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Monday, June 27, 2011

Samoa's PM replies to claims he's implicated himself in a coup by Roko Ului and Baledrokadroka

CANBERRA TALKS: The PM of Samoa with Baledrokadroka and Roko Ului recently at the Hyatt Hotel.

The straight talking Prime Minister of Samoa, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielelagaoi, has nailed it again. In replying to a claim he's become caught up in a coup plot by the two former military officers Roko Ului Mara and Jone Baledrokadroka, Tuilaepa has managed to bring levity yet again to an otherwise bombshell issue. Coupfourpointfive approached the PM with a series of questions and received the following statement from him.

I’ve been asked to comment on a Michael Field article suggesting that I have ‘unwittingly’ implicated myself in a supposed coup being planned by Ratu Tevita Mara and Jone Baledrokadroka.

I have not read the said article but I’ve been briefed of its contents. First, I am very glad to see that Mike is still the cantankerous journalist that has endeared him to many Pacific Island governments.

Second, I do not know anything about coups. We don’t have coups in Samoa, unless, it’s a chicken coop.

My support for Mara is solely on his and others’ efforts in returning Fiji to democratic government and free elections. If that is the aim of the democracy campaign in Fiji and elsewhere, then I support it too.

Any measure to support the military regime in Suva is denying the people of Fiji democratic right and I will not be a party to it. Bainimarama’s promise of holding elections in 2014 is not taken seriously by Forum leaders. 

That is because he has been consistently dishonest with his dealings with the leaders and, thus, cannot be trusted.

His latest election promise also, is not consistent with his actions as he continues to fill up the top public service ranks with his cronies in the military and elsewhere. When Mara might wish to visit Samoa is solely up to him. We are not in the business of barring anyone from visiting our shores. 

We have also received official delegations from Fiji in recent months for regional meetings. May I also take this opportunity to renew my invitation to my friend Bainimarama to come to Samoa. Even better, if his visit coincides with that of Mara in Apia, then the three of us can enjoy cold Vailimas under the swaying coconut trees. Perhaps that’s what the situation in Fiji requires, a cold Vailima solution.

All this climate change is making many people in the Pacific warm in the head.

I would also like to take this opportunity to comment on a recent article by a certain Graham Davis that my statements on Fiji is creating a rift between Polynesians and Melanesians. I’ve also been briefed of the article’s contents. People – especially academics – read too much into this so-called Polynesian versus Melanesian thinking. Let me put it in a simple context we can all understand.

A toad and a frog were arguing on the doorstep. One argues he is much more handsome than the other. Along comes a pretty girl, looks at the pair, screams ‘AUOI!’, stomps on both of them and runs away. Moral of the story? We live in the same pond and nobody really cares about our differences.

Good day.
Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi


Yalewa Dina Nei Semi Meo said...

Wow Samoan PM hit the nail in the head on Graham n Mike. Maleka haha


Tuilaepa you the MAN

Anonymous said...

People lined up for hours before they cast their votes. Indians, Fijians, Others etc.
Out of respect for the law and out of respect for their fellow men they cast the only single vote they were allowed.
Then came a bunch of thieves that know nothing about RESPECT and HARD WORK and stole the government from the people.

These Disrespectful bunch of thieves now walk around in town as if they are in the right and we are in the wrong.

They get on the blogs and tell us that they are right and we are wrong.

You are nothing but a bunch of lowlife thieves!
You have no shame!
You are a shame to the Fijian race and you shouldn't call yourselves Christians.
You are so far from it you should call yourselves satanists.

The Army is this bunch of thieves and they must give back what they have stolen.

- Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Malo Tuialepa....Mike and Graham before you poke your scrubby noses on the Pacific islands affairs.....please report on the the way Aborigines are treated in your own backyard!

Bend Over davis said...

Bend over Davis you just got done by the PM of Samo!!! Comment edited - C4.5

Anonymous said...

Maybe somebody should go cool off mike & graham over heating heads with a cartoon of Vailima ... maybe just maybe it will stop them from publishing miss leading articles

Anonymous said...

We dont want Ex military, Adulterers, Fijian chiefs on Tongan passports in Fiji or to say they have Fiji at heart. Go to Samoa and Tonga.

Samantha Sue, Delailabasa, Labasa said...

Just like Mr. Tuilaepa - if we are all serious about standing up for our rights, our country and democracy, let's all make ourselves known and be recognised for the stand we take. If you pro-democracy and a contributor to this site, make yourself known as 'part-takers' in a coup just like Mr Tuilaepa. I for one would put my name forward. If I get picked up arrested, beaten or murdered - the whole world will know - it was because I stood up and made myself known.

Tui Viti said...

I have said all along, Samoa has had Fiji's best interest at heart all along the meandering pathway of this Baineee/Taliban saga. Fiji's best friend is Samoa by a long shot. Talofalau lava!!

Anonymous said...

Ordinary folk of Fiji, you don't have to expose your identity. It only benefits Baini and Kaiyum. You will be more effective with annonimity. No need for sacrificial lambs.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Samanatha Sue you are either very brave or very stupid.
How many people in the world have heard of the dead Rabaka?

All you anonymous, stay anonymous.

Samantha Sue, Delailabasa, Labasa said...

@Anon 7.00 - the whole damn country is a sacrificial lamb. What can they do when the whole country stands up? Bring in their tanks and heavy weaponry? I doubt it. If people are serious about regaining their identity as a voter - then stand now. Make yourselves known. Stop hiding behind anonymity.
Interim government: Come and get me - I'm waiting!

Samantha Sue, Delailabasa, Labasa said...

Call it what you like, but one thing's for certain - I'm not scared of anyone. Not even Bainimarama or his military. The truth be known, my taxes pay their salary, so I have a say in how my money is spent. I am ready to die for my country and democracy. Are you?

convolutedexperiment said...


What is vailima ?

Anonymous said...

I only wish Voreqe has the GUTS to go to Samoa n meet with Rum and JB ....wishfull thinking that is ....lol

Simione Tevita said...

@Samantha Sue
Hey Sam, why don't you come down to Vaturekuka.
We having meeting there every night for a protest march.
We want to do protest march in Labasa this saturday morning.
Come now. We having grog and then curry later.
Last house on the left in Vaturekuka.

Anonymous said...

Hehehehe!!!! nice one Mr Tuilaepa.

Graham & Mike you just got served lmao!!

Thumbs up for democracy!!

Lets Get This Straight... said...

Melanesia Polynesia?
Viti's in both but belongs in neither.

Anonymous said...

Mr Prime Minister of Samoa. Thank You for your comments Sir.

God Bless Samoa.

Vusiloa said...

Good on you Tuilaepa. Yuo are a true Pacific leader, with a no nonsence approach to the illegal regime in Fiji. Thanks for calling a spade a spade...an untrustworthy dictator what he is.

God Bless Samoa and Tonga for standing by the Fijians in their hour of need.

Thumbs up for Fiji democracy

Anonymous said...

@Samantha Sue, Delailabasa, Labasa


Anonymous said...

@ Lets Get This Straight. You Do Have a Point There.

Fijians form a link between Melanesia and Polynesia, and Fijian is an ancient Austronesian language that is related to its more modern "cousins" such as Tongan and Samoan.


"indigenous Fijians with their Polynesian admixture"


Fiji is located almost 2,500 miles to the west-southwest of Hawai'i on the border of the Polynesian Triangle:


Anonymous said...

Very sad people have to comment anonymously because of this hideous illegal regime does let the Fijian people speak freely. Little old ladies are dragged down to Police Station if some one accuses them of cursing at the Puppet and the Muppet. Bow you head in SHAME the trolls that do the Puppets dirty work. You are Toads that deserved to be Stomped on again and again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr PM of Samoa that is a great Pacific solution... get VB to come over to talk especially when RUM is there!!! just wondering what VB thinks instead of just harping from Fiji complainning why Tonga, NZ, Aust have not given him his so called legal request to bring RUM back to Fiji .... Thank you Tonga, Samoa, NZ & Aust for standing by the people of Fiji at this time of need...

Anonymous said...

Thank you Samoan PM!! and thank you Tonga!! Where are our Melanesian Spearhead Group?? I suppose they're sticking by their Corrupt Counterpart and Allied....Vore and Bainiarse?? Shame on you guys!!! for supporting this illegal regime!! Just watch your backs... the coup culture might just rub off on you!!!
Just take a look at the damage it is doing to my beloved Country ??? A very very long road to.......reviving Democracy???? God Bless My Fiji!!!

Vusiloa said...

Tuilaepa, you are the type of Pacific leader we want. Courageous, doing the right thing whether it goes down well with the sheepish Melanesian leaders or not.

We salute you and Tongan PM.

We will not forget you in Fiji for your support for democracy in Fiji.

SEMI MEO said...

The laughing Samoan is back!!

Seems he is aiming for a UN job or a newly created Sheriff job of the pacific Islands.

@Samantha Sue, Delailabasa, Labasa said..phew!!...so good to be talking to a human name….other then nameless and faceless cowards who claim to be secret patriots of democracy.

Anonymous said...

mara urolevu! hehe

Samantha Sue, Delailabasa, Labasa said...

@Semi Meo, thank you. Good morning to all brave people who have made themselves known. Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for the military to come & pick me up. I expect Bainimarama to personally come. I'm not just anybody - I am a victim of his thievery.

Samantha Sue, Delailabasa, Labasa said...

@Simone Tevita...thanks for the invite, sorry, I just saw it. I'm sure the curry was great. Maybe next time. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what this guy says? He's bonkers.

Anonymous said...

Well said prime minister of samoa, fiji has had a chicken coup where without the PER the junta a gang of thugs cant survive for a week and will end up behind bars for their crimes of sedition, treason, offical corruption, fraud, conspiracy, extortion-700000 salary, nepotism and massive scams and abuse of office.

Anonymous said...

@Semi Meo
Samantha Sue is actually Captain Matereti from the Army Camp.

Anonymous said...

Manufacture of ARMS in fiji? FSC has gone broke and sugar industry dead, cant even manufacture sugar which fell from 4300000 tonnes per year to 123000 tonnes per year, this is what you expect from a no school junta who do chicken coup in island nation some more get appointed to government will be end of fiji well lets see how the dalo is manufactured in flour by dictator and maybe fuel- this all bull reforms now resturtuting as illegal AG says

SEMI MEO said...

Again we proclaim that beloved Fiji can never…NEVER be redeemed ,resurrected and rebuilt from this down ward spiral to economic, social and destruction by faceless and nameless Christian and self proclaimed patriots…NEVER!!

Those who choose to remain anonymous in this generation of our history may just be on the same level of deceit and grand cowardice as the Co Prime Ministers.

A brave pro-democracy advocate died recently fighting the fight on his way to attend a prodemocracy meeting, we are told….have not met the man but history will remember his name as one of those who paid the ultimate price.

His family will be proud of him, though others may taunt his contribution as insignificant…at least his two cents contribution in various blogs have a human face.

Fiji…it is time to unmask..Gullible, to some….but patriotically Fijian and basic human courtesy to introduce oneself before whatever the mouth speaks is quantified credible at all!!

..otherwise..just dried up “deni maina” on a window seal…

Senile Semi Meow Pussy said...

Semi the Samoan PM is indeed laughing, laughing at you and your mate Bocimarama. It appears that you are a supporter of Vuaka and all you have been writing in this blog are just crap.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu Honourable PM.You said it right and correctly stated.Not only have you hit the nail on the head but you have,and i hope that the message is accepted by senseless reporters who don't have a clue about Melanesian / Polynesian relationship.

God bless you and God bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@ convolutedexperiment

oilei, VAILIMA the beer in samoa. karaik'

Anonymous said...

The Samoan PM is really giving a good account of himself and his people by his representations. This in stark contrast to Dictator Vore and Aiyarse who represent nobody but themselves but are doing a great disservice to the people of the nation by dragging Fiji into the mud. Thumbs up to the Samoan and Tongan governments for their support in bringing about democracy to Fiji and its people.

Anonymous said...

@Semi Meo
Lots of people contribute in life anonymously.
Whether they give money or volunteer their time etc etc etc.
Not everyone wants to be popular like you.
So if people want to contribute anonymously that's their choice.
For people who want their name recognized that's their choice.
That is what Democracy is all about.

So, don't denigrate people because they want to remain anonymous.

There are lots of people, intelligent people who contribute a lot of inside-information anonymously on this blog-site. They have revealed more to us than you have.
Even RUM does not want to reveal names of people who gave him inside information because they are still in Fiji.

So, remember in life, not everyone is like you.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Samoa PM for the stance you are taking to bring democracy back to Fiji.You are doing it for the people not like the Melanesian Stupidhead Group who are more concerned about tabetabe polo to the power hungry dictator (bainivore).

SEMI MEO said...

@Senile Semi Meow Pussy ...last time I checked I have only 3 children...maybe, you’re the lost one...look,junior Senile Semi Meow Pussy…do your self a favour…ask you mum if indeed I am your father…if you are…phew!!....then I'll kiss your mouth for starters…then I will cloth you with bravery and pull you away from under the sulu ira and sari you’re ducking under…

let me know what you mum said…she will definitely be honest with you!!

..untill proved otherwise, your my son!!..

...oh..PM Danny Phillip from Honiara has now changed his mind..cld some one call him?...beofre the no cofidence motion kicks him out of Honiara..

Anonymous said...

I want to remain anonymous so the "green goons" don't take me to QEB for the "gun up the bum" treatment like they accorded Mr Sam Speight! It's no use taking them on in a gun fight or even passive resistance could prove fatal and people residing overseas should be mindful of this when making calls for action against the military oppressors this way. The only way the illegal junta can be overcome is by using weapons they do not possess; A brain. Pressure to conform not reform. Real moves towards a return to democracy.Increased pressure from democratic governments. Like the prime minister of Samoa who is not interested in becoming embroiled in a battle with the illegal regime but is more about seeing the people running the country, not the military! The way Fiji should be!

Anonymous said...

Tevita Mara
Jone Baleidrokadroka
Voreqe Bainimarama

... you three have one thing in common.
So, could you please, kiss and make up for the good of this country. You can at least do that since the women you each married have one thing in common.

Dou veitauri mada me dou veilomani.

sa dri yani!

TURUKAWA said...

wELL SAID SAMOAN PM!!SAW ON TODAYS FIJI TIMES in features section about a story during Franks recent visit to Tubou Lakeba with the small waka that was made for his welcoming ceremony.

This is only shows that Lakemba didnt care when he came to the isle, as i think Lakeba ppl werent still happy with him on what he did to RUM as my opinion..


And for the Attorney general on above link comments about Hitler is a big laugh also comapring it to Fijis democratic rules etc is a big joke.i cannot belive if he can comaper what hitler did tow hat is happening in Fiji now.

He is a the biggest laugh since slice bread this Kaiyum..what a tosser!!Pupeteers of teh Pennis i call him...lol

Valataka na Dina!!

Anonymous said...

Semi meow you sicko.

Jane Doe, Disneyland said...

There's no Samantha Sue in Delailabasa, so stop the con and get a life.

Aiyarse said...

Semi, so is it true that you're Bainivuaka's long lost brother?

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo....too much HOT AIR coming out of you!! I bet that's not even your real Name???... macawa o iko!!! telling everyone to reveal themselves.... so u and your qauri Commander can take us and beat us up at your camp?? Sorry we are smarter than both of you!!
Nanuma tiko.... The time is coming.... People Power will happen!!! You will find your sorry arse with Vuaka and Aiarse scaling the Naboro Walls!! Start collecting Yellow Paint... to paint Yellow ribbons while you're at it?? or better still... The Yellow Paint will be uncontrollably at a steady flow from Behind!!!!! No need to go to Mahnubhai!!!!Ha!ha!ha!he!he!he!hi!hi!hi!hi!Ho!ho!ho!Meaow!!!!!!!!!!!

SEMI MEO said...

@Anonymous...faceless, nameless and gutless coward.

Yours truly am a proud true patriot of our beloved Fiji Islands. My name forever graces the pages of the VKB. ( untill the Co Prime Minister Aiyuz soon decrees all overseas i Taukei as foreigners and “provisional entries until satisfy residency eligibility)

I challenge you..if you have the balls AND a name..email me ..semimeo@gmail.com.au..or better still call me using the reverse charge facility of your carrier to +61420775394..even if you do not send your phone ID I guarantee will respond and will not trace you number.

But if you are a product of a one night fling of a drunken sailor and a flirting waitress to be sooo embarrassed to disclose your name and ID..then we pitty you…I would still be proud and post my name if I were a product of such an onenight passion.

HOT AIR…HOT AIR…HOT AIR..will be all you spew in this esteemed column until you tell us you real name.

Do your proud parent a big favour;
be proud of your name…until then..you’re a no body with no name, no honour and nothingness is your game..and do not blame us for that!!

Meo Pussy said...

Semi meo is a staunch supporter of Bainivuaka. And yes, it's all hot air coming out of his mouth and his rear end.

Samantha Sue, Delailabasa, Labasa said...

Jane Doe, Disneyland? You don't need justification. With an idiotic name like that, I'm surprised you'd know where Delailabasa was. My life is my country which is why Im prepared to die for my country. Are you?

Anonymous said...

Ha!ha! Semi MeoHa!ha! I got you!!! Email tiko vei iko!!!
Niusiladi tiko vei iko!!! Tauri iko!!! Sa tubu sara ga na nomu dra!!! Truth hurts! eh??
You better check with VKB? Your family might have rubbed off you name.. because you are a big shame to them!!! Supporting Vuaka & Aiarse!!!
You really wanna know who I am?? Oh Yes I am Somebody!! I am ANONYMOUS!!! But I have your email and phone number!!! You better watch your back?? I'm watching you!! I will contact you when the time is right!! BTW, I am a luveni vakamau from a very good home. Au kila vinaka tu na noqu Tokatoka,Mataqali,Koro,Yavusa,Yasana, noqu manumanu, noqu kau!kequ kakana,noqu tabu!! I am in the VKB? and I am one of the hundreds of thousands of Fijians suffering under this Illegal Regime!! Hope that's answered your quiries?? We want Democracy!! and we want it now!! Thumbs Up Fiji!!!
You can meaow....away... from your far away comfortable home!!!!ha!ha!he!he!hi!hi!ho!ho!hu!hu!!
Cudru tiko vei iko!!!!!Braha!!ha!ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Semi Meow said...

Somedays Voreqe and aiyaz will fall, I hope Semi Meo will keep his name. Eda na sota tiko Semi, vuravura balavu da qai tiko kina qo. Every dog has it's own days.

SEMI MEO said...

@Meo Pussy @ Anonymous JUNE 29, 2011 12:34 PM @Semi Meow .-Why wait till Fiji’s Co Prime Ministers are no more before making contact with yours truly??

We’re not sure which blogs you’ve been reading to reach the evil conclusion that I support the seditious evil acts of the Rear Admiral Bainimarama and his Co Prime Minister Hajji Aiyaz?

Keep enjoying your glorious VKB status…hope you’ve heard of a rumored supplementary thesis by Hajji Aiyaz during his Uni days?...soon the Rumsarups, Mohammed, Prasads, Smiths etc will be engraved in the VKB…like Yavusa –Torraki, Mataqali- Bainiwai..Tokatoka..Madarasi etc.

Dou qiri mai me rawa ni vakadeitaki ni dou rokova na nomudou Yavusa kei na Tubutubu dou vakayacataki kina..….de rairai dua vata ga nai valu eda vanavana tiko kina qo…

At the moment....your playing an unfair game...and that is not Fijian at all!!

Anonymous said...

Give up Semi Pussy, you're still meowing like a sick pussy cat.

Sotia said...

Samoa is ruled is ruled by Aussie and kiwi...stay out of Fiji'n business

Samantha Sue said...

Still waiting here in Labasa - still no military!