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Friday, June 3, 2011

'IRB old farts have lost the plot over Fiji'

Executive Mike Miller is just too chummy with Frank Bainimarama's illegal regime! By TV3 journalist, Patrick Gower

Here's a question for International Rugby Board - what part of "Military Dictatorship" don't you understand?

The "Old Farts" at the IRB need to back right off, right now, about Fiji. They have been pressuring the New Zealand Government to relax the travel sanctions so players linked to Commodore Frank Bainimarama's regime can come. What part of "New Zealand is a sovereign nation" don't they understand?

The IRB has taken sides with Fiji big time on this. The New Zealand Government has rightly said no. But with just under 100 days to go to kick-off still IRB chief executive Mike Miller is down here and thinks he can persuade us otherwise. 

The IRB hierarchy obviously has a soft spot for a undemocratic military despot. And yes, they probably think we will roll over with Fiji like we have with a lot of other stuff.

We got down on our knees and licked the IRB's boots to bring the Cup here. We are getting owned by the IRB all over the shop - even passing laws that stop fundraising sausage sizzles outside games so the IRB can make all the cash.

So that's why it has to stop with the IRB now trying to influence our foreign policy. The arrogance of the IRB on this is disgraceful. The IRB is trying to act as friend of the rugby nations, and lobby for Fiji which says its team will be weakened if it can't select players with military links.

The hypocrisy of the IRB on this is quite frankly breathtaking. If the IRB wanted to help the developing Pacific rugby nations Fiji, Samoa and Tonga it could relax the ridiculous eligibility laws so international players who have done their time with one nation could turn out for the Islands of their heritage in later years.

I'm talking about the likes of Jerry Collins and Tana Umaga. The IRB doesn't want a bar of this - another disgrace that is holding up the development of the game.

So instead it takes up the case of Fiji wanting the travel ban lifted.
Now Fiji isn't playing fair on this either. Lifting the travel sanction ban might not just apply to players, but to supporters and administrators too. That could mean the Fiji Rugby Union Chairman Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga.

Yes, that's "Colonel" Tikoitoga - the commander of the Fijian Army land forces. He's known as Frank Bainimarama's right-hand man. Fiji won't even release the names of the players it's worried about. If it did that, named say five players, stated their links to the military and offered mitigating factors, then I'm sure New Zealand would consider individual exemptions if the cases were strong.

But Fiji is playing a game here. It's trying to use rugby as a wedge to lend legitimacy to the military regime. As a rugby fan I find that wrong. And I can't believe the IRB is going along with it.

The calls this week for Fiji to boycott  must also be dismissed. The sanctions we have against Fiji are not overly severe. The team is still allowed to come here for the World Cup after all - that's never been in doubt. They don't really have the grounds to boycott - they are getting a fair suck of the sav.

A boycott would achieve nothing but pain for Fijians and rugby fans - I hope it's a hollow threat. Because the political reality is this: New Zealand cannot back down on the rather lenient sanctions without making a mockery of itself. We need to bring an end to the meltdown in Fiji without hurting the Fijian people.

It's complicated - and backing down is not part of the solution. Fiji knows what it has to do. Rugby World Cup Minister Murray McCully is on the case. As Foreign Minister, he's got his head around the issues.

But dealing with these IRB boys is no walk in the park. Thankfully McCully is a hardnosed front-rower when it comes to the dark arts of political rucks - but in the build of a first-five. 

Will Carling was talking about the English Rugby Football Union when he called them "Old Farts" but the Northern Hemisphere-centric nature of the IRB makes the moniker relevant here.
I'm looking forward to watching my mate Deacon Manu captain Fiji at the World Cup.

And on a personal note, I am a big supporter of Fiji. I've loved the "Flying Fijians" since 1987. I've been mates with the Fijian captain, Deacon Manu, for well over 20 years.

I know how proud Big Deacs is of his Fijian heritage. I know how proud Big Deacs is to be able pull on the Fijian jumper. And I will be in the crowds to cheer him on when Fiji play South Africa at the Cake Tin on September 17.


Anonymous said...

There are 101 other players without military ties that can play for Fiji...they should be considered also. They will probably play much better than the army boys.

iTaukei said...

NZ will suffer more natural disaster in days ahead if they barred the Fijian soldiers play on their land..so watch my word NZ. you better cooperate before the game move out of the islands of the long white cloud..

God Bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

Can someone inform the IRB that we the people of this nation are happy with the NZ government decision to disallow the Fiji team to come to NZ because of the status of the country- ILLEGAL BUTABUTAKO/THIEFRY GOVERNMENT- This government is not consciuos of the fact they are illegal, and it does not matter that they have been ruling forcfully for 5 years now, because of the PER decree and censoring of media and human rights freedom is not there. They think that Fijian people are with them, but what they do not realise that this country is nosediving to become bankrupt and people are suffering silently- O Lord have mercy on this regime and all illegal Ministers and the people connected to this coup. There is nothing hidden in the eyes of the father and ecah one of us will stand in front of the Lord on the day of Judgement.
RFMF soldiers repent,repent otherwise Hell is your portion.

Rusila said...

Mosese Tikoitaga Still Chasing his tail on his lost course to have his military goons play in the WRC
as in Today's Fijilive

A cloud of doubt hangs over Flying Fijians team
Publish date/time: 03/06/2011 [11:59]

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Share A “cloud of doubt” still hangs over the Flying Fijians team as they go into today's final trials for the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

The Fiji Rugby Union is still awaiting a reply from the IRB regarding a letter written to them on the sanctions that New Zealand has imposed on Fiji rugby players who have links with the Military.

New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key said his Government will not be pressured by the IRB to let certain Fijian rugby players into the country for the Rugby World Cup.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Meanwhile, FRU Board Chairman, Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga said they are still awaiting the reply from IRB.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

The Rugby World Cup kicks off in New Zealand on September 9th and the Flying Fijians trials will be held in Suva today.

Story by: Selina Navuso

Anonymous said...

What part of NO don't these old fart understand? Wank Bocivuaka is using the world cup to get back at NZ, that's all he's trying to do. And that old fart Miller got sucked in. I'm glad that NZ won't budge. Vuaka and Tikoitonga, you bocis!!!

Anonymous said...

The military regime is lying....nearly all of the boys that would be considered for the rugby team are all playing overseas...

And please NZ do not soften your stance....as a young person that lives here in Fiji....I support your stance

Anonymous said...

If he is pushing so hard why don't we allow Bainivuaka and the Taliban boy to play.....should be a site huh!!Ha!Ha!Ha!

Anonymous said...

Fjji tried the army boys in the Sevens team and Fiji still cannot win a titles this season. It is false theory that the Army players are good players - they are simply not. Give the chance to those who qualify to represent Fiji leave our the Army people. I support the NZ on this matter don't bend to Bainimatama and Tikoitoga.

Anonymous said...

Mike Miller should consider the people of Fiji who are suffering 60% poverty as a result of Bainimarama. The answer to IRB is NO until the regime embarks on democracy or just falls over!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh this regime does not realise that when they change the Coach and composition of 7 players for England- we ended up to the Plate, this is because the Military has been cursed by the people of Fiji and the Win will run away from them. All players that went were from the three disciplinary arms of government, Military/Police /Prison- Sorry ena drotaki kemudou na QAQA- Kua na nui Tikoitoga- Ulukau Levu.

Anonymous said...

can someone name the guys with military connection who are in the fiji team ?

Anonymous said...

All the NZ has to do is let the players in and stop anyone else who is involved with the Military come! Now that will hurt Tikoitoga & crew. Short of this i still suggest let all the Military crew in and get Fijian living in NZ to take out warrants as has been done in New York.

Anonymous said...

i agree...with what ever...90% of the boys a not local they all based overseas...!!

Anonymous said...

The only exercise the army boys have got over the last 5 years is beating innocent people. No one wants to see those arseholes playing in the RWC.

Rusila said...

Had posted this article to International Rugby Board for Chairman to read

IRB's email is : irb@irb.com

Jieke said...

@I Taukei ni Ceke

Lao ga i veka

Anonymous said...

@i Taukei-2.13pm Are you God to tell NZ to allowa Fijian soldiers to play, in their country. Please open your brain and eyes to see this is an ILLEGAL government. how can you say that disaster will happen there. Just watch out that disaster may happen here and we will be worst off- since our economy is nosediving. You nitwit iditiot.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that the miltary cronies ie Mo Tikoitoga, Naivilawasa, Col Sona or what ever in the Board will not go to NZ and the ex SDL FRU Board members ie President Tasere and Tuisese (both ex Fiji reps unlike boci Mosese) will represent Fiji RU Board and will travel to NZ paid by IRB.
ha ha maleka sara!

@.com said...

Fiji for the last four years has been touring Europe in preparation for the World Cup. IRB have in their data base the details of players who have been part of Fijisgo national team for the last 4 years the last one was late last year where they drew with Wales.There was no military officer in the team accept Yalayalatabua who BTW is almost 40 years old so we can count him out for the world cup. The fact of the matter is that the military personal in the FRU Board (3)who wants to go and watch the world cup as FRU Chairman/Board members and enjoy the all expenses paid trip....this the hidden agenda and not about the team...

Anonymous said...

Jake says;

FRU shopuld play in the world cup minus army players.

Army officers in FRU Board should be banned.

Huge protest similar to 1981 SA tour to NZ waiting if this happen.

Opportunity to spit on their face and land a few heavy blows to their jaw.....so don't worry let them come ( worse scenario ).

These goons won't be able to do what they doing in Fiji & + NZ shud stop them from returning to Fiji.

tik tok tik tok...

Anonymous said...

They should be allowed to travel to NZ to play. As soon as they land at the airport, get the NZ and international media there to give them a big headache by asking them questions such as "are you one of the QEB Goons list that bash up democracy activists that are civilians"...and they should be bloody well shamed. Or better go even further, get the Fiji Democracy Movement guys to have warrants ready for their arrests! Let's make use of the opportunity people!

Anonymous said...

PLease allow them to go into NZ-we should support them to go so a Citzen ARREST can be done, where are all those who hate this Regime not supporitng what i am saying! It appears NZ doesn't want them because it will create a nightmare for them? Come on people starting thinking, not bellowing about 'thank God they not alllowed into NZ" . Going to NZ involves just a few army personnel-let the dopes in-for goodness sake then the true citizens who love Fiji should then show their true colour, by going about perforimg an arrest! I am just amazed that people can't see the solution to getting this mob arrested its staring us in the eyes, will NZ hep us is the question!How come no one who knows some thing about the law has not tried do something as i have suggested-its been done in New York! There is enough evidence by Roko Uluis's statements for charges to be laid? Unless we are all just abunch of all talk no action??? Whats new?

Anonymous said...

voreqe and tikoitoga why dont you go and drink homebrew under the mango tree and watch the world cup drau vi tauri boci drau yavu qauri kena ca na vuli vakavo na no means warai

Anonymous said...

@ anon 5:28

I agree with you...let them through NZ...all of them even Frank....then arrest them on arrival....bloody criminals!

@ iTaukei...ulukau kua na vosa vakalialia how dare you say such a thing....you manumanu...

Baineeeeeee said...

Please...please...please Mr Keys...kerekere...please...let me come to the world cup (sob...sob). Baineeeee

Anonymous said...

vakacava me dabera mada na bilo ni world cup o voreqe ma sa ati

Anonymous said...

i think@i taukei may be he is voreqes lover thats why voreqe hates woman because he gives his backside to itaukei or and also kaum se uca

Anonymous said...

Can someone in Fiji tell that d--h /fru chairman the meaning of sactions. we can only send best players with a good coach,not a good soldier.
Sorry,the election can not happen in 3 months. too late to make the change.just take it the chin.

Anonymous said...

iTaukei, take your medication you dumb fcuk. You sound like Vuaka's houseboy. Get a life.

Tim said...


There has always been a bipartisan approach. Frank continually tells Australia and New Zealand to butt out of Fiji Affairs YET he wants to dictate to both countries WHAT their attitude and Foreign Policy should be.
NZ happens to like the idea of Fijians having the right to self-determination and democratic representation. Clearly Frank does not (or Bubba, the Shameens and various others). They adopt a paternalistic and arrogant "we know best" attitude towards their own countrymen.
Grubby little pot calls slightly tarnished kettles (OZ/NZ) black.
Australia and New Zealand are not in anyway obligated to facilitating YOU and your junta's paternalistic and neo-colonial attitude - something you are so ready to accuse others of.

WHAT PART OF NO do YOU not unnaStan? You are NOT welcome whilst you deprive people of human rights - especially when most are a damn sight more honest and intelligent than you are.
You WERE warned of what our policy was to be EVEN BEFORE you decided to conduct your bugger's muddle of a coup when you came to Wellington at the end of 2006.
Despite some journalists (with vested interests) challenging the policy, you knew we would be consistent - it is only your arrogance that told you you could somehow dictate NZ and Australia's foreign policy. Don't try and hold Australia and NZ responsible for YOUR stupidity, arrogance and delusional self-importance. You are a pathetic little munter and probably always will be.

Anonymous said...

@taukei....who are you to predict the future,you must be in lahlah land,you dumb ass,drau veikau kei voreqe i niusiladi lailai mo drau lai sara vonu...

Anonymous said...

Fiji will go to the World Cup with or without the military players we all know that.

Its good to see the whole FRU board changed right from the top. The whole lottery thing was a farce and failure by very people now commenting on this site.

Change has come to Fiji at last in all sectors.

Observer said...

Come on, be honest with yourselves and respect the sovereignity of NZ as a nation to make her own decision.

Who are we so as the IRB to influence that decision.

There are so many players out there, locally and overseas to represent Fiji.

You know the more thinking players who read games well...and are humble in their personal attributes, values and ethics with no baggage of arrogance, etc unlike those who NZ do not want to set foot on their shores.

Anonymous said...

A great article and one which all International Bodies should take heed of.

This is not about politics. a decision has been made and if there are players in the Military who really want to represent Fiji and in so doing give themselves a chance to earn some great money and see the world without rotting in the Middle East, then there it is. Resign and represent your country with pride.

Another good point in the article about player eligibility. Rugby really needs to get a life, or are they afraid that the Islanders just might beat them all. Hardly good for business that eh?

Meanwhile Vidhya and IRB and all other sport gurus, stand by your codes and stay out of politics. Stick to sport and play by the rules..

convolutedexperiment said...

As the poms say " it's just not cricket " !

But if it was, the problem would remain the same !

Tacina said...

Everybody write a letter to IRB using email address below to simply tell irb not to interfere with NZ immigration policies regarding Fiji military ruggers into WRC

IRB's email is : irb@irb.com

Anonymous said...

ALL must pay for the part that the illegal regime has played in our lives. All must, and will pay! NZ should not have to decipher who is, or is not, a military member of the FRU. NZ, you CANNOT afford the risk! At the expense of innocent souls , ALL must pay. And I am sorry if I am NOT breaking down in tears that it affects the SPORTS ARENA!

The virtual lives of the everyday Fijian are being affected and have been for over five years. It's the ones that are desperately trying to put food on the table that have my heart. Staples (necessities) or luxuries (sports), you tell me which should matter more!

The entire world knows that you cannot negotiate with terrorists. They never keep their word and life is cheap to them.

Either we are legitimate or we stand at the edge of the world. Our world is flat, unlike what Christopher Columbus taught us. For us, we will NOT find that the world is round. For us, there is a flat end that we will fall over and be crushed by. And for that, we can thank our "government of the day."

Fellow bloggers, if you can get a copy of "Club Paradise," you should. We are being sold down the river and if we present too much of an impact for foreign speculators, they will simply sail away to more "fertile grounds" and leave us to our own.

So much jabber about sports when we are in peril for our nation. What is the matter with all of you? John Galt

Is it too much to take in and therefore you must nibble at the edges? Is sports now supporting the country?!

Come on now.

Anonymous said...

How come there is so much hatred shown on this Blog - I believe we are all Fijians sharing our views here - why the swearing and abusive remarks. Just say what you have to say and exist. Nothing will happen even if we think we are contributing to condemning Bainimarama. Stick to the
issue at hand and you can help with your suggestions and ideas. The question is: What can we do as Fijians to help with the situation and get our Fiji Team to the Rugby World Cup...Sa rauta mada na vosavosa ca tiko - Sega ni nodai tovo. Blog Author should not allow contributors who are using abusive and vulgar languages on this site. Very disappointing. Sa dua na ka na yalo ca e tu vei kemuni na volavola tiko oqo...Sa rauta mada na vosavosa ca...Masulaka na yalomu me soli vei iko na yalo vinaka kei na vakacegu..Sa dri yani!

Anonymous said...

New Zealand should also be consistent in their decisions about Fiji. We see people in the current government visits NZ regularly. Why are they allowed to come to NZ and not the soldiers. One thing we must also remember as someone suggested that the soldiers should resign so they can be allowed to NZ. These soldiers have been in the barracks for such a long time even before the two Coups. It is their career and this is how they support their families. Would you the person who are suggesting this idea support their families financially if they resign from the Army....Think about it..da nanumi ira talega e na gauna oqo - ni ka dredre dina vei ira me ra vakatulewataka - dina ni levu vei ira era sega ni duavata kei na veika e yaco tiko - ia era nanumi ira tiko na nodra dui matavuvale ena nodra na qaravi - Put yourself in their situation - what would you do...Kakua ni da mai tiko vinaka ka da qai guilecavi ira na wekada e ra vesuki tu...Me da masu vakalevu.....Na gauna ni Turaga e da na sega ni vakatulewa kina...O keda nai Taukei me da tarogi keda ga - se cava e yaco tiko kina vakaveitarataravi na Vuaviri - na Turaga e vakaraitaka tiko vei keda e dua na ka - e da sega ni toboka rawa tiko se cava e via tukuna tiko vei keda na Kalou.....Be still and know that I am God...Vinaka

Anonymous said...

NZ is playing its rules for uninviting military boys. And with current revelations by Ratu Ului, NZ should stick to their guns.

As for sports itself, there is no issue for Fiji to find the next 5 players to fit into their shoes and if lost badly it will have a good reason to as Fiji was not allowed to bring in their best team.

Or if this is so much an issue, why can't Frank just announce an election date and that too under the lawful constitution of 1997, so that NZ can reconsider their policy based on change of circumstance.

Isn't it that simple!!

Sucu sa lutu..

Anonymous said...

Was there going to be a military team in the world cup? What a huge fuss over nothing...So many other talented players out there to represent Fiji...

Anonymous said...

RE: Tim @ 7:10 PM

Dead to rights! You hit the nail on the head.

RE: Rusila

As always, you are a blessing to the cause and have used your talents and connections to assist the cause. Kudos and great thanks! John Galt

Anonymous said...

RE: Anon @ 12:43 AM

Fiji is in survival mode and all you can think of is sports???

That's your crisis?

I could think of a number of choice expletives in response but I will forego it considering how much that offends you.

Don't offend us with blather about sports and your feelings that only "it" counts.

Think, food on the table. Think children in school. Think infrastructure - but for heaven's sake - THINK! Plato

Anonymous said...

@itaukei....me vutuka mada ga nomu sona o John Key...
mo qai kila kina na raravi sa ni ALL B;ACKS...natural disaster cava o tukuna tiko....natural disaster ga sa vakarau vutuka nomudaru sona kei Bainimarama!

Anonymous said...

@ anon12.43am....lai vutuka ga nomu sona ...kua ni mai vosa vaqaseasea...ke o sa qase nomu yalava nai teitei se old peoples home....qo na blog...anyone can say anything....nothing can help the Fiji Rugby team except that dushbag returns the country to democratic rule. Sau ni taro cava tale o vakaqara tiko? We wouldn't have this blog site if there was no coup.The real issue is bainimarama should go!,... rugby comes second!..Sa ca gona ni mona sa tu ga e na qito!

Anonymous said...

NZRU should not have bid for the hoisting of the RWC 2011 if it will sucumb to politics. The IRB should take this into account and maybe ban the All Blacks from any international participation if wants to bring politics to the sports. The South African issue was different because all countries are in agreement. In this case, only NZ & Australia do not allow military personnel to participate. The best solution is maybe to ask the NZ gov't to give PR status and jobs to these players who have military connections. I am sure they would love to settle here.

Anonymous said...

@anom 2.40pm ha! ha! kidding? just keep this simple...FRU just send players who are eligible for a NZ Visa... too much unnecessary fuss! childish and ridiculous words... we have lots of great players who are just being pushed aside due to corruption by our current leaders who are bullies... pull them(players)in then we have a team for the game... we need some simple common sense and move forward so that we Fijians will have something to enjoy and look forward to for the WC 2011.

Anonymous said...

Its sad that we are trying to blame IRB for trying to influence NZ Govt to allow the Fiji team with military connections. TO avoid all this unnecessary discussion just take those military and put them in PWD to fix roads and play for Fiji.