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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rattled Bainimarama contacts Baledrokadroka and sends message to bloggers

CHECK MATES: Baini and Jone.
Frank Bainimarama has sent an email to his former land force commander Jone Baledrokadroka, with a note for bloggers.

It's the first contact between the pair after their falling out and comes as Baledrokadroka organises the pro-democracy meeting in Australia on Saturday with Roko Ului Mara as guest speaker.

So what did Bainimarama send Baledrokadroka? His Mahogany speech, the one touting huge benefits as a result of the new Fiji mahogany licence fee and payment structure.

Bainimarama (using the email franciscopancho168@gmail.com) sent it from his ipad, to Baledrokadroka in Australia who has now joined forces with Roko Ului Mara. 

Looking at the email trail, the speech was written by Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and was sent to the dictator this morning. With the speech was this note: "Put this in your blog site so you fools can learn."

Sa! Now why would he say something like that if he wasn't bothered by our ongoing revelations?

MINFO has, meanwhile, today tried to intimidate Australia who has granted Mara a visa to visit the country. 

The illegal Foreign Minister, Inoke Kubuabola, is quoted as saying he's disappointed Australia hasn't allowed the issue of Mara's extradition to be resolved before allowing him into the country.

Quote: "By intervening in what was a bilateral issue under consideration, Australia has shown little regard for achieving a resolution to the matter. Australia’s action in welcoming a fugitive from Fiji risks an escalation of tensions in Fiji-Australia relations, which Australia must take responsibility for."

That email:
--Forwarded Message Attachment--
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2011 12:54:35 +1200
From: franciscopancho168@gmail.com
Subject: Fwd: Speech by PM - SMI Mahogany Licence
To: jone.baledrokadroka@anu.edu.au

Put this in your blog site so u fools can learn.

Sent from my iPad

Begin forwarded message:
From: Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum <aiyazsk@gmail.com>
Date: June 9, 2011 10:18:00 GMT+12:00
To: vbainimarama <vbainimarama@connect.com.fj>, franciscopancho168@gmail.com
Cc: pmsoffice <pmsoffice@connect.com.fj>
Subject: Speech by PM - SMI Mahogany Licence

Please see attached for this morning.
Thank you.

Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum
Attorney-General, Minister for Justice, Anti-Corruption,
Public Enterprises, Communications, Civil Aviation, Tourism,
Industry and Trade.

Ph: 679 330 9866 ext 544
Fax: 679 331 0807


Anonymous said...

See, after all, we are all brothers!

Atleast the communication has started!!

Come on bloggers, lets get the real story behind this mahongy deal

They are celebrating their $1million..

I know even average business people dont celebrate $1million deal...

it really shows who the real fool is

Thumbs up for democracy!

Puzzled said...

I'm sorry but can you enlighten us as to who exactly is "francisopancho168" that sent that email to JB in Aust? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

nice one c4.5

look on the bright side, we now have their email addresses...

franciscopancho168......is this some code ??

franciscopancho168 said...


dont write any negative comments about the mahogany!

we made a $1million today, we will get rid of all poverty, corruption, and bla bla bla..

this is your TRUE prime minister...

What a piece of joke Baini/Arse are...hahahahah

Anonymous said...

The fool has 3 email addresses that his illegal AG uses to communicate

To: vbainimarama , franciscopancho168@gmail.com
Cc: pmsoffice

But the replies from "franciscopancho168@gmail.com"

Does he even need an avatar?

Anonymous said...

franciscopancho168 = francis + copan+cho+1+6+8


Anonymous said...

franciscopancho168= franc is cop an cho (168)=r that is = franc is cop and chor (thieve)!!!!

i like my class 4 maths!!

Anonymous said...

oh my god.... some people are funny!!!

cop and thieve... nice!

Anonymous said...

@anon 9:11..... defnitely must have aiyaz's idea of choosing the cop and chor email id...

ex Fiji tourist said...

from the Australian

FIJIAN dictator and army commander Commodore Frank Bainimarama has supporters who say the man is misunderstood.

They argue that he is trying to mould a new society that will banish the country's unfortunate history of military coups and discrimination against Indo-Fijians.

Unfortunately, Bainimarama's Fiji is also a land of strict censorship and organised violence against opponents of the regime.

The commodore has been hit hard by defections from his inner circle. The latest high-profile defector is Lieutenant Colonel Ratu Tevita Mara who fled to Tonga last month and is now campaigning to bring down his nation's "illegal and oppressive" government.

Mara hopes to be in Queanbeyan tomorrow for a forum organised by the Fiji Democracy Freedom Movement.

This organisation is supported by many expat Fijians who want the military to go back to the barracks and allow free and fair elections.

Bainimarama keeps talking about elections in 2014. Sorry, but Fiji can't wait that long.


Tacina said...

What the speech does not clarify is who owns the SMI (Sustainable Mahogany Industries Ltd) the company given the right to buy mahogany from Fiji Mahogany Ltd.

I will not be surprised if SMI is owned by people connected to Vore , Eyearse or their relatives and friends from whom these thugs will get kick backs.

Moro said...

@ex-Fiji Tourist

Correction....most Fijians do not want soldiers returning to camp, They want the military disbanded...i.e. NO MORE MILTARY IN FIJI.

If they returned to camp, they will still be a threat, a potential source of coups.....no thank you we have had enough.

Anonymous said...

Any doubt, now, fellow bloggers as to who is calling the shots and running this country?

I have, in the past suggested a few movies, because for many they are more readily available than books I could suggest. "V is For Vendetta," "Club Paradise," and " "Lord of the Flies."

Now let me mention another: "Higher Learning." Lawrence Fishburne (Professor Phipps) plays as the conscience of the film which depicts a college campus that has been polarized by people who want to advance versus those who have been brainwashed and want to drag the country backwards.

What Professor Phipps says in the film IS THE MESSAGE. His message is this, "You want to expand your horizons, you want to win? - then get educated. Information is the power. If you don't have the information, you don't have the power. In the real world, no-one wants to hear your excuses or rhetoric."

And the song at the culmation, "If I could stop all of this what do you think I would be?" asks all of us to see life's challenges on a new level and addres the one that we are in the midst of. And where do we fit in?

For us in Fiji, we are having a similar war. It is a war of freedom versus tyranny. It is a war of truth versus lies. It is a war of brains against brute force.


Which is it going to be? John Galt

For some of you, you need to UNLEARN.

convolutedexperiment said...

Aiyaz, well the name says it doesn't it ?
Is a pimple on the arse of Australia, just a nuisance and irritant, nothing more

Anonymous said...

The tryant will soon collapse and die from a stroke or something- he is farting with the junta shaking as their corruption is being revealed.

Does the tryant really think OZ gives a hoot about what fiji thinks about the visa?

The tryant and his liumuri foregin min complaint when no visa given and now when visa given to someone they complian... thy need to figure out that the entire pacific knows they are a gang of thugs and nothing else... so what voro gonna invade tonga for giving mara a passport?????

The answer is soverinty like voro make big fugitive speech.

Anonymous said...


any ...cartoon?

mr blank, please kerekere........... 1 cartoon for every story.


SEMI MEO said...

What did I miss?....eh..what did I miss??..phew?..

My Tauvu Co Prime Minister Rear Admiral Bainimarama has an iPad?...man, I am jealous, I only have a old PC with all names of animal in the hard drive..yep..must have belong to Noah of the grat flood.

..well..if his Co Prime Minister Aiyuz pays him 700K..plus…plus…plus ,then he has got a lot of money play with iPads, and to donate to the 5 orphanages in Fiji.
Oh….and a special export license for dressed timber with generous export duty may be issued soon,, gauging from whispers at Airport terminals is given to a member of the highflyer “clan”, and may be export of logs will be decreed SOON!!...all in the name of Fiji’s economic recovery….probably to better equip our border control copying Dili’s new naval fleet from China.

So no more fishing trip gone bad…

Mafia...USA said...

Am not surprised at all....isn't this the smae man who gave the illegal Pm a $7,000 dollar guitar some times this year or last year??? No wonder he has been given a license.. A $7,000 guitar and before the issuance of the license, a cheque, but who knows the amount???
Of course FB and his Master...Khaiyumniarse...
They think we are stupid like them...what are we waiting for Fiji??? Lets hit the streets and demand our freedom...
Thumbs Up For Democracy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oile the dumb no school tryant has an ipad and knows how to use it, maybe he can tell all people of fiji where is the 2 billion dollar reserve gone. people are falling in poverty and fiji going bankrupt why not distribute the 2 billion. there is no 2 billion in foregin reserves and it means nothing for ordinary people lives.

Anonymous said...

its not the speech that is important, it is important who wrote the speech, like mara revealed the truth is the dictator is hand puppet of illegal AG the email shows he sent it to the no school dicatator who cant even write his speech.

by sending the email the dicatator has provided the evidence needed to prove that he is the hand puppet he just reads what is written for him by illegal AG and does not even know what he read.... watch carefully the dumb is never around to answer any questions

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:11
franc is coUp anD choR
ie Coup and Chor = thief.
168 is for $168 million they've stolen and in Swiss Bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

Here is the total and complete insanity: THIS illegal regime - calling the kettle black. You - AG/PM (please note who goes first in self-assumed power, the latter being a totally dottering idiot), the illegal military takeover force, trying to call anyone else by the same name (a dissident: a seditious person).

Ah, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet (Romeo and Juliet). But you DON'T.

Insanity is thinking life's rules apply to everyone else but you. You are no better than the Hitlers, the Castros, the Hussains, or the Ghadafis, etc., etc., that tried to hold their countries hostage.

You will not win this fight. We will. And any other country out there that thinks they can sit on the sidelines, like vultures to pick at the leavings, better think again.

You HAD better watch your backs and never stop turning. Eyes are all around you. We have you in our "sights."

Now, it IS just a matter of time. John Galt

Anonymous said...

Actually the Licence was already promised to SMI in March, after its director John Wagner (the man holding the cheque) gave that $7000guitar to Voreqe.

"after careful consideration of numerous expressions of interest...blah blah blah"

I almost fell over laughing!
That's not how Aiyaz and Voreqe work. That's all bullshit! They just give whatever they want to whomever they want. And that's why FSC made a $300mil loss last year.

That $1mil cheque was all for show. I doubt if there was any money exchanged.It's a nice photo opportunity to fool the public and also fool any other genuine investors.

Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

guys note the email addresses of the illegal taliban PM of fiji and his hand puppet and bombbard them with thumbs up for democracy and prove now that the dictator is the hand puppet cos he cant even write his speech- dumb no school

also email him to wipe his arse with the extradition appplication as mara is now dual citizen, citizen of fiji by birth and passport of fiji with court and tongan passport by grant, so a tongan citizen cant be extradited.

Anonymous said...

the dumb dictator no school tryant women basher is now gone crazy and started sending emails with it email addresses kept secret before and also proof that illegal AG is prime minister and he is hand puppet and nothing else. The falla cant write even a speech is now proven mara is true in his reveation.

Thumbs up for democracy in fiji and now not mara but the crook dictator is a real fugutive mara is now a roving international democarcy for fiji fighter

dicatator and illegal AG can go wipe each other butt with the extradiction order not fogetting pryde & gobells big butt

mara aint getting extradicted but junta soon getting eradicted or erased

Anonymous said...

Where is FICAKE - the man gave a 7,000 guiter to the crook tryant and in return gets mutli million dollar license & meli banana collected the bag of cash for the corrupt farther. This is corruption and dicatator must be charged cos no guiter and cash then no license was to be give,

Anonymous said...

from the email the dictator sent it is clear he is on the path of insanity soon he going banana's in no time mara need no force the crook hated dictator gonna die himself cos he cant take the pressure now up his dumb arse

Anonymous said...

when they are arrested can they be in a display in cage in suva for all to see?

Anonymous said...

voro email- copancho means dumb arse the dicatator evens admist he is dumb arse- look up the dictionary- it means dumb arse and who recieves corrupt monies is this the crook and thug the people of fiji want to call a prime minister

some one who calls himself copancho meaning dumb arse and crook

Anonymous said...

Bravo and congrats c4.5, we've done it. The pig has acknowledged that the blog is more informative compared to the papers and he wants you to publish his stupid speech. Did he not say that people should not read the blog because it is full of lies? Well based on that he has sent his speech to the right place. Now we know that he is truly rattled.
Go Fiji Go! Go Rum Go JB go.

Thank you c4.5

Anonymous said...

Bainiarse is calling us a fool while forwarding us a speech that Kaiyum wrote and that he will read pretending he wrote it. This nutcase doesnt need any more words, just one bullet in his rear end to put us out of our misery! What is the $1 Million for to pay his next 12 month salary, no wonder he is smiling

Anonymous said...

OMG who released Inoke K from SPCA for all to hear about him yelp at Australia. What a useless fart. His "used by date" is long gone.

TURUKAWA said...

how can vore takes this longer at the signs that he is loosing his fight to lead fiji gvt?

What else does he need?

thumbs up!!

Anonymous said...

BAIYAH 1 million in Mahogany? is that profit or loss???if you had wise people behind you in this present time that 1 million should be translate to 100 million, so i think you need to be Educated in Finance/ TACIQU,If u start jumping around with a millon dollar profit i think you have been mis in form by your AG/TEAM.FIJI Mahogany SHOULD BE REAPING PROFIT AT 1MILLON A MONTH not in 6 month.sorry bai cant win voters like this..
throw in the towel and get on board to a new fiji!!!!and say Thumbs up mate....

Anonymous said...


Comparing himself to the Mexican revolutionist who fought for the common man against the elite.
168 divided by 24 = 7.
Assumption the leader of the Fiji Revolution 24 hrs 7 days.

So he feels he's the one to led his revolution in Fiji.

Just a thought! But oh Frank you are a tyrant.

Anonymous said...

Thank you C4.5. a good piece, things are spilling all over, raising eyebrows and opening eyes for many. Aust and NZ are just as relieved as us (bloggers) because of the truth that are unfolding and in an amazing way, what we have been saying were all true.

Please C4.5, kindly keep us informed where will all these revelations from Roko Ului be taken to as they are very incriminating to Vore and when would be that.

Radiolucas said...

"a transparent, efficient and results-oriented regime"

If only.

If only we could really believe that lie.

Anonymous said...

The speach says FHC sets up the selling price of e.g. A grade timber at $305.

And now is a win win situation with an extra $95 for sustainable harvest cost recovery.

Basically it shows that the Hardwood Corporation DID not revise its selling price for the 20% devaluation which would have meant that USD selling would have been US0.70 today at market value without the 20% devaluation.

This selling price by breaking down the % allocation per M3 for replanting etc is always supposed to be the responsibility of Ministry to monitor.

Market value of log is not just the price without checking out the other cost which govt had guranteed to get this industry up and going.

So really, the pricing structure is now at say FJD400/m3 and the amounts are allocated from this selling price for cost allocations before the bottom line is reached to final distribution to the resource owners.....

Great achievement...but not so great...

We can even do better!!!

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu!

Anonymous said...

How can a person who is claiming to be our prime minister turn around and calling the people of Fiji "fools" ??? This man has considered the Fiji Public as his enemy...we are in serious shit...a mad man is at the helm.

Anonymous said...

RUM has arrived in Sydney Thur 9th most probably on a Tongan passport - does this indicate what results should be expected of the extradition proceedings

His smile is not GENUINE said...

Hi Fellow Bloggers,
We are really shaking this regime,if you. look closely at the picture of the Baiyamarama he is trying to force himself to smile at the camera notice the eyes is not showing how genuine the smile because they are not in harmony or coordinating altogether.

Anonymous said...

Me dua ga na tabani Mahogany me vakalekai i mudrau o Bainivuaka kei Khaiyum..... Sega! au vakabauta ni na ka lailai vei nona sona o Bainivuaka na tabani Mahogony, me dua saraga na Vuni Mahogony levu koya a tea o tukana, vica na drau tu na kena yabaki me sosomaki i muna.....

This man Bainivuaka is really MENTALLY RETARDED.... He hasnt got a CLUE of what he's doing. STOP BRIBING the local population with all your USELESS CONNING IDEAS because everyone knows what a PATHETIC BIG LIAR you are... Bainivuka and Khaiyum should take all them Mahogonies and STICK IT UP there own arses... Because no one in Fiji is even BOTHERED OR INTERESTED in your MAHOGANY BULLSHIT....

Bainivuaka, YOU UGLY LOOKING CLOWN!!! If you are reading this, i just want to tell you, YOU WILL BE DEAD BEFORE THE 2014 ELECTION..... THAT IS THE TRUTH!!!!.... By Mystery Man....

Anti Baini said...

Fiji's leader truly losing the plot when he gives in to weakness and emails foe with such a revealing comment. Can well imagine the nastiness that is in him to allow him to bash the three women at the barracks.

Fiji Mojo said...

Good thing we getting rid of this bush prime minister and his money hungry family. Please help Fiji find true leaders.

No Fool said...

Nice one C4.5, obviously our angry illegal leader reads the blogs to see what 'us fools' think of him and are doing to heave him.

Mahogany Crap said...

Illegal PM with little education trying to 'learn' fool bloggers? Hilarious. We see right through you and Mahogany, sir!

No Fool said...

Oi, Bainimarama! Who you calling 'fools'? You can't even talk Queens English, eh. Grammatically speaking, you should've said to us Fools "Put this on your blog site so you fools can learn" not "put this IN your blog site."

Anonymous said...

Mi Sa Bula my mataqali prodemocracy gang. I will try & get another cartoon out today, if time permits. I dont suppose the extradition order to Tonga will have much meaning now for the Attorney General and his pack of black & tan Fiji specials.:-)

Keep The Faith said...

The biggest evidence in this email communication is not about the mahogany, but that everything is well and truly concocted (even the words that are put in his mouth) by the illegal and treasonous Aiyaz -- as we all knew.

The illegal and treasonous Bainimarama's PS should be writing his speeches in consultation with the PS for Forests. That's how it is supposed to work.

The illegal and treaonous AG is well and truly over-reaching.

But then we all knew that.

Anonymous said...

Only real solution is to disband the army. We do not need one. Voreqe could do that and send all the gins to Australia or NZ.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is to adopt the military system of NZ, where only a navy is kept, and rest distributed amongst police and prison, and rest sent to naboro!!

and for emergencies, keep australia on standby...

Anonymous said...

Following of @non 3.25am;
This is the best pricing structure that Aiaz was able to set for log pricing/m3. At $305 + $70 + $25 = FJD$400. @ exch conversion US$0.56 = US$224/m3.

However Selling price of logs by Landworths Investments Ltd pricing shows Fiji Mahogany sold at US$2500/m3 and Tabs Investment pricing f.o.b. for logs at US$1200 - $1400/m3. Call Uluibau Tabete at Tabs and get a quote to know real mahogany log export price.

Taking this into account, it appears that the Price Control Board should investigate why the farm price with the selling levy is at US$224 equivalent when the f.o.b. price is at above US$1000.

If Fiji Hardwood Corporation was doing the marketing of the logs, then surely the huge profits was there to fill govt pockets as well as landowners.

We always knew Aiaz thought hew was smart...and now it is proven that the pricing is another corruption at the FHC or lack of commercial knowledge, will or drive?

Or is it a handout collected to keep the selling price so low at US$400/m3 all up?

I come from comercial and commodity environment and cannot see any justification for so low farm pricing for the logs.

Sa sucu sa lutu!

Federation said...

@ Moro

If only things were that simple.
The 2000 coup was "civilian" after all.

Fiji would have to get rid of the methodist church, the nationalists and other idiots and maybe the police (!) in order to become stable in the long run. That is simply impossible, at least we need the police...

Therefore, my suggestion is ONE army for the south pacific, with soldiers from PNG, Solomons, Tonga, Samoa, Tuvalu (!) spread all over the region. It would become virtually impossible to overthrow ANY governement in the South Pacific, as for sure soldiers from other countries would have not part in a coup.

Stability through a single Military. And why not a single currency too...by the way.

SERAFINA said...






Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hear this latest from the pine industry, Susana Tuisese (General Manager Operations) has been sacked by Aiyarse's side kick in the pine industry, Faiz Khan, a lawyer by profession who does not know anything about the forest industry. And he is paying himself about $10,000 per month as executive chairman, way better than his lawyer business in Lautoka!

Anonymous said...

Transitional council to advise the reinstated democratic government on. Names please:

Jone Madraiwiwi
Richard Naidu
Graham Leung
Robin Irwin
Robin Yarrow

other suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Who do they represent in NZ? Is it Nik, myself and I. Big picture Nik, Nik big picture.....you want a return to democracy, use Mara for what he has to offer to expose regime to bring down. Put your personal feelings aside and think big.


An Auckland based pro-democracy group says the former Fiji colonel, Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara, should not be allowed entry into New Zealand.

Ratu Tevita escaped to Tonga last month, but Fiji is seeking his extradition on a sedition charge.

He arrived in Australia yesterday and wants to come to New Zealand next, to talk to supporters and, if he can, meet with government officials.

But Nik Naidu from the Coalition for Democracy in Fiji says he doesn’t trust Colonel Mara.

“How come for four years he wasn’t and suddenly he’s seen the light and possibly just because he’s been removed from the military and it’s a case of sour grapes, we feel. He really is one of the worst type of officers in Fiji. He’s the one who led a lot of the arrests, illegal detentions and tortures.”
Nik Naidu says his group will send a letter to the government today opposing Colonel Mara’s visit.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
The emails were sent from gmails and connect domains. I think anything from Khaiyum or Bainimarama will be from .gov.fj mail domains. I wonder if those two are ever using connect or gmail domains at this time, knowing that they now own the nation of Fiji. Or are they blogging too?

Anonymous said...

@ Federation

You say we should get rid of the 'nationalists'? BainiVUAKA said there was nothing wrong with being a nationalist - he is a nationalist.


Get rid of him then!

Anonymous said...

Now you can start sending your beloved AG nice messages telling him how much you love him and what a great job he is doing.... don't forget to mention his absolutelty brilliant mind-boggling thesis as well... and how he is god-sent to fix Fiji's problems... and his great admiration for the Fijian people and for Fijian culture and institutions such as the Methodist Church and thew GCC... and tell him we all understand why he abrogated the constitution and why he has to interfere in the judicial process, and why he had to sentence Motibhai, and why he had a seizure when Motibhais bought Fiji Times, and on why we need the PER, and why we don't need elections as of yet and probably never, and why we understand the need to abolish the Fijian culture.

Anonymous said...

From: Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum

Arse using Google G-MAIL account?

Anonymous said...

c 4.5

when was the public tender for this advertised and who approved this company/price or was it the 7,000 dollar quiter given to dictator with kickbacks cos the co got the job worth billions not millions?

Anonymous said...

@ convolutedexperiment 10:10 PM. Just that? He's evil incarnate, a spawn of Satan.

Anonymous said...

Fiji dictator Bainimarama is speeding through Coral Coast Road with his driver at the wheel on his way to an important address in Sigatoka. Driving down a Coast road, the driver (who is distracted, looking out the window at the coconut trees) doesn't see a pig walk out onto the road, and he hits it.
Stopping the car, he jumps out, and Bainimarama climbs out also to see what is going on. The driver, very distressed by what he's done asks Bainimarama what they should do, and Bainimarama tells him impatiently that they're in a hurry and they should move the pig to the side of the road and go to the address and worry about it later.
All the way to the address the driver, who is a fairly good hearted person despite his boss the dictator, is worried about the village who owned the pig and wondered how they'd react to discovering the pig, so when they arrived he asked bainimarama whether he shouldn't drive back to the village and let them know what happened.
Bainimarama agrees before hurrying to the podium, and the driver hurries back down the road.
Four hours later, he was stumbling down the road, his arms full of gifts. Bainimarama in a rage demands to know what has happened to him, and the driver explains, "I did what I thought was right. I went to the village where I killed the pig. When I went and knocked on the door of the tui and gave them the news, they gave me these gifts, fed me the best food I've ever tasted and then sent me on my way."
Bainimarama seemed confused by this and asks his driver, " what exactly did you tell them"
To which the driver replied "I really can't understand it either, all I did was tell them "I'm Bainimarama's driver, and I killed the pig."

Good Men (and women) Doing Something.... said...

It's nice to see all the emotion and the anger in here, but at the end of the day, none of this will change the situation in Fiji.

Unless we do something, Fiji will remain in the grips of this madman, who apparently has an iPad but not a spell-checker.

We have to do more than just rant, and listen to defectors. And yes, everyone involved should be taken to task.


Anonymous said...

1 million dollars in US dollars...is worth $600000, or euros..even less...this is wat baini got..one big baca "DA"

Dalo said...

10.53am, wow.. is there no other competent FIJIANS left in their own country to lead their country back to democratic parliamentary elections?

Shows that something is drastically wrong with the Fijian education system with that line up you're pushing forward.

Helava said...

Where are the Rotumans? why are we so quiet? It is also time for us to seek a referendum to govern our own island or we be part of Tonga? NZ? or Australia

How many Rotumans hold ministerial post? None!!

168? 768.....is a muslim faith number!!!

Anonymous said...

The cheque Frank & his stoog is holding came from a bank in Renwick St. ??

A bank in downtown Renwick St cut a 1 Million dollar cheque !!!

The guitar Frank was given was NOT made from Fiji Mahogany but was bought from a shop in NZ to fool Frank.

When Frank finds out that he is the one that has been fooled I dont think he will be very happy with the stoog that gave him a cheque from a bank in downtown Renwick St and a Dud guitar.

Go on Frank get Gibson to verify this guitar was made out of Fiji Hardwood !!!

Surely Frank is smarter than this.

So Franks statement:
"Put this in your blog site so u fools can learn." whoops !!

Frank has just invited (23rd June 2011) consultants to assist him run Fiji Hardwood. The tender ends next Thurs 30th June 2011
Another set up job by the AG for his stooges.

Surely the people of Fiji cant keep on copping this.

Come on Ratu Tevita .. get your
act together and get things happening, us Yanks can help you.

Frank appears to be a nice man .. he just needs help