog releases strengthen our position as anti-illegal-Fiji regime including Aust, NZ, S.Pacific Forum. Yes God works in a mysterious ways, our prayers, lamentation of the Church and Chiefs of our beloved land, tears of those who have lost their love ones, jobs, properties, those that were tortured, beaten, imprisoned after framed up will not fall unseen by the Almighty. To all military people, your families and FB/military sympathizers, the tide is turning, it is time to check-out and ship-out. To you FB, it is time to answer to your Crimes. Time-Out and Check Out Mate FB!!!

Anonymous said...

Vidhya Lakhan Are you an idiot. Thats why you have sanctions you stupid stupid man and your running the Olympic Committee ,God help Fiji if your running it . You need to try some other means of work like a taxi driver you dumb ass.I bet the IRB is laughing at you You stupid man but then again Frank most probley has taken all your retirement money . For him and the Boys ,

Anonymous said...

Fiji is so small whereby more than half the population in Fiji has military links, uncles, cousins, school mate, friends, grog mate, tavale, etc

Anonymous said...

fiji missing the rwc won't make any difference in the out come of the comp

Anonymous said...

We have too many nuts running the country and sports and now confirmed another big nut Vidya Lakhan(Mahen Chaudhary's karua) wants to give his two cents worth for the NZ ban on Fiji rugby. Just stick your nose to fasanoc and not rugby.

Anonymous said...

We have too many nuts running the country and sports and now confirmed another big nut Vidya Lakhan(Mahen Chaudhary's karua) wants to give his two cents worth for the NZ ban on Fiji rugby. Just stick your nose to fasanoc and not rugby.

ex Fiji tourist said...

To hairyatse, bananasinpyjamas and your sycophants:

here is some details of your new home.

You may like to pack a few books to take with you.

I hope you like ping pong. Surely bananasinpyjams must be good at it after all his hospital trips yo china.


Anonymous said...

GOOD ON YA NZ!! Bhainivuaka is using "boycotting" as an excuse when really there ain't no money for the boys! Coz him and Khaiarse spend it on their own bloody salaries...how about you two donate mada so the boys can play?!! Drau matavasese!

Rusila said...

NZ Herald Headline News Tonight:

PM won't budge on Fiji ban for RWC
6:32 PM Wednesday Jun 1, 2011

The Government won't relax travel sanctions against Fiji to avoid potential problems with the Rugby World Cup tournament, Prime Minister John Key says.

Fiji is reported to be threatening to boycott the tournament unless all its team members and officials are allowed into New Zealand, and the International Rugby Board (IRB) doesn't want any upsets.

The travel ban applies to members of Fiji's military and anyone associated with Commodore Frank Bainimarama's ruling regime - and that covers some team members and the chairman of the Fiji Rugby Union.

"We haven't changed our stance, which is that if someone is associated with the regime they will be subject to travel sanctions," Mr Key told reporters today.

"I think Frank Bainimarama's brother-in-law is running it (the Fiji Rugby Union) now, and it would make a bit of a mockery of the sanctions that we have in place."

Mr Key acknowledged that the IRB wanted the Government to relax the rules.

"I'm sure they do, but New Zealand and Australia have been staunch in their views," he said.

Foreign Minister Murray McCully, who is in charge of the tournament, has briefed the IRB on the Government's attitude to Fiji.


Anonymous said...

I like the double standards by NZ when the various countries around the Including the commonewealth countries world were sweating their arses off to stop apartied in South Africa-the NZ Govt let the South African Rugby team into NZ to play the All Blacks! This was a side made of 99.9% Whites! Short on memories Mr NZ PM.
The IRB as an institution needs to stand it ground when it comes to certain matters as FIFA did with the soccer incident! Not that i care too much for Regimes such as the one running the show at home. All one asks is for consistencies NZ!

Anonymous said...

vidya should be charged for spg scam 2003.
nz govt made it clear and fiji should obey.

Anonymous said...

I really don't think swearing should be allowed on this site or for that matter , in public. Please C4.5, do not publish people swearing on your site.

Anonymous said...

Can they list down the names of the players in the Military that are affected. From my list of players, no one from the Military is capable enough to represent Fiji in the World Cup. Their players are only good enough in the local club games. My list to represent Fiji:
Props: Deacon Manu,Graham Dewes, George Ma’afu, Jerry Yanuyanutawa, Setefano Samoca, Campese Ma'afu. Hookers: Sunia Koto, Viliame Veikoso, Tuapati Talemaitoga, Vesi Rarawa. Locks: Wame Lewaravu, Apisalome Ratuniyarawa, Sokonaia Kalou, Ifereimi Rawaqa. Flankers: Semisi Naevo,Dominiko Waqaniburotu, Jone Qovu, Malakai Volau, Rupeni Nasiga, Akapusi Qera, Samu Bola. No. 8. Sisa Koyamaibole, Jimilai Naikadawa, Halback: Nemia Ranuku, Seveci Taka. First Five: Seremaia Bai, Waisea Luveniyali, Jonetani Ralulu, Vitori Buatava 11. Apisalome Waqatabu, Second Five: Seru Rabeni, Gabrieli Lovobalavu, Ravai Fatiaki,Vereniki Goneva. Centers: Saula Radidi, Ropate Ratu, Adriu Delai, Kameli Ratuvou, Sireli Naqelevuki, Albert Vulivuli. Wings: Timoci Nagusa,Epeli Nayaravoro,Sireli Bobo, Nemani Nadolo, Michael Tagicakibau Fullbacks:Ratu Taniela Maravunawasawasa,Iliesa Keresoni, Josh Matavesi, Norman Ligairi.

Anonymous said...

Vidhya Lakhan is just a little man of little consequence to anyone. The leach has sucked the life out of sport in Fiji while his wife has sucked the life out of chaudhry!! Tea-time?

Anonymous said...

Bula Vidya. Your outburst now because of rugby is the same way you assured evereyone in Fiji that you will make sure of Fiji's participation at the last Commonwealth Games. Did Fiji participate after all? You know the outcome....BIG MOUTH
You will come to know soon who am i.....Qima Qama kila kilai au mada.....KUA SOTI MADA NA SOLI MAKA RIGHT BARD VIDYA?

Anonymous said...

Oilei, the same old tune, all the huffing, puffing and farting! Frank is this, Aiyaz is that or whatever. But, they will continue for you bloggers are only a minority. The majority right now is behind this Government. Moce JO!

Anonymous said...

I honestly dont see the logic in VL's argument or reasoning.

If Fiji boycotts the RWC, the tournament will still go ahead but VL, Tikoitoga and FB's FRU would be doing the sports and especially the players a huge disservice. [Some can rightfully say - 'so what else is new?']

As rugby lovers and keen followers of the sport at home, we know how difficult it is to attract sponsors for our national teams. The RWC is an excellent opportunity to show case what WE HAVE GOT (keeping in mind that BANNED MEANS BANNED) to attract the eyes of potential sponsors!

While it is unfortunate that the RWC doors have slammed shut on ruggers from the Army/Navy, the doors have now opened for other players to showcase their knowledge, skills and raw talents.

So it is foolhardy and hugely irresponsible for VL to be making such preposterous calls. In any case, how many players are we anticipating to be banned? Does that justify withdrawing the whole team and with it the chance for an experience of a lifetime from the other players? [Again you would be right to ask, 'So what else are they good at?']

Why must Fiji's life experiences and existence be forever straight-jacketed according to the whims and needs of the Wannabe PM and his cohorts. Army rugby players have had 5 years to decide whether they want to take part in the RWC. The bans have been there since December 2006. They cant have their cake and eat it too!!! Sorry boys, such is life!!!

So, thank you NZ for your support. As for the FLYING FIJIANS - I know we can still fly sky high even without those army boys! I for one will still cheer you on with or without them. So let's go boys, let's head to the RWC and let's get ourselves a few lucrative off-shore contracts so we can keep adding to our repository of national rugby knowledge and skills for the betterment of the sports at home. Let's see if we can attract the eyes of some deep pocketed sponsors to have as the icing on our RWC cake!!! Can we do it? Sure we can!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Australia and New Zealand, dont let a women bashing and tortuture junta dictator regime in whose dictator gets 700000 salary-paid himself 185000 leave is a thug and corrupt-force rule of law/democracy/human rights on fiji as the people are suffering at the hands of a small group of thugs

Anonymous said...

I applaud Mr Key (now My PM) and Mr Mcully for their stand..we should write direct to them showing our support for their stand..as for FRU,,,we can always select our own team hia and bring boys from abroad..nz,aussie, france and england..we have better chances then the whatever bainis team ..tamata no rugby..victory is nigh..

semimiau said...

Thankyou Mr Rudd.You make me and my family proud Australian Fijians.Thankyou Mr Key.The Fiji Rugby number one team consists of most of the boys plying their trade out of Fiji anyway.Thankyou you bullies RFMF you are just being given your own medicine.Whats the grumpling for.Easy way is to return to the camp,do what you do best and give Fiji its democratic freedom.Shame on you bullies.

Anonymous said...

Good one Rudd and its time we close this regime down ,And their are no double standards with NZ or Australia .That was years ago ,Today things have changed alot so do your home work . About the IRU . and dont forget Franks mate is running the show.That keeps his mate 's happy by letting them play .Fiji has lots of great players so we dont need Franks mate's to play . Wake up Fijians this is all a scam .

FijiGirl said...

Bravo NZ! At last someone is showing the illegal regime that law and order still means something in the big, wide world.
God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

RE: Anon @ 12:57 AM

Our sports venue will, unfortunately have to take a back seat until fundamental principles are restored. There will be a price to be paid for our sports teams but we are all paying those prices on every level of our existence here in Fiji.

It is a pre-emptive strike by NZ to put the illegal dictator in his place and I can only hope that stiffer sanctions against this regime will begin.

Will, we the people suffer? In the short run - yes. But we need International support to choke out the military dictatorship. They have crept into every office and business we have here. Where else would you find the military running a nation's sports team?

Not one comment thus far that doesn't applaud the NZ government for taking this stand!

BTW - fellow bloggers - please note that only two of the above comments are mine. Loser is doing his best to "mimic" my words and obviously has an abiding jealousy of me. I'll leave it to you to know who is actually who. I take it that my challenge to him to actually sit down and read "Atlas Shrugged (Particularly Part III, Chapter XIII) was more than his feeble IQ could handle. Mimicry (and a poor imitation at that) is the best we can expect. John Galt

Anonymous said...

Thank you/Vinaka vaka Levu,Dhanyabaad Mr. Prime Minister JohnKey and FA Minister Mr McCully for you support for the downtrodden Fiji people. God bless you two and yiour family for your forthright stand. The real people of Fiji will honour you always.

Anonymous said...

Well done NZ and Australia! Keep all those people like Tikoisuva et. al out, for always hanging around Josaia Voreqe's arse. Tabetabe tiko, qori kemudou i sau sa vuni tu! Matata!

Anonymous said...

Does Lakhan realise that the only other two Pacific countries participating in this RWC are Tonga and Samoa? Can anyone see the current Tongan or Samoan governments listening to Lakhan? Perhaps Lakhan was directing his request to his regime's "fiends" the Solomons, Vanuatu, PNG (and those other misguided members of the MSG) to boycott the RWC.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Maleka sara! Always issuing Persona Non Grata's to NZ High Commissioners - serves you bloody right not to be allowed into NZ!

FRU i suggest you boycott - saves us bloody money and most of all the shame that Fiji will come nowhere in the World Cup anyway - as long as Frank is usurping leadership of Fiji - moce JO! We are not getting any trophies whatsoever - God will never allow it.

Finally, to Frank, qai lai sara qito saraga yani i Niusiladi Lailai! Heheiiii...matamu! *&*^&%^

Anonymous said...

Well said Mr PM of New Zealand, and the Foreign Affairs Minister of New Zealand with Foreign Affairs Minister of Australia, But I would butt of Fiji's Politics since we are gearing up for that election by 2014, And yes Whatever Roko Ului said about this Govt's assurance that by 2014 the govt will not have election has been honourable by him. But PLEASE as say in Fiji, time will come in Fijian Time. We are slow but are SURE Mark my words should there be NO ELECTION by 2014, I will lead the REBELLION Against this GOVT BUT that is IF ELECTION DOESN'T HAPPEN. I am neither FOR nor AGAINST this Govt as long as they follow their words. Because they have already breech it by saying in 2006-2007 that they will not benefit from it and the earlier elections by 2009 which never eventuated because of the abrogation of the Constitution. But alas, IF THEY FALL ON THEIR PROMISE COME 2014, I DON'T CARE OF BULLETS, Cause I know ways to KILL as a SOLDIER would or Ex as I am.

SEMI MEO said...

OK..Ok Mr Key we heard you loud and clear!! Now, let’s be pragmatic..say if my Tauvu, Rear Admiral Co-Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama boycotts the RWC, and order no team for Fiji.

Well, that’s sweet because 1. It will be an insult to the “Bainimarama” name in the Fiji Rugby legacy. 2. We, the Fiji Rugby lovers on sabbatical resident overseas will form a team!! Wealth of Fiji Rugby and League talents scattered around the Rugby world that would qualify to play for a Fiji team.
We do not think financiers would be an obstacle as supporters of Fiji Rugby prodemocracy mega financiers may be ready to salvage the situation.

IRB may have to accept this Fiji team instead to lobbying for lift of the ban against the alleged bashers of our “marama”, the latter is NOT rugby at all.

Seriously, let’s still have a team which my tauvu will grudgingly be cheering for come RWC…and wish he was there to appease the “Bainimarama” name in World rugby he may have shamed through his intended boycott.

We say to the Rear Admiral; let the team travel NZ RWC while he makes another trip to NiuSiladi (Nabukelevu Kadavu) during the RWC….well the closest tip of Fiji to NZ….where “legendary” the nabukelvu women each morning while tea pot is boiling, paddles to NZ to buy bread in time for breakfast….sa va ya tauvu!!

NZ Taxpayer said...

Thank you Mr Key. I do not want to see a bunch of human rights abusing morons coming to New Zealand. Please adjust travel warnings too: Fiji has become a very dangerous place to travel to. In addition I suggest that all assets of Fiji military personnel and participants in the dictatorship be frozen. And there should be no more UN peace keeping by Fijian thugs.

Anonymous said...

NZ won't budge and the IRB has no right to dictate to NZ what they should do. Get lost Wank Bocivuaka.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Niusiladi!!!!!

Its a good thing that they maintain their stand on this issue.
Why does Bai have to go anyway? So that he can go and waste another million of the taxpayers money.

Go away Bai and aiyaz and fade away in the background!


SEMI MEO said...

Justification to surround Fiji with warship loaded with SAS troops and helicopters is all Australia and NZ may be waiting for.

Obviously, defeated former PM Rudd is shouting democracy far off in the Middle East region, while the Pacific Ocean is boiling.

Campaigning for a seat in the UN Security council should not be Australia’s priority right now, we think. Unseating People’s Republic of China’s privileged throne in the hub of the Pacific Fiji should a priority.

Anonymous said...

Why should the executives esp the Board members/chairman attend unless they are paying from their own pockets for the RWC. I am tired of abuse of office whereby they attend and go on picnics like tourist unless they are physio or managers, players, coaches, then The RFU should pay for their expense. They should send at least 2 physios', 1 manager, 3 coaches and the extra luggage's should pay their way over. Even the Executive Director (Who is under investigation should not flee the country just as the former Governor of RBF did (Under medical evacuation - free fares over))
should pay his own way over. But all those under investigation should not leave the country like Former Sports Council Executive Director Ms Alice Tabete who escaped the country through NETBALL. (Whereby we don't know where she is)

Anonymous said...

Good on You NZ, now Kev Rudd show some back bone and do something not just talk. Cancel Air Pacific's flights into Australia or at least send in some Aussie Navy Ships into Tongan waters. that will shake Bai's and AG Talibans Sulus. Com'on Kevin say something so sho people of Fiji you are with us in outsing the illegal govt. Be a hero to fiji even though you are not one in Australia.

NadroKid said...

Thank you John Key!

I would also like to support Semi Meo's suggestion that overseas Fijians form a Fiji team if Frank and his lawless regime want to boycott the games. You can choose all the France, UK, Aussie, NZ and Timbuktu based players for all we care. You might even be able to select local players who can come over to NZ to play. Every time they run onto the field will be a slap on the face for this lawless regime.

I dont know why they are wanting to boycott in the first place. None of the military people are good enough to play for Fiji 15s anyway.

The only military people are my tauvu the new Chairman of the FRU and our illegal PM. They can just go to Niusiladi lailai and watch the games from on top of Mount Wellington or whatever that mountain is called in Kadavu.

Anonymous said...

Vidhya WHO? Who the F&*% is Vidhya Lakhan?

Boycott? So what? Even with our best team on a daily diet of anabolic steroids we would still get ourselves badly beaten in the RWC. I bet we would not even win a single game in our pool (D) which includes Namibia!

You think you can beat South Africa, Wales and Samoa? Nomudou arse sara!

Bainimarama and Tikoitoga - Dua ga na nomudrau mata vei domi boci kei na mata vei kari sasa! Drau yavu boci.

Anonymous said...

ok why is my comment not on here??.. there wasnt even any vulgar language on it. hmmmmm,

Anonymous said...



Thanks Coup 4.5

Laisa's story was a home-run..!!!



Anonymous said...

There is no way the mob running the FRU will boycott the world cup unless they bigger idiotd than i thought they were! This is what anoter writer has called huff & puff! Not worth the pages nor the energies to write about!

Anonymous said...

god bless FIJI

Anonymous said...

C4.5 this article is a very interesting one, for a no of reasons-:
i) The ban is only against military and their families otherwise others are not meaning FB-military are being isolated as bad apples, bad influence, sore in the eyes and so forth.
ii) This ban is different from that of S.Africa where the whole country was banned, so, why cry-baby.
iii) The illegal regime could be best described as wolf in sheep's clothing, trying their luck to go to RWC under the guise of FRU Board members...........big deal.
iv) In the IRB7s last leg, a military boy was the captain Dale Tonawai, where did we finish off, they were about to be relegated to the Bowl competition but by default as USA defeated Scotland they went up to the main quarter. My point is this......... these military people are bad apples, so, why go to RWC, let us swallow our pride and avoid the ridicule and embarrassment waiting for us in 2011 RWC.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 12.37..Ylei bula ni tadra..looks like the majority are against this government and the minority behind..sa qai Pote vinaka ya..one could always read the blogs to know how much and how many..

Anonymous said...

Justified stand by the NZ Govt. FRU and management and Fiji Junta should now be reminded that in this world and day and age no country is an island of its own. We depend on each other. We cannot depend only on the Chinese. Or maybe we should go and play our rugby with Communist China.NZ and Aust are great democratic countries that cares about its citizens all over the world. Fiji Government gabage, lies, corruption, nepotism, crimes against humanity are now globally displayed. All fiji citizens should now educate their relatives and clans in all villages of the brainwashing, lies and the rot brought by the scum of the earth and this wannabe riteous Govt who has tasted the riches from the sweat of the poor.Lets us all do our part - TELL OUR PEOPLE THAT THIS GOVT IS PUTING BARICADES TO YOUR VISION WITH THIS SHITY RURAL DEVELOPMENT THAT God knows where the money is coming from. Definately it is loaned from somewhere and will generations to come to pay.

Anonymous said...

NZ leaders have integrity F#Xk Frank. They are people of principles. You, Big Airse and your oficers are people with fake ideologies because your souls are no long with your physical being, they are seperated and disoriented.You cannot distinguish the right from the wrong and wrong from right. You are just a bunch of debris waiting for the next flood to take you deep into the ocean floor and being swallowed by tiger sharks. They will feast on fat Asses.