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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Roadblocks in Suva suggest increased security alert for Bainimarama's return

Lots of reports are coming in tonight of roadblocks everywhere in Suva and in the western division, as well. The roadblocks were noticed early in the evening with one resident saying he had to pass six alone in Suva.

In the last couple of hours, reports have also come in of roadblocks in the western division. No explanation from the regime, including the official mouth piece Sharon Smith Johns who recently accused blogs of lying about there being roadblocks being seen in Fiji.

The most probable explanation for the increased security alert is the return of the illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama, from Lau where he has been for the past week. Readers will recall the illegal PM was travelling with a huge entourage.


  1. Somebody try to take photos or video please!

    Frank, why you have to travel with an entourage for?? Too scared??!!

  2. Me qarauna ga o Voreqe de tacaqe ga i na dena.

  3. In the Lord we trustJune 18, 2011 at 9:19 PM

    Give, and it shall be given to you. For whatever measure you deal out to others, it will be dealt to you in return.

    Remember the above Frank and Aiyaz and Nazhat and Daniel Goundar and Gates - all your falsehoods and agendas will be exposed and all of you will be in jail.

    Time to rise my brothers and sisters.

  4. Bainimarama promise F$10M for projects in Lau.......within one month.
    Probably money from daughters deal from TFL stadium plus afew others.

    he's got alot of money.....can someone highlight where is it coming from?
    Thumbs up for democracy!!!!

  5. the land has eyesJune 18, 2011 at 9:41 PM

    soon and very soon

  6. The fact of the matter is he is more afraid in the mainland that is why he's much at ease with going out of the mainland.
    Entourage makes him look big.....and word coming out of his mouth is like manna spewing millions all over........he must have a big treasury.....and I believe there wont be any check and balances done.
    What goes around comes around....tamana
    Thumbs up for democracy!!!!!!


  8. BOO!
    What a classic comment from 9.03pm.
    . . that is the funniest ever . .
    "Boo!" ... I had a good larf over that one. But to be serious Mad Franky, your road blocks every where will not save you or your puppeteer Taliban.
    In the words from a famous film, "be afraid, be very very afraid".
    Do you want a pretend muslim funeral, or a token "believes nothing" funeral. Perhaps you will be given the same respect as you gave the soldiers that you have murdered, or the women you have bashed. How many soldiers hate your guts for what you have done?...which soldier thinks he will be your next victim?
    Do you think they believe what you tell them anymore? Will they believe a murderer and thief?
    As sure as the Sun rises tomorrow, your day is coming and nothing you can do will stop it. Road blocks? body guards? use your imagination franky .... sleep well franky.

  9. A relative of mine accidentally bumped into a vehicle belonging to a soldier yesterday. This soldier called other soldiers, and they bashed my cousin up, and he is now admitted at CWM Hospital.....so much for transparency, accountability....blah, blah, blah...soon & very soon you idiotic assholes of Bainivuaka, you will get a taste of your own medicine.....tic toc!tic toc!!!

  10. We have an army in Fiji protecting the head of the military with over-the-top measures. These indicate that the military fears, is so scared of the country's population, as Fiji is an island in midPacific with absolutely no cross-border enemies to fear.

    Suggest the military may be unpopular with the people it is ruling.

  11. Well no wonder extra security is required.

    The citizens are traumatized by new in-their-face billboards with Frank beaming at them in the name of "road safety" (read: propaganda), all over the ruddy place.

  12. FYI Cranky Frankie got in from Lau earlier today, so that cannot be a reason for the roadblocks tonight!!!

  13. In the Lord we trustJune 18, 2011 at 11:19 PM

    Exodus 20:1 And God spake all these words, saying,
    2 I am the LORD thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.
    3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
    4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.
    5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;
    6 And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.

    Read the above and get ready to pay frank and your cronies. the time has come .......

  14. HIGHLIGHT??...here short n simple ga...they all should rot in hell the lot of them

  15. e buju o koya na vore ni veikau

  16. Oi sa qai rere o Baini !! lol ...your swine !sa rauta mada na waste taxpayers money !!O na Mate !!

  17. @ Annon 10.20pm. Can you please email us more information about what happened etc. Our email add is pacificinthemedia@gmail.com. It is important we document and highlight this. Vinaka C4.5

  18. dis swine of a big bainimarama will get wat he deserves soon..gods wrath and not forgetting the cries of the people and vanua...and his generations to come will be so cursed...they would wish they never step foot on earth...yava tamata kawaca kaisi bokola..may yo life be filled with sadness soon..naboro is calling fr you and your keen followers..all the corrupt ones including yo corrupt kids..may u all rest in piss..lol

  19. @ anon 1020p.m.
    The Lord works in mysterious ways, I hope your cousin is ok, his bashing will no doubt encourage others to open their eyes and turn against Frank Bainimarama and his Regime and take us a step closer to bringing these arse holes to Justice.
    Let him know his pain won't have been for nothing and next time, make sure he runs over the bastards ! lols

  20. Actually, when you think about it, hitting a vehicle full of Soldiers and them reacting the way in which they have, just shows how frightened and nervous the Soldiers must be at the moment.
    I think that Frank has them at such a high state of panic, that they are scared of their own shadows.
    BOO !

  21. military saying that whoever goes against them would be punished at qeb..sa qai vakasisila mai na mataivalu qo...gone are the days when they were so respected all over..and now??..makes me wonder how vore and his gay sex buddies gonna punish us commenting here...take ga your IP tracer shove it up your arse bainivuaka where the sun dont shine..lol...

  22. moderator urolevu ga if ur a gal..heheheheh

  23. Peter Waqavonovono should lead us !!







  25. this pig shud knw that he is so hated and cursed by fijians in fiji and in overseas who are against him and his illegal govt...step down now...thumbs up fr democracy!!!!!

  26. at least we sleep well at night..can't say the same for Fb and his cohorts...always looking over their shoulder, sleeping with one eye open, scared of their own shadow...what a miserable existence. all the money they have stolen will never give them peace, joy and security. just the exact opposite...

    and as for the roadblocks, we came through a checkpoint at Laucala Beach just past the Bailey Bridge and it was manned by 2 female constables armed with flashlights and peering into cars as they drove by...the scene at Laqere was different...they had about 8 stout male officers who looked lost and didn't seem to know what the hell they were supposed to be doing...pathetic!!

  27. @ anon 10.20..feel sorry fr your couz man..hope his ok...and to the goons that beat him up...what goes around comes around u bunch of uneducated fools..that what happens when their leader is an uneducated fool aswell that bainivuaka..he enlist uneducated clowns like him to join up..straight from the jungle...macawa vaka lusi kakana ni yavu tamata macawa...

    from a BA SOLDIERS point of view..thumbs up for democracy

    be the best!!!!!

  28. Does anyone know the size of Australian army compared to Fijian army size?

  29. Think about it!
    Since 1874 till 1987 no one in Fiji lived in Fear. Since 1987 there have been temporary periods of fear but now since PER there is permenent fear .
    The whole population has become a prisoner of fear. It will slowly dawn on people that they are not free and even the people with guns will slowly realize that they are also not free.
    In fact the guards will live in the most fear.
    SATAN RULES in Paradaisi
    The GOD of this world needs permenent emergency rules.

  30. True indicator - Interim PM is more than scared.

  31. The militarized FRU is going to be tested whether it is listening to NZ's Ministry of Foreign Affairs decision to ban military personnel in Fiji Team to WRC or not..Fijivillage below. This info to be forwarded to NZ Foreign Affairs Ministry:

    named in Flying Fijians squad
    Publish date/time: 18/06/2011 [18:06]

    Share Army players Manasa Saulo and Leone Nakarawa have been named in the fifty member Flying Fijians squad to the Rugby World Cup.

    Dreu Vukailagi with this report:

    There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

    Story by: Paradise Tudrau

  32. Roadblocks are good. Catch drunk drivers, crimminals, makes the country feel safe and secure. The more the better I say.

  33. fiji blue, voreqe is not a interim pm

    we call him, PM forcetaki..

    kevaka sega, pm by forceline

    what a shame

  34. @anon 9.01am...must be a staunch follower of Bainimarama.The road blocks aint for the drunk drivers and criminals but for the woman basher,illiterate,selfish and restless Bainimarama who will shit his pants even if there was a huge blast of a burst tyre...yeah! thats how scared he is right now...Isa! feel sorry for Mr.Bai...Hope he buys some comfortable 'sleep on it' beds for his cell room at Naboro with all the bribed money...THUMBS UP FOR DEMOCRACY...Peace...

  35. @ Anon..June19, 2011 2:19 AM...interesting your suggestion for the Rear Admiral to lock up Major General SLR..then who is going to lock up the Rear Admiral, and who is going to lock YOU up!!

    We say, release ALL political Prisoners, including Mr. George Speight…duly compensate all relatives of persons whose life lost.

    ..and let us start all over again with a Constitutional conference…

    well..just that we have to start somewhere well to reach our democratic destination well.

    Simplistic view?…by golly it is, let’s keep it simple.

  36. replying to the idiot commenting above me..hw can a country be safe and secure with all dis road blocks..dis aint afghan u knw

  37. Most assassinations in the Middle East actually happen at road blocks as the car slows.
    Not wanting to give the troops at those road blocks any ideas though. However, I'm sure they're all totally loyal.

  38. Thumbs Up for Freedom!June 19, 2011 at 10:51 AM

    Semi Meo,

    I suggest you come back to Fiji and lead the charge on your pet topic for a constitutional conference with the rev yabaki.

  39. At least road blocks stop the home invasion of innocent families which bring so much trumour to families. So rampant and supported by the SDL establishment until 2006.

  40. Good comment from 6.57am . . Living in a state of Fear.
    It is not just the generaal population of Fiji who live in fear under a thief and murderer, but also the Soldiers. Surely there are enough good military men who relaise that they are being used and manipulated in a very serious criminal manner against the very people who they have pledged to serve, men who can be relied upon to co-operate to get rid of this most dispicable group of thieves and murderers that are bringing all Fiji into ridicule of the free world. China loves your tactics . . thats what they do to their people (and worse)China will lend you anything and then take your country from you as payment.
    When will the good people of Fiji impliment a carefully planned "sacking" of the cowardly woman basher/thief . .
    how long, . . how long, how bad does it have to get before you act?

  41. @ Anon..June 19 1051 AM the faceless and nameless one.

    Madam. Fiji probably never had a fair, concerted, well represented and true constitutional conference at all.

    1.The 13 Chiefs who chucked our all onto Great Bubu Victoria’s lap had probably no say whatsoever on any document the white traders later concocted to govern the colony of Fiji.

    2.Long story short, we all know the detriment of the document a handful of our Leaders attempts to put together in late 1960’s in far away London…yep…a cook book for bitter Coup soup.

    3.1997??..well, revisit Hansard and minutes of Constitutional Sub Committee co-chaired by Labour/SVT…yep…long list of attendees, but, have been reliably informed that, in reality many stayed long enough in the early part of the day to justify accommodation, meals and other allowances before dashing to the United Club or sheilas waiting a at shocky motel…that’s another kinda constituting..

    Oh..and , Madam, you would agree that Fiji’s political landscape has changed traumatically since the Rear Admiral open this never ending circus.

    An element of sure reference for a fresh Constitutional conference must include Fiji’s dual Citizenship holders across the globe. Fiji Citizens and descendants now increased to around 1.1 Million, both in Fiji and abroad.

    So you wish the 1997 document reinstated, enforce the Judgment for return of the SDL/LABOUR Government??.....mmmmm…..better get all the water in the Rewa delta and estuaries back to Monasavu……big ask, that!..big ask!!

  42. NO.. NO..
    NO MORE of the SDL spice.
    No more Qarase.
    No more madraiwiwi.
    They had the power in their hands but not the foresight.
    They misled the country
    And look where we are today.
    Rauti rau vinaka nodrau ceburaki tani.

  43. @ANON 3.25

    Thats the beauty of Democracy you can express your exercise your right in a ballot box...if it wasnt for the coup we would be getting ready to cast our vote in two months time and who knows Qarase and his SDL party could be on his way out and another party would be chosen by the people. Thats the beauty of democracy the Power of the ballot Box as opposed to the Power of the Gun...I guess Bainimarama was NOT wise enough but even if he was he would have still did what he did simply because of his personal security for ordering the death of CRW soldiers...thats common knowledge in the Capital.

  44. @ @.Com

    "ordering the death of CRW soldiers"

    Yep - thats the real reason and incentive for Frank to have done what he did - he knew that law, truth and justice would catch up to him. So he tried to escape it.

  45. Say whatever you wish to say!!! But I admire FRANK!!! his created history!!! his changed the destiny of the nation from a the belly politicians!!!

    Leaders face up and show up not sidestep and bark from abroad!!!

    Cheers Frank!!!!

  46. On the ground increase in criminal activities ...home invasions they have erected roadblocks to curb the rising criminal activities.Its not a show of force.
    Believe if it was the military than it may be other way around.
    Only question :why is there alot of Live Fire .Practising makes perfect prep for assault on public and show of force.

  47. o kemunu na tu mai palagai ..ni kua ni vakalialiai kemami tiko mai ena blog oqo...ni yavu cau lotu ka vaqara power
    Sa rauti keimami vinaka tu oqo ka keimami na recommendtaka me sa kua na election...'

    Ului ..wavoki sara jiko ka mo yaco sara i Germany ni bera ni tarai iko na Mossad

  48. vacava da nanuma ga o sega ni kila na rere levu ga na vosa qanibulu e kadresu tu vakaloloma na nomu bula wele tiko gona o aiyaz o sa lamu wavoki tiko

  49. @ Tikoilepanoni - Ko iko beka e dua ka tabea jiko a Polo i Baini??? Lialia, No School. E vinaka tu beka vei iko me keta rere tu na vosa se valataka a jina ni weta dodonu yadua????....


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